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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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line. >> welcome to the dawn of a new unified republican cabinet. >> bay area students write letters to donald trump that go viral. what they say and how the school is dealing with the fallout. >> i guess we didn't quite expect them to be what they are. >> the four on two starts right now. alameda county explorer laid to rest. support for the woman killed in the prime of her life. welcome to the four on 2. >> it was a vicious kill that stunned the community. the victim was a volunteer with the explorer program. >> and about to take the next step in her life but instead the life was taken away henry lees has more. >> the sheriff explorers came from across the state to remember their own. the alameda county explorer beaten and set on fire was laid
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to rest today. >> karla rameriz segoviano wanted to be a deputy. on tuesday she dedicated her life to helping others was honored by her law enforcement family. a couple stabbed and set the explorer on fire in an east oakland park. both in jail charged with murder. on tuesday the focus was on rameriz segoviano. the fellow explorers lined the rows of a church. it was supposed to be the next chapter in her life. on the same day laid to rest the sheriff greg airhurts said she wassupposed to be interviewed as a paid cadet. >> amazing to see the support she has because of the life she lived. at no time should a mother and father and their family have to
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go attend the funeral services for their 21-year-old daughter that was murdered. >> a small procession of motorcyclists led her line to hayward where she was laid to rest. >> it was the heinous crime that affected so many people. >> she was in the prime of her life doing nothing wrong and always at local events representing the sheriff's office and to find her so viciously killed in the east oakland park has shocked everyone. >> a couple stabbed and burned her. do we know the motive. >> sources have said that apparently the two women had a closer personal relationship that irritated and upset the male suspect and what led to the killing and what they did remains unclear. >> henry, thank you. moving on. paul ryan unanimously won the nomination of his republican colleagues as another term of house speaker.
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ryan is grateful for the nomination and pleased to have the support of president-elect donald trump. ryan must still be formally elected. this is a expected to happen when the new congress convenes in january. >> mr. trump is two months away from being sworn in as the nation's 45th president and there is plenty of drama who will be part of the administration. >> president obama admits he is still processing the results. >> i was surprised by the election results and i have said so. >> president obama speaking from greece during his last overseas chief as commander in chief denying responsibility for the election of donald trump. instead blaming the republican's surprising win on america's desire to try something new. >> sometimes people just feel as if we want to try something to see if we can shake things up. >> house speaker paul ryan that
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had contentious moments with president trump says he is all in. >> welcome to the dawn of a new unified republican government. >> ryan's chances of hanging on to the speaker ship seeming more and more secure. 70% of the people in this nation think america is going down the wrong path. they said get on a better way and path. that's our job. >> the twisters and turns of the transition continue. gop foe supporter ben carson says he has no interest in a cabinet position and mike mccall is pushing to become the head of the federal agency he oversees in congress. and former new york city mayor giuliani is in the running for secretary of state. as democrats are already urging president elect trump to fire steve bannon already appointed chief strategist. >> donald trump needs to banish
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some from the administration. >> house democrats have agreed to delay the leadership elections sighting the devastating results. barbara boxter has legislation to to abolish the electoral college. political experts say it is a long shot that boxter's bill will pass. a proposed constitutional amendment that would require 2/3 majority in the house and senate and then would require ratification by 3/4 of the state. questions about whether nancy pelosi will remain house minority leader. we have more from joe. nice to see you again. >> how are you doing. >> . well, thank you.
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doubtful that the bill will get any attraction but it makes a statement. >> it is a feel-good statement for people that are ticked off about what happened on tuesday as you said earlier a huge hurtle to climb and new york and texas would have a lot of objections. donald trump said if there was not an electoral college i would go to new york, texas and other states. >> actually it serves a purpose. >> yes to level the playing field. >> we told viewers about the unanimous vote from paul ryan but not as much harmony from the democrats on the hill. >> not really. talking to folks in washington.
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and coming out online tonight and on print tomorrow about nancy pelosi one described an internal family discussion among democrats and the concern is that they got shellacked as someone said the leader of the black caucus said. and think of a sports team when they are on a losing streak and that is what they have been in the house. you think about changing the manager and nancy pelosi is the top democrat and people have a lot of respect for her. she is a prolific fundraiser and raised 127 million-dollars in this last cycle and 324 events in 50 cities. it is not like she is not working hard but sometimes you need a change at the top. >> and the fact that they pushed back this election is a
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blow. >> traditionally these things are a road to know who you are voting for after democrats lost several seats after the passage of obama care. she faced the challenger that she easily won and people are expecting her to eventually win here but this is a message pick that things -- that democrats are looked at doing a lot of internal soul searching and when you are questioning nancy pelosi one of the leading democrats and one of the high profile, again a prolific fundraiser and it was her that basically dragged obama care to the finish line in 2010. she does a good job of keeping the caucus together and she is not winning. >> challenger. any names coming forward to possible challenge nancy pelosi? >> no one officially yet but someone that said he is somewhat interest is tim ryan. he is a 7 term congressman from eastern ohio that is there in
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youngstown and that area and former big steel towns and industrial area and lost of jobs and appealing to white voters without college degrees. ryan appeals to those folks and people have said. he does -- he connects with them and people support them says he will be a good ambassador. now can he do the other parts of the job. you know the billions of dollars of fundraising and keeping the caucus together. that's another thing and he is a different face on top of the party. >> all right. joe, thanks for taking the time to talk to us and we will have to wait and see. >> anytime. coming up, the election results triggered a lot of things including a surge in donations to the aclu. we'll talk with a representative from that organization coming up later. hundreds of protestors shut down streets in san francisco. maybe you were in the city and
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not caught up with this. all there demonstrating a pipeline being built in north dakota and they want their voices to be heard. >> a few sprinkles in the bay area. we will check on the radar and talk about what you can expect for the rest of the day and the cold air coming in coming up.
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>> police are investigating a shooting in the wil rogers airport. a 52-year-old employee was killed of southwest airlines. no word of any suspects or a motive. however, investigators are calling the deadly shooting an isolated incident. people marching against the pipeline in the midwest shut down san francisco's market street about 9:00 this morning. the demonstration was one of 200 events across the country in opposition to the dakota pipeline. the 1200-mile long pipeline would carry crude oil from north dakota to illinois. the permits have not been finalized yet. saying the pipeline would put water and sacred sites at risk for the sioux try of north dakota.
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there is concern about climate change. >> i believe that fossil fuel dependency will lead to more climate change. >> that was singer michael franti that sang for the crowd. no reports of arrests and police reopened market street after protestors ended the demonstration at 11:00. >> work on that controversial pipeline has been dried as the companies behind it ask a u.s. court judge to intervene in the fight over its completion. the army corps of engineers has delayed one part of the project. >> the controversy is heading back to court. developer energy transfer partners is asking a federal court to declare it has no legal right to build under the missouri river. after the army corps of engineers delayed the project to evaluate it.
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the ceo slamming the decision in a statement reading in part "this axis motivated purely by politics at the expense of a company that has done nothing but played by the rules it was given ." >> it completed $3.8 billion pipeline to run 1200 miles through four states carrying up to 570,000 gallons of crude air temperatures day. they need permission to cross under the missouri river and that is opposed by the sioux tribe and others. >> if this pipeline should burst it will cause irresistible damage. >> the pipeline protests continue. hundreds have been arrested at demonstrations and activists are protesting. >> i am a mother and grandmother and i care about what happens to this planet. >> it could reverse court.
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president-elect donald trump is bringing back the controversial keystone excel pipeline this does much the same thing moving it cheaper and faster. cloudy and cooler day in the bay area and a few scattered showers falling at time giving you a view here. isn't that gorgeous to entrance that you can see the glow from the sun, sun setting at 5:00 and as we get in the evening hours, the clouds will continue. going to be drying out at least for the folks that did get rain and we will be cooling off in the coming days. right now santa rosa 59 degrees and san francisco at 59 and oakland low 60s and livermore 59 in san jose. hello to you, 61. here is a look at storm tracker two. a lot of the cloud cover there and some folks reporting heavy drizzle in oakland and some on our lens but hard to see in
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some areas. north bay you have to go north of santa rosa to see it. for the south bay it appears that we are mainly dry. again i have folks tell me that we have a little bit of drizzle. that will be with us for the evening. this all green showing not a lot of snow. the snow levels will drop and unfortunately the snow will pretty much be on its way east and i don't think we will see a whole lot, not any advisories for the tahoe area for the next couple of days. here is a look at the forecast. we are mostly cloudy and by tomorrow morning we will begin to clear out and fog along the coast line and a little bit of moisture in here and it just kind of skirts the coast by 1:00. we are in the clear. but temperatures are going to be cooling off and we are going to be well below average in some areas and some folks in the 40s by tomorrow morning. i will have a look at the numbers and the extended forecast in the week coming up. the commercial crab season
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is under way. excitement is high for this year's catch after a disastrous season last season that didn't start until march. that's when warmer than usual ocean temperatures led to a huge alga bloom that contaminated crabs with acid that was toxic pushing the system back five months. >> it is so wonderful that these guys and gals can get out on time and get us our thanksgiving crab and they are clean and beautiful and i can't wait to see the boat this afternoon. >> now, there is some acid showing up in parts of the northern coast which means at least for now authorities are banding crab fishing on the sonoma line. the high cost of housing is causing people to move out of the state. the number of people leaving california for somewhere less
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expensive. >> a lot of locals are not surprised by this new data. for example, we are here in the cammian neighborhood and a three bedroom house that is only 1500 square feet is selling for almost one million dollars. the real estate data firm core logic found that for every home buyer coming into california there are three that are selling their homes. the sellers are moving completely out of the golden state. they found between 2007 to 2014, 600 people left the state of california and turning to state more affordable. one homeowner is thinking about moving to colorado or north carolina. >> i have four kids. we have been talking about leaving because we realize that when our kids graduate, they can't survive. they literally will be living with us until they are 35
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because they can survive by themselves. >> it is still attracting people here, the housing market but pushing others out. the housing prices have cooled but a high demand because inventory is low and this is a problem and why we are seeing more and more cities building verticals which are high rises in urban areas. major protests in greece as president obama travels to the country. what is on the president's agenda during his final trip abroad as commander in chief.
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protestors in greece have taken to the streets as president obama arrived in the country demonstrators clashed with police throwing molotov cocktails at officers and businesses in the area. it is the president's final trip overseas. president obama is in greece touting america's ongoing support for nato. the alliance has come under fire for president obama donald trump on the campaign trail. reporter kevin cork is traveling with the president and has the latest. >> president obama met with the military honor guard upon his arrival here in greece. one of the last times he will be welcomed in a way since he is on his last foreign trip. the president meeting greek leaders and promising america's unwaving commitment to the nato
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alliance. >> there is a recognition that nato alliance is vital in the transatlantic and the corner store of our prosperity. >> president-elect donald trump looming large over his predecessor's travel. taking a tough stance on nato saying others do not contribute enough money. >> i like nato. i guarantee that when i get in they will pay. >> the successor say they will remain commit to the alliance and looks forward to working with the president-elect donald trump. >> i am certain he will be the president of the united states and will live up to the kit millimeters because a strong nato is important for europe and the united states. >> this is not the president's final trip of his last visit as commander and chief. he will make his way to germany
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before heading to peru. kevin cork, fox news. well several organizations including planned parenthood and the american civil liberties union has seen a surge. with the aclu the largest civil liberties organization saying that victim marked a defeat. joining me is the executive director of the aclu in northern california. thanks for joining me today. >> thank you and good to be here. >> how much have donations increased? >> since the beginning of the election we have seen a lot of people stepping forward to protect our rights. we all saw the statements that president-elect donald trump made and i think americans are worried that a lot the rights
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are on the line. >> have you ever seen this much outpouring of support. >> the foundation was founded in 1920 and we worked through the great depression and we fought japanese and we fought through the civil acts movement and we dealt with the patriots act and in one hundred years we have never had this kind of outpouring of support for the work that the aclu does. >> that is such a statement. so we have all heard what donald trump said on the campaign trail. what are you most concerned about or the aclu is most concerned about. >> when donald trump was running, he made a number of statements and we released a report in july called the trump memos. and we looked at his statements
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and his policy proposals and found that many of them violate the constitutional rights. freedom of speech and freedom of religion and our protections like due process and equal protection. my biggest message to the president-elect donald trump would be this. he needs to change course on a number of his policies, otherwise the aclu will see him in court. an. >> so what is going to be the a c lu primary focus. one issue off the bat that you will try to target. >> if there was one issue i don't think we would have the kind of outpouring and support. it is a number of issues. his statements to band moslems is not only discriminatory but goes up against the 1st amend principle of freedom of religion and he might try to address that up in some other way but he has made it clear that he wants to keep moslems
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out of the united states. his proposal for mass deportation will lead to all kinds of racial profilings and the list goes on. i am picking two. the statement that president- elect donald trump has made and the policies he has put forward. he needs to adjust them and adjust them quickly because he will face not only the aclu but the constitution of the united states that is a check on that kind of abuse of power. >> thank you so much from the aclu. still to come. a group of first graders write letters to president-elect donald trump donald trump. those letters went viral. we will see what the head of that elementary school coming up. you will want to see what some of the 1st graders have written to the president-elect donald trump. >> and protests over the presidential election and where
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someone from the demonstration talks to us and defends vandalism as an effective tool
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to bring about change. in the days after election protests broke out including the bay area notably in san francisco and oakland. in some cases the demonstrations turned to destruction setting fires and damaging police cars. one of the protestors at least
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in oakland was sarah missner and she is here with us. first of all, the protests, what is it that you are hoping to accomplish by protesting after this election? which was won fair and square by donald trump. >> i first have to say -- i want to make a shout out to the folks that have taken to the streets. it is a real sign that we are not going to stand for this stand for the growing wave of facism in the united states. a big shout out to the people that were out this morning and resistance to the dakota pipeline. and especially to all of the youth that has been out in the last couple of days. i specifically was at the protest and the students both middle school and high school has put on from the oakland school for the arts and was filled with such hope. >> what do you think will happen over the next days and months. will this die down? a lot of people think it will die down? >> i think it is important to
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put in context where we are at. we are in the standing in the dakota pipeline and also to the largest national prison strike in u.s. history. of course black lives matter. >> haven't there been issues for decades. >> yes. all of the movements are connected in the resistance to the state and becoming gal vonized against donald trump. >> i want to talk about vandalism. people are disgusted. libby shaft said are you kidding me, you are vandalizing the city of oakland. we are disgusted by the election results if you look at the polling results, why are
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you hurting innocent shop owners and businesses in the city of oak land. what do you have to say to that? >> i live in oak land and when this issue comes up i am reminded of martin luther king. he says riot is the voice of the unheard. >> and wasn't martin luther king a proponent of peaceful demonstration. >> of course. we have to put it in the context of the great movement that is occurring in the thousands taking the streets and engaged in long term action to change the materiality of their communities. >> don't you lose people that you have potential sympathetic people that are out there and when they see vandalism they write you off. >> of course and i don't think that we should fixate on single acts of this. thousands of people around the lake this last weekend and they held hands and they said they would be in solidarity with the color and community. i think this is a one symbolic
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act and we have to remember that this will take lifetime movement to resist capitalism and to resist the types of policies. >> if donald trump comes out and says a lot of the stuff that i said on the campaign trail was something but now that i'm here i want to da verge towards the middle, will you give him a chance or is this all-out war? >> i think that we always have to seek out to seek the root causes of violence in our community and i think donald trump is of course going to concessions in order to divide the working class communities of america and instead i think we have to be careful and we can buy into this idea of the good protester and bad protester narrative and we can buy into this idea that will make small concessions to abandon the people in our community that are most marginalized and the people of color and immigrants and transpeople and instead we will have to do work. and we are all going to have to
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do work against forms of aggression. >> there it is. sarah missner. the views of a protester and more to come as the weeks and months move on. heather. >> thank you very much. >> san francisco supervisors weighing in on short-term rentals. it comes one day after air b and b agreed to end the fight against the city and to cooperate with the efforts to crack down on legal hoss. air b and b will give information about its clients as part of mandatory registration system. it promises to obey san francisco rules limiting the days in air b and b landlord can rent out a home. supervisors will consider limiting short-term rentals and private homes to no more than 60 days each year. lyft is about to shave off the pink mustaches. replacing iconic logo with beacons. they will be on the dashboard
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of lyft cars beginning january 1st in san francisco. the beacons can communicate with people's smart phones using blue tooth technology and they will make it easier and safer for drivers and riders to find each other. in sonoma county. the grand casino is celebrating the 175 million-dollar expansion project today. >> there we go. congratulations to the federated entrance of great ranch ria. the. >> expansion includes a new 6 story hotel and 10,000 square foot spa and fitness domestic violence and convention space and huge outdoor oasis with 7000 square feet and the cool casino operators are pleased with the results. the rooms are spectacular. our rooms here, the standard room is 500 square feet and rooms on top that are 2600 square feet that come with
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butler's quarters. so we are proud of those 500 square foot room that go for 250 a month and it brings the price tag for the resort casino to about a billion dollars. all right. i hope you don't start a war. well that's what a bay area first grader wrote to president- elect donald trump we talked to the head of the school that talked about the classroom assignment and asking you about what do you think? go to cloudy skies and a few light showers in the bay area this afternoon. we have changes in store. a dry colder air moves in by tomorrow. i'll have your numbers coming up. ktvu news sponsored by dodge. visit dodge, your local dealer.
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>> last week a first grade teacher asked her class if they wanted to write letters to the president-elect donald trump. they did and now the letters complete with 1st grade spelling have been read by hundreds of thousands of people after going viral. one letter written by nicole reads dear mr. trump please be honest and kind and i hope you will not cause any fights between people that are not born in our country. i think if you do all of these rules you will be a wonderful president. this afternoon i talk to the head of the school at woodland
4:42 pm
marina and asked her about the letters and about the responses from across the country and both good and bad. >> following the elections our teachers asked the students if they wanted to write to the new president elect and the kids did and so short of just helping them really just right the stuff down on paper she did nothing else. it showed that all of our kids have authentic voices and that they have different things that stand out for them, you know, some of them were concerned about the kinds of jokes being made and some were concerned that everybody befriends and some are concerned about you know one of the letters. not one that got printed was please invite hillary clinton to your birthday party. you know. >> to someone who may be read the letters on their facebook
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feed and thought the teachers were feeding them anti trump stuff and this is what they came up with. give us a sense of the discussions preceding the letters and where did the kids get the ideas from. family, accommodation schools. >> our family is diverse and we have a diversity of families and that is much like schools across the u.s.. and we are not not a one class population. our entire class population doesn't feel one way so the teachers were not feeding anyone when it started and our teachers are professional enough to remain neutral and their role is not to create clones in any one direction or the other. and honor student voices and to
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recognize that, yes, even 6- year-olds do have voices and brains and listen and have observations and to honor that. >> in oakland the city council has agreed to consider changes on the sale of medical marijuana. under the new rules businesses would no longer has volkswagen to hand 25% of the profits over to the city but would be required to pay back taxes for operating without a license. the city council agreed to set aside half of its permits to people that have been convicted of pot crimes or have a high number of marijuana arrests. the new rules would create opportunities for those whose lives have been impacted by drugs. >> helping people for the war on drugs and helping people hit in neighborhoods hit by plight removal. >> the program is too restrictive some say. a vote is not expected until a
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few months until january. the rules would only apply to medical marijuana but may serve as a template for the sale of medical marijuana that becomes legal in 2018. over the bay area. a lot of cloud cover and temperatures cooled off some and maybe had a sprinkle here and there and steady drizzle over some areas. giving you a look here at a bit of sunshine. a little bit of glow remains. sun will set at 5:00 and partly to mostly cloudy as we roll through the evening picking up on a band of rain that may move through and bring more scattered showers for the north bay and most of this, what we are seeing, the drizzle and the few scattered showers below the radar and so not being able to pick it up at this point. we have had several reports of just that light steady drizzle over parts of the day. we are looking at the central and south bay and from this perspective it does not look like a whole lot. a possibility of soggy weather
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for tuesday night and wednesday morning we are leaving a slight chance and you can see a lot of green in the sierra and not snow. here is a look at the numbers outside at this hour under mostly cloudy skies. 59 in berkeley and upper 50s half-moon bay and 60s in fremont so for most of us it is a cooler day and down by 12 in livermore and down by 11 in santa rosa and a tad warmer in sfo and in general most of us are cooler than where we were yesterday. we have this moisture that can ride down the coastline and bring scattered showers to the bay at least for the start and that should be about it. snow levels over the sierra will start to drop and as you can see here not a lot going on and there is no advisory in store put on by the national weather service and it can drop down by 500 feet. we are now into saturday and
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this is the next chance at getting rain. it looks like it develops by early afternoon. could be widespread as we get in the second part of the day and sunday morning and sunday night and the rain is still falling and hoping for that possibility and hopefully it doesn't put a damper on your week plans and that will be the next chance and it looks like a better chance of getting wet weather. tomorrow patchy fog and ship in santa rosa and 42 in napa and 44 for concord and the south bay upper 40s and 46 expected morgan hill. around the bay, upper 40s to low 50s and not as chilly but cooler than this morning and likely to notice as you get out the door tomorrow morning. afternoon highs will be cool as well and upper 50s in pacifica and 52 in livermore. tomorrow and thursday looks to be the two coolest days. temperatures rebound some as we get to friday and friday will be dry and then into your bay
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area weekend, rain developing by the afternoon and then it looks like sunday could also be a wet day. so maybe plan ahead because we are looking at at least a better chance there of getting wet weather. we can use it. thanks, rosemary. coming up. a new law aims to change electric cars. how the change hopes to save pedestrian lives. that is coming up next on the 4 on 2. stay with us.
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student and staff at santa clara have a new way to get around campus taking a self driving shuttle. in partnership with the local startoff called robotics. the drivers will shuttle can
4:51 pm
transport three passengers at a time and can operate in a loop making five stops on campus. the university says the shuttle will be operating until at least february. also there is a new safety regulation for electric and hybrid cars and trucks too quiet. those vehicles will now be required to have a noise making feature when they operate at low speeds. right now people that are blind or distracted may not notice when one of the cars is driving by. >> there is no sound. and the only way you know it is there is when your cane touches it and to me that is too close. >> i think that it makes sense to have those warnings and audible signals. >> it will require hybrid cars to make noise when they are going slower than 20 miles per hour and anytime in reverse. the safety administration says this new rule could prevent about 2400 injuries a year. now each car maker must have
4:52 pm
half of its hybridan electric vehicles make noise by december of 2018. pixar's hit findy dory is out on dvd. it is available for purchase. the much anticipate the sequel to finding nemo was a box office smash. it made over one billion dollars world wide. this morning on the 9 we asked a creator about the possibility of a third movie in the series. >> we have learned to never say never because we were wrong about not doing one for nemo. >> we heard about finding hank. >> is hank the octopus. >> he was a characteristic. >> kind of stole the show. >> the finding dory dvd will cost you between 5 and $20. traveling for the holidays may be tougher this year. why the roads may be the busiest they have been in nearly a decade. get ready for a lot of traffic.
4:53 pm
we'll be right back.
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now a seasonal hiring is in full swing and experts say if you need a job you can find them just about super. >> amazon is hiring 120,000 temps. manufacture those jobs in warehouse operations and
4:56 pm
customer relations and retail. macy's and walmart and target and kohls have at least 350,000 jobs up for grabs. fedex and ups and the u.s. postal service are 200,000s jailable. according to zip recruiter finding seasonal work online is easy. >> there is this combination of better technology online to make it easier to see what positions are open and it doesn't matter whether it is a large enterprise or a small or medium business. those jobs get the same visibility online. >> the experts also say with a number of unemployed workers dwindling some are being kept on permanently. last year 37% of ups's seasonal hires actually became permanent employees. well with thanksgiving around the corner triple a is estimating to be the busiest thanksgiving otaries and rails.
4:57 pm
and skies since 2007. >> rob smith says despite a warning of terrorist attacks during the holidays. >> if you are stuck in traffic blame the improving economy. triple a says some 48.7 million americans are expected to travel this year. the busiest thanksgiving since 2007. it is mostly due to a boost in consumer confidence. and the second cheapest gas prices in nine years. more than 43 million of those travelers will be hitting the roads. travel experts say if you are one of them don't make the mistake of leaving too late. >> some people say i will go in the office and work a half day and hit the road. a lot of others are thinking the same thing so you want to avoid that wednesday before. >> america's travel plans apparently not impacted by a new threat appearing in an isis magazine targeting thanksgiving celebrations. specifically the thanksgiving day parade, the macy's parade.
4:58 pm
the nypd is making sure it is the safest as possible. >> when we saw the article in isol's online magazine. we have factored into plans for the thanksgiving day parade in years past. >> the isol article was aimed at lone wolves and pictured the parade route. the threat should not keep anyone from enjoying the parade. >> the message is to come to the parade and have a good time. >> and if you are flying this thanksgiving get ready to pay a little more. holiday airfares are up 21% this year. in new york, rob smith fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at five starts now. she was brought to the u.s. when she was just five years old and now this san francisco woman's immigration status could dramatically change. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants living and working here una federal
4:59 pm
program are uncertain about their future because president- elect donald trump has promised to repeal the deferred action for childhood arrivals. cristina rendon spoke to one woman and cristina rendon is in our newsroom now with what she learned. cristina. >> frank and julie the woman i spoke with says some of the friend are scared she is determined now more than ever to make sure that daka is not repealed under president-elect donald trump. speaking cantonesea and spanish is part of her job to help immigrant and low-income families manage the finances. >> with my experience as daka immigrant i try to focus on the commune. >> the uc santa clara document feels she has come full circle
5:00 pm
to chinese parents. >> i came here when i was five. >> being able to work and get that social security number. it was amazing. >> but the deferred action for childhood arrivals program may be in jeopardy under president- elect donald trump. he is promising to appeal this action created by president obama and by immigrants called dreamers. >> it is a limited understanding of the value of what the folks have to offer. >> these are talented people that have tremendous skills and education and value and we wouldn't be able to find somebody else to fill that job if we didn't have someone like dianna here. >> wong knows her daka friends are scared. >> they said we have gone this far. what do we do now? do we go back in the shadows and strangely for me, i feel hopeful resistance.


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