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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  December 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. the recovery of the deadly warehouse fire in oakland continues this morning. the numbers are expected to change today. there is a news conference scheduled for 8:00 this morning. investigators are looking into whether people were living there illegally. friends and family members of those who attended the party friday night are turning to facebook. one of the [ inaudible ] the person who set up the page said the list is no longer being updated and is now advising
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people to go to the oak lands office -- [ inaudible ] >> the a's and the [ inaudible ] are looking to match the first $3000. money is supposed to help them replace some of the things lost. we have posted links on our website. the big concern now is the structural integrity of the building. >> we're joined on the phone now. >> how are you doing?
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>> let's talk about the building itself. they're starting to remove some of the remains. talk about the task at hand. what they've done and what lies ahead. >> they have a very tedious job ahead of them as far as the investigation and removal and the ability to find all the people that are missing and presumed in the building. [ inaudible ] and now with the heavy equipment they're going to use to lift the heavy metal roof and thens to get done to the bottom where some of the victims may be located. you were a firefighter for many, many years. when i look at the building i see devastation. can you tell me what you see as a long-time firefighter?
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we talked to don parker yesterday and he was talking about the death trap. that's how he saw it when he looked at the building. what do you see when you see the devastation and the work ahead? >> well, i mean from the outside, when the firefighters pulled up to begin with, from the outside it looks like a basic building. [ garbled audio ].
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. >> well, there is that concern. it will one thing that is probably going to preserve some of the evidence in there and helpfully it will allow them to find the victims. if the person is in that level they may have succumbed to the smoke and now they're in between some debris. it's going to be a systematic removal. everything is going to have to
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be documented. this could be -- it could be a criminal aspect issue if they find something wrong. >> sorry, go ahead. >> yeah, it's just going to be a very long process. it could take two, three, four more days for them to completely get to all of the items and victims. >> you know, bill, we don't want to take away from, obviously, how horrifying and difficult this is from the victim's families and loved ones and everything they're going through, but you also have to think about the firefighters on the scene. you guys get on scene and the goal is to save lives. when you're faced with a situation like this, i wonder, the emotions are there and probably a lot of frustration. >> i want to reiterate what the fire chief said yesterday, don parkers.
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these are some of the best trained firefighters in the area. this is a very aggressive fire department. they wanted to get there and rescue people. now they're going to, you know, basically have to live with this for the rest of their lives even though that's our job to go in and put fires out and save people but it still takes a toll on you. they're going to think was there something else i could have done to get in the building and save somebody? it's a very devastating fire for the victim, the family members and the firefighters. >>
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things it could have been and get to cause of what it was. >> thank you bill for getting up early and thank you for your insight. >> thank you. >> time now the 6:20 on the clock. we want to head over to rose mary for a look at the forecast on this sunday. >> we are looking at pretty good weather for today. it's going to be partly cloudy and cool but we're going to be dry. for the first few days rain is looking to come back to did area wednesday, thursday and our ski resorts are looking good as well. several lifts available for today. going to be drive in the sierra for the next few days but the wet weather is coming back. that's coming up in the
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extended forecast. right now it's 36-degrees in brentwood, 33 in fairfield. just a degree above freezing for you. in the north bay temperatures are cool for you, upper 30s, hos. 3 the san francisco, temperatures are cooler by a few degrees. mountain view, san jose a tad warmer. it's still very chilly out there. we're dealing with a little bit of fog over portions of the north bay, the stretch along highway is 0 is you'll find it as well. the darker shade of gray is indicate the thicker fog. perhaps the possibility, maybe patchy dense fog. you can expect that fog there. partly cloudy for the rest of us. temperatures similar to partly
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cooler. partly cloudy skies, we'll have a trough that drops in, drops our temperatures. not going to bring us rain to start the week. for the start of the week i'd say pick a thicker jacket. giving you a look at the afternoon highs for today. 60s in the forecast, low 60s, in concord, upper 60s in the north bay, of 4 for the afternoon high. notice temperatures begin to drop off on monday. coolest day on tuesday. mid-50s in the forecast for the afternoon. the under partly cloudy skies. by wednesday things start to change again. increase the cloud cover for a chance of rain. thursday, friday, looks like wet days coming our way. >> a raiders game at 1:00. perfect weather. >> thanks rose mary. >> we're learning more about the party that was happening at the oak lands warehouse, the time of the fire. we'll tell you how long the
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party was planned. >> for cuba, a final fare well to their leader. that's much more when we come back.
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. today the funeral of cuba leader fidel castro is being held neil santiago. the coffin carrying his ashes
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arrived yesterday. many gathered the coffin. raul castro said they'll not name streets or anything for his brother or statues. the u.s. is not sending an official delegation and russian president, vladimir putin did not say they'd attend. president-elect donald trump talked to the taiwan president and he talked to, the talk to tsai as the president of taiwan. asian analyst say beijing may not for palli react until they see the steps mr. trump will
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take. >> we remember those killed in the brazilian soccer team. >> we have more on the devastating site of the oakland warehouse fire. there are 10 confirmed and that number is expected to rise. we'll have more on than coming up.
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a call for people to come together with strength during the oakland fire tragedy at the warehouse. here is what we know as we take this live look at the family
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assistance center in oakland. recovery efforts to find those missing continues. crews are moving through cautiously as much of the support for the building is damaged. ten are confirmed dead. at least two dozen are missing. they are trying to be sure the recovery efforts are safe for those helping. we have a press conference at 8:00 and we'll bring that live here as long as well as online. the news conference is scheduled in an hour and a half. >> new information overnight about some victims. >> reporter: the number of people missing is fluid as you said. the estimate is at least 25. last night when we spoke with the sheriffs sergeant he couldn't give us a definitive number of how many people
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they're looking for, whose bodies can be trapped inside, because they didn't know how many people attended in the first place. we do know that ten people are confirmed dead. overnight one more body was pulled from the wreckage. when i spoke with the sargent a short time ago, he said that number will rise. they do expect more bodies to be found as we go into the daytime hours. the warehouse where this fire happened was an artist collective. according to a friend of the founder, at least nine to ten people lived and worked there. friday there was a concert happening on the second floor of the warehouse. it's estimated about 100 people may have been inside. that's a rough estimate because they don't know how many were attending. a friend of the founder described what living conditions were like in the building before this happened. he says the staircase to the second floor was constructed with palates and other found
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objects. he said at one point he was invited to live there but he declined and explained why. >> it was scary, the steps and lighting. the steps getting to the second floor and just -- it was beautiful but it was really -- you know, we see what happened. >> reporter: there is supposed to be a formal news conference happening here. you see the podium set up behind us with media from around the country getting ready to listen in. that's at 8:00. we did hear from an oakland police spokes person who came over. she will be back in 20 minutes to give us a few updates before the formal news conference at 8:00. the information continues to come in. the recovery effort has not stopped. it has been going since the fire happened essentially and they plan on continuing to bring in heavy equipment to disassemble the warehouse where this happened to get to more
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bodies as the morning and afternoon goes on. all the way until tomorrow morning they plan to be here. back to you. >> all right. a quick question. this is a national story. i have had a lot of friends from new england call and text me. it is really an international story. i would imagine it's a very busy place there media wise too. >> reporter: yesterday when we spoke to sheriff kelly, he said foreign officials were inquiring about people who may have been at the party from outside the country. i will ask again and follow up to see if they found out anything more about which country specifically. he did mention that yesterday. >> he was like we don't have time to return the hundreds of calls we are getting from all over the world. the only information we are getting is at the scene. hopefully we'll get an update
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from oakland police. 6:33. looking at aerial views of the aftermath of the fire, it was easy to see the collapse of the roof and groups like red cross and salvation army have stepped in to help the families who are anxiously waiting for any news about their loved ones. some of the families are going to the family assistance center that opened yesterday. people have been coming there searching for answers and giving the authorities all the information that they can. the members of the community have also been coming together to be sure they have hot meals and support. >> this is obviously a tragedy. we wanted to do our part to be sure that they were loved and fed to the best of our ability. >> everyone is emotional obviously. it's one of those moments where it's tough to lose a loved one. our hearts and prayers go out to these guys. we hope they will be able to
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get the answers they need, and some closure. >> there will also be grief counselors at the family assistance center for anyone who wants someone to talk to. east bay congress woman barbara lee offering her condolences. she tweeted the number that family and friends should call to those who have loved ones missing. we have been giving you that number all morning long. 382-3000, area code 510. she tweeted praying for families and loved ones of those we lost in this unimaginable tragedy. the city investigated the same warehouse a month ago amid allegations of illegal construction. over the years neighbors have complained about blite. they said the property looked more like a junk yard and was filled with old tires, infested with rodents. about three weeks ago, inspectors were checking alleged illegal construction but no one answered the door. inspectors left and didn't
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follow up. a councilman will join us in studio to talk about the city's investigation into the building. yesterday when he was asked about responses to complaints made about the building, he said the city of oakland dropped the ball. >> we have to take responsibility. i mean, i can make excuses for it. but at the end of the day, the permitting issue, dealing with all the activity on the inside and outside, i think it is not the only facility currently under that condition. we at the fire marshal inspection, code inspectors, we have to do a better job. >> he is very familiar with the warehouse, grew up in the neighborhood blocks away and represents the district. we will have him in here live at 7:15. families have been waiting for information about missing loved ones. >> some stayed all night at a family assistance center hoping for some answers.
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alex joins us live with more on that. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. certainly the family assistance center, very close to the fire scene, was a busy place yesterday. friends and relatives who believed their loved ones were inside came here looking for more information, hoping for some answers. i talked with sheriffs officials. they tell me the place was open all night, the sub station was, for anyone who wanted to use the space. nobody stayed overnight we understand. this morning there are several dozen people unaccounted for who were believed to be inside that warehouse that burned friday night. that includes we understand three uc berkeley students who are still missing. according to daily cal newspaper, three have been reported missing by friends. also still unaccounted for are alex vega and long time girlfriend mckala gregory. relatives say they were both
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seen at the concert at the converted warehouse friday night. but neither has been heard from since the fire. of course the wait for answers is agonizing. >> i just want to find them. if he is dead, if he is in the rubble, fine. i will get over that. i just want to find them. >> it's the not knowing. >> absolutely. >> reporter: authorities are still really just beginning the process of recovering the bodies, all the bodies they believe may be inside the burned out warehouse. so far, ten bodies have been taken from the building but obviously there is the the process of identifying them. sheriffs officials say they will pull fingerprints from the bodies they have so far to hopefully notify the people's families as soon as they possibly can. of course there are signs of hope here. there have been several dozen people who were initially unaccounted for after the fire who have been reunited with
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their families. obviously people still waiting for answers are trying to hold out hope but as you can well imagine, it is a difficult wait. >> i know the doors were open all night. have people been checking in this morning as we approach 7:00 now? >> reporter: no. no one has. i checked with sheriffs officials in the last half hour and they told me that the last people using the space were here late last night but nobody decided to stay overnight. so far this morning we have not seen anyone coming into the center aside from the folks working here. >> we hope they can get a little bit of rest. you know there are very long days ahead. thanks so much. >> certainly. from the bay area to around the world people are offering online messages of condolences. mc hammer posted this on twitter saying thoughts and prayers with the families, loved ones, victims of the oakland fair. the lieutenant governor tweeted
6:40 am
this message, thinking of the oakland community during this tragic time. thankful for first responders risking their lives to save others. golden state warriors remembered the victims in the minutes leading to their game. >> the bay area unites as we offer a moment of silence in honor of the victims, their family members, friends. >> before the game the head coach shared his thoughts on the tragic fire. >> just a devastating tragedy right here in the east bay. it's hard to comprehend. as an organization, we want to send our thoughts and prayers to the victims, their families, their friends, people who are used. >> oracle arena and oakland colosseum are less than three miles from the scene of the fire. aids announced early yesterday they want to encourage people to donate and help the victims' families.
6:41 am
the team tweeted our thoughts are with everyone affected. we are oakland, donate to help. the team promised to match $20,000 in donations to the fund but has increased it to $30,000. donations have already topped that. raiders have offered to match the next $30,000 matched. the giants have pledged 30,000 and warriors announced they will donate some $50,000 to the fund. for more information about the deadly fire, log on to there is a photo gallery have images. you can join us on our facebook page for up to the minute information about the tragedy and live press conference. one is coming up this morning at 8:00. stay with us. at 6:41, we will continue to follow this oakland fire. there is a live picture from the scene. you see a podium set up. we are expecting to have more
6:42 am
information from oakland police. we'll talk to alley in the next couple minutes or so. there is a preference conference set up for 8:00 am. stay with us.
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our coverage of the deadly warehouse fire in oakland continues. the death toll stands at ten. with at least two dozen others missing, we do expect the number to rise. there is a news conference at 8:00 at the site of the fire. we are expecting to hear from oakland police in the next 20
6:45 am
minutes. investigators are looking into whether people were living in the building illegally. this has left quite a task for the oakland mayor. her number one goal she says is to help the families still missing loved ones. >> a terrible tragedy took place in a space, in a building that is permitted as a warehouse. i have spent my morning doing what is our priority and that is focusing on the families of their loved ones that are waiting to hear information and waiting for us to address this very complicated and devastating scene. >> the mayor took to social media to tell people that the city of oakland will be sharing information as quickly as possible with the commune and we are going to keep you focused throughout the -- up to date throughout the day. we have more information on
6:46 am
the party that was happening when the fire started. the event had been promoted for weeks on facebook. one of the organizers was working the door when the fire started. he was able to escape the flames. he said some of the missing were people he had hired to work the show. oakland art community continues to grieve as well. this happened on the night of the city's first friday arts event. the warehouse known as oakland ghost ship. you are seeing photos posted on the website. we spoke with a number of people familiar with the building who say it was crammed with furniture and art work, hard to get around. many say it was beautiful inside but could be hard to navigate and easily get lost especially for people who had never been inside it before. >> this whole place, it would have been nice to have it exhibited. when they had that many people in it, it became a fire risk.
6:47 am
>> a candle light vigil is being scheduled for monday night in oakland for people to gather and share emotions and concerns. that's just one of the many ways people are gathering today and this week together to remember the tragedy. as we have heard, that warehouse was known to city regulators. firefighters say there were a lot of unknowns as they arrived on the scene. >> tom spoke with a retired fire chief about what the crews are experiencing right now. >> reporter: former chief don parker knows about use and misuse of former shops and warehouses, some of which become communes or artist colonies. >> they're a problem for virtually every fire district. >> reporter: that's because they often operate under regulatory radar. >> they didn't get it permitted. it's never been inspected. so they do things that are
6:48 am
inherently dangerous that get people killed. the place was a death trap. >> reporter: add in wandering raves. >> unpermitted unregulated parties. >> finding the places isn't easy given there are so many. >> part of the problem is they know jurisdiction has the inspectors they used to have. >> reporter: when the fire flared many were on the second floor but the stairway was a narrow conglomeration of palates. >> that's criminal. a palate is constructed in such a way that it will burn like a bonfire. once a fire is there, it will quickly burn and collapse. anyone that had to get off the second floor if the fire was burning there, they were doomed. >> reporter: the oakland fire chief has called in a multi agency forensics task force. >> typically what happens is all the agencies come in
6:49 am
including atf, state fire marshal. let's get you to weather. it is sunday. rosemary is here to tell us about that forecast. >> another chilly start out there with temperatures into the afternoon under partly cloudy skies on the mild side. we'll look at what you can expect today. then we will get to colder weather in the days ahead. we have a beautiful start out there with a mix of high clouds, a little bit sunshine, little bit of cloud cover to start the day. we are right upon sun rise. take a look at some of the numbers. a near freezing start in fairfield with 33 degrees outside your door. liver more is checking in at 36. it is cold here. around the bay it is chilly with 44 hayward, 48 san francisco, 38palo alto. the 24 hour temperature change is showing us we are a little bit cooler than yesterday.
6:50 am
this morning we are dealing with fog over portions of the north bay. everybody else is looking good visibility wide. areas along highway 101 into santa rosa, the darker gray is indicating visibility is low. the airport is reporting about a mile and a quarter. we have little change in store today with a cold morning, partly cloudy for the afternoon and a lot of 60s. into the day ahead, a trough will not bring us rain. it will bring cooler temps. temperatures will be falling to the mid to upper 50s in the forecast for the afternoon monday, tuesday, wednesday. things start to change again with some rain in the forecast for the back end of the week. i will push you to wednesday afternoon. there is the first chance moving into portions of the north bay. we wake up thursday with a better chance of widespread rain. friday morning it looks like it can linger. wednesday night, thursday, friday is the next opportunity for rain coming our way and
6:51 am
sierra snow. afternoon highs today is 63 oakland. if you are going see the raidersers play, it will be a nice one. extended forecast, temperatures are cooling as early as tomorrow and bottoming out on tuesday with low 30s, low 40s to start the day and mid 50s in the afternoon. temperatures come up some wednesday with an increase in cloud cover, a chance of rain for the north bay. into thursday and friday, we have a better bet that all of us will see wet weather. >> jacket sales are up. >> yeah. >> it was cold. >> and getting colder. >> thanks. >> sure. we are continuing to follow the latest developments from yesterday's devastating fire in oakland. we also want to update you on other stories. >> coming up, what we are learning about the assault reported by a u.c. berkeley student not far from campus. stay with us.
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back at 6:54, highway 4 in east contra costa is open after a deadly crash in brentwood, two cars colliding after 11:30 last night at the intersection of byron highway and marsh creek road. the major intersection was shut down. at least one person died but no other details are being released. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. berkley police investigating a sexual assault not far from the uc berkeley campus. a student says she was walking
6:55 am
from a downtown berkeley bart station november 27 about 10:30 at night when a man attacked her. she was able to fight back and get away. the man is light in his mid 30s, 6'2", 220 pounds. he was wearing a black baseball bat with sf on it, dark jeans, a black and red flannel shirt. anyone that might have information is urged to give berkley police a call. redding held a rally yesterday in support of the mother freed after being kidnapped for three weeks. on national television friday night her husband says the family has temporarily moved to an undisclosed location to protect their privacy and safety. he says when she was found on a road on thanksgiving morning she was battered and bruised. authorities allowed her to call him. when she picked up the phone she was excited screaming his name. officials say the captors did brand her. experts say that's a sign of
6:56 am
sex trafficking as people behind sex trafficking often mark their victims in some way. >> when they heard she had gotten branded the first thing was she was preyed for human trafficking. it's branding property, taking possession saying this one belongs to me. >> the redding record newspaper reported that the shasta sheriff disputing a story saying an unnamed source is saying they have not ruled out the abduction as a hoax. but it is believed this was an abduction. they are keeping an open mind to all possibilities in the investigation. a church in south bay working to replace food and clothing for the homeless that were stolen just before they were going to be handed out. mercy mobile project collected the items and planned to hand them out tomorrow night but
6:57 am
these carted away almost everything stored in the 37- foot long rv. thieves also took off with tools, folding tables, utensils used to serve food for the homeless. >> we go to the people where they live. the old motto was they would come to my church. our hope is we can get our community get, get our network together, replenish everything we lost. >> it's very sad. i also know that people are generous and that in difficult times like this people rise to the challenge. that was something that i felt like i could do as well. >> word got out about the thefts and donations started pouring in. the pastor who runs the project wasted no time handing out items to the homeless spoons they received it. ten people are confirmed dead in the devastating warehouse fire in oakland. we have team coverage on the firefighters' efforts to search the burn site as families await word on their loved ones.
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a tragedy. a lot of young people going out to have a good time and the wrong place at the wrong time. >> a 10th fatality confirmed and many people still unaccounted for this morning as firefighters work through the night to search for more victims of the tragic warehouse fire in oakland. this is all ahead as "mornings on 2" continues. >> welcome to "mornings on 2" on this sunday, december 4th. i'm claudine wong. >> good morning, i'm frank mallicoat. rosemary has the forecast in about 15 minutes. first the latest information on the oakland fire tragedy. the grim recovery effort is underway. we confirmed a 10th body pulled from the fire scene. officials believe the death toll will likely rise dramat


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