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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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deserve better. >> what's going on between police and the city's top prosecutor. lookout. a deer runs throughout college cross-country meet hitting a runner. ownership and front office shakeup for the open -- for the oakland athletics. fans are optimistic as staying in the city of oakland is a priority.>> we are going to get to the major shakeup within the oakland a's in a moment that we begin this afternoon in san leandro that's where car to car gunbattle has ended in a horrific head-on crash.>> a crash with two elderly people severely injured. we are on galang and if you take a look behind me still in active scene. we have members of the crime lab
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. take a look at the right part of your screen you will see the toyota previous that is on top of another vehicle. that is the vehicle the elderly couple were in. the nissan altima involved in a car to car shooting. it started about half a mile away at macarthur boulevard and interstate 580 about 1230 this afternoon citizens called to report that people from two cars were shooting at each other. the nissan altima sped away and hit a toyota previous with an elderly couple inside. we spoke to please and witness.>> a dark gray nissan altima was involved in a rolling gunbattle with another vehicle. we did not have a description yet that escaped. the nissan altima has multiple bullet holes in the passenger side of the car. we do not know yet but it appears that the nissan altima was headed in the opposing
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direction and may have crossed the center divide line hit the previous head on sending that airborne landing in the position that it is that now. when the firefighters got here they had to use the jaws of life to extract the driver of the vehicle was transported to a trauma center and some other special tools were used to get the passenger out.>> it's quite a collision.>> police found a man outside the nissan suffering from a gunshot wound and he is expected to survive. the elderly couple were taken to the hospital with serious injuries and at this time police are still looking for the other car involved. two schools in the area, when right here at the scene and another near were placed on lockdown. police are still looking for the second car involved in the gun battle. a major shakeup within the oakland a's but the team announcing today that managing partner lew wolff is
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stepping down from his post after 11 years and he will be selling most of his stake in the team. also team president michael crowley is a stepping aside from his job as the club's president. a familiar name has now been tapped to take on that role. dave gavel is the current president of the san jose sharks -- san jose earthquakes and he joins me now. thank you for being here and first of all congratulations. >> thank you so much i'm excited about the opportunity and about being involved in bringing new stadium to oakland.>> let's talk about these changes. why make the changes now?>> my experience in building a stadium in san jose is a good fit for the athletics as we look to build a brand-new fan friendly stadium in oakland and we are excited to bring new energy to this whole effort. hopefully have a new place for fans to call home. smith why take on this role?
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>> i have a great passion for baseball and i traveled around all 30 major league baseball parks and wrote a book about it. i know it baseball can do for a community and i've seen what a great stadium can do for a community in san jose. i would like to bring all this up together in oakland for a new a's stadium. smith i'm going to read a little bit of what the oakland a's send to fans today. if we can bring that up, it says we want to bring more championships to oakland and we're actively working to accomplish this goal. we know in order to complete -- compete at the top level we need top facilities and that is our focus. are featured new ballpark in oakland must provide a world class fan experience while strengthening our franchise for the long-term. lots of message in -- mention of oakland in this statement.
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>> we are the oakland a's, we have almost a 50 year history in this community. we've won four championships in the city and i think there are many great locations that we are looking at that can have a long-term home for the franchise . we are excited to engage the community and have a process and develop the stadium together.>> those words for me are very important and that's what a lot of fans want to hear. they have try to move the a's to other cities but what is a big obstacle that you see standing in the way of keeping the a's in oakland next>> i think the key thing is finding a site that works for all the said stakeholders -- making sure it somewhere that we can create a great ballpark experience and have something around the stadium, bars, restaurants and people living there. that vibrancy can create an amazing experience. finding that location and making sure we can execute is a top priority.>> this constant
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turnover, when someone gets a lot of name recognition and gets popular amongst the fans at successful and you guys bid them bye-bye. to see that changing?>> i think the key is that the stadium will provide a lot more resources. i think the key thing is that we have to find that long-term home, we have to find a way to make sure that we can have a world-class product on the field win championships and all those things are related. that's why this effort and this first step today is the key milestone for our club. >> i know a lot of fans are optimistic about what they're hearing. thanks for joining us and best of luck. students at monta vista high school in danville heard from educators, administrators and their peers at a surprise assembly this morning to address the issue of racist graffiti found in the schools bathroom.
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ktvu allie rasmus shows us how the school and the school district are responding. >> this and we started at 8:30 am this morning and lasted well over an hour. the principal started by telling students that words matter and everyone should feel safe and secure on campus. afterwards teachers and students had a chance to share their thoughts.>> you need to do the terrifying thing of telling one of your peers what you did. >> monta vista high school administrators held in assembly in response to racist graffiti found in one of the schools bathroom spirit someone what the -- wrote the words white and colored over two of the urinals the police are helping the district investigate who is behind it and why.>> ultimately it does not matter. it's an ugly incident and we
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will not tolerate it. >> that was the district spokeswoman talking about the motivation behind the graffiti. the message at the assembly was part history with one teacher reminding students that language like this has a long history. it was also support and encouragement for the students.>> i think it's important that we are kind to each other. that we're not -- that we realize we are all students. >> i'm happy that the school is getting out in front of it. i look forward to having a conversation with my daughter tonight about it. >> this is the third incident of racist graffiti showing up. last month there were two incidents of graffiti like this at california high school. one of those incidences is
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almost identical to what happened here. monta vista high school administrators plan on having a meeting with parents tonight. so parents and teachers can discuss what happened and that is scheduled for 7:00 this evening. the mayor will not give federal officials the personal information of undocumented immigrants. if asked under the incoming trump administration. city leaders are preparing for the possibility that donald trump will pull federal fund the -- funding. at issue is the information collected from undocumented immigrants who have applied for municipal identification cards. those cards allow anyone who lives in san francisco, including undocumented immigrants, to have proof of their identity so they can access city services. city leaders are concerned that yes customs enforcement can use information to track down
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family members and boost deportation efforts. the mayor says he is committed to keep -- to protecting the privacy of the citizens. donald trump's transition of power continues to unfold. meanwhile in washington vice president-elect mike pence spent the day meeting with members of congress including josh schumer and nancy pelosi. >> the president-elect hunkered down in trump tower working on the transition. once again meeting with influential political players. today's list includes everyone from former secretary of state henry kissinger to former general jack keane to sitting governors nikki haley and rick scott who could be potential cabinet contenders. one of mr. trump's top aides squashing media reports about transition turmoil.>> the president-elect has slid into
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this role amazingly well because he is a transactional guide. he is somebody who is used to reviewing information, getting many different inputs. >> vice president-elect mike pence making the rounds in washington meeting with senate majority leader mr. mcconnell and paul ryan. and democratic leader shut schumer and nancy pelosi. penses sharing both sides of the trump administration will work in concert with congress.>> thank you for when i trust will be the first of many conversations as we move forward toward an operation and thereafter. >> half a world away in germany on his final overseas trip resident obama discussing ongoing anti-trump protests here at home. the commander in chief telling president-elect trump to get used to it while offering words of advice to those that are unhappy with mr. trump's victory.>> fox news has confirmed that president-elect
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trump will meet with one of the biggest republican critics this weekend, former massachusetts governor mitt romney. the days long manhunt is now over. police in santa fe have named -- nabbed the one accused of shooting two of their own. the city's top prosecutor is at odds with the san francisco police union. we will tell you with the union is asking of governor brown. another day of full sunshine today in the bay area. a frost advisory goes into effect as we head into friday. we will talk about significant rain heading into the weekend.
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san jose police say they have arrested a man who shot at two officers on sunday night two police officers were walking on patrol in east san jose and they approached a group of men, one of the men fired several shots at officers and missed. no one was injured. we're waiting on more details on the man arrested. officials say he is a known gang member and was on parole. workers who were just laid off by hertz rental car are calling for a boycott. 156 workers who shuttle cars for her lost their job last week all at once. we're told by the company that 60 of those have been hired back on. earlier this month the workers walked off the job and held a
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rally at san francisco city hall. they received support from the chinese progressive association which helps immigrant workers. the board of supervisors and teamsters tell us that they reached out to hoechst but has not been able to get officials to come to the table to talk. >> we called for a boycott of hertz and it's shameful for a company to treat immigrant workers in this way. >> hurts did not give a reason for the layoff. daily said that due to a change in business operations. resident obama met with german chancellor on his sixth and final visit to germany as commander-in-chief. cooperation between the u.s. and europe -- the present offered advice for his success for.>> president obama taking a brief walk before meeting with german chancellor. the second stop on his final foreign trip while in office. >> i could not ask for a steadier or more reliable
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partner on the world stage. >> the incoming administration plane heavily. president obama says he is encouraged by president elect donald trump's commitment to nato. >> my hope is that the president-elect coming in takes a similarly constructive approach finding areas where we can cooperate with russia but that the president-elect also is willing to stand up to russia.>> president-elect trump is inconsistent in his appraisal of merkel. also having critical things to say. >> germany is a disaster now. millions of people go to germany and the crime is unbelievable.>> trump and merkel also don't see eye to eye on issues like free trade and climate change. still the german leader says her country will cooperate with
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the incoming leadership.>> we continue to build on what we already achieved in these last months of the administration and we will continue also with the new administration.>> president obama set to meet with other leaders here in germany on friday before making his way to south america for a summit in peru. a little weekend rain and had. >> we are expecting changes as we head toward saturday. today cloud free sky and we've got clear and brisk conditions. just beautiful looking out toward alcatraz and toward the golden gate bridge. temperatures in lots of neighborhoods started out this morning in the 30s. right around freezing in napa at 32 degrees, concord 39 in morgan hill 36. here's active weather pattern setting up out here in the pacific. a very well-defined circulation. as the storm is gearing up it's
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intensifying for right now a few high clouds approaching the north coast and you can see rainfall appear as well. from came -- cape mendocino hundred miles to the west. current numbers out there clear skies. everybody close to 60 degrees santa rosa 61, san jose 62 nice out there. another camera looking out. overnight lows will be back down to the 30s and as a result a frost advisory day to. -- two. overnight lows dropping back down into the 30s. take a look at the forecast lows for tomorrow morning santa rosa 35, nappy -- napa 34, san jose 41. here's the weather system approaching the region the next
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cold front will produce rainfall of to the north and it could be knocking at our door as we head toward friday night. we are in the clear until 4 pm on friday. look what happens early saturday morning the rainfall moves in from the north. we will talk more about the weekend system and where changes coming up in the forecast. i just can't get over that beautiful shot. the running conflict between the san francisco police union and the city's top prosecutor is worse. the letter just sent to the governor.
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in a letter released this week the police unions in san francisco and los angeles are urging governor jerry brown not to point san francisco district attorney to the post of attorney general. they say they oppose him because he is a failed prosecutor who is a poisonous relationship with law enforcement they have a long history with gas gun. they have purchased radio ads. they have but it had been -- butted heads before after he created a blue ribbon task force after the alleged racism and homophobia within the sfp day. this latest one comes out from the middle of nowhere. nothing prompted this except
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maybe he was going to get a great job and they don't want that to happen. >> this is the first anybody has heard of it. suddenly out of the blue they say do not give him this job. they also included los angeles police union. this is two groups that need a timeout. we need an adult to step in and say knock it off. it's not only embarrassing the childish.>> the san francisco police officers association are using money from their members to buy radio time and create radio ads let's listen to a portion of one of the radio ads that's running right now. >> to appoint him to a higher office would endanger public safety. that's why we're asking governor brown to do the right thing. the people of california deserve better. >> that's pretty incredible when you look at this is hard earned money and they are using it for this.
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it has to be pretty better. >> this is overtly political. this isn't the first time they've done this with taken out radio ads. they try to defend themselves. the previous chief was still chief. he said try to help me or hurt me. the two sides, it's hard to pick someone to root for.>> the union alleges that he has used everything in his career as a stepping stone to get to another level and they did not respect the job that he did as police chief he on the l train says i have done a great job and if you just look at the police department's relationship with the district attorney's office it's different from the police union. i said down a couple months ago and asked him about that exact scenario, the snorri of ads
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being taken out and here's what he said about that.>> don't you find it a little odd that that -- it would get to that point where they are spending very union members hard-earned wages on this. >> it's happened more than once. i've seen them spend millions of dollars trying to get a prosecutor unelected. this is not uncommon. they are different interest from time to time and that's why it's important to distinguish a role of the union from the liberal of the police department.>> two different roles but the union is made up of police officers, does the rank-and-file respect george gascon and is the working relationship between the two offices, is that working? >> it's not working. it's becoming increasingly better across the country the dao police department often have problems.
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please feel like they're bringing all these great cases and you are refusing to charge. this is way beyond that. semi said this is a knife fight in a phone booth. these are two groups that are absolutely at each other's throats.>> and for this to stop obviously something has to give but it has been given in the last few months. a lot of people thought when -- once greg police officer left, do think a new chief will be able to repair it?>> i don't. george gascon is right in some sense for in many cases when something happens like these racist text they close ranks and tried to defend it as best they can. it's very hard to defend what they've done.however george gascon put a panel together and the police say we think these people are biased against us and they come back with a finding that this old boy
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network that the police department needs major help. the two sides have dug in and now they are throwing bombs back and forth.>> thanks for your insight. we want to bring you some breaking news that's just coming into the newsroom. we're learning that the alameda county sheriff's office taking over this ois scene involving the u.s. marshalls service. they said it happened within the last hour. they're going out to the scene to gather more detail. you're looking at live pictures from sky fox of the scene on small street near kelly street in mont avenue. this is an unincorporated area of hayward. the alameda county sheriffs office now taking over this investigation involving marshals service. more details. we're trying to track down for you and we will have much more information coming up in a little bit on ktvt fox 2 news at 5. one in 10 babies here in
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california is born premature. the efforts today to intervene early and give all babies out there a fighting chance. he's tried to move the a's out of oakland and are now managing partner lew wolff is out. what the change means for the team and the city of oakland. this is my park. i'm like the mayor here.
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i know every bench, every tree, every squirrel -- -hey, what's up, andy. -andy: hey! same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app,
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i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. in other words, no surprises. morning. hey, abby. like i said. the mayor. back now to the major news regarding the oakland a's. as
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we reported earlier lew wolff is stepping down as is the team's president. how do fans feel about the changes? he is the president of an organization called saved oakland which is fighting to keep the oakland does make the oakland a's and the raiders in town.>> we are excited about this. it's bittersweet if you've worked with lew wolff, i think most feel this is a good thing. very excited that it will help keep the team in oakland. >> why do you think it's a good thing? we know that lew wolff has tried in the past to move the team to san jose. with his departure does that can be hoped that the team will stay here in oakland.>> what's more important, the new president said i want to keep
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it in oakland. he's had success doing this in san jose. again, the state of california will not vote for spending money on the stadium. he was able to get a new stadium built in its beautiful. it was all privately financed. we need the experience to get that done. las vegas with the raiders, they say they will vote public money and here in california we will not vote for that. they did not vote for new stadium. he has experience and is coming to the a's and he's going to build a new stadium.>> that is exactly what he told me. you see this as a great opportunity that increases the chances of both the a's and the raiders fan.. >> right now we're waiting for the nfl owners to vote. the nfl by law says that if there is a viable stadium in the market they cannot move. here all over the country their
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seen oakland a's are moving out of the state and oakland has -- is one of the last in the country that has the football and baseball playing in the same stadium.>> the stadium is one part but another part that i often hear a's fans complaining about is that when a player, you bring in a top name player and he become successful and he becomes too expensive. >> there are hard-core people here. there's a lot of passion. if we get more fans here, and they start winning again -- in 1990 the a's had the highest payroll in baseball. the area is huge. with more fans and with more
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revenue they will be able to keep the team. josh reddick just signed a deal. the a's have not had a problem finding good talent but a problem keeping it. >> you think a stadium will do that. i know you will be pitching to keep the oakland a's and the raiders in oakland. obviously a big day for a's fans we will have to see. a california lab is creating quite the buzz as researchers work to create a new breathalyzer that can detect both alcohol and marijuana when the person taking it exhales. we talk to the experts behind the invention and law enforcement.>> most of us see
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pot like this. or like this. but uc berkeley chemist season like this.>> this is a molecule.>> he has spent the last few 1.5 years looking for pot someplace no one has ever found it before. in a user's breath. >> we had to develop some new chemistry that can be done. it was not obvious when we started that we could tag this.>> meanwhile it could be obvious to a street cop when somebody is driving stoned.>> i think for most of our officers and paired is impaired.>> according to the sergeant with the union that represents highway patrolman, been able to make an arrest and being able to get a conviction are two different things. >> because they don't have a tool like with alcohol, it's very difficult for them to say all of these things that you saw, that's wonderful and you may have been right but we need to convince a jury.>> that
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would be found labs buzzing in with an answer. it's a breath test that can detect both alcohol and pot when the person taking it exhales. that's important because there are already plenty of ways to tell if someone uses marijuana but to tell if they smoked pot recently, if they are stoned, breath is much better than urine or blood. >> the metabolites reside for a long time. so you cannot use those methods very well to determine if someone has recently ingested marijuana or smoked marijuana. you can tell how long it's been.>> while he's been working on the problem for 1.5 years i'm a like the ceo of pound labs and the guy demonstrating the breathalyzer for us, they been working on this for much longer.>> we have tremendous interest not only from law enforcement but employers and the cannabis industry who'd know that you
4:38 pm
cannot be driving stoned. >> lynn argues that breathalyzer will be the best defense for pot users who are not stoned at the time there pulled over.>> meanwhile stanford university says although california voters approved the recreational use of marijuana, it will not be allowed on campus university released a statement saying that because stanford receives federal funding it must comply with federal law including current drug laws. marijuana is still illegal under federal law, the possession, use and growth will remain prohibited on stanford property including off-campus housing. this week we will update the ever-changing drama of -- the making a murder start.>> mostly clear skies and a bit of a breeze.
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eventually more rainfall. we will update the forecast coming up.
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it's time for this weeks edition of the verdict. joined by the legal analyst and we want to start with the case of brendan dassey. this was the young man that was convicted and many people after
4:42 pm
seeing the documentary thought it was a horrible conviction. he was told he would be out by thanksgiving because a court did reverse his case that the appeals process started and now it looks like he will sit in jail for while.>> the appellate court reversed his conviction saying it was an unconstitutional confession, involuntary confession because of the way the police went about it. a 16-year-old kid, he was not very bright. you had to see the documentary to see what they were talking about.>> the line share people that watch this thought it was a tragedy.>> he gets the good decision but now it's been reversed. >> it's been reversed so they are saying your conviction is overturned. the prosecutors then go to the federal court and say wait a minute, the lower court said he could get out pending our decision to file or not file
4:43 pm
and we don't want him out so we will appeal the state courts reversal and the federal court said sorry, you have to stay in jail until we decide whether that court was correct or incorrect. it's normal. >> a lot of disappointed people >> and rightfully so. it's shocking and a lot of people think he can fast but back to the central park five, the young man that confessed after 30 hours of interrogation and 44 years later a conglomerate you find out dna proved someone else did it. false confessions happen>> earlier i talked to the san francisco chronicle about this incredible battle between george gascon, the district attorney general and the san
4:44 pm
francisco police. this has been going on from a while. for someone who works from the legal community, from an outsider's point of view it feels like they're in healthy, is this relationship tween george gascon and the police officers association affecting the way business is done at the courthouse? >> absolutely. i was born and raised in san francisco my father was president of the police commission in the city for a while. because of that i went to the la das office to start my career. then i came back to the san francisco das office. i've got to tell you even at that time i was shocked at the relationship between the da and the police department. it wasn't very functional than. you had one-on-one friendships but overall it wasn't good and george gascon has not improved it. the biggest thing that jumps out at me is it's not just the
4:45 pm
police officers in the city. its la also saying we don't want him either and he worked down in los angeles. you've got to listen to both and say if it were just san francisco, you might question it that then you add la saying we absolutely agree. don't make him attorney general, governor brown.>> we appreciate it. this edition of the verdict. we want to update you now on at breaking news we brought you a short time ago. these are live pictures now from sky fox -- pictures taken by sky fox a short time ago. a u.s. marshalls opened fire and shot a suspect near hayward it happened within the past hour. in an unincorporated area of hayward. an investigation is underway here. no word on the condition of the suspect at this time. no word about what led up to this incident. we are working together more information and we will bring it to you on ktvt fox2@five.
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an investigation underway and more details coming up. now we want to turn things over to meteorologist. >> during the 4:00 our talking about some nice sunsets. mostly clear skies over a good portion of the reason -- region a few high clouds begin to work their way in and by this time tomorrow more high clouds moving in from the north. look at the frontal bands, you have some storm developing as we head into first thing saturday morning we will what -- wake up to some rain drops. right now the rain shower not here just yet a little activity being detected here. for us we have clear skies. get ready for another cold night.
4:47 pm
we talked about the frost advisory in place for the north bay. temperatures right now most -- most areas in the 50s to lower 60s. san jose at 62 our oakland camera showing you mostly clear skies for thursday evening. still a fairly nice day out there. a few high clouds out there in the short term. san francisco will continue with the two does make that thing. mostly sunny skies temperatures right around 60 and capping off the afternoon here at 64 by 4:00 tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow probably a little warmer than today. the next system approaching the shoreline, it is dry but the cool weather pattern out there and sunny skies were friday. as we take the forecast model into the weekend, rain returns first thing saturday morning,
4:48 pm
showers likely into sunday and the wind will ramp up as well. we could have a wind advisory kicking for parts of the bay area. about three quarters of an inch all the way to over 2 inches for north bay. winds could be gusting to 45 miles per hour on saturday morning a bit of a dusting of snow in the sierra. this is a warmer system so snow levels are up there. most areas above 7000 feet possibly down to 6500 feet. a cold producer and a cold snow event in the sierra. you can see the amounts, we are talking about the numbers adding up. especially approaching mendocino county. tomorrow we are in the clear, tomorrow night clouds will move into the region. the rain band moving from north to south saturday morning. once again gusty winds out there as well. possibly breaks in action saturday afternoon. especially by mid-to-late afternoon saturday.
4:49 pm
we will hold on to some occasional shower activity and probably more breaks in action as well as we head into sunday. summit kicked additional -- occasional rain showers into sunday. low to mid 60s and most areas will be warmer than today. san jose 67, gilroy 68. a look ahead at the 5-day forecast. we have the frost advisory morning rain off and on showers for saturday. occasional showers for sunday. the rest of monday looks good for the afternoon and into tuesday. i would say keep the umbrella on standby because it will hit us saturday morning.>> snow in the sierras?>> yes. snow in the sierras mainly above 7000 feet>> if ted gets
4:50 pm
his personal forecast, what about mind?>> some breaks in the action by sunday. julie joins us now with a look at the stories we're looking at. and much more on the breaking news. we are following that breaking news from alameda county. that's where u.s. marshalls shot a suspect. as you can see there was a large police presence in the neighborhood and we have a crew headed there right now. we are gathering more information about what led up to the shooting. things getting heated over winery expansion in the north bay. hundreds of acres of grapes have turned into a battle between neighbors. why some are going as far as to call the project were fine. the stories and much more coming up at 10 minutes at five. coming up next lookout . a cross country runner -- he
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got up and finish the race. he gets pummeled by a deer. that coming up after the break. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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in just a little bit san francisco city hall will be awash in purple. all in honor of world prematurity day. around the world it's estimated that 400,000 babies are born too soon. here in california that number is one in 10. as we told you yesterday researchers have developed a blood test that can detect a pregnant woman's risk of having a premature birth. that could be a game changer in reducing the number of preterm births.
4:54 pm
a cross-country run turned into a contact sport for a student in pennsylvania who crossed paths with a herd of deer. take a look.>> the deer headed straight for renter and knocked him to the ground. the college athletes were running in a kilometer race on saturday. the writer actually got back up and finished the race with some bumps and bruises and a story he will tell for the rest of his life. >> you are sorted out there running. it's not that unexpected. >> we will be right back. ♪ my hero zero. ♪
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. dozens of border patrol agent or headed to the rio grande area. >> they're dealing with a surge of illegal immigrants. a look at what's prompting it.>> illegal activity along the southwest border is skyrocketed. that according to new data from u.s. customs and border protection which shows a nearly 90% increase over last year in a number of family units and children coming into america illegally. >> we are being pulled into different directions. one to secure the border and the other is handle women and children. >> one of the reasons behind
4:58 pm
the decision to deploy 100 more agents to south texas were more than two thirds of the apple -- apprehensions take place, it's a two month assignment for the agents who are coming in from california and arizona. the reason behind this search is up for debate. some believe it's largely because of president-elect donald trump tough stance on immigration. >> they do not know what tomorrow will bring but today they can cross.>> others attributed to cartel violence. which is forced many to flee and show up in america for help.>> i feel safe because i know my mom is here now and i will be able to continue my studies. smith she says her suzman -- she says there's a her husband was kidnapped. she says she paid smugglers $1000 and it took two weeks to make the trek. spect i want the people to know that it's not an easy trip.
4:59 pm
they need to think about it. there's a lot of danger. people can lose their life. and there's lots to be lost.>> danger the feds hope serve as the determine -- deterrent.>> they're running these amounts sense morning of the ramification for those who attempt to come in.>> immigration advocates say this is a humanitarian crisis and not politically motivated pointing to the border surge of 2014. that's the latest from dallas.
5:00 pm
a suspect and alameda county, no word on the condition of the suspect or why they were looking for him. slyde the fox over the scene in the last half-hour, you can see a heavy police presence in the area. we're working to gather more information from the scene and we'll bring you new details as they come in. back to the running gunbattle that ended in a head- on crash, the crash badly injured an elderly couple. shooting happened around 12:30 pm near macarthur and highway 580. minutes later one of the cars involved crash onto dowling boulevard. ktvu crime reporter henry lee joins us with the latest from there.>> reporter:


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