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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 9, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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hitting the bay area is in very spin out on the road. what drivers could be doing to prevent these accidents. it is a friday december 9th. >> it is wet outside. it rain during the night. >> a gray and blue friday for us. a very -- unbelievable. kentfield down to santa cruz mountains you can go and go and he keeps marching along.
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if it has rained from lafayette to oakland. it is coming down right there. this is really study. again it is hard to see sometimes radar simply doesn't pick it up but it does for the santa cruz mountains and this will be a boulder creek valley doing. it takes all the available moisture in san jose look the crowd -- clouds with no precipitation. often on drivel and fall to you and very thick fog and spots but near the bay it is a lot of drizzle and missed.
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let's look at what we have with the tracy super commute. the traffic is going to be busy but it's not and go. if you want to get out there with no crowd this is your time. also looking at interstate 880 and oakland you can see traffic is moving well in both directions but it's wet out there. used windshield wipers and that may mean a slower commute. it usually is correlated with warfare the vendors. it is wet at the baby is told parts as well but the traffic is light. drive careful this morning. bay area roads are wet. it could be dangerous. there was light steady rain overnight and police responded to twice as many spin outs than normal rainy days. yesterday a big break inside the toyota calling the ticket part was forced to on highway 101
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which caused the lose in the truck to shift and spill everything onto the highway. crashes on interstate 880 on oakland on the berkman code this curve on interstate '80s the vehicles tend to take a turn very fast. they lose control. there is a lot of oil on the roadway. >> in instant you can lose control of your car and crash and then when the oil and fluid that covers the road mixes with the rain the roads become very slick and very dangerous. a student arrested in connection with one of the six sexual assaults on campus. the student was taken into custody the custody at the officer received a tip. please think you may have committed other sexual assault that have not been reported yet. there have been at least six sexual assaults reported on campus since mid october. three of the cases happened in
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just the past week at all the victims were students. police do not think just one person is responsible. >> you have no idea if someone will come out of the shadows or the daylight. >> before it was an issue but now it feels a even if someone is walking too closely behind me it's a weird feeling to always be on your guard. >> the university is increasing security and they plan to install two dozen security cameras higher six additional campus officers and improve the lighting on campus. federal investigators said the special to -- team of electrical engineers to the site of the fire that happened in the warehouse in oakland. later today they will release more information about the investigation so far.
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sheriff's essay on 36 victims have now been identified. yesterday the u.s. house of representatives observed the house of silence for them. people living in unpermitted living workspaces are now afraid that they could be evicted after the warehouse fire. they went to city hall last night to voice their concerns of possible crackdowns. >> we don't want to be forced out thrown out or live in fear. >> wanted is an artist expressed concern into the oakland city council. >> we do not want to live in fear or have to pretend. >> they fear the city will crackdown unpermitted residences and commercial say to these. >> there people that lost their roommates to the fire and now to know how to pay the rent because they don't have the remake the money and landlords because they don't have the remake the money and landlords. >> we want to be safe and we want our loved ones to be safe.
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this is not a situation anyone would want to be in. >> this woman lives in a co-op and says she's the court -- eager. >> landlords who fear liability handing out evictions. >> long-term the bay area as a whole needs to sell the house and project. people wouldn't do this if they had other options. >> the council is listening. >> we don't want to do something else that would penalize that most of the law-abiding members of this country -- community who are safe and operated safely. >> they intend to work on landlords to make sure oakland it does not the massive actions. they also do with property owners. everett and jones barbecue
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restaurant is facing a backlash after she held a news conference this week and claimed the building next door does not meet safety and fire codes. some supporters are calling the owner to a snitch for speaking out. or even post on facebook with hate filled and racist comments about the owner. she says she's devastated by the angry reaction. >> to tell us to go back where we come from and call us the and word. i have lived in oakland for 43 years and never has anything like that happened. >> yelp is starting to keep an eye in monitoring comments on the business. yelp says they are trying to remove post about news events rather than experiences.
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[music] the bay area band primus will head up next wednesday night's event. this is a music video they posted on youtube. the benefit is being held at oakland fox theater. it will feature a host of populist -- popular acts. proceeds will go to the fire relief fund which already has raised more than half million dollars on the you caring crowd funding source. >> it was a whole the readers cannot take themselves out of. the six-game winning streak was snapped in kansas city. the chiefs still 21-3 leave in the second quarter after scoring three touchdowns in just a half minutes. two of them were big runs have read cal including the 78-yard punt return for a touchdown. the reader scored a touchdown for the half which cut the lead
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21-10. the keep -- the raiders did not capitalize on turnovers and they had a clear low-pass rating. >> i feel responsible for that because as the leader of the offense and the team i feel sick to my stomach. would put something like that that out there on film it hurts. >> the laws of knox of the readers out of sole possession of first place in the afc west. kansas city has the tiebreaker since they beat the raiders twice the season. >> it was not the outcome readers and fans are hoping for but they say they are enjoying the ride. >> this season is so different. it is a breath of fresh air. it has been a long. >> oakland a legend ricky henderson was among the crowd at ricky sports bar in san leandro as well of the save oakland sports group. they are asking reader fans to
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write a lawmakers. they plan to show up tuesday at the city council meeting to urge the city to read to deal with the developers and keep the team in oakland. if you plan to head to the sierra this weekend expect a lot of snow. it has been snowing in lake tahoe area since wednesday and more know is expected this weekend. -- the smell is expected this weekend. no train requirements on highway 15 interstate 80 with that may change. if you're headed that way you may want to bring change it just to be sure. skiers and snowboarders enjoying fresh snow at mammoth. more snow is coming the expect the totals the top 3 feet in the higher elevations. a san jose high school teacher is under arrest and accused of sexually assaulting a student. coming up where this teacher was working and we do expect more
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information today from the school superintendent. and donald trump may be in for he did an early battle with congress. his latest cabinet. that has some up in arms. it is wet out there. we will have us some commute here. so far so good on ev when it comes to crashes. fogs for some -- fog for some of drizzle brothers. more rain on the way.
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president elect donald trump may have to please himself up for early and maybe even intense battle with congress. >> in the latest cabinet it picks angered some. >> a lot of these blanks are now filling in as far as a cabinet is concerned. all of these positions still have to be confirmed by the senate for democrats that means a picking and choosing your battles. donald trump in iowa last night continue what would he cost us think you toward talking about the administration that is now taking shape. >> we are in the process of putting together one of the great cabinets that has ever been assembled in the history of
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our nation. do you like it so far everybody. >> a trump cabinet. so far has hardened conservatives who wanted where the president-elect really stands put to the most recent ones of the anted with democrats in congress. oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt to have the environmental protection environmental protection agency in the labor secretary and the prisoner. pruitt has been out the epa critic used in other attorney general's with the agency. trump supported newt gingrich says that shouldn't matter. >> it is nonsense to suggest that opposing epa regulations that are stupid media for dirty air or dirty water. >> the democratic water is energized by those kinds of environmental battles you don't forget there is a lot of important money in the democratic camp of that flows through the democratic party that is based on the
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environmental issues. they will argue to take a stand on pruitt. >> proposed hikes in minimum wage but ported expanded use of immigrant laborers. >> it could be one of those are the pics that annoys both sides. >> republicans won't have much room to spare. fifty-one or 52 seats in the senate next year is the bare majority of things to will changes made by democrats all you need is a simple majority in the senate now to confirm cabinet seats. defense secretary ashton carter is on an unannounced visit to afghanistan. e-mailed the president of afghanistan -- be met with the president of afghanistan. during his visit he also met with notary commanders and delivered a preholiday address to u.s. troops. the u.s. has 10,000 troops in afghanistan.
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congress has said president obama a bill that sends help for national guard soldiers who were told they have to repay their enlistment bonuses. the pentagon wanted thousands of national guard troops to pay back horses that were improperly handed out during the height of the iraq and afghanistan war. the measure would allow the pentagon to forgive those that and to reimburse soldiers who are the prepaid the bonuses. a later today in tennessee the great smoky mountains national park reopens after several devastating wildfires. it killed 14 people and 2500 buildings were damaged in the past we can have. officials are eager to reopen this park. it is a nations most visited national park. almost 11 million visitors last year. two teenagers suspected of starting the fire are being charged with aggravated arson. cruise in ohio work to clear the chain reaction crash that involve more than 50 vehicles
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including a greyhound bus. ninety people were hurt. this wasn't the first major snowfall of the season in that area of lake county. we have more rain out there. hopefully people will slow down because it was a mess. let's check in with sal. hopefully no more about this morning. yesterday afternoon we had a lot of what weather and we also had a lot of slow traffic. let's go out to the gilroy commute. traffic is moving along okay if you're driving on the gilroy's super super commute it looks good. no major issues driving into morgan hill. it is not a bad commute. again it will be wet and we are hoping on a friday we have a lighter than usual conditions. with the san mateo bridge.
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westbound 92 traffic moving along well and no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you're driving westbound into san francisco. take it easy out there it is wet. i think we will see similar to what we had yesterday were if you're going over highway 17 what you get a san jose nice but from the cats west. >> i've been watching 17th. >> think you. we have a plume of moisture and not a lot of dynamics but this past santa cruz mountains parts of lorain county and coastal hills it doesn't look like much and at the end of the day there's two or 3 inches of rain. otherwise it is a drizzle here at light rain or fog and it could be a cloudy day. that system may push far enough south that you continue bit of clearing up to the north but i'm gonna pass the torch about
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9:15 a.m. at the will be up to rosemary and mark to figure that out. campfield headed to the headquarters inches of rain yesterday the with bonnie doing in the santa cruz mountains has three plus in the last 24 hours. other areas have hardly anything. it was a maybe get a rock -- drop. 50s on the temperatures. upper 40s 50s. much warmer. 89 at lebeau. bobby and humidity through the roof. uncle bit cooler but much normal than it was 24 to 36 hours ago. fifty-five. 41 in trucky. it is all rain until you get 7,000 feet. there is fog and you can see
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the moisture continue to plow in here. another system is coming in tonight and ticketmaster saturday and sunday monday do a quick will get a break but it will also be cooler as a continuation of so much moisture coming up in the forecast models timings are impossible but there painting a pretty wet pattern and drizzle light rain foggy today. will get a break on sunday when they tuesday things might start to juice up again. i'm leaning more towards wednesday but you can see everybody is in on the rain and this is the a heavy total for the mountains yesterday. 50s and 60s for the temperatures. for the mild here. i don't think there will be any son. a cloudy drizzle light rain into saturday with cooler sunday and monday and increasing clouds on tuesday. >> all the way up to christmas a wet one. >> and a cold one.
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meet me in union square if it's not raining tomorrow night. i love to do city kicking around there. >> it is time to level basketball. it's a big help -- part of helping a bay area child who's had a tough life is into six weeks old. >> he said mom what only wish is to make that hard. >> in 20 minutes at the very emotional meeting that may dreams come true. are you really getting a good deal when you shop. up next to the lawsuit that claims of some department stores already operating -- offering the discount they claim.
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keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees
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to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back to morning on 25. dozens of -- goldengate fieldberkeley did not renew its contract. the trainer said they were given notice the last day for training horses at the of the track will be christmas eve and the horses have to be moved by january 15th. >> this is our home for quite a few years now and it's a great place to train your horse and we want to be here.
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>> it is beyond our control. it was assistant -- a decision made a request goldengate field. it was submitted with a license and voted on by into the out. >> goldengate field has been using the pleasanton staples and track as a training area since 2008 because it didn't have enough space to house all the torches but because of the recent expansion i've goldengate fields the racetrack there said they don't need the staples and pleasanton anymore. microsoft now on linked in. they brought -- bought it for $20 million. jeff weiner told workers that daily operations will remain the same but microsoft has big plans for linkedin. it ceos that on social media that microsoft plans to incorporate linkedin with the ecosystem of products. new record set on wall street for all three major indexes.
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the dow climbed to 65 points. nasdaq beginning 23 s&p 500 added almost 52246. prosecutors in los angeles of suing suing for major retailers accusing them of deceptive advertising. macy's kohl's sears and jcpenney accused of inflated discounts. the store to publish ads and showing showing big markdowns from so-called original prices. they claim the items were never sold of the original prices and that is a violation of california law. the lawsuit seeks penalties and also an end to the practice. more questions are being raised about who knew what and when for the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. derek was completely in denial and you couldn't have a
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rational conversation with him at that point. what a friend of warehouse manager derek ion said he had to do with his kids that included a call to child protective services. we are looking at a commute that is wet and you might see some can dispatch what conditions as you head of the door. also a brand-new accident in marin county that we will talk about. a lot of fog of their. some drizzle and gray skies. that reduces visibility for some and rain on the go in the santa cruz mountains.
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it is december 9th. >> we want to start by looking at some keying the tides heading to headed to parts of the bay area. caltrans says


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