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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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it is december 9th. >> we want to start by looking at some keying the tides heading to headed to parts of the bay area. caltrans says one problems but
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this weekend could be the manzanita park-and-ride parking lot in mill valley. these are some pictures of flooding in the area from last year. last january. it is prone to flooding there in that area. king tides are going to produce coastal flooding and a warning to be careful driving during shoreline highway and park drive in marin county. but it could be interesting. also be careful along the coast in between everything. we had wet roads this morning. >> the weather may exacerbate the king tides. until then there is a lot of fog out there. good all missed old missed and drizzle and milder temperatures for sure.
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some of this fog is thick some dancing around but there is a plume of moisture that the i will take aim at the bay area. cloudy skies and very foggy and some brief light to moderate rain. it goes and goes. i try to focus on marin county. anywhere from coastal areas marin county and also said -- santa cruz mountains and there will be steady drizzle and steady rain. north bay in the 50s but that has come up appeared a couple days ago. a lot of cloud cover today with temperatures in 60s for some. we had wet roads and new crash on southbound when a what -- hundred and one.
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it is an overturned vehicle and traffic is slow. give yourself extra time. also track -- traffic will be wet wherever you go. a -- this is a look at the east shore freeway. it looks good. it is wet but visibility is good. the bay bridge toll plaza you can see westbound traffic moving along nicely. we will hear more from the south bay school superintendent about the arrest of the teacher dash-n -- accused of sexually assaulting a student. truly held teaches english at santa teresa high school and then was a. detective say she used her position of authority to exploit a male 17-year-old student.
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the superintendent of the east side high school district issued a statement following hills arrest. he said quote we are shocked and be disturbed by these allegations. we want to assure the community that the safety of -- and well-being of our students is the highest priority. federal investigators are sending a forensic mapping team to oakland warehouse fires today to talk just to try to pinpoint a cause. the final victim was found yesterday. the names of 31 of the 36 victims have been publicly released. a graduate student in psychology student and joseph matt locke are to but -- two victims.
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the deadly fire is raising a lot of questions about whether officials had signs of the warehouse was a safety hazard. >> at one time city . -- cps removed the children from the owner and his wife's home. >> the three children were removed last year from the ghost ship warehouse where they were the main tenants of the family wasn't there when the fire broke out and it's unclear where they are staying now. is the fire investigation continues questions are being raised as two whether officials missed warning signs about the dangers of warehouse. i visited the social services agencies to see if they share the concern with concerns with other agencies. no was a vail -- available. the spokesperson said she could
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not discuss the case because cps records are confidential. issues began surfacing last the best year with a couple son was four and daughters were six and 11. on new year's eve there was an exotic a -- erotic type party held at the warehouse. there was a condom left behind the party. he demanded a medical exam for his son and alleged that allegedly took out his anger on this man who accused ion of slamming the door on his hand. friends in the warehouse was no place to raise children. danielle boudreau said she help pick up the kids from school help be feet and pick lights from their here. >> derek was in denial and you couldn't have a rational conversation with him at that point. his attitude was that i was
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hysterical. >> he asked restraining order a against this ghost ship resident that said she repeatedly calls -- called cps on false accusations. and that's a month the three hundred were taken by cps and began living with -- relatives at southern california. on facebook the children's mother wrote that the couple have been condemned on databases speculation and slandered. she also wrote that her children quote are being destroyed and forever altered. the pillows back together by summer 2015 after court hearing in a -- in la. it is unclear if cps here has over the new investigation because of the deadly fire. and many vigils and fundraisers continue to be held for the victims of the goat --
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ghost ship fire. there's a reception and fundraiser tonight at the norton factory studios in oakland. that event starts at 6:00 it is hosted by the second friday organization and will feature local artist and galleries. all proceeds will be donated to a really fun. hundreds of members of the uc berkeley community honored five people who died in the fire. >> i love you jenny. i miss you so much.
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she was my twin sister. she was my best friend. she was my light. she was my fun. >> friends and well-wishers also wrote the subject on large portraits of the victims to commemorate the event. on our website you will find more on the tragedy including the very latest on the investigation plus what we have learned about the victims. also posting updates on a mobile app. san francisco mayor vetoed an attempt to limit sort -- a -- short-term limit -- rental. the current city law requires it to use websites like air b&b to
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register with the city. it allows on -- a limited amount of short-term rentals as long as the owner is staying in the same home. owners can rent out rooms for 90 days even what they -- don't live there. the board of supervisors voted last week to change the limit but they didn't have enough votes to override the mayor's veto. in california is being greeted i a winter wonderland just in time for the holidays. a -- coming up will take you to mammoth with a look at how much snow has fallen the latest on their. we do have tough conditions and one injury crash we want to warn you about approaching the golden gate bridge. the southbound 101 at spencer to lather blocks. we would tell you more about this coming up. cloudy drizzly body foggy and steady drizzle adding up for some. will look at rain totals moving
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11th quarter from kevin durant the words pulled out a 1.6 command over the jazz. the dominated early reading of 55 points. at one point there was a five-point game in the fourth quarter than to rent took over and he scored 21 points in the game. second only to seth curry said -- 26 26. seth curry is a hero for a lot of people especially kids but for one teenager in particular who's had a very hot test tough but like seth curry is his everything.
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we have a story of the warrior star making the dream of the child come true. >> brandon kelman was a beautifully healthy baby boy for about six weeks. >> he started having reflexes that didn't seem right. we're told it's just a reflex it's not a big deal. with a weeks time the escalated to a point where it was clear something was going on. >> what was going on were infantile as a but the the most catastrophic seizures and infant can have. >> the worst thing for any parent is to wash your office and suffer and no that you can't do anything about it. >> the only solution at the time was removing half of his brain. >> they can't perform brain surgery on her four-month-old because that will go well to they wanted to get stronger to the given medicine to slow the seizures down. i have these doctors that to the state are scratching their head
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would never go back or yearly because did of them down it out them. >> we got lucky however because of the malformation he developed cognitive is a call delays. his entire life he has struggled. >> such was the backdrop for brandon's childhood the kelman family persevered in time the kid that was not expected to walk or talk did both and so much more. >> to watch him keep developing with the never say never attitude it is inspiring. people are amazed at where he is, from where he should be and where he is now. >> sports were not a part of brandon's life as a small child. that is until his younger brother jack showed him a video on the internet. >> when curry made these unbelievable half-court shots i found video and i showed
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branded at -- and he looked at it and i could see his eyes glow the second he saw the video and ever since then he has tracked every single basketball game that stuff to replace. he knows every single players on the warrior's. >> cognitively we didn't even think he was able to understand and comprehend. i was blown away. >> curry became a healthy obsession and then some could be -- something even more amazing happened. the obsession gave way to emulation. >> he said i want to learn how to shoot baskets. this is a guy i couldn't get go outside to play with -- other kids. >> we bought a basketball and we would watch him play the ball about that it would get away from him. he kept practicing and practicing and all of a sudden my kids play basketball. >> i want to be an nba player.
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>> i would have never dreamed of million years. we were told it with every possible. >> basketball and curry became brandon's world but in the world unlike the one most of us live in a boys idle is a readily accessible. >> he said to be -- to be mom and my only wish is to meet death curry. -- seth curry. i went on a mission to have him eat his here out. i was connected to the warriors and here we are. >> nice to meet you. how are you doing. >> good. >> i am going to play defense
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one time. there it is right there. >> this was your dream right. >> became true. i saw him. i thought i was never going to see him but i saw him. >> you played one-on-one. who one. >> maybe me. >> for a kid like branded to be able to get out and play and overcome so many obstacles that means a lot . give me more motivation to keep doing what i'm doing. keep fighting and keep doing it. no one can tell you can't do anything. >> i am having an out of body experience watching my kids out there actually fail -- thrilled about meeting seth curry and actually make it. it gives much sense that he can be normal. the confidence he gained today is priceless to me. >> it restores my faith in humanity to be able to give my child a gift that he will have the rest of his life and he will feel like he is somebody. thank you and it is moving.
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>> what can you say. >> terrific bravo everything. way to go. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic this morning. >> right now we have a problem approaching the golden gate bridge. i want to show you the golden gate bridge and the southbound 101. you say traffic is good no problem with the problem is people aren't getting are getting the bridge very well because of the crash. itself and 101 near alexander avenue which is on the with the bridge. to lather blocks with an overturned vehicle and these things tend to happen when it is rainy and wet. there is a lot of police and fire truck vehicles. traffic will be slow approaching the golden gate bridge. fortunately it was light
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traffic. will take you to tracy super commute now and you can see traffic is moving along pretty well. after driving on 580 there's just some slow traffic to want to get into livermore it does look good. if you're driving you driving to the bay bridge toll plaza you will see the traffic also light getting into san francisco. a foggy drab friday. snow level has gone way up. higher elevations will pick up what snow and it's a big deal for this year on saturday and the winds will gush about 90 miles per hour. the snow level will be high but will come but i don't think they'll be much moisture left. and bonnie didn't pat yourself on the back. 3.02 it. amazing. rushing river two and a
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quarter. belmont lohman 1.77. in san mateo went bonkers it wouldn't. 1.73. and san francisco 1.17. our observer at 1.30. that's a good rain and they're still more to go. it's right there. this is a warm pattern but you take this moisture and you lifted and cool and condense in and that's what you think it's a pretty steady drizzle light rain. i can't find any but it doesn't mean it's not happening in parts of marin county. it is in the santa cruz athens -- mountains. by the time he gets over to los gatos it seems to lose always punch. 58 degrees. forty-five fairfield the 50s for others including santa rosa. if you do degrees. if you upper 40s pittsburgh is in the mid- 50s.
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livermore 55. a drizzly foggy pattern with some really thick fog part of the east bay. 43 trucky and reno but if you're heading up there it will be snowing. the wind will be the big factor tomorrow and maybe like to early tomorrow. neck system is on its way to give everyone more way but won't be until saturday morning. the system until then we'll just give us a very gray drizzly foggy pattern within the secondary system comes in for more rain widespread rain we get a break sunday and monday maybe mostly tuesday. but there is more rain coming across the old highway there. 50s in the season the temperatures. pretty mild for some especially if you to break in the adaptions dash-n -- of the clouds. the humidity factor would feel moist. rain saturday get a break. it will be cooler and then tuesday the next system coming
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in wednesday and thursday. >> tropical has a different feel feel. >> i'm not feeling like i'm in hawaii but i do like the rain. clinton speaking out about the rise of fake news. why she is calling this epidemic with a real-life consequences.
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and east bay homebuilder was find millions of dollars in a fraud case. he later pled guilty to bank fraud. he was ordered to pay $11 million. so we took responsibility he told the judge -- judge he was not involved in the mortgage scam. prosecutors say several of his former employees obtain mortgages for homebuyers through the illegal maze that held the family keep large lines of credit even during the how the downturn. new details about the fire that killed a 70-year-old woman late last month. investigators say the fire and the home on oak street was delivered to -- deliberately
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set. they didn't say where the fire was set and there's no word of any possible motive . the victim identified as sandra brown. she died at the scene. 20 . law enforcement officers are doing something unique this weekend honor their fallen comrades. there will be in texas to run the 26-mile dallas north on and they want to honor the five officers in dallas who were killed in the line of duty this past summer. the bay area officers have been training for months and they plan to run a race in their police uniforms. >> it symbolizes the pain and discomfort that this profession is evolving the right now and it symbolizes the pain and discomfort that officers have sacrificed felt on their chosen days. >> the bay area officers are part of the contingency from seven agencies taking part in a special tribute in texas this weekend. what a wonderful way to honor those officers. coming up very scary
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moments for her mother and the north bay. a transient woman tried to kidnap her 4-year-old daughter to trader joe's and santa rosa. with the mother did as soon as she realized what happened. we see a commute that is going to be slow in many areas including the golden gate bridge approach. also in san francisco we have some issues on the city streets. we will tell you all about that coming up. moisture is taking aim at us. foggy conditions drizzle but it is warmer. upper 50s this morning with more rain on the way and an update on your drive. ,i,88rwow
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this is ktvu fox news mornings on two. mornings on two continues knew. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, here's a live picture of san francisco. look at that, quite a bit of water coming through that area there,


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