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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> i am dave clark. how cold is it, steve? >> it's in the 40s and 50s. it got cold last night. we have mostly sunny skies today. temperatures this morning, there are many 30s but it's warmer than yesterday with a southerly breeze. that breeze is in advance of a front which is going to bring rain saturday for the game. i do not see how we can get around it. 30s and 40s around right now. we have a frost advisory for the north bay valleys and up towards the higher elevations and for the sierras, a snow advisory kicks in for tomorrow. the snow is up at 6,000 feet.
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we get the southerly wind kicking in. that's going to give us a milder day. today, mostly sunny, 30s on the teps for many. 40s and 50s for some. stsh temperatures for -- temperatures for many. 40s and 50s for some. sal? >> we have nice looking conditions for the most part. not a bad commute. the traffic continues to look good on the bay bridge toll plaza. when you get to the waiting, it's a 15 minute delay, not great but not as bad as sometimes we see it. we are also watching other commutes. 580 westbound is slow dlu the altamont pass. the rest of the silicon valley
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commute looks good. if you go to north bound 280, it looks good getting up to highway 17. lets go back to the desk. >> happening today, the city of san francisco will reactivate a hot line for victims of hate crimes. >> reporter: they setting up the line again because of the increases in the numbers of hate crimes report. it follows the reporting of an attack on a latina woman who had her hair grabbed and was told, no latinos here.
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city leaders said this is one of a growing number of hate crimes nationwide. the heads of the human rights commission from san francisco's police department will be on hand. we will bring you more throughout the morning. we will be reaching out to people in san francisco to see if they have noticed an increase this tension after the election. >> more racist graffiti has been found in some area high schools. there was a student assembly to address graffiti in monte vista whole. the words white and colored were written in bathrooms. >> if it happens again, what is the next thing that will be
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written? where does it stop and how bad does it get? >> it's similar to graffiti found in san ramon. there is concern that there could be copy cats. a prominent supporter of president elect donald trump has caused controversy over his comments when he said that the internment of japanese americans is a precedent for creating a registry of muslim immigrants. >> we can it with iran and with the japanese, call it what you will. >> you are not proposing that we go back to the days of internment camps. >> i am not proposing that.
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>> that's the kind of thing that gets people scared. >> but there is precedent for it. >> the comparison sparked outrage and a quick spens from muslims. >> within months after 9/11, the government instituted a registration program for people from miss limb conditions here visiting. they detained innocent people and broke up families. >> she said renewing that registry could unfairly single out muslims. when trump was asked about a database, he said we have to look at a lot of things closely. this morning we are hearing about two more additions to president elect donald trump's cabinet. he has picked mike pompeo to be
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the cia districtor and jeff sessions for -- director and jeff sessions for attorney general. >> reporter: a lot of big names going in and out of trump tower this week, but nothing is getting more attention than mitt romney. he will meet with president elect donald trump tomorrow. the trump team will not say much else. >> i anticipate a meeting of the minds of two equal partners in terms of those that love their country and want to make sure that they have a peaceful transition. >> reporter: think of what has been said between them. >> think of donald trump's penl qualities. the bullying rk the greed, the showing off, the absurd, third
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grade theatrics. >> i do not like mitt romney. i hate people that think they are hot stuff and they are nothing. >> i think that bringing in mitt romney is a signal. >> reporter: an election can change everything. trump is trying to broaden his support among republicans. earlier in the week he met with ted cruz. also he is turning to a registered democrat for security adviser. lt. general michael flynn was picked for the job. he served under president obama before becoming an administration critic. although there is talk about mitt romney, there are lots of
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other candidates for the job of secretary of state. a judge will consider president elect donald trump's request for a delay of his trial until his inauguration. he said his preparation for the white house are critical. his lawyer also suggested he testify by video. former students of trump eurt filed the lawsuit -- university filled the lawsuit saying that the school did not thrifer. president obama just wrapped up his last trip to europe as president. on the trip, president obama is trying to reassure world
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leaders that president elect donald trump will honor united states commitments. >> our aligns with nato has been a corner stone of united states policy through presidents of both parties because the united states has a fundamental interest in europe's security and stability. >> reporter: president obama is now heading to peru. donald trump will be a main topic there as well as he has questioned whether or not trade deals benefit the united states. >> did you hear about kanye west. at this time last night at a concert in san jose, he talked politics. why some people in the crowd were frustrated with what he had to say. >> good morning, we have mostly clear skies, temperatures are cold here. tomorrow rain moves in, that's
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going to impact many plans, we have more on that coming up. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. a united states marshal shot and wowppedded a man near hayward while serving an arrest warrant. the alimmediata county sheriffs office sedz the suspect was from louisiana and was wanted
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for drug charges. the shar -- alameda county sheriffs office said the suspect was from louisiana and was wanted for drug charges. a san francisco judge asked air b and b to hold off on fines until they can come up with an agreement for a workable registration system. happening now, the bay club company, toys for tots and alice 97.3 are teaming up to help kids this season. we are at a location for the
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toy drive, you picked this location, tara, for a special reason. >> reporter: i do not know if you listen to 97.3. they are so funny, they were talking about their favorite bay area newscasters. i have a fan here. i wanted to meet him. he has no idea that we are here. so he is behind this curtain. we going to go surprise him. this is my toy for the toys for tots drive. here we go. excuse me, where do you guys leave the toys. >> ktvu fox news is here. wow. >> good morning. looks like we have all of you here. i heard that i had a fan.
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>> my girlfriend. >> hi. >> so cool. >> i have to say, i have a talent show i have to host at my kid's school, but i heard that you wanted me to come. >> this is elder christmas for me -- early christmas for mow. -- me. give her a raise. >> reporter: tell me about the toy drive. what are you guys doing? >> johnny, come here. we are collecting toys for toys for tots. if you do not have an unwrapped toy, come by with a check. monday and tuesday, we are going to be at novato spending
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the money that we have raised. it's all for kids in need. >> reporter: this is all part of the marine program, i see a couple of marines over there. >> that's right. we doing this in conjunction with the marines. >> reporter: why do you do this every year? >> i come to support everyone, i want the toys for tots to thrive and i want to win. we were second place to marin last year. this is a competition. >> reporter: if anyone is watching, come to the redwood shores location. we want to win. >> for the last four years, we came in second place. marin is always in first. >> reporter: we are going to have a lot of fun here this morning. we are going to stay for a couple of hours. i have my star wars toy.
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where do i put it? >> right here. >> reporter: all right, see over here is where the marines are. here we go, we are dropping it in the box. it's easy, i am going to hang out here, i made a new friend. >> are you single? >> reporter: i am married. >> okay. >> thank you. the san francisco police department started it's annual holiday toy drive. it kicked off yesterday at a walgreens in the marina. you can drop off toys at any san francisco walgreens. they hope to get more toys this year than last. sal, you have little ones now, i will say, our kids are
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privileged. maybe spoiled. they have everything that they need. it's great to take your kids to do this and see the need and show that it's a season of giving, not just getting. >> absolutely, we have done that. is giving them an idea that, everything does not always go your way in life. some people need help. good morning, happy friday. lets go to the macarthur maze. >> you will see that it's going to be busy. it's getting crowded out there. all right, lets move along to the toll plaza. a 25 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge. when you get on to the span, it looks good.
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south bound, 680. there is a crash. they are trying to get things out of the left lane. 242 is also involved. give yourself extra time if you are driving in walnut creek. this is south bound 101, they are clearing an accident there. traffic in novato is slow heading to central san rafael. lets bring in steve. good morning, we have mostly clear skies, temperatures, cold to cool to mild. there are some in the 30s, 40s and even 51. san francisco, michael has 48. maybe the rain will be gone for the game, but i would plan that it will be there at least for the early part.
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if we could play today, it would be great. fairfield, 37, concord, 39. 33 in santa rosa, novato, 35. half moon bay, 52, there are some cities on the mild side. we have a snow advisory for the sierras, going until 8:00 this morning. cloud cover to the north but it's lifting north adds the system moves in. that's turning the wind to a south east direction. that gives milder conditions to some. right now. petaluma in the 30s. 33 in napa. mid 40s in novato. san rafael, 45. 18 in truckie. also sacramento, 20s around
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state line and tense to 20s from truckie north. if you are heading to the mountains, today is a good day. tomorrow, rain moves in. snow at 6,000 feet. it goes up sunday even though the temperatures go down. there is your system, it starts to come in late tonight into tomorrow. the rain moves in over the weekend. it looks like a steady rain for everyone. heaviest to the north. today looks good. we bring in some rain through sunday adds well. the amounts are good for everyone. especially saturday night into sunday. temperatures today in the 60s. maybe some mid 60s for a few. morgan hills to gilroy. temperatures tomorrow, in the
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60 ses with -- 60s with the rain. >> it's a good weekend to stay inside, light a fire. will it clear the air over the weekend. >> no. not with the rain. >> thank you steve. one arizona woman's thanksgiving dinner is going to be big. up next, the texting mixup that resulted in a new friendship and extra plates at the table. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. this young man has been controversial. that's our traffic theevment if there is an artist that has had -- traffic. if there is an artist that has trover, it's kenya west. volkswagen cutting 30,000
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jobs over the next three years. they are facing billions the dollars in fines over the costly emissions cheating scandal. 23,000 of the job cuts will be in germany. the company expects to save $4 billion a year with the job cuts. if you love animals, it's the happiest time of the year in san francisco. today, macy's and the aspca unveils the holiday display us. each and every the last 30 years, they have displayed adoptable animals and 9,000 animals have found a new home. a texting mixup in arizona led to a thanksgiving dinner invitation. this 17 year old got a text
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from a person he did not know inviting him to dinner. he was confused and asked for a picture and realized it was not his own grandmother texting him, but he asked if he could come any way. she said, of course, that's what grandmothers do. >> we used to invite vets over for thanksgiving dinner that we did not know. is not uncommon. >> she also extended the invitation to his family and now she's figuring out how big of a turkey she should get to feed 20 people. some bay area community groups have a shortage of turkeys for thanksgiving. how you can make sure that the neddy are fed this holiday.
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>> -- needy are fed this holiday season. sharon stone will be live later to talk about sexual assaults on college campuses. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. this is ktvu fox news morning on two. >> good morning, thank you for joining, it's friday, noaft 18th. i am dave clark. >> -- november 18th. >> i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. >> is it going to be a cold rain over the weekend. >> not initially. maybe sunday. good morning, it's clear out there this morning. cold for some, not bad for others. 51 in san francisco. this is up from yesterday. it will be a beautiful day, i think it's getting warmer.
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we are getting a southerly breeze in advance of this system. temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow, it looks like rain. plan on the elements winning out tomorrow. it went from 63 as a low a few days ago to now in the 50s. half moon bay, 54. 34 santa rosa. we have a snow advisory that kicks in tomorrow for the sierras. the cloud cover will be lifting today. we have lots of sunshine and a breeze. east bay temperatures in the 30s. 33 dan danville and -- danville and wall not creek. today sunshine and 60s for the
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temperatures. what do we have, sal. >> we have slower traffic building on the approach to the bay bridge and the macarthur maze. we are getting to the oakland area, you are going to see some slower traffic, a 15 to 20 minute delay, i want to mention, contra costa traffic is slowing down. if you are trying to get on the freeway after walnut creek it looks good down to san ramon and 24 looks good. if you get on the frow on 24 and head to oakland, it's not bad right now. at the 580 interchange, it looks good. we move to south bound marin,
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we had a crash. traffic is backed up to roland boulevard. the commute to the silicon valley is filling in. lets go back to the desk. >> later this morning, a big event happening in the south bay, dealing with the issues of sexual assaults on college campuses. actress sharon stone will be speaking. >> reporter: statistics show that one in five women are sexually assaulted on college campuses. the santa clara da's office want people to talk about it. they were the office that prosecuted brock turner, the
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viem wrote a letter addressing what turner did to her. sharon stone will be reading parts of that letter at the conference today. they are going to address the culture of rain and what college campuses can do to weep colleges safe. numerous people including a conwoman will be speaking -- congresswoman will be speaking. the event gets underway at 9:00 a.m. it's by invitation only. police arrested five teen age girls in connection with several robberies near bart stations. they are accused of stwong armed roark that targeted women. some of the -- strong arm
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robberies that targeted women. the suspects stole cell phones and purses and even a white nissan. the girls used that as a get away car. >> i was thinking, what would i do, i could not just give up my phone, it would be a fight, unless they had a knife or a gun. >> police arrested the girls monday in the stolen nissan. detectiving are investigating to see if the girls are connected to other robberies. police in san leandro ended with an elderly couple of the hurt. passengers in two cars were shooting at each other. one of the cars was speeding away from the scene when they
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crashed into a toyota prius being driven by an elderly couple. two bay area groups that help the needy are making an urgent appeal to the public before thanksgiving. sacred heart has provided food boxes for 50 years. they are short 3600 turkeys. they have helped people out for many years. now they need 5,000 turkeys. >> one of san francisco's oldest charity groups, saint anthonys will be accepting drop
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off donations until thanksgiving day, when they will be serving thanksgiving meals. new this morning, kanye west is causing a buzz over a controversial rant that he unleashed last night. he told a crowd at his concert, he did not vote but if he did, he would have voted for donald trump. >> there is things that i liked about his campaign. >> that did not sit well with people in his audience. we have reaction from fans. >> fans from not happy hearing him calling president elect donald trump a genius. he went on several lengthy rants. >> i have some ideas about the way we should connect our
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ideas. we should use the operative party. >> that was the scene inside of the sap center in san jose. kanye west stopped the music a dozen times and talked politics. probably the most interesting thing was, he did not vote but if he had, he would have voted for donald trump, people were booing, others were applauding. some of them threw shoes on the stage. he said he may run for president in 2020. fans weighed in after the concert. >> i felt like i talked too much. >> at least make sense. feed positivity, i did not vote but if i did i would vote for trump.
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what kind of message is that. >> kanye west and kim kardashian are long time supporters of president obama. they also contributed to hillary clinton. fans left early. others asked for refunds. people said that the rapper has the right to speak out. people on social media were frustrated. they said i did not spend all of this money for a president elect donald trump supporter to go on a rant. >> they said, i just wanted to hear the concert but they respected his right to speak out. >> it's good to hear other young people saying, you should register and vote. >> another big take away, kanye west, 2020. >> if you say so, alex.
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keeping san francisco a sanctuary city, a $5 million plan to keep undocumented immigrants from being deported. first. >> this taught me how to be a man. >> i am impressed and blown away by his positive attitude. >> this story will make you smile and cry, an yier high school football player who is an inspiration on and off the field. what he hopes the future holds. >> san francisco, not too bad. 101 north and south looks good. we have more about the commutes when we come back. >> if you do not like the cold, we will have nice weather later today but it looks like a rainy weekend. more on that coming up. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. welcome back to mornings on two, tonight, dozens of people in santa rosa will be sleeping in cord board boxes outside of a youth homeless shelter. it's called one cold night, it's an event designed to help raise money for homeless youth organizations. there is a similar sleep over in oakland supporting young
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homeless people tonight. bozs of people are expected to sleep on the streez -- dozens of people are expected to sleep on the streets to raise money for homeless youth. we have an inspirational story. this young boy says he has learned to cope. his father was never in the picture. his older brother was shot and killed, his mother suffered with drug addictions and died last year. now he plays football and he is doing great. >> i am impressed by his positive attitude and his no excuses approach to life and
6:45 am
his strength. >> i want to be a man, i want to look up and say, mom, i did it. >> he said a college education is important to fulfilling his goal, to provide for his family one day, he and his teammates will be playing in the playoffs tomorrow. but he is already a winner. >> he is a great young man, i wish him well. >> lets see what is coming up on the next hour of mornings on two. we have been following the disappearance of a northern california mother. she never came home after heading out for a jog. now an anonymous donor is offering a $50,000 ransom for her safe return. also, filed this next story
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under yuck. we show you what researchers found when they took scwabs from atm's in new york city. -- swabs from atm's in new york city. >> stick with us, i am so excited for our guest. nene leaks is here. she is joining us on the set in a few minutes. >> very exciting. it's a bay area tradition. the 119th stanford game again
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cal. >> they are hoping for an upset. >> are you going to be able to go to the game, sal? >> no, because i like watching football, these days, from my spacious castle. >> with a frosty bench that i -- beverage that i can go to my frifer and get. -- frifer refrigerator and -- refrigerator and get. >> this is a look at the bay bridge, it's perfect. about a 20 minute delay at the toll plaza. this is 880, it disng look booed.
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-- does not look bad. they are playing in mexico. this is the marin county commute. we had slow traffic on 80 westbound as you head to the macarthur maze. >> tomorrow, for the big game, there is a very good chance that it's going to be raining. you are wise to stay in your man cave. >> that's why i am staying home. we have a rainy forecast, maybe the initial band will go through and you get a mix of clouds and rain. there is rain in the area for sure. napa valley chick. here's a tweet from her. brrr. 34 at the airport.
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30 ts30 -- 30s for some, 40s for others. some areas are on the mild side. others cold. snow in the sierras tomorrow. everything is lifting north ward. we are getting a south wind in advance of the system. that gives us the milder weather today. the lows are holding here. temperatures on the peninsula, 35, wood side, 35, menlo park. 45. 40s around san carlos and san mateo. 18 in truckie. if you are heading to take tahoe, today is the best day, by far. snow is around 6,000 feet. it might go up sunday as the
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system heads to southern california. this is our system, it's poised to move in late tonight on the north coast and overnight for every. it's a steady rain producer for everyone. the system might stall out. if it does, it will rain and rain and rain. the system is looking like it may stall towards the santa cruz mountains. by saturday afternoon, it makes it to the south by, then it makes it to monterey by sunday. so pretty good rain on tap for the next few days after today. so most 60s today with a southeasterly breeze. wind and rain move in saturday and sunday.
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a break monday and tuesday. >> i wept to the san francisco opera last night. i met a lot of your fans. sal, tremendous people, it was a tremendous performance. i just enjoyed it. >> yes. so dave, you did not get much sleep last night? >> i didn't. it was wonderful. apple is exploring something new, it has nothing to do with its products. in 20 minutes, the indication apple may move it's overseas production here to the united states. >> first, a dispute over a new vineyard in napa. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. prince was controversial at one point. he even changed his name to a symbol at one point. some people have tweeted some other controversial artists. like elvis. we are listening to
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controversial artists today. send us your picks at ktvu fox news on twitter. president elect donald trump has repletedly threatened to repeal and replace obama care. now supporters of covered california are looking for ways to protect the health insurance program. yesterday, the covered california board met, the board's director tried to ease the fears of as many as 5 million people in the state that might be effected if obama care is repealed. >> the sawns dis have been given, the contracts are binding between us and covered california and nationally.
6:56 am
>> covered california supporters are relieved that president elect donald trump is backing off a bit. he said he could keep key parts of obama care. coming up, the executive director of covered california will be talking to pam cook live. >> i am looking for your questions on my facebook page. the oakland a's are fielding a new team with new hopes for a new ballpark. lew wolff is stepping down and selling his stake in the team to the other eveners. -- owners. the new owners want to build a
6:57 am
new stadium in oakland. the board of super visors for napa valley will hear a dispute between environmental groups and a vineyard. >> they just wanted to chop down 15,000 trees in a remote region. >> the county has studied every possible environmental impact, trees, plans, wildlife. they concluded that the project will have no significant impact. >> no matter what the board decides. we are told that the dispute will likely end up before a judge. >> it's 6:57. reports of hate crimes are on the rise. up next, the hot line one city is opening up again to help
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victims. >> the two new additions we are hearing about president elect donald trump's cabinet. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break ♪ music: it's a small world after all ♪
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good morning. several disturbing incidents reported. the hate crime hotline, that all city was getting ready to reactivate. a formal rival is being considered. the latest on donald trump's efforts to fill his cabinet. this and more as mornings on to continue. a very cold friday morning, november 18. >> it is chilly. thank you for joining us. steve is joining us he's right over here with your forecast. >> some it's cold, others are not too bad. and, it just depends, the big game with today, i'd say that that was perfect. tomorrow does look cloudy with rain in the area. and cost i would plan on that. then, napa airport, i have seen 33. and, half m


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