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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> i am dave clark, and let's check on the weather.>> it is 30s. >> it was 40s in my neck of the woods. there are some neck of the woods that are colder, a good breeze for some as well. i think tomorrow morning we will get colder and lose the breeze. more out of the west northwest, and behind this front we have a little bit of rain, but not much. now this cooler air will come in, and right now in norcal, saying it's a balmy 36 in rohner -- rohnert park. there is still some skirting along the mendocino coast, a few light showers, and 38 in santa rosa, napa airport bouncing off 30s and 40s, 38 to 41. there are a few 40s is well popping up, but the north bay temperatures, kelsey billet 36,
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and it's close for others, petaluma in there as well, danville checking in at 39, 42 in walnut creek and lafayette. the coolest air was billy and bringing us a mostly sunny day, but not very warm. temperatures cooling off to slightly below average, 60s on the temperatures. 6:01 am. what do we see on the screen? >> we had this unusual traffic pattern, that it is not reached the bay bridge it, and everything is regionally connected when it comes to your morning commute. the bay bridge back up is 15 to 20 minutes which is not unusual, but a lot of people are delayed coming through the altamont pass. let's take a quick look at interstate 880 northbound and southbound in front of the oakland coliseum, looking good. i mentioned 580 at the altamont pass, if we go to the maps i
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can show you the traffic on the altamont pass is lighter due to an accident that is mostly clear, on highway 5 at 205. a lot of people are stuck at the central valley and unable to get to the altamont pass. as a result, livermore, dublin or those people going anywhere in the bay area are not getting there in time. your commute maybe slightly later until they get through their commute. developing news from the peninsula, and active police search right now at star -- after two me and tried to break into home in los altos around 4:30 am near the st. charles court right next to the montclair elementary school. the police say that two me and tried to break into the home in the area, and the police responded and were able to capture one man after tasting him and the other suspect took off, and the police are searching the area right now. we will keep an eye on this
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situation, and we will bring you updates from los altos as it becomes available. san francisco city leaders are accusing the police union of standing in the way of the reform recommended as part of the federal review of the police department, and alex savidge is in san francisco with the main issue behind the dispute.>> reporter: good morning. this disagreement essentially centers around the proposed use of force policy which would put new restrictions on the police officers involved in dangerous encounters. some city supervisors in san francisco say that the police union is standing in the way and refusing to budge. during the negotiations, especially on that particular issue, last night the police commission of a special joint meeting with the board of supervisors to reaffirm the city commitment to complete the reforms that have been recommended by the u. s. justice department just last month. you will remember that mayor ed lee asked for the federal
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review to take a hard look at the policies of the sfpd in the federal investigators did so in response to the community tensions following a number of high-profile shootings in the city. the feds have offered hundreds of recommendations but the point of contention is the use of force policy. the union takes issue with the proposal that is barring the officers shooting at moving vehicles. some supervisors are remaining optimistic about negotiating a deal. >> making sure we do this in the appropriate manner, tricky balancing act but critically important for the city and the police department, and again, we do this in the context of thanking the police officers that put themselves on the line every single day for us in the san francisco residents. >> reporter: the san francisco chronicle reports that the supervisor has concerns about the delays in implementing reforms because the police union has filed a grievance
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over the proposed use of force policy. the ongoing negotiations are taking place without a permit police chief in place for the sfpd, interim chief toney chaplin has been running the department since the former chief greg sir step down among the outcry coming down following a number of officer- involved shootings, and toney chaplin is at the helm for attack -- for that period of transition and it's unclear when they will make a decision on the permanent chief for the city. there is some concern in san francisco over the attack of a latino nanny, and heightened awareness in castro over the possibility of the lgbt community being targeted i hate crimes after the election of donald trump. the federal park police said the attack at the nanny in -- and taking care of two children when a man grabbed her, shoved
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her and said in spanish, "no latinos here." the park police arrested a man that matched the description of the man, and the castro district has patrol in some taking action after the election. >> i immediately had the sense that our community was going to have a threat from that with the different rhetoric going on during that campaign.>> the protests last week and our streets, this means a lot to me and we want to reclaim our state to make sure our space is safe and protected after the donald trump presidency. >> the castro community on patrol will hold more training sessions. it is 6:06 am your president obama is flying to germany after his trip to greece, likely his final foreign trip as president, and earlier this morning we saw life as the president visit the
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acropolis in athens, greece, and the president addressed a crowd. we showed you that live at mornings on 2 and he received applause for saying that the way that greece has accepted refugees has inspired the world. >> that does not mean you should be left on your own. [ applause ] only a truly collective response by europe and the world can in sure that these desperate people received the support that they need. greece cannot be expected to bear the bulk of this burden alone. >> the greek people are hoping that president obama can persuade other european leaders to grant the more financial relief and health with the refugee crisis, and president obama also trying to reassure the american allies that president-elect donald trump will continue to honor the u. s. commitments. president- elect donald trump and his transition team working toward decisions on many cabinet post,
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and the president-elect is denying reports that his transition to the white house is more rocky that he expected as trump headed out to dinner in new york last night, tweeting that there is an organized process taking place, "as i decide on cabinet and other positions. i am the only one who knows who the finalists are." former new york mayor rudy giuliana saying he would be honored. >> you have to have the ability to look beyond immediate fight and figure that fits the long- term goals, and that is what i will focus on.>> that was newt gingrich. ted cruz spotted leaving the trump tower yesterday and reports he is being considered for attorney general. barbara boxer, retiring in introducing legislation to get rid of the electoral college after the victory of donald trump, and senator boxer
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announced the decision in a tweaked but admits that is a long shot, a proposed constitutional amendment that would need passage by two thirds majority in the house and senate, and would then have to be ratified by three quarters of the u. s. states. there have been more calls to get rid of the electoral college after hillary clinton won the popular vote in the election but lost the electoral college votes to donald trump. the walls of empathy were set up at three san francisco bart stations for those people having trouble dealing with the results of the election, hundreds of people posting your thoughts on post-it notes and placed them on the bark walls, and now they have offered to display the notes, even planning to get the public to post a new message is. the santa clara city council has given the 49ers another week to provide
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financial information on the levi's stadium and operations, sending a 30 day warning letter and given the team until november 22 to provide financial documents or they will be considered in breach of contract. the city audit turns out that the city is using general fund money improperly, and the mayor lisa gilmore is threatening to move the 49ers, and the 49ers dispute the audit findings and say they have fully cooperated with the council. a statement was released last night, "contrary to the mayor's recent statement to the press, she has no right to terminate the 49ers as manager to the levi's stadium, and her unjustified threat has unnecessarily created fear of job loss to the many that have worked so hard to make the stadium successful. a professor accused of sexually harassing a student, and the concerns about the student
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safety, and what the school officials are doing. a fight over how much in taxes the giants should pay for the at&t park, the ruling showing that the stadium is worth more than the team claimed. light rain with temperatures in the upper 60s, and the cool air is moving in, and we have an update on your forecast coming up. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day?
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breaking news the central florida, look at these pictures as two freight trains collided. those freight trains collided, and there's been a major derailment and a fuel spilled with thousands of gallons of fuel spilling in the city of citra, 95 miles northwest of orlando, florida. one train was carrying phosphate rock and the other train was carrying coal. 20 cars of overturned and you can see it's a major mess, work crews checking out the scene, and we are told that no one was injured. two people were treated for injuries but apparently not seriously injured. the cause of the crash is under investigation, and again, this is in florida, a major freight train collision, that developing story we will keep an eye on. back here at home, the students and alumni at uc berkeley offering support to graduate student that claims he was sexually harassed for years
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by the renowned professor. this group of protesters was rallying at the uc berkeley yesterday supporting eva fisher who said she had years of harassment from the professor. >> he put his hand of my leg and said something about i love you very much, and we are close friends and i take all of my close friends to las vegas every year.>> she said that since she came forward with the allegation she has heard similar stories from other former students but the professor is denying the charges. university said that the uc officials have talked about that student safety yesterday and plan on disclosing what they plan on doing about this in the coming days. the army corps of engineers is delaying the construction to the dakota pipeline for further discussion and analysis for
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that standing sioux tribe. the pipeline would stretch from north dakota to illinois and the developer wants to tunnel under the missouri river in the lake to complete the project, but the tribe relies on that lake and river for each drinking water and once the pipeline to stop due to the possible environmental concerns. protesters blocking the busy market street as part of a protest to the dakota pipeline.>> yesterday morning we show july picture as the group gathered at the civic center plaza, and you are watching now as they later march to the offices of the army corps of engineers on market street. they locked arms and briefly blocked access to the building and the protesters marched back to the civic center plaza and they reopened market street. it is 6:16 am. can you take care of our friends on highway 24?>> that
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is why i am here, dave, and a lot of people hit 680 and get to 24, and people getting on the road in lafayette, but looking pretty good. it's getting busier as we get closer to 6:38 pm to 7 am, the peak travel time. it is slow at the tunnel at the 580 interchange and at the bay bridge toll plaza, very slow this morning. i mentioned once again, the altamont pass commute is lighter because of the crash that has been cleared on 580 -- interstate 5 at 205. it is slow but lighter than usual, and it is helping out the commute. it's a little bit slow leaving pleasanton and heading on 680 through the area, so give yourself extra time. it is 6:17 am. we have mostly clear skies, a much cooler air mass moving in with some stray showers
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along the coast. otherwise we are beginning to clear out from that weak system we had yesterday with a little bit of rain, up to a tenth of an inch. santa lena had the most at 12 100. the big message is this cooler temperature coming in on the lows and also on the high temperatures, down to the low 60s for many. san jose hit 71 yesterday today it will be 64. showers at the mendocino coast, and some of that could sneak into the northern sonoma county along the coast, but the bulk of this is staying to the north. we are getting colder air for sure with the breezes picking up for many, northwest and vacaville at 12, and a blustery day for some. 40s in a few low 50s, and we have some 30s in the mix was santa rosa at 38 on the peninsula, still 40s at stanford and los altos, 43 at woodside, 49 at pacifica.
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no 30s for the south yet, boulder creek and 32, and santa cruz at 47, santa clara 48. i think tomorrow morning we will see the 30s in the santa cruz mountains. 30 in truckee and 40 in ukiah. you can see this unsettling activity staying to the north but close enough that we have to mention it. overall mostly sunny, cooling breeze for some, and a few showers to the north along the coast, cooler for all of us, and it will be very cold tonight. 60s on the temperatures, santa rosa is one of those at 65, and a lot of low to mid 60s. tomorrow morning we will be cold, sunny and nice. thursday and friday it looks like rain for everybody. it is 6:19 am. the dress code violation at the state prison, the pro
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donald trump t-shirt that this man got that sent him home from work. my independence has been stolen. >> a paralyzed woman want your help, her specially equipped suv was stolen from her family's home.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2, it is 6:22 am. the police in san francisco are looking for three men that broke into an apartment and stole $100,000 worth of items on october 17 in the bashan bay neighborhood. -- mission bay neighborhood. here is video from the surveillance camera, electronics, jewelry and high- end watches were stolen and anyone with information is asked to call the san francisco police. the oklahoma city airport operating at normal after a man was shot and killed outside, michael winchester was an employee of southwest airlines and was shot and killed yesterday morning while walking between the terminal and the employee parking area and was later found dead in a truck parked nearby. winchester was the father of the snapper for the kansas city chiefs, and they say it was a premeditated attack but they have not determined the motive. it is 6:23 am. the funeral held for the
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alameda county sheriff that was killed and body found in the oakland park earlier this month. the 21-year-old carla ramirez dreamed of becoming a sheriff's deputy and her fellow volunteer lining the church during the funeral. a man and woman staff and set her on fire in the east oakland park, both who are in jail now been charged with murder. the state prison worker in vacaville was sent home for wearing a t-shirt supporting president-elect donald trump, and a librarian at the california medical facility, yesterday he went to work with a t-shirt that read, "trump is my president." he was ordered to change the shirt, or something over it to go home.>> i have to go home. i don't want to create
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conflict, and i feel like it was a freedom of speech violation. >> the state employees are allowed -- not allowed to wear political shirts unless they have direct contact, and not allowed when they have direct contact with the prisoners and they say this has no place in the prison setting. he says that he saw workers wearing hillary clinton shirts and they were never ordered to change, and the department is investigating that. the former cal quarterback jared making his regular season debut this weekend for the la rams, and the coach jeff fisher made it official that jared goff will start sunday against the miami dolphins. the bay area native will replace case keenum. the rams won last week but of only scored two touchdowns out of the last three games. it is 6:25 am, and nancy pelosi could be in danger of losing the position as house
6:26 am
minority leader, and some people in the democratic party are calling for change. uc regents meet later this morning to discuss the budget for next year, and the possibility of a tuition hike. traffic getting busier all over the place, including the east bay where highway 24 is beginning to get crowded on the way to oakland. the system that came by left a little bit of rain, and now we have cool air along with the breeze.
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this season bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. good morning and thank you for joining us for mornings on 2. it is the middle of the week, wednesday, november 16, and i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook,
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and it's just about 6:30 am. do not forget your coat this morning. will it warm up?>> into the 60s. we have a system that came by yesterday and cool air is filling in with upper 30s, but mostly sunny with a few stray showers skirting the coast. i will mention that but not in the forecast. crescent city data from our viewer ronald thompson, did it sitting as information, 44 degrees. a quarter of an inch from 4 pm yesterday giving him 33.05 since 1 july. that is a lot of rain, and more to come. we had light rain yesterday, not a lot, occidental .11 in less than a tenth of an inch. the systems moving out with some shower activity along the coast, mendocino county in
6:30 am
sonoma county, but really this cooler air is moving in drop in temperatures quite a bit tonight. we have a decent breeze, 30s for a few, 40s for many, greg and 37, northwest napa at 38. 38 in truckee and mostly sunny days with temperatures in the 60s, cooler and breezy conditions continuing with a few showers to the north, but it will be cold tonight. just so you know.>> three dog night. let's go to the east shore freeway as we give you a heads up on what it's like on interstate let's go to the east shore freeway as we give you a heads up on what it's like on interstate 80. yesterday we had an hour and half drive, and today it's 36 minutes driving through the maccarthur maze. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza they are waiting, a 25 minute delay. here is a picture of mendocino, just amazing, a spectacular
6:31 am
shot. taking a look at the east bay, slow traffic on interstate 880 driving from 238 heading toward fremont, and as we look to the south bay, northbound 101 getting up to mountain view from san jose, most of the slow traffic is still before the interstate 280. it's 6:31 am. the university of california regents will debate raising tuition for the students, the trustees heard arguments yesterday for a similar proposal, and we are at the uc berkeley, and the officials are saying it's been six years since they considered a tuition hike. good morning.>> reporter: yes, if this becomes a reality will be the first time in six years that the students in the uc system have seen a tuition hike, but the leaders are both considering the possibility of a tuition hike in the next school year. if that becomes a reality, the
6:32 am
earliest that will be finalizes january. this would be for the 2017-18 fiscal school year. if it passes, it means students would pay roughly $300 extra. the uc regents is also considering increasing tuition for the out-of-state students by 5%, and raising the student services fee for everyone. during the 2008 recession, you see lost one third of the money they used to get from the state, and that money has been restored in the recent years, but they say the money does not go as far as it used to, and the gap between what they get and what they need to operate is widening. the students and students organizations are speaking out against the tuition hike saying that the universities are not spending the money wisely and placing the burden on them.>> we are dying from student loan
6:33 am
debt, the price of tuition, and now they want to increased wish and to make it even worse.>> reporter: the uc spokesperson said that the increasing tuition costs would be covered by financial aid for 75% of the students. this meeting will last about two days as they talk about tuition and other budget items, and they will discuss the fundraising as well. according to the la times, the uc system raised $2 billion this year and fundraising, a new record for them, that the uc regents meeting will start at 9:00. it is 6:33 am. san francisco board of supervisors approving the tough new rules for those people that use the air bnb to rent out their homes, and the hosts are only allowed to put the home on the short-term rental market for 60 days per calendar year, and the supervisors voted 6-2 to pass the legislation after a
6:34 am
seven-hour hearing. that would change the current law over the host ran out of room for an unlimited number of days, or for an entire year, and the homes of 290 days a year. the new ordinance school will go for second reading and did he goes to mayor ed lee who could veto it. the san francisco independent tax arbiter says that the at&t park is worth a lot more than the giants are claiming it is, and they say the stadium is worth well over $100 million more than what the giants claim, the latest ruling in a long-running fight over how much in taxes the giants should pay on the stadium. the tax assessors that the 2014 by you at $407 million, and the giants said the park was worth $232 million that year. one week after election day, the san francisco supervisor scott wiener declaring victory over his colleague in that tight state send us -- senate race,
6:35 am
and jane kim has not yet conceded. there are still more votes to be process, and scott wiener issued a statement saying that he is deeply honored to be elected reps in the community, saying that the housing crisis requires statewide action and that the state needs to do more to support public transportation and to keep the commitment to the universal healthcare. three of the san francisco supervisor races are still undecided, and the turnout will determine whether moderates are progressives control the board of supervisors, and they're still counting the mail in ballots in the provisional ballots, and until that is counted they cannot determine the actual winner. the election department says it could take up to another week. it is 6:35 am the nancy pelosi days as a democratic leader in the house of representatives maybe in jeopardy, and they are delaying the election of leaders until
6:36 am
after thanksgiving, which could mean trouble for the longtime congressional leader from san francisco, some saying it's time for a change after the election of donald trump. >> we do not want to rush the bow to leadership for them to think everything is business as usual. everything is not good, and business as usual will no longer work. >> the started with people calling me, not me calling people in there was an attraction from ohio that was sent around the country. >> the congressman tim ryan from ohio has emerged as a possible candidate for the democrats, but no official challenger has surfaced to possibly replace nancy pelosi. the wisconsin congressman paul ryan unanimously chosen for another term as speaker of the house by the fellow republicans, and ryan says he is grateful to continue in the position in pleased to have the support of donald trump. technically the election for the speaker does not happen until after the new congress is
6:37 am
sworn into office in january, but that is considered a formality. the donald trump big three creating uncertainty for young document -- undocumented immigrants working and living in the u. s. after president obama signed executive action, deferred action for childhood arrivals which allows undocumented immigrants that came to the u. s. before the age of 16 and before june 2007 two worker go to school here. diane along was a recipient born to chinese immigrant parents, and works for the san francisco nonprofit that helps the immigrants and low income families manage finances. >> there is a problem in the u. s. of immigrants being criminalized, but what is the difference between immigrants and americans that have a piece of paper, they still want to work hard to provide for their families. >> 750,000 people known as dreamers have applied for the program, president obama
6:38 am
advising president-elect trump to think long and hard before repealing this immigrant program. university student paralyzed from the waist down need your help, looking for are specially equipped car that was stolen from her home, and kendra had her 2005 honda element stolen friday, parking near her family's home in scotts valley, the car was specially designed for kendra, and it allowed her to get around completely on her own. >> it was fully accessible which means i can open the car, drop down the ramp, and roll my entire chair inside and park it. my independence was essentially stolen. >> six years ago kendra lost use of her legs after the doctors removed the tumor from her spine, and she needs the car to get to her classes, physical therapy, and to the after school high school drama class that she teaches. >> i hope they get that back for her. 6:38 am, and preparing for
6:39 am
life after the white house, how the obama administration is helping the 500 staffers that will be out of a job in january. making a political statement by refusing to stand for the national anthem, and the reaction after they found out that colin kaepernick has never voted. it's very busy in many areas, and we do have one commute that is not busy, and we will tell you what is behind that as we take a look at the east shore freeway, a lot of cars are on the road. cool readings with lots of 30s and mostly sunny today, cooler and we will talk about that in the breeze coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it's 6:42 am. a rocky road for the dow jones in the stock market in the last week, at the last look, down 54 points right now, a little more than a quarter of a %. the nasdaq is down as well. the s&p 500 down almost a quarter of a % as well. the company that owns snapchat is preparing to go public, the wall street journal reporting that snap, inc. has filed paperwork that could be valued at $20-$25 billion, making snap the largest tech
6:43 am
since allie baba two years ago. analysts say that could convince other tech companies to go public, and the snap revenue is better than expected, but the company has never turned a profit. it is 6:43 am there 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick did not both last tuesday, and he is never even registered to vote.>> once again, the system of oppression is what i have an issue with.>> kaepernick has received a lot of attention for refusing to stand during the national anthem and says he is protesting racial inequality in the u. s., and some fans that supported his national anthem protest say that hearing he has never voted is something they do not support.>> if you want change, gift effect change in every way you can, and a silent protest will not do it.>> yet the right to do what you want to do, but you have the obligation to vote, that is
6:44 am
your duty and your american liberty. >> kaepernick said he did not vote in the last week election because he felt the candidates were flawed, but at the time he did not say that he had never registered the vote. it is 6:44 am there the resort in sonoma county celebrating a major expansion.>> here we go, congratulations to the federated indians at the rancher rhea, the ceremony held for the new six-story hotel including 600 guest rooms and an outdoor pool and spa. the first major expansion at the casino since it opened three years ago. >> that is gorgeous. it is 6:44 am. speaking of gorgeous, let's check in would gasia mikaelian . >> i don't have time with my lipstick so i'm self- conscious.>> you look
6:45 am
beautiful. >> i have some good video to share with you because it almost seems too good to be true. new homes close to the water and the inner bay area are being sold for, can you believe, $300,000. that is less than half of the median home price in the bay area. we will take you inside these hidden gems and explain the concerns that some people may have, and tell you why you cannot buy it and rented out, it's not for investors. from the bargain condos, the multimillion dollar condos in the sinking millennium tower in san francisco, two homeowners are taking action against the city of san francisco, and the trans-bay joint power authority, what they say the city leaders and tower developer did to keep them in the dark about what was happening with the building. the store so much more when i join you in a few minutes. [ applause ]. the san jose sharks three-
6:46 am
game winning streak over after being set out in north carolina, the game was scoreless until the third period, and then they scored, the final, the hurricanes, 1-0. the sharks play tomorrow in st. louis are >> it's tough to lose 1-0. it is 6:46 am. is everybody behaving?>> yes, but i want to warn you if you're heading to the airport. the san francisco airport. right here on northbound 101 at the broadway exit, there is a crash backing up traffic on northbound 101 heading to the san francisco airport. driving up to the terminals, if you use 101, do not be surprised by the unexpected delay on northbound 101 happening just before 92. this will also affect you if you use the san mateo bridge,
6:47 am
when you get to that 101 interchange, it will be slow as they worked to clear the crash. use 280 north and southbound and that looks pretty good right now. going to highway 101 farther up, in san francisco approaching the i-80 split, looking good. if you're trying to get to san francisco from base pay, traffic is backing up with a 25 minute delay. the accident at i-5 in 205 is cleared and we should see more traffic on the altamont pass, and we will keep an eye on this for you, but that was a significant lake and we will check that out next. steve, you met someone recently that is one of my football idols. >> a shout out to carmen, we interviewed him at the winery, as nice and gracious a man i've ever met. the second i stepped out of the car we cannot stop talking for the next two hours. his wine is very good.
6:48 am
really good. thank you, carmen. >> that was a tough assignment you had. >> it was a tough assignment, and sing all of the 49ers memorabilia afterward was worth the price. we had a good time. it's cold out there for some, a few 30s in the breeze picking up, and we could see a little shower or two coming along the coast. not completely done with a lot of that washing out, but we mention it to the north, sonoma county or at the mendocino coast. the bulk of that is going to the north but we have some cool air that says i will not go to the north. 30s, 40s and 50s, the coolest air to the north, then collect 38, and sometimes of breeze will pick up. walnut creek and lafayette also, and the concord pavilion also 42. cold showers on the north coast and cool air filtering in,
6:49 am
mostly sunny today with partly cloudy skies near the coast. a few showers to the north and color for all, blustering and windy at times. tonight will be very cold. 60s on the temperatures today, normal is 64, and we are way above this entire month, but it looks like we will stay cool over the next few days. we will get a warm up on friday with rain arriving on saturday and continuing into sunday.>> i have alerted all of the ballerinas and dancers for the big show this weekend. we will have to bring the big umbrella to cover the costumes.>> do not text me and say it's raining. >> i will not complain since i have been warned. it is 6:49 am coming up, the two california propositions that are still too close to call. get ready for the smart trains in the north bay, and the people that live near the tracks are worried even before the trains begin to run.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. prosecutors have filed murder charges against the san jose woman who is accused of a triple homicide in oakland, 61- year-old dana rivers facing three counts of murder along with special circumstances, accused of killing 57-year-old patricia wright, her partner 56- year-old charlotte reed and their 19-year-old son.
6:53 am
friday morning the police found the sun injured outside of the family home, and the women were found inside stabbed and shot. the police say they were trying to revive the sun -- son and they found rivers walking out of the house covered in blood, accused of killing all three of them in setting the house on fire. the police have not said anything about a motive but he could involve a property dispute. the states largest public employee union has authorized a strike, the local 1000 that represent 95,000 state employees including office workers, librarians, engineers and nurses. the union wants a 12% raise over four years, and the governor brown administration has offered, and they say that raises offset by the 3.5% annual contribution that the employees are forced to pay for the retirement health benefits the state council voted unanimously to wage --
6:54 am
increase the waste of $15 an hour by 2019, and sending a message about the high cost of living in silicon valley, the current $10.30 and never will go up to $10.50 in january, $12 an hour in july of next year. the wage will increase to $13.50 in 2018, $15 in 2019. five cities in santa clara county have adopted similar wage rules. >> i expect we will have something to celebrate at the end of this, the ability to lift the living standards and to help many thousands of that san jose residents survive. >> they have acknowledged that that could slow the business growth but it means that 150,000 workers or 30% of the workforce will earn an extra $3000 a year. the teachers in san francisco or getting a pay raise to taper the high cost of
6:55 am
housing, the unified school district is due to increase the teachers salaries by 2%, that comes as part of an agreement reached earlier in the year to raise the teachers salaries by 5%, and the other 3% hike will be paid out sometime next year. san francisco is dealing with the aftermath of the california voters legalizing recreational marijuana and mayor ed lee has introduced reparation that would require -- legislation to require pot growers to reduce the plants in indoor buildings and concerned that a growing amount of marijuana businesses could impact the character of the neighborhoods, the proposed zoning control giving the city time to adopt permanent measures. denver, colorado, the first city to announce the use of marijuana in bars and restaurants, the result of the proposition in the last week election in colorado creating a four-year pilot program to allow the business is to create
6:56 am
consumption areas. the owners can choose to let people use but not smoke pot indoors with the possibility of some outdoor smoking areas. it is 6:56 am or the north bay smart train is expected to help reduce traffic jams in sonoma and we don't have a firm starting date for the trains, and there are several reasons, including a problem with the diesel engines, but the manufacturer will replace those engines next month. there's also questions about the timing of the railroad crossing signals, and those that live near the train tracks are asking for the federal government to allow zones where the trains are not allowed to blow the whistle's, that is one of the possible safety concerns.>> we are still seeing people parked on the tracks and walking on the tracks, and that is very dangerous along with being illegal. >> despite the questions, smart trade officials say they believe the trains will begin to carry passengers by late
6:57 am
spring. following breaking news, coming up at 7:00, we will show you that huge train crash in florida, when he cars have overturned and the efforts to stop the fuel leak. donald trump and how he is responding to reports of turmoil within the team.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> a san jose woman accused of killing an oakland couple and teenage son. the new information emerging about the suspect as she goes to court today. is there turmoil within the trump transition team. as donald trump tries to build his white house team. one of the train carsis leaking fuel after a train crash. we will tell you what caused this scene you're looking at. ahead on mornings on 2. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 this wednesday morning, november 16th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. we're talking about your weather for this wednesday morning. interesting. steve paulson is right over
7:00 am
there. >> did you guys coordinate. >> i'm following his lead. >> we're twins. >> after this, we go to prom. >> i like the glasses. good look, gasia. >> thank you. >> it is a cold one. tomorrow morning will be colder. certainly in wind protect could areas. we have been above average for the testimonies for a -- temperatures for a long time. not now, not for a while. we will transition. it will be a nice day but noticeably cooler. jim says a chilly 34.5 up here on cob mountain. that's a big change from the 70s last week. i'll say. i would not be surprised with a couple upper 20s up in mendocino county. a couple of isolated showers in sonoma county, lake county, mendocino county. 36 in santa rosa. napa airport at 39 degrees. there's the cool air on the peninsula. woodside will


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