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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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good morning, welcome back to mornings and 2. look at the weather radar. it is a terrible commute from almost -- a wet commute for almost everybody. take your time. we are watching the roads for you. steve is watching the weather for you and he has your forecast. day right here with us. good morning, thank you for joining us here on morning and 2. it is thursday, december 8. >> we want to talk about snow that is falling across much of the sierra this morning.-- not they are. there is a dry shot. it did start dumping yesterday evening and has nonstop. we will get back to some snow pictures in a moment. >> where they do have snow the
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skiers and snowboarders love it. steve is here. >> it was raining up there the last time i checked. >> in marin county it came down very hard for quite some time yesterday evening. >> it is funny should say that, we are leaving with rain told in marin county. camfield seems to be the leader of the pack, 1.5, 1.53 inches of rain. san jose seems to also be suffering. there some rain out there. in the mountains just shy of an inch of rain. santa rosa .82. san francisco .64. san jose .05. we have never seen that before. there is still some areas of rain going through although it does look like we are on the back edge of this. it doesn't here like some of
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this is turning to a general rain than a snow mix. it does look like warmer air is coming in and getting modified now. for the mountains of this could stack up and that is exactly what is happening. this year will continue. the breeze has been cranked up. a pretty good gust for some especially in the higher elevations. we have southerly breeze. there is a pretty good breeze in place, 40s and 50s on the temperatures. we have a few 30s into the mix. we have a tremendous amount of moisture that has to come out from the west southwest. . look for rain off and on tapering off a little bit today. 50s on your temperatures. >> sal i know you are out of the gate with busyness if you will. >> yes, we will start with the maps because we have crash in the livermore area, westbound 580. this involving a big rig and
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other cars, one vehicle hit the center divide and ended up on the right-hand side. we do have slow traffic coming into 580. there is also the normal traffic moving up on the ultimate pass as you drive through -- altamont pass. we have a lot of crashes this morning were people lose control and end up off the roadway. that is what we are dealing with this morning. please give yourself some extra time. the super key mute looks pretty good so far as you drive from vacaville to vallejo. we also do have -- i want to see if i can get is a.-- number try to do it manually because i just found out a crash at san bruno pier car went off the roadway and ended up in a ditch. this is what happens when it rains. rain is correlated with more collisions. this morning we're already starting out with a
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bunch of that -- bender -- fender vendors so leave the house -- benders so leave the house early if you can't . police are investigating 2 sexual assaults from the past 2 days. we're joined now from campus where the latest incident happened just yesterday. >> reporter: the latest incident happened here at duncan hall. this is a science building with lots of classrooms and laboratories. san jose state sent out an alert telling students and steps that a woman was attacked in the stairwell of duncan hall just after 1:00. the suspect is described as being in his 20s wearing a dark gray sweatshirt, dark pants wearing a navy blue backpack. this is following another report on monday. campus release -- police
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released to the surveillance photos of the suspect . they say he assaulted a woman after following her into the student union from the 9th street plaza . the suspect was wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a black and blue jacket last seen riding a skateboard toward san fernando street. police have not said whether they think the incidents are connected but they would like anyone with any information on either assault to call campus police here. >> very scary that this was in the afternoon as well. now to our continuing coverage of the open warehouse fire, we're waiting for a team from the bureau of alcohol to file -- tobacco and firearms and explosives to complete airport investigation of what sparked the fire. agency if i begin on the ground floor of the building and the heavy smoke and flames when up to 2 stairwells and trapped all the people on the 2nd floor.
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they had no chance to get out. while investigators have been looking at old and appliances stored in the warehouse, they emphasize no determination has been made yet. >> the refrigerator is still being examined but has not been determined to be the cause of the fire. we are looking at every possible ignition source that is in the building. >> agents will be at the scene for the next several days and data analysis and interviews could take a few more weeks after that. the 36 deaths are the most from a fire in the us since the rhode island nightclub fire back in 2003. the oakland mayor says she will army task force to develop plans to improve building fire safety. no building inspector had examined that warehouse and 30 years in. -- 30 years. videos and photos seem to show below living standard
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conditions before the ghostship warehouse burned down. we spoke with the former tenant who told her story. >> there was stuff piled high that you had to climb over. >> broken bathrooms, chaotic cabling, propane tanks and even rvs inside. >> there were 5 or 6. i rented one. >> shelley rented in our view 2 years ago -- and rv 2 years ago. >> why is very propane tank in the bathroom? >> to heat the water for showers. >> to that appear to be safe? >> know because the children were in there. >> you lived there did that don on you that this was a huge fire problem? >> when i did live in there yes. >> because of the clutter, hot wiring and this jack outbox. she says she sent this letter to the manager demanded a safer place to live saying the junk everywhere was a fire hazard
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and suggesting an escape plan for fire. >> can you imagine place, this clutter being on fire and someone trying to get out. >> you can't get out. if it was light you can get out of there but in the dark forget it. >> she says she -- address that plan with the manager. one caught on camera was quickly forgotten. to investigate has already uncovered documents showing how the city of oakland was also told 10 times about various cold problems, 2 which were still open investigations from just last month, one that had no scheduled follow-up. >> they made sure that they went out and did there job at the time. >> new documents show an inspector's own comments written just a week ago, cannot see if there is an illegal building from the sidewalk. property has a chain-link ends in the front.
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>> now the gate is gone, 36 people are dead. >> nothing was up to code. everything was a legal, and chili mac is reliving her tent to get help some 2 years before . >> i think that every person that came out there and didn't do anything is guilty. every police officer, every housing inspect, they failed and they -- inspector, they failed and they are guilty -- . she claimed she called police several times for other incidents while she lived there and that they showed up but never seemed to notice the living conditions while they were there. she says there were 3 fires while living in the warehouse and renters put the fires out themselves because they were too afraid to call 911 because they were afraid to be found living in those poor conditions.
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a pedestrian accidents and 3 people to the hospital. police say 2 women and a man ran a crosswalk when they were hit by a car. it happened near la cruz avenue. injuries are not life- threatening. the driver stopped at the scene and is cooperating. a man from novato sentenced to 7 years in prison after pleading guilty in a child pornography case. patrick harvey agreed to the plea on one, receiving child pornography and in exchange 2 the charges were dropped. the federal case involved hundreds of sexually explicit images. prosecutors say the photos included children under the age of 10. harvey was arrested last year during a raid on the home where he lived with his father. there was any unusual drug bust off the coast of southern california. border patrol agents found about with about a
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ton of marijuana on board. no one was on the boat when park rangers and border patrol pulled the board -- boat ashore it was empty except for $1 million of drugs in the driver of the book -- . the driver of the boat could have abandoned about. this is an effort launched by bay area media organizations looking at solving homelessness . this morning we are looking at youth homelessness. the most recent survey found there are about 1500 young people and sent in cisco who were either in shelters -- who are in san francisco either living in shelters or on the street. they describe to us how hard it is to endure. >> it is pretty hard. there is a lot on your mind. it is stressful. you have to
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worry about doing good and if you don't want people to know you have to worry about them not knowing certain things. >> it is very unpleasant. it makes me feel really bad. it makes me really bad when i go to school and see all of these other kids with really good lives. >> both students are at a charter school for at risk youth . the school is trying to build a dormitory for students that don't have a place to stay. typically young people between the ages of 16 and 24 i one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to being homeless -- are one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to being homeless. you can find our continuing coverage about homelessness as well as resources for those who need it on our website.
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there is another recall this morning from tesla this time from charging adapters that could overheat. there about 7000 and use. they are sometimes used to charge the vehicle from an appliance outlet. at least 2 customers say the adapters malfunctioned, overheated, and the plastic melted. the adapters are safe to use as long as yours has not melted. they are sending out replacements in the upcoming weeks. there is a warning for people headed to lake tahoe this winter. watch out for phony rentals online. police say scammers are using photos of real vacation homes to get deposits from their victims. when renters arrived they discover properties are not for rent. this describes getting references from individuals
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using credit cards instead of sending money. is your christmas tree up yet? a shortage of christmas trees caused by droughts and other environmental prices -- causes are driving up the price. christmas tree lots have raised prices as much as 10 percent. >> trees are 20 or $30 more than they were in previous years. >> a rise in prices has also led many tree growers to leave the business or sell fewer trees . the drought has also caused the size of the trees to be smaller. >> i just asked you if you got your christmas tree at -- yet . real trees can be expensive but try to go to places that raise money.
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>> the guardsmen in san francisco has a lot. >> you have your hands full right now. >> i do. we do have a lot of snow -- slow traffic , a lot of fender vendors out there. traffic -- benders out there. traffic on 580 is busy of an accident on west 580 near east street. getting into livermore is slow because of a crash. a lot of these crashes involve vehicles that are facing the wrong way. . they spin out and face the wrong way. unfortunately sometimes another vehicle comes along, loses controls and ends up hitting the vehicle that is facing the wrong way. it has already happened this morning. one car spun out, another car
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came up and hit it and now there is a crash. let's go to the san mateo bridge since we're talking about that area. it is moving along okay. watch for slow traffic. for the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic is going to be busy as you come through san francisco. on 880 n. down there was a car driving north. you can see the red and blue police lights. you might be able to see the headlights of the car facing the wrong way on the freeway. the cars facing the wrong way. another car came out and hit it. chp has temporarily stops traffic in oakland to clear this crash down 880. give yourself time or use 980 to get over to 580 to go around this problem. let's go to steve. we still have some
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continuous rain. it will taper off late morning or early afternoon until the next system arrives. sfo has had a really good rain and around san mateo as well. santa rosa .82. san francisco .64. oakland only a 3rd. other locations for over an inch of rain. novato .82. mill valley three quarters. red with city two thirds. nap almost a half. brenda wood record about a 3rd an inch of rain. yesterday was a mix of sleep, rain and snow. looks like this has been modified. if it is not the case you can let me know. temperatures are coming up.
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we're not seeing that mix precipitation. we did see it yesterday but we are not seeing enough. it was cold trapped air yesterday. we have some breaks in some of this rain but some fog out there. santa cruz mountains look like -- looks like they are in on some pretty good rain. most wind -- north wind at santa rosa . there is an offshore breeze, northerly breeze or southerly breeze. have a lot of rain out of sfo. 30s to 50s, 39 fairfield. 40s and 50s now in san jose. wood sided 51. 46 in pacific. last report and truckee was rain . a tremendous amount of moisture continues to work its
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way toward us. it will be cloudy to mostly cloudy. once you get this type of pattern going to get some light rain. it looks like we will have a break sunday and monday. we could have some very good rain in the higher elevations. 50s on the temperatures to near 60. with the southerly breeze we should see temperatures warm up quickly. mostly cloudy, partly cloudy on friday then more rain late friday saturday. >> a lot of rain. sweep the leaves, clear the gutters, all of that. get it cleaned up.
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welcome back. we're coming up close to the 5:00 our. an iceberg is beginning to break away from antarctica. it is getting bigger every day.
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scientist are keeping a close eye on this iceberg. biologists say the tallest animal on earth is now at risk of distinction. they have dropped more than 30 percent in the last 30 years. they are put on the watchlist. the hottest gift of the holiday season may not be a high tech toy or retro nintendo , a pet rock have sold out. it is not an ordinary rock. is an $85 leather rock stone that nor strums cannot keep inside -- nordstrom cannot keep in stock. i'm not making
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this up. it is not clear if the department store will restock this rock for last- minute christmas gift. we're coming up on our 5:00 our and we have more to talk about. such an emotional story . 2 soulmates together until the end. will show you how friends are remembering to oakland fire victims who spent their final moments embraced.
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good morning, remembering the victims of the deadly over and warehouse fire. we will tell you why the victims could not have known about the flames until it was too late, and what one university is doing today to remember fire victims. plus we're driving around the bay area on what will be a wet morning commute. the rain is falling and it is steady. we will show you what the conditions look like coming up. good morning, thank you


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