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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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don't need -- thank goodness because we don't need another system like that. things are much colder out there. some good gusts out of the northwest. i know, if you're listening, sal, out around the american canyon it's very windy. some trucks are pulling over. i have had reports of that. rainfall, good morning they picked up 4 inches of rain in rohnert park. there were 4 inches of rain the tween those locations that i saw. the breeze is the key. and that is cold air. we are not completely done with the rain. and, now there are gusts around 40. and, they are keeping an eye on some of that. and some of these can take a
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turn and land. 40s on the temperatures. and maybe a little bit of cloud cover. and they will be mostly sunny. and a few showers possible. >> all right. >> it is pretty windy. and, just checking off some -- something that i heard. and i got information from people on twitter. all kinds of sources and this morning, they are busy doing a good job trying to keep those roads cleared. let's start off with it you sure freeway. you can see traffic is moving along -- let's start off with the east sure freeway. you can see that traffic is moving along. when you get to the bay bridge, the metering lights are on.
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we had an earlier accident that ended up pushing off. they did bring in medics and fire. when they got the accident out of the way, if we can look there, i want to look at the backup. it did slow things down because they had some traffic on the bridge and through those metering lights off hoping that today's volume since it is lighter will help us out and start to get a little better. let's talk about the san mateo bridge. by the way, chp is asking you to be careful, the gusty winds are appearing. southbound 80 looks good, the south bay commute, is not too bad. we are looking at the peninsula and highway 101. this is a look at 80 westbound and eastbound and you can see traffic is going to be busy. and we do have easy traffic so crossing your fingers it will be a better commute then we have had. in new from overnight a man
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dangling off of a san francisco clip above the ocean was rescued by firefighters. look at this. he was stranded 100 feet down that cliff about 25 feet above the crashing ocean waves. it happened in this neighborhood about 2 am. a neighbor heard him screaming for help called firefighters. they had to rig up police system. -- poli system -- pulley system. >> he is cold. he's exhausted. so, i think is very happy to see us. >> he was really lucky. they say that the man had minor injuries. still not sure how he became stuck in the first place. the crews believe that he may have been walking from china beach and became stuck when the tide came in. and uprooted tree flattened a garage.
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and want to check in with leigh martinez who is out there now with a look at the damage. >> it is a mess out here and some people have it much worse than others take a look at this garage the people who live here were able to get out safely. at the tree splintered -- but the tree splintered their garage. you have some wires down, the cars, underneath they are crushed. so we have some cars out on the street as well. and, it is just absolutely a disaster. and, these people will be dealing with this. elsewhere, the hard rain crop -- caused creeks to rise and forced evacuations. this is what residents saw arising on their homes normally, calm the creek was raging.
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he came up so fast at least one car got stuck in went under. one resident says that he's glad that he stayed home has his basement flooded. >> this has happened to us before so basically i decided to work from home he could i thought well -- i didn't think that it would happen but just in case. >> and lucas valley road was shut down after a tree and power lines on the road. the combination of heavy rain and high tide caused flooding where we do not normally see it even on stormy days. now, they say that they are still dealing with power outages. they said they have a couple hundred people that still do not have power out here. this is not much light except for with the tv have out here. and these people are dealing with this just smashed garages this is generous. and you can see it going back to work the house.
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and it looks like it's awfully close. so again this is some of the damage. >> thank you. it is 6:05 am. several thousand people still do not have electricity right now. they just gave us an update. take a look at this map. and the biggest power outage is in fremont 3200 customers have no power. more than 800 people do not have electricity and there are four separate outages in the north bay affecting 625 homes and businesses. the public works posted a time lapse video on twitter. this is sleepy hollow creek. the show seven hours of footage in one minute. towards the end of the clip, you can see how quickly it rose and fortunately, you can see the creek beginning to recede.
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people flying out of the bay area airports should contact the airlines just in case the weather is clearing up. there are still lingering issues. about 135 for canceled because of weather. and the ground delay program is scheduled for midnight last night. and no reported cancellations. of course, whether back east. >> the domino effect. and in san francisco they kept the crews very busy and they responded to down trees and clogged drains the cause flooding. early in the rain, it caused flooding. it was responding to a lot of accidents on the road. >> a lot of collisions on the freeway and a lot of solo collisions.
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it indicates that they were driving way too fast for the roadway conditions. >> in the east bay, they rescued several drivers like that lady there who became stranded when they drove into standing water. and fire crews also say that the floodwaters affected several homes. and, the embarcadero all of the rain mixed with the swelling king tide caused ways to crash over those rails onto sidewalks. >> just a reminder, you can always talk weather conditions anytime with the free ktvu weather app. you will find my radar and you will also find updates on twitter in instagram. donald trump and the white house are involved in a war of words after the russian involvement in the united states election. >> he's aware of the fact that they were involved in the activity and that it was having
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a negative impact on his opponent's campaign. and it was boosting his. >> this foolish guy, i don't know if you talking to president. obama having the right press secretary is so important because, he is so bad the way that he delivers a message. >> president. obama is expected to say more later today when he holds his final news conference of the year. yesterday he indicated that they had safe consequences for trying to influence the election. >> i think that there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impacted the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. >> russia has denied any interference and he has repeatedly dismissed the intelligence reports about russian hacking. donald trump still working
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on separating himself from his businesses while in office. they recently canceled licensing deals which is -- which his lawyer calls housecleaning. they're supposed to hold a news conference about ways to settle any conflicts of interest. it is now postponed until january. donald trump owns or holds a position in more than 500 companies around the world. trump has announced his choice from ambassador. and he us -- he served as an advisor to the child campaign. he supports his campaign promise to recognize jerusalem as the capitol of india -- and palestinians also claim jerusalem as their and they do not believe in a two state solution to the ongoing conflict between israel and the palestinians. it is almost 2 weeks until
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the deadly oakland best since the deadly warehouse -- deadly oakland warehouse fire. how nearby businesses have been affected and the relief that may be coming. an overnight accident sent several people to the hospital. coming up, he will hear from a man who got stuck in the middle.
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welcome back. new overnight, six cars were involved in a big crash in san francisco and the police are investigating. it happened midnight on 19th avenue. police say that a driver crashed into several cars and hit that fire hydrant. they say several people were hurt at least two people were taken to the hospital with major injuries. >> everyone was just chilling. the next thing that i know he was in the white one right here and it gets smacked and it bounces and the truck takes it and then he hits another gentleman and he took out that fire hydrant and it's sitting in the middle of the intersection. >> speed was a factor but it's too early to know if drugs or alcohol were involved.
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cold-weather is blasting the united states. i want to take you to syracuse new york. temperatures are dropping with wind chills about 0 to 10 below. >> 59 cars were piled up in this accident on icy slick roads in pennsylvania. 59 vehicles including 29 big rigs crashed. three people were hurt but they are expected to be okay. they are back open after being closed most of yesterday almost 80% of the country will see below freezing temperatures in the coming week. >> they are bundling up for a chilly start the day. temperatures in the teens the windchill makes it closer. they are aligning fires along the tracks to stop them from freezing. they're only going to get worse into the weekend. we hear the high and chicago on
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sunday is going to be three. two school buses have crashed in indianapolis. this is a developing story in fact these are live pictures we are just looking at the aftermath and watching what people are doing. that road is closed right now again, we are talking about two vehicles. he will keep an eye on this and all of the wintry weather. certainly it could affect traffic at the airport. right now he won a look at the roads because they have been following a couple of things. >> yes, we have developing news it turned out to be more serious than we thought. they had a major switching problem just south of it where the switches going out to the dublin pleasanton and heading to the hayward it is active but there were a bunch of trains
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that couldn't get through into san francisco and they will come out and they are saying that they are going to be major delays. the good news is, i have just read -- they had just restarted service. saying, we are not getting any service into the dublin west valley. and now, those trains are moving that they are very much delayed in and out of the area and in and out of san francisco. it's going to cause a chain reaction. so if you time it, they wait for the train every morning it's going to be late and they are recovering so it's going to take a while to go through the system. and we have an accident on the bridge not for very long but it did cause delays at the toll plaza in the accident is gone. and we are looking at a san
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mateo bridge commute. and gusty wind so if you drive a small car or a camper shell something like that, give yourself a little extra time. 6:17 am, bring in steve. pretty good gusts. and let's get to as many rain totals as we can. some of them are just incredible amounts. especially santa cruz mountains. and there are reports of 6 to 7. and st. helena and glenallen all had about 4 to 6 inches of rain. you can -- kentfield two observations over five and boulder creek country club and england 5+ in middletown just about 4 inches of rain. and these are 24 hour totals.
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and lafayette 2 3/4 and kevin leavy el cerrito. this is really good. and, almost 2 castro valley hills. and the northbay numbers were really heavy.>> santa rosa 3 to 4 inches. and another report at 4.6 and another report at 4.62. and calistoga is almost 3. and healdsburg and winsor. chris kimball is up in sleepy hollow. the total 4.68. so if you thought you had a lot of rain, for most there was. the breeze now is the big story. and a little bit of energy coming down.
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some of these can click the coast may be popping up over the inland hills. and west 24 at oakland. and it will turn more northwest later on. cold air tomorrow night. and on the drivers side except for maybe a few snow showers. and this is very cold air coming over the washer -- that area. and, temperatures will continue to drop. scott valley 42. and cupertino is at 46. and you can see one system rotating. and they can't pop ups and showers. and it mentions that breeze and setting the stage for a cold -- dry weekend. some inland temperatures will only be in the upper 40s.
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and lower 50s near the coast. it will be dry as we going to sunday and monday. >> that's good. it turned out to be good for people heading to tahoe. >> thank you. 6:20 am is the time. conflicting reports on the evacuations of civilians. also remembering to the sideline reporter who died yesterday nobody had more zest for life the way that he lived he loved his family he loved his friends.
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kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe. the music is delightful. the picture is not pick >> yes. beautiful. >> it's christmas time. this is the soundtrack from a charlie brown christmas. it was skating. requested by mary. >> and we are playing more christmas music.
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if there is a special song that you like to hear let us know. and just use the hashtag on twitter or facebook. >> that sounds good. >> we watched the warriors who beat the next 103 to 90. they were shorthanded. they did not have carmelo anthony. and from the start, they started the game within assist. and, they finished with 41 assists. and, they have the best record in the league. and, and they set -- these sideline sports reporter died after battling cancer. a moment of silence would not do for the man who brought energy and happiness to each game that he worked. >> while we considered it a moment of silence we thought it would be more appropriate the way that he lived his life in the joy that he brought to so
6:26 am
many people to have a moment of joy. so i would like all of you to join me in an applause for a great man. >> [applause] >> he is best known for his colorful suits he died just days after being inducted into the sports broadcasting hall of fame. he was 65 years old. he is survived by his wife stacy. he was talented beyond just professional basketball. >> everybody loved him not everybody knows him. it reminds me of south. talk about this historic moment that he was right there. >> believe it or not i saw him before i knew it. his on the field when he broke the record. and, check this out.
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he started like you and i did. and he smashed that home run ball and he broke the all-time record. and he said there he is. running after hank aaron. and he covered baseball games for much of his early career. and he was a huge cubs fan. and you know what, they remained friends for a long time. and when he died, he said that he's going to miss him and so out about running onto the file ashfield. >> bring him and here. >> he was making $95 a week. >> and that is the kind of hustle that got him into the business and we are going to miss him. >> very well loved. >> good story. >> well, drivers may need to
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wait a few more years before bringing along their friends for a ride. coming up, the proposed change that some claimed would make roads safer for everyone. plus, today marks two weeks since the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire here and later on today prominent civil rights attorney will be holding a meeting in response to this tragedy we will tell you who is invited to the event. good morning we are looking at a commute that's going to be busy especially on the bridge and never -- and improving the toll plaza is not. the rain totals continue to come in but it's mostly dry. snow and shower activity is coming in. more on that weekend forecast as well. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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good morning. thank you for joining us. it is friday, december 16. >> good morning. >> 6:30 am is the time and it looks like it's going to be cold and nice in terms of storm. >> and, we do not need another system coming in behind us. there's a lot of rain for some. as you know, as many as you can, he will do the best to get out there on a graphic. by far, i think is the winner. and they had some really good rain especially calistoga and they all had really good rain. and boulder creek. and england. and some of these are 24 hour totals here. pacifica over to lafayette. and even colma.
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stacy, nash, so happy to see clear skies. and major cleanup. and i don't get very much information from them so i hope that things dry out. but there are five of rain amounts around it. i know that it did cause many issues. the breeze will be the big story today. and there were be a lot of showers zipping down. i know some of those may pop up. and, it is cold. this is going to usher in the cold air. and some of these can swing in. especially to the north. and 40s on the temperatures there are a few 30s. and, it is very close for glenallen tonight.
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and they will dip into the 20s. and this is rotating in. it has been a while since we have had a good system followed by a cold unsettled trough. 50s on the temperatures a few showers mainly breezy and cold. >> yes, sir. going to update these delays. because i told you last time, we did have major delays because of a switching issue. just after that station. they have managed to fix that switch at least temporarily. but, there was a problem with the switch and that means some people were without service and all the stations after fair until they fix it. all of the trains are moving according to a dispatcher that i just spoke with. and, they are stuck behind a
6:34 am
closure. and, hoping to have everything back to normal. so, i just got off the phone with them and that is what they are hoping for. at least, they are running full speed and that's a good sign hopefully, they will be getting on trains very soon. let's go out and take a look at some of these things that they are going to be busy because of an earlier accident on the bridge they had to slow those lights down and it created a bigger backup. we are looking at san jose northbound. and by the way, if you're thinking about the san mateo bridge they just want to say, that those bridges are not bad as alternates to the bay bridge. so you might want to do that before they get too crowded. it has been almost 2 weeks since the deadly oakland warehouse fire were 36 people were killed. later today, john ferris will host a meeting in response.
6:35 am
and you are at the warehouse fire scene right now. please tell us who will be helped by this meeting. >> good morning to you. this meeting is designed to help people living in space is similar to the ghost ship warehouse. and, this is an affordable artist collective where people lived and worked. the rent was relatively cheap. according to the city people are not supposed to be living in that space and now, some who live in similar spaces are worried about being kicked out because of safety concerns. that's why the civil rights attorney will be holding a meeting at 11 am that will focus on renters rights and will talk about the possibility of a moratorium on evictions moving forward. the rights groups will be on hand and is so will city officials. in the meantime, two weeks after the tragedy, a lot of
6:36 am
businesses are still struggling to get back on their feet. remember a good portion of the neighborhood was shut down for a long time some businesses closed for days and some stores on the same block as the go ship warehouse remain closed. councilman gile who is overseas -- who oversees the district says it's not healthy -- not easy to help them. >> and in so many cases they didn't have insurance. and, those who were impacted well, that is a challenge that we have out ending that we are trying to meet. >> they worry that the business that she started two decades ago may not be able to survive without financial help. the city of oakland has declared a state of emergency or did declared a state of emergency after the fire but it does not free up money to help
6:37 am
businesses who are impacted by the subsequent investigation. they are trying to get private donors on board to contribute money to help local businesses. again, the story later on this morning is that there will be a meeting. it's being organized by john burris to help other tenants in the city of oakland living in space is similar to the ghost ship and it will happen at 11 am. alex savage thank you. i don't know if you saw this, but steph curry paid a special tribute to those victims at last night's game. look at what he wore. custom sneakers. he also tweeted a photo of another pair of shoes also with graffiti and the word, ghost ship. announced on twitter that he's auctioning off both pairs to help raise money for the fire relief efforts. that money raised will be added to the warriors donation of
6:38 am
$75,000. to santa clara county deputies have been ordered to stand trial for the assault of an inmate. they are accused of beating ruben garcia, and garcia is best has punched him, kicked him, and slammed him against the wall. they have pled not guilty and are scheduled to return to court. we have conflicting reports coming out of of aleppo, syria about the evacuation of thousands of civilians. they say all of them have been completed. this is video of the evacuation buses making their way through the crowds of people there. the united nations and the aid agencies say, there are people waiting to be evacuated. in the meantime, syrian organizations blame russia for
6:39 am
300 attacks that killed 1200 civilians. at the same time, a convoy of buses is leaving aleppo was fired on by the rebels. due to the increase in related deaths around the holidays, law enforcement agencies are increasing patrols looking for impaired drivers. beginning today, they will conduct several bay areas. they say that they will be placed in -- on collision statistics in frequency of dui arrest. in california, alcohol involved collisions led to more than 1500 deaths and 24,000 serious injuries. and, they are said to be in operation all the way through new year's day. the speed limit along san francisco is being produced from 40 miles per hour to 35 -- is being reduced from 40 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour. they made the decision to lower
6:40 am
the speed limit after conducting a traffic study. we are talking about suicide for the golden gate bridge. the big announcement on which construction company will take on the project. and a proposed change to teen driving laws. we are beginning to see some crowded roads out there. it is also windy. and, they have a couple of problems on public transit. we will run that down for you straight ahead. gusts about 30 to 40 miles per hour. and also on some of the bridges. some breaks here. but i think that the cold wind will be the big story.
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say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. welcome back. back to breaking news. indianapolis, indiana two school buses crashed this morning. we are learning that 25 students were hurt. they were on their way to the hospital. these are live pictures. helicopters flying over, you can see those two buses. injuries are described as non- life-threatening. this is on a bridge area and indianapolis. the road is threat -- shut down in both directions. you can see the fire trucks and the police. the cameras showing you the
6:44 am
impact of the traffic. replacement buses are there taking the rest of the students to school. again, this is indianapolis indiana. two school buses collided we are told about 25 children are being treated for injuries. we will keep an eye on this breaking news. a new bill making its way through the state capitol would extend restrictions on new drivers until they are 21. currently, professional licenses must be held by drivers until they are 18. they prohibit driving from 11 pm and 5 am. as well as transporting passengers under the age of 20 unless they are a licensed driver 25 or older. additionally, they cannot use a cell phone even if it is a hands-free device. the bill's author says that the legislation would help significantly decrease accidents among newly licensed drivers. 6:44 am.
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today begins a final farewell to john glenn. his body will lie in state at ohio's capitol building. he died last week at the age of 95. he was an american hero. the first american to orbit the air. there were several events several -- celebrating his life including today's event. nasa has launched tiny satellites to help improve hurricane forecasts. a plane launched a rocket into space in from there is deployed eight small satellites into orbit to provide better hurricane predictions. satellites will help measure the wind is strength of hurricanes and other tropical cyclones and the goal is to improve hurricane intensity forecast. 6:45 am, let's check with traffic. everybody behaving or you? >> and, the bark delays are
6:46 am
still there although they are getting better. we had a switch not functioning right. that has been fixed. but there are major delays on all of the systems and that includes the train coming in from dublin, pleasanton, in fremont. they are all getting through. but a lot of trains were delayed they were bunched up in one part of the system and bart hopes to have everything back to somewhat normal at 7:30 am. not sure if that's optimistic or not but that is what we are all hoping for. it started when a switch wasn't working and for a while, people in the area were not able to take a train directly into san francisco. so we are going to follow that for you. let's go back here, i want to show you some east bay commutes that are okay. this is westbound 92.
6:47 am
a little bit of slow traffic. 880 is not bad. and if you're driving in contra costa county, you see. and go traffic coming over the hill from bay point to concord. but look at this, i like what i see here. let's go to the 280 northbound in san jose. and also the bay bridge toll plaza you will see the traffic is backed up a little bit more than it usually would be. we had an earlier accident on the bridge. it has slowed those meter lights down. and also it is windy. let's bring in steep to talk about those gusty winds. that's correct. there are some gusts over 40. there's also a cold breeze. and, the heaviest rainfall is up in the santa cruz mountains also parts of sonoma county. i will show you that in 15 or 20 minutes.
6:48 am
and also towards napa county. these are 24 hour totals. and lafayette to three quarters, el cerrito to in the third, coma at almost 2 -- colma at almost 2. some of these northbay totals, had over 4 inches. there were some that were really high. and now calistoga was three but in the hills there were more. and anywhere from 2.5 to 4. and here is kentfield at 5.62. and mill valley at 3.39. and jim is that the a harbor. steve, the rain hit hard. we topped out at 4 1/4. >> all right.>> he was complaining because he only had 4.2 and i show the hills at 4.65
6:49 am
and i suggest you be patient and sure enough, they came in. i know that oakland -- piedmont, they had to inches of rain. yesterday's rainfall, can you give us more? not for a while. i always look for those bigger ones. and the northwest wind has kicked in. there's still this coming down from the northwest. northwest, 24, at oakland. also from sfo to san jose and even heyward. it will be more non--- northwesterly we will see some on the coast especially these rotating and and some of these could pop up over the higher elevations. until that goes through tonight, we have to keep a few snap -- showers in. and are there any -- and it is
6:50 am
getting close. and 45 one a creek. and 32 truckee. 3 inches at kirkwood. and in the higher peaks they have more than that. and so until that does, we will keep the shower activity but i think that the message is the colder air working its way in and tomorrow morning will be very cool. 50s on the temperatures. and, tomorrow it looks very cold. the days extremely short. >> yes. >> and, let's check in with -- let's check in to see what's coming up next >> good morning. >> well, i am certain that you have finished your holiday shopping. i think you start in may. well, we do have -- so for all of you december 23 people, we are going to save you.
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this is what was my second home during my youth. the mullen pleasanton. from the trendy must haves that make you tear up. it will help you save from that midnight --. -- that midnight trip. one mall santa helped make the ultimate christmas wish. she wished to have her dad who was stationed overseas home for the holidays. they pulled it off. they will tell you how they did it in the first place they plan to go. i can't wait to see that one. thank you. it is 6:51 am. police officer in the state of washington shot and seriously injured. coming up, we're going to tell you what we are learning about the moments before that suspect opened fire. >> i bartered a string bracelet, some chocolates, and a wine bottle opener.
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say more with kisses deluxe. at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. [music] >> we don't get a winter
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wonderland in the bay area. >> i think that kevin is looking for snow. you won't find any. elvis presley was requested by our twitter page. thank you, noah. he just calls himself noah. that's fine. if it is a special song you would like to hear, let us know. i will pay it every friday morning -- play it friday morning. >> just imagine that snow. a drone that was flying over monterey bay captured a rare sight of killer whales sharing their prey. the photographer shot this video on tuesday. a whale with a shark in its jaws. after a while, it releases the shark and the other whales grabbed it. they say that the adults may be teaching their cabs how to hunt
6:56 am
. >> in this case you can see the behavior very closely. we had an intimate look of a couple of things. predatory relationships and also nurturing relationships. and, it is truly extraordinary >> they hunt in packs later today a judge will get updates on emissions cheating scandal from volkswagen. and, the party reached a deal with the owners of 70,000 polluting cars. today they will hear whether they reached a deal for the remaining 80,000 cars involved. the issues what to do with those that were programs to treat on emissions -- cheat on emissions test. they say that they can recall them and fix them without affecting performance. 7500 electrical charging
6:57 am
stations, $130 million program will be run by pg&e putting charging stations in businesses and low income communities. 5000 were charging stations will be in southern california. governor. brown once you put 1.5 million clean energy cars on california roads by 2025. a new coffee shop is telling them to stop using credit cards and cash. they can give whatever they can an artist created the car -- coffee shop which she says is part of a project. it is part coffee shop, part exhibition. it is meant to explore the meaning of currency the on dollars and cents. so she is taking in things as barters. >> and, often people they give more appear not to be cheap. >> i would think. >> exactly. heavy rain around the bay area, cause big problems.
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up next, a look at that damage and the cleanup underway.
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the northbay got walloped by rain last night. homeowners have a big mess on their hands this morning. some of them do not even have power.>> following developing news, there are major delays to report. we will report which lines are affected. this is ktvu mornings onto. >> it is a busy friday morning.>> good morning i am dave clark. we have breaking traffic news. >> there was a switching problem on bart early this morning. prevented some of the trains from getting through. in fact, some of the people who were at castro valley station or a double pleasanton or west devlin were not able to get a direct train into san francisco. they were basically on a loop. all the trains are moving through the area. there are some sick --


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