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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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u the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. prayers and grief for lives lost in one of the worst fires in oakland history. >> tragedy. a lot of young people. you know? going out to have a good time. and wrong place at the wrong time. you know? >> families holding their breath waiting for word about their loved ones. >> i've been texting my daughter all day. she normally would reply by now. she has not replied or called us back. so something happened.
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>> while the dangerous and painstaking recovery effort continues throughout the night. >> it will be a considerable amount of time before we can give them the information and closure that they deserve. >> the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> we've been working throughout the day to bring you the latest on the devastating fire in oakland's fruitvale district. earlier this evening we were live as heavy equipment was brought into the site in what is now a recovery operation. crews are trying to work their way inside the building looking for victims of this deadly fire. as you can imagine it is a grim and delicate operation. it will go on for hours in fact days. it took much of this day to shore up the building itself so first responders could get in safely. to the latest on what we know now the fire started last night at 11:30 during a late-night party. nine people are confirmed dead. we know their bodies have been removed from the building. right now there are about two dozen more people who are
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unaccounted for. >> we have team coverage including the difficulty -- difficult conditions that firefighters had to deal with. also talking with families that are still worried about missing loved ones. ktvu's investigative team has been digging through documents of past problems with the building. let's start with rob and malcolm out on the scene all day long. rob? >> reporter: good evening. if you look behind me you see this screen behind me. part of the government that will be used for the recovery efforts tonight. crews will be working throughout the night as they try to investigate as they search for bodies. not clear how the fire started but once it started it was clear that it became a deathtrap. the three alarm blaze sent flames into the night sky. collapsing the warehouse on 31st avenue known as the ghost ship. an artist loft and social space. heavy equipment now surrounds the building. as cranes bulldozers and excavators will bore holes in the building to search for remains. lives were lost and the question now how many leaving
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the mayor with a grim task. >> already a terrible tragedy. in a building that is permitted as a warehouse. i've spent my morning doing what is our priority. and that is focusing on the families of their loved ones. that are waiting to hear information and waiting for us to address this very complicated and devastating scene. >> reporter: some escaped by sheer luck. others were trapped in a maze of walls and reports of a second-floor stairway constructed with pallets. they burned with the building and this man was checking on neighbors he once went inside. >> it's a little scary. the steps and lighting. the steps getting up to the second floor and just beautiful but it was really -- you see
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what happened. >> reporter: now hard questions. the building was only permitted as a warehouse. no permits for parties or living quarters. the city of oakland cited the building owner for blight november 13. inspectors tried to gain access but couldn't. leaving a local councilman fuming. >> it's been on the neighborhoods radar for a long time. certainly the activity of the manager of that facility was challenged. >> reporter: the cleanup and recovery will be slow and may take days. >> we will anticipate that we will be here at least through sunday maybe early monday morning. we'd like to get that -- in this place back functioning as quickly as possible. >> reporter: back your life. this crane behind me will be operational tonight. you know i did speak with one man who lived in the neighborhood. he said he lost four friends in this building. he also told me he lost his daughter in an unrelated
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shooting accident on this very same corner. live in the fruitvale neighborhood, rob malcolm beer back to you. >> a little difficult because we can see that much behind you but what is going on right now? are they still working in that building trying to bring out the bodies and are they going to be doing that all night long? >> reporter: that's right, frank. as we were told in the latest press conference, this will be a slow process that has to be very delicate as we know. nine bodies were recovered. many are still inside. some of the bodies inside this building will have to be cut from the debris. and that of debris of course will have to be preserved as part of the ensuing investigation. frank? >> and there's still no definitive word on how many bodies are inside. they brought out nine. they know there are more bodies inside. but at this point there still not giving a definitive answer on how many, just of the ballpark figure of about 25 or so? >> reporter: that's right but we talked with ray kelly and he did not want to give a hard number because they have no idea how many people were attending. i remember we heard estimates
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of anywhere from 50 to 100 but that can't be confirmed until -- they wanted to stay away from hard numbers at this point as they believe the death toll will unfortunately increase here. >> rob malcolm at the scene. 31st and international boulevard in oakland. thank you. several dozen people have been found alive and reunited with family and friends. but so many more are still missing making it a torturous day for so many. tonight many of them are still at a family assistance center not far from the fire waiting for any possible word about their loved ones. ktvu's leigh martinez has been out there all day along with them. what can you tell us? >> reporter: several of them were -- several dozen are still inside. they choose to stay here tonight. they don't want to go home because the family members are not home. i'm sorry i'm getting a little -- a little emotional about this. frank and i were talking about this about can you imagine what it's like. and yeah.
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i got a phone call about someone that i love very much. and something happened. and that it's up to you to ask that question. is he still alive? and then there's that pause because you know the person on the other end doesn't want to tell you. so lasted just a few seconds for me but it was agony so i can understand what these people are going through tonight and the suspension they are in because they don't know what to do with themselves. just floating through until they get an idea as to how they can proceed and how they can move on. not knowing where their loved one is tonight. >> many families woke up saturday morning to news reports of a horrific fatal fire at a warehouse party in oakland. they didn't know someone close to them may have been there. >> my brother goes to raves. let me call him up. i called him. straight to voicemail. called him again. i called my mom and i was like mom? and i was like where's my brother? >> a friend of my daughter
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called my wife. and told her. that is michaela home? she went to the party last night. that's how we found out. that she came here. we had no idea. >> some friends came to my house this morning. and let me know that there was a fire and we're missing some people. and we've been here. >> reporter: alex biega and his longtime girlfriend michaela gregory were regular ravers and friends tell family members they were seen at the party. after numerous phone calls went unanswered, vegas family members sent out to investigate on their own. >> my parents went to the san bruno bar and her car is still there. we called one of his friends who he is normally with and i guess he was there but he left. i don't know. he said i haven't seen them either. so i just don't understand what
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i'm doing here. i want to go over there. you know? i want to find my brother. >> reporter: family and friends started showing up at the shared services center as early as 7:30 a.m. >> phone chargers and coffee as they can. and we're just waiting more information. >> reporter: the information is limited. >> there's nine bodies at a morgue and we don't know who they are. >> fear and frustration are consuming those waiting. >> i want to go find him. if he is dead or in rubble. fine. i'll get over that. but i just want to find him. >> reporter: not knowing is driving you nuts. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the center will stay open 24 hours. and those without answers choose to stay. >> the than sitting at home knowing nothing. >> several dozen safely reunited with family, most are still holding out hope that their child is waiting for them too. >> i'm hoping for a miracle. >> reporter: this is going to be a very, very long long night for these families.
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we were told at the last press conference they probably won't be giving any updates until 8:00 the next morning. in oakland, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you so much for your reporting. lee obviously emotional there. as a small mansion, what she mentioned about her personal experience was not related to today's incident at the warehouse. but certainly very fresh in her mind and it brings up her feelings. we've had a couple people asked. so her personal incident was not related to what happened at the warehouse. >> she's been taking it very hard. when you are around people like that who are missing someone and you are seeing this heightened emotion, it's tough. and you could see that on leigh martinez's face. she's having a rough time. >> we know friends and families of the victims and perfect strangers gathered to be together today at a vigil held at oaklands chapel of the chimes. >> ktvu's jesse gary was there and talked to some of them. what do they tell you about why they want to be there?
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>> the number of attendees fluctuated with people coming and going during the two hour service. i talked to david madden who conducted the ceremony. he says in times of unspeakable pain and loss, just being with other people can ease a person's suffering. >> so chaotic and we just go so fast. felt very important for us to open the space up for people to just be quiet for a few minutes. >> david madden says he didn't have a message but did talk about how the flames have also been a symbol for the agent of healing. about two hours of quiet reflection took place inside the largest sanctuary at the chapel of the chimes in oakland. although -- >> tragedy. a lot of young people. just going out to have a good time. and wrong place at the wrong time. you know? >> i'm sorry for everyone's loss. the people i didn't know. it's just -- i can't even -- it's mind blowing. heartbreaking. >> i don't think it's too much can be said.
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to me it's more action right now. reaching out to them and helping them. nothing you can say to them. so i figure reaching out and helping them. that's what they're looking for right now. >> reporter: he is an artisan who worked inside the ill-fated warehouse. smart creative zest for life. but uncertain if he made it out alive. at least nine families as you heard are grappling with devastating loss and some of those went to the chapel to express their feelings. we talked to chapel officials who say their doors will open again tomorrow morning at 8:30 for anyone wanting a quiet place to grieve or pray. live in the newsroom, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. today we talked to neighbors who live in the area. one man came home with saying the fire was raging. he called the building an eyesore and said there was danger as debris all around the exterior. >> i lived here for about a year now. and i don't know too much about it. really. i just walked by it every day. i see a lot of contemporary art
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and debris from that area. i walk my two dogs every day morning and evening and i can never really walk on that side of the sidewalk. so i go across the street on the side. towards wendy's. the but yeah. just a lot of sharp object. broken glass on the ground and filthy looking sidewalks. so i choose not to walk my dogs right there. >> we also know there have been numerous complaints about the building including three infractions with the city of oakland where the building inspector department has been investigating. complaints of blight. new pictures tonight sent to the city to document serious problems at the building. long before the fire. investigate a ross palombo here now with what you been able to dig up through the evening hours. >> what we found is the building has a very, very long history of complaints. everything from mountains of trash to allegations that someone was actually living there in that warehouse. tonight we've now uncovered the
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very photo evidence that was submitted to the city on some of these allegations. evidence that the city never fully investigated. trash sitting on the sidewalk. falling over a fence built up in the backyard. these photos just obtained by 2 investigates are part of 10 complaints leveled against the building to the city of oakland. most have to do with blight describing the property as being a junkyard filled with old tires. rodents et cetera. in 2014 the building was cited for construction without permits. only 3 of 10 violations have been verified. just two weeks ago the building was cited for blight again. the complaint coming from these very photos. saying some of the trash was hazardous. the property is a storage but the owner turned it to become trash recycle site. the main building was remodeled for residential. and an inspector was supposed to look into this on november 17. but records show they were unable to verify and never scheduled a follow-up
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inspection. this triggered another investigation into whether someone was living there but again records show yet another inspection was never completed. tax records show the building has been owned since 1997 by 4000 square-foot facility worth $43,249. and supposed to be used as just a warehouse. the owner's daughter is on record tonight saying the warehouse was leased by an art collective and that nobody lived there but sometimes some people worked through the night but that's all. a lot of code violations. half of those code violations are now listed as closed or non- actionable. we have been all over the east bay tonight trying to find the building owner to get his response to all this. but were unable to find him. city officials say the city is well known to all of them because of all the problems. one city official already out tonight saying that the city frankly quote drop the ball.
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>> you referring to councilman noel gaels. back to the building owner. you haven't been able to find him. do we know if authorities have talked with him yet? is he in hiding or unavailable? >> we've been to three properties that are connected to him through documents that we could find. we believe we've run into some of his family members. one of them was unwilling to come to the front door and just stared at us through the window. actually looked very distraught. appeared to be crying holding a tissue in her hand. we don't know whether he is avoiding the media or avoiding city officials. but sooner or later they will talk to him and we will get his full side of the story because there is his side. maybe didn't know about these problems. he did try to fix at least half the problems in the past. city official didn't get to him. they never made contact with him. on the other two latest problems. so november 13 and 17. maybe he didn't know. maybe he didn't have a chance to fix it. >> do we know whether he was a
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hands-on owner or whether he had someone managing the property? >> we have no way of knowing. there was a manager on site at the building. talking about -- noel was actually in contact with that manager. you're going to hear more about that coming up a little later. >> ross palombo. thank you. will bring you back on later. the bay area unites as we offer a moment of silence in honor of the victims, their family members and friends. >> the warriors and bay area pro sports stepping up to help the victims of that devastating fire. the staggering amount of money that's already been pledged. almost from the moment the fire started social media has played a big role. including helping friends and families know if their loved ones were okay. alyana gomez will show was the overwhelming response on social media today.
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joining us now to talk more about the fire disaster in oakland today city councilman noel gallo. a horrible day for oakland and for all of those families who are hurting. what do you know about the building and about the owner and about the person -- >> let me first express my condolences to the families. and secondly, i appreciate all the support that has come through from church groups and sports franchises to neighbors willing to contribute and help the families. so i want to give thanks first. i have known that area for many
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years. i grew up in the neighborhood. and certainly being elected as a city councilmember i have made many contacts with the current members of that facility. and certainly know who the owner of the property is. and certainly know the neighbors extremely well due to their complaints. wendy's and all the other merchants have complained ongoing about the activity and about the blight and about the trash. because we has volunteers pick up trash every saturday and sunday. tomorrow we'll be in that neighborhood. and so many times we have picked up all the abandoned trash in front of the facility. have confronted the individual. >> so -- >> and there's just a lack of response. >> from the city of which you are the part of. >> well, we as volunteers try to deal with the issue. but in terms of responded to the neighbor's complaints and concerns, i think in some ways we were not as aggressive or assertive as we could have
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been. to deal with that facility. >> earlier this afternoon we heard you use the phrase many people dropped the ball. >> we have to take responsibility. i mean, i can make excuses for it. but at the end of the day, the permitting issue dealing with all the other activity on the inside and outside, i think it's not the only facility that's currently under that condition. so i think we have the fire marshal and inspection we have to do a better job. >> was this an accident just waiting to happen? and are there more buildings like this as you just mentioned in oakland? >> well, living in those neighborhoods, and certainly working with volunteers to clean the neighborhood up, certainly i'm aware. i have seen and been inside properties where there are accidents -- i have a number of e-mails since the accident of people reporting that i better take immediate attention on certain other facilities. and so this is serious.
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and certainly in certain corridors the area area neglected or not attended to as soon as it should be. >> so what are you asking for? the next time u go back -- >> i will -- i will ask for additional not only additional code enforcement and additional fire marshals on the weekends to monitor the activities, but most of all to respond to the citizens when those complaints and concerns are filed within the city structure. >> so many families hurting tonight. do you have any updated information? i know you've been out there all day. any updated information in terms of what may have caused the fire and how many bodies may still be inside? >> there's many -- everything is under investigation. so i don't really want to state at this point. that's really up to the fire department to come through -- they are going to make some statements tomorrow. and all i can say to the
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families we are extremely -- we feel the pain. it's a sad moment for oakland and all the families. and certainly we do not want to have this happen again. >> i'm already reading online a groundswell of artists saying don't take our homes away. it's all that we have. hearing -- in your city the average monthly rent is $2700. completely out of reach for someone who is a struggling artist. or perhaps a student. you can't just kick everybody out. >> we not out to kick everybody out. certainly we do have a set of rules when it comes to fire codes and building codes. even allowing you to open up. there is a certain permit you have to have and a good number of locations that don't have either one of them. and we know it. the city knows it. and we just want to make sure that if you are in whatever building you are that you are safe. the sprinkler heads are in place. and it's about public safety at the end of the day. >> i get you saying all of that. i get that's the city's responsibility. is it realistic to think that the city can really follow
10:24 pm
through with that? you look at this building and it appears that it wasn't up to code. they may not have had sprinklers. they may not have had smoke detectors. they didn't have a permit for the party last night. so many potential things may have gone wrong here. is it really realistic to think that the city with its staffing can make sure that this doesn't happen again? >> i think it's realistic. but it comes down to enforcement at the same time. and certainly the property owner knows the responsibility and knows the rules that they must follow. but sometimes here in the city of oakland, it's one of those catch me if you can -- and i think that that's one of the things we have to do a better job in enforcement. not only on the street but also when it comes to facilities where people live. >> oakland city council person noel gallo representing the fruitvale district. stay with us as the coverage of the devastating fire continues today. we're going to talk about a man who spent decades fighting this
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kind of fire. >> he's going to walk us through what the firefighters were up against battling the flames. ♪ p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing. s... see you in the morning.
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polaris, from united.
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the oakland art community is grieving tonight over the deadly fire in an artist warehouse in the fruitvale district. it happened on the night of the city's first friday arts event. that warehouse is known as the oakland ghost ship. before because we're showing you now clearly taken before the devastation and post on the website. we spoke with another -- a number of people who say it was crammed with furniture and artwork. with -- which these pictures bear out. it was beautiful inside but it could be very difficult to get around especially with a crowd of people inside. many may have been unfamiliar with the building. >> this whole place was a sculpture. it would have been nice to have
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it exhibited, not that many people in it. it became a fire risk. >> i'm really worried that there are going to be massive repercussions on our community. because of this. that all of a sudden oakland is going to say oh, we can't ever let this happen again. let's find every nonofficial -- and kick them out. >> a candlelight vigil has been set for monday night to be held at lake merritt in oakland where people can once again gather and share their emotions and grief as they did earlier today at the chapel of the chimes. we just spoke with city councilman noel gallo. he said he and other city regulators were aware of the warehouse and the problems therein but for firefighters there were so many unknowns as they came to the scene not knowing what they would face inside. >> joining us now is tom vacar. you spoke to a retired fire chief today and got some really interesting insight into what the firefighters were up against. >> just before noon i spent -- i met with retired fire chief
10:29 pm
don parker who also spent many years with the oakland fire department. we learned plenty from his decades of experience and now so will you. >> reporter: former chief don parker knows about the use and misuse of former shops and warehouses. some of which become communes or artist colonies. >> there -- there a problem for virtually every fire jurisdiction in the state. >> reporter: that's because they often operate under regulatory radar. >> and the reason it's illegal is they didn't get a permit. it's never been inspected. so they do things that are inherently dangerous. and [ indiscernible ] deathtrap. >> reporter: add-in wandering raves. >> those are all unpermitted unregulated parties. >> reporter: finding these places is not easy. given that there's so many of them. >> part of the problem is no jurisdiction has the inspectors they used to have. >> reporter: when the fire flared many were on the second
10:30 pm
floor. but the stairway was a narrow conglomeration of pallets. >> that's criminal. a pallet is constructed in such a way that it will burn like a bonfire. and once the fire is there, it will quickly burn and collapse. so anyone had to get up the second floor if the fire was burning there they were doomed. >> reporter: oakland's fire chief has called in a multi- agency forensics task force. >> typically what happens there is all these different agencies come in including atf. state fire marshal. >> a grim task like no other. >> it's a grim task like no other because they will recover the bodies and it looks like they will do that sooner than later but they have to dismantle a large part of the building to do that. it's going to take date -- take days if not weeks to identify. >> it's really something hearing him call it a
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deathtrap. and that's essentially what was. >> yeah. something that simply didn't have to occur. there is this balance that has to be stricken between what the art community needs and can afford, and life safety. and these places cannot become anything like this and i'm pretty much sure they are going to start taking inventory of these so they know what's going on. and then try to work plans to deal with that but the idea that people may have been working and certainly living in here is a real concern. that's just -- that can't be. >> i imagine for the people in there that they didn't necessarily think that they were working in a place that wasn't safe. but that's where it is contingent upon the owner of the property. we have codes for a reason. >> yeah. the other thing is maybe they were fine when they were in there by themselves but when you start hauling hundreds of people in there and people don't know where the doors are because there are very few and then go through a maze or a web to get through all of this stuff, -- >> or the staircase that is built of wooden pegs and
10:32 pm
boards. >> that's not wise. and it doesn't matter that it is fun. i suspect most of these people who were very young did not walk in their thinking they were not going to walk out of there but nobody does. there isn't the sense of mortality that we have as you get older. but the reality of the situation was this was a deathtrap and it proved itself and we have to make sure these other places whatever we decide and however we decide to do regulation on them that they do not become this. >> look inside there. it was just packed with so many things that could easily catch fire and once it did did catch fire, sounds like it went up just like that. >> and one other thing. imagine grocery bags. full of groceries. and the side splits. what happens? the grocery start coming out. that's what's going to happen when they start taking the building apart. all jammed up and crushed on top of each other. and they take the walls are because they can't get through the doors to do the work. this is going to come out and they have to be extraordinarily
10:33 pm
careful. unless they get deeper into it. extraordinarily careful that does not fall on the people they are trying to do recovery or you compound the tragedy. >> and families waiting to know if their son or daughter is inside. tom vacar it's been a long day. thank you so much. social media played an integral role in this tragedy when it comes to getting information out quickly. to the concerned families and friends and there are a lot of them. alyana gomez is in the newsroom with what you've been able to find any number of sites. >> reporter: i've been following several platforms all day long. especially facebook which was instrumental in getting the word out today. one page in particular saw a lot of traffic. the golden done 100% silk page which is one of the performers pages. had last night's event listed on the page with more than 500 people expected to attend. initially a google docs page was created with a list of names of people who were safe and still unaccounted for. that site was extremely helpful because not only contained pictures and descriptions of
10:34 pm
mostly all of the missing victims but also help people overseas as well. and that spreadsheet was eventually blocked because of privacy issues. still many people had tagged friends and posts on the facebook page hoping for information on their whereabouts. in many cases others responded saying they were safe or still unaccounted for. social media also was key in spreading the word about various relief funds. more than 17,000 people shared the link to this police fund you are seeing on your screen. you helping the group raise more than $80,000 for the victims of and their families. there's also a gofundme page collecting donations for the 20 people who used that warehouse as living space. according to that page, the money will be used to help those people try to recover what was lost in that fire. we posted a link to that site on our website. go to $89,000. that's great to see. the goal was what?
10:35 pm
100,000? >> exactly right. >> almost there. alyana gomez. thank you. let's go back out to the scene. >> rob malcolm has been there all afternoon as it has quieted down. bright lights because they are working under the cover of night. i'm imagining it's much quieter than it has been throughout the book of the day. >> reporter: yeah. certainly is but moving slowly recovery effort is in full swing. for many in this community, this is a fire they won't soon forget. let's take a look at some of the video here. the three alarm blaze will be remembered by many as the artist warehouse is now -- with the roof collapsing onto the second floor. dozens are missing is -- dozens of others thought to be missing have now been accounted for and crews will be working slowly inside this building throughout the night. they will be searching for bodies and also worried about the structural integrity of the building. as we know this building was shored up late in the day to allow the cruise to get inside. the death toll we are told is expected to rise and today there was news many didn't want to hear.
10:36 pm
>> recovered nine victims at this point. those victims have been transported from the scene to our coroner's bureau. the identification process has begun with those victims. we are rushing their fingerprints to identify them. and then notify family members as we get those identifications. trump backer live alameda county sheriff coroner's office. he did tell us that they do expect a recovery effort. it will take at least 48 hours. they will have this area on lockdown. they are expected to be here at least until monday morning. back to you. >> any word on when they are going to use the crane behind you? i'm assuming that was a crane brought in specifically for what's happening. correct? >> reporter: that's right. we are told this crane will be operational sometime tonight.
10:37 pm
right now they are doing a smaller work of boring the holes in the building. trying to create at least three entry points as we were told. the front of the building is just blocked with debris. we have to go to the west side of the building to get inside. drill a hole and gain access. and of course search for bodies inside buried under some of this debris. the crane of course will be lifting the other heavy beans inside the building out of the accident site here. >> we had the roof collapse onto the the second floor. which then collapsed onto the first floor. a lot of debris to remove. rob malcolm on the scene. thank you. as we mentioned 2 investigates has spent the day digging through records about the building and the owner and the history of violations. we're going to talk again with ross palombo will show us more about what he found including pictures from inside the building showing some of the dangers that firefighters faced. as an organization we want to send our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families and friends.
10:38 pm
>> the warriors did play a game tonight but as you heard from the head coach, and the players they had their own hometown on their mind as they took the court. this and more as coverage continues.
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2 investigates has uncovered new pictures of the warehouse tonight. the very pictures that were used to file a complaint with the city alleging problems. investigative reporter ross palombo has those pictures and photos from inside the warehouse before the fire broke out. >> that's right. inside the warehouse was packed with all kinds of stuff but take a look at this. we have uncovered brand-new photos of the outside that the city itself had for weeks documenting serious complaints. outside is where the problem
10:41 pm
started. look at this. this is the very evidence someone sent to the city saying trash was a problem on the street and behind the fence. and to say that someone was actually living there. the city started to look into this just about two weeks ago but never followed up completely on the last two complaints. as for the inside take a look at these. social media has many references to an artist collective called oakland ghost ship and many of their events list this warehouse as the location. the tumbler account has these photos which appear to be the inside of the warehouse. you can see it was a tightly packed area with furniture and other objects everywhere and you can see the roof was made of wood. we now know the roof went up in flames and collapsed. rescuers say there was so much stuff inside the warehouse that it was a labyrinth inside. it could have been part of the problem when victims tried to get out. it is still very early on in the investigation and no one is
10:42 pm
yet sure exactly what happened. again there were 10 complaints filed against that building in the vast majority already addressed by the building owner. it is the city that had not followed up on the last two complaints. >> ross, thank you. governor jerry brown released a statement of condolence about the fire. you will recall that jerry brown was a two-term mayor of oakland starting in 1999. governor brown said we were saddened to learn of last night's tragic fire in oakland. our thoughts are with the entire city in this difficult time and we extend our condolences to this family and friends of those lost. take a short break. coming up next a quick look at your sunday forecast. ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪
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quick weather update.
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we had lots of sunshine in the bay area today. just a few minor changes into the second half of the weekend. right now on life storm tracker to the high clouds and rainfall heading up to the north of the bay area. dry weather pattern in place. just a few extra high clouds approaching from the north. by mid-to-late afternoon for your sunday. check in on some of the current number is out there. san jose 50 degrees. livermore 43. santa rosa 44. san francisco 50. oakland in the upper 40s. live camera out toward the bay bridge looking out towards san francisco not much happening with the weather for tonight. relatively calm wind. with fair skies. but we are expecting partly cloudy conditions tomorrow morning. mid-30s to the mid-40s. once again starting out pretty chilly tomorrow. watching the weather system up to our north. this will generate rainfall up to the north of the bay area. but for us to bring a few extra clouds by mid-to-late afternoon in terms of significant rainfall, next chance of rain back into the picture


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