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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  December 16, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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the northbay got walloped by rain last night. homeowners have a big mess on their hands this morning. some of them do not even have power.>> following developing news, there are major delays to report. we will report which lines are affected. this is ktvu mornings onto. >> it is a busy friday morning.>> good morning i am dave clark. we have breaking traffic news. >> there was a switching problem on bart early this morning. prevented some of the trains from getting through. in fact, some of the people who were at castro valley station or a double pleasanton or west devlin were not able to get a direct train into san francisco. they were basically on a loop. all the trains are moving through the area. there are some sick --
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significant delays. the trains are behind schedule. and another half hour to 45 minutes things will hopefully be back to normal. there will be delays. especially people leaving san francisco. fortunately all the trains are moving through the bay fair switch. this may not be an issue in 30 minutes to an hour. we are going to keep on top of that. i want to mention the east bay commute. westbound 92 traffic is going to be busy on the san mateo bridge. we had a couple different crashes eastbound 580 at north livermore boulevard. highway for we have some slow traffic here westbound. as you drive over the hill look at 680. it looks good from concord all the way down to san ramon and dublin. we had an earlier crash on eastbound 580. traffic is still moving along okay. as you drive westbound it is a
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little bit slow. it is not to bad this morning on the ultima pass. in san jose we don't have anything major. this is a live look at northbound 280 and downtown san jose. on the right you can see traffic is moving well. at 7:02 am.>> is that all you have? my goodness.>> yesterday was a terrible afternoon for the commute. this is called the stretch.>> i see clouds but no rain. i am thankful for that.
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we got a all yesterday steve.>> ben loman has two reports. boulder creek country club, that is hard to say, jeff markson almost 6 inches of rain. marin county 5 2/3. san geronimo, marin county five and the third. lexington reservoir almost 4 1/2. not to shabby. sonoma four and half inches of rain there yesterday. i know brentwood, and san jose missed out. it's really tough to give parts of brentwood good rain. northwest when has kicked in. there are still some shower activities upstream. they might go parallel to the
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coast. the coldest air will arrive tonight. cranking up there at sfo. mostly clear and partly cloudy. we will see partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. see how this might swing in, as it does, what we are looking at is the possibility of some of the showers picking up. keep that in mind. 40s on the temps and a few 30s popping up on the peninsula. one more piece of energy and we will have a dry weekend. it will be very cold on the overnight lows. cold and windy, a few showers popping up. back to the desk. it's going to take some hours to remove a tree that toppled down and flattened a garage overnight.>> the tree fell, smashed the garage and a car that was parked there. leigh martinez, you been out there all morning, tell us more
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about the problems people are dealing with this morning.>> reporter: we left this location and went to check out another fallen tree. this one wasn't nearly as big as the one we were at all morning. we were a little closer. we can give you a better look at what the damages. this is terrible. this huge tree came from the back, came on top of their garage, and splintered the garage. this is -- look how big and thick this tree is. there's a bicycle in there too. these cars just got hit by the branches. just the branches alone caused damage. this is going to take a long time to clean up. elsewhere in marin county hb like i said earlier fell this morning and sandra cell. it was leaning on power lines.
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yesterday this is what residents of castor street saw rising on their homes. normally the calm forest north creek was raging. it came up so fast at least one car got stuck. one resident says he is glad he stayed home because his basement flooded.>> this is happened to us before. i basically decided to work from home today. i did not think it would happen. just in case, and it did.>> reporter: lucas valley road was shut down after a tree fell on the road. the combination of heavy rain and high tide caused a flooding on streets. we are back here showing this tree out here at this one house. it is such a shame. so many cars that have been damaged. pg&e says there are hundreds of customers without power this
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morning. >> back to the developing story. from indianapolis, as many as two dozen children were hurt in the school bus crash. you see what happened here, two school buses collided with one another. about 90 minutes ago. this happened on the northeastern side of the city. the windshield of one of the buses was smashed. the injured students have been taken to to local hospitals. parents who heard about the crush are terrified. they have been rushing to the accident scene. at this point it is still unclear as to what caused the crash. you can see from these pictures it did snow in the area this week. it appears the roads themselves weren't clear of snow. resident obama will hold his traditional end of year news conference before heading to hawaii for christmas.>> donald trump and the white house are in a heated exchange over russian involvement over the
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election.>> reporter: is this the cold war all over again? we are likely to hear more from president obama today about the role the russia may have played in last month election. this is rte touching off a new battle with president-elect trump. so much for ditente's. a budding relationship between president obama and president- elect trump has hit a rough patch over russia. president obama suggesting to npr that russia would face consequences for allegedly meddling in last month election.>> we need to take action. we will.>> reporter: the president will drive that point home later today. it's expected to be his final press conference of the year. josh earnest his been wrapping up the rhetoric on trump sing the president-elect to encourage russian email hacks. >> mr. trump obviously know that russia was engaged in a malicious type of activity that was helping him and hurting
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secretary clinton's campaign.>> reporter: that through a swift review for trump.>> josh earnest, i don't know if he's talking to president obama, having the right press secretary is so important. he is so bad, the way he delivers a message. >> reporter: he went a step further on twitter. asking if russia or some other entity was hacking why did the white house wait so long to act. why did they only complain after hillary lost.>> republican members -- >> reporter: a group opposing trump is now running a video with actors urgent republican electors to defy voters cast their own ballots against trump. this group is asking republican electors not necessarily to vote for hillary clinton but to vote for anyone other than trump. here's the problem with their idea. if that would happen neither candidate would reach 270
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electoral votes. the election would get kicked into the house of representatives controlled by republicans and presumably they would vote for trump. a number of insiders in washington dc are calling donald trump's daughter ivanka trump first lady. ivanka trump campaign alongside her father has a high profile position. an advisor to the president- elect. she has been present at a number of interviews. she had a seat at the table on wednesday for the high tech summit at trump tower. there are reports she has been calling members of congress about affordable childcare legislation. one of the issues is a top concern of hers. ivanka trump is rumored to be looking at white house office space. she and her husband are said to be househunting in washington. melania had said she will be staying in new york for the time being.>> there have been reports that yvonne, will be staying in the first lady's
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portions. >> some of the bridges will experience wind. there is a crash at the san mateo toll plaza. they moved it off to the side. it is causing delays for people who are trying to drive on 92 getting from hayward over to foster city.>> we continue to get impressive rain totals we will take a look at some of those. plus the wind out of the north is a colder pattern.
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knew from overnight a man dangling off a san francisco cliff above the ocean was rescued by firefighters. the man was stranded about 100
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feet down the cliff and about 25 feet above the ocean's crashing waves. this was happening in the sea cliff neighborhood at 2 am this morning. a neighbor heard the man's cries for help and call firefighters. crews had to rig up a pulley system. they were able to haul the man to safety.>> i was told that he might have been down there for a couple hours. he is cold, and exhausted. i think he was very happy to see us. >> the man had only minor injuries. he is smiling, and clearly he is thankful. not quite clear how he got stuck there in the first place. crews at the scene believed he may have been walking from china beach or baker beach and got stuck when the tide came in. san francisco police are investigating a crash involving at least six cars. this happened at 19th avenue and lincoln way. police say driver crashed into several cars and then hit a fire hydrant. several people were hurt. at least two had to be taken to the hospital with major injuries. police say speed was a factor
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in the crash. it's to early to know whether or not drugs or alcohol were involved. most of the country is under a severe cold snap. the frigid temperatures turned deadly in southwest indiana. a 12-year-old boy and a 12-year- old girl died after falling through ice. a city worker driving by pulled the two out of the water. it is believed the two were underwater for at least half an hour. 59 cars piled up on icy slick roads in pennsylvania. this crash included 22 big rigs. three people were hurt. they are expected to be okay. the highway is open today after being shut down for much of the day yesterday. 80 percent of the country will see below freezing temperatures in the coming weeks. a police officer in washington state is in critical condition. he was shot just hours ago north of seattle. other officers were later able to arrest the suspected gunman. this all began with a report of a shooting last night. when the police arrived someone inside a home started shooting at them.
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the injured officers -- officer who has more than 30 years of experience was shot in the back of the head.>> once the main contact at that residence a subject inside the residence began shooting at the officers. the unfortunate part of this, one officer has been shot. the mount vernon police officer. >> authorities did capture the suspect. they are not clear why the suspect fired shots at the officers to begin with. traffic is been a mess on the roads and on the transit.>> we have had a couple of things that have messed up what would have otherwise been lighter than usual commutes. at the bay bridge we had a minor accident they had to take it off the bridge. the traffic was slow on the bridge earlier this morning.
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there is a big backup at the toll plaza. it would've been lighter. it is not to bad. this is about a 25, maybe a 30 minute delay before you make it onto the span. chp is saying it is going to be gusty. san mateo bridge westbound 92, just past the toll plaza they were clearing a crash. you can see a vehicle there on the scene. traffic is slowing down and getting to the san mateo bridge. once you get onto the span it is okay. you can tell by looking at the bay it is a little bit gusty. highway 121 it would in valley we have a closure because of a tree that came down. there are some alternates you can take highway 29. that is a main road. there are all kinds of other roads you can use in the area. chp is not telling us when they expect this to open. it sounds like it will be there for a while. let's go back to the desk. it's going to be cold. we have had a lot of weather to
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we are playing christmas and holiday tunes today. it doesn't look very cheery on the richmond bridge. maybe people are cheerful inside those cars. later today a construction company will be chosen to install a suicide net for the golden gate bridge. the committee is recommended an open base company for the project. final approval is expected today from the board of supervisors. the company bill $142 million to build the barrier. the project is expected to start next year and could be finished by the year 2021.>> time square in new york is gearing up for the new year. the crews have unveiled the number one and the number seven that will make up 2017 letting
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uptime square at midnight december 31. 496 led light bulbs will be used on the lights. 1 million people are expected to jam time square to see the celebration. more than 1 billion are expected to watch it worldwide on tv. facebook is taking action to crack down on fake news stories. facebook is partnering with outside fact checkers to research stories that seem suspicious. however, those that have failed to pass the fact checking will not be taken off of facebook. instead they will be flagged as disputed, they will also be pushed lower down in newsfeeds. san francisco mayor edley is joining other state officials to demand that huber stop using driverless cars. the car started picking up passengers on tuesday. the company was ordered to stop by the dmv. state officials and mayor lee insists over suspend the service until huber gets a special permit. huber says the company doesn't need the permit because the
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cars do have backup drivers.>> a special surprise in las vegas. and staff sergeant work with his home town santa to get this little girl something very special this year. adam herberts has the story. >> reporter: jason walters is in the air force. he works on planes overseas, and he checks his cell phone more often than a teenager.>> she asked me if she could be a cheerleader the other day. i said yes that's fine.>> i want him home.>> reporter: his hands are still shaking and he is still obsessing over that phone. this time he is hoping for a less abrupt conversation with a little help from santa.>> where is your daddy at honey? >> korea.>> reporter: use all that camo to hide from your daughter, until the perfect
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moment.>> i want you to hold this and close your eyes and wish your heart that you want your daddy home. open your eyes. >> daddy. i missed you.>> reporter: now this family is trying to look forward. but not to far forward.>> guess what?>> that goes back to korea next january. for now it is time for christmas shopping.>> i want to go to the disney store.>> i very sweet. the time is 7:24 am. craig sager has died, next we'll tell you how the bay area
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and the warriors in particular are paying tribute to his life.>> today marks two weeks since the oakland warehouse fire that killed 36 people. later today high profile attorney is holding a meeting in oakland in response to the tragedy. who he is trying to help. coming up.>> we have a look at some of these commutes. we have seen that traffic is getting better in some areas. on the bay bridge it wasn't as -- isn't as bad as it was. we will let you know where it is really gusty.
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welcome back to mornings on 2.>> i'm dave clark. let's go to sal. what's happening? >> we still have the bart delays and better developing. that's because of an earlier switching problem on the tracks. we are going to go to christian captain who is arrived at one of the bart stations where a little while ago people were stuck right where you are. >> reporter: we are here at the castro valley station. just about 20 minutes ago when we got here there were fake crowds on the platform. now couple trains have pulled through. the crowds are starting to move out. think should be getting back to normal. when we got here service had just been restored. at 5:30 am bart had reported that a switch was not working
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properly. it affected the trains in both directions. bart had to turn trains around. service will be getting back on schedule right about now. for some writers it was already to late. >> we all have schedules that we have to follow to get to work on time. >> reporter: coming back to the live picture you can see the platform empty right now. a couple bart writers just starting to come back up and catching trains in both directions. bart is telling us they believe that service should be getting back to normal right about now. possibly in about 15 minutes or so. hopefully they are saying they will not see any more effects of this morning's delay for writers throughout the day.>> a lot of people were inconvenienced. hopefully this will all be a memory in the next hour or so.
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let's start off with an area that bart serves. that would be lafayette. it seems as if more people are here on 24 westbound. that is not clear whether or not of people heard about the bart problems and decided to drive. i want to mention at the bay bridge toll plaza we had a delay. earlier problems on the bridge, those are gone, but it is not a like friday. we cannot call this fridayãit looks like a tough commute. a 30 minute delay before you even make it onto the bridge. the san mateo bridge had some issues on westbound 92 getting up to the high rise. this is northbound 280, getting up to highway 17. that traffic is moving along well. napa county, highway 121 and what in valley is closed in both directions. because of a large tree that is down. we have no word on when they will reopen that. it's going to take a while for them to cut it up and get it out of the way. let's go to stephen the weather
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center. >> we do have mostly clear skies. there still some possibility of a shower activity. especially along the coast. there is a lot of cold air that is beginning to work its way in here. the breeze is cranked up as well. that will be the theme today and into tomorrow. craig sent this. it's the napa river. i am not surprised there was about five and half inches of rain and napa county. north napa, that is three-point 98. pacific over to --. the breeze is out of the northwest.
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are systems moving through but still coming down off the coast. you can see some of the shower coming. overall look for a partly sunny and cloudy day. here comes the colder air. that will filter in through tonight. 40 -- once the swings through tonight and tomorrow we will have clear skies and very cold lows as we go into the weekend. holder and windy. may be some partly cloudy skies. heavy rain and strong gusty winds cause problems in the santa cruz mountains. caltrans use heavy equipment to clean about mudslide on bear creek road. there was also flooding along highway 17. signs were posted to remind drivers to slow down. people who live near the rising san lorenzo river were worried about the rain. the cities pacifica will turn
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down an apartment building that sits dangerously close to the edge of an eroding cliff. it has no choice but to demolish the building. last year city leaders declared the building unsafe. everyone who lived inside was forced to live out. the city says the building's owner has neglected the 20 unit building which is in danger of falling down the cliff.>> the concern is a substantial part of the building could fall onto the beach. and then we would have a lot of hazardous materials, and construction and debris from the building on the beach to clean up. it would be a much more difficult proposition. >> since 2010 two other new bright apartment buildings were red tagged and tore down because a coastal erosion. no date has been set for tearing down the one on esplanade. here's a map that shows drought conditions from last year. the u. s. drought monitor shows a large red area that is
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considered exceptional drought. there is no part of california without some impact. parts of northern california are white. that means they are completely free of drought. the san francisco bay area is a combination of yellow tan and orange. you can track weather conditions any time through the ktvu weather app. you will find updates on facebook, twitter and instagram. the time is 7:34 am. these are live pictures. this is coming from richmond. look at the plume of smoke. i am assuming there is fire out there. what you know about this?>> we just spoke to the richmond fire department. it's a vehicle fire on richmond parkway near gertrude.
7:35 am
and must be one big vehicle. i looked at it first, and i thought that's a building fire. whatever it is, it is a vehicle fire on richmond parkway. if you use richmond parkway you need to avoid that. you can see from the richmond san rafael camera. it's pretty close to that. the thick black smoke is coming up. this will delay the rick -- richmond parkway. i would not advise using it at this time because they have several streets closed off. we do not know what kind of truck, or car or whatever vehicle it is. we do know that richmond fire has confirmed to us that they are on scene with a very large vehicle fire. it is near the corner of richmond parkway at gertrude. today marks two weeks at the oakland warehouse fire were 36 people were killed. this morning at 11 am attorney
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john barris will host a meeting responding to the tragedy. our reporter with us now to explain the goal of this meeting. who is going to be helped?>> reporter: the neighborhood around the go ship is still trying to get back on its feet. the meeting later this morning, we do expect it should be very well attended. the goal is to help people who live in set ups that are similar to the ghost ship warehouse. ever since the deadly fire there two weeks ago some tenants in these artist collectives are worried about being kicked out because of safety issues. many of them are not living in those spaces legally. that is why symbols rights attorney john burris will be holding a meeting at 11 am in oakland. it will focus on tenants rights. also, discussing the possibility of a moratorium on addictions. tenants rights groups will be on hand to answer questions, and so will city officials as well. in the meantime, two weeks
7:37 am
after the tragic fire businesses near that scene are still struggling to get back on their feet. some stores on the same block as the go ship are off-limits because of safety concerns. that includes a popular gift shop that is losing customers.>> we just came here because my mom and dad and i come to the store right here. it is closed today.>> reporter: the owner of that gift shop worries that the businesses may not be able to survive without some financial help. the city of oakland declared a state of emergency after the go ship fire. that does not specifically free up money to help nearby businesses. councilman noel gaia who represents the district says the city is trying. they are trying to get private donors to potentially
7:38 am
contribute. later on today, civil rights attorney john burris will be holding this meeting for other warehouse tenants around the bay area. worried about the possibility of being kicked out of their spaces because of what happened with the go ship. that meeting happens at 11 am this morning at 3301 east 12th street in oakland.>> meantime seth curry and the warriors face special tribute to the victims of the go ship fire. at last night's game he will custom sinkers with the words oakland strong written and graffiti. he also tweeted a photo of another pair of shoes also with graffiti and the word go ship. curry says he is auctioning off both pairs to raise money for the fire relief efforts. the money raised from the shoes will be added to the warriors donation of $75,000. the warriors and the new york knicks took time before the game last night to honor veterans sports reporter craig
7:39 am
sager who died yesterday from cancer. a moment of silence wasn't enough. this man brought a lot of energy and happiness to every game that he worked. while we consider a moment of silence we thought it would be more appropriate given the way that craig lived his life. to have a moment of joy instead. i would like all of you to join me in a applause for a great man. >> craig sager was best known for his very colorful suits. craig died days after be inducted into the sports broadcasting hall of fame. he was only 65 years old. he is survived by his wife stacy, and five children.
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the currently provisional license must be help to drivers until they are 18 years old. it prohibits drivers from driving between 11 pm and 5 am. as well as transporting passengers under the age of 20 unless there is a licensed drivers 25 years or older in the vehicle as well. additionally they can't use a cell phone while driving even if it is a hand screen device. under this proposal all the rules would be in effect until a driver turns 21. the author says that legislation would help significantly decrease accidents among newly licensed drivers. our question of the day is about the story. do you think extending restrictions on young drivers is a good idea? will it prevent more crashes, or the rules to harsh. tweet us. president-elect trump has words with the white house. in 20 minutes why mr. trump is calling the white house press secretary foolish , and the
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warning from president obama to russia. about allegations russian hackers try to influence the presidential election. >> have you done all of your holiday shopping yet? dave clark and the other dave clark out there, last minute shoppers, we have great information. >> we have a situation on richmond parkway near gertrude. this is an industrial area. for the most part, a very large vehicle fire in this area. it's still burning as you can see. the lack smoke coming up. richmond parkway is shut down. do not use as an alternate route. we will tell you more about the fire when we come back. >> today at the northwind and it will get much colder. will show you some of the lows for the weekend.
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this is the final we can to get your christmas shopping done. if you are still shopping -- >> pam cook is back in the studio with us.>> betsy edward is here from stoneridge mall. if you are still shopping you are probably scrambling. the moscow mule is very popular. it's a whole set. you can get a cookbook for the recipes. jewelry, of course always good. wireless headphones are very popular. these are different.>> these are cool because instead of
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going in your ears they place in front of your ear. they can conduct a sound through the school bones in your head. you can hear what is going on around you.>> right. >> we have sports fans here in the bay area.>> you could do a raiders mug, a san francisco ornament. we have the cutest little jersey. it's teeny tiny to extra large.>> that is great. we have bath and body works, that is good for everybody. for kids you have a build a bear workshop. >> we do. >> you can build your own and make it personalized.>> or you can buy one off the shelf that is already ready to go. you can also do a gift card. it's a fun thing to do with the
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family. legos are always great. >> speaking of gift cards, you can get a gift card for the whole entire mall.>> yes. we have visa and the american express card. we also have retailer restaurant gift cards that you can use all around.>> they can use it anywhere? >> absolutely. >> i also wanted to bring you and because we talked about it over the thanksgiving weekend. online shopping was up, and mall shopping was down. what you do to get people in the mall?>> there is so much festive atmosphere at the mall. we have holiday music playing, and we have an amazing santa in our grand court. we are all decorated for the holidays. we have a christmas tree out in
7:47 am
the parking lot. it's the whole festive hustle and bustle that get you in the holiday spirit.>> you can see santa online. >> that's true. people want to come and look and feel it in person before they get something for their loved ones.>> usually there is giftwrapping.>> yes. there on the weekends.>> you can make a donation to charity and have your gifts wrapped. dave, are you listening? everything is done for you and the gifts are all wrapped. betsy, from stoneridge mall, thank you so much.>> thank you. time is 7:47 am. let's go back to sell. what is happening in richmond? >> reporter: we have a large vehicle fire that apparently is
7:48 am
still burning. it may be near a building. this is a vehicle fire. near the corner of richmond parkway at gertrude there is an auto wrecking yard in the area, and a lot of industrial facilities nearby. also some homes there. this is the richmond parkway that a lot of people use to get through western acosta county over to the richmond bridge. i will show you exactly where it is on the map. a lot of people come from this area heading down and trying to get down to the richmond bridge. this morning that is not a good idea. you will not be able to get through. you can use 580. one of the things i noticed is that the smoke keeps coming up. there is a possibility that something else is involved. let's go to another traffic picture of the bay bridge. we have had some pretty busy commute this morning approaching san francisco.
7:49 am
this is about a 30 minute delay. we had earlier issues on the bridge. they were bad enough to mess of traffic for the time being. bart is recovering from delays as you know. they should almost be back on time after some earlier switching problems. let's go back to steve and the weather center with today's cold weather. that's correct. north bay and santa cruz mountains had a ton of rain. some of it was just incredible amounts for 24 hours. tommy jarvis, sb, clear, calm and no wind. sb would be stan stan beach. there was some very good rain. especially in marin county and napa. north napa four inches of rain. saratoga 3 1/2. these were 24-hour totals.
7:50 am
pacific over to. ben lomond there were two reports, 6 3/4 to 7 1/3. kenfield five points 63. san geronimo 5 1/3. st. helena 4 1/3. north bay, some other locations 3 1/3. napa, 3.5. the key now is a western and northwest breeze coming in. there are some very cold air.
7:51 am
that could trigger -- it could be a few showers popping up. westwind will be and northwest wind. up in the sierra, not as much of a factor there as it was here. they are still getting some snow. it's going to be very cold and windy up there later tonight into tomorrow morning. these will be parallel to the coast. 40s and 50s on the thames. northbay temps, glen ellen around 39. upper 30s for hallsburg. tonight and tomorrow morning, and sunday lots of 20s. we will keep showers and the forecast. it is a cold windy pattern. tonight and tomorrow is going to be very cold. a few showers.
7:52 am
the big news is going to be the lows in the morning. the weekend will be dry just not very warm.>> it's cold outside. 7:51 am. a killer whale feeding on a shark. there's a lot more to the story than that. up next, incredible video of a rare event captured on camera.
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today begins a final farewell to john glenn. he died last week at the age of 95. his body will lie in space at ohio's capital building. glenn was the first american to orbit the earth. there are several events this weekend celebrating john glenn's life including today's public viewing. there will be a procession a memorial service tomorrow. to santa clara county correctional deputies were ordered to stand trial for the assault on an inmate last year. they are accused of beating ruben garcia in july 2015 at the main jail in san jose. garcia says the deputies repeatedly punched him and kicked him, and slammed him against a wall even though he was shackled. the deputies pled not guilty. dylan roof, the man convicted of killing nine people in a
7:56 am
historic african-american church in south carolina will be back in court next month for the penalty phase of the trial. it took a jury less than two hours to convict him of all accounts of last year shooting rampage. roof stood silently as the verdict was read. he told the judge he will represent himself during the penalty phase. the jury will meet again and reconvene next month to decide if roof she get the life in prison, or the death sentence. there are conflicting reports out of aleppo in syria about the evacuation of thousands of civilians. russia says all the evacuations have been completed. you are looking at video of the great evacuation buses making their way through crowded streets of aleppo yesterday. the united nations and the international agencies say there are still people waiting to be evacuated. in the meantime, for syrian organizations blame russia for more than 300 attacks and aleppo. were 1200 civilians or more
7:57 am
have been killed. while the syrian government says a convoy of buses filled with evacuees left aleppo and were fired. a drone flying over monterey bay captured the rare sight of killer whales sharing their prey. a photographer from monterey bear will watch took the video on tuesday. and orca will, it has a shark in its jock, after a while it let's ago. the other wills grabbed it. researchers say adults in the pod of about 25, they are actually teaching the baby wills how to hunt. let's go to mike.>> it was the biggest storm of this season. it cause problems across the bay area. the damage left behind in the cleanup underway.
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8:00 am
this is ktvu , mornings on 2. we continue to follow breaking news from richmond. a defined plume of smoke rising from a fire at the deal auto wrecking yard in richmond. the fire started a half hour ago. it is having a traffic impact.>> if you're traveling along the richmond bridge you see the black plume of smoke is near the chevron refinery.
8:01 am
we should emphasize there is not a fire at the refinery. this is in an auto wrecking yard. there in north richmond. a lot of fuelãwhen i first saw this in the newsroom it came in as a car on fire. over the next 20 minutes we started to see flames from a distance. >> we are getting reports -- you can see this form of smoke from san francisco. you can see the smoke starting just to the left of the pyramid and drifting south. you can see this from miles away. let's talk about the impact to the people who live in and around richmond. there is a shelter in place who is been ordered for the people
8:02 am
living there the fire. a lot of drivers are stopping to look.>> there is a shelter in place that was just issued. that means they want residence in the area to stay in their homes. the traffic in the area is going to be stopped at richmond parkway. i do want to mention the commute traffic on 580 may be impacted even if nothing is blocked. people just being curious. if you're driving to the richmond parkway or san rafael bridgeãthis is video taken from a viewer who is driving in the area looking at the plume of smoke. they treated us this video. these are pictures that came in from people who took photos.
8:03 am
they think it is a refinery. one of the things i have noticed, we've been getting a lot of calls from people in richmond mistakenly calling the fire department thinking their house is affected. they have been getting a lot of other fire calls. it comes down to the smoke coming from this facility. the fire department has been checking other reports of smoke and finding nothing. this is coming from the junkyard near richmond parkway and gertrude.>> to know if richmond parkway is closed? >> it wasn't until recently. they ordered traffic control. traffic control finally got there. they have shut down richmond parkway in the area for a wild.
8:04 am
people are using some of the side roads in the area. >> this is a live picture. toward the city of richmond. you can see all different angles . chevron has their own fire department. the smoke definitely not dissipating at this time.>> the fire department -- there's probably not someone who can speak to us right now. there directing other fire departments to come in and cover the richmond station. the stations need to be covered by other people.
8:05 am
some of the other neighboring fire departments are sending engines and trucks to the city to cover the fire houses that are now empty because of this incident. this is a countywide response. we will continue to follow this. i want to check in on some of the other traffic around the bay. 280 and san jose doesn't look bad. the commute here in san jose has been lighter than usual. if we look at some of the maps we can go back to the maps. 680 is not bad. slowing on highway 24. 580 is slow out of stanley and drove. there's a backup of the bay bridge. it's a mixed bag when it comes to the morning commute.
8:06 am
weather is also changing.>> it is indeed. we start seeing more of a colder pattern. mostly clear, there will be some partly cloudy skies to the north. some of the rainfall was good over the weekend. parts of marin county had very heavy rain. so did morgan hill. 45 degrees. some of the totals were really impressive. especially as you had with the santa cruz mountains. also into marin county. the russian river, and north napa. lexington reservoir was one in there as well.
8:07 am
there was some very good rain. the wind is west and northwest. it will play into a very cold pattern. you see how everything is sliding down the coast. some of the showers could take a turn. i think the wind and the cooler temps which will continue to filter and through tonight and tomorrow. it will keep things on the brisk side. there will be 20s tomorrow. overall, 40s on the thames to 50s. temperatures will get colder. look for mostly sunny skies to partly cloudy skies. that whole system swings through. that will usher in cold temperatures. colder and windy and a few showers possible on the coast. tonight clearing and tomorrow 20s and 30s for the lows. people still feeling the effect of all the rain we got yesterday. >> the home owner saw a large
8:08 am
tree flattened their garage and crush a car that was parked inside. that is one of the problems caused by the storm.>> reporter: the northbay walloped by rain last night. the owners are dealing with the damage. some more than others. this house has a huge tree that came down from the backyard on top of their garage. you can take a look at some of the installation here. it crushed some of the cars. take a look at these branches. the branches themselves are huge. there are cut through this garage, and that -- elsewhere marin county a tree leading -- leaning on power lines. yesterday residence of what acre saw water rising on their homes. a came up so fast at least one car got stuck and went under.
8:09 am
we know that the property owners here were able to get out of their house safely. this mess is going to take a long time to clean up. pg&e says several homeowners were without power this morning. leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. president obama holds his traditional end of the year conference before flying to hawaii for christmas. president-elect trump and obama are in a heated exchange. douglas ater has the story from washington. >> reporter: is this the cold war all over again? we are very likely to hear more from president obama today about the role that russia may have played in last month's election. this is already touching off a new battle with president-elect trump. so much for ditente, the budding relationship between president obama and president- elect trump has hit a rough
8:10 am
patch over russia. president obama suggesting to npr that russia would face consequences for allegedly meddling in last month's election. after his ministration specifically blamed russian president vladimir putin. >> we need to take action.>> reporter: the president will drive that point home later today in which is expected to be his final press conference for the year. josh earnest his been wrapping up the rhetoric on trump's and president-elect encourage russian email hacks.>> mr. trump obviously knew that russia was engaged in malicious cyber activity that was helping him and hurting secretary clinton's campaign. >> reporter: trump held a boisterous rally last night in pennsylvania. >> although this foolish guy, josh earnest, i don't know if he's talking to president obama. having the right press secretary is so important. he is so bad, the way he delivers a message.
8:11 am
>> reporter: he went a step further on twitter asking if russia or some other entity was hacking, why did the white house wait so long to act? why did they only complain after hillary lost.>> republican members of the electoral college.>> reporter: a group opposing trump is now running a video with actors urging republican electors to defy voters. and cast their own ballots against trump. this group is asking republican electors not necessarily to vote for hillary clinton but to vote for anyone other than trump. here's the problem with their idea. if that were to happen neither candidate would reach 270 electoral votes. the election would get kicked into the house of representatives controlled by republicans and presumably they would vote for trump. in washington, fox news. steph curry pays tribute to the victims of the deadly oakland fire. special shoes he plans to auction off to help with relief efforts.>> a fire at an auto
8:12 am
junkyard. live picture's here. the smoke can be seen from san francisco and farther east. a shelter and place has been issued. we will have the latest for you coming up.
8:13 am
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8:14 am
a man dangling off a san francisco cliff above the ocean was rescued by firefighters. the man you can see was stranded 100 feet down the
8:15 am
cliff. about 25 feet above crashing waves. this happened at 2 am this morning. and neighborhood the man's cries for help and call firefighters. crews had to rig up a pulley system and eventually they were able to halt the man up the cliff to safety.>> i was told that he might have been down there for a couple hours. he is cold, and exhausted. i think he was very happy to see us. >> he appears to be okay. officials say the man had minor injuries. it's not clear how he became stuck in the first place. crews of the scene say he may have been walking and then got stuck when the tide came in. san francisco police investigating a crash involving at least six vehicles. the crash happened at about midnight at 19th and lincoln. police say a driver crashed into several cars, and then hit a fire hydrant. several people were hurt. at least two were transported to the hospital with serious
8:16 am
injuries. the huge thick plume of black smoke coming from an auto wrecking yard in richmond. richmond parkway is closed. >> it also has sent a lot of fire companies into the area. the smoke is still visible. a lot of fuel for this fire to consume. it has not turned white. sometimes when you get something under control you see white smoke because of steam. we have not seen that in the last half-hour. we have noticed that more and more fire companies are there. we are also getting a lot of calls to the richmond fire department. people mistakenly think that the smoke that is drifting over there city made something is going on at their house. that is where the incident is. we have been getting the richmond fire department -- they have been getting phone calls from people. wanted them to check out the smoke. when they get there, it hasn't
8:17 am
been anything. it is smoke drifting from this fire. there is a shelter in place. the fire is visible from many parts of the bay. it's visible from san francisco. this is a view from san rafael. the smoke is mixing in with the fog. it's visible from downtown san francisco. you can see it there. there's the pyramid for some reference points. stay away from richmond parkway near gertrude. it is blocked their. stay on 80 and use 580. we will switch up to do some other traffic in the area. traffic in the bay area, just to get you caught up. traffic at the toll plaza of the bay bridge has been heavy getting into san francisco. it's about a 25 to 30 minute delay. it is getting better in the last 10 or 15 minutes. we have seen a noticeable improvement. if you have the luxury of waiting around, maybe you will be able to get good traffic in the next half hour to 45 minutes. bar delays are over.
8:18 am
part is mostly on time now. this is a look at the east bay commute. there's a lot of slow traffic. especially on northbound 880 trying to get into oakland and on westbound 580 from about the oakland san leandro boundary into oakland on 13th and 580. 8:17 am. let's go to steve.>> with the northwest wind, that smoke would be heading to the east southeast from richmond.>> unfortunately -- people are vigilant. they see smoke they call the fire department. that smoke is traveling over richmond. a lot of people have been concerned and been calling the fire department. the fire department with due diligence has been going out to check these things. they haven't found another fire yet. they are always checking. we do have mostly clear skies, it is cold and getting colder. some of that very cold air begins to work its way down from the north. there could be some pop up showers later. i would agree with that eve on.
8:19 am
it was an excellent storm for most. there were some incredible amounts. el cerrito to .15 inches. lafayette have pretty good rain. the leaders of the pack were these on the panel. santa cruz mountains and boulder creek -- there were reports about four inches of rain. a lot of these coming in at four or five inches. santa rosa had three to four.
8:20 am
northwest, the breeze will be ushering in some very cold temps. the northwest wind will cut right through you. especially tonight, some of the colder air comes in. some of these could clip the coast and worked their way in. we will keep showers and the forecast. it's also much colder, but after tonight we will see clearing skies and it will be very cold tomorrow. some low 40s for some already. it will be many 20s and 30s over the weekend. we just have to get rid of one more system. 50s on the thames. tomorrow there will be only upper 40s. further north there will only be 40s on the high. weekend looks dry. divisibility will be great. it will not be very warm. a looking for something to do this chilly weekend, some of the holiday events happening in
8:21 am
our we can watch. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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the city of richmond, that massive plume of smoke that is coming from an auto junkyard. this fire has been going for about one hour. we are told it is the deal auto wrecking yard located on gertrude avenue in richmond. both directions of the richmond parkway are very busy.
8:24 am
especially trying to get from coco county onto the bridge in marin county. both directions are closed right now. that's between pittsburgh avenue , and gertrude. >> we are switching the view. so you can tell just how far and wide people are seeing this plume of smoke. this is the view from? san rafael. so many drivers stopping to look and see what is going on. that can cause a road hazard. here's the picture from the city. you can see it from el cerrito and kensington. it's important to note that the community warning system has not been activated because officials say they do not have information about an event that would be a concern to the public. it is something that so many people in the bay area are seeing. this picture hasn't changed.
8:25 am
the thick black plume of smoke hasn't dissipated. it hasn't turned white. it has been going this way for almost an hour. we will bring you more information. as we dry out this weekend there are plenty holiday events happening around the bay area.>> reporter: the weekend is upon us. here are a few events happening around the bay area. the oldest and largest holiday boat parade will take center stage on san francisco bay on friday from 6 to 8 p.m. decorations will parade along the waterfront. the 2016 holiday lights and boat parade at fisherman's wharf starts at 330. best views are from aquatic park, pier 39, the marina green and kristi field. step back in time as the great dickens christmas continues. this event transfers over three acres of exhibit halls into a
8:26 am
recreation of victorian london complete with pubs and theaters. t rooms, music calls and shops during this interactive holiday experience you will be treated to performance on stages and in the streets. all happening at the cow palace. across their will exhibit 200 exhibits. house working stuff and would work. it's a great place to get holiday gifts. there will be free parking and a free shuttle to and from richmond bart station to the crane way pavilion. and south bay get into the holiday spirit. winterfest great america continues. falling snow, ice skating, carousel, decorating cookies, +20 rides and lights of holiday shows. in sports, the warriors are at home. raters and sharks are on the road.>> new restrictions for teenage drivers. the new proposal that with raise the age limit from 18 to 21.>> a fire at an auto
8:27 am
junkyard, chp officials initially responded to a large pile of wrecked vehicles burning. we also know the bay area air quality district has inspectors now on the scene of that fire. more to come after the break. ♪ think of your fellow man.
8:28 am
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8:29 am
♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. this busy friday morning december 16.>> i want to get straight to the breaking news out of the city of richmond. the fire at the auto junkyard, now on scene, alex take it away.>> reporter: good morning to you guys. i just got here to the scene of this huge fire. were hearing a number of explosions coming. just take a look at the scene.
8:30 am
the fire burning out of control. it is sending up a huge plume of black smoke. it is essentially drifting east. right towards this neighborhood. this is at richmond parkway and gertrude avenue. richmond parkway is shut down entirely. you can see the flames shooting from this junkyard. we understand this is likely deal auto wrecking. that is the salvage yard in question where the fire broke out. for some reason earlier on this morning. it is burning out of control. it is unclear trying to get information from richmond firefighters. obviously there are quite busy at this time trying to get a handle on this fire. there's no word on how they plan to tackle this fire. it looks like it is burning. vehicle after vehicle, it -- you may be able to hear some of the loud pops. a number of explosions. as we showed the smoke drifting into this neighborhood off of richmond parkway, we should point out there is a shelter in
8:31 am
place. the order is in effect. anyone living near this fire scene obviously is going to want to stay indoors. this is toxic smoke. it is billowing into the air. because of the wind there is a pretty good reason. it feels to me like it is coming off of the bay. it is going east. it is pushing the smoke directly toward the homes that are nearby. obviously that is the concern. in terms of the impact for the overhaul -- over all neighborhood. at this point, it looks like this auto salvage yard is up in flames. car after car on fire. a number of explosions being heard.>> from your advantage point, does it appear they are getting water on the flames right now. maybe that's by choice? >> it's interesting, it seemed like they were standing back
8:32 am
trying to figure out the best way to approach it. as we were just speaking, right now over to the left, i just noticed that. you can see, they must have a truck. they are putting some water on it. given the size of this fire, it doesn't seem like that is going to do a whole lot. obviously they will try to get some more trucks in place and get some water on this fire. for right now you can clearly see this fire is burning out of control. in terms of the traffic situation, richmond parkway is shut down entirely. between gertrude avenue and pittsburgh avenue. we will flip the camera around. i can tell you the streets are jampacked just trying to get over here to this area. it was a nightmare. it was bumper to bumper traffic.>> alex, we know what a car fire smells like. do feel the heat? are you having trouble
8:33 am
breathing?>> reporter: in terms of the air quality, obviously it is a concern. we are standing here and out of the line of fire. because of the wind situation. it is going east. it is blowing the smoke away from where we are standing. of course it is blowing right into this neighborhood nearby. >> the health department did just confirmed there is in fact a shelter and place order along richmond parkway. north and south of gertrude avenue. hazmat teams are on the scene. clearly as our firefighters.>> reporter: richmond firefighters are here. there may be some firefighters from other neighboring agencies. we will try to get more information from one of the commanders whose here at the
8:34 am
scene about what the game plan is for firefighters. we will try to get back with you as soon as we can.>> how far away are you from the chevron refinery?>> reporter: we are a good distance. i would say probably a mile or so. that's just a guess. i can see it over there in the distance.>> we will check back in with you in just a bit. let's go to sal. >> a lot of people use richmond parkway. you saw a lot of people who were stuck at the barricades. first of all, this is what it looks like former emeryville camera. you can see all over the east bay. this might actually be a curiosity for some people. here's an alternate route to getting around the richmond parkway. if you want to get to san
8:35 am
rafael using the richmond bridge just use 80, and then you can use city streets, or you can get on back up to the 580. you can come this way over to the richmond bridge. a lot of people come around and do this. they meet the richmond bridge traffic that way. that is not an option for you this morning. that area outlined in white for you is your option. please give yourself extra time this morning. you can see the smoke from a lot of places. it is not affecting traffic for the most part. i do know that more fire units are being called to the scene. let's talk about some of the other -- i want to mention in case you are tuning in for the regular traffic update. i want to mention the traffic in general, other than the richmond bridge and parkway. it's doing pretty well around the bay area. we will keep on top of that. obviously this is having an impact on some of the traffic in richmond right now. let's go to steve who has today's bay area weather.>> the smoke is going right over his house. heading toward el cerrito.
8:36 am
after yesterday's incredible rain, but not for all. we have a northwest wind and it's cold out there. temperatures will be plunging tonight. you will feel it. there's a piece of energy coming right down the coast. we will keep some showers in the forecast. i do not think there will be to much. it will be mostly sunny. it will be a very blustery and windy day. that cold air continues to filter in. we are almost done. right along the coast, a possibility of a shower may be swinging in. 40s on the thames. many 30s in the north bay. still 40 on the peninsula. tonight these temperatures will plunge. it will be quite cold over the
8:37 am
weekend. 50s on your temps today. upper 40s for some tomorrow. civil rights attorney john burris will host a meeting today and response to the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. the community meeting will focus on tenants rights. some people living in spaces similar to the one where the fire happened are worried about mass evictions. representatives from the city will be at today's meeting. the meeting starts at 11 am in oakland. steph curry paid special tribute to the victims of the go ship fire. at last night's game and oracle he were custom shoes that had the word oakland strong written in graffiti, he also tweeted a photo of another pair shoes also with the graffiti in the word go ship. curry announced on twitter he is auctioning off both pairs to help raise money for the fire relief efforts. the money raised from the shoes will be added to the team's donation of $75,000.>> there was a health alert for parts of
8:38 am
acosta county. a huge fire that's been burning at an auto junkyard in richmond. for more than an hour now. a black plume of smoke can be seen throughout the bay area. more on the ramifications of this fire and the fire fight itself when we come back.>> if you trying to get into san rafael using the richmond bridge this will add time to your commute. this is the view from our san rafael camera. we will see some more slow traffic because the richmond parkway is closed. i will tell you more about how this affecting your morning commute.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
back now to the breaking news out of the city of richmond at the auto junkyard fire. health officials and acosta county affirming that a shelter and place has been issued for residence there in the city of richmond. this smoke can be seen northwest into the city of san rafael. san francisco, and oakland. and residents in el cerrito chiming in saying the smoke is going over their homes. steve has been reporting, winds have been pretty strong today. >> the fire itself is at an
8:42 am
auto junk are believed to be a deal auto wrecking yard. dozens of cars on fire there. the results are what you see on your screen. the plume of smoke is drifting in. the shelter in place that has been ordered along richmond parkway north and south of gertrude avenue should stay inside your home. close your doors and windows and turn off your furnace and your fans. you don't want any outside air coming in signed where you are. we will state on top of that shelter. the fire is still happening. we are staying on top of this breaking news. >> we will get back to allie to is on the same. a new bill would extend restrictions on new drivers until they are 21 years old.>> this bill aims to redo -- reduce teen accidents. the idea here is to make the provisional licenses go up to the age of 21.>> reporter: that's right. this is an idea by an east bay acosta county assemblymen.
8:43 am
the whole idea is trying to make the roads safer for the general public and safer for what he calls the most vertebral drivers. jim frazier at of oakley -- drivers who get their license at age 16 cannot legally drive between the hours of 11 pm and 5 pmãa.m. they cannot use a mobile phone or mobile device even if it is hands-free. those restrictions remain in place for a year or until the driver turns 18. assembly bill 63 would push the restrictions all the way back until the driver turns 21. there are some wiggle room in the law as it stands right now. if the 16-year-old or 17-year- old needs to get to school or to and from work, there is wiggle room. no word on exactly if that wiggle room would be in place if this provisional bills goes into place until the drivers
8:44 am
are 21. we will talk with younger drivers and older drivers to get their feedback. let's get over to -- let's talk traffic.>> richmond parkway is closed. i would not advise using it anywhere new gertrude avenue. your alternate route just go down 80, and then get onto 580 westbound using 80. you can use one of the city streets that cuts through or go down and get on the 580 as you get closer to el cerrito. right now the richmond parkway is not advised because of this fire. you can see no one is getting through. the fire is still raging along. some of the nearby residents -- have been advised to go to the
8:45 am
shelter in place. we have a crew on scene. were trying to find out more about this fire. one thing i do know for sure is there are a lot of resources that have been called in to fight this fire. let's move along to some other issues with the traffic. it is backed up for a 15 minute wait at the bay bridge. things are getting a little bit better with the commute. when it comes to the bay bridge, and getting into san francisco, we have seen some improvement. also the san mateo and the done barton bridge commutes have improved. this is a look at 280 in san jose. that is looking good. i'm looking at some of my road sensors here in san jose and i do not see a lot going on. if you're driving into the valley it's good news. you can see how good it is. we talked about the bridges, look at the san mateo and the dumbarton bridge. not bad heading across.
8:46 am
8:45 am, let's go to steve. yesterday the rain, today it's clearing out. tonight it will be cold. already a frost advisory has been issued for tomorrow morning for the bay area and the freeze warning for the bay --. we could see isolated showers along the coast. at sfo, gusting 30+. it will be a north westwind. very cold. the cold air will come down. there is a piece of energy that might rotate through. 40 still at this hour. temperatures will warm up. tomorrow a lot of these peninsula towns along with many others will be in the 20s and
8:47 am
30s. there will be lots of 20s to the north. some of the coldest air will arrive by tonight. 50 on the high. tomorrow there will be some upper 40s for the high. 20s for some of the morning lows. a frost advisory out for tomorrow morning. >> the golden state warriors and next honored veteran sidelines reporter craig sager. >> one consider a moment of silence, we thought it would be more appropriate given the way that craig lived his life and the joy that he brought to so many people. to have a moment of joy instead. i would like all of you to join me in a applause for a great man, and a life well lived. thank you.>> sager was also known for his colorful suits. he died days after being inducted to the sports broadcasting hall of fame. craig sager was 65 years old. he is survived by his wife stacy and five children.
8:48 am
a young craig sager was on the field -- april 8, 1974. sager was on the field to conduct an interview with the hall of famer. he joined cnn in 1981.>> have you done all your holiday shopping? up next last-minute gift ideas for those hard to buy loved ones on your list. at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford
8:49 am
a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget with ikea.
8:50 am
fire at an auto wrecking yard in richmond on gertrude avenue. at richmond parkway. import and traffic news, richmond parkway is closed between pittsburgh and west gertrude avenue. there is smoke as a consideration, there is a shelter in place that has been ordered. it may be unhealthy air as
8:51 am
well. >> a ton of vehicles going up in flames. may be close to 100 vehicles at the junkyard. alex savidge has been on the ground. he is doing interviews right now. we will touch base with him in the next 10 to 15 minutes. firefighters were getting water on the fire. steve paulson reporting some gusty winds. we can see this from san francisco oakland into the northwest and the city of san rafael. we will check back in with alex in just a bit. is the last day to shop for holiday gifts. the stores are expected to be busy.>> as we return to this final weekend of shopping. let's talk about what's trending, and for those of us who are at a complete loss. >> one week is left.
8:52 am
you can always give the gift of shopping. gift cards are usually appreciated. you can often give a gift card for the whole mall. they have those at stone ridge. a lot of people want something more personal. we do have some ideas in just a moment. first, i want to take you to the opening check in. we are still on down 20,000 watch. ringing the opening bell this morning, welcoming the u. s. air force to. they are kicking off their 70th anniversary celebration. and the center is debora lee james. she is secretary of the air force. the dow and the s&p 500 are up. the dow is 19,008 79 up 27 points. nasdaq is the only one with a little bit of a loss today. that is been the case in the last month. back to the shopping. if you are still shopping you
8:53 am
may be scrambling. some great ideas that will appeal to a lot of ideas. lego sets are always good. the mall also has a build a bear workshop. you can pick out darling stuffed animals that are already made. you can give a gift card for someone to come in and build their own. one thing on the wish list, wireless headphones.>> these are different. these are cool because instead of going in your ear they place in front of your ear. they conduct the sound through the school bones in your head.>> you can still what is going on around you? >> yes.>> i am not hearing my daughter's obnoxious music. >> no.>> a lot of people worry about hearing. the headphones are very different. you will have a lot of company this weekend. tomorrow and next friday,
8:54 am
december 23, are expected to be the busiest shopping days. coles is going to be open 24 hours starting december 20 all the way through christmas eve. as we've been reporting online shopping was up. in-store shopping was down over the thanksgiving weekend. i asked her how do you get people back in the malls? she was very sweet. she said you can't see santa online. we have a christmas tree lot, and decore. they have giftwrapping at the malls. there are charitable organizations. you get your gifts wrapped and done and out the door. >> it's an experience. we know that google is busy this season. they unveiled their annual snackãsanta tracker website. is an interactive site with new games that look at holiday traditions all around the world.
8:55 am
some of the games teach basic coding and language skills. on christmas eve the santa tracker will go live allowing children to track santa's progress. at a richmond a fire at an auto junkyard, dozens of vehicles up in flames. a shelter in place has been issued. we are back right after the break. on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
8:56 am
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live stream every fox2 newscast. today begins a final farewell to john glenn. he died last week at the age of 95.'s body will lie at ohio's capital building . he was the first american to orbit earth. there are even celebrating his life including today's public feuding -- viewing as low as a memorial service. to deputies for order to stand trial for the assault of an inmate last year. they are accused of beating been garcma july last year at the men still in san jose. the
8:58 am
deputies repeatedly punched him and sent him against the wall even though he was shadowed according to him. the deputies have pleaded not guilty. a man convicted of killing nine people in charleston south carolina will be back in court next month for the penalty phase. it took the jerry lesson two hours to find dylann roof guilty of all counts. the jury will reconvene next month to decide whether roof is sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty. in aleppo all the evacuations work halted after a convoy was fired upon. the government is blaming the rebels in the rubble say it was government. dozens of civilians evacuated yesterday. international aid groups try to restart the evacuation with thousands more people needing to leave aleppo. they are working on finding housing for the tens of
8:59 am
thousands of evacuees. turkey says it will take in some but not all of the refugees. a drone flying over monterey bay catches a rare sight of an orca sharing its prey. this well watch shot this video on tuesday. you see a orca with a shark in its jaws. after a while it releases its shark and another orca grabs it. they may be teaching the cavs how to hunt. the speed limit in south san francisco is being reduced from 40 miles an hour to 35 miles an hour. this is an effort to reduce accidents. caltrans it made the decision after conducting a traffic study earlier this year. new york need university has a plan to help students save money on housing. it would let students live in the spare bedrooms of senior citizens which could help
9:00 am
students by 50%. all of the money will go to the host. 10 through 15 students needs to sign up by next fall. today your weekend weather after the big storm moves to debate area. >> and nature comes knocking to the porch of a hillsboro home. >> in the video you could see the eyes. plus we are checking out merchandise as a star wars movie opens up in bay area theaters. sick black smoke just pouring from an accident in richmond. this has been our top story. the smoke continues. at about 7:30 am dozens of cars are on fire. let's go to alex savage. you are very close to the fire. >> reporter: good morning. i was just told


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