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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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steve, you are going to be busy all week. >> yes. we have some light roin out there route now. -- rain out there right now. very light precipitation is possible but most of it is high based and not reaching the ground. tomorrow, 40s on the temperatures. that plume of moisture just keeps coming and coming. it thickens up tomorrow and we have a stronger system on tap later in the week. 50s and 60s for most people later today. traffic is doing pretty
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well except for the tracy super commute,y which is not doing well. it's down to 17 miles per hour. traffic is going to be busy as you dry through the livermore valley. 580 is up to sibility e 69 miles per hour, that's slightly above the speed limit. take it easy out there. this is a look at the toll plaza, traffic is moving along nicely into san francisco. on 880 traffic is moving along well in both directions. thank you. one man is hurt after an officer involved shooting in windsor last night. the police chief said is started with a call from a man walking along old redwood
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highway. >> the suspect had tried to run the man over. our deputies responded to that area and within three or four minutes we located him near where the assault was reported. we went to stop him and the pursuit was initiated. >> the chase ended in a shopping center in windsor. the suspect ran towards the officers and pulled out a black object. he was shot by the police and he is in the hospital. there are new problems with a failing cliff in pacifica. they have had erosion problems for years, what is happening now. >> reporter: clearly some serious problems in pacifica. we are going to start with a
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safety warning for everyone. beach access is closed. this path here is closed. it's ung safe to use. -- unsafe to use, you see this hole in the path that leads to the ocean, that hole appears to have happened sunday. in the daylight it's easier to see the gaping sinkhole. this path is impassable. it led to the beach. nobody was on this path near esplanade avenue when the sinkhole occurred. the mayor said she was aware of what she called a private property issue but engineers are coming out later to assess the path. coming back to the live shot,
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you can see that hole here. you can see that there is an area over here where there are condemned buildings. if you have been following the situation here in pacifica, that building there was condemned and is unoccupied. the next buildings have been demolished. >> we have not talked about that area in a while but we are heading into the rainy season and i am sure that they are worried out there. >> reporter: with the king tides, it adds to the concern, we are going to be seeing high tides and water levels. the rain just speeds up the
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procession of the erosion too. the other story we have been following, federal investigators have finished their work at the site of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. investigators have been there for a week looking into the cause of the fire. on friday they ruled out a refrigerator as the cause, they have not given any deals about the -- deals about the cause yet. they will be having a news conference tomorrow. last night a fundraiser to remember the victims of the deadly oakland warehouse fire was held in san francisco. it was held at the mezzanine nightclub. one staff member said last night's event was personal for him because one of the victims
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worked as a sound engineer at the mezzanine. >> we have lost a lot of people. this is a tight knit community. we care about each other. i am doing what i think that he would be doing. >> the entertainer moby performed for free at the event. tickets are on sale tor an alternative rock concert to benefit the families of the fire victims. the bay area band primus will headline the concert wednesday night at the fox theater in oakland. ticket prices start at first time $5. san francisco's grace cathedral tolled its bells for
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the fire victims. the church bells rang 36 times yesterday, one for each of the musicians, artists and students that died there. police in alameda need help identifying a man that was found unconscious saturday. this is a photo released by the plus of that man, he is described as asian, between 40 years old and 60 years old. he was wearing a black coat, a gray and black shirt with the world maserati on it. if you recognize him, call the alameda police. >> alameda police are also looking for a bank robber. police said the person that robbed the bank demanded money from several tellers and ran
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away, nobody was hurt. large sections of san jose will begin to add flouride to the city's tap water because it reduces cavities in children. the salvation army getting a lot of help to deliver toys to needy kids. the group, dig deep sf raised $1,000 for the salvation army. last year the salvation army delivered 3,000 toys and more than 400 target gift cards to thousands of children during a two day toy give away. >> they made a great effort to
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fill the need for toys for eight to 16 years old. >> the toys will be delivered and passed out next week. we see it all of the time, packages stolen from peoples' doorsteps. coming up, we have tips on keeping your gifts from being swied. >> also russian hackers helping pum pum win the election, president-elect donald trump's reaction to the cia report. >> the golden gate bridge is not bad as you drive to san francisco, we have more coming up. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. welcome back to morning on two. today marks six months since the orlando pulse nightclub massacre. many people visited a memorial last night outside of the club. one woman that used to spend time there with friends brought her nine year old daughter. >> we want to give back to people that lost family members and friends and people that they love. >> several other memorials are planned. since the shooting, the business has become a place where people come together to
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honor the victims. the owner said she plans to reopen the nightclub some day at a different location under the same name. it's the anniversary of the sandy hook massacre. flags will be lowered to half staff in honor of the 20 children and six educators shot and killed by a 20 year old gunman. the school district will hold classes that will have age appropriate messages. president-elect donald trump is dismissing reports that russian hackers effected the election. but some republicans are saying
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it has to be investigated. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump said it's an attempt by democrats to undermine his election. >> i do not believe it. they talk about all sorts of things, every week it's another excuse. >> reporter: his reaction puts him at odds with top lawmakers from both parties on capitol hill. chuck schumer is calling for investigations into the hacking. >> the goal is to find out how deep it is and what countries are doing and it and to come up with the solutions. >> john mccain and senator graham also called for an investigation. it has to do with the wikileaks
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releases of e-mails during the final days of the campaign. thank you. this week many bay area tech leaders will be meeting with president-elect donald trump in new york city. he has scheduled a hi-tech summit and executives from apple, google, and facebook have accepted the invitation. many tech leaders were critics of president-elect donald trump during the election. china said it's seriously concerned after president-elect donald trump questioned whether the united states should keep its one china policy. in an interview, president- elect donald trump said he did not feel bound by a one china policy unless he can get a deal
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on trade from them. the latest rumors around president-elect donald trump's choice for secretary of state center on exxon ceo rex tillerson. over the weekend, president- elect donald trump tweeted that rex tillerson was a world class deal maker. teen vogue got a lot of attention for an editorial written about president-elect donald trump. they said that president-elect donald trump is gas lighting the american people. so far president-elect donald trump has not responded. we want to check in with sal for a look at traffic this
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morning, how does it look? >> it looks pretty good if you are driving from gilroy. the gilroy super commute not a bad commute on north bound 101 into morgan hill and past that through san jose. this morning, no issues there into the valley. looking at the east bay commute. westbound 24 traffic is moving along nicely with no major issues. you can tell it's getting more crowded though. at the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is moving well. lets bring in steve. >> thank you, sal. it's a nice morning under cloudy skies. we have a strong system heading
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in for thursday. there was tremendous rain over the weekend in the sierras. seven to 9 inches of rain. kick wood and areas in the higher elevations did pickup some snow. we have some rain in the higher elevations. but that's about it for the rain today. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. on the peninsula, mid 40s to upper 40s. 23 in truckie. 42 in reno. a few 30s north. a lot of cloud cover. a very strong look being system looks to be on tap and colder air by thursday into friday. so the snow levels are going to stay high for a while and they go way down by the end of the
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week. rain returns tomorrow and a stronger system is in the mix later in the week. watch thursday, everyone gets in on this, all the way into friday. that's when the colder, unstable air comes in. it's like feet of snow in the sierras by friday. 50s on the temperatures. lower 60s towards the santa clara valley. rain today in the north but not much falling south. rain and wednesday -- rain and wind thursday with this system coming in. >> look at that tree. union square is so pretty. happening now, the golden
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globe nominations are being revealed right now. >> lets listen in. >> limited series or motion picture made for tefertion, -- television, sterling brown, hugh laurie, christian slater, and john travolta. best motion picture foreign language, elle, france. naruda, chile and the salesman, france.
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best motion picture, an -- animated, kubo, moana, my life as a zuchinni and. wow, i did not know about that last film. >> the johnny cochran story is also winning a lot of awards. the war canyons won again, up next, the come back led by clay thompson. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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welcome back, the ooze city council and alameda board of counsel members are voting tomorrow on a stadium deal to keep the raiders in oakland. $350million for the stadium would come from public funding. $400million from an investment group and another $500 million
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from the raiders. the owner of the raiders, mark davis is pushing to move the team to las vegas but the team cannot move if there is a viable plan in their home market. the 49ers played the jets. they were outscored and the jets tied the game with a field goal. the 49ers turned the ball over and that let the jets get the 23 - 17 win. the coach took the blame saying his play calling was too risky. in the first time in 110 games, the warriors were in
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danger of back to back losses. but then clay thompson led the warriors' come back. with the win, they head to new orleans. four kayakers get stranded in the mud. we tell you how search and rescue crews brought them to safety. >> we are learning more about the cause of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. >> we are looking at a commute where the traffic is moving along well at the macarthur maze. but it's getting slow towards the bay bridge. >> a lot of cloud cover today. tuesday and thursday look to be rain days we have more on that coming up. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. these are live pictures, we right outside of pacifica. there is another sinkhole there, not far from where the buildings had to be torn down because they were in danger of falling into the sea. erosion has been a big problem in that area for some time.
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it's a problem again. we are there with a live report coming up. good morning, thank you for joining us, i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. lets check in with steve. when is the next rain coming? >> tuesday, but the rain rain is thursday. we have a lot of cloud cover today. over the next seven days, the highest rainfall across the whole country will be in northern california. it's on its way. snow levels have gone way up but they are going way down later in the week. there is not a lot of rain today. you could get a small amount of light rain. temperatures are in the 50s. stronger system begins to impact the area tomorrow and
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then all eyes on a strong system coming in wednesday night into thursday. 50s on the temperatures to near 60 with cloudy skies, how is the traffic? >> it's okay. we do not have any major problems. we are going to check out the solano county commute. traffic looks good as you drive on 80 westbound between vallejo, fairfield and vacaville. you can see some slow traffic as we drive through the 80 near the bridge but other than that it's fine. this is a look at 880, it looks good near the coliseum.
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the metering lights will be going on near the toll plaza. less go back to the desk. people in the sierras are getting ready for more winter weather and possibly more flooding. last week storms raised the level of the south yuba river. river waters seeped through people's foundations. more snow is expected by tomorrow. the body of a skier reported missing after an avalanche in the sierras has been recovered. the sheriff's office reported that they found a man buried in eight to 10 feet of snow. he had been this with another man skiing on a closed ski run
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of the resort when the avalanche hit. the man was about 60 years old, his name will not be released until his family is notified. frol investigators have finished collecting evidence at the scene of the deadly oakland warehouse fire, we are waiting to find out how it started. at the same time, some of the victims are being laid to rest. we have more on the deadly oakland warehouse fire. >> reporter: good morning, work has wrapped up at the scene of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. the building is fenced off. nobody is coming in or out of this place. you can see the memorial that has continued to grow here over the past week or so in honor of those victims. atf agents spent the past week gathering evidence. we are waiting for
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investigators to offer a definitive cause for the fire. investigators have ruled out arson and also they have ruled out a refrigerator on the first floor as the cause. we understand that federal investigators are looking at some other electrical items that might have sparked the fire that killed 36 people during that electronic music concert. in the meantime, some of the victims of the fire are already being laid to rest. >> the last time i saw him, wednesday before the friday fire, he gave me i a loving hug for which i am so grateful. >> reporter: yesterday friends and family members came together at a temple in
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berkeley to remember jonathan bernbaum. he worked as a media artist. some of his friends raised the issue of affordable housing and wonders if this will force other art i was out of the bay area. this is a live picture of how people in the community are paying tribute to the victims of the fire, this is a memorial in the vicinity of the fire. we are still waiting for the cause, we expect to hear mow about how the fire may have started when the atf holds a news conference tomorrow morning. thank you to find out more about the deadly oakland warehouse fire and ways to help the families, go to our website, we have a special section dedicated to the deadly oakland warehouse fire. rescue cruise in marin
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county had to come to the -- crews in marin county had to come to the rescue of two kayakers. >> they were unfamiliar with the tides and they got caught by the diminishing tides. >> it's not clear how long they were stranded, they were all okay, just muddy and cold. firefighters in vallejo said someone fired shots at their fire station, they posted photos on facebook including a closeup of where a bullet went through one of their windows. nobody was hurt but the firefighters wrote, being a firefighter is often a dangerous job, the dings that away us on the next call are risks that we accept but they
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said that the shooting violated their feeling of safety and they said it's not the first time one of their houses have been hit by gun fire. we have information about a phone scam. someone is calling people claiming to be a retired pleasanton police officer. officials with the police office said while they ask for dein additions on equation, they never do it by 15. police in santa rosa are paying tribute to police officers around the country who were killed in the line of duty. this is their end of watch tree. every ornament represents officers killed in the line of duty in 2016. none of the officers worked in
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santa rosa. police released this security footage, look, it shows a man grabbing a package from a porch and walking off. if you recognize him, please call the police. cripples are more likely to steal packages as -- criminals are more likely to steal package during the holiday season. >> i call them porch pirates. what can people do to avoid these thefts. >> first of all, it's a vabl item, have it september by registered mail. have it where a note gets left. we have a way to track the
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package. be home to accept it and if nobody is going to be home, have the package held, require a signature and especially during christmas, get insurance. >> reporter: i tweet all the time, pictures of these package thieves, how important is it to get surveillance video. does that help? >> absolutely, later on if we identify a suspect, that's a piece of evidence. these are federal crimes, if mail is placed on your doorstep and it's stolen, that's a federal offense, report it to postal inspectors and local law enforcement. we work closely with the police department and local sheriffs. if they hit you, they have probably hit your neighbor.
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>> reporter: we saw a truck going down the street. sometimes they follow the trucks. do you think that they follow the trucks. >> sometimes. >> reporter: most people do not know that it's a federal offense. it's important for people to not have valuable deliveries left at the door. thank you jeff. that's jeff from the united states postal inspector's oofs. thank you. in a couple of hours, a young san jose man is teu to be sentenced for a deadly -- is
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due to be sentenced for a deadly hit and run crash. earlier this year, he pled guilty to charges of vehicular manslaughter. a new proposal could allow commuters in the north bay to ride the new smart train for free. the rail transit authority has put forward a plan that would let people ride for free or half the cost next summer. officials want to give people a chance to learn to and a half gate the system. -- navigate the system. it's 5:41. two police officers were shot in georgia overnight. what the officers were doing at
5:42 am
a home when a man opened fire. >> a second arrest in connection with the plane crash that killed a brazilian soccer team. >> good morning, we are looking at a commute that is still doing well. but it's getting more crowded. >> it's shaping up to be another interesting weather week. today is a lot of show and not much go but there is rain and mountain snow on the way later in the week. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. . welcome back, a va hospital in florida is facing a lot of criticism for what staffers allegedly did to the body of a
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veteran, first they left the body in a hallway, then they put it there a shower room and did not come back for 10 hours. the 24 painl report concludes -- page report concludes that the hospital did not provide appropriate post mortem care. >> we honor america's veterans, we view this finding as unacceptable. we are correcting the issue. >> a florida congress man called the issue a failure at the department of veterans affairs. new this morning, there is another person being charged in
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connection with the killing of a brazilian soccer team. the owner of the plane and his son are being imaginerred can criminally negligent homicide. investigators said the pilot ignored rules about how much reserve fuel you should have. isis has won back the city of palmyra. the fighters moved into the city this weekend for the first time since they were expelled by syrian and russian forces nine months ago. iran said a $16 billion
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deal with boeing to buy airplanes has been finalized. 80 planes are teu to be delivered over the next decade in iran's biggest contract with an american coming up -- due to be delivered over the next decade in iran's biggest contract with an american company since the 1970s. a european tunnel has been completed. 500 lucky riders that won tickets in lotter more rallies were the first people to ride that train through the tunnel.
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we have a lot of traffic as you head through the tracy triangle and also on 205. south bound 680 is slow from bub lin. on 680, the traffic is moving well. -- dublin. on 680, the traffic is moving well. lets go to steve in the weather center. we have a lot of cloud cover, a little bit of fog. not much in the way of rain. maybe some small showers.
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but the rain is more likely tomorrow. we have had a lot of cloud cover here for a while. over the weekend we had some unbelievable amounts of rain from grass valley to lake tahoe. yuba city got a lot too. we get a break today and then you see there is some rain tomorrow. lows in the 40s. a few 30s in the mix. boulder creek is 43. 48 for campbell. las vegas, 46. there are some mid 30s in manned seen oa county. -- mendocino county. we have a system coming in
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tomorrow. then it looks like a break wednesday and then a widespread wind and rain event for thursday. then some colder air takes us into friday. so the rainfall is not that much tuesday and wednesday. then as we get towards thursday, here is comes. that big system takes us into thursday night and friday. that's when the cold air comes in and the snow levels come down. the rain could be measured in feet in the sierras. tomorrow we get cloud cover with rain beginning to move in for most location. a break webbed but it's warm. maybe some sun. then thursday into friday, rain, wind and then the colder air arrives. >> should we take an umbrella.
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>> yes, but why not just keep it in the car for the year. >> okay. americans are number one when it comes to spam, and i am not talking about food. the results of a new study when we come back >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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. welcome back to mornings on
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two. the american people love computers and smart phones. a new study finds americans are number one in the world when it comes to one thing you do not want to see in your e-mail box. the united states leads the world when it comes to sending spam. most of us do not look into our spap folders -- spam folders. some of the hottest tickets in san francisco will be going on sale. tickets to ham -- hamilton ticket are going on sale today. we have more information on our
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website, . the critics choice awards had one actor stealing the show. >> i wanted thank everyone for honoring us in this way, we worked hard on silicon valley. here we are, thank you. that was stanfeild. he grabbed the award before the producer could show up. by the way, the movie la la land won best picture. it opened in just five theaters over the weekend. the movie opens in 200 more
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theaters including here in the bay area this week. a new video just in time for the holidays featuring model kate mos. -- moss, she stars this a new video that mixes elvis with music performed by the royal philharmonic orchestra. how would you like to spend christmas in the house where a christmas story was filmed. if you are one of the few that has never seen the movie, the house of the boy hood home of ralphie parker. the winner gets $600 in awards
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and gifts including the leg lamp from the film. coming up, more erosion concerns in pacifica, there is a sinkhole. >> we are looking at the east bay commute, ets getting more crowded. i can see some lights here at the bay bridge. the traffic is going to be busy here. we are also looking at a couple of city street problems in oakland. >> the cloud cover continues. the rainfall looks like is a tuesday and thursday event. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. a new sinkhole appears in pacifica. calls for an investigation into the cio report that russian hackers influenced the lengths. the response from president- elect donald trump that puts him at odds with some lawmakers.
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this is ktvu fox news mornings on 2. i love that song. it makes you snap and tap your feet. this is a beautiful shot of union square. that's one of my favorite places to be during the holidays. they have the tree and the ice skating rink. it's so pretty. good morning. thank you for joining us, it's monday, december 12th. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. steve, will see see some sunshine? >> no. not much. we have a lot of cloud cover. very little in the way of rain today. most of it will be


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