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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  November 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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block of foam flows out of an airplane hangar to a santa clara street. >> the four on two starts now. >> take a look at that again. a man completely disappears as he paddles into a wall of foam on a santa clara street. >> welcome. >> it looks like snow. the mystery surrounding the giant glob has been found. >> what made to this strange and entertaining glob. >> you can see there is bits of foam whipping around and this is nothing compared to what it looked like a few hours ago. the foam filled an airplane hangar and flowed out of the building. coating an entire city block. at least 10 feet high in
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places. undulating and came from singlelar flight support. a system malfunctioned. it is an environmental hazard and that it can be irritant and carcinogen and it did not stop that biker from going in. >> we are on the other side and the officers are like you should ride through. you don't mind? and we decided to do it. >> i couldn't see anything. >> in the middle, like 10 feet tall. >> police roped it off. clean-up crews used a defoaming agent and sucked the rest up. even after all of this fire
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officials have never seen anything like it and we have crews out here and going around spraying down the foam as we speak but it is nothing, nothing compared to what it was like awhile ago. we will send it back to you, guys. ann reuben. we have much more from the sea of foam. head to to see it all. >> now to the gorgeous fall weather and a spectacular day. especially if you take a look at this shot. so pretty looking out over the oakland estuary. today's blue skies will make ways for weekend rain for a look at what to expect. let's go to our meteorologist mark da mayo. a great day and lots of sunshine. temperatures on the comfortable side this afternoon but we are expecting a big change. first thing saturday morning. it may wake wake you up and a
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dose of winds with the front. with that it picks up first thing. we have a wind advisory. up towards cape man a sindo and sliding to the south. beautiful out there for your friday afternoon heading to the evening. you can see looking out towards alcatraz and the golden gate bridge. we have a storm to talk about and rainfall. most areas will fall within the range. half an inch and a wind advisory tomorrow morning for the coast and bay shoreline and the higher terrain and winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. and the sierra, they have a winter weather advisory to talk about especially about 6500 feet and talking about snowfall. here is the deal for tomorrow. the winds, they will be ramping up and typical in advance of a system. the wind advisory in place from saturday from 3:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. a 12-hour period for tomorrow and the strongest winds will be
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first thing tomorrow morning. 10:00 news. bill martin will show you rainfall approaching parts of the north bay and here is what we are expecting tonight and into saturday morning. four a.m. moderate to heavy rain for the bay area. still a factor at 8:00 and a few changes setting up later in the day. breaks in the action. looking like the possibility of scattered showers for your saturday afternoon and some more showers to talk about for sunday. an we will talk about that more in a few minutes. one person is dead after a small plane crashed into a house in moss beach near the half-moon bay airport. >> we are live at the scene where a second person was also injured. >> well, ted and heather, i want to show you the scene. you can see the plane crashed and part of the wing is still there. i want to show you how close the plane crashed to the airport. we were told that plane was headed to the half-moon bay airport that is just off here to the left. the runway is right there and seeing planes coming in and out
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all day. they were several hundred feet away from the airport before they crashed. getting back overhear. it looks, what we know is that the single engine cessna lost control trying to land at the airport there. and now the plane first clipped the edge of the house and it hit the utility truck and then it looks like it skidded into the garage where the plane landed. a pilot and his wife were on board. one person has died and another air lift to the hospital. no one on the ground was injured and neighbors that heard the crash described what it sounded like. >> i heard a noise which i know now is the airplane wreck and strange. it was like crunching metal and it sounded like a car wreck except it was longer than that. >> neighbors i spoke with say they know the couple that lived inside the home there where the plane crashed. they say they don't believe they were home at the time. we are still working to find
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out who was on the plane and exactly how it crashed under the faa and the ntsb is investigating. i want to point out a couple of minutes ago. we spoke with a man that saw the plane crash and went in to help the people involved. we will hear from him coming up at five. back to you guys. we know the identity of a man accused of trying to gun down two san jose police officers. early thursday morning. officers with the response team arrested 0 year-old luiz soriano at his home. the admitted gang member fired multiple rounds at two gang officers as they patrol lubee avenue on sunday night. didn't have time to return fire it happened so quickly and so it was absolutely a close call. >> very close. unbelievably close. we are lucky we did not lose an officer on sunday night. >> soriano is charged with two
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counts of attempted murder of a peace officer and violating his parole. the two officers targeted were not hit or hurt and returned to work after sunday's incident. investigators don't know what provoked it. >> an oakland officer accused of misconduct with the bay area police scandal will not be charged. reed todd utoa searched a criminal base without basis. attorney nancy o'malley announced that he would be among 7 current or former law enforcement law enforcement officers that would be charged for alleged misconduct involving jasmine abunla. a spokesperson for o'malley says they won't be pursuing charges against him. the da should not have announced the charges unless she knew she could back them up some say. >> you should know at the outset, the announcement of a prosecution against a police
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officer is hurtful to their reputation and to their career. >> utoa is still employed by the police department. the contra costa police department have declined to file charges. we are learning about a crash in san leandro. an elderly man were hit head on by the suspect and fighting for their lives. they were driving a pruis and a nissan crashed into them. the man driving the prees is in critical condition and his wife is stage condition. a man fired back at a second vehicle that investigators are still trying to find. >> the people that were hit, it is tragic, it is scary. our thoughts and prayers are with the family. >> the gun battle began near foothill boulevard near interstate 580 and police say they need the public's help and
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would love to see surveillance video to confirm what happened before the collision. turning now to politics, the trump administration is taking shape with the president- elect donald trump name is his choices for cia director and national security advisor. joe waldman has the names and reactions. reporter: president-elect donald trump announcing three more top level positions. selecting kansas congressman mike pompeo to lead the ceo and jeff sessions for attorney general. retired lieutenant governor michael flynn is being asked to serve as security advisor and trump is set to meet with mitt romney about a possible role as secretary of state. >> mitt romney is a job creator, an american success story and knows a lot about the world. >> democratic massachusetts senator elizabeth warren and big mr. trump critic using the romney meeting to take a swipe at the two while pushing for
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more female cabinet contenders. warren tweeting governor romney when you are meeting with donald trump, maybe you can bring your binders full of women with you. and new york city mayor bill de blasio met with mr. trump and voiced concerns from tax breaks for the rich to fear of deportations. today talking about security concerns in midtown manhattan as president-elect donald trump has made it clear that he plans to spend a lot of time in trump tower. we are devoted to making sure that the city will keep moving. this is a big challenge and unprecedented challenge. we know that and we are committed to making it work. >> speaking of potential female cabinet members. chancellor michelle wyi is set to meet with donald trump about a possible secretary of education commission. joe waldman. fox news. you took away my worse, my
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privacy. my energy. an emotional sharon stone reading an open letter made famous in the brock turner sexual assault case aimed at educating college students. students continue to protest the election results. we talk to eric flogwell that returned to his al alma mater
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to hear.
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march against racist policies with donald trump that spoke with the mayor there that was marching with the students. she said she supports the demonstrations as a way for the students to peacefully protest and she says she urged all of her students who are under age to register to vote when they turn 18. east palo alto one of schools that have had walkouts as of late. joining me now is congressman eric swaledwell and you were at your alma matter talking to students. what did you hear. >> i wanted to go to a high school where my values were formed and i went there and had a round table with students about what their fears and concerns are. you heard a lot of anxiety. the sense that they are powerless because they weren't able to vote, most of them and also wanted to tell them that they are not powerless, there is a lot they can do.
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organizations that they can join and registering to vote in 2018, midterm elections and the future of making sure that they spread quality and opportunity rather than bigotry and hate. >> it is amazing how young people have reacted around the country. a lot of times we think the kids are not paying attention and you saw something different today. >> amazing. i graduated there in 1999 and had nothing close to the access to information that they have and they talked about that. what they saw on social media and this generation, the largest generation in america, the most educated and the most diverse. people today were telling me that they have heard family members talk about the fear of being deported or people being targeted because of what religion they practice. so when donald trump has talked about deporting mexicans or illegal immigrants they know. >> do you help with the fears
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and say let's wait and see and don't jump to conclusions. this is a message that is not really coming out as much. >> i always tell people, you have to take someone at their word and prepare. we are not powerless. we have a president that can stand up and an organization that can defend immigrants and moslem americans. i am looking forward to going back to washington d.c. and not just agonizenizing and putting everything that i have and what the people in the district have to shape it. >> you did spend the week in dc, what was the climate. >> they were reorganizing and 6 million people did not vote this time around and did in 2012, what can we do to make them believe to be part of the future and reaching out to working class folks in
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pennsylvania, michigan and ohio and wisconsin. i think that has to be looked at and also knowing that what donald trump has put forward so far. he has put in a white nationalist as a senior advisor in the white house and he has put in somebody in senator sessions that could not get confirmed for being a judge because of bigoted views he had in the past and put in michael flynn. there's a fight ahead. there are opportunities if donald trump is sincere in wanting to improve infrastructure if he is sincere in wanting to reform campaign finance funding. that we can try to work with him. if he is going to roll back the progress that we have made in the last 8 years that i and the students will be behind me and up for a fight. >> nancy pelosi, should there be a change in leadership. >> no. i have seen, she has developed me and many other younger members to step up. i lead future forum and 25 of
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the youngest house members and she chartered that group and on the intelligence committee she put three of us on that committee in our second term in congress. a lot of trust in us and we need an experienced hand to match the most inexperienced person to be at the white house but with new energy behind her. thanks, eric. heather. if you read the letter, even portions of it, you were most likely moved. sharon stone was moved to tears when reading the letter written by the victim in a high profile stanford sexual assault case.
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hollywood actress sharon stone addresses sexual assault on college campuses. >> she attended a conference put together in the aftermath of a case against brock turner. the stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault. >> and as we learn it is an emotional reading. >> you took away my worse, my privacy. my energy. my time, my safety, my intimacy. my confidence. my own voice. >> actress sharon stone read what was known to the word as emily dough. the victim that was sexual assaulted. >> i didn't know what was in
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it. i didn't want my body if it had been contaminated. i wanted to take off my body like a jacket and leave it at the hospital with everything else. >> in the audience were students and teachers and others and addressed how sexual assault is handled. one in five women will be a victim while in college. there were stories of rape cases that were mishandled. >> the university never contacted the survivors to interview them. there was no effort made to secure evidence and the women never received updates. >> spear recounted a case where the victim was told to buy sneakers in case she encountered him again. >> another was told to take off school because the alleged
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rapist had a year left to graduate. >> this is to make sure that the next emily dough is supported. >> there is a big thing on college campuses for this, to get the word out. an issue that all campuses are dealing with on campus and off campus houses. it definitely needs to be talked about. >> data from the sexual violence center shows that 90% of victims don't report the crime and stone talked to students briefly. >> for a long time women have not been heard on this subject and it is a long time coming. so there are many emily doughs, many women that have not been heard and we need to change the culture and the law on the way that these cases are considered. >> the santa clara district attorney general hopes that the colleges will work together to
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protect victims and be on the same page when investigating sexual assault cases. hate crimes on the rise in san francisco. coming up, what the city is doing to provide a safe environment for its residents. and deportation concerns increasing, the actions now being taken by college administrators to try to calm the fears as those students in the country are illegally here
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. san francisco police say hate crimes in the city are on the rise. cristina rendon met with the district attorney general that is reminding everyone to call the hotline if they are a victim. >> san francisco police are investigating the city's latest reported hate crime. >> there was some racist graffiti that was spray painted in the bay view district and investigating it. >> officers have a suspect in custody and say that incidents like this are on the rise. >> we are up 10% compared to last year and we are not at the end of the year yet. so it is a concern for the police department and for the community. >> district attorney george gaston says it is a disturbing trend. >> the fear in our community is real. we are are now seeing moslem americans that are fearful of walking in the streets.
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>> the district attorney's office is publicizing the hotline numbers to call so they can be investigated immediately. >> the area code is (415)551- 9595. >> members of san francisco's human rights commission says the issues hit home for community throughout the city. >> this is personal to me. i am a professional. i don't work a job. but i worry about my sisters that do, my nieces nephews. >> the hotline for san francisco police by the way, the tip line is (415)575-4444. >> donald trump has repeatedly threatened to repeal the
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affordable health care. people in california are looking for ways to protect the health insurance program. the board met yesterday. the director tried to ease the fears of people in california that may be affected if the affordable health care is repealed. the director of covered california, pete lee is urging everyone that wants coverage to go ahead and sign. >> we have 1.4 million people that have insurance and want to make sure they will have it tomorrow. they will have it. change in washington takes time. it doesn't happen overnight and president-elect donald trump has said there's no repeal without replace. that is not easy. this is a big law serving 20 million americans across the country. >> lee also says he is relieved that the president has backed off and for children to remain on the health care plan until
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26. ensuring that undocumented students are safe from deportation. fox reports on how campuses are getting ready. >> students on campus at sack state have a lot to worry about. exams and papers and what they don't have to worry about is their immigration status. >> it is safe for undocumented students. >> system wide the chancellor of the cs youth have instructed police departments not to owner requests from the federal government to put people on immigration holds and not to arrest anyone on suspicions. >> there is no shift and we are following the policies that we have always follow and don't arrest undocumented students and not going to arrest undocumented students and we don't support turning over undocumented students. >> it is the same in the city of sacramento. which became a sanctuary city
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by resolution. back in 1985. >> we will work with the new president and we will fight him where we must and when it comes to assuring people in our community, the dreamers, the hard-working people. we will stan with you. >> whether you like the idea of sanctuary or you don't. the reality in sacramento it stops at the front door of the county jail. >> in a statement sheriff jones reiterated his policy on sanctuary, saying the sheriff deputies don serve as immigration enforcement themselves. they do cooperate with their "ice partners" and they do allow them to carry out the mission in the county jail. bear in mind the county jail is the only jail in the area. that's where everyone that is arrested here goes. whether they are arrested in sacramento county, on campus at sack state or in the city of
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sacramento. sheriff jones goes onto say that "whether or not the city of sacramento represents itself as a sanctuary city has no bearing on this cooperation." >> we will have to sit down and talk about this and as a city we will do everything we can to reassure people to protect people and work with sacramento state. >> and california lieutenant governor galvin newsome praising cal state hoping that they will take similar steps. >> a warning about the potentially dangerous situation with the wet weather. mostly clear skies now and beautiful looking towards the golden gate and heavy rain for the week and we will break that down and talk about strong gusty winds and a advisory and
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a forecast for the big game. this portion of fox 2 news is sponsored by dodge. visit your local dealer.
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all right. with rain in the weekend forecast and winter not far behind. there are concerns about fast moving water and those tempted to jump in. joining me now to talk more about the potential dangers is tim jensen from the flood district. thanks so much for joining us. we are expected to have a wet
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weekend. what is it about rain that concerns you most. >> the concern is that the kids would look at a creek or flood channel and say that is a good place to go in and have fun and raft down the stream and my friends would pick me up and it is really a lot more dangerous than it looks. >> i reported on a story back in 2011, two teens from walnut creek. a rain swollen canal and thought it would be fun to raft down and unfortunately they both died. >> that was a tragedy and we have been working hard since then so it doesn't happen again. we have been doing communication and outreach. >> is that what you think is key? >> we had community events and public input from various members of the public and school board, et cetera and they were recommending that we get the message to the kids in the middle grades. we do have signs. we do have fences. we do send out bulletins but going to the campuses and
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talking to the kids seems to be the most effective way. >> if memory serves me right. i believe that these two youngsters had accessed that canal, that stream, if you will through someone's private property. >> yes. there has been a discussion about putting up more fences and trying to prevent kids from going in and it is almost impossible. some of the entryways to the flood control channels would be a creek in someone's backyard or a bridge over it. it is almost impossible. >> i sort of think when i am driving and i see -- water, standing water on the roadway and some of us, adults, we misgauge. i can understand how a teen might look at this and say this looks fun but there is a real danger lurking there just as an adult driving through standing water. you don't know how deep it is and you know such and such, there are obviously all sorts of issues to come up. correct. >> so what happens when the water gets up to about two to three feet deep and starts to
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go fast because it is a smooth concrete bottom. you can standup and you can't swim and when you are in a raft it will topple the raft or pop it. there is debris and the water is cold. in a few minutes you will be cold and struggling to stay afloat. >> if there was anything good to come out of that, you and i can't recall anything happening. final thoughts to any parents out there who are watching. what would you encourage them to do with their kids? >> i would encourage you to educate yourself about the creeks and the flood control panels in your area and tell the kids that is not a safe place to play and also to contact the stay alive campaign at creek and channel safety dot com and we have information for parents and school administrators and we are happy to share with them. >> all right.
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let's hope that this winter season is a safe one. thanks for talking with us. let's go over to mark tamayo. always a concern when we get rain. >> that's a reminder because vee have not had a significant rainfall in november. october is productive and this week end we are not talking about light showers. a good dose of rain tomorrow morning. as an active weather pattern sets up. you can see outside, right now taking a look at the forecast, rain returns as we head to your saturday forecast but the heaviest rainfall to be focused to the north and the north coast and you can see right now they are picking up rainfall towards cape man na sino and eureka. they can pick up maybe 6 to 10- inches and used to the rainfall and some strong gusty winds. as far as the bay area. mostly clear skies and temperatures a nice afternoon setting up a nice evening as well. 60s to the upper 60s as well.
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here is the live camera looking out towards san francisco bay and, of course, the big game coming up for tomorrow. we will talk about the forecast. right now in fact occasional showers and plenty of breaks and the focus of the heavy rainfall before kickoff and to the afternoon hours, maybe a passing shower or two but it will not be a wash out. at least that's the thinking. rainfall expectations right through the weekend. you can see the south bay a half-inch to two-and-a-half inches for the north bay coastal hills and significant rainfall for the santa cruz mountains. this will be a snow producer in the sierra. they have this. a winter weather advisory in place. snowfall coo be around five to ten inches and snow levels 6000. this is good news. not extremely cold snow and they will get snowfall especially at pass levels where i think they will go up to the
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80s. >> saturday rain and into sunday. winds will be ramping up. we talked about the wind advisory for the coast. the bay shoreline and for the hills for tomorrow. if your saturday winds could be over 40 miles per hour. and gusting over 40 miles per hour. occasional showers in the afternoon and that will be the deal as we head to sunday as well. tonight probably some rainfall beginning to move into the north bay and then here we go tomorrow morning. five a.m. this may wake you up. winds picking up as well. topping 40 miles per hour. here is saturday 8:00 a.m. and you will notice more breaks. maybe a chance to get outside in the afternoon. and still can't guarantee a dry forecast but a few pop-up showers throughout the day on saturday and same deal for sunday. passing showers by monday morning and in late the afternoon. and there is a slight chance of a few thunderstorms popping up as we get cool unstable air for the bay area. >> temperatures tomorrow.
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low 60s. morning rain. you can count on that and scattered occasional showers for the afternoon hours. and here is a look ahead. the five-day forecast and the rain cloud for tomorrow and sunday. a lingering chance for monday morning and partly cloudy skies on tuesday and a big shower on wednesday. does not appear to be too major. but good news if you want to get outside. i think you probable can. it is just tomorrow morning. that will be the challenge with the dose of rainfall and still on and off showers. planning to go to union square to do shopping. saturday or sunday? saturday or sunday. >> i am feeling the pressure. thanks, mark. speaking of union square. holiday tradition returns when the macy's holiday windows unvialed. the spca teams up with macy's
4:43 pm
to show off adoptable dogs and cats. and 9000 animals have found forever homes and this marks the 30th year of the tradition. it happens in just about 15 minutes at 5:00 in front of the windows at the corner of stockton and o'faral street. if you are looking to get in the holiday spirit. rosemary orozco has those details. >> heading to your week and here are a few items happening around the bay. pier 39 annual tree lighting ceremony on saturday. live entertainment and with the tree lighting ceremony at 6:00 and the tree lights up nightly. san francisco auto show gets under way. the 59th year for the san francisco chronicle show. it will be held at the must coney center. eat, drink and be entertained
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while shopping for the perfect holiday gift. the fair runs five weekends. in pleasantton. a holiday stroll. local breweries and restaurants. get your tickets on main street. the fair runs saturday and sunday from ten to far at great america park way. come to be part of a longstanding napa holiday tradition at the holiday fare featuring 80 local artists and gourmet foods, saturday at napa valley expo. 9ers play at home and warriors and raiders and sharks away. i'm rosemary orozco and that's your weekend watch. frank joins us with a live look for the ktvu at five. ted, coming up at five. a running gun battle on city streets ended with a head-on
4:45 pm
crash in san leandro. police are closing in on an suv that was involved in the shootout. and the foam. yeah. the best video of the day. a foam blog gobbled up this. one brave bike rider rode into it. and the crews making sure it does not run into open water. coming up next on the four on two as we ramp up for the holidays. many are heading out of town. a look at holiday travel coming up after the break.
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a bay area football player is
4:48 pm
called an inspiration. his coach and teachers reached out to us rather to help share his story. >> ktvu amberly met with the 17- year-old at practice last night and he says he is playing to win and not just on the football feel. >> let's go. >> i like that. there is a lot of physical contact and it is like sport warrior basically. >> kyle mcelroy tackles life the same way he plays football and has faced many obstacles off of the field. >> stay calm under situations and taught me how to be a man about bigger things and everything will not go your way and everything is not about you. >> press that line. >> and kyle plays safety for the livermore cowboys and hoping to lead the team to its first playoff. >> mcky is a leader. >> and does it without a hint of the troubles at home. his father was never in the
4:49 pm
picture and his mother struggles with drug addiction. in october of 2010, mcky's older brother larry was shot and kill in berkeley where the family was living at the time. >> we live in the house to where it was filthy and not a lot of food. >> mcky left and his mother died last year. >> no matter my situation i know she loved me and tried her hardest. >> sadness that his mother did not see to graduate high school and see him do that. he wears her locket. there was a trust fund started for mcky. >> i am inspired by this kid. >> it has paid for mcky's braces and with the goal of paying for his education. >> i am impressed anapolon away by his positive attitudes and
4:50 pm
his no excuses to approach to life and his overall fortitude. >> mcky says a college education is important to fulfilling his all goal and being able to provide for his family. he says he wants to be the husband his mother never had and the father he wished he had. >> yes, i want to be a man. i want to smile and tell stories to my kids and say momma i did it. >> despite the hardships mcky is grateful for the people in his life. including his coaches, teammates. >> amberly, fox 2 news. inspiration, am i right? cool kid. >> thanksgiving is speaking up on us but officials at oakland airport are getting ready. the airport projects 4 17,000 passengers will come through oakland. that is an increase of eight percent compared to last year. we caught up with a family from texas that flew in to the bay area to spend thanksgiving week
4:51 pm
with relatives. >> get here now versus next week. yes. >> because you were expecting next week to be crazy. >> yes. >> so we are happy to be here and happy to enjoy the bay area for a week. >> the line will be back here because that is usually what happens. but hopefully i am a prescreen precheck and can go to the front. >> i am not the most punctual person so i am concerned. >> san jose international expecting an increase in passengers for thanksgiving and anticipating a 15% jump in traffic. >> during the busy travel time we want to encourage people to arrive early and check in with their airlines for any delays or things of that nature and to give themselves about two hours of cushion and three hours for international flights. >> do you think most people do
4:52 pm
that realistically. >> the smart ones do. >> the busiest days before thanksgiving and the sunday and monday following. >> a human sign in berkeley. a group of people came together to form the sign saying the goal is to bring people together and celebrate berkeley's positive values in the wake of a divisive presidential election. >> we wanted to come out here and have a positive public expression of our love for each other and the great things that we will do here in this community. whatever happens at the national level. >> lots of people came out to make it happen. the gathering was at berkeley civic center park and there was music and food and many people encouraged to wear tied dye. >> kanye west surprised fans when he deviated from his performance to talk politics. >> that's the woman saying i
4:53 pm
love you after i just said that there were things that i liked about trump's campaign. >> that's not supposed to happen, right? >> all right. the fans say the wrapper stop the music more than a dozen times to voice his thoughts. he said if he had voted, again, if he had voted, he would have voted for donald trump. that drew a mixed react from the audience and some applauded many others booed. >> talking about politics and we will take a vote. >> hillary. >> i was discouraged. >> i went to the oakland show and i had an amazing time and so i decided to spend my time here and come to the show and all i heard was banter about politics that to me didn't make sense. >> a kanye west and his life kim kardashian have been
4:54 pm
supporters of donald trump. west also contributed to hillary clinton's campaign. a battle rages on in iraq. an update on the fight in mosel how forces progress on the city. this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by your bay area honda dealers.
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health organizations is releasing news about the zika
4:57 pm
virus. the organization is shifting their focus to a longer term approach on the virus. they believe zika virus remains a significant threat for the long term. nearly 30 country have reported health defects. more than 30 systems of nervous formations have been related to the virus and that is brazil along. in mosel the fortunes are speaking advancing through the eastern part of the city and trying to tighten their grip. >> iraqi special forces are continuing their push deeper into eastern mosel a day after halting their advance due to poor visibility. officials have taken back two more districts despite a fierce counterattacks.
4:58 pm
and they will speed up the operation as soon as reinforcements arrive. >> after the arrival of the troops they will hold the districts and this will speed up and push forward the operation. >> the number of civilians liberated continues to grow. most being transported to un and refugee centers giving the world a first hand account under isis rule. >> mourners falling and no running water and electricity. >> isis ordered us to cover our faces. >> secretary of state john kerry working with coalition partners trying to coordinate efforts to stop isis fighters from fleeing the city and crossing the border. but turkey a key alli may not cooperate. >> we want coalition efforts to
4:59 pm
be aligned. >> kurdish commanders say it will take several months before the city is fully liberated. >> fox news at five starts now. a giant block of white foam fills more than a city block. at the san jose airport. the expansive foam getting bigger and bigger and eventually a man decided to ride his bike into it. >> i couldn't see anything. in the middle it is 10 feet tall. i tried to stand up to see where i was going. >> good evening. i'm heather holmes in for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. the fire retardant spilled out of an airport hangar and it got
5:00 pm
bigger and bigger. ann reuben has been at the scene. what happened here. >> this is foam to put out airplane fires but today there was none. a spokesperson says there is no idea why the system went off. >> a site to be behold. >> filling a city block. over the course of the afternoon undulated like tumble weed and whipped up to tornadoes. >> at the beginning it filled the building up and it started to flow. >> it came from hangar in san jose. a spokesperson called it a malfunction of their fire suppression system. those at neighboring businesses watched as the foam flowed up to their doors. >> i called everyone up to check this


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