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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 20, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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ransacked, the vandalism under investigation at a santa rosa high school. struct good morning and thank you for joining us, tuesday, december 20, i am pam cook i am dave clark. >> it is cold. >> it's not as cold as yesterday or sunday. >> it is still cold. >> yesterday a lot of 20s and a hike clouds that will come in the 30s are cold enough. 32 fairfield, 32 pratt was, a little hint and upon the 40 half moon bay. if you want to go to the beach it is warm there, 48. any breeze and the north east should help the coast under mostly sunny skies, 32 cal see them come 8 degrees warmer than yesterday, 30s and 40s. a
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budget 20s yesterday. i called come over and most of the energy to the north until friday and then big changes. a cold morning but not as cold as the past two days. sun and clouds and 50s to 60s for some. it is 4:01 am and here issal we have some decent conditions out there,. let's take a look, my maps may not be up. let's come back to the tracy super commuters. first let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza or interstate or interstate 880. traffic is moving along okay. no major problems. if driving on the freeway getting up or down to the oakland airport our downtown san jose. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza even see traffic is going to be okay with no major issues driving through.
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now we can look at the tracy sipped commute you can see traffic is moving along nicely so far out of tracy coming in to livermore valley. off to a very nice start having all the way into livermore. we begin with the investigation into a truck crash in berlin germany that killed at least 12 people. 48 others injured. top german security and answer -- officer announced this quote no doubt it was a deliberate act . authorities removed the truck from the crash site and investigators said the driver ran down holiday shoppers at a busy open air market. the driver was caught running from the scene. authorities put a towel over his head as he escorted him into a police car. they are not released his identity but german media reporting he is from pakistan medicaid to germany last december as a refugee.
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authorities say he denied involvement in the crash at this point. more from jenna to ghana. witnesses say it crashed into the market without breaking at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. >> it came into the entrance and hit the side to the barriers and carried on past us. >> the christmas market is popular with locals and tourists prospectus booklet to people who were lying on the floor with broken limbs they were going to be okay. so one day be dragged away with blood on his face it >>reporter: 1-2-3 vendor says the truck tour through stands. >> endless come quick we have to close the shops paperback the truck loaded with steel stopped on a sidewalk where one person jumped out. the owner says he fear the truck driven by his cousin had been hijacked. the person driving that jumped out was not my driver. his
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cousin said that he was in berlin is scheduled to unload tuesday. officials from one person inside the truck who died while being treated by paramedics. german officials say they located the suspect a mile and half away. >> one suspect is being interrogated is likely to be the driver. >>reporter: real estate department traveled alert on the 21st thing i suspect target holiday gatherings and open market. if it is a terror attack it could further support the right wing that surge of popularity over the summer. >> the right wing party emerged as a xena phobic nationalist party and it's been gaining traction. spent over 30 sure but investigation is just beginning donald trump is poverty planning islamic terrorist for the christmas market attack and said quote innocent civilians were murdered
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in the streets as they prepare to celebrate the christmas holiday, isis and other islamic terrorists continually slaughter questions and the communities and places of worship as part of the global jihad. security in major cities worldwide is being tightened and reviewed after the berlin attack. in new york armed officers guard the entrance to a popular holiday market in central park or security is tighter at the german consulate the united nations building in london the metropolitan police are reevaluating security to protect potential terror targets. at 23 augment arrested after suspicion of vandalizing high school in santa rosa at 7:00 pm at cardinal newman high school. firefighters responded to the lord without administration building damaged and saw a man breaking windows. they call the sheriff deputies and when they arrived they arrested 23-year-old andrew
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faulkner and he is facing charges of burglary david vandalism and being under the influence of a controlled substance the deputies that he caused more than $100,000 in damage. truck oakland police say about cerner was hurt in overnight crash before 11:00 pm on 10th avenue. on 10th avenue. police told ktvu appears the bus driver swerved to avoid another vehicle on the bus crashed into a tree and car. no one else was hurt. several streets were shut down for several hours while the police investigated the crash. checks every school police say a 60-year-old woman was critically hurt after being hit by a bus last night o'clock p.m. near kearney and market streets . the skinner said the woman was walking in the area when she was hit and pinned beneath -- beneath the boss.
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trish rushed to the hospital and the investigation continues. a fire at an apartment complex and concord left 25 homeless days before christmas. the fire destroyed two units and damaged six others yesterday on laguna street. firefighters say it started in a downstairs unit. an 11-year- old was home with his grandmother and he says he opened his front door and saw the flames hit firefighters used a letter to rescue the boy and grandmother. >> i got scared and had to go through the balcony and i saw people saying to jump and i said no i am scared. >> no one was seriously hurt in the fire of the red cross is helping to put the family up in hotels for the next few days. the fire marshal says the fire started near a wall heater but the cause is not known. he says the flames spread quickly because the fire burned gas meters and electrical
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system. a group attended a live work warehouse have an uncertain future. the building was red tag for safety violations in the wake of the oakland warehouse fire with 36 people were killed. secondly martinez reports fire inspectors say it had been on the warehouse before the oakland warehouse fire. like one week before the holidays and in temperatures mike lives in a van outside his home of 18 years. like oakland go ship warehouse his help was a live work artist space which hosted music events but on friday richmond code enforcement and fire inspectors came through and red tag it maybe it's not safe to live in and all five tenants had to get out. >> they were attacked the building and in this neighborhood that is an open invitation to loot and they know that. >>reporter: he says is willing
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to do what it takes to make first round of to call test the code. >> i don't see why they couldn't have come up with a list of items to comply with. >> we asked richmond fire chief what are the problems. >> we did note that the facility didn't have power to its and had been cut off. power was being supplied they were using batteries for expect the fire chief says people were living in crawlspaces bars and chicken wire covered windows and doors led to secret rooms per the city of richmond says bert rahman was on its radar for years but the last inspection happened because of the typical ship fire. >> i got it email actually go ship fire from someone in richmond and they said i think the words were something like this is richmond's ghost ship. >> the city says the parties like those that go ship are the
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greatest concern. >> from what i've read only one person living in died and the rest are people that were -- were there for a party. >> the list of -- >> is agreeable and seems like a nice gentleman. we want to work with him and make sure that the buildings are safe. >>reporter: building she says they will get a list of violations tuesday or wednesday bert rahman has a gofundme page that raised nearly $6000 but richmond official says it will cost a lot more than that to bring the building up to code. oakland and alameda county investigate the fire attorneys for the man leasing the building are concerned he will be held criminally responsible. lawyers for derek are worried he is being accused of ignoring safety issues at the warehouse. former tenant's sake he allowed
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clutter to build up and failed to reduce fire hazards. as we told you last week well- known defense attorney tony is representing hand. sarah and two other attorneys released a statement that reads in part, quotes our investigation shows that he committed no conduct of criminal negligence and should not be made a scapegoat. in the meantime later this morning the public will have a chance to say farewell in georgia to tv sportscaster craig sager who died last week. memorial celebrating his life will be held at marietta georgia at 8 o'clock pacific time this morning. he was a beloved sideline reporter known for wearing while colorful suits. he died last thursday at the age of 65 and battled a rare form of cancer for more than two years. struct 11 minutes after 4:00 am and a santa clara judge has been cleared of misconduct and that brock turner case. the coming up at 4:30 am the
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reason his troubles may not be over. members of the electoral college cast their ballots for donald trump for president. the reaction from the president- elect and the protest that followed. we see that traffic in the east bay is off to a good start would look at highway 4 and hoping as we get closer to the holiday we will see later traffic. it is called out there but not as cold as sunday and monday morning more 30s and 40s instead of 20s and 30s but we'll see what's in store with high temperatures as a warm-up. -- they warm up.
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welcome back today a federal court in new york expected to release copies of the search warrant asked for by the fbi to search a computer for email connected to hillary clinton days after the presidential election. the emails were found on the computer that belonged to anthony weiner the estranged husband of top clinton aide. the fbi was investigating weiner over he exchanged explicit text messages with a 15-year-old girl. many clinton supporters believe the fbi reopening its investigation of hillary clinton's emails so close to the election hurt her campaign. a plant revolt against donald trump and electoral college did not succeed or trump finished with 304
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electoral college votes easily surpassing the required 270 votes to win the presidency. clinton had 227. there was a movement to get electors to cast their votes for another republican such as ohio governor john kasich or in an attempt to flip the election but hasek encouraged his electors to cast their vote for trump. >> it's an important responsibility and as a cast our vote today for the president-elect donald trump then sometime in january we will have an inauguration we will have any president. >> protester outside many of the state capitals across the country as the electors cast their ballot. the winter celebrated -- winter celebrated with a tweet think we did it thinking to all my great supporters we won the election despite the distorted and inaccurate media. people upset with the election of donald trump as
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president took to the streets of portland oregon last night as you see here hundred people marched through the streets say not my president. organizers say the electoral college is unjust and that hillary clinton should be president since she won the popular vote. 4:17 am let's check in with sal. hopefully the commute is better today. >> it was a rough morning and i think if we hadn't had any of those crashes it would have been a lot better because the committee didn't have crashes were pretty good. i want to go to the gilroy commute because northbound 101 from gilroy to san jose doesn't look too bad as you drive all the way up to san jose. it has not been a bad drive. driving into the san jose area looks good it is still nice and
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light. driving that this is a long commutes the very least you can see traffic is going to be okay. stay on the maps for me and i will drag it although it appeared because of listening to a police chase coming out of san francisco chp per the police chase is southbound 101 coming down toward south city. it is like traffic but you'll see police activity and they are heading down this way waiting for someone apparently stole a vehicle and now the vehicle is being chased by chp. let's move along 2101 and san francisco. we saw the chase go through a few moments ago. chp is keeping other vehicles away northern southbound 101 and san francisco at the parade page -- bay bridge toll plaza. at 4:18 am let's go to steve. still cold out there temperatures 30s and 40s but not as many 20s. much colder by five and 10
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degrees for some yesterday. patters change -- patterns change and getting a few high clouds and temperatures on the coast may not be that bad. santa cruz around 63 or 64 degrees little offshore push and spilling over with some higher clouds, most of us will make an impact to the north. a little bit of rain for those. but for us some higher clouds and some cloud coverage streaming into southern california more likely into the desert over there. arizona not a big deal. 32 (139 livermore up five but a couple hours ago before we get to sunrise. low 30s. she will get some upper 20s to 21 and 24 and 28. -- in truckee. . you can see some of that
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tracking the northwest and rainfall nothing until friday for us. forecast models in sync friday it to saturday looks like some rain and a cold system that can put some feet of snow into the sierra. for us 50s on the temperatures, mid-to upper. a little warmer but hard- pressed to warm up with the days so shorts. a little warmer on the first day of winter. increasing clouds thursday and rain friday into saturday and a brisk but dry sunday with a nether system the day after. >> the 21st 22nd? >> 21st. >> it felt like winter for a long time. a car was riddled with bullet holes. coming up what police say it led to the latest shootings on east bay freeway. >> it was an act of kindness
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that made that woman in morgan hill cried. houston police officers went above and beyond after her car was stolen.
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welcome back the time is 4:23 am and some new information about the truck driver who collided with a metrolink train in oxnard for the national transportation safety board says the driver
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was to directions on google maps on his smart phone the city driving on the road he got stuck on the railroad tracks and he left the truck before the truck -- train slammed into it. the ntsb has been urging navigation apps to add more alerts for grade crossings other potential hazards. we're hearing from family members of the fedex truck driver who died yesterday morning on east bay freeway while delivering holiday packages it happened early yesterday morning on interstate 680 in danville investors a 26- year-old robbie cash kumar of sacramento was killed when his fed ex truck veered off the highway and slammed into a concrete pole. his to uncle say he will be missed. >> if you needed help he was always there for you. >> he was a great soul always smiling and laughing. >> filling member said the truck driver had just purchased
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, brought his wife to the bay area from their homeland of fiji. investigators believe an icy road was to blame for the accident that took his life. in morgan hill and unexpected surprise for a single mother of four children after her car was stolen and it was full of presence. >> the police found the car but not gifts so they took matters into their own hands. here is more on what the police did to help save christmas. met marilyn santos said she was devastated after a fun day of christmas shopping turned into a nightmare last week. her black honda civic stolen in the kmart parking lot. >> athelstan because i work so hard to buy the car and just for people to take it respect inside new-car and booster seats a stroller and toys for children also upset her nine- year-old daughter maria. >> i had my christmas gifts for my teachers and they were teddy bears that i hoped they would like.
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but they lost hope that the car was found and the police spotted it at target last thursday. the two suspects used stolen credit cards tied to a burglary in san jose and while they found the car was wiped clean of presence. >> when you're a parent and you know that children are victimized as a result of a couple of crooks stealing the family car you feel for the family. met with their own money and help from the police officers association the officers went shopping replacing the lost items surprising mother maryland at police headquarters over the weekend. >> we gave her a little christmas card that said merry christmas and she smiled and was a little confused and as soon as he walked into the room she knew. >> come on in. >> thank you so much respect merry christmas. can i get a hug? >> that moment priceless
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pretty maryland to tears. >> i've never in my life that gets like that. met reminder that every cloud there is a silver lining and police of the actions of rob off on others. but we knew we were doing everything but just knowing it helped her that much and meant so much to her marilyn was very grateful. >>reporter: -- very sweet. 4:27 am, semiautomatic rifles flying off the shelves in california, the reason people are buying weapons even though some say they don't need them. we have police activity that will make a tough drive on the peninsula in one spot. let's take a look at the bridges when we come back. if you are inland it is cold. many difficult for many. a brisk 32.
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these are live pictures, those are apples and the reason we are looking at them is we our life inside sacred heart community service in san jose and volunteers are preparing those apples and other foods that they are giving away to needy families. jenin is already there and that is her camera. she's in there with the field and the volunteers and she will tell you more about this in two minutes. strategy for joining us this morning welcome back to mornings on 2 i am dave clark. >> good morning i am pam cook. it's nice to see all that. response to donate canned goods , things are not perishable. can it will be out there.


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