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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  December 12, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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take steps to fill a sinkhole that opened up over the weekend. it's near the site of an apartment complex that was torn down due to beach erosion. pris responded to reports of a stabbing this afternoon. they found the victim lying on the sidewalk with a knife still this his chest. he was pronounced dead at the scene. in oakland, a vigil was held to help first responders who worked on the deadly oakland warehouse fire. you are watching ktvu fox news at 630. the ceo of exxon is likely to be president-elect donald trump's choice for secretary of state. but his close ties with russian
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leaders are raising concerns. president-elect donald trump also met today with carly fiorina. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump told fox news that rex tillerson is an impressive candidate for secretary of state. >> he is a world class plier. a great advantage is he knows -- player. he knows many of the players. he does massive deals in russia. >> reporter: rex tillerson could face difficulty getting confirmed. allegations that the --
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allegations that russia helped win the election for president- elect donald trump was called ridiculous. >> when they hack, you cannot catch them. >> reporter: that puts president-elect donald trump at aside with members of the intelligence community and senior members of his own party. they support an attempt to look into russian hacking of the election. >> we have to assume that the russians do not wish us well. >> reporter: trump tower was a hive of thift today. first to arrive was carly fiorina. >> we talked about hacking, we talked about the opportunity
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that the president elect has to reset things. shares of defense contractor lockheed martin fell 2% after a tweet from president- elect donald trump. he tweeted that billions will be safed on military purchases after he is in office. the company said it understands the concerns that president- elect donald trump has and has invested millions of dollars to try to reduce the price of jet fighters. wall street is preparing for an interest rate hike but the dow still managed to hit a high. new at 6:30. a medical lab with a dozen bay
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area office said that a hacker has gained access to names, dates of birth, lab results and telephone numbers of 34,000 people. financial information and social security numbers were not stolen. the people effected will be notified by mail. hundreds of people braved today's cold weather for the hottest ticket in town. the musical hamilton is coming to san francisco. we have more on the show that uses rap music to tell the story of one of america's founding fathers. >> reporter: some of these die hard fans waited in line for 24 hours for a shot at seeing the musical that is taking america by force. the line went down a whole city block. >> we so excited to see it. >> i saw it in new york.
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it was great so i am book. >> reporter: they came armed with sleeping bags, the old and the young. >> you have a blanket and coffee. >> reporter: many history buffs got here before the sun rose. >> since 4:00, that's how long we have been here. >> reporter: what makes it so special. >> it's so ethnic. >> they merge politics and art. >> it's something different, different than all of the other mees kls. it's rap, not show tunes -- musicals. it's rap, not show tunes. >> reporter: tickets range from $100 to 520 fours dollars.
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scalpers paid people to stand online for them. >> reporter: have you tried going online. >> we are number 46,000. >> weem have seen their queue -- people have seen their queue list going as hue as 90,000. >> reporter: who are you going to take? >> my girlfriend. >> reporter: one guy even had a happy dance. >> it's the best musical i have ever seen. >> reporter: the theater stopped taking people in line at 4:00 p.m. they expect to sell out. you can still get tickets online. the show runs through august fifth. coming up, a somber tribute
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in orlando as the gay community marks six months since the attack at the pulse nightclub. >> concerns about a new state law that some say puts the public at risk. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. there were hugs early this morning during a moment of remembrance at the orlando
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nightclub where the worst mass shooting in the united states took place. mourners gathered outside of the club this morning where candled were lit for each of the people killed that day. a moment of silence was held at the moment that the gunman, owe -- omar mateen started shooting. chilling details are emerging about the man that killed nine people at an african american church in south carolina. prosecutors said he may have been planning more violence, he faces 33 federal charges
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including hate crimes in connection with the shooting in charleston. the government could wrap up it's case by midweek. authorities are accusings a teenager -- accusing a teenager as an adult after a beating. now they are trying to change her charge to being charged as a teenager. >> she stated she wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone. >> the problem is, she was already charged, we have her in adult court. the public defender is saying,
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because of the law, we have to start over again. >> experts are saying, the new law does not say whether or not it can be applied retro actively. coming up, a months long investigation that uncovered a scandal at a bay area high school. >> get ready for a wet commute later in the week. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. a foir month investigation
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has uncovered a scandal at a bay area school. students sharing inappropriate pictures of other students. the photos are being circumstance lated without consent. >> reporter: the investigation is nearly complete but teachers and parents did not know it was happening. it began in august when district officials found out that students were sharing inappropriate photos in a drop box account. the photos may have been shared by students at several high schools. >> we are looking at pursuing charges against several individuals. >> reporter: the mountain view school district did not alert teachers and parents.
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they said they wanted to maintain confidentiality. today the district sent a letter to parents. the patients wished that they knew sooner. >> it's very concerning. maybe the administrators can help the kids understand why they should not do these things. >> parents and kids should know the consequences for doing those kippedz of things. >> reporter: police set the consequences are very real and they hope it's a reminder to others, always use caution online. >> it's a reminder that social media is social. there is nothing private about it, you should think before you post something. we have a keul, if your grandmother can cannot see it, do not post it -- rule, if your grandmother cannot see it, do not post it. we are tracking a couple of
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weather systems. one is a cold one from the north and another is a warm one from the south. they merge on thursday. this is system one and this is system to. this one here from the north gets here first. it brings light scattered sprinkles to the bay area tuesday afternoon, it's mainly light and just a nuisance. storm two has the advantage of all of the cold air left by storm one. that's going to trigger heavy rains and strong winds and snow in the mountains. it's a significant storm. maybe an inch and a half to to inches of rain. we are cloudy now and cloudy tomorrow. a few sprinkles, like what we
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had last week. there is your cloudy day. here comes the next system, it's just enough to bring us the drizzle. then the system of consequence is thursday's system. we are dry in the morning. then it starts to rain. so wednesday morning, the clouds thicken up and maybe a few sprinkles. wednesday is like tomorrow, but i think it's mostly dry. then here this storm comes on thursday. you get the southern surge of moisture. this has the potential for significant rainfall, unfortunately in the mountains as well. so the first hit on thursday afternoon and night is warm.
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snow levels above 6,000 feet. 59 in pleasanton, 60 in livermore. so tomorrow afternoon, sprinkles. wednesday, maybe a few sprinkles. thursday, the whole day is messy. maybe a few showers friday morning. then as we head into the weekend, it dries out but it's cold. the thursday storm has the potential to be significant, there is a flood watch in effect for the central valley, because of the snow melt and the heavy rain. i think that the wind could be a story on thursday too. an eight year old boy from vallejo is getting attention from the white house. he recently held a toy and canned goods drive for homeless children. we spoke with him this morning. we asked why he was so dedicated to help others. >> reporter: why do you want to
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do the drive. >> so the kids will be happy with the toys. >> reporter: so these are children that do not necessarily have a home. highway does it make you feel when children do not have homes. >> it's sad if they do not have homes. >> even president obama noticed what he's doing. the president said. , when i leave the white house, i will be counting onyoung people like you to step up and get involved. >> so great. coming up, the raiders head coach has been speaking about his actions on the field. we have that and more coming up in sports. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. the fowsht niners -- the feurt -- 49ers came out strong against the jets but they blew it in the second half. >> they have blown a few games this season.
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it's koom out that there -- come out that there may be a mass firing. after this collapse against the jets, it's now chip kelly in the firing line. in the second half of this game, they let the 14 to nothing lead get away. now there are rumors that is he on the chopping block. the 49ers have lost 21 of their last 29 games but the coach said there is no correlation to this. >> it's different what is gone on here. i think that we always look at everything on a weekly basis, trying to improve. you look at the game yesterday, it's about making one more play
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than the other team. it's not like we are not playing at all. our guys are competing. >> a lot of empty seats this the stadium. it seems like a while since the raiders have taken the field. they will be taking care of business against the chargers this sunday. in the meantime, a conversation about king. you guys are laughing but he got penalized for unsportsman like conduct against the chiefs. >> no. >> it's unpleasant to watch. the coach is not liking it. he likes his players to do their thing but not get carried away. >> i talked to him. it was unacceptable. i played a long time and did not have an incident like this
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in my career. i spoke to the staff, i will not tell you which coaches, i asked, did something like this happen to you, they were like, well, yes. i had a couple. we do not want to see that though. >> jack likes to keep it under control. when it was announced that jeff fisher was fired, it was strange. to weeks ago, the rams reportedly gave him a contract extension. either way, jeff fisher is gone, he has 165 career losses as a head coach. that ties the all time nfl record. not a record that you were.
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john fassel will take over as the interim coach. >> a little baseball stuff that the giants fans did not want to hear. the dodgers retained their closer. washington and miami were vying for his services but he will stick with the dodgers and their $80 million contract. a had a hockey story but we are out of time. >> maybe at 10:00. >> have a good one, everyone, thank you for joining us. have a great night, our coverage continues on ktvu fox news plus. (my hero zero by lemonhe
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