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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  November 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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what school officials are telling students. a's managing partner selling his interest in the team. also a power outage affecting thousands this the bay area. specifically contra costa county. what officials say caused it. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. a school assembly was held in danville after racist graffiti was discovered in the boys' bathroom. >> the superintendent calls it an ugly incident. parents and students are notified and allie rasmus is there. >> reporter: the assembly started at 8:30 and lasted over an hour. the principal began by saying that, quote, words matter and everybody should feel safe and secure here. after that, teachers, staff and students had a chance to share their thoughts. >> this starts with you. you need to take the call to action and follow through.
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you need to do the terrifying thing of telling one of your peers what you did is not okay. please stop. >> reporter: monte vista school held this assembly after the graffiti was found in the bathroom. white and colored was written over the urinals. it happened yesterday afternoon. danville police are helping to investigate who may be behind it and why. >> it's too early to say. ultimately it doesn't matter. it's an ugly incident and we're not going to tolerate this type of behavior. >> reporter: the school district spokeswoman talking about the motivation behind this graffiti. the message at the assembly was brief history lesson with one teacher reminds students this kind of language has a long, ugly history in the u.s. >> with everything that is
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happening in the world right now, i think it's important that we're kind to each other and we realize that we're all human and we're not doing anything that should make any minority group feel less. >> i'm glad the school is getting in front of it and i'm looking forward to having a conversation with my daughter about it at the dinner table. >> reporter: this is the third incident of a racist graffiti showing up on school property in the school district. last month, there were two incidences on the bathrooms of california high school. one of those incidents was almost identical to what happened here with someone writing whites and colored over the toilets. i spoke to the assistant principal and she says the school is going to be having a parent meeting so parents can meet with administrators and teachers to talk about this it is happening tonight at 7:30 at the school.
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nationwide there's an ongoing campaign to make colleges sanctuary campuses. the chancellor of the cal state system is vowing its schools will provide a safe environment for students in the u.s. illegally. and contra costa county are in disagreement. pittsburgh high students marched off campus and into the neighboring city of antioch. the chief says three students were arrested, one for throwing an object at an officer. while the police chief praised administrators for preventing students on joining in on the march, he questioned the actions of the principal at pittsburgh high that marched the students. >> what does -- what do they hope that he will be able to
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do? in this instance, he did absolutely nothing when our officer was assaulted. >> i'm not sure by not having anyone from the school and the police not knowing who the students are, i don't know if that would have been helpful. >> the principal says he and two other staff members accompanied the students to deescalate the situation. they kept them from entering businesses and causing other problems. in an effort to cut down on hate speech, twitter has suspended the accounts of the alt right. they noted its policies forbid harassment and hate speech. critics wonder if this could back fire. instead of silencing, they risk amplifying the message of the group. today in new york, president-elect donald trump is scheduled to meet with japanese prime minister abe. at the airport in tokyo before flying to the united states, the japanese prime minister
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says he wants to build trust with president-elect trump. during the campaign trump threatened to withdraw troops from japan and south korea unless they paid more of the cost of the troops in their countries. this will be trump's first meeting with a foreign leader as president-elect. joel waldman has the latest. >> reporter: today south carolina governor nikki haley and florida governor rick scott will enter trump towers revolving door of political power players. gop primary radio rival ted cruz med with mr. trump yesterday with his name floated as a possible pick for attorney general although he would not comment on that specifically. >> i'm looking forward to working closely with president trump to deliver on his promise to repel obamacare and confirming strong supreme court justices. >> reporter: vice president- elect mike pence is in washington today.
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>> it is humbling to be back among my former colleagues. we're excited about moving the trump agenda forward. >> reporter: democrats in the nation capital are battling over leadership roles as tim ryan looks to unseat nancy pelosi. >> no question about it. it is time for a new direction, a new way of doing business. >> reporter: hillary clinton making her first public appearance since the election, clearly devastated by the loss. >> now, i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. >> reporter: mr. trump will also have his first meeting with a world leader since becoming president-elect. sitting down with japan's prime minister. joel waldman, fox news. just this morning, the director of national intelligence, james clap era announced his resignation. he told the house intelligence committee he submitted his letter of resignation last night and it, quote, felt pretty good. he will remain in office until the end of president obama's
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term in january. all members of an outgoing administration must submit a letter of resignation at some point. they think he is sending a message to the trump administration to speed up the transition. happening right now, power just restored for thousands of customers in contra costa county after an outage left 26,000 customers in the dark. >> it was a tough morning for them. alex savidge is live as they finished up the repairs. a lot of people impacted here, alex. >> reporter: yeah. from local businesses to nearby schools. we will touch on that in a moment. pg&e got power restored to everyone in this area after the outage this morning. this was caused by equipment failure along this transmission line that you're looking at right now. you can see pg&e crews are out here busy working to repair that broken line. now, this huge outage started 7:30 this morning. this equipment that failed runs right along the iron horse trail in san ramon.
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and it is just outside of pg&e's san ramon technology center. police after this happened had to come in and shut down crow canyon road in both directions while crews came in and did their work. initially 26,000 homes and businesses were left in the dark. and that included 16 schools in this area. >> we put flashlights in every restroom, in some of the room that's don't have windows. so we were just trying to make sure that everyone had something to illuminate at least where they were going and what they were looking at. >> reporter: so that was someone we spoke with in the front office at green brook elementary school in danville. they say the power was off all morning long for the kids but came back on just about 11:00. and staff members there passed out flashlights and put them in the classrooms and the bathrooms. and some of the kids had to move outside so they could have more light to do their work in.
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now, power also out at nearby charlotte wood middle school in dan villas well. we're told though that the lights came back on there about 10:30 this morning. for people in the area, this long outage of course it was annoying but they made do. >> i've been reading. reading a lot. i swim at the san ramon pool. if the power is out there, that won't work. kind of an interesting day. >> reporter: now, pg&e crews are now trying to figure out what caused this outage. and, again, they are still working to repair that transmission line, a piece of equipment on that line failed. again, at about 7:30 this morning. that's what caused about 26,000 people in this area to lose power. but the good word from pg&e just came in the last couple of minutes and the power has been fully restored to everyone in the area. we will send it back to you for now. >> thank you, alex. to the south bay where we
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have new information from san jose where police have arrested a man who shot at two officers on sunday night. two police officers were walking on patrol in east san jose and were approached by a group of men and the men then ran away. investigators say one of the men stopped and fired shots at the police officers. the man missed and no one was hurt. we're waiting for more details on the man arrested but he is a known gang member and was on parole. a big announcement from the oakland a's. mark ibanez will talk about the shake-up at the top and what it means for the event to keep the team from moving. also, rain is on the way. meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the wet weather and will tell us when to dig the umbrella out of the trunk of the car. if you're heading up to the sierra, we have a warning from caltrans. what you need to know before you hire someone to put chains on your vehicle.
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>> all right. happening right now a major shake-up for the oakland a's as the team announces that lou wolf is selling off his interest in the ball team. >> let's bring in ktvu's sports director mark ibanez to explain what this means. a lot of people are hoping this means that the a's will stay in oakland. >> well, hey, guys. thanks for having me on. i think it's a good sign if you're an oakland a's fan. obviously under lou wolf's direction, the a's weren't able to make a lot of progress with
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regard to getting the stadium built. i think that this is basically a pretty good sign lou wolf is 80 years old and time for him to step aside. and there was some disagreement within the a's power structure. lou wolf kind of wanted the stadium built on the current site of the coliseum, hoping that the raiders would either move to vegas or something like that. and he felt like the infrastructure was there to expedite the process of getting a stadium built. what we're hearing is that maybe mr. fisher liked the spot that a lot of people have been talking about lately, down close to the waterfront. so i think it's a positive thing with regard to getting the stadium built and keeping the a's in oakland. although it's obviously always fluid with these stadium situations. >> so, mark, you think it was more fisher coming in and politely telling lou wolf, hey, it's time to go or do you think that lou wolf said, you know, i
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think it's time to go myself he brought this upon himself? >> well, he's been hinting. >> right. >> for the last year or so that he would like to step down. and he will keep a small portion of the team and maintain his relationship with the team. but, you know, they have a good relationship. so it's nothing real fractional or anything like that. but i think that the time had come. you know, the a's fan base is extremely upset with lou wolf. and he has kind of been the hood ornament for what is going on and dragging their feet. but i think the impetus for this has to do really more with every year some of the teams that are struggling get a payout by major league baseball. because of the fact that the a's have lagged so bad in fixing the stadium situation, major league baseball is on the verge of pulling their yearly payment which is sizable. >> you're talking about that
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revenue sharing money. >> yes. the revenue sharing money. and i think that, you know, the a's ownership saw that coming down the trail pretty quickly. and their organization, just as a whole, has become i don't want to say a laughing stock, but i mean it's really getting bad. the team is suffering on the field. they have arguably the worst stadium in all of baseball. and it's a situation where mr. fisher stepped in, i think, and said, hey, we have to start -- we have to start making progress in a lot of different areas. and i think that's what you're seeing. so it's a perfect storm, i believe, for a's fans and starting to get things rolling in a positive way. >> okay. and so what else should we see under john fisher then? >> i'm sorry, gasia, i couldn't hear you. >> what else should we see under john fisher and dave caval? >> i'm thinking that you're going to see some immediate improvement. i think you're going to see a site picked out maybe in the
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next couple of months. maybe right into the new year. and i think you're going to start seeing a more progressive attitude towards putting a competitive team on the field and in essence, getting with the program. it's time. >> let's go. >> fans have been through this for a long time. and i think the media around here has been really truthfully pretty easy on what is going on with the a's organization. time to, if you will pardon the expression, step up to the plate and get your acts together. it's about time. >> i'm with you. mark, always a pleasure, man. thanks for calling in. we appreciate it. >> all right. i'll be in later to continue the story as we push it ahead. >> push it ahead. we will see you soon. >> that is ktvu's sports director mark ibanez. we want to bring in the president of the organization save oakland sports. positive? not positive? what is your reaction. >> it was great to hear mark ibanez talk about that. i've been a fan of his for a
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long time. born and raised in oakland, i've probably been to 2,000a's games. i got to sit with mr. wolf and watch the perfect game on mother's day. as i sit on the authority as well as the oakland sports committee, we signed a 10-year lease with mr. wolf and the a's to stay here in oakland. i agree with what mark ibanez said. he is being the focal point of fans frustration not getting things done. i personally like mr. wolf. the a's value has increased dramatically since he came on. >> does this guarantee a stadium. >> nothing guarantees a stadium. but we were hearing that mr. fisher wanted to put the site down here at the water front. right now with the coliseum the last stadium in the country with a football and baseball team. we're fighting to keep the raiders. >> the howard terminal that
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they toured. >> that's what most people are saying. you heard that mr. wolf wasn't as positive about that. he was kind of a proponent of moving the team to fremont and san jose. they built a stadium with the new guy coming in. it is a fantastic looking stadium. hopefully we can do this. mr. crowelly is a big proponent of education. he's going to stay with the team. you will have a lot of nucleus. no one is really leaving. the infrastructure is there to move the team forward. a lot of fans think this will move the team forward and get a downtown stadium. >> for those that don't go to a's games now and maybe not in the future, how does this impact them and why should it. >> with baseball, you have 81 home games. the raiders game last week over 2,000 jobs generated. the warriors bring in about 800 jobs. even if you don't like sports,
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we need jobs in our community. if you look at the civic value, what -- what the warriors have brought in with the playoff runs and the amount of money they brought to the economy locally is phenomenal. the a's have had some successful teams over the years. we haven't had a world series since i was in high school in '89. at the same time we traded danny and a lot of fans feel that the wolf leadership hasn't -- we haven't won a title with the wolf leadership. >> if the raiders leave and pack their bags and go to las vegas, is it better for the oakland a's? do you think they will rebuild that stadium there or would you rather see it at the howard terminal. >> it would be easier to build on the coliseum site. if you look at the coliseum site, you have bart, you have the airport connector, you have amtrak. >> it's all there. >> everything is right there. it's a lot easier. many people have said that mr.
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wolf was against the downtown site because there is no bart site. so either way -- >> it's not a home run in the water, right. >> you would see how successful the joints have been by taking the site and turning and developing it. it was nothing before they built there. they won three championships. i'm a big a's fans. i don't like the giants. but they made it work. >> save oakland sports. thanks for joining us. >> thank you very much. we're also talking with the oakland mayor to find out what she has so say about the latest developments. let's go to meteorologist mark tamayo on this thursday afternoon. >> thursday, another sunny day across the bay area. this is beautiful. endless visibility out there. of course we're all talking about the chill in the area. the mornings have been starting out cold. you can see the live camera looking towards the golden gate bridge. the clearing skies overnight. a lot of 30s across portions of the bay area. santa rosa, napa, vallejo, this
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is just a sampling. livermore, 36. morgan hill, 36 degrees as well. on the satellite you see high clouds beginning to approach northern california. those high clouds in advance of all of this activity just out here in the pacific that will be getting its act together and setting up a stormy pattern as we head into your weekend. right now we are dry. the high clouds approaching the north coast, up towards cape mendocino later on this afternoon. current numbers out there, we have recovered nicely. in the upper 50s to close to 60 degrees. san jose reporting 60 degrees at last check. here once again is all of the action developing in the pacific. here is hawaii and the bay area. here is this trough setting up. you have all of the storm dynamics setting up for your weekend outlook. for today, we have the cool pattern in place. lots of sunshine. this will stick around into your friday. it is today and tomorrow and then into the weekend, this sets up, the southwesterly flow. rain returns saturday.
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showers likely into sunday. probably the most focused rainfall, that could be as we head into saturday. in fact here is a look at some of the expectations with this system. rainfall potentially could be three quarters of an inch all the way up to three inches for the north bay coastal hills. possibly a wind advisory saturday morning. winds around 40 to 45 miles per hour. sierra will pick up snowfall and snow levels coming down to 6500, possibly 6,000 feet. not an extremely cold system yet. here we are today. mostly clear skies. we will take this into your friday. still mostly clear. you will see some rainfall approaching areas to the north. maybe friday, 11:00, some rainfall could be moving into ukiah and then here we go first thing saturday morning. this is the time that we could have a wind advisory kick in for parts of the bay area. here is saturday afternoon. maybe some more breaks in the action. so there's a chance that you might have a bit of a break later in the afternoon on saturday. can't guarantee completely dry forecast. probably more breaks as we head into sunday. still we will hold on to
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occasional showers for the second half of the weekend. temperatures for this afternoon, lots of 60s out there for afternoon highs. santa rosa 62. hayward 63. san jose in the lower 60s. afternoon highs, not a big story. the overnight lows will continue to be. in the low 30s for the coldest locations of the bay area. mostly sunny skies for your friday. into your weekend, there we go with the rain on saturday and especially saturday morning. occasionally showers on sunday and a slight chance on monday morning. so it's just that time of year. if you can stay inside this weekend, bundle up and stay warm, that's a good call, especially heading into saturday. >> i'll take it. thank you, mark. >> thank you. a new effort to create a breathalyzer device to better gauge both marijuana and alcohol consumption. still ahead, we will hear from the creators and what law enforcement thinks about the device.
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>> breaking news now. we just learned a high democratic representative, tim ryan has issued a challenge to nancy pelosi. pelosi is from san francisco. she has led the house democrats for 12 years. >> president obama is in germany today meeting with the chancellor as part of his farewell european tour. this is the second stop on his six-day foreign trip. he and chancellor merkle are talking about world trade, dealing with isis as well as
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the future of nato. part of mr. obama's trip is aimed add reassuring allies who are concerned about the implications of a donald trump presidency. >> i am encouraged by the president-elect's insistance that nato is a commitment that does not change. and his full commitment to nato as the foundation for our international security i think is very important. >> president obama has a full day of meetings with the german chancellor today. tomorrow he will meet with the leaders of france, italy, spain and great britain. taking a look at stocks. stocks slightly higher in the afternoon trading. banks are climbing after chair woman yelen told the feds that it is on track. the nasdaq is up 34 points.
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still ahead, nearly 100 students gather to protest a uc regents meeting. what they say about proposed tuition hikes and when the decision could be made. what chp officers say good samaritans did to save this driver.
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>> happening today, the public will have a to give input on the reforms proposed for san francisco police following a series of deadly police shootings. federal authorities released a report last month into concluded the department does not properly investigate the use of force by officers. recommendations include better training for officers and upgrades to outdated information technology systems. the report also says that officers should be equipped with stun guns. today's meeting is organized by the human rights commission. that meeting begins at 4:30 this afternoon. the police unions in san francisco and los angeles are urging governor jerry brown not to appoint san francisco d.a. george as attorney general. they say they oppose him because he is, quote, a failed prosecutor who has a, quote, poisonous relationship with law enforcement. he and the poa have butted heads before when he created a blue ribbon task force to crack down on alleged racism and
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homophobia within the police department. kamal harris will be sworn in as u.s. senator in january. a number of names have been mentioned. , as well as two women close to the governor. in the meantime, the chief deputy attorney general will serve as the acting attorney general. the chp is investigating a deadly hit and run that happened in san jose this morning. officers received a call about a body in the road. they found a man who had been hit and killed. so far his name has not been released but he was in his mid to late 40s. investigators are asking anyone who ma i have witnessed the incident to contact them. a major traffic problem on interstate 880 made for a messy commute. just before 5:30, a two-car crash in milpitas sparked one of the cars involved to catch
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on fire. three good samaritans rescued the driver of the burning car and he is in critical condition. a sig alert was issued and crews cleared the scene by 6:45. in the north banks one person was arrested in the murder of a marijuana farmer in mendocino county. wuester was backed into jail yesterday. police say he took part in the killing of settler. he was from bethel island but running a marijuana farm in laytonville. five other men and a woman were identified in the case. it is believed they head today southern california. investigators say the suspects were hired to trim marijuana plants and then they stole about 100 pounds of marijuana after the killing. they were last seen leaving in at least two vehicles. the sheriff's department issued these pictures of what the vehicles may look like. one of them a white '99 honda accord with the following license plate. the other one is a blue 2005
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develop co-xc70 with the following license. ing license. a california lab is creating quite the buzz, if you will, as reso muchers work to create a breathalyzer that detect marijuana and alcohol when the user exhales. >> we talked to the inventor and reaction from law enforcement. >> reporter: most of us see pot like this. or like this. but uc berkeley chemist matt francis sees it like this. >> so this is the thc molecule. >> reporter: francis has spent the last year and a half looking for pot, looking for it someplace no one has looked for it before, in a user's breath. >> we had to develop new chemistry that can be done. it was not obvious when we started that it can be tagged into it can be obvious to a street cop when somebody is driving stoned. >> i think for most of our
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officers impaired is impaired. they can see that based on or training and experience. >> reporter: according to sergeant david dowdy, being able to make an arrest and being able to get a conviction are two different things. >> because they don't have a tool like with alcohol, it's very difficult for them to say, okay, all of these things that you saw, that's -- that's wonderful and you may have been right, officer, but we need to convince a jury. >> reporter: that would be hound labs buzzing in with an answer. it's a breath test that can detect both alcohol and pot when the person taking it exhales. and that's important because there are already plenty of ways to tell if someone uses marijuana. but to tell if they smoked pottery sently, if they're stoned, breath is much better than urine or blood. >> thc resides in those media for a long time. sometimes days and sometimes even a month. so you cannot use those methods
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very well to determine if someone has recently ingested marijuana or smoked marijuana. you can't tell how long it's been. >> reporter: dr. francis has been working on the problem for a year and a half. mike lynn, the ceo of hound labs, and the guy demonstrating the breathalyzer for us, has been working on this for much longer. >> we have tremendous interest from not only law enforcement and employers who are struggling with this problem, but also the cannabis industry who knows that you can't drive stoned. everybody accepts that. >> reporter: lynn argues that the breathlizer will be the best defense for pot user who's are not stoned at the time that they're pulled over. >> meanwhile stanford university says although california voters approved the recreational use of marijuana, it will not be allowed on campus. the university released a statement saying that because stanford receives federal funding, it must comply with federal law. marijuana is still illegal
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under federal law. the possession will remain prohibited on the college as well as off campus housing. student protesters are calling on the regents to give them a tuition roll back. tuition has been frozen for two years but the regents will vote on a plan that would raise tuition for the next ten years. students say it is already difficult to pay bills and keep up financially especially with the high cost of living in the bay area. >> i think it is frustrating, over 48% of us are food insecure. the house in berkeley goes up and up every year. especially the uc admitted 800 new freshmen in addition to normally admitted. because of that our housing prices are going up and up. if tuition goes up, it will be the first hike for the uc system in six years. at the same time the board of
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csu is also considering a tuition increase. a 5-year-old cancer survivor is giving hope to those going through the same ordeal she did. >> she is known as wonder girl at the children's hospital. >> for her fifth girlfriend, she got great gifts. gifts she now plans to give away. >> she said, you know, these gifts would put a big smile on my cancer friends. and so today, that's what we're doing. >> reporter: it was actually on her birthday two years ago that she got something she never wanted, a cancer diagnosis. her family knowing the super strength it would take to fight it began calling her wonder girl. her family held a superhero themed fundraiser to raise money for cancer research. and again this year they did one for her birthday, raising nearly $5,000. >> it shows that she truly is special, right? she really does think about other kids and is a little more
12:40 pm
aware of what is going on. >> reporter: on the day she came for her very last doctor's appointment, the family presented the check to the hospital as a thank you to the staff. >> because of them, my daughter is with us here two years later. >> reporter: it will go for research of childhood loom ma. >> we just talk to them and help them understand it is not immediate but at the same time, down the line, the money that she has raised will help someone else. >> reporter: she wanted to make an impact now so she decided to give away her birthday presents. somehow a manager at target found out. >> we have toys and i think we have run out of space. >> reporter: fact, all the target stores in san jose banded together to donate a $1,500 shopping spree and she believes she picked out toys that the kids in the cancer ward might like. the family says this is the least they could do. >> my heart is full and i just want to give back and give --
12:41 pm
give back to this hospital that did so much for us and for our family. >> reporter: and while the cancer treatment is over, the fundraising is not. she the family are already talking about how to raise money next. in palo alto, ann ruben, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i couldn't eat for two months. after a break, his long road to recovery and what he misses most about shining shoes. and we will check in with meteorologist mark tamayo as he monitors the rain on the way.
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>> the long road to recovery for a shoeshiner seriously hurt back in august when a run away cab jumped the curb at market street in san francisco. >> three months later, we met back up with the shoeshiner at the scene of the crash and he says he feels lucky to be alive. >> reporter: in a sea of motion, where market and sutter meet, he had an oasis. >> it was just like home. >> reporter: a kiosk where she sells jewelry she makes and a shoeshine stand she rented to her friend. is a legal bay has been hospitalized most of the past three months after a yellow cab barreled on to the sidewalk at
12:45 pm
high speed, demolishing their stand and throwing them into the air. >> bey says he remember it's all clearly. >> it happened so fast. it was like a bomb. boom. i went into the air and landed over there. >> reporter: both men have had multiple major surgeries. jazz survived a coma and stays clear of the corner now. but mr. saleem visits when he can get a ride. >> i want to come back as soon as possible so that we can get this thing rolling again. >> reporter: a new booth was installed last month. >> we're halfway down. not all the way. we will be all the way when he comes back. >> reporter: it's uncertain if bey will be able to work again. although people keep asking. >> they want to know how he is doing, when is he coming back. >> reporter: he always had a ready smile for anyone passing
12:46 pm
by. >> they know his spirit. they feel his spirit. he is always happy and saying hello to everyone. >> reporter: and he says it's not only the work that he misses, but passing his skills to others. >> i believe in sharing. when i met jazz, he was homeless. i said i do you want to know how to shine shoes? yeah. i trained a good 15 female people in the area how to shine shoes. i don't mind sharing. >> gofundme accounts have been set up for both men after the accidents. the cabby who hit them blacked out behind the wheel and apologized after he got out of the hospital. back to mark tamayo we go. and a look at the beautiful day outside. but also, mark, the storm system will make their way into the bay area soon. >> it is hard to believe it is so clear. cloud free skies today. we're talking significant rainfall two days out from now. sunny skies across the bay area right now. you can't see it on the
12:47 pm
satellite but we have an active weather pattern setting up. you see a trough developing. that will be the storm that will be impacting the bay area as we head into first thing saturday morning. but right now, we are in the clear. just a few high clouds approaching the north coast of california. up toward cape mendocino. we had a cold start this morning with a frost advisory posted for the north bay. there is a chance we could have one reissued for parts of the north bay and inland valley in the east bay. nothing issued for overnight right now for overnight. showing you 50s and lower 60s. fremont checking in at 61. santa rosa 58. san francisco last check reporting 56 degrees. definitely need a sweater or a jacket. wind speeds, they're up there. today they have backed off quite a bit. here is the current speeds from 3 to 5 to 6 miles per hour. some more reports for you. sfo around 5 miles per hour.
12:48 pm
yesterday they had gusts up to 30 miles per hour. once again, here is the stormy pattern developing as we head into the weekend. for today and tomorrow, we're still locked in this cool weather pattern. mostly sunny skies. and then into the weekend, here we go. rain returns first thing saturday morning. maybe more breaks in the action by saturday afternoon. and then off and on showers likely as we head into your sunday. winds will also be ramping up as well first thing saturday morning. there's a chance we could have a wind advisory for the bay area with gusts over 40 miles per hour. here is the forecast model. this is saturday morning, 9:00 a.m. showing you the rainfall already increasing. and then the numbers continue to go up. this is saturday, 10:00 p.m. you get the idea. we're not talking about a chance of rain. significant rain through the weekend could be on the order of .88 in san jose to almost approaching two inches up toward ukiah. and then we will add on more
12:49 pm
rain possibly into early monday morning. but it looks like the extreme rainfall potentially could be for the north bay coastal hills close to three inches for the weekend. lots of sunshine today and friday. here we go with the rain line marching on shore into saturday. scattered showers by saturday afternoon. then it looks like off and on shower activity sunday. temperatures for this afternoon, lots of low 60s out there with san jose we will go with 62. half moon bay, 60. and a look ahead. your five-day forecast. starting out chilly for friday morning. lots of sunshine. we bring in the rain clouds for saturday. if you're going to the big game, wet conditions on the field with the rain clouds moving overhead. off and on showers on sunday and a lingering chance on monday. we want to have a chance to dry out. that could be happening later monday and tuesday of next week. >> thank you, mark. >> yeah. >> if you've ever driven in the snow, you probably noticed the guys on the side of the road
12:50 pm
offering to put chains on your vehicle. a lot are licensed to do it. now caltrans are cracking down on the ones that are not. it certifies chain installers every snow season. those picked to work on interstate 880 are given a bid number to be displayed on their reflective vests. now there is concern about those posing without licensing. they could put unsuspecting drivers at risk. chains installed wrong could pop off and damage vehicles or even cause accidents. >> caltrans is doing the best to eliminate the guys coming from out of the woods, local kids and impersonating chain installers. >> is there really an issue. >> it is a big problem. last year there were 150 complaints. >> caltrans says chp will be out making sure that only installers wearing the bibs are on interstate 80. it's about family and come
12:51 pm
backs. >> coming up, the true story of the world champion boxer known as the tasmanian devil. anyone chasing a dream will be able to relate.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
>> all right. we're learning more about the shakeup in management at the oakland a's. >> we talked about it at the
12:54 pm
beginning of the noon hour. there will be a press conference in the next half. today at 4:00, we interview the new president of the team and learn what the impacts may have on the team itself. it is coming up today at 4:00 on the 2. let's take a look at the stocks. the dow had a down session mid morning but it picked back up and is on track to finish ever so slightly on the plus side. s&p did well. nasdaq is gaining almost three quarters of 1%. now to a story about a man considered one of -- who has made one of the greatest combacks in box history. the man known as the tasmanian devil fought back from a debilitating car accident. >> bleed for this. >> i'm going to rain on you. >> reporter: the new boxing flick bleed for is about a story of a boxer who returned to the ring after a near fatal
12:55 pm
car crash. >> there's a couple fights in the movie and he is a boxer but the movie transcends that. in the movie, boxing meant everything to vinny but you can substitute that for something in your life and vinny was just willing to risk everything accomplish that. >> any kind of movement and your smile could sever. >> this movie is about everybody out there in the audience who has a dream and has got the guts to put it all on the line and make it happen. >> reporter: miles teller plays vinny. both hope the film inspires audiences. >> we're not done here. >> in real life five days after breaking his neck, he went down to his basement and tried to bench press. he is unconventional character. he has flaws. he came from a working class. sound family.
12:56 pm
really nice family in rhode island and represented that state in the world of boxing for a long time. >> this is a movie about dreams. it is a movie about come backs. we all have dreams. you have a dream. and i'm sure when you express your dream fully without any doubt or insecurity, people would say you can't do that. they would give you every reason in the world why you can't fulfill your dream in your life. i'm the same way. >> reporter: although most people will never accomplish what vinny did, aaron believes that audience members can get close in their own ways. >> you do it in small steps. you don't look at the whole because it will scare the crap out of you. you do one thing repeatedly over and over and pretty soon you will be an expert at whatever you do. everybody can achieve their dream. >> i'm not done. i have more in me. >> reporter: in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news today. we're always here on,
12:57 pm
facebook and twitter. major changes at the top of the oak around a's. does that mean they might stay in oakland? we will talk about it at 4:00. have a great afternoon.
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