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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the rain is over but the problems that it caused are not. take a look at this destruction. also, hanging on for dear life. hanging on for hours on that cliffside in san francisco. an incredible rescue that firefighters pulled off hours ago. [music] >> johnny nash. >> we can see clearly now. this is a clear view of union square. the palm trees, it's going to be a much nicer day and weekend for shopping. >> all of the dark clouds behind us. >> that it will be cold. eight days until the big day. the rain may be clearing but that chill begins it will be
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very cold as steve has been talking about. >> and, you can see steve is right over there. >> cold is the word. after yesterday system. >> sales will go up. >> it is shorts weather. >> every guy knows that. >> going to show rain totals from the north bay. you're saying what about me don't worry i'm working on it. >> santa rosa, anywhere from santa rosa to rohnert park. there was one observation over three. novato is 2 1/4, and it's 4.62 at bondi and -- bonnie anderson. and napa's 3.55. there were some in the santa cruz mountains that exceeded 5 to 7 inches of rain. now we are getting some pretty good gusts. and, out of the
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martinez. i saw a westwind of 40 miles per hour. and, 25+ out of concord, so there is a northwest wind that is taking shape in it will continue to work its way in. we are not completely done with the rain still rotating. they can sneak in on those coastal areas. and, we will mention a few showers clipping them. but the colder air is the big story. 40s on the temperatures, there will be many temperatures dipping into the 30s but not until tomorrow for many of those locations. and highs today will be in the 50s. and that is about it. tomorrow they will be in the upper 40s. i just caught something on the police radio that is what i was listening to. there is a tree down in san rafael on auburn street near
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gilbert which is near highway 101 and 580. it's not a major road but i thought that i would let you know since trees are down as you know they have caused a lot of damage and you should be aware that there will be a lot of debris from that storm. the major freeways are pretty much okay. let's go out and take a look at this accident that i spoke about a little earlier. a rollover vehicle here we told you about this, when we came in here, and the accident has cleared. this is video taking a little while ago of a rollover car in the center divider. no major delays right now and the people involved in the accident have been taken away to sf general. and, again just be careful in your driving the roads are wet and when there are wet roads we can't say that they cause accidents but it is correlated with a letter crashes there's that vehicle being put back on
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the wheels. we -- let's go to this. a lot of times on a wednesday we would have traffic backing up on the 205 you can see that cleared there's a lot of slow traffic going in and when you get to the other side it actually looks okay still standing water on all of those freeways. and let's take a look at what we have with 880 north and southbound it doesn't look bad and this is getting a little bit more crowded but nothing major. this usually gets crowded when these metering lights go on. people in the north bay will be waking up to dry weather but they have got a big mess. >> yes. yesterday let -- rain left flooded properties. leigh martinez is there were an uprooted tree is causing problems. >> well, his poor people are
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waking up to a mess.>> so you put your car in the garage and then you have this huge tree that crashes into it. it looks like it was split in half. you can see this all over the place. it is a general mystery and i know that my gosh it is a huge tree -- this is a huge tree, i know my shadow is in the way. it is so terrible that they have to wake up to this. earlier, the garage looks like this. and this fell on top of the garage and it took down power lines at the magnolia avenue. it crushed this white mercedes inside and everyone inside of the house was able to get out safely but power was knocked out to about 250 homes in the area. >> there has been a report of a potential gas leak. so they just confirm that the wires were live on this side when they got here.
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-- >> reporter: elsewhere, it caused creeks to rise and this is what residents saw arising on their home. normally calm, it was raging. it came up so fast that at least one car got stuck and it went under. lucas valley road outside of san rafael was shut down after trees and power lines fell out on that road. this hard rain combined with the wind and high tide that we were seeing, it just started causing some floods in areas that typically do not have those kinds of problems. we saw flooding in some streets in centers that was kind of unusual. so here, the crews are still working it looks like they have been here at 11:30 pm. and this tree unfortunately, is still on top of the garage so it will be quite a mess and a
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lot of work to clean it up. thank you. >> in san francisco they were kept busy yesterday. they responded to downed trees and clogged drains. and as jana reports, it was a painful day to be out on the roads. >> the horns weren't sounding for the holidays, some showed frustration trying to navigate street in thursday's storms. traffic was a mess. >> crazy. it was really crowded. >> heavy rainfall caused flooding. and the highway patrol said that they were on the run all day with more accidents than normal. >> we had a lot of accidents on the freeway. especially a lot of soul vehicle collisions, and
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rollovers, which indicates that people were just driving too fast. >> in the east bay, the fire crews had to rescue several drivers who got standard -- stranded. they also say that the floodwaters affected the homes in the area. here in san francisco, a downpour of rain mixed with the swelling team tied -- tied caused some issues. there were some who chose to telecommute. a lot of people came in today it's kind of relaxing to sit there and watch the rain. >> in, a long line of people waited for the emergency homeless shelter. this man says, that it meant no day labor work. >> i couldn't get anything done because everything was closed. >> high wind caused scattered power outages mainly in the north bay. the spokeswoman said that they were relatively small. crews are prepared to stand by through the night.
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>> in addition to having extra crews we have stockpiled equipment so it extra power poles, transformers and more everything that we need to repair damage. several thousand people in the bay area do not have power we just checked with them about the power outages here are some of the biggest in the bay area power outage has knocked out power to 3200 customers in fremont more than 800 people do not have electricity in millbrae . there are 625 homes in north bay, --. people flying out of sfo should contact the airline's first the weather is clearing up but there could be fallout from yesterday's slight disruptions. about 130 flights were canceled because of the weather. delays average from 1 to 4 hours and the ground delay program is scheduled for midnight.
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there was no reported delays at the san jose airport pick it is freezing cold for most of the country. snow and frigid temperatures in southwestern indiana turned deadly. a 12-year-old boy and a 12-year- old girl died after falling to rise. a city worker pulled them out of the water but could not save their lives. reportedly, they were underwater for a half-hour. it is estimated that 100 million americans are dealing with zero wind chills. it stretches from the northeast to the pacific northwest. slippery roads and bad visibility blame for this pile up in western pennsylvania. 59 vehicles were involved. high temperatures were 20 to 30 degrees below average yesterday and, there is even colder weather coming. >> why is it so cold? >> i have so many layers on. >> well, they predict that a
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new one will follow all this cold weather bringing chances for snow, sleet, and freezing rain. we do have a reminder you can track all of those weather conditions anytime with the free saleem bey weather app. -- ktvu weather up. san francisco police are investigating an accident. it happened at midnight on 19th avenue. they say that a driver crashed in several cars and hit a fire hydrant. they say that several people were hurt at least two were taken to the hospital with major injuries. >> everyone is just chilling the next thing that i know, is this one got smacked and it bounced and this truck takes it and fax it into the back of me and he then swipes down any had another gentleman and he took out the fire hydrant and it's
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sitting in the middle of the intersection. >> police say that speed was a factor but it is too early to know if drugs or alcohol were involved. to correctional deputies have been ordered to stand trial for the assault of an inmate. they are accused of beating ruben garcia the main jail in san jose in july 2015. he says that they repeatedly punched him kicked him and slammed him against the wall even though he was shackled. they have pled not guilty there is scheduled to return to court on december 27. our time is 5:12 am. it will be two weeks in the oakland warehouse fire were 36 people died. coming up, what a prominent lawyer will do today for the survivors who are still struggling and trying to avoid being homeless. it has now become a war of words between president. obama and donald trump over the russian hacking scandal. the big announcement expected today, and the harsh words that
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trump had for the current press secretary picks we are looking at the south bay commute, here at 280 it looks good but on 17 it could be an adventure driving over those mountains with a lot of that debris that came down from the storm. some impressive rain told, but right now, our focus is on the breeze. it looks like we have a storm total of over 7 inches of rain.
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right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. welcome back. the white house and donald trump are involved in a war of words over allegations that russia interfered with the presidential election. >> he was obviously aware of the fact that russia was engaged in malicious cyber activity. and, that it was having a negative impact on his opponents campaign, and was boosting his. >> this foolish back, josh earnest, i don't know if he is talking to president. obama. having the right secretary is so important because he is so bad the way that he delivers a message. >> president. obama is expected to say more about this. he will hold his final news conference of the year. yesterday, he indicated that
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russia would face consequences for trying to influence the election. >> i think that there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. >> russia has denied any interference and trump has dismissed the intelligence reports about russian hacking. donald trump is working on separating himself from his businesses while in office. they recently canceled licensing deals for three overseas projects which is lawyer calls housecleaning. he was supposed to hold a news conference about plans to settle any possible conflicts of interest. that is now postponed until january. donald trump, by the way, owns or has a position in more than 500 companies around the world. because of flooding in
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yosemite, the national park service closed roads in and out of the national park. they are expecting up to 4 inches of rain today and the roads leading into the valley including time is 120 and 41 are closed until further notice. they will take a look at those conditions today and decide if they will reopen those roads. 5:18 am, and we want to check in with sal. a better commute then yesterday . >> yes, but the rain that we had during the middle of the day really did cause a lot of slow traffic and in the morning, we didn't have a lot but yesterday we had a terrible drive home. and trust me i heard about it. you can see traffic is going to be busy but it is not stop and go as you drive through the morgan hill area and up into san jose. we have had pretty decent commute.
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i do want to mention as i mentioned earlier, southbound 880, the off ramp is closed as of a power pole that came down. they are working with live wires. it's not causing a huge dam right now -- jam right now. can see traffic is moving well. this camera is not shaking as much as it was. that the wind is a problem for some drivers. someone who works here told me of the super windy when it came in. and i have reason to believe that the wind is still there. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, the chp is giving the wind advisories for most of the bay area bridges. and even if they don't have an advisory out, this is an advisory for drivers, i would just be careful because of the gusty wind. let's bring in steve. >> that's a great point. i was just going to say on the venetian martinez bridge there
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are 38 gusts >> yes, i have also seen people who are tweeting me about them. >> yes. it is out there. thank you. let's get to the rain totals i tried to represent everybody. but we could to 10 pages of these totals. it looks like the santa cruz mountains are the winner. we have 7 1/3, can't field that's kentfield 52 -- kentfield five two thirds, in santa rosa these are 48 hour totals. middletown, lee county, you couldn't get another .01 out of that? and other totals, 24 hours, then anselmo 3.67, lafayette 2.3 quarters -- 2 3/4, colma
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almost 2, and the hayward hills had 2 inches. some of the northbay rain, force knowles 4 inches, other locations as well in the northbay, the santa cruz mountains kind of took most of that. there was anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain. santa rosa is at rohnert park. and, napa has 3.55. if you thought it rained a lot, it did. it is a cold northwest wind. and you are going to see why encumbering myself because some of these are sneaking in. this is the northwest wind that is the main focus of attention. the cold air is coming in. not a ton of snow but more rain
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than anything else. this is clearing out to the south it looks pretty good. and see some of these coming along you can see it swinging in and clipping those areas near the coast. 42 santa rosa, if it wasn't for this breeze it would be much colder. napa 43, 40 sevastopol, it is getting colder. and 38 arcata. one more little piece of energy has to rotate through the north. we will happen showers in the forecast. 50s in the temperatures, it will be very chilly. and, the coast will be warmer and 49. but there will be some inland areas they do not get above the hills. and those wind protected areas inland. it is 5:22 am. it looks
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like the fire in aleppo was broken again. the new information to get the wounded out of the city today.
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welcome back. it's 5:25 am. the warriors beat the new york knicks and they were shorthanded. new york did not have anthony, he was sitting, and derrick rose was sitting. from the start it was all about
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the team play who started the game with an assist on 36 straight rockets. they finished with 41 assists on the night. they beat the next one of 3 to 91. they still have the best record in the nba 23 victories. they took time before the game to honor veterans sports -- veteran sports reporter craig sager who died from cancer. a moment of silence was not enough for a man who brought a lot of energy and happiness every game that he had worked. >> while we considered it a moment of silence we thought that it would be more appropriate given the way that he lived his life and the joy that he brought to so many people to have a moment of joy instead so i would like all of you to join me an applause for a great man. thank you. >> [applause]
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>> he was best known for his colorful suits. he died days after being inducted into the sports broadcasting hall of fame. he was 65 he leaves behind his wife stacy and five children. it is 5:26 am. heavy rain caused big problems in the santa cruz mountains. steve has been talking about it. the damage left behind by a mudslide and the concerns this morning for areas burned by the loma fire. >> plus today marks two weeks since the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. later on today, a civil rights attorney will be holding a meeting to help people impacted by this fire. we will tell you about this goal coming up. cautiously optimistic that we will have a decent commute since it has stopped raining most. 280 looks pretty good getting into the west valley.
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our weather looks a lot better but it is also a lot colder.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. good morning. welcome back. live pictures, we are in oakland. we are outside of the ghost ship warehouse where the big fire was.
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there is a big meeting planned for later this morning for some of the survivors who also lived there. alex savidge is there with his camera. he will have a live report coming up. stay tuned for that. and welcome back. it is friday morning december 16. >> good morning. and you want to check in with steve because the rain moved out for the weekend.>> not for the weekend. >> next week? >> i haven't looked that deeply. >> a lot of people start heading to the airport >> i have been a little busy. a little system. >> right. >> it does look to be a system before and after christmas. i haven't looked that closely. i put together rain totals if you are in these locations you know what i'm talking about.
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and, these were some of the heaviest it doesn't mean that -- i know that they were about 4.5, many locations were also there. and, our good friend here, was like reo speed wagon is writing the . 3 inches of rain. and, wild weather. and the northwest is the key and it is going to gusts. and also near the altamont pass still a few showers dipping down. so we will keep a mention in there. mainly the coast to the north. and, for the most part it is a colder event for anything else. there are occasionally some of them that could clip us. 40s and 50s on those temperatures, we will end up with low 50s on most of the high temperatures today.
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you know, -- you know, we are still looking at a commute that may be tainted still. you may the trees down, debris, storm drains that are clogged because of all of the material that came out to them. so just be careful and be careful especially in the dark and be careful to get stuck in these puddles. they look like they get pretty deep in water. so just be careful out there. let's take a look at 80. it is not a bad drive you know the road sensors are not showing a lot of slow traffic. and there's a lot heading over to marin. and, it's not a bad commute. and, a little further down we are looking at the berkeley camera westbound 80. you can
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see the traffic is busy but it is not stop and go. into the bay bridge toll plaza, this is only about a 10 minute delay. and we are hoping for a lighter than usual commute. that usually happens unless something goes wrong. and let's go back to the desk. today marks two weeks since the ghost ship warehouse fire were 36 people were killed. later this morning comment oakland civil rights attorney will host a meeting responding to the tragedy. more on the goal of today's event. >> good morning to both of you. the goal to this later on today is to help people who are living in set up that are similar to the ghost ship warehouse here in oakland. before the fire, this is the artist collective where people lived and worked. the rent was relatively cheap
5:35 am
that after the fire some around the city of oakland who live in similar spaces have been worried about mass evictions. and there have been reports of some who have been kicked out by the owners. civil rights attorney john birth will be holding a meeting -- john burris will be holding a meeting. they say that there will be groups on hand along the city officials to help people who are worried about being kicked out of the spaces that they live in. in the meantime two weeks after the tragedy here businesses are still truck -- are still struggling. and, it remained off-limits because of safety concerns while others have finally reopened and one of those businesses that is closed is a popular gift shop that is losing customers. >> we just came here because we
5:36 am
, my dad, and my mom always come here. but it's close today. >> i'm sure it's going to be like this for a long time. >> the owner begin shop worries that the business may not be able to survive without financial help. after the fire, they declared a state of emergency but that declaration did not free up money to help businesses impacted by the fire here in the fruitvale district and the councilman for that district says that they should be trying to help those people and he says that the city is going to be trying to get private donors on board to make contributions again, later on today, civil rights attorney will be holding a meeting for tenants living in similar collectives worried about evictions. that will be at 11 am. >> all right. thank you. warriors start steph curry -- warriors star steph curry is
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raising money. he tweeted out the photo of the custom sneakers that he wore. those shoes will be auctioned off along with game shoes which are painted with the words oakland strong. heavy rain and strong gusty winds have caused the problems. and they cause heavy equipment to clean up a mudslide. and, it is flooded along highway 17 the signs were posted reminding drivers to slow down. the people who lived near the rising river also are worried about the rain. >> in the past, we have had storms and rivers come through. and it's crested to the top. >> we got rain a couple of weeks ago but it wasn't as bad. >> and those people who live in the area were also worried because the area is more
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vulnerable to mudslides. getting around the bay area was a challenge. and, you had to do with poor visibility and navigating heavy downpours standing water even on the freeways, this was the scene yesterday near the macarthur maze. and south here the heaviest rain arrived just in time for the heaviest traffic. this was a scene on the southbound 101. in a sea of brake lights as they pounded the brake lights and hit the water on the road. police what your help trying to catch an identity thief. they released still images take a look surveillance video showing a woman suspected of making thousands of dollars in purchases at costco and also at a target store in vallejo. they say that this woman made those purchases illegally using someone else's identity.
5:39 am
they say that she has a distinctive cursive tattoo on the left side of her neck and very long brown hair with red highlights. take a quick look if you can help identify her call the berkeley police. facebook is taking action to crack down on fake news stories. they are partnering with outside fact checkers to fact check recent stories that seem suspicious. however, those who failed to pass will not be removed instead they will be flagged as disputed and pushed lower down in the news feed. edley is joining other officials to demand uber stop picking up passengers. state officials insist that they suspend the service until the company gets a special permit required they say that the company does not need the permit because the cars have backup drivers. 5:39 am, because of the
5:40 am
increase in drunk driving related deaths along the holidays they area law enforcement are increasing for impaired driving -- and they are looking for impaired drivers. they will start conducting dui checkpoints. they say that they will be in locations based on collision staff and the frequency of dui arrest. here in california it led to more than 1500 deaths in almost 24,000 serious injuries in 2014. the sobriety checkpoints are due to be operating until new year's day. we have been talking about flooded street coming up we have an update on the cleanup that is happening after that big storm rolled through. >> first, these are live pictures, the new effort to keep teenage drivers from getting into accidents as we look live.
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good morning we are looking at a commute that is going to be busy on the bay bridge looking for what could be lane obstruction here westbound and you can see traffic is slowing down and when it happens the lights will be slow down.
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lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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welcome back. a man convicted of killing nine people inside of a historic african-american church will be back in court for the penalty phase. it took a jury less than two hours to find dylann roof guilty on all counts last year shooting. he stood silently as the verdict was read he told the judge that he would represent himself during the penalty phase . the jury will reconvene next month to decide whether he's sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty.
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5:43 am, conflicting reports out of syria about the evacuation of thousands of civilians from aleppo. russia says that all the evacuations have been completed you're looking at video of the green evacuation buses trying to get through the crowded street yesterday. united nations and the international aid agencies say that there are still people waiting to be evacuated. in the meantime syrian organizations blame russia for more than 300 attacks in aleppo that killed more than 1200 civilians. while the syrian government says that a convoy of buses filled with evacuees is leaving aleppo it was fired on by rebels. today begins a final farewell to fame astronaut john glenn. his body will lie in state at ohio's capitol building. he died last week at the age of 95 he was the first american to orbit earth but there are several events celebrating his incredible light including today's public viewing and a
5:45 am
procession and a memorial service tomorrow. state regulators approved money for vehicle charging centers. the $130 million program will be ran a pg&e -- will be run by pg&e. 5000 more charging stations will be in southern california. governor. jerry brown would like to put 1.5 million clean energy cars on california roads by 2025 state lawmakers considering a new bill aimed at extending restrictions renewed drive -- for new drivers. tell us about the new proposal to make licenses provisional until those new drivers are 21? >> reporter: that's right. the lawmaker who offered that bill said that it would protect the general public and what he called the most vulnerable drivers. and he belted to extend those
5:46 am
licenses. right now those who get their licenses can't legally drive. they can't take passengers under the age of 20 unless there is a licensed driver under the age of 25. -- over the age of 25. currently, those restrictions remain in place until the driver remains a -- until he turns 18. and, no word on when the state lawmakers will pick up the legislation. over the course of the morning we are going to try to talk with drivers to get a sense of how they feel about the proposal for the new restrictions. i would guess that those younger drivers will not be very excited to hear about that some might think that it's a good idea. thank you. >> right now we want to check in with sal we just are not about an accident on the bay
5:47 am
bridge westbound it is at the fremont street offramp and i want to mention after we go to the tracy commute because a lot of people depend on the commute. we don't let them down and there is more slow traffic at the tracy triangle although it is not as bad as it is usually. so, you can see traffic is a little bit slow after 205. it does not have a lot of slow traffic which they will take anything that we can get with the traffic being little bit better. but you will season gusty winds, or feel some gusty winds as you drive your vehicle on the altamont pass. the rest of the commute, traffic getting into livermore isn't bad and this looks good it's going to be windy on some of these bridges. let's go to the bay bridge and see the traffic approaching at the macarthur maze it isn't bad
5:48 am
coming around the corner there is a problem on the upper deck of fremont street offramp. there is an accident and it doesn't look like it is affecting traffic but we have a look here and even though the traffic looks good it was slow on the upper deck. they have moved that accident and paramedics are on the way because someone is pregnant, and doing it as a precautionary measure. it may slow traffic. let's move to the bay bridge toll plaza. this is about a 15 to 20 minute delay it is still not bad and it is not raining. and as we go to you, if it rains we have at least 20 minutes added to the commute. >> i don't think that you are here, how was that evening commute? 2 i know because my wife -- >> i saw cameras. >> my wife told me, she use the
5:49 am
words i can't use here. but it's thinks. >>[laughter] >> thank you. >> i'm trying to get to as many rain totals as possible. again, the santa cruz mountains, parts of northern napa county had the most. stan anselmo these are 24 hours totals. that's right. thank you. fairfax was 3 1/4 in lafayette was 2 3/4. and lake merritt oakland had 2 inches of rain. and castro valley hayward hills also had 2 inches of rain and forest picks up 4+ inches of rain. kentfield had the most with over 5 inches of rain. some of the northbay totals, anywhere from 2 to 3 anywhere from 2 to 32 petaluma and winsor had a lot of rain. and there is one observation
5:50 am
here but there were two others that were over five. and mill valley here. and breezy and cool and boulder creek was that 5 to 7 inches of rain. it's a pretty good breeze out of the northwest kicking in a few showers moving down parallel to the coast. and they usually imitate their they are off the north coast but it's a colder breeze and that will carry us into this afternoon and tonight and sunday morning will be very cold. our system is out of the picture. we have a mixed precipitation. and there is not a lot here but at least they are getting some. there you can see off of the coast you have to be careful of this because some of these can take a turn and they can have
5:51 am
40s and 50s and black hawk is at 42 middle 40s for many danville. 47 martinez and i should add that the martinez bridge has gusts about 40 miles per hour. and 32 in truckee, and one system rotating through. and be careful that they don't sneak up on you. and generally it is a colder and breezy pattern. 50s on your temperatures and higher elevations will probably be hard-pressed to get above. and, tomorrow morning it will be dry. >> all right. he just checked in and it is windy. >> i have seen 46 mile-per-hour gusts. >> thank you. bay area star wars fans are not happy this morning after
5:52 am
going to the movie premiere. up next, the reason that they had to leave the theater in cupertino.
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5:54 am
welcome back. hard-core star wars fans camped out in front of movie theaters all around the bay area waiting for the premiere of the numeric -- of the new movie. >> our rebellion is all that
5:55 am
remains. >> you're looking at video from yesterday. people in sleeping bags with pillows, blankets, eagerly awaiting the premiere of rogue one, a star wars story. it is about camaraderie and sharing this experience with other fans. rogue one, a star wars story is in movie theaters and it is rated pg-13. the force is strong in one theater but not strong enough to keep the theater on from a power outage. some of the fans showed their dark side after the power went out at the amc at the shopping mall during the film. they show the outage happened about 7:20 pm. the power is back on in the area but it didn't get restored in time to save the show. all of those movies were canceled last night and refunds were given out. new york university has a
5:56 am
plan to help students have money. a new program would let them live in the spare bedrooms of senior citizens which could reduce the cost of housing by 50%. almost all of that money will go to the host. they wouldn't be considered caregivers but they can help out with small tasks around the house. they hope to have 10 to 15 students signed up and if it is successful that program could be expanded. >> yes. >> yes. president. obama will hold a major news conference talking about the russian hacking more on the investigation into how big i -- a role they might have played in the election.
5:57 am
5:58 am
the northbay has a lot of rain damage to deal with. take a look at this. and the damage that they are waking up to this morning. >> president.
5:59 am
obama calling for a check in the russians role in the presidential election. what he plans to do about it if the evidence shows that they did. strong winds in heavy rain that the -- and heavy rains meant a lot of cleanup. neighborhoods around the bay area are dealing with problems. a lot of people who live near the rivers. they turned in to huge rushing water. and there is a lot of water where you live. >> yes. it came in so fast. a lot of parts of the area. so that has subsided at this point. thank you for joining us. >> and good morning. we are going right to stay with your forecast for today. >> think goodness because we
6:00 am
don't need -- thank goodness because we don't need another system like that. things are much colder out there. some good gusts out of the northwest. i know, if you're listening, sal, out around the american canyon it's very windy. some trucks are pulling over. i have had reports of that. rainfall, good morning they picked up 4 inches of rain in rohnert park. there were 4 inches of rain the tween those locations that i saw. the breeze is the key. and that is cold air. we are not completely done with the rain. and, now there are gusts around 40. and, they are keeping an eye on some of that. and


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