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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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for drivers. the study considered factors including car theft and auto related deaths. california had the nation's highest auto theft rate. by the way, iowa is the best >> the fans are here. we have championships here. we have been to the ground back up here. >> more additions to the trump administration. >> he is a world class player. plus, here is to a bay area teenager for doing what he can for children with cancer. >> i want today step up and do something. i wanted to set an example for other people. ♪[music] well, from the great san francisco bay area, we take you across the globe down under to australia where a guy named greg likes to crank it up when it comes to the christmas as he
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has hooked up rock and roll to his lights out there. >> don't get me wrong, mike. i love ac/dc. but if that house was next to me. >> you're giving him a knock on the door saying, greg, tone it down a bit. >> get off that pipe you that used to smoke tobacco. >> do you decorate that big? i have a couple lights on my house. >> i should take a picture of my house. >> there's no music. >> no music. but i have a lot of lights. and snowflakes. >> i'm going to out you right now. you have two christmas trees. >> i do have two christmas trees. i'm definitely into christmas. we have a live one and a fake one. >> gasia is off. pam is with us. do you think the raiders are going to vegas. >> this seems like a viable deal. >> that they will stay. >> that they will stay. >> i will say it is very hard to move football teams. >> for those who think there's
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a possibility they're going, i had this conversation with friends. remember the giants how close they were to pack their bags and going to florida. >> and they stayed around. >> but the raiders are a big talk today because the oakland city council and the alameda board of supervisor wills vote on a term sheet that could pave the way for a new stadium for the raiders. >> it would built where the oakland coliseum stands. it is owned by the city and the county. ktvu's janet has more on the proposed project. >> reporter: this spotlight will be on oakland city hall tuesday night. the city council is expected to vote on whether to enter into a negotiating deal for a new stadium project for the raiders football team. >> a lot of raiders fans plan to show up. we're excited. >> reporter: chris is the co- founder of save oakland sports and is excited about the
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proposal led by ronnie lot. the investment group has proposed paying all construction costs to replace the current stadium with a new stadium that would seat 55,000 people and take up to three years to build. there would also be retail, a hotel and possible housing developments as part of the deal. city officials have been concerned about risking public money. bonds from a previous stadium renovation are still being paid off. >> the city is paying $10 million, the county is paying $10 million for the renovations done in 2006. if the raiders leave, we still have to pay those bonds off. it would provide a long- term lease or sale of the acres surrounding the current stadium valued at $150 million. 15 acres on the north side would be reserved for a ballpark for the a's if they decide to privately finance it. the project does not include the oracle ten acre space as long as the warriors remain
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there. city would invest $200 million in infrastructure bonds. that money would not come from the general fund but tax revenue generated by you in the project. >> i understand the argument, these are billionaire owners. why does the city have to put a nickel in there? the city is reaping the benefits of that every time there's a game people come from sacramento and fresno and spending money in oakland. well, the board of supervisors is expected to take up that term sheet at 11:00 this morning. the city council meets at 6:30 tonight. both meetings are open to the public. i'm sure there will be a lot of raiders fans there. not a final deal. just a commitment to negotiations. you can see it on >> it is important to note this plan does not have the support of the raiders owner mark davis. he is committed to building a stadium in las vegas. we interviewed the review
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journal with the city's reaction. >> i don't think the people in las vegas are wringing their hands over this. they have done everything that they can do. they have gone to the legislator to get funding, public funding. >> the las vegas project costs $2 billion and includes monday free a hoe tax tax and $650 million from casino magnet sheldon. they immediate tomorrow in dallas and will consider the issue. but the owners won't likely vote until next month. joining us on the phone is sports business consultant and former executive andy. if mark davis is not on board, what makes this proposal being voted on today relevant? >> first of all, oakland now has a game plan. and you can't go into any game unless you have one. so if the vote is positive now, there is something to put up to the nfl and mark davis that
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hopefully can turn his head to las vegas. the great news this year is that the team has drastically turned around their fortunes. hopefully there be a playoff game or more in their future. in reality, this is another chapter in raiders of the last park. when we look at previous third party deals that the city and county have talked about, forrest city, this will be the fourth. the real key point is unless mark completely embraces this, it is like building a car manufacturing plant at 66th avenue without a car to manufacture. >> andy, we have talked about this before, how hard it is to move an nfl team. you just can't pick up and move. what do you think the other owners of the nfl are -- teams are likely to say once they find out that oakland indeed does have a plan? >> well, that's the multi billion dollar question.
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it is nice to read what certain owners are saying publicly. but it only matters how they're going to vote. and we have just gone through that on the national election. we have the stance where the color that runs through the veins of the nfl is green. if the ownership believes they can generate more revenue in one of the richest markets in the country, the one that the oakland raiders plays in, as opposed to vegas, they vote against mark davis and force him to sit down and negotiate with the city and hopefully the team that has been there for decades will be there for decades to come. >> isn't there an nfl -- in the bylaws, it says if there is a viable stadium in the home city, that the nfl owners really aren't supposed to vote to move the team. right? >> right. what is a viable stadium? that is really the question.
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and we're talking about billions of dollars. i mean, i think it is important to understand that the coliseum, that whole facility was originally built for $28 million. not billion. million. that was a long time ago. but we're talking at a multi billion dollar stadium. the mayor has been very, very direct that she would not put one penny of public money into this deal. now we're talking up to $250 million. now, we're hearing that it is tax revenue. but you have to gain the taxes. you have to sell all of these tickets. you know, sal, this is three dimensional chess. and some people are playing checkers in this deal. so we will see how it works out when all of these votes come to fruition. and oakland is suffering right now. there is a hole in the soul of the city. this is a very difficult time for everybody based upon the warehouse fire. and it is pretty tough to show
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that you're spending a lot of time on a football stadium when the city needs to recover. >> i was just going to mention that. how much of a role that would actually play in today's vote. talking about the warehouse fire and the argument been having enough housing in the city of oakland and across the bay area for people. i mean, if the city doesn't open its vaults, to me the nfl is hands off and they don't want to be a part of that. is that true or false, andy. >> again, it is hard to say unless you're in the midst of the negotiations and you have a vote, which i don't think the four us have, unless things have changed recently. however, the heart and soul of the city to a certain extent is exemplified in its teams. we pretty much know that the warriors are moving to san francisco in 2019. the a's are still a question mark. and they play -- even though they don't have a legal veto here, they play a large role in what will happen in a sports
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and entertainment development, with millions of others for a long time the a's and the raiders have oakland as their home on their uniform proudly, you know, shown to the rest of the country as our city is able to recover from this horrible tragedy. >> andy, thank you so much for joining us. andy was the general manager of the oakland a's. he is a sports business consultant. we will hear more about this coming up. >> thank you, andy. the city of oakland is committing energy and money to keeping the raiders in the city. but the silver and black aren't the only team on the verge of moving out. the warriors are headed back to san francisco and the a's have been trying to move for years. so we have been wanting to know in the question of the day, what team do you think the city should be fighting for the most. the warriors, raiders or the a's. one response says our true team is the raiders. love the a's but the raiders are oakland. >> steve says none.
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not with public money or tax breaks anyway. >> jim says the a's are basically the only team left to fight for it would seem. we will check more of your responses coming up at 9:30. reach us with the #ktvuthe9 on twitter. >> what is going on, steve. >> cloud cover. but rain is on the way. >> i'm readily. >> what is that. >> i'm ready. >> he told know get a good night's sleep on wednesday night. >> i heard that. >> because thursday morning will be a rough commute. >> thursday evening and friday will be pretty interesting here. >> okay. >> we have a lot of cloud cover on the way. some breaks in there. thick fog. this time it focused on the east bay this morning. tonight's system will give us light rain. late thursday and friday, there will be rape before late thursday. around the bay, an inch and a half to two. in the north bay, russian river, marin county, three to four would not surprise. very strong gusts, especially towards the santa cruz
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mountains and in the sierra for sure. already a high wind watch posted. 57 to 100 gusts over the passes would not surprise. snow level 5,000 feet, 7,000 feet and then coming way down on friday night, late friday -- excuse me, into friday morning, around 2500 feet. you can see rain already beginning to develop. we have advisories for wind in the valley. winter weather advisories up in the mountains. high wind watches. all sorts of things going on. not too much in the sierra. a little bit. they will get some today. i think eventually some of this will make it down for the evening commute. i would plan on that. farther south, you might be better off. i think north will be a rainy pattern. our system is a couple days away. there it is west/southwest. it will paint in a system. wind and rain develop. i'll show you some of totals here as we go towards friday night. you can see up on the north coast and eventually even san
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jose will get some rain out of this system. so get ready. and i mean it's going to be bone chilling cold as we head towards the weekend on some of these lows. just be advised that's we're looking at here. there we go. 50s on the temperatures. the big news is on the weekends when we get 20s on the lows. just be ready. >> the 50s feel like summer compared to saturday and sunday. >> it feels cold now. >> it's going to get colder. >> thank you, steve. >> you bet. coming up, donald trump continues to fill out his cabinet. up next, his latest selections and the surprise guest to trump tower this morning.
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>> welcome back to ktvu the 9. taking a live look at the dow
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jones. up 87 points half an hour point. now it is 116. >> getting closer to 20,000. >> that is the talk on wall street. 19,910. a lot of people predicting 20,000 before the end of the year. the nasdaq is getting close to 5500 as well. it is up more than a full percentage point. and we're -- despite the fact that we're talking about a fed rate hike coming up, markets are up. stocks are up. >> at 11:00 this morning, we may find out what caused the deadly oakland warehouse fire that killed 36 people. the atf will hold a news conference. they will announce that the fire was caused by overloaded electrical lines in the back of the building. 36 people attending a dance party and concert were killed in the fire earlier this month. officials may never know the exact appliance or device that overloaded the electrical
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system and sparked the fire. we have more on the deadly warehouse fire on our website, we will be posting updates on the investigation as well as our mobile app and our social media channels. right now police in oakland are searching for at least one suspected burglar. it is a story that has been developing the past couple of hours. streets are blocked off in the area of western and 22nd streets. that is near the pandora radio offices. alex savidge is at the scene where dozens of police officers have surrounded that building. alex. >> reporter: yeah. the search is ongoing still this morning, sal. police are searching this vacant office building here in downtown oakland, trying to find possibly two burglars who may be hiding out inside after they broke into the building, likely it steal the construction tools inside. the crew is doing demolition and remodel work at the building. this is 2150 webster street. it is on webster between 21st and 22nd street. you can clearly see that police
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have the building surrounded this morning. it began at 5:30 or so when the work crew who, again, is doing work inside of the building showed up to find two men inside. and those men ran back inside the building. the work crew called up 911. at one point, one of the burglars smashed the front window of the building in an attempt to escape from the building. that did not work out. the burglar went back inside. one of the workers that i talked to say the two intruders were about to steal a couple thousand dollars worth of tools. >> it looks like they got all of our tools packed and ready to go out by the time we get here. i mean, five, ten minutes late or after for us, they're gone. luckily we get here earlier today. rlier today. >> reporter: so sort of a strange situation unfolding here. the work crew we talked to says
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that one of the burglars also tried to break out of this window that you're looking at right here that is smashed out. was maybe going to jump from the second floor window but probably thought better of it. we believe that the two men are still inside the building. they were apparently here when the work crew showed up early this morning. they were surprised to find these two men inside the building. they called up police and now police have the building surrounded. and they are searching for these two burglars potentially still inside of this building. still a developing situation here in downtown oakland. again, this ten-story vacant office building is at 2150 webster street. so an ongoing search happening here for the two men believed to be hiding out inside. we will keep follow this. back to you for now. >> alex, did they give you a description of what the two men look like there? >> reporter: you know, they didn't. it was dark. they said the crew -- the crew says they basically opened the door and saw a couple of guys
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inside and kind of -- who weren't supposed to be there take off the other way. they didn't get a good look at the men. >> alex savidge reporting live in oakland. thank you, alex. reports that president- elect donald trump will nominate former texas governor rick perry for energy secretary. perry met yesterday with donald trump at trump tower. now, perry's white house run in 2012 possibly remembered by at love people when he couldn't remember during a debate the third of three federal agencies he want today eliminate. the one he forgot was the energy department. and earlier this morning, the president-elect announced he has chosen exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson as his nominee for secretary of state. tillerson's close ties with russia have raised concerns with republican and democratic lawmakers. tillerson does not have any experience in government. but in a statement released this morning, the president-
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elect praised him as among the most accomplished business leaders and international deal makers in the world. donald trump or kanye west are refusing to open up about their meeting at trump tower today in manhattan. kanye west entered the building three hours ago. his wife kim kardashian west was not with him. he and president-elect trump spoke briefly to reporters. >> just friends. just friends. he is a good man. long time. >> no comment about your meeting with the president- elect? the president-elect of the united states, nothing to say. >> i just want to take a picture right now. >> it's unclear if they talked about a possible role for kanye west in the administration, an issue that the rapper cares about or whether he would perform at the inauguration. he made headlines last month when he stopped his performance to say if he had voted in the election, he would have voted for trump. she is the first african-
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american woman to travel in space. now she wants to inspire children to become passionate about science. up next, we're going to be joined live in the studio by dr. may jepson. at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more.
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during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. >> dr. may is the first african- american in space. she is speaking in front of a sold out crowd at the commonwealth club. >> she was always intrigued with space travel, after going to medical school, working in a refugee camp and becoming part of the flying doctors. >> i wanted to go into space. so i applied. i picked up the phone and i called down to johnson space center. i said i would like an application to be an astronaut. they didn't laugh. i turned in the application. >> and joining us in studio this morning is dr. may. an honor to have you. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me.
9:25 am
it is always a pleasure to be back in the bay area. >> what an incredible phone call. i want to be astronaut. >> and it worked. >> when was the moment you that said i want to go inform stays. >> i want today a lot of things -- i wanted to do a lot of things. i assumed i would go into space. i didn't necessarily say i wanted to be an astronaut. i just wanted to go into space. i thought it would better to apply to be an astronaut than stand in acorn field with aluminum foil on my head. >> for me, science is really about exploring and understanding the universe around you. the reason i spend so much time talking about science literacy and work that i'm proud of is because it's important that we have lots of different people involved. and in fact one of the reasons that i'm here besides talking
9:26 am
with the commonwealth club was really announcing this continuing investment for science literacy. i use the term science literacy. that is about everyone being able to understand a newspaper article on something and being able to vote responsibly on it. it is really about it being able to think your way through the day. so this idea that so many different people can be involved in science is really, really important. >> i know you go out to schools. i have a middle schooler and a high schooler. i have to say, they're both girls. most kids that age, especially girls, science, oh,. math, oh. it becomes difficult just hearing the name. how do we get over that and make science is as fun and exciting as art. >> it really is. what are the most popular movies? science fiction and space movies. the problem is the kids come out of the chute excited about science. picking up bugs and exploring
9:27 am
the world. then we take this construct for learning hands on, take them in the classrooms and beat them out of them. kids say science is the most interesting subject when they have an opportunity to do things hands on. and it's almost become a mantra that we allow ourselves to get into. as adults, we're responsible. it's not the kids. we need to allow exploring the universe ting important. we need to expect more of kids. we have the biotech partners. it took at risk high school students going into berkeley high school, at risk meaning that we assumed they wouldn't graduate, and told them we expect them to be biotech "inside edition's." we worked with with hands on learning, internship. over 99% of them graduate. some of them come back to be supervisors in biotechnology. it's really not about the kids. it's about us and how we teach them. >> do you see the passion, especially in young women, in
9:28 am
your travels today for science as soon as they start to learn that there is that bridge to gap? there's not that drop-off -- you were talking about picking up the sticks and the an mags. then there is a drop-off. once they realize they can be propelled farther, do you see the passion in them compared to when you were growing up. >> the passion is always there. here is the secret. not even a secret. girls do as well even better than boys in math and science through high school. the ishikawau is if they see themselves going into the cooer radio. most of that has to do with exposure. what are the kinds of careers to get involved in? people talk about surface exploration. there's a picture of me holding a flight suit on. my life depended upon her. here is a job that people don't think about. we don't think about girls being electricians and machinists.
9:29 am
>> great point. >> they do all of that. >> what is the recommendation for parents? i know you have programs going into at risk schools. for parents and teachers, what can we do to make it more fun and exciting to be in science and studying science in classroom. >> stop saying that because it is fun. >> okay. >> it really is about doing the hands on things. you know, we want kids to memorize things. because sometimes we're afraid what happen it's they start to talk about stuff that we don't know about. so your job is to be a guide. right. to help them build critical thinking skills and be willing to learn yourself. for parents, it's like taking them to the museums, buying science toys. don't say things like i can't program the blu-ray player but my grand baby can. none of that is cute. it is about being willing to embrace it yourself. children follow what we do. >> yeah. >> we have great places. i'm sure you have been to the space and science center. taking them to those places to
9:30 am
be hands on makes a difference for me and my kids. >> and baking. >> baking is chemistry and math. >> i couldn't learn how to bake until i realized it is just chemistry. >> we had another astronaut, mike, on not too long ago. is it scarier going up or coming back. >> i know mike pretty well. i don't know. the excitement of going up is just like you have this big smile on your face because you get to do something. coming back down is a little bit of a letdown because you're coming back. you want to get home. >> you're not worried about landing safely. >> the most dangerous times for space is both on the launch and the return. >> right. >> because you have these tremendous exchanges of energy. both of them from that point of view are stressful. but for me, coming back was really sort of bittersweet. you want to be home. but, gosh, there's an adventure that was coming to a close.
9:31 am
>> congratulations. again, quite the honor to meet you. loved having you in. look forward to your conversation tonight in san francisco. again, at the commonwealth club. launching women into science and tech. >> i wish you could be in every classroom. >> thank you, doctor. >> we have met two astronauts now. this is great. >> exciting. >> coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9. for the past three years a 14-year-old boy from oakland has been growing out his hair. his touching reason behind the decision to cut it off. the clock is ticking to get the gifts shipped in time for christmas. we will have more on the important deadlines that you need to know.
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>> we wanted to know what is more important, do the think the city should fight for the raiders, a's or warriors. let's see. lindsey chimed in. keep it home for the raiders and warriors. but the a's have to go. >> i support the raiders. a tended my first game. it would be sad if they go to las vegas. >> one guy says there are so many things to spend money instead of billion dollar stadium. a lot of people. i got a lot of one word answers. raiders, a's. >> all of them. >> we're following the story throughout the day. we will be updating it throughout our newscasts and on
9:35 am follow us on twitter. san francisco mayor ed lee has whyet to name the police chief. the board of supervisors will neat to discuss a nonbinding proposal. another item on the agenda today is to pick a new member of the police commission. here are the three candidates. usf professor bill lane, civil rights attorney john and julie sue. supervisors voted 2-1 yesterday for bill hane. the police commission has seven members who sets policies for the police department. current commission member victor wang is leaving to become a superior court judge. you can lead palo alto as the newest city searching for a new chief.
9:36 am
the chief is hanging up his bang at the end of the year, retiring after 30 years as chief. he is not going somewhere else. he is just retiring. other local cities still looking for a new police chief includes san francisco, oakland, berkeley and petaluma. here are some of the top stories we have been working on this morning. a deadly house fire this morning in castro valley is under investigation. a woman who lived alone there has died. the fire was at a home on grove way. it was first reported shortly before 3:00 a.m. >> it was a nearby neighbor, a next-door neighbor who reported the fire. when she -- she could smell smoke and walked outside and saw flames shooting out of the garage. >> investigators say the fire started in the atick. but they still don't know how it started. during the investigation, grove way is expected to be closed for the next few hours. there was a peaceful ending a few hours ago to an early morning standoff in south san jose when a suspect with a gun
9:37 am
surrendered. police rushed to the house just before 2:00 a.m. where a man with a gun was threatening to hurt himself and a 6-year-old was in the house but not being held hostage. around 7:00 this morning, the suspect surrendered. no shots were fired and no one was hurt. it is holiday crunch time for the shipping carriers. janine de la vega reports from the fedex facility in san jose where it has been a very busy morning. >> reporter: we're here at the main fedex facility in san jose. it is a busy time of the year for them. a lot of drivers heading out to deliver packages. it is getting ramped up for the holiday season. we're joined by mark morris, the manager at the fedex facility. are people being proactive and shipping earlier. >> yes, we are seeing that. we definitely encourage it. there are delivery options that customer cans take if they want to have different signature methods, pickup options.
9:38 am
so we have those options available. >> reporter: how can people prevent -- they're worried about packages being stolen. >> yes. there is the option for a signature service. and to hold packages for pickups at our fedex office locations or reroutes to where someone can accept it for you. there are options for customers. >> reporter: thank you so much. like get thanksgiving delivered at your work, those sort of things. >> exactly. >> reporter: are important dates for shipping deadlines, especially if you want it to make it there by christmas and not cost a lot of money. for the u.s. post office, send your package by december 13th. for fedex, the cussoff is the 16th. for amazon and ups, it needs to be sent by december 19th. now, if you want to pay more money, you can go past the dates. pretty much for most major carriers, december 23rd is the latest date that you can send it so that it can arrive by christmas day. we just checked with the
9:39 am
manager and they gave us an example for how much would it cost just for that overnight service for a package from san jose to chicago. they say it would cost you about $100. it is best not to procrastinate. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. >> $100. did you both hear that? i know you're late shoppers. you have admitted to that. >> my locals i'm working on. >> okay. good. there is an event at a target. tara moriarty is there helping to fill out the carts. hey, tara. >> reporter: hey. good morning. yeah. we had a bunch of kids up at the front of the store. they have been let loose with their volunteer. each of them get a guardian to go around and shop with them. they get $200 courtesy of my pal here from the bay area. let me read your shirt. the bay area deputy sheriff charitable foundation. >> yes. >> this is david wong he
9:40 am
started this back in 2004. >> yes. you know, 2004, deputies and i worked together in the facility. we wanted to give back to the community. so we look at the survey that we -- we asked for a study. it turned out that low income family children don't like -- >> they don't like the cops. >> we started with -- with each giving $1,000 together. so we did $2,000 for -- at that time it was ten kids. and the first kid that we did was actually -- >> reporter: somebody whose dad you had put in jail. >> yes. the first five minutes, he wasn't comfortable at all. so we -- we took him out. and after five minutes, he is comfortable and he told us -- he told me that uniform people
9:41 am
only take his dad to jail. >> reporter: so this is a great experience because you're allowing them to see new a different light. >> yes. >> reporter: here is one of the volunteers shopping with one of the little girls here. let me ask her, if she doesn't mind, what are you shopping for today. >> i'm shopping for a lot of things like clothes and toys. >> okay. great. and then what do you think about this whole experience? >> i think it's really fun. >> all right. what have you got in the bag -- the cart here? you have nice clothes here and is there a certain toy that you're going to get? >> think about it. think about it. there's a lot to choose from here. again, we are at the target in colma. this is until 2:00. >> 7:00 a.m. to about 11:00 a.m. for 300 kids today. >> reporter: oh, wow. that's great. you gathered donations all over the place. >> yes. we have big corporation like
9:42 am
lanore urban. they are supportive of bringing the children and law enforcement community together so they have a good direction in life. >> reporter: david wong, this is such a greatest. actually we saw sheriff vicki henn essey here. the kids are going up and down the aisles. this is a fantastic event. >> i love it. thank you for bringing it to us, tara. before we head off to break, i got a great message about the question of the day. t.j. says to answer the question, mike, all of them. especially the a's because there are a lot of young people looking for jobs. for some of these people, this is their only job. i say fight for all of them. >> it does affect a lot of jobs. >> answer the question, mike. >> we don't want to see any of the teams leave, mike. >> moving on, coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, it is considered the oscars of the
9:43 am
toy industry. up next, we show you some of the finalists from this year's toy industry association toy awards. that's live next. >> nice job, mike.
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>> all month long here on the 9 we are taking time to bring you feel-good stories that spread a little holiday cheer. today we want to introduce you to 14-year-old jovanni of oakland. for the past four years, he has been growing his hair to donate to wigs for kids an organization that helps kids with cancer. hair has to be 12 inches long. his reached 17 inches. ask this past weekend, we
9:46 am
caught up with him for the big haircut in al immediate a his mother says he has been diligent in not cutting his hair, even though it wasn't always an easy journey. >> when i had long hair, a lot of people thought i was a girl. some people would make fun of me. even my teacher made fun of me. in the end, i knew it didn't matter because i knew i was doing it for a good cause. >> she saw a commercial for wigs for kids and his mission changed. he says he hopes he can influence other teenagers to step up and do what they can to give back. >> it's more than worth it. because you get to help out kids in need. even if you don't have long hair and you can't donate your hair, if you're talented, use your talent to go help out other people. >> he says there are a lot of ways that you can help people. he was happy to donate his hair
9:47 am
for a good cause. he is inspirational to all of us. >> a nice story. if you're looking to snag a few more gifts for people on your holiday shopping list, how about award winning toys. >> okay. how about that? let's send it over to mike with examples of what is considered the oscars of the toy industry. >> i'm in the middle of it all and i love it. i'm here with jackie. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> let's get right into it. go right to left. there are 14 categories by the way. how many toys in each category? >> 7 to 8. 100 finalists this year. >> okay. >> 14 different categories from innovative to vehicle or construction toy of the year. no matter what age or interest your child has, they're going to find something on the list. >> big deal. pink castle but something more to it. >> this is the enchanted princess palace. this is only a small piece of it. it is a four foot wide castle.
9:48 am
there is a princess with different touch points. music plays and it teaches kids letters to words and numbers and colors. >> it has a little educational twist to it. >> definitely. >> it can be four feet. >> four feet wide. >> is that kind of an attractive thing for people who are looking to buy toys. i have something similar for my daughter at home but it is more like this size. >> it can grow with the child. so the age for this is about 18 months to five years. the play value is expanded. it has a bedroom, ball room, so kids can go from room to room. >> they won't be done with it by sum. >> definitely not. >> this looks like a lunch box. >> it is the series 1 lunch box. this up for action figure of the year. this comes with 7 different action figures. it is about letting the kids create the play story. you can play alone or trade and
9:49 am
socialize with your friends. it comes with different cards that have different powers. one is honesty. so it is really about creating a play story and experience. >> really the more people, the more friends who have this particular lunch box, the better it is for the company because they want them to play these games. >> totally. >> okay. in the middle. >> zoomer chimps. >> that's not a hatchimal. >> hatchimal is on is the list. >> it is. >> definitely. >> zoomer chimp is up for tech toy of the year. >> tech toy of the year. >> uh-huh. >> as you train him and kids play more and more with him, he can do over 100 different things like stand up and walk around, do a back flip, guard me, he will zoom around the child and make noises. >> how do you train him. >> he will listen to your voice commands. i will turn him on quick. his eyes. his eyes will light up and he will make different noises. >> what's his name. >> zoomer. >> okay. >> zoomer chimp. >> and zoomer actually listens
9:50 am
to you. >> yeah. he will listen to you and his eyes do different colors. if they're purple, that means he is ready for the voice command. if they are blushings he zooms around curious. -- if their blue, he zooms around curious. >> are tech toys popular. >> yes. >> are batteries included? that drives me crazy. >> i'm not sure. >> next is the zip flyer. it is for outdoor toy of the year. >> okay. >> a different take on outdoor. first kids have to build it. it comes with 80 pieces. >> my son and daughter like to build things. >> it has a stem component. it is like a robotic play experience. it has three different launching pad that's go 30 feet in the air. >> are we launching. >> is that okay. >> just watch out for the
9:51 am
lights and cameras. >> i like that. how high does it go. >> over $30. >> the price tag? >> $12.99. >> what about the monkey. >> it is around $100. >> not monkey. zoomer. >> this is wonder crew super. >> they are a new company to hit the scene. what they did is created these dolls inspired by boys but really for any child. because dolls create emotional intelligence with the child, teaching them empathy, creativity. this is a superheroment he comes with a cape and mask for -- superhero. he comes with a cape and mask for the child. >> is that going to win an oscar? >> we will see hatchimal is up for innovative toy of the year. consumers can go on to and vote for the 14 categories. when they do, they are enter today win the toys in that
9:52 am
category. >> for these two, what are the prices. >> the palace is around $60. the lunch box is $7. >> esh prosecute -- appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> they are part of the toy industry association. you can get more information on what you see on the table on look for the toy awards in the web links section under the mornings on 2 tab. you can also find it on the ktvu mobile app. thank you again to jackie. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> have a great holiday season. >> sal, do you like any of these? >> pam? >> my kids are a little old for these. but they're awesome.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
>> a new study says california is the worst state for drivers. the study considered -- what are you laughing about over there? it considered fuel costs, insurance rates, car thefts and auto related deaths. california had the highest rate for auto theft. it also showed california's average commute was 26 minutes. i'm going to laugh at that one. when it comes to best state for drivers, iowa took the number one spot. >> 26 minutes, that's a run to the local store. hundreds of people waited in line for almost 24 hours to try to buy tickets to hamilton when it begins its run in san francisco next year. tickets went on sale at 10:00 online, over the phone or in person. all those people waiting in line at the theater box office. the people in the front of the
9:56 am
line say they got there at noon on sunday. fans say hamilton is a must see. it uses rap muse tick tell the story about one of the founding fathers, alexander hamilton. >> we're excited it is so ethnic. >> i think they merge good politics and good art. >> a little pepper to a little bit of things that don't have pepper. >> it is different than other musicals. >> people online were in a virtual waiting room that reached 100,000-plus people at one point. the show opens in march and runs through august 5th. >> i haven't waited in line for tickets in a long time. >> i did it yesterday. >> prince. >> sporting events. >> join us tomorrow on the #. we are joined by the daughter of judy garland ahead of her
9:57 am
performance in white christmas. holiday ideas for everybody on your list. >> including a doll that looks just like mike. >> it does look leek yeah. >> thanks, sal. >> way to cue that one up. >> that's our show for this morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. of course we will have full coverage of the raider votes. >> yes. >> that is happening today. >> the board of supervisors and the city council. >> that is happening today. >> rookie toy of the year. >> i love it.
9:58 am
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