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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 9, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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a somber procession on the streets of oakland tonight and a call for change one week after the deadliest fire in the city's history. good evening i'm ted rowlands in for frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. franklin's fruitvale district saw another emotional vigil tonight as dozens of people marched to the compost ship ware -- ghost ship warehouse. ktvu amber lee is live with
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their message. amber? >> reporter: julie, the gathering here tonight was relatively small, but it packed an emotional punch as one woman made a heartfelt plea for change. >> i mean that is a lot because it was mismanaged. >> sonya miles says five of her friends died in the warehouse. she was invited, but she decided not to go. she is calling for property owners to put safety before profits. >> we need to respect the lives that have been lost in oakland. that's what we need to be doing because there's other people out there that are suffering just like those people were. >> reporter: an aztec dance group performed a ceremony as the vigil started in fruitvale village a few blocks from the ghost ship. it was started by a 15-year-old boy who lives just down the street from the warehouse. he didn't know the victims, but he has a duty to help his community heal. >> and people only die when they are not remembered.
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when their name is not spoken again. that's when things die. >> reporter: the crowd marched along international to the barricade on 31st avenue outside the ghost ship. vigil organizer noelle represents the fruitvale district, saying that he hopes this walk will be a step towards a pathway of change to report hazardous conditions and landlords to make their properties safe without displacing tenants. >> we are willing to have the city help on making these enhancements with the electrical outlets, whatever you need. we don't want you to throw people out on the streets. >> because of this tragedy in oakland. >> reporter: sonya miles also wants safer living conditions to rise from the ashes of this tragedy. >> please, don't let my friends die in vain. start caring. >> reporter: miles would like to see this warehouse torn down and rebuilt as safe affordable
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housing. now religious leaders who spoke at tonight's vigil, they tell us that they would like to see a commitment to make oakland a safer place. julie? >> amber lee in oakland's fruitvale district tonight. thank you, amber. the alameda county coroner has completed the grim task of identifying the 36 fire victims. today we learned the names of the final five. 35-year-old barrett clark was a talented sound engineer from oakland. he grew up in the north bay going to santa rosa high school. friends say he treated everyone like family and he could make any band sound great. 34-year-old jonathan bernbaum. after an internship at pixar he became a video artist traveling the world with various music groups. boston native peter wads worth was an entrepreneur, the only fire victim who lived full-time at the ghost ship warehouse. friends said he was brilliant
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and collective. 31-year-old nicholas wallwrap graduated from mit -- walrath graduated from mit. and michelle sylvan. her partner 31-year-old wolfgang renner also died in the fire. >> the parents of the musicians are speaking out about 22-year- old cash askew who co-founded the bay area band them r us 2. with her passing the world lost a tender luminous spirit, who was just beginning to make her mark. they hope that oakland will make space for lives and voices like their daughter's who was transgender. they wrote a letter published in rolling stone that says we need to embrace, protect, and respect outside our spaces just as we need to protect our outsiders themselves. >> the first of the funerals are set for this weekend.
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the coroner tells us that all, but a few of the 36 bodies have now been returned to theirfamilies. ktvu's debora villalon is here with more on that and the investigation. debora? >> reporter: ted, the coroner says some families are coming from overseas, which is why a few victims are still unclaimed. the fire scene itself is shrinking, but not the impact this incident has had. >> i knew of people who were living here. i just wanted to come down here to leave some flowers. >> reporter: people stare from a fast food parking lot as close as anyone has been able to get all week. but the tragedy of what happened here is hard to grasp from any distance. >> like one lady said you get caught up in a moment like this and you don't think about safety and sprinklers, you don't think about it. >> reporter: the refrigerator was in the area of origin, but it is not the cause of the fire. >> reporter: investigators are still looking at an electrical
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cause. rule out a refrigerator, but they will spend the next three days on forensic mapping, using special camera systems to document and diagram the scene. it's possible they may never pinpoint the exact cause. >> often when we do fire investigations they are ruled undetermined. >> there was a lot of carpet and debris that fell on top of our victims that insulated them we believe. >> reporter: most victims bodies were recovered intact says the coroner's office. covered by the collapsed second floor and saturated by water pumped in by firefighters. >> that helped to dampen the debris that was protecting almost like a fire blanket over the top of a lot of the victims. >> reporter: this man drove from utah to claim his son to see where he died. >> and i knew it was just days before removing his remains. i had visions that i would wake up in the middle of the night just thinking about him lying there. >> reporter: 34-year-old edwin
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lapine moved to the bay area a few weeks ago. they came to the concert at the ghost ship. >> there's a lot of things that i wish i had said to him that i'll never be able to. >> reporter: lapine a photographer will take home photos for a book to honor his son and comfort their family. >> we will have something that we can have in our hearts, you know. >> reporter: and one way families are being reported, a handful of mortuaries are being offered to family services. some families have responded. the first funeral on sunday, draven mcgrill was the youngest victim. as you'll recall the son of an alameda county sheriff's deputy, which hits close to home for them. >> it does, certainly. >> you know what his father said he wasn't bitter, holding no ill will towards anyone and that he would be content to
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watch the investigative process play out. >> he had so many things he wish he could say to his son and didn't get a chance to say it. >> we can all take something from that. >> definitely. well happening now in san francisco, crews are working to make street repairs tonight after the water main break snarl traffic in the south of the market neighborhood for most of the day. and that break happened beneath fourth street and howard and folsom. the pipe has been prepared, but the streets in the area remain closed at this hour as they make road repairs. the break in the 12-inch main was reported at 3:15 this morning sending water pouring into the street flooding the underground parking garage and the project currently under construction. the crack in the water main, it could be seen four feet down in the ground. the crews would pinch off their water access to the pipe to work to shore up the weak spots in the road as they would repair that line. >> the city overall has about a
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thousand miles of their pipes under the streets, all varying sizes and ages. we are underway now with our rather aggressive program to repair and replace some of those pipes up to about, we are hoping about 15 miles per year. >> the san francisco public utilities commission says that the water main was put into service back in 1895 and that age was a likely factor in the break. water service was initially shut off to about 200 customers, but since been restored. and now to a look at their weather with a live look outside as the leading edge of the other storm system will move into northern california. meteorologist bill martin is tracking it for us, joining us now. how is this going to affect our weekend? >> it is going to affect it in a rainy wet way especially tomorrow morning. rain back in the forecast with a break for this afternoon as the showers will roll in here tomorrow morning. we're already seeing showers in the north bay. those showers will roll in here
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through midnight and keep going right into the morning hours. there it is right now. san francisco, actually a little further north towards the valley it's raining fairly significantly there. we'll take a look at vacaville and fairfield, you've got showers now. you'll see more showers near middletown and clover dale. showers a little further south kind of working its way towards caster valley and hayward. these showers are going to stick around tonight and they're going to increase as we get into the overnight hours. let's go to the model right now and show you what to expect for tomorrow morning. here is 5:00 a.m., here's 8:00 a.m. you see the main thrust as it goes through. we could see half an inch to an inch of rain. then in the afternoon we start to clear out. that's good news. fog will return as well. saturday morning is wet, afternoon starts to dry out with a few scattered showers. when i come back we'll talk about more chances and how the rest of your weekend will shape up. >> stay with fox 2 the weather team and our weather app for
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the up to the minute information. you'll also find ktvu meteorologist on facebook, twitter, and instagram. in the south bay friends and family are mourning the loss of a 15-year-old boy killed in a car crash on his way to school. as jesse gary reports he started out on his skate board, but a friend offered him a ride because of the rain. >> reporter: today friends and family of the teenager killed in a single-car crash placed flowers and candles near the accident site. >> he was honestly one of the nicest kids i have ever known. >> reporter: 15-year-old gabriel loretto was killed thursday morning on his way to school in which the car he was riding on crashed near campbell avenue. >> everyone is just at home right now. they cannot believe it, we are all shocked actually. >> reporter: he started his trip by skate boarding around 8:00 tonight. but due to rain the fellow student and friend and 18-year-
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old juan avilla offered him a ride. he was in the bmw convertible traveling south. when they lost control changing lanes, slamming sideways into the guardrail. >> in case we see them on their vehicle or the passenger that will result for them there. >> reporter: both teams attended the high school. and his death is felt here. in the statement, grief counselors are made available for any student that are needing to talk about those feelings going from deep sadness to intense anger. >> that will never be able to happen. how else would you spin out? >> that's why he was speeding. >> reporter: they confirmed a 45 miles per hour speed limit on this stretch of road is too soon for the investigation to know if speeding caused or contributed to the crash. the search for answers continues. two families touched by this
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christmas time tragedy are grieving. >> one will need to live with what happened because he's alive, right? so he has to live with all of this. i'm feeling bad for him now. i hope prayers for him and his family and for gabe's family because they are very sad right now. >> reporter: some students who place flowers and candles near the pedestrian bridge you see behind me, which is over the accident scene. but during the day today, highway crews removed all of those. i'm told that there will be a vigil over the weekend. as soon as we have more information, we'll share it with you on air and online. >> jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. a warning about mushrooms after seven people are sickened. why they could be tricky to identify. and plus new concerns that russia would try to influence their u.s. presidential election and prompting a full investigation. up next a $1.3 billion stadium with 55,000 new feets. the proposal to keep the
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♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. new details tonight about a proposed stadium for oakland to keep the raiders from leaving town. the $1.3 billion project goes to a vote on tuesday. ktvu jana katsuyama is live in the newsroom with more on the timeline and how the stadium would be financed. >> reporter: ted, the city of oakland has released a term sheet. today that outlines in broad strokes, financing for a
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stadium deal that is now fourth down for oakland as they really need a big play to keep the teams from moving. as raider fans would cheer for their tuesday night, the sports group was meeting with investigators about a new plan to keep them in oakland. >> yes we had a money on money watch team, able to excomplain a lot of the details. >> reporter: he says that they would include building a new open air stadium with about 55,000 feet. they would include possible office space, retail, hotel, residential uses, and parking. dobons says you are right on the button. >> you're right, it connects to the airport, you're right along the major freeway. it's an important spot. >> reporter: according to our report by the city of oakland, the finances are in place for one of the $1.3 billion price tag including public funding of
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$350 million. $150 million for a long-term lease of the land or the transfer to the investment group. $400 million would come from ronnie lott's investment group and another $500 million would come from the raiders, the seat, and licensing. the city of alameda county have not joint ventured land. both endties would be scheduled on tuesday. the stakes are high and time is short. >> we are hoping that it will be catalysts that the votes on tuesday will go forward in favor of the plan. >> reporter: owners have a meeting scheduled for the next day and mark davis is expected to make his own pitch for a $1.9 billion deal to move the team to las vegas. >> a team cannot move if there is a viable player in the whole market and we're hoping that this is the plan. >> reporter: the proposed plan calls for a stadium to be completed by the 2021, 2022 nfl
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season. the question is who would own the finished stadium is just one of the many details that will need to be decided. alameda county board meets tuesday. and they meet at 6:30 mm with many raider fans who say they are claiming to be there. >> all right, jana, thank you. a bay area developer is suing the city of oakland over their decision to ban coal shipments throughout the city. the developer has planned to transform the old oakland army base into a shipping terminal to handle large symptoms including coal that would come by rail and leave by -- and over their transportation of hazardous substances. environmental groups argue that cold dust from uncovered rail cars would contribute to pollution. democrats and congress have backed down from threats of holding up a spending bill and shutting down the federal government. democrats were against the bill because it extended health insurance for retired
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coalminers by only four months. but just before tonight's midnight deadline in washington, senate minority leader said that democrats would provide the vote for the vote to pass and the government could keep operating. >> one of the oldest and most trusted polling company, they will be calling it quits. the field pole was created by mervin field back in 1947. over the years they issued thousands of reports highly regarded as one of the most accurate polls in the nation. marvin field died last year where they will be announced today shutting down their goal -- field goals. today was the deadline for the counties to report their official voting results. figures show 75% of the state's registered voters cast ballots in november. the secretary of state says that it is the highest rate of precipitation since the 2008 presidential election. democrat hillary clinton won
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62% of the vote in california defeating republican donald trump by 4.3 million votes. there is word tonight that u.s. intelligence officials have, "high confidence" that russian hackers acted deliberately to sway the u.s. presidential election in favor of donald trump. the administration of the officials said that they reached that conclusion after discovering that russia hacked into computer symptoms of both the democratic and republican presidential parties. these develops come on the heel of an order from president obama today and for a full intelligence report on russian efforts to influence the election. >> we no longer view the cyber threat as a technical problem for an indent problem. but a threat. >> the females from the democratic national committee
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and those e-mails belonging to john pedesta caused trouble for clinton during her campaign. tonight issuing a written statement taking u.s. intelligent officials to task. it says, "these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest electoral college victories in history." former new york mayor rudy giuliani is out of the running for a cabinet position in the trump white house. that came from the president elect himself in a written statement. mr. trump said he considers giuliani a close personal friend and there might be a place for him in the administration in the future. mr. trump's transition team says that giuliani withdrew himself from consideration ten days ago. and giuliani told fox news that the selection process had become, "difficult and confusing for trump." giuliani said that he realized he could serve the president elect better as a close friend and an advisor. a bay area 7th grader is hoping to change the world.
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>> the only way to have an amazing life is to do something that is not completely ordinary. thank you. >> her inspiring speech before world war leaders. ask the vet -- ask the veteran. tonight we'll have more at 10:45 with mark ibanez. but first a shooting investigation is underway tonight after a wounded man turns up at the hospital. after all ♪
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come join us this season, at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show... now at the disneyland resort.
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there was a shooting tonight on the streets of oakland happening about 7:00 near eighth street and poplar way. the victim told officers he was walking to his car when someone opened fire. the man drove himself to a gas station where he convinced another driver to take him to highland hospital. police say that he had been shot in the leg and the arm.
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oakland's shot spotter system picked up a dozen rounds being fired. police say that the man's car had bullet holes and the doors and the hood. there was chilling testimony today in the alleged hate crime killing of an an can american -- african american bar outside a bar. a contra costa sheriff's detective testified that the musician william sims was inside the capri club trying to talk to two women. according to the detective, video surveillance shows daniel kelly-porter took an offense and used a racial slur. sims was later shot to death outside the club. investigators are looking for two suspects. testimony resumes on monday. police in san jose, they released a student today for sex -- today for sexual battery. the suspect is wanted for six groping incidents. he's accused of groping a woman monday at the studenton union
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building and he may be responsible for other unreported incidents. >> this is one of the steps to make the students safer. already campus patrol has been increased. the university plans to add security staff and enhance lighting and purchase 24 additional security cameras. the transportation police department is taking steps to allow you to make cell phonecalls on the commercial flights. they banned cellular phones on planes, claiming that the cell signals could interview with the communication. but the calls using wifi don't have that issue. all for passengers to left the band. i allowing the voice calls of any kind. samsung has announced plans to disable any remaining note 7 smartphones by way of a software update that won't allow the phone to charge. the company says only a small percentage of note 7 owners
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still have their phones, but samsung wants to get the remaining phones out of circulation. the phones have been banned from commercial flights and samsung issued a recall after several of the phones spontaneously caught fire. coming up, wet weather is moving back into the bay area right now. bill's weekend forecast in 11 minutes including when we will start to dry out. >> up first though seven people sickened by poisonous mushrooms. why mushroom pickers often get it wrong.
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doctors are seeing a surge in poisoning cases involving people eating wild mushrooms. >> the early rains have created a bumper crop of mushrooms. as ktvu's ann rubin explains that there have been seven cases this week alone where doctors are worried that they
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will see more. >> if you eat this mushroom, then you could die from it. >> reporter: this is a death cap, a mushroom doctors say have poisoned seven people this week alone. nearly indies tinning wishable from its relatives that's popping up in vast quantities. the most experts have seen in 20 years. >> most of the mushrooms involved so far, they were gathered in monterey county. but we know that they are fruiting like mad all over the bay area. >> reporter: dr. todd mitchell has been treated sick patients including a family here at dominican hospital in santa cruz. for the last several years he's been running a nationwide clinical trial for death cap poisoning. early detection makes a difference he says between life and death. but the onset of symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea doesn't start for 24 hours. >> the folks who eat the mushrooms often don't recognize that it is the mushrooms that have caused their symptoms. >> this color


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