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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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nature is cooperating for air travelers. there are no big storms blowing into any major airports. you can also download the mytsa app to get wait times at security stations. sfo says you should get to the airport two hours before your flight. and sfo would like it if you dropped people off at their kiss and fly area at the rental star station to avoid holding people up at the terminals: back on the ground more people are expected to drive out of here this weekend. and if you're seeking snow, you need to head to tahoe. >>mother nature's been treating tahoe very, very well this year, nice, wet october, november-average november -- above-average november this year. 6 to 9 inches depending where you are down here at heavenly. over at north star as well. guys, this is, like -- this is some good stuff [ laughter ]
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>> reporter: the auburn journal reports all major lake tahoe resorts will be open by saturday. three more snowstorms are on track for the slopes. snow chains are required traveling on i-80 and eastbound traffic is currently held up because of multiple spin-outs. cal trans has an open travel window now through friday, but a new snowstorm is expected friday evening in tahoe. so be prepared for possible road restrictions. and then all of the travel headaches when everyone decides to come home on the exact same day, sunday. >>all right, leigh, thank you. and to the weather now another storm expected to arrive in the bay area just in time for black friday. as you can see a system is brewing and it is heading our way. chief meteorologist bill martin is watching it, bill. >>we've got weather on the way for sure. and we're lucky that what happened last night didn't show up this afternoon. there are people fleeing the bay area for the mountains or coming in from other places and the traffic is going on.
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we've got dry roads out there now. we've got dry weather out there now. we got up to a quarter inch, half inch of rain in some places last night. it happened after about 10 until about 2 and then it was done. the story will be the next a couple of mornings especially tomorrow will be the fog. we could easily see a dense fog advisory in the valley. temperatures right now are in the 50s. that's where they were all day. what a beautiful afternoon of it's turned out to be. and your thursday, thanksgiving day looks pretty nice. we're sandwiched in between weather systems. tomorrow will be nice but -- frank, seat turkey [ laughter ] >>i like that it's alive because i'm a vegetarian. >>i do too. >>i like how it wiggles its behind.
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>>so, anyway, we are between stories. tomorrow's muddy he and then friday night we get back into the rain. friday night we get into rain and showers and snow in the mountains. i'll see you back in just a minute. a police officer from wayne state university in detroit died this afternoon after being shot last night. police say officer colin rose was responding to a report of car break-ins near wayne state when he was shot but authorities do not believe that he was ambushed or targeted because of his uniform. he worked with the k 9 unit and had been with the department five years. this is some recent video of the officer. wayne state's police chief says his parents and fiancie were by his side at the hospital. a suspect has been arrested but hasn't been charged. it is a shooting like that one in detroit yesterday that has the san jose police union releasing a controversial public campaign to support the rank and file. ktvu's south bay reporter is live now with more on the lengths taken bit police officer's association to
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influence hearts and minds. jesse. >> reporter: julie, they started with a social media campaign and video entitled blue lives matter. the golf this is to start national conversation around -- the goal of this is to start a national conversation around the thanksgiving table tomorrow that the lives of police officers do matter. this is after 56 so far have been targeted and killed this year so far. two bay area police officers targeted, shot at in an unprovoked attack. >>the video asks where's the social outrage when a peace officer is killed. it shows scenes from recent news coverage of the attempted double murder two of gang unit officers november 13th. investigators say 20-year-old lewis sariano fired two to three rounds at the paras they approached a group of men. they say his targeting of the law men was unprovoked and is proof of a cultural shift
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that threatens the lives of people who take the oath to serve and protect the community. >>i think it's been building for not just within our poa, but within many associations and many communities for some time. when we start to see the violence and antepolice movement and officers are getting slaughtered. >> reporter: we walked the streets in san jose reporting the poa message and showing the organization's video. here's some reaction from some of the people we talked to. >>i think we need to continue to raise awareness around the issue that is both sides, that policing is a very dangerous job, and we need to continue to raise awareness around that, and continue to have the conversation of what we can do to improve the streets and make things better and make things safe for both sides. >>while i don't want to say that the blue lives matter movement is not an issue, the fact that
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they're using the black lives movement as a tool in their own regard is something i don't actually find beneficial to the issue itself. >> reporter: we found similar comments on the ktvu facebook page with a if he of the day: what do you think of the san jose police officer's association message of blue lives matter? mr. cruz writes," people are tired of being harassed, profiled, incarcerated and shot just because you're a police officer does not give you the right to violate people's rights. this is a national story." and ms. harrington says," now that people are fed up and have lost respect for all police departments across the country, now they want to focus on all lives.." we reached out to black lives matter to get comment from them. we were told they were not available.
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but coming up at 6 we'll have comments from one prominent civil rights attorney coming up at 6. live in the san jose bureau, ktvu fox 2 news. >>there probably can't be enough raising awareness. thank you. tonight authorities are looking into the background of a man who threatened to blow up a southwest airlines plane at the oakland airport. authorities arrested 32-year-old arrestpin shaw from maryland after the -- arpin shaw from maryland yesterday. they say he started ranting he was going to blow up the plane. the pilot returned to the gate and passengers were deboarded and then they thoroughly searched the plane. nothing was found. shaw is expected to face criminal threat charges. the. the chp is trying to figure out why a woman was walking on i-880 this morning when she was hit and killed. this is video a viewer sent us using our app.
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all northbound lanes were closed about 3 hours and traffic backed up for miles. the chp says the woman was sit several times. her name hasn't been released. investigators are urging anyone who saw what happened to give them a call. uc berkeley police are investigating a report of a sexual assault on a male student. it reportedly happened about 1:30 yesterday in a coop housing unit affiliated with the university. the 20-year-old says he was assaulted by a man who he met up with after exchanging messages on the internet. the suspect is described as black, about 5 feet 9 with a muscular build, dread locks, and a goatee. he was last seen wearing a sweatshirt and black or blue sweat pants. santa clara city leaders have approved a plan to take the first steps to take over management of levi stadium. council voted last night to issue a 30-day warning letter to the 49ers. the city is threatening to take control of the stadium unless the 49ers
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hand over financial documents about their management of levi. the city claims that city money may have been used to subsidize expenses for nfl games with the money mainly going to pay for staff time for police. if that's true, it would violate a voter-approved initiative protecting the sty general fund. >>and at this point -- protecting the city's general fund. >>we are supposed to be making decisions about the stadium and we haven't seen a single document that's required in this document in 2 1/2 years. >>the issue at hand is not whether or not they can see t they can see it. we can debate t the issue is whether or not to make these public record. >>the team says if those financial records are made public it could hurt their ability to book events like concerts or other sporting events. oakland raiders owner told governor of nevada this weekend that he is committed to moving his team there despite some efforts to keep them in the bay
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area. the city has agreed on the framework to build a new stadium here. the raiders are not involved in the project. the city is working with a development team led my raiders and 49ers great ronnie lott. >>numerous groups have made proposals. this is the we are fun that she has taken to the council. -- this is the first one that she has taken to the -- that she has taken to the council. >>they held separate meetings yesterday to discuss the proposal. a talented musician shot and killed in the east bay. what we're learning about the victim and why police say this was a hate crime. up next efforts to combat hate crimes in san francisco, how officials are coming together in hopes of stopping the hate. and president-elect donald trump adding more members to his cabinet including two women. we'll tell you who they are and how they'll be serving our country.
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president elect trump addressed the nation via youtube ahead of the thanksgiving we can. he called on people to heal their divisions and move forward as one country. >> it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. in america is unified there is nothing beyond our reach. >> mr. trump is spending the weekend with his family in palm beach florida. the president-elect also announced 2 prominent republican women are joining the administration. south carolina governor nikki haley will serve as the ambassador to the united nations. and that the devos -- betsy devos is secretary of it -- education.
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>> before the 1st family sits down at thanksgiving dinner, obama takes care of last-minute business. pardoning tot the turkey sending him off with his palfor greener pastures in virginia. >> happy thanksgiving. >> president-elect donald trump is spending the holiday and announcing another cabinet member. naming betsy devos as his secretary of education. the pic wanted concern among conservatives because betsy devos peevishly supported common core. controversial education standard that trump railed against in the campaign. >> i'm fine people coming in who disagree with trump but school-choice is a big one. vouchers is a big one creating
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competition for the government monopoly on education. >> he also chose nikki haley as his pick for us ambassador to the united nations. while the south carolina governor supported marco rubio during the gop primary, and offed -- often criticized trump his team released this statement saying in part she has a proven track record of bringing people together regardless of background to move policies forward. president-elect donald trump will remain in florida through sunday well vice president elect mike pence will be mississippi visiting his son. happening now, volunteers have begun a shift for the annual turkey giveaway. a live look inside as an army of people get ready for tomorrow. they are preparing to serve meals to thousands of people as
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they do every year beginning it 10:30 am. people line up around the block at glide memorial. it's just a few blocks from union square in san francisco. a lot of people are heading to the grocery store for last- minute shopping. store managers say this is the busiest week of the year. cosco in novato expects to sell $25,000 worth of dungeness crab. they are having a hard time keeping the meat case full of turkeys. experienced shoppers say roasting the turkey can be the trickiest part. >> there is a balance. between just perfect and dry and when you're we did it undercooked. it was a nightmare. >> that may be one reason why the ready made targets from supermarkets are getting more popular. all you do is heat and eat. don't forget the pipe.
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the average thanksgiving dinner is about 4500 calories. if you're heading out to shop for black friday deals keep an eye out for one of the hottest new toys. they start as small robotic creatures inside an egg and then hatch and develop new skills as they grow up. when they 1st went on sale they had ate $60 price tag now they're struggling to keep them in stock. prices are expected to go up as demand rises. several stores will be open tomorrow. jcpenney and old navy will be open macy's and best buy and toys "r" us open at 5 pm. and sears, target and walmart and kohl's open at 6. let's talk about weather. last night was pouring but today it was nice and it sounds like tomorrow will be okay. >> the next 24 hours drive for
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thanksgiving but more rain shows up on friday night into the weekend. we got plenty of rain last night. snow in the mountains. 8 inches in some places. more snow is coming. last night system came through quickly. this is for your friday night, but feel that cold air. that will be close proximity and so it will drop snow level. anytime you get snow in the mountains, that is our water bank. we start piling it 5500 feet and that is always good for northern california in california water supplies. here's how it goes tomorrow. it is dry for now. try all day tomorrow. and most of the day on friday. current temperatures 56 in fremont. 56 in concord. mild but not that one. highs in the upper 50s. outside its beautiful with no fog. lookup and that is.
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that is the san francisco skyline. if you have to get out and take a walk, i know in marin county they do the thanksgiving ride, it would be a good day. tomorrow will be a good day for the high. whatever traditions you observe. tomorrow afternoon the tie -- the high in the 50s. we won't see any 70s. mostly 60s -- 50s and mid 60s. the forecast is dry tomorrow and increasing clouds on friday. and there is the rain as you head into the bay area on saturday. thanksgiving is dry and then the system creeps in. it's good timing. the snow in the mountains will be significant. i think another foot. this is a friday night into saturday and sunday and bleeds into monday.
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the forecasted highs for tomorrow, upper 50s with a couple of low 60s. mostly 50s. the 5 day forecast is cold because of the cold air that came in. the morrow morning will be very chilly. temperatures in the mid-30s and low. friday, saturday and sunday. a pretty good thing skimming holiday weekend. just in time. i didn't notice he wiggles his bottom. >> i like them. >> i'm not big on the icons so he sticks them on. he messes with me. >> anything that makes you smile. >> right. when he wiggles his tailfeathers i smile. there is a new push to end hate crimes in the bay area. >> the plans taken a city officials and what they are
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doing to make sure that everyone stays safe. i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens.
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it was a chaotic scene outside a grocery store in massachusetts. lease say woman backing out of a parking space lost control and plowed into a store clerk who is collecting shopping carts. she say she struck the clerk, the carts and other parked cars. fortunately they both only suffered minor injuries.
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no word on why it went out of control. fears of he crimes are on the rise after this month's election. the southern poverty law center tallied more than 700 cases of harassment and intimidation following the election. it also reported a steady drop off in the number of cases since then. >> the city of san francisco wants to take an active stand to do something about he crimes. at city hall the mayor and police revealed what they plan to do. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest announcement is the fact that sfpd will be placing plays -- plane closed officers in areas where he crimes have been reported. >> we stand together against he. o a huge step according to the mayor who broke the news. acting police chief toney chaplin says officers will be placed in various neighborhoods to try to prevent prejudice
5:25 pm
based crime. plainclothes officers dress up in sports gear for football and baseball games. >> we're going to take that concept and move it into the hate crime realm so that we can get our officers into the community. because we have seen a spike in hate crimes in this country. >> someone has definitely broken my window. >> reporter: last week into of several cases a woman wearing a headscarf says she was the target of an anti-muslim hate crime in fremont. and they high school in danville someone's brawled whites over the urinals in the bathroom. they link the recent uptick to the anti-immigrant rhetoric associated with trump's presidential campaign. they say today's announcement was made in an effort to get ahead of the problem. >> i think we want to remain an open and welcome city. some people may not feel that unless we are enforcing the
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laws we put on the books that says if you were a a jeep you will be as project -- a jeep you will be as predicted. we will be protecting everyone because that diversity makes this one of the most american cities in the country. >> >> reporter: the human rights commission said it will provide services, discussion forums and awareness events. there are 24 hour hate crime hotlines we will list on the website. we also asked the mayor about the possibility of trump inking federal funding's from sanctuary cities and he said he is going to refrain from comments until the president elect does something as opposed to just saying he's going to do something. coming up, holiday airport traveling if it has you stressed, a new technology to help you out.
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have a group of robots are relieving the stressful tension at san jose international. police say it was an attack motivated by hate. the latest on a deadly shooting by a young musician and how his friends are choosing to remember him. heavy, labored breathing
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. is the internet back on? no. is the internet back on? no!
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is it back - no! sweetie, call any one of your friends who has internet and have them read us the internet! honey- it's not swiping! come on... what are you doing? i have no idea what games are streaming right now, so i thought i would just root for everyone. get at&t internet with over 99% reliability. and an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm your internet's on. a talented musician shot and killed in the east bay in what authorities say is now a hate crime. one person is under arrest and 2 others are at large.
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henry lee joins us now with more. >> the da says 28-year-old william sims was targeted because of his race. now 3 men could potentially face the death penalty. we have is a musician who is never been in trouble with the law, no criminal history. he plays 5 instruments and he is a senior. he was stopping by a jack-in- the-box and he passed by and met his death. william sims was a gifted piano player in jazz singer. he's been part of the vocal groups at contra costa college. now a memorial of flowers and candles sits near the pool hall where investigators say 3 women killed the african american man in an attack motivated by hate. >> this case involves race. >> a sheriff's sergeant spotted
5:31 pm
the body in the street outside the capri club. locals describe it as a biker bar. >> the sergeant thought sims had been hit by a car. but the richmond man had been beaten and shot. now investigators have identified 3 men as suspects in the homicide. hate crime killings are not very common in the county. >> luckily it's rare. anytime a murder occurs it's a huge tragedy. >> one man has been arrested. from jail he declined to be interviewed. 2 other men are being sought. oath considered armed and dangerous. investigators arrested ortega's mother on suspicion of being an accessory. friends of the victim are struggling to find out how
5:32 pm
someone could fall to this. >> he was the most prismatic and caring and loving person you can know. he always put others 1st. the matter what the situation is. he made friends with everyone. it's uncalled for. he did not deserve that. >> friends say the college will hold a holiday concert to honor a musician with a gentle soul. >> he wasn't a wallflower. he would rather walk away from a fight, not even be around a fight at all. >> the 3 men, tried and convicted could potentially face life in prison without parole or the death penalty. >> what do they think happened? >> they aren't saying anything about the circumstances because it's an ongoing case. they are saying they believe these men were motivated by hate and that the victim's race played a factor in the crime. he was robbed, shot and targeted based on that.
5:33 pm
>> they are still looking for the other 2 men. thank you. police in vallejo are investigating a shooting that killed a woman and seriously injured a man in the usually quiet neighborhood. police responding to a shooting at 12:45 am found the victim inside the home on the 600 block of virginia street. the woman was pronounced dead. the man was rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition. police are withholding both identities. there is no word of a witness or suspect. high-speed chase that started in san francisco and ended in the south bay with a deadly crash. 2 teens held a man at gunpoint in san francisco and robbed him before getting in the car and driving off. officers chased the suspects onto highway 101 and 2 sunnyvale with the suspects car crash. today we learned the passenger
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died at the scene. the driver faces charges of vehicular manslaughter, getting police and driving under the influence of drugs. the states largest public employee union announced it set to go on strike in 2 weeks. members of the service employees international union local 1000 voted to authorize a strike last week. union representatives say the state has failed to move on its opening proposal on salary and benefits after more than 7 months of contract negotiations. they say governor brown has been committed to bargaining in good faith. the union says the annual raises would be offset by a proposal for employees to pay more for health benefits. navigating the holidays can be stressful weather at the mall or airport. now in san jose robots can help you with both. we are now introduced to 2
5:35 pm
different robots with similar missions. >> reporter: if holiday travel has you stressed piper is here to help. >> it's a robot. >> she along with her robot cohorts have moved in the concourses at san jose international airport. they can taste -- take a selfie, post a dance party give you directions or flirt and wink. >> she is pretty. >> reporter: the idea is to give travelers a little something extra. information with silicon valley flair. >> kids and adults adore this. >> reporter: as for any technology there has been some glitches. the battery life is a little too short. today robots got replaced with an upgraded -- upgraded model. >> i will remember this when i go home. >> reporter: and from piper we
5:36 pm
go to pepper. that is the name of the robot at the westfield valley fair mall. >> completely 2016. >> there are 2 peppers in san jose and 3 in san francisco. they can do multiple images and play games. >> they can read whether a customer is happy or sad. if they are not happy we want to make sure she is something they appreciate. >> she needed a reboot what we were there. really it's a pilot project to see if a robot can take the place of the concierge service someday. >> i would have to ask him or her. >> if it's successful, pepper could be expanding to other properties throughout the us in the near future. a strike threatened to slow
5:37 pm
down online shopping orders this holiday season. coming up next a judge makes a move to get pilots back into the skies. another recall from toyota. this time it has nothing to do with airbags.
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a federal judge ordered striking pilots back to work. imagine christmas without
5:40 pm
amazon. 250 pilots for the ohio-based carrier avs air went on strike yesterday over working conditions and time off. the airline delivers for amazon and works for the delivery company dhl. avs air went to court in order to end the strike. in making his ruling the judge said it was in the public interest is holiday shoppers expect to receive their packages on time. toyota is recalling about 60,000 sienna minivans because of a problem with the sliding doors. doors can open while the vehicle is in motion. that is a risk to anyone inside. toyota says it's working on a fix for the problem and will notify all sienna owners by mid- january. recall applies to sienna minivans from 2011 through 2016. we just learned a 6 child has died from the deadly school bus crash in chattanooga. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the bus
5:41 pm
to go off the road and slam into a tree. the driver was not under the influence of drug or alcohol. that according to the national transportation safety board. authorities say the 24-year-old driver was going well over the 30 miles per hour speed limit when the bus swerved conflict and slammed into a tree. walker is facing criminal charges including 5 counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. the governor of tennessee and school officials are calling for a review of the entire school bus system. >> let's do a thorough review of every step along the way. let's make certain we don't have one more. >> the crash killed 6 children and critically injured several others. walkers bail is set at over $100,000. we're hearing more from kaepernick about his $1 million pledge to charities that help oppressed communities. he made a promise at the beginning of the season to do more than just neil in protest
5:42 pm
against racial inequality. yesterday he spoke with the media how that money is being distributed. he says the foundation is handing out money to carefully selected nonprofit organizations. >> we are being very particular with the organizations we are donating to making sure they are grassroots and we want to be transparent with what we are doing and where the money is going to within the organizations. >> 49ers order back recently announced how the 1st $100,000 is being divided. groups in milwaukee in dallas and new york and chicago will also receive contributions. we finally know the name of the new nhl team in las vegas. it was announced at an event. >> the vegas golden knights. >> the golden knights will be the 1st major pro sports team
5:43 pm
in las vegas. >> overall i think it's cool. i like goldman. >> it describes vegas. perfect. >> the golden knights have sold 14,000 season tickets. they will play in the same division as the san jose sharks. beginning next fall. coming up the organization opening its doors one day early for those in need the thanksgiving meal. ksgiving meal. we will introduce you to the chef behind it all and how he is choosing to give back after being homeless himself for so long. the holiday weekend is here. have weather to talk about. we had rain early this morning. we have more rain on the weekend. will see you back here.
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. a busy day for meals on wheels as they prepare to deliver hundreds of bags of thanksgiving groceries to low income seniors. at the headquarters in the bayview district volunteers from the local catering company zesty were on hand to fill 500 bags. all that food is going to low income seniors. >> being thankful for everything that a lot of people probably take for granted that our seniors don't have access to.
5:47 pm
>> i want to come down to help out that way more people can get food. on thanksgiving because of you have food on thanksgiving it's really sad. >> many of the people who will get the grocery bags are homebound. organizers say the special delivery will make it easier for them to enjoy a warm meal. nancy pelosi and her grand children joined volunteers to serve the holiday meals for people in need. the dining room also serve a traditional thanksgiving meal tomorrow for an estimated 3500 people. saint anthony's says it will accept donations of holiday turkeys up until 1 pm tomorrow afternoon. many churches and charities are getting ready to serve angst giving dinner tomorrow to thousands in need. one organization opened its doors today. one of the people cooking all of those dinners was homeless himself. >> reporter: thinks giving dinner came one day early here south of market teat -- market street who have nowhere else to
5:48 pm
go. >> we know a lot of people serve thanksgiving tomorrow so we wanted to have many of you to get to thanksgiving meals. >> for those with no place to live and to sleep outdoors may not have much to be thankful for but that's not so. >> and thankful for the love. >> reporter: she says she has been sleeping in a tent the last year. she lets this she left kansas and had no choice. >> i was living with a guy who was a control freak and abusive. >> reporter: with little money and few options she ended up homeless. she hopes to support herself as a masseuse. >> i'm trying to work myself back up. i'm not trying to stay homeless. >> reporter: the expect to serve 1200 meals. also in oakland and san jose.
5:49 pm
one of those helping to cook many of the meals is a man who was once homeless himself. >> i have been an alcoholic for years. i am now in recovery. >> he says alcohol cost him jobs, relationships and his home. but he says city team has helped them get sober. he wants to spend today in the kitchen as a way to give back. >> i know what it's like not to have a good meal and go to sleep hungry. >> city team says high cost of housing is forcing many people to the streets. >> a number of people in today are currently homeless and were not just a few months ago. o but it does not have to be a life sentence. >> and thankful for 2nd chances. >> that is nice. 2nd chances. >> a warm holiday meal. let's talk about the weather.
5:50 pm
it turned into a nice day. >> a really nice day after the rain overnight. my favorite kind. it's wet all morning and you wake up in its drive. most of us didn't have to be out driving it. the rain comes back friday night into saturday and sunday. the highs from today are certainly down from a week ago when we had temperatures in the mid-70s. some rainfall accumulation is pretty significant. nearly .5 in oakland. to livermore, .03. there is the system, that gets in here friday night. do not worry for tomorrow. tomorrow is beautiful. starting off with maybe some patchy valley fog and cool overnight lows. we will see numbers, clear skies and light winds, down to
5:51 pm
the low 30s. that means frosted valley fog for many locations. a beautiful shot. you can see the flag blowing. i think it will die down a bit tonight. when it does the temperatures will be reduced to this. get in the nooks and crannies and you will find freezing. frost as you head into the bay area. maybe a dense fog advisory in the central valley. here's how it goes. the long-range model. wednesday night, i took you right to friday. tomorrow will be okay. here's the rain starting friday night. it stays around for saturday. here is sunday. and then it's gone and then we get into wednesday. wednesday morning into the afternoon another chance of showers. a few systems. the forecast highs tomorrow are upper 50s and some low 60s. the five-day forecast, temperatures hovering in the
5:52 pm
upper 50s. the rain last night, for being a short-lived event, one half inch in oakland, that is a good winter storm. >> when i left at 11:20, my wife -- my windshield wipers could not keep up. there were big puddles. >> that translates to the mountains for lots of snow. the next 2 systems will bring more snow and rain. >> it came down fast and hard. macy's in san francisco is putting on its popular adopt animal window displays. puppies and kittens are front and center on the corner and people seem to enjoy every minute. this is the 30th year the spca has teamed up with macy's. each year it adopts about 300 animals in the event. >> it really almost doubles are adoptions this time of year.
5:53 pm
this is the time of year when people are going on vacation and shelters get slammed with animals. they can take care of them or for them. it is different from other shelters. we get to increase are adoptions. >> if you want to take home one of the puppies organizers suggest getting there soon. the dogs are the 1st to go. in addition to adopting one of the pets on display you can volunteer or donate. >> they are so cute. coming up, thanksgiving is here and that means a lot of cooking. >> with it comes in increased chance of kitchen fires. they have spiked by 230 percent.
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5:56 pm
facebook has developed a censorship tool to persuade china to end its ban on facebook. china blocked at 7 years ago because of government censorship. new york times is reporting that facebook's new tool will allow certain posts to be removed from the newsfeed of yours in china. " facebook developed the tool the paper says a third-party company be the one doing the censoring. google wants to help you avoid crowds. it is updating the popular feature that uses stored information when stores and restaurants are busiest. it's offering a real-time estimate.
5:57 pm
even though you may not be able to avoid all the holiday crowds, you can find out if there is an unusually large number of people at your favorite spot and how much time on average people are spending their. is everyone prepares for thanksgiving, there is more than just turkey the maybe monitored. >> families may find they need to put politics aside to keep the peace. >> reporter: it's that time of year when americans gathered to give thanks and fill their plate with turkey. but don't let the thanksgiving bird burn the house down. >> there 1400 cooking fires every year. on the holiday. attention if you plan on frying. >> consumer product safety commission is aware of 100 fires that involve turkey fires that have caused dozens of serious injuries and $5.2 million of property damage. >> your turkey may not be the only thing at risk.
5:58 pm
the election is sharply dividing the nation and your relatives might have a lot to say. >> it's okay to say i'm so excited to have everyone here i want to focus on catching up rather than the political conversation. let's leave that away from the table i would be grateful. >> not everyone is having a traditional thinks giving there. the crew on the international sports -- space station will eat in orbit. >> it will taste really good just like a home. >> the 5200 service members will be marking the day will fighting isis overseas. >> it's kind of like with your family. >> the eisenhower is dishing out nearly 5000 pounds of turkey and 7000 portions of mashed potatoes. in new york, rob schmidt. getaway gridlock.
5:59 pm
from san francisco to the south bay and many spots in between thousands of people are on the move in the bay area. just ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> happening now drivers are hitting the road on the eve of thanksgiving. take a look at our drivetime traffic map. you can see all of the red on your screen. those are the areas or traffic is backed up big time. it was even worse a few hours ago. >> rob joins us now from the bay bridge toll plaza. >> reporter: good evening. we know one thing, think skimming is notoriously the worst time of year for travel. who have been hearing this all day. 48 million americans will be traveling 50 miles or more over the holiday weekend. we found many today getting an early start. for many holiday plans were off to a rough start. this motorcycle crash on health -- northbound 10 when -- 11.
6:00 pm
it caused 50 minute delays leaving driver stranded in traffic. the gridlock did not surprise many. >> it's past -- it's bad going down by the railroad. kind of getting bad that i pushed through. >> everyone wants to finish their work and go to their families. a lot of traffic. whether you're going anywhere. >> reporter: if you are hoping to catch break it was hard to find. 880 northbound at times was bumper-to-bumper. long lines on exit ramps and highways. the idea of staying closer to home a perfect sense. >> i'm lucky and going nowhere. staying at home. >> reporter: what is fueling the traffic, according to aaa cheaper airfares, a better economy and gas prices.


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