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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 12, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good morning , welcome to warnings on 2. >> let's get a check on the weather. and lack of cloud coverage, not much sign and not much today , the systems are on the way thursday will be the main day and until then tremendous rate in the sierra nevada get the moisture streaming across, some light rain can fall in the next . generally a cloudy pattern and temperatures if not for the house it would be very cold. there is not enough support for much more than light rain. 40s on the temperatures and light rain and the moisture keeps moving in. it will lift a little northwest as we have a system developed and maybe by
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then take a break but by thursday we sweep back in. the cadiz are mostly cloudy and light rain and temperatures in the 50s. here is mr.sal good morning. we are doing okay out there on the roads if trying to get around the bay area this is a decent time. traffic looks good as you drive through the tracy super commuters with no major issues. traffic looks good all the way to dublin. let's go to interstate 880 and traffic looks good in both directions as you pass the coliseum and the commute has been looking good and on the bay bridge toll plaza it is looking good getting into san francisco. an officer involved shooting last night in windsor in sonoma county left one man injured around 5:30 am in a shopping center.
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which of police chief says officers were called about a driver trying to hit a person walking on old redwood highway. two officers responded and found the card matching the description and tried to pull over the cold four-door car but the driver sped away. police chased him for several miles and it ended at the shopping center. >> the pursuit ended under deputies were involved in an officer involved shooting in the suspect was shot at least one time. >> reportedly the man was shot in the shoulder and officials plan to poking into the sonoma county jail after he was traded for the wound. the petaluma police department was read -- told earlier that the man driving the culture that he had a kind and wanted to be killed by police. investigators are questioning the winter police officers and the pedestrian apparently was not hurt. another sinkhole in pacifica and because of it officials close off a piece and transferred the area has a
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history of erosion and early this year to apartment complexes had to be demolished because they were in extreme danger of falling into the ocean. the new sql is very close to where the buildings used to be a cruise in san leandro fixed a broken water main over the weekend. the water main broke 130 yesterday afternoon nearly 500 customers in the bay of this area without water for the east bay municipal utility district says the cost of the break is still under investigation. federal investigators have finished their work at the site of the deadly oakland warehouse fire with 36 people died. atf agents have been there for more than one week looking into the cause of the fire. on friday a federal investigators at a refrigerator was ruled out as the cause. they are looking at other electrical items as a possible cause but gave no details.
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investigators will hold a news conference tomorrow to give us an update. last night a fundraiser to remember the fire victims was held in san francisco at the mezzanine nightclub. guess donated at least $20 and there was a silent auction with the proceeds going to the open fire with refunds. one staff member said last night's events was personal for him because one of the fire victims worked as a sound engineer at the mezzanine.>> we are appreciative to all the support out there we have lost a lot of people this is a tightknit community and we cared about each other community and helping he would do what i am doing. but the entered taylor -- entertainer perform for free at the event and he reached out to them after hearing about it. an alternative rock concert to benefit the victims family.
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in the bay area band will headline the concert which is being held wednesday night at the fox theater and a lineup of other popular indie acts and tickets are $30. starting. strategies -- first funerals were held of the weekend. lee martinez has more on jonathan bernbaum, 34. the mexican hour before the service began but once inside they realize there was no room left to stand. family and friends filled the rooms and halls of the congregation -- congregation beth el to remember jonathan bernbaum, 34. >> the last time i saw him, wednesday before the fire on friday, he gave me a loving hug which i'm incredibly thankful. connect his wife and a tragedy that the tragically in the goshen warehouse fire his life was remembered with laughter. >> i found myself in the position frequently say what
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did your brother jim exactly? >>reporter: it's been a weekend filled with memorial contributes to the friends and lives lost last week. the attributes include beautiful pieces of art gets a lusty to do -- i love to do art and felt i needed to do this and pay respects to my fellow artists even if i didn't know that. >>reporter: she came to greet each poem and to view the artwork left here. >> the children's drawings are so expressive and speak volumes. about how not only how they feel that help oakland in the bay area feels. the survivors went out with only the close they were faring. on sunday berkeley school organized the clothing drive.
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>> one of our longtime summer staff members was a resident and quite a few have friends and people there close to who are involved that live there over lost in the fire. it is an interwoven set of connection. >>reporter: by wednesday the space was filled and organize with hundreds of clothing donations for the survivors. said looking for winter appropriate clothing, coat and boots, suitcases back texas -- back cases. separate building will not be easy. we were told that these two survivors who lived here are struggling to find housing for themselves and the pets they saved. at jonathan bernbaum, 34 memorial the questions how others can't afford to move on to the bay area community has not made significant progress and is held in crisis. the fear is that art will continue to be victimized by this tragedy.
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funeral services were also held for 17-year-old draven mcgill . he was the youngest victim of the fire and is the son of a alameda county sheriff's deputy. san francisco's grace cathedral told the bells for the fire victims. they rang 36 times yesterday, one for each of the musicians artists and students who died. it officials say that bells ring regularly but it's rare to have one of morning. find out more about the warehouse fire and ways you can help the victims and their families go to . we have a special section dedicated to the oakland warehouse fire. alameda police need help to identify a man found unconscious in alameda on saturday. this photo was released and it describes aged between 40 and 60
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and it describes aged between 40 and 65'8" tall with gray hair and gray eyes. get blue sweatpants and a shirt with maserati on it. if you recognize him call alameda police. they are also looking for a bank robber. the bank was robbed saturday afternoon the police say the person of the integrated money from several tellers and ran off. no one was hurt. starting today and after years of debate parses it was able add fluoride to the tap water. 2012 the water district approved funding to add fluoride to the city's drinking water after a hefty push on top health officials who argued it reduces cavities and children by as much as 40%. $6.2 million project for the three district water will be complete by 2020. the salvation army is getting a lot of help to deliver toys to needy children. the group to date reach 110,000 reach $110,000 for volunteers
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not only for helping to get toys out to kids in need for teaching their own children to -- the importance of giving back. much of salvation army delivered about 3000 toys and more than 400 target gift cards to thousands of san francisco children during a two-day toy giveaway. they made a great effort to help fill the need for toys for 8 to 16-year-old. the next round of storms in the syriac to bring more damage to one resort community -- people are cleaning up after rising water water. and russian hackers "from with the presidency and how he is reacting to this. with the traffic that is doing well around the bay. 280 northbound in san jose. it is off to a good start.
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a lot of cloud coverage over us. some light rain possible but it's later in the week when we can see some very good rate here and lower snow levels.
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today marks six months in the orlando pulse nightclub massacre. 49 people killed and more than 50 others were wounded when a gunman went inside and opened
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fire. many people visited and the more last night outside the club and one woman that spent time with friends but her nine- year-old daughter. >> i feel bad for the people that lost family members and brothers and sisters and friends and people they love. several other memorials are planned for the anniversary today because the shooting that this is has become a place for people come together to honor the victims. intercessions plans to reopen the nightclub saturday in different locations but under the same name. china says it is seriously concerned after president-elect donald trump questioned whether the us should keep this one china policy in an interview broadcast on fox news sunday mr. trump says he didn't feel balanced by a one china policy unless the us can make a deal with china entrie. the president-elect has caused controversy in china by taking a phone call from taiwan's president trying -- china's state media said quote in the
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field of diplomacy he is as ignorant as a child. the latest rumors the president-elect trump's choice of secretary of state center on exxon mobil wrecks with an interview donald trump would only say he is very close to making a decision. over the weekend trump tweeted that he is a world-class player and dealmaker. in an interview on fox news of a present elect trump dismissed the cia's reports that russian hackers influence the presidential election to he could win. >> i don't believe that or know why and i think they talk about all sorts of things. every week it's another excuse. >>'s reaction puts them at odds with the truck with some lawmakers on capitol hill. but democrats and republicans are calling for hearings in a bipartisan investigation. in a recent report the cia from russia authorized hacking and other tax text to intervene in
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the presidential election in donald trump's favor. senator. schumer is one of those calling for an investigation into the allegations of russian hacking . schumer says any meddling with presidential election should set off alarms for every american that he was joined by fellow democrat jack reed and republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham and calling for the thorough investigation they demanded congress act as soon as it convenes in january. the goal is to find out how extensive and keep the system which countries are doing it. it will be limited to just russia and then to come up with conclusions on how to stop it. factor in the final weeks of the presidential campaign thousands of emails many stolen from the account of clinton's campaign chairman were released by wikileaks on a daily basis. this week many bay area tech leaders will meet with donald trump in new york the president-elect is scheduled to high tech summit. executive from google oracle
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facebook are among those who accepted the division to find some common ground. many bay area tech leaders were outspoken critics of trump during the presidential election in part because of his campaign statement that limited free trade and immigration. teen vogue is getting a lot this weekend because of an editorial about trump. the other with the magazine said trump is gas lighting america by undermining the very foundation of our freedom. the term gas lighting refers to someone who manipulates people into questioning their own sanity. last night the editorial was a trending topic on twitter but so far donald trump has not responded. it's time to take a look at the roads. syntax is a little crowded at 4 am. right now we don't have anything major which is nice to start off on a monday morning
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good morning to you northbound 101 as you are driving from gilroy to san jose and looks very nice driving into san jose and aftermarket held. no major issues getting into the valley and when you get the valley we have a nice commute a little bit of road work& a 85 inches served -- saratoga. moving into san francisco-101 looks good approaching the 80 split into downtown san francisco the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic moving along nicely so far getting into san francisco. but springsteen and. cloudy skies out there topic will see any issues for weather is some thought and light rain and a better opportunity on sunday and widespread rain. he didn't hear over the weekend we had rain but the sierra got slammed with rain. there were
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reports of 9 inches of rain for some. self for a new but is smoking -- snow levels have gone way up and will stay pretty high and come down as you come to the weekend but for us to the a lot of cloud coverage and some light rain possible but a lot of this not going to do much that it is in place. 40s on the temperatures to 50s but a lot of 40s fremont livermore brentwood and concord . northbay temps capital 34. northwest and hillsboro. 21 in tracking -- truckee. what have coverage . 4000 foot level 8000 and the cloud coverage will get a county
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pattern that a lot after with what will happen with have coverage and is developing system will make everything northwood. wednesday could be warm and windy around here at thursday the system sizing with a moisture is there. cloudy monday and could be some light rain. will -- rain returns city makes it down to san jose. we are okay through early -- noon tuesday the second gets light rain but also that will be heavy rain but thursday here comes it will swing through and everybody gets in on to inch amount of the late into thursday night and friday a very cold air mass settle in. for the next seven days the heaviest rain is a northern california across the entire country. 50s and the temperatures to upper 50s the low 60s about campbell in cupertino. skalak -- ali and windy and warm but partly sunny on wednesday and rain and when -- went. cold
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wind that -- weekend. >> i'll be impressed at the sierra gets more snow. the rain was incredible. said we don't want rain this type of year -- time of year. >> at the core of the web at 5 feet there are pictures of the south fork of yuba. >> we always say we need the rain. time is 4:21 am. the best tv shows and movies were honored last night of the critics choice awards and 20 minutes guess it crashed the stage and stole the show. another win for the warriors
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. the comeback that says golden state from back-to-back losses for the first time in 110 games.
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a new test of new orleans jury found a man that killed will smith guilty. they decided not to convict taste of second-degree murder. in april hayes shot seven times
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in the back after a traffic dispute. jesus found guilty of attempted manslaughter for shooting smith's wife was in the car with him. jesus is up to 40 years in prison. check the oakland city council and portis city supervisors will vote tomorrow on whether to move forward with a stadium deal to keep the raiders and oakland. the outline finances for the proposed $1.3 billion stadium reprinted $50 million would come from public funding the 400 million come from former nfl star ronnie locks investment group and another 500 million come from the raiders and nfl loan and state licensing. the book comes one day before nfl owners are scheduled to meet raiders owner is pushing to move the team to las vegas the team cannot move if there is a viable plan for new stated in its home market. the 49ers blew another leaf loss in overtime to the new york jets 23, 17. it was the 12th loss of the season. the 49ers weren't interested --
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-- after another touchdown the 49ers were outscored 20, zero when the last aspect in the last 42 minutes and then the game went into overtime and the 49ers turned the ball over when- cannot get through on fourth down and let the jets go for the win. the 49ers head coach took the blame and said his offense of playcalling was too conservative in the second half and to risking in overtime. for the first time in 110 games warriors were in danger of back-to-back losses. but they beat the minnesota timberwolves 116, 108 pivot tables a 10 point lead going into the fourth. clay thompson led the warriors come back 14 of his 30 points in the fourth quarter. with that victory the warriors had to new orleans to continue their road trip. expected for the warriors. too bad the 49ers can't catch a break.
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coming a dramatic rescue for kayakers -- 4 kayakers. our rescuers were able to bring them to safety. tragedy what we are finding out about an avalanche over the weekend that killed an experienced skier. we are looking at highway 4 and so far so good here. on highway 4 on the way to concord. a lot of cloud coverage, not much of rain. we will see some tomorrow but there are many signs of a big system i don't say that often. more on that coming up.
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[music] . >> i'm trying to recognize that foisted >> is elvis on monday morning as we look at life from our rooftop camera. 13 days away from christmas. >> a beautiful picture. >> >> thank you for joining us monday, december 12 i am dave clark. >> high tide that predicted along the pacific coast and that can lead to some flooding. caltrans is closing the lower half of marine county manzanita park at highways 101. this area is one of the many spot accumulates water during heavy rains are high tide. we go out there will reporting on high tides say right now expect the lower lot to stay close to friday.


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