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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  November 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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i was thinking it was a computer or something but then i heard like screaming. like running out.>> gunfire at an east bay theaters sends people fleeing. the suspects were armed with assault rifles and everyone inside was evacuated.>> fox 2
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starts right now. >> we begin with breaking news tonight at the brandon movie theater in concorde. gunfire erupted outside the theater just refer 7:00 tonight has people inside were watching movies. one person was shot and wounded amphitheater was evacuated. >> here is a look at exactly where that theater is. on the low pass road. business smith joins us from outside the theater where we are learning the latest from police. >> reporter: in the last 45 minutes, police informed us that the shooter is a security guard here at the theater. you can still see there is a heavy police presence here. this whole ordeal started inside and then led to the parking garage where the security guard shot the suspect several times. we can still see officers outside investigating. again this happened just before 7 pm tonight. police began getting calls from
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moviegoers inside the they are saying there was a shooting. every available officer responded. when they arrived, they learned the shooting actually happened outside the theater. police say there was some sort of disturbance with the security guard and the suspect in the theater on a ramp where moviegoers walk from the lower level to the upper level. the suspect ran out. the security guard chased him. at one point, the suspect threatened the security guard saying he had a weapon and would shoot him. the theater was then evacuated as a precautionary measure. >> it was important for us to make sure there was nobody outstanding. that there were no outstanding suspects. when you get a call of this magnitude, it comes to our mindset this could be active shooter in the theater. >> pretty shocked. we are from vallejo. we were thinking come to concord and we walk out and it's the aftermath of the shooting. we were pretty shocked.
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>> that woman was inside the movie theater when all of this happened and she heard the shots fired. she thought it was the movie going on. this all happened right by the back theater. that's why there was a little confusion in the beginning when moviegoers that the shooting was inside. it is still not exactly clear why the security guard fired his weapon. we kept asking questions as to what the disturbance or altercation was about. police are still investigating that and they also determined that the suspect was not armed. the suspect was taken to the hospital where he is expected to survive. as for the security guard, he is cooperating with police. we talked to moviegoers who said that yes, they were evacuated and given refunds. as of now, the brenden theater is closed for the night. >> we can still see a patrol car behind you with flashing lights. are streets in the area still closed or have things open back
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up again?>> reporter: about a one block radius around the theater is closed off right now. as i mentioned before, every available officer responded to this end they are still investigating it. it is not clear when they will reopen this area. we are on below pass road.>> thank you. police in east bay are asking for the public's help in identifying a gunman who shot and wounded two men in a sports bar early this morning at the bottom of the fifth bar in venetia. a portion of the incident was caught on surveillance video. the bar owners son, samuel adams, describes what happened after last call. >> this guy came in, asked for a drink and they said no, they had already called last call and he hadn't even gotten his id check. he turned around to the bronze, pulled out a gun, pointed it at his face, at our bartender.
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he was pointing at all around the bar. it looks like he was trying to make is way behind the bar and a couple of gentlemen pushed him up against the wall and punched him a couple times and then he fired the gun a couple times in the air. i think a got one guy in the hand and one guy in the next. >> adam said the man looked agitated when he entered the bar and that the entire incident took less than a minute. there were 15 people inside, mostly regular customers and several employees. >> they kind of had him pushed up in his corner here and then i guess you shot up in the ceiling a couple of times and some stuff came down. we didn't see any bullet holes. >> the gunman ran off and is still at large. evans says he is looking to hold a fundraiser to help with the wounded man's medical villa's. he calls those two men heroes. an all night search is underway for a couple from yuba city who apparently are stranded in the eldorado national forest. family members say rory and
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susan holliday had gone out for a drive in their white dodge truck at about 9:00 yesterday morning. their son says he received a text about 1 pm this afternoon saying they were stuck in the snow and needed help. a search and rescue team is looking for a couple and preparing for a tough night ahead with more snow and freezing temperatures in the forecast. >> we are trying to take a look at the maps within the text message that was received by their son with the somewhat directions they felt they had taken. we are trying to match that to the maps and we're hitting high probability areas and then we will expand research area from there. >> authorities say they have sleeping bags and some snacks. such crews are hoping that will hold them over until they can be found. more rain is heading to the bay area tonight. here's what it looks like in san francisco. it is dry out there right now but rain is on the way.
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>> mark tamayo joins us in the weather center with the latest on what we should expect. >> we are expecting more showers to approach the area so we had a bit of a break in the action today. a chance to get outside and enjoy sunshine but it was cool and debrusk out there. rainfall totals have been adding up. these are two day totals. we had pretty good totals yesterday. canfield is approaching an inch of rain. santa rosa, over a half-inch. san francisco the same. those numbers are tapering off for livermore at .91. look what has been developing to our north. as you can see, rainfall moving into the northcoast approaching the sacramento valley. as well sacramento's most recent observation from the last couple of hours reported light rain. here is the live doppler sweep. detecting some rainfall out there right now. a little moisture as forecasted.
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scattered rain showers moving into portions of the north bay. not all of this is reaching the ground yet but things begin to change in east bay toward concord and antioch. just a little bit of scattered showers moving into the central portion of the bay. not too much coverage in san francisco bay yet but they will miss you so close to ocean beach. here is our look at the bay bridge lights. definitely mostly cloudy skies. we will have rain showers to talk about. for now, we will put this into motion until 2:00 tomorrow morning. that gradually slides south and this could be a factor for the monday morning commute. more on that in just a few minutes. we will talk more about your funny forecast. highway patrol says rain is likely an issue in a crash that injured two officers at 11 pm to meyer -- last night. two officers were sitting in a square cars providing traffic control for disabled vehicles when a pickup truck crashed
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into them. the truck driver was not hurt but the two officers suffered minor injuries. a few hours later and a few miles away, as many as 10 vehicles were damaged on northbound highway 880. the chp says a metal object in the roadway near broke road flattened tires and did other damage. there are no reports of injuries and no word on what the metal object turned out to be. today is one of the busiest travel days on the roads and in the air. the thanksgiving holiday weekend is winding down. leigh martinez monitored the conditions around the bay area. >> reporter: oakland international airport says sunday is traditionally the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving holiday but in the air and on the ground, things were pretty clear. that is not to say there were not a lot of travelers to manage. oakland international estimates more than 37,000 passengers. san francisco international
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hunt 79,000 travelers. both airports say the weather cooperated and it was a cool, clear, smooth air travel. there were 30 flights delayed in oakland international. a spokesperson at the airport says there wasn't a single factor disrupting flights on single airlines and the delays averaged only 15 minutes. likewise, it was relatively clear on 580 outside of livermore this afternoon. the lack of traffic surprised jimmy as he drove up from los angeles. >> i came at 5:00. it was smooth sailing i would say through los ybanez. there was a slight accident where hate fell off the back of a truck and that slowed things down for about 45 minutes. >> reporter: i-80 was also a snag free commute. ricky thought he was getting a late start driving back to fresno but traffic on 80 isn't holding him up. >> so far it looks fine.
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i haven't been back is so hopefully there won't be. >> reporter: but if you're heading north to tahoe, the national weather service in sacramento warns of a new still storm moving in sunday night and monday. california highway patrol says to prepare for snow during the one mountain drive to the resorts. >> have chains. have money for a tow truck. people come up the mountain all the time unprepared and then they get stuck or stranded or run out of gas. >> reporter: overall, sundays commute home had many drivers pleasantly surprised. >> i was actually kind of shocked. before they were knocked out, i was like are we going to make it? but they made it pretty good. it was all right. >> reporter: if you're looking for snow and went to head to tahoe, go to the caltrans website and they have a link for a quick map. that will tell you the conditions on those roads including 50 and 80, and it will tell you if you need
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chains or not and any restrictions they might have on the road. south san francisco police say there is no change in the condition of a critically injured officer. officer bobby chon was attacked thursday, hit in the head with a skateboard. investigators say the man arrested in connection with the attack is 28-year-old luis ramos of san francisco. he is facing several charges including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer. a big scare for raiders fans today. star quarterback derek carr injured and forced to return to the locker room. and president-elect trump fires away on twitter again. coming up, the reason for the angry tweets and what he is calling "a scam." another day of dancing in miami. the new hope cubans have following the death of former leader fidel castro. >> ktvu, fox 2 home of super
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more dancing in the streets of miami today following the death of cuban dictator fidel castro. celebrating in little havana has been going on since his death early saturday morning. cuban-americans also packed a south florida church to pray for cuba and the political future of the country.
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some of those were wearing and carrying cuban flags. one man says he left cuba 10 years ago and hopes his friend -- is friends and family who are still there will soon be liberated. >> happy today, hoping our country is free one day. >> just to be free as a blessing. freedom is everything a human being needs. >> a couple hundred miles to the south, there was a much different reaction. today, cuba wrapped up the second of nine mandatory national mourning days. phil keating has more. >> i wish my mom and dad were alive to see it. >> reporter: the death of former communist dictator leader fidel castro is sending shockwaves around the world but the tones are shortly -- sharply different. in little havana, celebrations continue as many see this as the end of a very dark time.>> it means a lot because i think this is the beginning of the
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end. >> reporter: but elsewhere, people are mourning the loss of the leader who ruled cuba with an iron fist for nearly half a century.>> translator: it's a terrible shame. great because we're losing a world leader who is capable of facing an empire. stroking cuba, catholics prayed for castro even though he himself rejected the catholic church after he took power in 1959. >> translator: the polarization regarding fidel castro has a lot to do with it because he took love and hate very personally. >> reporter: still, many leaders caution against the idea of romanticizing the image of fidel castro the revolutionary, even in death. >> he wasn't a romantic figure if you were being shot by him. he wasn't a romantic figure if you are being driven off the island like hundreds of thousands. >> reporter: on the island, today is the second of nine days of nationally imposed states of morning. in little havana, celebrations continue in the streets. there is a great sense of hope
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that fidel castro's death will trigger pastor change on the island of cuba and also great satisfaction not for these generations of cuban-americans in exile, they outlasted fidel castro. in miami, phil keating fox news. >> barbara lee has worked for decades to normalize relations with cuba. she had this to say today: "it is my hope that we continue to build on president obama's efforts to end the field embargo, lift the travel ban, and normalize relations between our two countries." she has visited cuba more than two dozen times. a manhunt continues for two escapees from the santa clara main jail. laurent campbell and rogelio chavez with a facial tattoo. the two were being held on burglary, robbery, false imprisonment, and weapons charges. authorities say they escaped wednesday night after somehow cutting through the jail's window bars and then using
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sheets to lower themselves to the ground. search dogs tracked their sent in tell the trail ended a half- mile from levi stadium. a $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading to their arrest. federal agents in san mateo county sheriff's deputies say they arrested three suspected drug smugglers this morning on the san mateo county coast. the u.s. county coast guard -- coast guard tracked a book that had, sure. homeland security, customs enforcement and immigration along with sheriff's deputies from san mateo detained three people who have been -- who have not been identified. there is still no word on what they had in the boat. start those who headed to lake tahoe over the holiday were welcomed with ski resorts and a lot of new snow but getting there wasn't so easy. drivers on i 80 today were met with chain requirements but that didn't seem to stop people from having fun. >> we are good to go. it seems like we are in a really good storm cycle. everyone is really happy with the conditions, with how much
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terrain we have been able to get open. you have to keep in mind we won't even scheduled to be open until december 10. this is all bonus.>> it has been truly magical with all the fresh snow earlier in the week, opening up for holiday skiing. >> with most of the major ski resorts now open for business, alpine and cross-country skiers along with snowboarders have a wide range of choices ahead of them. and great news this past weekend. we still have another system that will produce rain in the bay area and a little bit of snow toward the mountains. 2 to 3 inches. lots of action over the sacramento valley and a closer look here we have rain to our north. ukiah with some light rain. coverage has been increasing over the past hour. fairfield, 10:00 observation reporting light rain. here toward antioch and bubble island, some action here on the radar.
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right in the middle of the bay, we are watching this one cell approaching fremont -- fremont over the next 20 or 30 minutes as it works east. we still have showers tonight and tomorrow. you heard about the sierra. you can see those numbers adding up. sierra, tahoe reporting 2 feet of snow with the system this past weekend and some of these numbers like northstar and kirkwood were updated this morning so they probably picked up a bit more than you're seeing there. but we're not just talking about a little dusting of snow. we had a winter weather advisory in place in those amounts verify nicely. in the bay area, we have a mostly cloudy sky, a few scattered rain showers towards san francisco. the embarcadero lights are looking for the bay bridge lights. partly cloudy skies tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 40s and then you see in san francisco early on, we are going to have some clouds and in the afternoon, partly cloudy conditions, 57 degrees and fair skies by 4:00 tomorrow
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afternoon. it's just an overnight deal with this system moving in. this is 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, 4:00 we could still have scattered rain showers until 7:00 were 8:00 for your monday morning and then we're going to skill back on the cloud cover by about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon but we still have cool temperatures in the forecast. we will take a look at your outlook and some bigger changes in our 5-day forecast. the former voice of the l.a. dodgers was on television today sharing details about his career. vince scully was finances for the dodgers for 67 years and retired this year. the president honored him with the medal of freedom and today he talked about what he loved the most about his job.>> when i do the game my philosophy is to do it quickly, call the play accurately, and then shut up. for a little while when the crowd is roaring, i am eight
10:22 pm
years old. >> he says he has loved the game since he was eight years old and young people should never be afraid to dream because those dreams can come true. vince scully, truly an original. you listen to a game he is calling and you get much more than just a baseball game. he tells stories. he will be missed. >> 67 years on the job. coming up, a scare for raiders fans this afternoon as their star quarterback left the field in a hurry and headed back to the locker room. coming up next, joe fonzi tells us what happened to derek carr. the clinton campaign officially joins the calls for election recounts. tonight at 10:30 pm, donald trump response on twitter. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. this portion of fox 2 is brought to you by your bay area for -- chevrolet dealers. two close games tonight. the line between winning and losing, very thin.
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the oakland raiders have been on the right side of that line. today against carolina, they put together a 4th quarter come back. oakland went to the locker room leading 24-27. a collective gasp by the raiders bench. derek carr injures the little finger of his throwing hand. he was fitted with a glove and declared good to go. derek carr missed one series. the panthers scored twice. cam newton throws for at all. tj carrie can't stick around. that's an 88 yard score per 24- 19 after the panthers took the lead. it was up to derek carr to get the lead back. the raiders made a two point conversion to tie the game at 32. the raiders got the ball back with five minutes to play. derek carr throws deep down the middle to michael crabtree on 3rd and 9. crabtree guarded by a linebacker. the raiders took the lead with a field goal. here is carolinas last chance.
10:26 pm
4th and 10 at the rater 40. khalil mack gets to newton, forcing the ball out. the raiders hang on for a 35-32 win. the record is 9-2. they are wonderful game in front of kansas city in the afc west. 49ers in miami. example of being on the other side of that fine line. dan marino and don shula taking this one in. looked like the game would be no contest early in the 4th. ryan tannehill, 15 yards and a score. the dolphins in front. 49ers still have some life. colin kaepernick to torrey smith. smith makes a spectacular one- handed grab. the 49ers added a field goal to get within a touchdown in the got the ball back in time for one last drive. this play kept the 49er chances alive. on throws to the sideline margins curling makes the grab. while first ruled incomplete was reviewed.
10:27 pm
he got both feet down. the 49ers had one last try. kaepernick runs out of a pocket, tries to get to the end zone, stops short and the 49ers lose yet again. they continue to struggle and battle. they go down 3124. that's their 10th straight loss. local college basketball teams are getting off to a good preseason start. southeastern louisiana and cal today. the bears jumped out to a 7 to zero start. charlie moore treats himself to an easy soup. 17 here. they give the ball up. gets back for the hoop and the bears win 67-55. they have won four of five games. during thickens and stanford playing the fifth-place game in the abdelkader tournament. a great move by the cardinal here as pickens goes back to rent gets a great pass from robert cartwright. the game was tied but stanford turned it on in the second half. pickens to grant for the hoop.
10:28 pm
stanford 6-1 after that 66-52 win. elsewhere, st. mary's stays perfect with a win over alabama- birmingham. much frequency for san jose state in recent years. the spartans went to washington state for an 88-76 win today. we've got lots more on sports wrap coming up. i am going to get something for my throat. >> that was derek carr's throwing hand. do think that glove -- is it anything -- >> it looked like a location -- dislocation i think. we will hear more from the raiders on sports wrap but they wouldn't put him back in the game if there was any danger because they had bigger plans than this one particular game thinking about the postseason. >> he is a crucial part of that team. >> absolutely. >> we will see you later on sports wrap. the clinton campaign joins
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those calling for an election recounts. coming up, why even bernie sanders says the recount will likely not make any difference. 10 people are shot calling world-famous bourbon street in new orleans into a crime scene today. hear from witnesses who described the scene as pure chaos.>> closed captioning for the 10:00 news brought to you by mancini sleep world. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. president-elect trump sent out a number of tweets slammed the recount effort led by green party candidate jill stein -- jill stein. that came after the clinton campaign back the recount in three key states. >> reporter: hillary clinton officially joining the fight to revisit voting totals in wisconsin, saying her team is participating because they have an obligation to the voters. the recount is being led by a green party candidate jill stein but clinton's campaign now says it is on board if
10:32 pm
stein follows through in michigan and pennsylvania, two other states pivotal to trump's victory on election night. however, the staunchest democrats concede this will likely not change the results of the election. >> we will see what happens. it is a legal right. it is not a big deal. i don't think anybody thinks there will be profound changes. >> prior to the election because of what donald trump said, a majority of his voters believed the votes were rigged. a more normal the of clinton supporters didn't believe they were rigged. let's prove to america we're not. >> reporter: but trump is calling the process a "scam." mr. trump unleashed a stream of angry tweets sunday morning saying "hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change.">> wine the world can't the democrats "accept their election results?" president obama and president- elect trump speak regularly. they spoke yesterday at length.
10:33 pm
they are trying to move on and form a government. >> reporter: the clinton camp says they will have representatives monitoring the count as well as lawyers to represent them in court should it come to that. deadlines to petition for a recount in michigan and pennsylvania are later this week. in new york, branyan is, fox news. more potential candidates for president-elect trump's administration are expected that the trump tower in new york tomorrow. mr. trump's consideration of mitt romney as secretary of state . debate over the holidays. romney has been one of mr. trump's harshest critics. many of the president-elect's supporters say if romney wants a job in the trump administration, he needs to apologize. senior advisor kellyanne conway publicly shared concerns today but said she will support mr. trump's decision. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney, who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and the integrity of donald
10:34 pm
trump, now our president-elect, would be given the most significant cabinet post at all, secretary of state.>> other top contenders for the position include former new york mayor rudy giuliani, former un ambassador john bolton, tennessee senator bob corker, and retired general gerald betray us. cabinet positions already filled include betsy devos for education secretary, angus -- congressman mike mateo for cia, governor nikki haley for un ambassador, and alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general. all four require senate confirmation. house democrats are preparing to vote wednesday for their leader. ohio representative tim ryan is challenging nancy pelosi. he was on fox news sunday and says it's time for her to go.>> people are saying this has been a change election. we want change and there are a lot of members of congress who
10:35 pm
are now understanding that we need to make a change. we can't keep running the same place. we are not winning.>> nancy pelosi has held the leadership post since 2003 serving both as house minority leader and the first woman speaker of the house. she says she has the votes to stay in the top spot. celebrations in the busy french quarter of new orleans came to a halt today by a shootout that left one man dead and nine others wounded. the gunfire broke out early this morning on bourbon street. eight men and two women were hit. a young tattoo artist from baton rouge was killed. police are looking for the two shooters. witnesses described the scene as pure chaos. they say there was a stampede of people trying to get away and some people were trampled. >> you are like shoulder to shoulder and then everybody just started running, pushing each other, screaming. >> the new orleans mayor says the shooter took place despite a heavy police presence in the french quarter. a lot of people took advantage of black friday to
10:36 pm
start holiday shopping but authorities say criminals are also looking at what you bought. easy ways to protect your purchases. and in the weather, clouds are moving in. you can see this weak system up to the north generating rain showers tonight and tomorrow morning but bigger changes are setting up over the next few days. we will talk more about your five day forecast coming up.
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10:38 pm
the number of black friday shoppers this year was lower but online sales were on fire. data from retail next indicates brick and mortar sales fell 5% for thanksgiving day and black friday compared to last year will internet sales rose by double digits to a record high of more than $3 billion. the big day for internet sales
10:39 pm
is supposed to be tomorrow, on cyber monday and holiday spending is expected to rise 3% this year to $636 for each shopper. if you're looking for travel deals, look online tomorrow on cyber monday. experts say slow travel sales over the summer should result in big drops in the cost of airfare and hotel's. some deals could last through the first week of december. trips to the caribbean and europe are expected to be less expensive than usual. with the shopping season in full swing, criminals are hard at work. >> henry lee talks to san francisco police about how to protect yourself and your holiday purchases.>> i am joined by a sheriff from sfpd. the bad guys are at work. telis were to be careful of. >> this is the season to be shopping so you want to get ready, get all your gifts. you are going to the go -- going to go to the stores, purchase a lot of items. while you are windowshopping, so are the criminals. but they are not looking at
10:40 pm
stores, they are looking at your vehicle. one of the things you want to do is when you purchase your item, don't leave it visibly displayed inside the vehicle so that way the suspect will notice there is a back. they will break the window and take it. also what you don't want to do is put in the trunk of your car when you're at the store or near the storefront because there are criminals that are actually standing there waiting to look for people walking to their vehicles putting items in the back, especially big-ticket items like tvs, laptops, tablets, phones. they know the big items are going to be hidden in the trunk so they will go to that.>> this begs the question how should people hang onto the stuff they by? >> what you can do is you now, don't go by yourself. try to go in a group if you can. when there is more, it's easier for the criminals to look for an easier target because that's less eyes on them. and less chances of you trying to do something to stop them in
10:41 pm
the act. another thing is keep your items with you at all times until it's time for you to go home. then put the items in your vehicle and drive home. if you're going from one store to another, i would recommend grabbing one item and then going to another store if you have a friend who lives nearby, dropping it off there, go to a different store and then grab it. another thing is be vigilant. don't be distracted when you're on the street because you are carrying your items. he might be on your cell phone, talking to your friends but criminals are looking for you and looking for those distracted victims. they are looking for the ones that are not paying attention and they are looking for the quick grab so if they see that bag easily hanging off her shoulder they will grab it and run one direction while you are trying to scramble for a phone. this is the season for a lot of criminals. they are going to look for big- ticket items so if you have something that is very valuable, protect it and at the same time, keep your head on a swivel. if the criminal notices that you are looking around and you
10:42 pm
are making eye contact with them, they are going to find another target. but these are all good tips. >> with a winter like chill in the air, santa clara county is ready to offer almost 400 additional beds to the homeless. the cold-weather shelter program is set to open in sunnyvale tomorrow at the north county shelter. and in gilroy at the armory family center. the gilroy armory and the north shelter will offer hot showers, two meals a day, employment resources, and medical care. santa clara county cold-weather program usually starts the monday after thanksgiving and runs through march 31. it has been a very active week in the bay area. multiple systems with downpours on saturday. one last impulse moving in tonight and early monday morning. we are taking a broad brush with rainfall totals. we are only talking here in the bay area. mostly just a few hundredths of an inch.
10:43 pm
significant rain and not in the forecast but we do have showers approaching the region. some light to moderate cells will be a factor later tonight and early monday morning. you can see some of the coverage expanding toward the sacramento valley. here is that rain line showing up. closer, light rain fort fairfield and coverage in portions of the north bay, portions of sonoma, and napa county at last check. here you can pick out towards portions of the east bay, hercules, concorde, antioch. we have coverage to report. no yellow, orange or red to reflect. extreme rainfall rates. key showers near the center of the bay are moving out. this one cell has dissipated over portions of the east bay. the south bay, just some clouds out there with partly to mostly cloudy skies. current numbers out there still a bit of a chill in the air. nothing extremely cold, not even close to a frost advisory.
10:44 pm
you can see temperatures around 50 degrees for santa rosa, san francisco 74 degrees, walnut creek in the upper 40s. here is our live camera toward the embarcadero lights. calm conditions on the bay waters and the bay bridge lights. san francisco over the next 3 to 4 hours, rainfall amounts and a 4.02 4.5 chance of more rainfall in the bay. good approach may be to 10th on the high-end. here you can't see the overall weather pattern. a big truck setting up over the portion of the west coast. that will set of showers to the north. scattered showers for tonight into early monday morning. this high pressure returns and the extended forecast and with that, and dry weather pattern for the most part with the exception of wednesday. here we go tomorrow morning, scattered rain showers. that's 3:00. monday, 3 pm, partly cloudy skies.
10:45 pm
tuesday, lots of sunshine and been a weak system is in to the north on wednesday. this will be a cloud producer and maybe a few, scattered light showers working their way back into the bay area by midweek. temperatures tomorrow and most locations, close to 60 degrees. the warmest locations around 62 degrees. san jose 60 degrees, half moon bay upper 50s. a look ahead at your 5-day forecast is pretty quiet as we approach december. partly sunny into tuesday. a slight chance wednesday. breezy conditions by friday and heading into the weekend, we have fair skies. maybe a few showers in the next few hours but should not be too much of a factor for your monday outlook a nice week is shaping up. >> yeah and you know we are very lucky to have the rain and snowfall we have picked up because it looks pretty quiet over the next week. >> mark, thank you. sports wrap is coming up at 11:00. here is a quick look at what they are working on. >> we will breakdown the raiders fifth straight win and here with the team is saying about derek carr's that the move of playing after the injury. >> and colin kaepernick steps up with arguably his best game
10:46 pm
of the year but the 49ers come up just short to lose their 10th straight game. it's all coming up at 11:00 on sports wrap. plus, this bay area boys choir has filled its trophy case with awards and traveled around the world to perform. coming up next, how they are set to light up the night in the bay area this week.
10:47 pm
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a san francisco holiday tradition is two days away. tuesdays the 10th annual 555 tree laying ceremony. the tree was delivered to the building last weekend people have been decorating it ever since. one group of talented, young singers is certain to make the holiday season brighter. >> the grammy award-winning
10:49 pm
pacific boys choir will be part of the tree lighting ceremony. claudine wong spoke with some of the boys as they prepare for the big event.>> ♪ >> reporter: the pacific boys choir offers a type of education all its own. >> the boys academy as a boy choir organization within oakland. it is a after school choir program and a day school. the mission behind the academy is excellent. excellence in music and academics. >> we have regular classes that any of the kid would have at any other school but there is also about two hours of music every day.>> ♪
10:50 pm
>> to me, there is no other institution like it in california or west of the mississippi. >> it has really shaped how i have become a person because because of the school, music has become a huge part of my life. i can't really imagine any other way. >> we get to travel all along the world. it really sets us apart from other schools. >> three or four years ago they went to vietnam and singapore. we have been to every continent except antarctica. we have won three grammy awards with our collaboration with the san francisco symphony. we were also asked to perform on america's got talent. we have just kind of become a bit of our own institution within the bay area. >> reporter: for the choir, the 555 tree lighting has been a
10:51 pm
tradition. >> it's interesting because it's not like the usual performance where you just saying and then you are off. you get to interact with other people. >> it's a lot more crowded and also there is a lot more celebrities. last year, we got to meet andy grammer and a whole bunch of 49ers players. it's really fun where you wouldn't have that at any other concert really. >> it's been a great opportunities for our boys to share the stage with more famous performers, with season veterans. it is adding to their sense of what they are doing. >> reporter: and what they are doing has a lot of people taking note of this small, oakland school.
10:52 pm
>> is a holiday weekend. one lucky person will never forget it. coming up, where the winning ticket was sold for one of the biggest powerball jackpots in lottery history.
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well, one lucky person in tennessee will always remember this thanksgiving holiday weekend because one powerball ticket sold in tennessee had all the winning numbers for one of the biggest powerball jackpots on record. so far, no one has stepped forward to claim that prize. it's $421 million. it is the ninth largest jackpot in lottery history. amateur aviators took the plunge in hong kong this weekend as part of a promotion for the red bull energy drink company. it is called the wood tag -- red bull flugtag. the crowd
10:56 pm
seemed to really enjoy this. >> i think this event really helps. i think it helped hong kong culturally to express themselves and do something crazy and wild and it's okay.>> the winning team made it about 40 feet from the platform, which was enough to carry the day. the red bull flugtag competition was held in the bay area in 2012. >> at least it looks like it was a nice day in hong kong. how about a quick check of the weather? >> if we were to have that here it would be deal tomorrow morning but for the most part just clouds out there. it could be cool and breezy so get ready for winds at 15 to 25 miles per hour. a pretty quiet week ahead. just a chance of a shower wednesday. >> thanks for joining us tonight. sports wrap his coming up next. goodnight.
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for a wild today, the rangers the raiders, injury with a pinky finger. the 49ers were competitive in miami and they own a franchise record extract a local -- college basketball team is off to a conference start. can he do this? another world record setting score. sports wrap is next. nissan sports wrap starts now. hello, everybody. i hope you had a


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