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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a gun battle at this home in free mont leads to a sur -- in fremont leads to a surprise discovery. this home was being used to grow hundreds of marijuana plants. >> police were looking around for gun shells. i found three over here. they were running around my car. some scary moments for neighbors after that gun battle between two suspects and the renters living inside that home. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. police say that home was targeted. it's located on fremont boulevard near dell street. they led to the discovery of hundreds of pot plants inside the home. azenith smith is there. one man was wounded in the shootout? >> reporter: right. police say that one of the renters tending to the grow house was shot in the shoulder. he has been released from the hospital. all of this happening at 1:30 in the morning, but you can still see the aftermath of this
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crime. a stray bullet hit this parked car leaving shattered glass everywhere. at least eight rounds were fired. on the outside of this home that is well kept neighbors say it listed for $1 million. yet on the inside police discovered a full-blown marijuana grow house. 460 plants. an estimated street value of $250 an ounce. >> every square inch was used as a grow spot except for the garage where they would sleep on a plank of wood. >> reporter: at 1:30 in the morning neighbors woke up to the sound of rapid gunfire. police say at least two masked suspects attempted to break in and started shooting. several people inside returned fire. hitting a parked car belonging to one of the home's occupants. blood left on the sidewalk. all of them got away. police didn't realize what happened until an hour later when a 28-year-old oakland man showed up at the hospital with a bullet wound. >> working robbery and homicide, this is one of my biggest fears that my neighbor
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would have a grow house and somebody would attempt to rob it and then all of a sudden there's a shooting. >> down here by the tree, there is another one on the concrete and one up by the gate. >> reporter: richard tolls lives next door. he knew early on something wasn't right. >> they had come in and parked their cars. then there would be no lights on. i couldn't figure out no lights? that doesn't make sense. >> reporter: police found windows boarded up with plywood. they're now investigating if it is a part of a bigger operation. concerned now that recreational marijuana is legal, it could attract more violence. >> if more people are able to grow marijuana in the house, i mean it's almost a can do having that at your house. if you have bullets at your -- gold at your house and that gets the ears to the wrong people, then they may try to take your gold. >> reporter: and police tell us evidence suggest that the
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renters grabbed some of the pot plants after the shooting and before officers arrived officers are now canvassing the area, looking for surveillance video. also checking traffic cameras and they are asking for any information to call police. >> azenith, could the homeowner have known what was happening there? >> reporter: no. according to police the homeowner did not know. in fact the neighbors tell us that the home was recently rented just recently remodeled. and that now this home has a lot of pot plants, there's mold inside the house. it is is heavily damaged because of this operation. >> all right, thank you. in oakland tonight the alameda county bomb squad responded to reports of a suspicious device inside a car. oakland police found the car at the intersection of lester and oak port streets right next to interstate 880 at 6:00 tonight. just as officers were about to have the car towed, they found what looked like a pipe bomb in the trunk. the bomb squad was called in
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and rendered the device safe. later they said that the pipe was actually a butane honey oil extractor, which is something that is used to make hash oil. and now to the trump administration taking shape in washington. a senior official on the president elect transition team tells fox news rudy giuliani is the favorite to become secretary of state. according to the report it is not a done deal, but the job is giuliani's if he wants it. during an event today the former new york city mayor says he does not want to be attorney general. two other names are being floated for secretary of state, alabama senator john sessions and john boltonia former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. the president elect has spoken publicly just twice since election night. >> on each of those occasions his tone has seemed to be more subdued and less combative. jana katsuyama here with a look at how rhetoric can change once the campaign is over. >> reporter: certainly it does. frank and julie, president obama said today that americans should give mr. trump a chance. but he also said some parts of
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mr. trump's character might need to change for his new job in the white house. at a white house news conference monday, president obama had words of advice for president elect donald trump. >> when you're a candidate and you say something that is inaccurate or controversial, it has less impact than when you're president of the united states. >> protests have erupted nationwide over fears that mr. trump will act on the past statements about women, muslims, and immigrants. president obama said it will be up to mr. trump to set the tone. >> gestures matter. and how he reaches out to groups that may not have supported him, how he signals his interest and their issues for a concern, that those are the kinds of things that could set a tone that will help move things forward. >> reporter: in a press conference friday mr. trump
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seemed to temper some of their campaign rhetoric. on sunday 60 minutes mr. trump said he would retain parts of president obama's healthcare act and he was vague about deporting undocumented immigrants who have not been convicted of crimes. saying, "after the border is secured and everything gets normalized, we're going to make a determination on the people who are terrific people. they're terrific people, but we're going to make a determination." >> i think he has to understand that he cannot be the unvital donald trump. >> reporter: dean says however moderate mr. trump's tone might be, a divided america will also be watching his actions. such as the appointment of former editor steve bannon as chief strategist. >> in this case with steve bannon he's gone further to the right than any other president in recent memory. and put in power in the white house, somebody who many as i said including republicans call
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it racist homophobic and homofob -- and homophobic. certainly as we see some of the cabinet appointments that it might help provide a little more clarity. >> all right, jana thank you. house democratic leader nancy pelosi weighed in on the appointment of steve bannon. "there must be no sugar coating the reality that a white nationalist has been named chief strategist for the trump administration." >> san francisco mayor ed lee offered his assurances today that the city would continue to help undocumented people who are now worried about deportation. >> i know that there's a lot of people who are angry and frustrated and fearful. our city has never been about that. we have been and always have been a city of refuge, a city of sanctuary, a city of love.
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that's what made us strong. >> mayor lee spoke at a unity rally inside city hall. he wanted to reach out to immigrants and other people who feel victimized that includes members of the muslim community and lbgt families. regardless of what happens in washington, the mayor said there will be no walls in san francisco. the fbi released new figures showing a large spike in hate crimes against muslims here in the united states. the report says those crimes rose 67% last year compared to 2014. that's the biggest spike since 2001 following the september 11th terrorist attacks. the southern poverty law center said that they believe donald trump's call for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. likely played a role in in-- in the increase. overall hate crime was up 7% in the u.s. from last year. cars operate so quietly on
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hybrid and electric vehicles that the government requires they make a noise when traveling at slow speeds so pedestrians know they are coming. ktvu amber lee is live in san leandro to tell us what this will mean. amber? >> reporter: julie, we're at the ford dealership here in san leandro. it sells hybrid and electric vehicles. the manager here tell me this new regulation is necessary. the electric motors run quieter than those with gasoline or diesel engine. the national highway traffic safety administration offered a new rule. >> right now the vehicles are armed at this point. you can't hear the initial motor itself. >> reporter: the manager at the ford store demonstrates how quiet the fusion, a hybrid runs. the only kind of noise it makes is when he steps on the gas.
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after the all-electric focus. >> if i step on this one here you absolutely hear nothing. it is pure 100% electric, no gas line. >> reporter: the manager says that the new regulation requiring cars to make noise is necessary. so that safety standards will keep pace with technology. >> this has been a long time for the blind community and the pedestrians. >> reporter: lisa martinez with the white house of the blind and visually impaired says that the new regulation has been in the works for six years. being blind she relies on sound to help get around safely and has experienced numerous close calls with these so-called quiet cars. >> there is no sound. and the only way that you know it's there is when your cain touches it. to me that's too close. >> reporter: the national highway traffic administration says that they could help prevent 2,400 pedestrian injury deaths each year. >> it makes sense to have those sorts of warnings and audible
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signals. >> reporter: at the ford store the manager says that hybrids and electric vehicles are growing in popularity and that it only makes sense to improve pedestrian safety in any way possible. >> a lot of the pedestrians that are not paying attention at this point that are on their social media as they walk and talk and so forth. >> reporter: car makers have until september 2019 to equip hybrids and electric vehicles with noise-making feature. but half of those new vehicles must be in compliance one year before that deadline. julie, frank? >> they are awfully quiet. amber thank you. bart station walls covered with post-it notes containing messages of empathy. how hundreds of people are using this temporary forum to share their thoughts on the election. and i'm tracking some rain drops back into the forecast. we've got a warm run of weather, a warm dry run, but that's about to change. up next firefighters are accused of harassment. they fight back. why they say the allegations
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tonight 2 investigates a scandal that has rocked the fire department. allegations that several male firefighters harassed a female firefighter. >> for the first time their side of the story in an exclusive interview with ktvu tara moriarty. >> reporter: wrongfully accused is what these firefighters told me. they say that the accusations leveled against them were an
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attempt to distract from the real issue. an inappropriate affair between the battalion chief and that same female firefighter. when a female firefighter we're only identifying as jane was transferred to station two in china town in january, her co- worker says that life at the fire house began to change. it was just weeks after jane's arrival to station two that she claimed she was being harassed by her fellow male firefighters. >> did you harass this woman? >> no, i did not. >> reporter: to your knowledge did anyone else harass this woman? >> no, they have not. >> reporter: according to firefighters, jane accused them of hiding her food before a fire house inspection, spreading feces and even urinating in her bed. >> when we first heard that, it was a unanimous statement when we said that when will we get a sample of that? >> reporter: six months later jane went on leave. by the end of august, chief joanne white wrote a letter to
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10 firefighters, informing them that after concluding an internal investigation they would all be reassigned to new stations. they would also have to undergo harassment prevention training. >> we would be punished for something we did not do. i felt very hurt by it and betrayed by the department. >> reporter: these firefighters say that the charges are ironic as they believe it is 54-year- old battalion chief sam romero stationed at fire house two who was acting inappropriately by having an affair with jane the subordinate. we caught up with the chief's wife to ask her about the firefighters claims. >> and so you're way ahead of us on it. we are not there yet. like i said that this is all unfolding. you know, i could assure everyone that an appropriate action will be taken when we have all the facts and the circumstances. >> reporter: the handbook states that you must notify your superior if you are or are romantically involved with another workplace relationship. the co-workers said they denied
10:16 pm
having a relationship. >> there were many days when both of them would call in sick. and on that day we just saw these two people having lunch, having drinks at the cliff house. >> reporter: romero also showed favoritism towards jane by allowing her to drive the company vehicle for the day. driving the battalion chief around will get you an extra $430 in pay. and your gps records we obtained we saw romero made multiple trips to jane's house. her work schedules that they obtained you can see that there were 25 days between january and august where romero and jane either called in sick on the same day or switched days so that they could work together. but with the male firefighters sensing favoritism towards jane, their growing concern would take a turn. did they harass jane? the female firefighters say no chance. >> that is the most absurd and quite franklin cult -- and
10:17 pm
quite frankly insulting. they go to soccer games with volleyball, whatever, they are just ordinary guys that do an extraordinary guys. >> reporter: julie worked at station two for years and doesn't believe that any of the men accused of harassment are capable of it. >> it is completely isolated to just one particular situation that is taking out a whole fire house that doesn't deserve it. >> it affects the moral in the department. i think that it paints a picture that's not accurate. >> reporter: by october 22, nine firefighters at station two have been reassigned to other stations, while the fire department conducted their own investigation separate from the city's department of human resources. sam romero was reassigned to station 31, one neighborhood over from jane's house. >> at least one firefighter has hired an attorney and five others say they will also seek representation if they receive sus -- if they receive
10:18 pm
suspension. suspensions are costly, but most firefighters tell us they usually accept their fate because to take legal action is more expensive. that is why they agreed to speak to us in the first place as they wanted to clear their station's name. the battalion chief romero did not want to comment as i spoke to jane by phone and told me she has no comment at this time, but said there are two sides to the story and that she may come forward because she believes that she has a powerful story to tell. one thing is for sure station two's drama has been a distraction for the entire department. in the newsroom tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. if you have an idea for a 2 investigates, we want to hear from you. just e-mail 2investigate satth or give us a call 510- 874-0222. they were tracking the chances for some showers here in the bay area as we would head into this week and beyond. a massive weather system up in the pacific. it's to the north of us, but
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you see the tail end. it will drag through northern california late tonight early tomorrow morning. not a game changer, don't cancel your plans. there will be a little bit of wet weather and perhaps some drizzle out along the coast in san francisco and oakland tomorrow morning. for the most part though, it stops at about santa rosa, hillsburg north in terms of measurable rainfall, but it is really what's happening here the jet stream is starting to drift south. so that is a good sign for the bigger picture. now tomorrow a few sprinkles in the morning, mild outside right now. it will be cloudy for most of the day tomorrow as temperatures will come down because those past couple of days have been warm with the computer model and the clouds coming in at 5:00 in the morning with that system. all right, now look right. they will just fall apart. here is 7:00 a.m. now this one will deliver some drizzle. a little bit of moisture on the highway and golden gate bridge and maybe even on the richmond bridge. that's 7:00 a.m. then you'll see the blues go on through with a drizzle. that's noon and then in the back edge it's gone.
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but as we go forward when i see you here they will show you the next group of systems that will want to push in here. tomorrow is cooler, maybe a sprinkle. we'll see you back here in a bit. >> so did you get a chance to go outside to see their brightest moon since harry truman was in the white house? this is the view on the bay area tonight with the so-called super moon that is now closer to earth than in any other times since january of 1948. it peaked this morning when it appeared 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual. and you're going to have to wait for a while to seat next super moon in 2034 the next time the moon will be this close to earth. >> that is just beautiful. coming up an anti-trump protest that will turn chaotic. >> i started bleeding everywhere. i couldn't see because i was bleeding over my eyelids. >> how a berkeley woman said she was injured and why police want a chance to speak to her. the stanford women will face their top ten opponents tonight. were the lady cardinals able to
10:21 pm
stay undefeated? that's coming up later in sports. a man opens fire on two bay area police officers. the reward now being offered in this case.
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an anonymous donor is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and the conviction of the shooting prominent bay area attorney. james gilliland was killed last month while on the front porch of his el cerrito home. he had just returned home from a social engagement. so far they have not established a motive, but they are evaluating a recently obtained surveillance video. gilliland was a partner in the san francisco law firm of kilpatrick, townsend, and stockton. the san jose police department is investigating and offering a $10,000 man for the man that opened fire on two police officers. it happened at 7:30 last night in east san jose. police say that the officers
10:24 pm
approached several men who started to scatter. one of them turned and opened fire on the officers. fortunately the officers were not hit and they did not return fire. but the incident is causing outrage among officers and others. >> we've had an absolute break down in society when a subject feels that it is okay for them to point a firearm and ultimately try to kill a police officer. we are not going to stand for the city anymore. we are drawing that line in the sand and this is going to stop now. >> the father of the toddler who lives in the neighborhood says that it is no place to raise their family as he is now planning to move. in the meantime san jose's police chief says that the special gang unit will be in their area again tonight as he is just vowing to make that neighborhood safe. pg&e crews will cap the natural gas leak that prompted evacuations today as they happened near park avenue just before 11:00 this morning when a construction crew would hit a six-inch gas line.
10:25 pm
firefighters say that three city blocks were shut down for several hours. crews evacuated nearby homes and their businesses while pg&e worked to cap their leak. they said that the same crew, they also ruptured a sewer line sending gas into the underground system. >> and in this case a third party contractor did not hit. but they also struck that sewer line here. the gas traveled into the sewer system following the standard safety and practices. crews are lifting their manhole covers to ensure that they could quickly dissipate into the air. >> the residents were allowed back home about 4:00 this afternoon, but at last check some customers were still without natural gas service. and the nephew of a convicted killer featured in the netflix series making a murderer is set to be released from prison. a judge in wisconsin has ordered the release of 27-year- old brendan dafney convicted of helping his uncle steven avery kill photographer tracy
10:26 pm
hallbeck in 2005. they overturned his conviction, ruling he was mentally unfit and coerced into confessing to the crimes. he's serving a life sentence. still ahead tonight, google and facebook crack down on fake news. also a journalist loses her battle with cancer. how gwen ifill is being remembered tonight. empathy is on full display in san francisco tonight. how some post-its and pins are helping people express their emotions after the presidential election. ♪ my hero zero. ♪ such a funny little hero ♪ but till you came along ♪ we counted on our fingers and toes ♪ now you're here to stay ♪ ♪ and nobody really knows... ♪
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♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you. award-winning journalist and the author gwen ifill lost her battle with cancer today. she died this morning in washington, d.c. surrounded by
10:29 pm
family and friends. ifill worked at the washington post, the new york times, nbc news, and for pbs as the moderator of washington week and co-anchor. she also moderated one of this year's democratic primary debates. the colleagues say that gwen ifill always held the bar high and was a role model for inspiring young journalists. >> a lot of folks don't know this, but they would call her up wanting to come by and just sit and watch. they could come in. if she did this, just come on down and let me know that you're coming and you can come in and watch what we're doing to put this newscast together. >> reporter: she took a month- long leave from her program this year without saying why. she went on another leave a week ago and missed the election, diagnosed with uterus cancer late last year. she was just 61 years old. now to the powerful message that took shape today in san
10:30 pm
francisco. people of three bart stations would use a low-tech approach to express their post-election emotions. ktvu debora villalon is at 16th street mission to show us the power of the post-it, debora? >> reporter: julie, this wall at the bart escalator is just a mass of post-its, probably a thousand of them with words of anger, compassion, determination about entering a trump presidency. organizers would call it a wall of empathy. >> and that is at 7:00 a.m. with five post-its. three of them are ours and people were like what are they doing? >> reporter: they started with monday morning's commute. three friends taking the pulse of the city. >> finally did you read them? that it is so beautiful. and they are so heartwarming. >> reporter: by the evening the sounding boards were plastered with colors. one above their bart station on montgomery street and the other at 24th street and mission where we would find jennifer, 15, writing all lives matter. >> if they wrote on those post- its that will be more than 100,
10:31 pm
you know? >> these might be neighbors of yours. >> or my teammates. >> jennifer hasn't walked out of school in protest as some classmates did. >> there is one that was good, it said i hate you, but i love you. >> the wall is a form of protest too, not loud like a shout, but intimate. >> showing love and empathy and care that normally are people that walk right past them on the subway. >> reporter: some feelings can't fit on a post-it. they leave poems, art. this from a man who says that racism and childhood scared him. >> i never cried over politicians. and i have cried twice uncontrol blue. we need to come together. they hope this will start their
10:32 pm
connection. putting this to words. >> reporter: the old school way of sharing has been more healing than harsh. >> people are kind in person when you look them in the eye it is hard to say hateful things. >> reporter: empathy is the compassion to understand or feel what someone else is experiencing. san francisco is showing their empathy can't be boxed in. >> no pain no gain. remember. that is my name. >> do you like it? >> they were going to take it down tonight, but the responses are positive that they will leave it up through tomorrow and to look for a community organization to take all the sentiments and display them permanently. julie back to you. >> something so spontaneous, giving everyone a voice. in addition to writing the post- its are a lot of people stopping by to read the messages? >> reporter: oh yeah a lot of people are reading, taking pictures, videos. i want to mention that they are not taking credit for the idea,
10:33 pm
this is being done in the subway in new york even before the election. an artist has put post-its on the walls there calling it therapy walls letting people vent. the therapy walls, empathy wall is pretty much the same thing. >> such a great idea. thank you, debora. at first news conference, president obama spoke at length about the election and the president elect. he also offered an optimistic point of view. in the words of the journalist at politico he normal ides donald -- he normalized donald trump. >> he is coming to this office with fewer set policy prescriptions than a lot of the others might be arriving with. i don't think that he is ideological. i think that ultimately he is progressmatic. >> the president said during
10:34 pm
their meeting at the white house to reach out to americans. including immigrants who are in this country illegally who are worried that they could be deported. he said mr. trump needs to make adjustments to his personality if he wants to succeed as commander in chief. >> there's going to be certain elements of his temperament that will not serve well. >> president obama left for a week-long visit overseas. his final trip as president. hundreds of students took the streets of oakland to protest the outcome of the election. students from more than a dozen schools took part in the walk out including oakland tech and castlemont high school as they
10:35 pm
marched from the fruitvale city hall area. >> i believe that i'm out here because you don't have the right to vote, but it's affecting us. so we want our voices heard by the protesters, showing we don't want trump and we don't agree with them. >> we didn't get a chance to vote. this is our way of speaking out. like we really wanted everybody to hear our side of the story. the students would write out a list of demands. among them is the preservation of their cities. they said one of the biggest concerns is nasty deportations. a woman who took part last week in oakland said what began as a peaceful march would end with chaos including police. ktvu leigh martinez has her story. >> reporter: around 9:30 on wednesday night alexa hornbeck made her way to the front of the protest march on broadway between 19th and 20th street. >> we see just gas shoot up into the air and start to fall
10:36 pm
down. >> they would deploy cf blast a combination of loud flash bangs, what the department described is a minimal amount of tear gas. >> it is a huge thing of people trying to get away as they would burn everything. and like every part of your face. that you can't breathe. >> reporter: hornbeck never heard warnings from police to dispurse. but their time frame of 9:30 p.m. matches between oakland police, giving the unlawful assembly and dispursement order. the helicopter video shows when the blast were used. oakland police gave multiple commands to dispurse and they deployed it on the outside perimeter of the crowd. while running hornbeck said something on the ground kicked up into her face. >> i started bleeding everywhere and i couldn't see because i bled all over my eyelids. so all the blood was making it to where i couldn't see anything. >> reporter: protesters picked her up helping her to the end of the street. >> reporter: police looked right at me seeing me covered in blood and saw how many
10:37 pm
people were trying to cover me, but they didn't do anything. >> reporter: oakland police said if they saw hornbeck visibly injured their priority is to offer her help. and medic stations were standing by around the protests. the department is very interested in hearing from her now. they want to see where hornbeck's story fits in with the officers video footage of the events. leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. this crab season is here, big change that crabbers are noticing and where they still can't go. talk about that slight chance for a sprinkle tomorrow. no big deal. but there is rain coming. i'll let you know in the long range computer model. up next google and facebook takes action on fake news after concerns that fake stories influence voters. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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silicon valley giant google and facebook are banning websites that promote fake news. the decision comes due to a large number of phony stories about this year's presidential race. just two days ago google's search engine put on a fake story saying that donald trump got popular votes. facebook has been under fire for the past year on fake stories that likely swayed the race for the white house. nasdaq is making a change at the top with the female chief executive. the stock exchange named 47- year-old adina freedman as their new ceo. she'll assume the role on january 1 and will become one of the highest ranking women in the financial world. she replaces robert griefeld who will become a chairman of the board. pg&e is also putting a woman in charge. the board say that williams will take the reigns of ceo in march of next year currently the president of the electric division. she says that the company will
10:41 pm
continue to focus on the safety and reliability of its system while enabling california's clean energy economy. the post-election rally on wall street is starting to fizzle a little bit today climbing 21 points to close in a new high for their third consecutive session. but the nasdaq fell 18 and s&p 500 was down a fraction. the commercial crab season opened at midnight less than two hours from now. this year the crab season is starting right on schedule from point ray south. but it was a much different story last year. ocean temperatures rose 8 to 10 degrees, which led to massive algae bloom, contaminating crab with the acid. authorities closed the fishing season until march, which meant no fresh local crab for thanksgiving or christmas. >> i kind of stepped away from it last year because of all the trouble last season. it feels good to be back in the mix of things. >> however some lingering amounts of the acid are showing up in some crab samples collected on the north coast.
10:42 pm
that is forcing authorities to ban crab fishing for now from point rays north along the sonoma coast. up next here a devastating earthquake and three stranded cows become a symbol of the damage. check out this picture here. we'll tell you what ended up happening to these cows. also chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking a big change to our weather as we take a look at the supermoon. he'll take us through what to expect in the coming days.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
new zealand is reeling in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake that has destroyed several vital railroads and highways.
10:45 pm
the quake triggered landslides and a small tsunami being blamed for two deaths. the 7.8 earthquake struck near christ church followed by at least two strong aftershocks. a massive rescue operation began after sun up to help a thousand tourists and residents stranded along the coast. also who needed rescue were three dairy cows. they were stuck on quake island, a bizarre sight to see. we talked to a reporter about how they were rescued. the farmer and their friends used tools so that they could safely climb down. one bright spot in the aftermath of the disaster in new zealand. >> we are waiting for a little bit of rain out here. it will show up in a very small amount. we could see a little bit of weather there.
10:46 pm
dropping rain right now in the north and their county area. for us we're on the sound end, you can say a little moisture here, again, very loud, but it's in the forecast and it is sort of the -- and it is sort of a pretty wet weekend. then beyond that, it will be very encouraging. the forecast will be clouds as you can see outside right now, not as warm. tomorrow will be the upper 60s, a chance for a sprinkle as they will be gone tomorrow, and the main impact will be clouds and cooler and then maybe a sprinkle here on tuesday and wednesday, but the real story is that jet stream. here we are tonight and
10:47 pm
tomorrow that you will see it, it is not that high on it, showing you the pattern if you have that jet stream here. that's tuesday. and then i will go all the way back to fright night. then look at this as it is just pretty encouraging for you and there's a ton of moisture to work with. it is still lingering around, with more jet activity coming into southern california as well, right through next week as i hope that it will happen that you could see that melting snow. it is more of a set up for this weekend where you will see more clouds and a chance for a sprinkle in here on tuesday and wednesday and thursday, friday, the transition. then boom you get into saturday and sunday and it should be game on for rain.
10:48 pm
but most of us on saturday afternoon through sunday will be wet. sunday should be the wettest day, but the pattern shift is what you'll be looking for. that will be a significant pattern shift from two, two and a half weeks of very dry weather. >> is it a cold pattern or still a mild pattern? >> pretty mild. towards the end of it the temperatures will drop with some snow. but the mildness will create potentials for significant snowfall hopefully. >> thanks, bill. mark is up next with sports. we'll be right back.
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10:51 pm
okay there is a rumor going on about clay thompson, is it really true? >> no. but you have to report it, do you know why? because it is is a slow sports day as steve kerr talked about it. it will be a slow season for the warriors no matter what. when you would look back and say when they were talking about that? they will not trade clay thompson, coming off his best game in the year with 30 last night. k.d. at 29. but the deal would involve philadelphia and boston and you can imagine that they were just thrilled, having to address that at practice today.
10:52 pm
>> our guys know that it is stuff that is almost always just bs for you so if that became a story, yeah, i would talk tohim, but i didn't know that it was a story. i'll decide whether or not thatly call clay. >> like i said a slow sports day, but not in college hoops where it will be on big time. can you believe it starting her season here with that dip in the lane just 29 where they would get erika mccaul as you talk about that rim protecter more importantly they have six blocks. just look at this right there
10:53 pm
and that will be just nice work for them. smoking texas, number 33 -- number 11 in the country. texas no contest there. but now you know that we live in a generation where they will get a trophy for everything, even if they come in last place and get smacked around. that there were things to lie, but it was a loss as you needed to like kaepernick as they did cause four turnovers. they kept arizona under 100 yards rushing, but they came back, that is the only thing that matters. >> i don't think that anybody is patting themselves in the back for being closer to arizona. that's not what it is about. it's about winning. at the end of the day we didn't make enough plays. they ended up winning the game a systematic approach to what we need to do well and focus on
10:54 pm
what we didn't do well and what is our plan moving forward to collect that. >> new england next step. that's the bad news. in the meantime we would have a monday night dancing with the stars, they had a little bit of football thrown in. the second quarter, eli manning will go to work. just wide open, 10 yards and a touchdown. we knew that they were in for a thriller. [ laughter ] i think that he has been working on that, the same score. he's got those moves into the end zone. the 4th quarter is 4th and goal. shepherd who also has the moves that, yeah, we will see some of
10:55 pm
them anyway. the only thing that will matter from their giants, well they won it 21-20. we've got time to talk a little baseball. you're going to get used to it over the years, i guess. with a sensational shortstop the rookie of the year. like i said get used to him doing damage. this guy is .308 with 26 homers, 72 rbis and just 22 years old. a pitcher for the american league of the year and also, frank, a special delivery for you. your brother-in-law did not like the following shot. the final points, the first half for purdue, yeah. just like he called it, banking
10:56 pm
it in, however if you look at a replay of that beautiful shot of number 15, it is number three. winding up for their three- point victory. he is very impressed out there with that big number one last year though. >> i'm not one to talk. >> mark, thank you. >> thank you for joining us, have a great night everyone. we'll see you tomorrow. >> good night.
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