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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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could get another cabinet position. "mornings on 2" continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, december 13th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. we're checking your weather, steve paulson right over there with the forecast. >> clouds coming in, rain later. >> and it's going to get cold. >> weekend. >> very cold. >> weekend. >> okay. >> maybe it's cold for you right now, but just you wait until the weekend and then it's going to even get colder. we have a lot of cloud cover on the move here, not much in the way of any rain yet, but later it does look like from maybe san francisco, oakland north, should start to increase. you can see some of the deeper moisture beginning to take aim at us. it'll start to come in late morning, early afternoon. so some breaks here in the morning. already a winter storm watch posted for thursday. already? yes, for thursday in anticipation of a very strong system for thursday. today's system has a lot of show, not much go right now. 40s, 50s on the temps. you can see even towards santa
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cruz 49, 48 san marteen, 48 saratoga. everyone is really close to some of this cloud cover. it'll continue to thicken up from the west/southwest, but then we will focus on this guy for thursday. but today cloudy with some light rain developing later. 50s to near 60 on the temps. all right, sal, it's 6:01. you want to get to what first? >>reporter: we want to get to highway 101 first, steve. highway 101 in san jose because there's a crash there northbound 101 as you drive up to old oakland road. it's said to be block lanes. now chp said they have cleared it, but it doesn't look like anything has happened really. this backup has been there for a while. in fact, that can also switch to a -- in fact, i can switch to a map and show you 101 northbound right there. one of the best trawt for you would be to use 85 if you want to get into the valley or use, you know, 82, just somehow get around this problem here. there are other freeways available for you which is probably the best bet right
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now. there are no major problems in the east bay right now. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up for 15 to 20- minute delay before you make it onto the span. at 6:02. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we are continuing to follow that breaking news of a standoff in east san jose right in a neighborhood. an armed man barricaded himself inside a house near clayton road and story road. ktvu's janeen del la vega is live as close to the scene as police will allow you to be. janeen, you've been saying the man may have a child in there with him? >>reporter: yes, that's what we're hearing, unconfirmed, but we have heard that on the scanner that it is a 6-year-old girl. police spokesman has not told us that yet, but that's what we're hearing on the scanner. right now several homes have been evacuate ised, the s.w.a.t team is here. they're handling this situation very carefully and they've moved us back because they don't want anyone to get hurt because this man does have a gun. this has been going on since
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1:45 this morning at a home on arthur avenue which is near story and clayton road. officers arrived after a family disturbance was reported. relatives told police that the man was inside the home, armed with a gun, and he was threatening to harm himself. as i mentioned, it is possible that there is a young girl in there on the scanner. the police officers were saying that it was his daughter. my sources are also telling me the suspect is not alone, the suspect has been on and off the phone with officers, but he has been refusing to come out of the house. the merge unit which is a s.w.a.t team, as i mentioned, they are here. they've been trying to negotiate with him. police have closed off part of arthur avenue and the surrounding streets. there's no shelter in place, people are allowed to leave their homes. but as i mentioned, homes that are directly around the home where this is all happening have been evacuated because this man is armed. they're hoping that this ends in a very safe surrender because they have been having communication with him. so we'll keep you updated on
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this situation because, of course, police do not want anyone to get hurt. back to you. >> all right, thank you, janeen for that update. we'll continue to check in with you. 6:04 is the time. now we want to move to a developing story in nashville, tennessee. a very intense scene there. a police officer was shot is early this morning. the officer was shot in the shoulder while attempting to serve a warrant at a local motel. the injury from what we understand is not life threatening, but police are still in a standoff situation. you can see, again, this is in nashville, tennessee, a huge police response, and this is, again, there with the standoff situation with a suspect. we'll continue to update this story. time now 6:04. new this morning, president- elect donald trump has selected rex tillerson, the ceo of exxonmobil as his secretary of state. earlier this morning trump tweeted, quote, i have chosen one of the truly great business leaders of the world to be secretary of state.
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now, tillerson has close ties with russia. that has raised concerns with some leading republican lawmakers. however, trump is praising tillerson's vast experience at dealing successfully with all types of foreign governments. reportedly president-elect trump is due to nominate rick perry, the former texas governor for his secretary of energy. the former texas governor met with trump at trump tower yesterday. now, when rick perry was running for president in 2012 he said he wanted to eliminate the energy department. however, during a debate he forgot the name of the agency when asked which departments he would shut down. president-elect trump canceled a news conference that he had scheduled for this coming thursday where he planned to talk about the future of his business empire. instead he tweeted he will be leaving his businesses before he is inaugurated january 20th so he can focus full time on the presidency. he says his two sons, don and
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eric will manage his companies and that no new deals will be done while he's in the white house. he also says he'll hold a news conference in the near future to talk about how he is separating himself from his business. we may find out as soon as today what caused the deadly oakland warehouse fire. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives will hold a news briefing with local officials at 11:00 this morning. investigators are said to be focusing on overloaded electrical lines in the rear of the building as the cause of the fire. 36 people attending a dance party and concert were killed in that fire on december 2nd. we will have more on the deadly warehouse fire, and we have more information on our website, we're going to be posting any updates on the investigation there as well as on our ktvu app and our social media channels throughout the day. time now 6:06. happening today the san francisco board of supervisors will select a new member for the san francisco police commission. here are the three candidates,
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usf professor bill haynes, sphrietsz attorney john hamasocki and julie hsu, a lawyer with the california department of insurance. a supervisors committee voted 2- 1 yesterday for bill haney who defends immigrants in deportation hearings. the police commission has seven members. now, its mission is to set policy for the police department and also connect disciplinary hearings of officers -- conduct disciplinary hearings of officer misconduct. victor hang is leaving. he will become a superior court judge. san francisco supervisors are set to vote today on a controversial plan to eliminate tuition for students at the city college of san francisco. the board is scheduled to decide the fate of supervisor jane kent's proposal to make c.c.1689. f. tuition free beginning next fall. a rally in support of her proposal is planned before today's board vote. however, the examiner reports that san francisco mayor ed lee is not ready to fully fund this
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free tuition proposal. city college of san francisco will have to return $39 million to the state because of bad bookkeeping. the state says the school cannot provide -- cannot prove that it taught 16,000 students and nearly 600 online classes. the san francisco chronicle reports the classes took place between 2011 and 2014. the newspaper also says the school discovered the bad recordkeeping and reported the problem so state officials don't suspect fraud. city college can make payments over 10 years, but it's pretty bad news for a school already facing budget issues because of declining enrollment and dealing with accreditation problems. time is 6:08. it's a big day if you're an oakland raider fan. coming up at 6:30, the proposal officials are expected to vote on today that could be a big step in keeping the raiders in oakland. also up next, a big donation from the founder of craigslist. what he is doing to fight the spread of fake news. well, some breaks in the clouds this morning, but clouds will continue to increase. looks like some rain later, but
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not for the morning commute. but we're still focused on that system for thursday. more on that coming up.
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welcome back to program prasm. 6:11. police in sacramento searching for a gunman who shot four people late last night. one victim was shot in the head and is in critical condition. another victim is a 15-year-old girl. police say a man fired shots through a closed door into an apartment and there were more than a dozen people inside.
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investigators say they believe the gunman is a former boyfriend of one of the people who was in that apartment. the bakersfield police department is promising a full investigation of a deadly police shooting of an unarmed man. it happened yesterday near gosford road in southwest bakersfield. now, officers responding to reports of a man with a gun shot and killed the 73-year-old man who was standing in a driveway near his home. investigators later figured out the man did not have a gun. his family says he was in the early stages of dementia. another suspect has been arrested in an alleged hate crime killing in elsobrante. ray simons was arrested over the weekend after a domestic dispute in monterey county. another suspect, daniel porter kelly was arrested last month. investigators say those men and a third suspect killed william sims outside the capri club on november 12th. investigators say simons pulled the trigger and that sims was targeted because of his race.
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sims' family was in the court yesterday, but the preliminary hearing for daniel porter kelly was continued. >> it was a challenge for them to make the decision that they wanted to come out, that they wanted to hear, you know, the dirty details, but it's important. they want to know what happened to their son, they want to know why it happened. >> the third suspect daniel ortega remains at large. well, the founder of craigslist is joining the fight against fake news. craig newmark has donated $1 million to the pointer media institute for media studies according to the chronicle and that is the biggest donation from a single individual in the history of that institute. the money will be used to promote and standardize ethics in journalism. the institute says it plans to work with facebook and google to identify techniques to deliver what newmark is calling trustworthy news. now, newmark says i'm a news consumer, and i just want news i can trust.
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right now it is 6:14. and we certainly have traffic news we can trust because we have sal castaneda. >>reporter: why, thank you, pam and dave. good morning to you. [ applause ] >>reporter: there's even clapping there going on. >> yeah. >>reporter: good morning to you. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge because a lot of people want to check in with this particular commute very frequently. it looks like it's very slow here. it's a 20-minute delay already just waiting in line getting to the bay bridge. that does not count the time it's going to take you to drive there. once you make it onto the span, there's a whole other clock that starts at about 10 minutes across that bridge. looking at interstate 880, it still looks good here in oakland heading down to hayward. it does begin to slow after 238 in pocket -- and pockets of slow traffic to fremont. not one solid line of traffic just yet. 101 clearing an accident near old oakland road, but the damage is done. it is backed up now beyond the capital expressway. in fact, it is going to be slow just before that near yerba
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beun a. 85 and 280 are decent alternates along with highway 87. we can go to steve now and the bay area weather. >> sal, thank you. increasing clouds continue to roll in here, but we're okay for the morning commute. by the evening, though, it does look like some of that deeper moisture will move in, giving us some light rain, especially san francisco north. the farther north you get a lot of rain, farther south, not so much, if any. but everybody looks to be in line for it by thursday. so we still have a couple of days yet. a winter storm watch has already been posted for the sierra for thursday into friday, two days in advance. haven't seen that in a while. so that snow level is going to go from about 5,000 feet up to 7,000 feet and then eventually by late friday maybe down around 2,500 feet into early saturday. most of the moisture should be gone by then, but it's going to be a roller coaster ride here. they will measure that, though, in feet by the time we get to late friday. 40s to 50s on the temps. i think due to the cloud cover, they're not really going to change too much. 30s mendocino county, lake
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county. northwest napa up to glenn ellen, point ray 48. mid-40s from navado. 41ukiah to 37 cold degrees in arcade a. the cloud cover will just continue to move up from the west/southwest. there it is. the system for thursday, though, still developing and that's going to play into what looks to be a pretty wild day on thursday. until we get there, we'll deal with today and that's clouds increase, a lot of high and mid- level clouds. rain moves in mainly to north, but the stronger system still looks to be on tap for thursday. for the rain, again, about san francisco south, this might even be a little overdone. to the north, santa rosa, look at the bull's eye up north, ukiah north, some very heavy rain. then a stronger system begins to swing in thursday and that will bring rain, even to san jose. what? yes, even to san jose and all the way down to monterey and there's going to be some hefty totals especially in the sierra. so that's why with that snow level plunging, by the time we
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get to late friday it'll be gone, but the cold air spills in. it's going to be very cold around the weekend -- during the weekend around here. some light rain on the way, but this morning you're good to go. on the way home could be a totally different story. tomorrow cloudy but mostly cloudy as a system lifts northward and then swings in thursday and friday. going to be some pretty good gusts in the hills, up to 50 miles per hour possible. colder air then on friday and then the weekend looks okay, but just not very warm. >> yeah. all right, steve, thank you. time now 6:17. we're still following breaking news. there's a deadly fire in castro valley in the east bay. ktvu's allie rasmus just arrived. so, allie, what do you know? >>reporter: well, we're at tanglewood and grove way in castor valley. this is about a quarter mile away from 580 and 238. behind us is the scene. you can see firefighters going into what looks like the burned out garage of this home on grove way. we have learned that one person, the only person who lived in this home died in this
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fire. it started just before 3:00 this morning. we're going to bring in asha noels, the public information officer with alameda county fire. what were neighbors or witnesses who saw this fire able to tell you in terms of where it may have started? >> it appears the one-alarm fire on grove way started in the attic. the fire is currently under investigation, but there were smoke and flames shooting through both the attic and the garage of the residence. >>reporter: and did the home have smoke detectors, smoke alarms, do you know? >> it's unknown the specific details at that level of the fire. it is under investigation and we are awaiting the coroner's office. >>reporter: so how much longer is the streets going to be closed around here for this fire scene, do you know? >> the street will likely be closed for the next hour, hour and a half until the coroner's office is able to arrive. >>reporter: and there was a firefighter who was injured battling this fire? >> there is one alameda county firefighter who sustained a minor injury to -- a minor hand injury and the firefighter was transported to a local hospital
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and is undergoing evaluation. >>reporter: investigators will be out here for a little while longer doing their work, trying to determine what caused the fire. >> yes. >>reporter: thanks very much. asha knowles the public information officer with the alameda county fire. while firefighters continue to work, grove way is shut down in both directions. it's a very residential area. again, we're about a quarter mile away from 580 and 238. as you heard ms. knowles mention, the alameda county coroner's division is on its way to the scene because one person unfortunately did die in this fire that happened a few hours ago. back to you guys. >> allie rasmus in castro valley, thank you. at 6:19, there's new proposed lengs in san francisco about diaper change -- legislation in san francisco about diaper changing tables. also in 25 minutes which states have the best and the worst drivers? it's not good news for us here in california.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". new this morning, an american airlines flight landed at sfo just hours ago, but that's after passengers were forced to make an unscheduled stop in arizona. the original flight was headed from charlotte, north carolina to sfo. we're told that the pilot found a problem with the fluid pressure and diverted the plane
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to sky harbor airport in phoenix. all the passengers were taken off the plane. it was checked out and towed to the gate. american airlines put the passengers on another flight to sfo and it landed just after 2:30 this morning. a lufthansa airline flight from houston, texas to frankfort, germany was diverted last night to new york's jfk airport because of a bomb threat. when the plane landed at jfk, it was searched, but authorities did not find anything suspicious. the plane had 530 passengers and crew members on board. they all had to be rescreened. authorities say someone phoned in a credible threat to lufthansa's corporate office in germany. the airline tweeted the flight was diverted as a precaution. time now 6:23. a san jose man convicted in a deadly dui crash was sentenced to six years in prison. police say 20-year-old carlos labos had a blood alcohol level of .20 just before christmas last year when his car hit several other cars. the driver of one of those
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cars, carlos enrique torres was killed. labos pled guilty to all charges. yesterday in court he said he was sorry. the widow of torres told the court that labos doesn't know the pain of not being able to say good-bye. >> this has been very hard on them. obviously he has a young daughter, she's only 5 years old. it's been very difficult for her and very difficult for his widow. >> prosecutors wanted a 10-year prison sentence, but the judge imposed six years since labos admitted he was guilty and does not have a criminal past. also in san jose police arrested a man they say was responsible for a deadly hit and run. investigators say 24-year-old jonathan es pino ruiz hit and killed a pedestrian at heading and 15th street early saturday morning. the name of the victim has not been released. police say 18 pedestrians have been killed in san jose this year. well, plans to retrofit one of the bay area's largest
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dams is going to take more time and money to complete. the santa clara valley water district hoped to start construction in early 2018 on seismic upgrades to anderson dam, but now that work won't start until 2020, and that's not the only problem. the original $200 million price tag is now expected to increase to at least $400 million. according to the bay area news group, the reason for the delay is because a new geological study shows the dam is at risk of collapsing in a major quake and that has required a redesign of the project. another northern california reservoir is dealing with a good problem after our long dry spell. the past few days of rain has pushed the water level at folsom lake which is east of sacramento up 18 feet. with more rain on the way, the bureau of reclamation plans to open the flood gates there for just the third time in five years and that will double the amount of water that flows past the folsom dam and into the american river and then ends up in the delta. you may soon see more
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diaper changing tables in san francisco. the chronicle reports city supervisors today will consider a measure to require the city to dramatically increase the number of bathrooms that have tables where parents can change their baby's diapers. supervisor heidi tang said this proposal would move enforcement of the requirement from the planning department to the department of building inspections to make sure there is compliance. it is now 6:26. just an incredible story, a hard one to watch. a disabled man was knocked to the ground and robbed. the search now for the suspect in this disturbing crime in san jose. >>reporter: plus this is an important day for oakland raiders fans who are hoping the team won't pack up and leave for las vegas. we'll tell you what we know about a stadium proposal that would potentially keep the team here in town and the important vote happening later on today. >>reporter: good morning. we are looking at a teen -- i was thinking about the raiders.
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we are looking at a commute that is getting busier right around the corner here, as you can see, at the macarthur maze. the traffic is backed up. we'll give you a time for this and also check out some other bridge when we come back. >> me and my team of one, we're watching the skies for you today, cloudy in the morning, but then rain is on the way for some, especially to the north. we'll take a look at that coming up.
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well, good morning, thanks for joining us for "mornings on 2", tuesday, december 13th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is just about 6:30. and get ready because we're going to have some rain this week and some wind and some very cold weather. >> cold. >> pam, tell the folks what the boys were talking about during the commercial break. >> they were talking about these little old, very old- fashioned football games and hockey games.
6:30 am
>> electric football games. >> dave's christmas promo, the electric football games. >> tim, our floor director sent me a link of this video game -- not video game, this game you're talking about, because i couldn't picture it. we should post it so you can see it. >> i can picture it very well. that and hockey. remember the hockey game and you sit there? that was the best. all right. i'll get going. we do have a lot of cloud cover coming over, some rain is beginning to show up a little bit on the north coast, not yet, but it's a sign of things to come for the north, more so than areas to the south, that's for sure. but look for exwreetion clouds, a lot of cloud cover. watching the last few images of the mendocino coast. you can see some of that beginning to develop. so for the morning we're okay, maybe some pockets of fog. winter storm watch already up for thursday for the sierra and northeast california, thursday into friday. and lake tahoe today and tomorrow will be the days to go. thursday and friday might be extremely tough. snow level will go from 5,000 to 2,500 feet friday and saturday. 40s, 50s on the temps.
6:31 am
few 30s mendocino county, lake county. but overall 30 up in truckee, 37 arcadia and 49 down in monterey. cloud cover and light rain developing later. but for most highs today will be in the 50s to near 60 degrees. sal, 6:31. 101 was an issue. is it still there or what? >>reporter: i'm not laughing at you, i'm laughing at my director who said something funny. but i do want to ask you something, steve, if you're still around. >> i'm here. >>reporter: yes. are we having snow in lake tahoe? i was paying attention to traffic stuff here. are we having snow in lake tahoe this weekend and also near christmas? >> yes, this week, a lot for thursday, friday, and then again around the 29th. >>reporter: i see. okay. >> christmas looks okay. >>reporter: okay. a lot of people go up to tahoe for christmas and, you know, just wantd to know. good morning, everyone. let's go out and take a look at what we have. it is going to be a tough commute already at the bay bridge. at some point in december you're going to see the people who take time off are going to start taking time off.
6:32 am
we're not there yet. traffic is still backed up to the maze. we haven't seen the dropoff. and, you know, there's a pretty significant dropoff in december. there will be a couple weeks where you won't see a lot of traffic at all at the toll plaza. this is look at 880 northbound and southbound. traffic will be busy as you drive through. i want to mention the south bay again because we've had that persistent backup ever since we had a crash on northbound 101 getting up to about 880. they cleared it out of the lanes, but the damage is done. 85 is already slow, 280 is the only freeway that's not too bad. we have a little bit of slow traffic right through highway 17, and that's about all. if you are driving on 880 from, let's say 238 on down to union city, we have slow traffic. san mateo and dunbarton bridge just moderate commutes there at the moment. at 6:32, let's go back to the desk. >> all right, sal. happening today, the big effort to keep the raiders in oakland may get a big boost. the oakland city council and the alameda county board of supervisors are expected to vote on a new stadium deal
6:33 am
that's backed by nfl hall of famer ronnie lott. ktvu's alex savidge is in oakland right now, and fans are hoping, alex, this stadium deal will stop the raiders from moving to vague. >>reporter: and that is -- to vegas. >>reporter: that is certainly the hope. good morning to you. this plan would essentially pave the way for a brand new raiders stadium right here in oakland and, of course many are hoping it would stop any potential move to las vegas, but first things first. city and county leaders need to sign off on the deal and in just a few hours the board of supervisor ises will be meeting here at the administration building in downtown oakland, and they will be voting on this $1.3 billion stadium proposal. lots of raiders fans will be on hand for this meeting. they will also be on hand when the oakland city council meets to vote on this same stadium term sheet at its meeting later on tonight. this proposal was put forth by
6:34 am
ronnie lott's fortress investment group. and according to a report on, investors met with city and county leaders just yesterday to discuss some of the details here. now, lott's investment group has proposed paying all the construction costs for a stadium that would be at the current coliseum site. the city would invest about $200 million in infrastructure bonds. chris dobins with save oakland sports, a grassroots group says this deal is really a perfect mix. >> a little bit for the raiders, a little bit public funding in terms of infrastructure, and then primarily ronnie lott's group is putting a majority of the money to build a new stadium in oakland and also ancillary development around it, and then hopefully we'll keep the raiders here. >>reporter: raiders owner mark davis, of course, has been eyeing a move to las vegas where a $1.9 billion stadium project has already been approved. but keep in mind that any move by the raiders would still need
6:35 am
league approval. nfl owners are expected to vote early next year on the raider's relocation bid. but, of course, now you have folks here in town, ronnie lott's investment group making a real strong push, putting forth a stadium proposal, trying to keep the raiders here in town, and, again, the first step in this whole process is to get approval from city and county leaders, the county supervisors meet at 11:00 this morning here in downtown oakland, the city council will meet at 6:30 tonight and then you can bet a whole lot of raiders fans will be in attendance at both of those meetings. >> you know they will. alex savidge in oakland, thank you. time now 6:35. the man who was shot sunday night by sonoma county sheriff's deputies in windsor is due in court this afternoon. 49-year-old christopher eastwood of san francisco is facing charges of assault with a vehicle and resisting peace officers. the sonoma county sheriff says a call came in sunday night about a suicidal man and an
6:36 am
erratic driver on old redwood highway. when deputies tried to pull over eastwood, they say he sped away. the chase ended in windsor. but deputies say eastwood pointed a black object at them. the deputies opened fire, they shot and injured him. the observe turned out -- the object turned out to be a bicycle lock. san francisco police are investigating a deadly stabbing in the castro district. officers received a call just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon about a stabbing outside a post office near 18th and diamond streets. police found the man lying on the sidewalk with a knife still in his chest. he was pronounced dead at the scene. san jose police are asking for the public's help in their search for a man who was caught on camera attacking and robbing a disabled man. detectives want everyone to take a close look at this surveillance video. take a look. it shows the suspect knocking down the victim with his bike and then speeding off. moments later the cyclist returns, appears to be concerned, but then he steals the man's cell phone and knocks him back to the ground.
6:37 am
police say the victim has a serious speech disability. >> this guy tablings it to another -- takes it to another level by preying on someone that's disabled. if he's capable of doing this to someone with a disability, what is he capable of doing to someone else? >> the attack took place near coyote creek tail in early september. police have released a sketch of the suspect. take a look. he's describe as an african- american man between 16 and 25 years old. he was riding a red mountain bike. time is now 6:37. a big repair job is under way on the san mateo county coastline. yesterday we told but that big sinkhole that opened up in pacifica, swallowed part of the path and stairway that leads to the public beach below esplinad avenue. two apartment buildings on esplinad avenue were declared unsafe and they were torn down last spring. the third building at 310 esplinad was declared unliveable and it was condemned because it was so close to the crumbling cliff.
6:38 am
the city of pacifica says the path to the beach is on private property, so the land owner has to take responsibility. he says he already is taking steps to shore it up and work could be finished early next week, maybe sooner, depending on the weather. well, the berkeley city council is set to vote today on emergency measures who help address the city's homeless crisis. a homeless advocacy group has proposed a plan that would create a sanctioned community for tents with water, garbage and santation. advocates say the proposal comes after a homeless camp was raided earlier this month for the 9th time in two months. they want homeless people to have a safe place to stay, especially with the colder temperatures and rain in the forecast. well, the bay area is not only an expensive place for you to live, it's also one of the most expensive places to build in the whole country. san francisco, oakland and san jose were all on the list of the top five most expensive cities for construction. part of the reason is because a lot of companies want to have a presence here in the bay area.
6:39 am
there is also the high cost of quality construction materials, construction consultant andy ball says building costs have doubled here in just the past four years. >> and they're looking at the cost now saying i can't afford to do that. i don't have that much financing, i can't afford to make a return that i want. >> now, another reason for higher costs because the economy has bounced back. there's a skilled worker shortage. construction unemployment is at its lowest level in 14 years, just 4 1/2%. and the average construction worker is earning a record $30 an hour. last night the palo alto city council voted to raise the fees developers of office buildings are required to contribute to the city's housing fund. the council voted to raise the housing impact fee from $20 for a square foot of new development to $60 per square
6:40 am
foot. supporters of increasing the fee say it shows palo alto's commitment to build more affordable housing, but critics say the fee hike may make some developers decide not to build in palo alto. 6:40. and in less than a week the electoral college will officially select donald trump as our next president. but coming up at 7:00, the documents some electors are now demanding to see before they cast their votes. plus: >> the mentally -- mentally and physically -- very mentally and physically draining work. >> first responders take a moment to honor the victims of the oakland warehouse fire. and up next their emotional procession to that fire scene. ♪ (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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6:43 am
welcome back. we have an update now. police officer and firefighters -- police officers and firefighters held a vigil last night in front of the goship warehouse to mourn those killed in the fire and to help them cope of having to respond to such a traumatic incident. ♪ >> the vigil featured a procession led by the american red cross and alameda county sheriff's office and involved members of both the oakland fire and police departments. they made the short but solemn walk from firehouse 13 to the goship warehouse. >> it's hard work -- and it's mentally and physically -- very mentally and physically draining work the four days of recovery that we did. >> some days can be difficult days and that day was a
6:44 am
particularly difficult day. >> a fire bell rang 36 times for the 36 lives lost in the fire. the vigil also gave first responders time to reflect on the tragedy. time is now 6:44. the vallejo fire department may install new surveillance equipment after shots were fired at one of its busiest fire stations. a bullet pierced a window at station 24 in the springstown neighborhood. now, no one was hurt. firefighters say it was probably just a random shot. that bullet ended up getting caught there in a box of medical gloves in a storage area. crew members say it's not the first time they've worried about the neighborhood where they live and work. >> 2:00, 3:00 in the morning you hear random shootings. those bullets are going to go somewhere, and if you can hear them around the station, they're close by. >> firefighters say their fire station and others in vallejo have also been broken into while they were out fighting fires. the library next door to station 24 does have a security
6:45 am
camera, so now investigators will check it to see if it shows anything that may help them find out who fired the shot that hit the fire station. the san francisco symphony is making a political statement by canceling two concerts next april. the symphony will not perform in north carolina as part of its east coast tour next year. the move is in response to north carolina eliminating protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. it's similar to the stand taken by the city of san francisco as well as businesses and cultural organizations. by canceling the north carolina dates, the san francisco symphony has cut its east coast tour in half. it will perform at carnegie hall in new york as scheduled. >> i have to get tickets for pam to see "hamilton." hundreds of people waited in line for almost 24 hours to try to buy tickets to that blockbuster musical "hamilton" when it starts its run in san francisco next year. tickets went on sale yesterday morning at 10:00 online, over the phone, in person there at the orpheum theater box office. people in the front of the line
6:46 am
say they got there at noon on sunday. the fans say "hamilton" is a must see. it uses rap music to tell the story about one of america's founding fathers, alexander hamilton. >> we're just excited that it's so ethnic. >> i think they merge really good politics and really good art. >> it's the things i usually don't have pepper. >> it's different than all the musicals. the other ones are very show tune-y. >> people trying to buy tickets online were in a virtual waiting room with pam. the numbers reached 100,000 people at one point. tickets are now selling for at least $500 on the secondary markets. the show "hamilton" opens in march. it'll run through august 5th. well, a new study says california is the worst state for drivers. the study considered factors including fuel costs, insurance rates, car thefts and auto-related deaths. the study showed california had the nation's highest auto theft
6:47 am
rate with about 440 cars stolen for every 100,000 residents. it also showed california's average commute was about 26 minutes minutes. when it comes to the best state for drivers, iowa takes the top spot. 6:47. sal is following a new crash in san francisco. >>reporter: that's right. northbound 101 we have a crash at silver avenue, and it sounds like it's an injury crash on northbound 101. so if you're trying to get into san francisco northbound 101, traffic is likely to start backing up right near that old candlestick park exit, and it may, if this crash is there for any length of time start extending out into bridge bain and south city, so you hearing this, you might want to already decide that you're going to take 280 and drive to the city that way and not use 101 if you have an option or get on the freeway. if you're getting on the freeway after silver avenue, let's see, you're getting on at cesar chavez, it's not likely to affect you. bay bridge toll plaza westbound, you can see traffic is backed up trying to get into
6:48 am
san francisco. there are no major problems on the bridge. and this morning's commute is going to be busy if you are driving on 24. take a look at this. it's backing up right here through lafayette and through orinda, you don't have any problems, just a lot of people on the road at this hour. 6:48. let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> all right, sal. we do have cloudy to mostly cloudy skies here in the morning. looks like some rain is trying to develop off the north coast, but it's going to take a while to get here. so we're okay for the morning commute weather wise. we'll see a couple of breaks there. but clouds will continue to roll in, thicken up, and then we'll go cloudy and eventually some light rain will make it in, probably san francisco north. some of the colder tops on the clouds are now just offshore. but the heaviest by far will be up on -- these are some of the impacts here looking ahead to thursday, just wanted to give you a heads up here, thursday. there's going to be some pretty good rain around, one to three inches of rain, heaviest amounts, of course, usual suspects here russian river, marin coastal hills, santa cruz
6:49 am
mountains. i would think santa cruz mountains, there could be some gusts about 55 miles per hour as we head towards thursday night, thursday night into early friday, especially up in the sierra. i think friday morning maybe 75 to 100 miles per hour over the passes. so winter storm watch is out thursday already, two days in advance for northeast california and for the sierra nevada. now, today is not so much a problem, but snow level around 5,000 feet. it'll go up to 7,000 feet tomorrow and then come tumbling down as we head into late thursday and friday. today it's this moisture in advance of it. a couple key things to focus on right up here. i gotta get on my toes. an area of low pressure there right there in the gulf of alaska, funneling in very cold air and coming up from the west/southwest. where these two collide, these two air masses, that's where the greatest concentration of rain will be, that's where they're coming together and that's where the north coast is going to see by far the most rain. take a look at the next five days. not so much today, but there will be some through 11:00 tonight, santa rosa north, this
6:50 am
is probably a reach, but we'll mention maybe some very light rain san francisco peninsula to san jose. then watch what happens thursday up and around ukiah north, eureka, crescent city. thursday morning it starts, starts in the north bay, eventually it'll get down to san jose, but probably not until thursday night. look at sacramento. watch the sierra, kaboom, i mean, by friday afternoon, the snow levels will come tumbling way down and that's when the cold air arrives. by late friday we're done except the cold air will continue to work its way in. so a lot of cloud cover on the way, some of that is starting to show signs of radar returns, but i don't think anything until later this afternoon. 40s on your temps, some mid-40s for some, but everyone seems to be in the same ballpark here. 41ukiah, 49 in monterey. look for a cloudy day, rain developing light, mainly to the north. that's the main system. this is what we're dealing with today. temperatures will be in the 50s to near 60 degrees, but, again, clouds increase throughout the day, some light rain will develop north later, but we're still mainly concerned about the thursday system. and, again, some of those rain totals north coast could be
6:51 am
really, really heavy here, as you can see, as we start to really juice things up. we have to wait until thursday for some in san jose down to monterey. looks like a better opportunity for san jose than the past couple of systems, that's for sure. 50s on the temps to near 60 degrees and the extended, tomorrow will be that transition day, and then rain and wind on thursday into early friday, very cold, though, going into the weekend. but dry. and here we go, dave. >> oh, come on. >> there it is. >> there it is. >> that was my childhood favorite. >> i love that. >> so do i. >> sal. >>reporter: tudor and calliko were the two. >> how does it work? >> you plug it in and the guys on the field would move around to vibrations and carry out their plays. >> and you had a little -- you got a little felt football that you can take the quarterback and you can pass, you could -- you could click on it and actually pass. >> yes. >> you could not direct their
6:52 am
movements. >> you could pull that arm back. >> there you go. pull the arm back and kick field goals and all that stuff. >> that's like the 49ers, you try to direct their movements. >> actually, just in the metal football plays better than the 49ers. >> exactly. >> this is our boyhood. >> thank you, jeffrey, our director got that up for us so we could reminisce. >> i love it. thank you. >> the old-fashioned game, it's fun. time 6:52. well, thousands of names and private medical information has been stolen. in our next half hour, we'll tell you about a security breach at some local medical labs. this may affect you. and a pretty disturbing story. inappropriate photos of mountain view high school students being shared online. the school district knew about it, but up next the reason officials did not tell teachers or parents. d with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday.
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let's bring back the holidays.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2" at 6:55. today oklahoma's public health agency will consider a controversial measure designed to reduce the number of abortions in the state. it would require hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and public schools to post signs inside bathrooms, public rest rooms. the signs would direct prg women where to -- would direct pregnant women where to receive services that would help them carry their baby to term. anti-abortion groups across the country support the measure, but many of oklahoma's business leaders say it would cost too
6:56 am
much money to put up the signs. also starting today, attorneys for bill cosby will try to limit how many witnesses can be called by prosecutors in cosby's sexual assault trial. now, this is new video of cosby arriving at the pennsylvania courthouse this morning. he's accused of drugging and molesting a temple university worker who visited the actor's home in 2004. since then dozens of other women have come forward with similar accusations against him. prosecutors hope to call 13 of them to show cosby had a pattern of drugging and molesting women. the defense plans to attack their credibility and the relevance of their testimony to the current case. the hearing is scheduled to wrap up tomorrow. time is now 6:56. by the end of the year, charges may be filed involving inappropriate photos of students at mountain view high school being spread among students. now, officials wrapped up a four-month investigation after finding out students were sharing photos through a drop box account. they found there were two victims, both minors and that
6:57 am
the photos may have been shared among students at several high schools. >> parents should know and kids should know, they should know what the consequences are to doing that kind of thing, and they need to be reminded that that's not okay to do. >> the school district is offering counseling to all the students involved. however, the district is being criticized for not alerting teachers and parents earlier. officials say they were asked to maintain confidentiality to make sure no evidence was compromised. coming up on our seerveg hour, and we are following breaking news, one person was killed in an early morning house fire in castro valley. we're going to have a report from the scene on the investigation that is now under way. also police in san jose have surrounded a home because of an armed man barricaded inside. we'll tell you about evacuations under way as we speak.
6:58 am
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call today. comcast business. built for business. >> investigators replain at the scene of a house fire in castro valley that claimed the life of
7:00 am
the woman who lived there. what we know so far in the investigation. we are live in san jose at a police standoff. investigators are trying to talk a man outside of the house. he is live inside with a 6-year- old girl. we will have the latest coming up. thank you for joining us ton mornings on 2. it is tuesday, december 13th, i'm pam cook in for gasia right now. >> wind, rain and the sierra will be smoking. we still have -- with wind and snow. we still have two days to get there. mostly cloudy this afternoon. clouds will continue to increase. rain heaviest to the north. not so much for us. i doubt much falls to the south. some breaks in the morning. we're okay weather wise in the morning. a lot of cloud cover rolling in throughout the day. wi


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