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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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a suspect and alameda county, no word on the condition of the suspect or why they were looking for him. slyde the fox over the scene in the last half-hour, you can see a heavy police presence in the area. we're working to gather more information from the scene and we'll bring you new details as they come in. back to the running gunbattle that ended in a head- on crash, the crash badly injured an elderly couple. shooting happened around 12:30 pm near macarthur and highway 580. minutes later one of the cars involved crash onto dowling boulevard. ktvu crime reporter henry lee joins us with the latest from there.>> reporter: we are on
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the 300 block of dowling right off dutton and you can look behind me, an active seen as members of the alameda county sheriff's department crime lab scoured for evidence. debris, you can see the nissan ultima, one of 2 cars involved in the running gunbattle a half- mile away. it all started arrest help -- 12:30 pm today at macarthur boulevard and 580. a citizen called 911 and reported people from 2 cars were shooting at each other. one of the cars was the nissan ultima which sped away and hit a toyota previous with an elderly couple inside. we spoke to police in a witness to the crash. >> the dark gray nissan ultima was involved in a rolling gunbattle with another vehicle that we don't have a description yet. that escape. the nissan ultima has multiple bullet holes in the passenger side of the car. we do not know but it appears the nissan ultima was headed in the opposing direction. in may of cross the center
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divide and hit the previous sending it landing in the position attend now. when the total -- when the firefighters got here the use the jaws of life to distract the driver that was transported to a trauma center and other tools were used to get the passenger out of the vehicle.>> didn't ruin your day? >> it sure would, it was quite a collision. police found a man outside the nissan suffering from a gunshot wound. he is expected to survive. the elderly couple taken to the hospital a serious injuries, names that released. police are looking for the other car involved. as we come out live 2 schools in the area winner the shooting scene and one near this head-on collision replay put on lockdown during the investigation. for now the search for the other car continues. henry lee ktvu fox 2news. once again what is the description of the car they are looking for?>> reporter: police
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don't have a description of the other car or the suspects in the 2nd car so anyone with information of who they may be are asked to call police. an emotional student assembly at monta vista high school in danville. allie rasmus tells us the assembly was called after someone wrote a hate filled message in the school bathroom.>> reporter: 8:30 am and lasted well over an hour. the personable started by telling students words matter and everyone should feel safe and secure on campus. after, teachers and students had a chance to share their thoughts. it starts with you. a call to action. you need to follow through into this. this terrifying thing of telling one of your piers what you did is not okay , please stop.>> reporter: monta vista high school held disassembly in response to racist graffiti found in one of the bathrooms. this is a picture someone wrote the words white and colored
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over 2 of the urinals sometime yesterday afternoon. danville police are helping the district investigates who may be behind it and why. >> it is too early to say. ultimately, it isn't only incident -- it's an ugly incident will tolerate. >> reporter: talking about the motivation behind the graffiti, the message at the assembly was part history lesson, reminding history has an ugly history in the us, but also a pep rally with students expressing encouragement, representing different minority groups on campus. >> with everything happening in the world, it's important we are kind it to each other. we realize we're all in it, and we don't want to make any minority group feel bad. >> i look forward to having a conversation with my daughter tonight about it at the dinner
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table. >> reporter: this is the 3rd incident of racist graffiti at school property at the universe -- unified school district, last month to incidents like this in the bathrooms in san ramon in california. one of this incident is almost identical, someone writing whites and colored over the toilets. monta vista high school administrator plans have a meeting with parents tonight so parents and teachers can discuss what happened, for 7 pm this evening. allie rasmus ktvu2 news. in san francisco a protest assaulted a meeting at the university of california regents today.>> a group of about 80 students held a demonstration outside and went inside and continue to chant. they are forced to briefly adjourned the meeting, they are deciding whether to increase tuition by 2 and half % next year which university officials say what amount to $280 per student. many students say it is hard to pay bills and keep up
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financially especially with the high cost of living in the bay area. >> it is frustrating as students , over 40% of us are food insecure. the house praising goes up every year especially the you see admitted around 800 news -- new freshmen cumbered what they normally met and our house and in rent have gone. uc tuition hasn't caught up in 6 years, university officials say the tuition hike is necessary to make up for a gap in funding and most students receive financial aid which would cover most of the increase. low wages and hunger among uc employees was a subject of a meeting today convened by state assembly meeting in oakland. they reviewed a report that found 70% of administrative support workers at the university of california are going hungry. wellcity access to quality food because of low wages. the study done by researchers at occidental college surveyed clerical, administrative and support employees at the
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university of california. we're committed to the city, to working with the mayor, administration, stakeholders to find a way to get a great stadium built in oakland. >> the new president of the shakeup for the team and what it could mean for their future in oakland. part owner of lew wolff sitting down in selling his share of christina rendon outside the coliseum tonight after speaking to a number of open a's fans, they must be pretty excited. >> reporter: it is no surprise fans are excited about the changeup and management. a lot of them are looking forward to fresh management and turning a page at the start of next season. all of that because lew wolff is stepping down as managing he has been of the organization 11 years, and a's says he is leaving john fisher is the majority partner. he expressed interest in the
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past in building a waterfront stadium for the a's, excited saying lew wolff was behind many changes they didn't like in terms of players and bring the team out of oakland a few years ago. >> he didn't do anything right for the a's as far as the stadium, that was his job and i don't think he made progress towards that. >> he has become the focal point of a's fans frustration and they like to blame lew wolff, a's fans are happy because they think their frustration is gone, but nothing has happened yet.>> reporter: the new team management is making it clear they want to keep the a's and oakland, earlier today the mayor released a statement that impart red, i'm thrilled to be in partnership with the a's on the development of a new facility for the team in oakland and await continuing to work with lew wolff as he built a new hotel in downtown
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oakland. earlier this year we learned lew wolff real estate development purchase property near the city hall where he plans to build a 13 story hotel, in a statement, saying to fans and players things for the opportunity and it was an honor to work with organization. >> crisanta rendon out side the oakland coliseum, coming up, we'll hear more from the new a's president and also talked to our sports director about what this means, white potentially could be a deal for federal judge issued an injunction today in that regulating airbnb and other short-term rental services. the board of supervisors approved role to subject companies such as avian -- airbnb to find that they let rooms rented out that are registered with the city. san francisco was sued over the ordinance. they say also the registration process is cumbersome and difficult to monitor. in issuing the injunction the
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judges scolded both sides and said they need to come to an agreement on a workable efficient system for registering short-term rentals. medical marijuana users in for a temporary tax break. state officials announced circuit -- certain purchases are exempt from sales tax under the law approved by voters which legalized recreational pot in california. starting in january 2018 a 15% tax will be imposed on buyers of all marijuana and more -- and marijuana products including medical cannabis. a napa vineyard owner spent more than a decade getting the permits and permissions needed to put a vineyard on his land set aside for agriculture. but now protest may put a dash to it all. also had new names discussed to join the trump administration, meetings scheduled between mr. trump and republicans who criticized the president elected during the
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campaign. tracking the raindrops for the weekend, most certainly you will need an umbrella on your saturday and sunday, i will you know what to expect and how much to expect, i will see you back here. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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president-elect trump massive task and working of the transition of power continues in midtown manhattan. meanwhile vice president-elect my trump -- mike pence in washington in -- meeting with members of congress including democrats. joe walden falling the story. >> reporter: the president- elect hunker down at trump tower working on the transition, meeting with influential
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political players. includes everyone from former secretary of state henry kissinger and former general jack keane to sitting governors nikki haley and rick scott who could be potential cabinet contenders. one of mr. trump top aides quashing media reports about transition turmoil. the president-elect split into this role, amazingly well. he is someone who's used to reviewing information, getting input. >> reporter: vice president- elect mike pence making the route in washington meeting with senate majority leader mick -- mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan. and democratic leaders senator shot -- senator chuck schumer and nancy please see. he is sharing both sides, saying the trump administration will work in concert with congress. >> think you for what i'd trust will be the first of many conversations that we have as we move forward towards an
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operation. and thereafter. >> reporter: half a world away in germany on the final overseas trip present obama discussing the ongoing anti- trump protest here at home. the commander-in-chief telling president-elect trump to get used to it. offering words of advice to those unhappy with mr. trump's victory. >> i wouldn't advise them to be silent. i fox news conference president- elect trump will meet with one of his weakest republican critics this weekend former massachusetts governor mitt romney. in washington joe walden fox news. another position the trump transition team will need to consider , director of national intelligence. current intel chief james clapper announced before a congressional committee that he submitted his resignation to president obama last night. he will serve until the president finish his term. nancy pelosi facing a challenge for her leadership position, in a letter to colleagues tim ryan seen on the
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left said what we're doing right now is not working. democrats gained only a handful of seats in the house in last week's election. most democrats felt the challenge won't succeed including pelosi who said she has the backing of two thirds of the democratic caucus. california lieutenant governor said he wants to take steps to protect undocumented students who are afraid of being deported under president-elect trump's immigration policies. i have given all information from where i work. my information is out there. and want to make sure. my information is protected. i the state of california and by my school. >> they met with more than a dozen students at ucsf, the students are afraid that in the future federal officials might get information on their immigration status directly from their colleagues. newsom is hoping to enact
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sanctuaries -- sanctuary policies at different college campuses. tracking whether heading into the bay. external cold this morning, and a frost advisory. didn't get that much warmer, low to mid 60s. tomorrow maybe a little warmer but then the system moves in for the weekend. there is one behind that and a few more behind that. wet weather.. starts saturday and takes us into next week and the next weekend. thirlby breaks but unsettled pattern for a few days. tomorrow is the transition day. we start out mostly sunny and a few clouds, partly cloudy, mostly sunny kind of day. a little warmer, and then showers moving saturday morning. early morning, 9 or 10 pm period will be the wettest. after that scattered showers on saturday which is what we got yesterday. here's the forecast, overnight lows dirty 5 santa rosa, 34 napa, pretty called. frost in many places -- pretty
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called. frost in many places, livermore 36, vallejo, concord, it's not the end of the world but it's a pain when you to scrape off the windshield. tomorrow morning no fog or clouds mostly clear, in in the afternoon yellow, 70s that show up. some of the inland they valleys. not a bad looking day overall. for friday, then things change and it always -- authority changing and nor -- in the north. you see the cloud cover come in and the rain will start of the north. lunchtime, 60 degrees in san francisco and partly cloudy, mostly sunny. 64 degrees daytime high in san francisco tomorrow. it will change, things will get wet. morning frost, up to 67 in san francisco tomorrow, pretty warm. saturday really wet in the morning, the afternoon i am thinking about, i think there will be scattered showers but
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most of the rain will happen on this side of noon on saturday in the morning. and then more rain scattered on sunday but towards tuesday night, wednesday, thursday and friday it gets wet again. 5 day forecast. rain talk about, some of the models pretty good, 3 to 5 inches of rain. over the course of the weekend and monday. and snow in the mountains.>> we gear up for later in the week also. >> we'll get this out of the way in the in a similar pattern next week, next weekend looks like it will be a bull's-eye for rain. >> stronger next week. >> i think it will be colder in stronger. plans for hundreds of acres of new grace napa valley turned into a decade long battle. >> the county is studied every possible environmental impact you can imagine. >> why neighbors are fighting the project and some have called the plan horrifying. a group of teenage girls on the run for a series of robberies near the bay area bart station.
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such a funny little hero ♪ but till you came along ♪ we counted on our fingers and toes ♪ now you're here to stay ♪ ♪ and nobody really knows... ♪ zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment... ...on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. a fight over grades and napa, tenure proposal to plan more -- plant more grace napa county is pitting vineyard owners against neighbors and avantyr russian environmental groups. >> tom baker joining us, it's a matter now for the napa valley board of supervisors. >> reporter: this is about the potential limits of the use of
5:23 pm
your own personal land. landowners here napa county and born country in general taking a close look at the outcome as they plan their own new vineyards. it is taken the owner of the 23 acre branch winery a decade to gain approval for planting more grace. it sits in a designated agriculture district where the planting of grapes is encourage. >> the county has studied every environmental impact you can imagine. trees, plants, wildlife. they concluded the project will have no significant impact. >> reporter: the final approval came august 1, environmental and land use groups and neighbors want the board of supervisors to say no to the vineyard at tomorrow's board meeting.>> the concern on the side, the increased heavy truck traffic which will go through the community. and also, tapping into a water -- water up before -- water
5:24 pm
before that could go driving time. >> it is horrifying, it will cause chopping down of trees and a mountain -- in a mountainous region of napa, unlike your regular been your project. environmental groups a potential harm could threaten animal species, and pesticide contamination of the reservoir from the river through the proposed vineyard. but the winery counters, it would be a patchwork of many. >> it is a number of small blocks that avoided the environmental constraints on the property. >> reporter: napa supervisors will hear both sides tomorrow. >> we're fighting it obviously. they have a lot of money i'm sure. i would just go myself. to show the people. we can work something out hopefully. if not stop it altogether.
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>> reporter: ironically no matter what the board of supervisors decides either side has the option of taking this to court where it will likely go. reporting live tom they go ktvu fox news. a young river otter believed to have been struck by a car in marin county return home today. animal care experts brought the otter to a shoreline location and belvedere where they released her into the bay. officials say the river otter came to them disoriented with injuries to her face and a broken toe. she was treated at the wild care , animal hospital and nature education center. earlier this week, and award offered to catch the person who shot it san jose police. today there were results. coming up, details on the arrest please of may. announced a leadership change, what it means for potential new stadium in oakland.
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the san jose police say they arrested the person who gunned down to officers as they were on patrol sunday night. ourselves bay reporter jesse gary outside police headquarters with more on the suspect and only come.>> reporter: -- comicon a. >> reporter: the suspect is a gang member released from jail but on parole at the time of the crash sunday night. let's look at her video.
5:29 pm
investigators say he opened fire on 2 members of the san jose police department, gang suppression is -- suppression unit as they approached the men and 800 block -- at 800 -- at 1800 block. the on name suspect turned and fired 2 to 3 rounds of the suspects. neither were hurt or hit a return fire. the shooting and rage the poa and neighbors offered a $10,000 reward for information to capture the guilty party. it is unknown how they found the suspect or why he opened fire, he was already on parole and faces new charges associated with the shooting. dannell -- san jose police investigators have been working the case all day they promised and more information tomorrow. live outside police headquarters in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox 2news. us -- police arrested a man accused of befriending a
5:30 pm
teenage girl online and sexually assaulting her. investigators say 40-year-old ian teeter posed as a 14-year- old boy online, sending messages to a 13-year-old girl arranging for them to me. court documents say he picked up a teenager near her house and took her to in east oakland motel where he sexually assaulted her. he is from patterson california and works with computers. police say he used the social media chat room site kick to find the victim. >> we're reaching out to the public hoping parents watch this. hoping parents will talk to their children, specifically teenage girls between 12 and 16 years old. try to find out if something has happened to them. >> alameda county prosecutors charged to your with 14 felony counts, they urge parents to monitor with software. a group of students walked
5:31 pm
out of a class taught by a student -- top a teacher accused of sexual harassment. >> architecture professor of middle east scholar nizar also 8 accused of putting his hand on a female students die in making sexual advances 3rd 2013. the 61-year-old professor denied allegations and continue to teach as the university considers his future.>> he was allowed to stay teaching, continue his uprising physicians wall the university knew he was being investigated. that's in accordance with their policy but we think it needs to change. >> the university investigation was concluded last month upheld the students allegations, there are reports also in the head will not be allowed to teach next semester. leadership change that impacts ownership group and team president. >> how big of a deal is this
5:32 pm
and what does it mean for the a's staying in oakland. it is a huge deal. if you are an open a's fan and i am a major league baseball fan and love having 2 teams, one from each late, i think it is great news. for the a's, and if the signal to a's fans that they are getting serious about making this happen. when i say this thing happen it is a new stadium which would really put the team and a new light amongst the american league and competitors in the national league as well. lew wolff is stepping down, he has been an owner and a guy in the forefront of things, but he was never able to stabilize the franchise with the new stadium. he was a very sad on moving the team's us -- to san jose and got in a big fight with major league baseball and the giants in particular about moving there and infringing on their rights to the territory. he never really seem to move off that idea.
5:33 pm
he wanted to wait for the raiders to potentially move and rebuild another stadium there in oakland. but he was said to not be very high on this new water stadium they are possibly moving forward on. john fisher will move into the forefront and mike crowd he also is stepping aside as the president of the team. i think they need progressive leadership there, people to move with the fluidity of what is major league baseball. this is a great thing for a's fans, it's the first big step that point to finally, they are serious about getting this together. >> what do you know about john fisher? >> he is the guy who is the majority owner. he doesn't like a lot of attention. he is the big wheel in the a's organization but lew wolff has always been his frontman. he has a couple of months ago started making noise when they talk about -- a waterfront
5:34 pm
stadium gaining traction. look at some of the drawings and markups of that. that would be beautiful. not far from here at jacklin square. they've also brought in, the man who was the president of the san jose earthquakes. gave cobol -- dave kaval, involved getting the beautiful of a a stadium built in san jose. state of the art. he is very optimistic about the taking. i think they are sleeping giant. a's fans, and if you have the right stadium and the right experience here at the coliseum we can have tremendous success. things like transit, accessibility. obviously, traffic in the bay area that's crazy now , these are critical. the feeling around the stadium, we want to have a stadium that has an ambience around it.
5:35 pm
you look at the great ballparks, they've a great ballpark feel. bars, restaurants, people living. those stadiums transform cities and that's what we want to do here in oakland. that is dave kaval, i think you will see a lot of him. he is in outward operation president. >> i get pumped up hearing him talk like that. >> i think he's right. it's an untapped source of everything for a's fans. they deserve a new stadium. is moving in that direction. >> was this expected or seen as a shakeup? >> lew wolff is 80 some years old. he has been hinting that he was ready to step down. their event murmurs that he and john fisher although they are good friends had a disagreement about the site of the new stadium. i wouldn't call it extremely surprising shakeup, but it was
5:36 pm
bound to happen over time. i think it is a smooth and friendly transition for the most part. >> it feels like if you read behind -- between the lines, a lot of fans blamed lew wolff for not getting a stadium deal down, always looking to move somewhere else weather fremont or san jose. and then john fisher, the money behind the a's came out of the shadows, touring the potential site by the port of oakland, and now you of lew wolff away and you bring in the guy from the san jose earthquakes, the earthquakes have a beautiful new stadium, it seems like exactly what you are saying. maybe he was like, let's get something done here. >> with move over and get serious about this. the first step was nicely taking care of lew wolff. all i heard was very stubborn when he didn't get his away -- it is way with the san jose project. they developed the gold ribbon committee to try to study those
5:37 pm
which were going nowhere. and a's fans in particular and rightfully so, very frustrated with lew wolff and the organization for not making progress. i think with the revenue sharing the a's get every year which is a huge chunk of money major league baseball was threatening to take it away because they had been stuck in the mud over getting this done. it is time to get serious in the a's organization doing just that. if you're in a spam, it is like we'll believe it only see it. but the raiders want to be gone, and the a's are the loan east bay organization saying we want to be here. >> and it is new energy so he was see what happens. >> and i think dave kaval is the right guy. he reminds me of roy eisenhardt when he came in as president of the a's, very progressive and they revved up
5:38 pm
the organization. good stuff. >> thank you mark. thanksgiving is a week away. and food banks need turkeys. the small traces one foodbank as facing and how you can help. food may come from a small charity but the end result is happy families. coming up the thanksgiving surprise oakland students received today.
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hours expecting 6 and half million people the past to the airport between tomorrow and january 2 put it in perspective, 7 million live in the entire bay area. 6 1/2 million holiday travelers at sfo would be of more than 5% compared to last year. the busiest travel days expected to be november 27, the sunday after thanksgiving. 160,000 expected to pass through the airport that day alone. san jose minute and oakland international expecting larger than usual crowds and officials urging passengers to arrive early. triple-a predicting 6 million health warnings will hit the road traveling 50 miles or more, slight increase of 3.1% compared to last year. industry experts say the improving economy, increase consumer spending and overall strength in consumer confidence helps the booster travelers. prez obama continued his trip to europe, eating --
5:42 pm
feeling questions about his predecessor. he is stressing cooperation between the us and europe and trying to reassure allies about the incoming trump administration. at a joint news conference with chancellor merkel he said he's encourage by the commitment to nato but acknowledged worries of russia given the president- elect to spoke highly of vladamir putin during the campaign. >> my hope is the president- elect coming in, takes a similar , constructive approach, finding areas we can cooperate with russia, but i hope he is willing to stand up to rush also. as for germany, trump criticized chancellor merkel's handling of immigration, he said to me? other european leaders tomorrow before making his way to south america for a summit in peru.
5:43 pm
federal investigators trying to figure out what caused the deadly natural -- natural gas explosion in canton illinois. you can see on surveillance, exposed windows been blown out by the explosion. it happened last night as gas employees were trying to repair a gas line. officials say one utility worker was killed and 3 others kurds, along with 9 other people. many buildings and historic main square of the town were seriously damaged. >> a massive rumble in a big boom, and everything crashed down a one-time. >> i was doing my dishes, and i felt the boom. it shook my kitchen table. >> the salvation army helping people who were evacuated. >> remembering sergeant john perry days after he was killed in afghanistan. coming up a decision the northern california are resurgent made before the bombing that may have saved hundreds of lives. while the students were recessed volunteers were inside
5:44 pm
the classroom packing up a special thanks giving surprise. coming up next why the students say this is so important. umbrellas needed as we head into the bay area weekend and beyond, we'll see you back with the latest computer model. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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-lois pricese. [ifrom grocery outlet. - hi, it's... the rest of us! - hey there. - hi! - hey. loifor over 60 years now, grocery outlet has been selling the brands you know and love, for up to 60% less than what you'd pay at traditional grocery stores. - and check this out. lois: we've got meats and produce, naturals and organics, at prices that'll make you wanna sing. - good thing we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head. students and oakland school treated to a thanksgiving surprise. sent home with a turkey and all the fixings for holiday dinner. rob roth on hand as the
5:47 pm
surprise unfolded. >> reporter: inside this 4th grade classroom at fruitvale elementary and oakland while the students were at recessed volunteers were getting ready. each student was about to receive a thanksgiving dinner they could take him to their families, turkeys and all. the students walked in with no idea what they were getting. to understand what this means just ask this girl. >> sometimes we can't afford something. i am really thankful. >> reporter: the grocery bag filled with everything that goes with them comes from a small charity called the grub clouds started by oakland native nigel williamson to raise the money so families could to have a traditional giftgiving dinner. >> i want them to not worry about food. one thing they shouldn't be worry about in this day and age, i want to do my part. >> i member sitting in chairs
5:48 pm
just like this, and having a tough time. >> reporter: the class was selected because their teacher knew about the grub hub -- grub club and reached out for help for students. >> we have a lot of families in great need. we have families with one parent of a home, and some parents not working. some parents may not celebrate thanksgiving because of income so this is huge.>> you guys happy? >> happy, surprised and then some. and oakland rob roth ktvu fox 2news. some bay area foodbank facing a crisis as thanksgiving gets closer. still needing more turkeys for their thanksgiving dinners. 2nd harvest said they are in need of more than 5000 birds, and worried about the impact on families who need them. >> when we don't have enough
5:49 pm
turkeys are food we can't provide all the food asked of us, so we're looking for people come out and donate to the foodbank to bring turkeys and consider making a financial donation, because we can turn a gift of $50 into 100 meals. >> a donation drop off scheduled for this weekend at all 3 2nd harvest locations in san jose. the deadline for turning in a turkey in time for the holiday is monday. this can another check of the weather, rain ahead in the bay area this weekend. once again before the holiday. >> and i think julian franken everyone, by the holiday, by thanksgiving we have more rain coming. the next few weekends -- the next 2 weekends wet. we had a couple. you'll notice the next couple days. it will rain by saturday and rain significantly on sunday especially in the morning. and a little more monday, a break and more towards next weekend. a progressive pattern.
5:50 pm
he to number them, this will be multifaceted but there is the next system coming in. saturday in into sunday as well. there is the casino right there. you see rain in that area, a moist pattern coming in. the rain will drift out into tomorrow afternoon and evening. temperatures cold tonight. cloud cover. frost yesterday morning. no advisor here. frost tomorrow morning. the next system rolling and. this time of year. if one wasn't coming. we would see the opposite. it is in november, middle of november and we need weather. cool and this pattern where we are tonight and where we are tomorrow. mild day and then this role since saturday morning. and hammers the morning pretty significantly before lunchtime. after lunch it turns to scattered showers.
5:51 pm
here's the model. 9:00 friday night it is raining, a nice-looking band of moisture and cloud cover. 9:00 tomorrow night. in their it is 3 am. this way to up in santa rosa. 2, 3 and 4 am raining hard and then it translates through the bay area at 7 am. that is a line of showers, have inch of rain and that they aren't. scattered showers behind it. and then from the morning hours , through 9:00 and scattered showers all day saturday. the big game and high school football playoffs and what have you, take an umbrella. the field will be wet but the real rain is a morning before most of the main activity. the game, cal sanford, over at the berkeley stadium, it will be wet. sprinkles and showers but not a dealbreaker. you will enjoy the game relatively drive. sunday 6 am more showers, the model not putting it over us but it is -- it's all around
5:52 pm
us, sunday will have a rainy scattered showers can of day. and then more into monday, the -- this weekend , you can look from 2 to 3/4 of an inch to --, windy, 2 to 5 inches but you can apply you will find a foot of snow, maybe a foot half. 5 day forecast, just what you need. this week flew by. >> what is that. it feels like tuesday to make. -- tuesday to me. >> you also have tomorrow off. >> that's true. >> tomorrow is friday, and saturday it will rain pretty good in the morning. >> thank you bill. today marks the us debut of cirque du soleil's latest creation set to get underway in a couple hours in san francisco called a waking dream of mexico. this morning ktvu gone backstage tour of the show, it
5:53 pm
is been performed under the big top, at&t park. the 30th original production for the service company featuring acrobats, contortionist and lavish costumes. differently trying to push forward the limits of what we can do under the tent. today we take you to an imaginary mexico. traveling around mexico different time period's, locations and emotions you would get if you travel through mexico. were the first time, they are integrating a number of extras, a will water pool opens up onder the stage. it runs through january 29 in san francisco and moves to san jose. and the east bay pizza lovers celebrated the grand opening up a slice house restaurant located at mount diablo boulevard and main street in downtown walnut creek and owned by 12 time world pizza champ tony jamillah ali.
5:54 pm
as part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony the guest were given free pizza. coming up, a loving husband, father of 2 and soldier in the army. ñafghanistan last weekend. today sergeant john harris family is remembered. authorities announced and arrested following a series of robberies near the area bart stations and the suspects are teenage girls. where their families, what is wrong with these kids?
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
a memorial held today for stockton soldier killed in the suicide bombing in afghanistan. john perez father was spoken with, who he said he finds comfort in knowing his son died a hero. >> john perry grew up to become a loving husband, father of 2 and soldier in the army. of the 30-year-old's life at it over the weekend in afghanistan. >> my son died in a dignified and graceful manner, very calm expression on his face.>> reporter: he died when a suicide bomber detonated on base, the 2nd -- his 2nd deployment to afghanistan. >> he was a loving and caring. >> his 8-year-old sister is mourning the loss of a brother she barely got to know.>> i only met him 2 times.
5:58 pm
and then he left for afghanistan . >> reporter: during this heartbreaking loss the family learned that in death he became a hero. >> he made a decision that saved a lot of people's lives. >> reporter: a combat instructor, his from -- his family said he -- he change old training location moving soldiers away from large crowd, and set of hundreds getting bombs. died along with private first class tyler you belt into army contractors. >> the u.s. army treated my son with kid gloves. >> pairing his family went to dover air force base this week, vice president by and one of many dignitaries there to honor his son as his body return to the us. >> we appreciate what vice president biden dead. in his care -- did come in his care. --, come in his care. >> in death carries her the --
5:59 pm
heroism is realize. posthumously promoted and awarded a bronze star? police made an arrest after a series of robberies near bart stations. the suspects, 5 teenage girls. >> those girls ages 14 through 16 are behind bars. accused and 10 robberies in the east bay. good evening i'm julie haener. i'm frank somerville, police say the girls were targeted women -- targeting women walking alone near bart stations. eleana gomez with more. >> reporter: the west oakland bart station is one of the locations police say these teenagers it used to scope out there victims before robbing them and in some cases assaulting them. for nearly 3 weeks 5 teenage girls between the ages of 14
6:00 pm
and 16 have been at the center of a string of strong arm robberies across oakland. their targets, women said to be traveling solo and at times caught off guard on their phone. >> the victims didn't report seeing a weapon but some did sustain injuries and they were minor. none of the victims were transported to the hospital but they were physically assaulted. >> reporter: oakland police were -- say they were signaling a women walking near the bart stations. >> i don't know why i lucked out and wasn't hit because i was here.>> reporter: celie maxwell heard about the robberies but it didn't derail her routines, she walked to the rocksville bart station every day, we caught her with her head down on her phone and asked her about it expect i don't know what happened. i was thinking about that. what did i do. i wouldn't have just given up my phone it would've been a fight. that's all i have to say. unless they had a knife or gun it would be a fight. >> reporter: cell phones purses and


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