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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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this is one of my favorites. >> this is perfect. >> we're a few days away from christmas and of course the holiday travel in full swing this morning there are just a few of the folks you can see traveling. >> those are planes? >> those are planes i believe. >> can we get, oh, there we go got it. just trying to get perspective. >> all over the east coast. up and down the east coast. >> so people are on the move, trying to get to their loved ones for christmas but good news is no major delays at any of the bay area airports but of course we'll keep tabs on that in the coming days as the
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holiday travel season kicks up plus a big winter storm moving down from canada over the next couple of days causing issues potentially but flights running smooth here at least for us. >> that's a really cool and scary graphic. >> it is. >> i'm glad they are managing all those planes. >> glad i'm not flying into florida. you can't even see the state it's packed with planes. >> pretty incredible. well, welcome back, mornings on 2 wednesday, december 21. i'm alex savage. >> good morning i'm pack cook. let's check right in with steve. >> that's not steve. >> actually we will hear, so that's the national weather service. people talking about this, they issued an important warning to anyone planning a holiday trip today forecaster say here we're looking at snow there but here as far as the beach goes there's huge waves so let's check in with steve. is that right? >> i have no idea where that
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was. yeah that was certainly not our beaches here. >> well, no. >> if that's our beaches, we have a new lead story. >> you posted frost on the beach earlier this week, but shoveling snow. >> i thought you'd look at the flights going to the hawaiian islands. >> of course i was looking at that and wishing i was there. >> let's get to it happy first day of winter there's no snow on our beaches although frost on the beaches on sunday and monday which was impressive enough and extremely rare. temps have come way up, a weak system brushing across right there right there right there. it will be out of here though by about i'd say 9:00, most of it should be out of the picture but that will keep the lows from getting down to very cold temps 30, 40s, to 50s some locations running a good 10-15 degrees warmer than yesterday but still clearing is taking place rapidly to the north on a peninsula. 50s for some, a balmy morning for a few overall though look for a lot of sunshine and a little warmer on the temps in fact more low 60s than upper
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50s. happy first day of winter, sal. >> well same to you steve. we're off to a decent start here in solano county starting on interstate 880 westbound, it is not a bad commute at all. driving from vaccaville, fairfield into vallejo and continuing through this area, it has been a very nice drive and there have been no major problems driving through and the cordeliahad junction where traffic splits off still looks pretty good driving on 680 or 80 heading down to either of the bridges. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is light. now normally it is at 4:30 in the morning or so we'll see what happens at 5:30 and be a biggest to see how many people are actually going today. northbound 280 in san jose, that looks good which is that's 280 on the right and it looks good getting up to highway 17. at 4:33 let's go back to the desk. >> sal, thank you very much. now to breaking news we first told you about at the top of the newscast.
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the search continues for a possible third shooting suspect at a san jose car dealership. >> yeah, ktvuhad is there on scene now. what can you tell us about what's going on? >> reporter: we just got here in the last five minutes we're here at the intersection of stevens creek and came chi is blocked off and part of it is shutdown. there's about 20 police officers here they are con ducking a search so you could see lots of activity right now. we're told they do have two canines that are searching for a man that may be involved with the shooting. we don't know who he was shooting at if he was shooting into the air, but we know there are two people in custody. one of the men whose been kicking around a police car is now in restraints the other one is in another patrol car looking for a third subject. to get more information about how this all started we go to lieutenant paul joseph with the san jose police department. tell me how did this all smart. >> reporter: the santa clara
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police department requested emergency assistance from san jose pd. a santa clara officer was in the area and heard a gun shot, saw subjects involved in some kind of a fight and then saw one of those subjects firing a pistol. they detained two of the subjects in the area of a car they were associated to, a third subject with the first two then went into the car dealership here and as he did that he discarded a handgun on the sidewalk. >> so right now, you're searching stevens creek toyota and you don't know what their motivation is? >> we are searching stevens creek toyota for the outstanding person and trying to find out if he's the one that discarded the handgun that's what the santa clara officer believes and if in fact that person could be injured for all we know. we need to find him to see what his connection to this event is. >> do we know what they were doing out here why they had a gun? what were they shooting "? >> we don't have answers to that right now. >> we see they are behind the patrol car there, there's a gentleman on the ground, in
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restraints, been very loud. what happened there? >> he was trying to kick out the windows of the patrol car, told numerous times to stop doing that or he would be put into a restraint preventing him from kicking out the windows and he continued to kick the windows so the santa clara officers had to further restrain him. >> so there's road closures happening now. tell me how long is that going to be, what's closed? >> we have kylie closed between albany and stevens creek and stevens creek closed between i believe lupena and kylie and until we complete the search those remain closed. hopefully won't be too much longer but i can't give you an exact estimate. >> should people around here at all be concerned? i don't know if this other guy is armed. he said there's a weapon that was discarded. >> we recovered one firearm. it doesn't mean there isn't another one in his possession, so obviously we're doing our best we believe we will have the person contained within this block and doing our best to locate him. >> thank you splotch we'll stay here on scene and continue to
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monitor the situation but be aware if for some reason you're heading out the door try to avoid the area of stevens creek and kylie because there's an ongoing search for a gentleman that may be involved in a shooting here. back to you. >> thank you for that. we'll check back in with you in a little bit. 4:37 is the time right now. now to our continuing coverage of a police chief for san francisco. william scott goes by the name of bill scott will take over the department in january. the 52 year old has been with the los angeles police department since 1989. san francisco mayor ed lee says he picked scott because he showed an ability to move a police department forward. scott helped implement reforms at the la police department, interim san francisco chief tony chaplin attended yesterdays announcement and tells us at ktvu news he will remain with the police department and do everything he can to ease the transition for scott. >> i'm going to be here for the
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foreseeable future and support the new chief. i'm going to continue to support the members of the san francisco police department. i think we have the best department on the planet and i don't plan on leaving any time soon. >> [applause] >> well scott has been married 29 years, has three children which is, he accepted the san francisco job on his wedding anniversary and he says he supports restrictions on use of force and favors arming officers with stun guns. those have been very big contentions there in san francisco. well a number of san francisco city leaders are already coming out and endorsing scott's hire. >> it's time to lead san francisco in the right direction and i think that we picked a good leader. >> senator dianne feinstein issued a statement congratulating him calling him a fine and well respected of ther who worked with staff in los angeles. she says her aids found him "a man of integrity who possesses a genuine committment to public
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service." >> while san francisco filled its less chief openings there are still vacancies atop several other bay area police departments. oakland has been without a permanent police chief since june. hayward, pal a alt o and the bart police department also have openings at the top as well. the city of san joses pension plan overpaid hundreds of retired police officers and firefighters, a total of nearly $1 million dating back 20 years. this is according to a report from the san jose mercury news. the paper says 300 san jose's 2000 retired police officers and firefighters have been notified. they were overpaid. legally, any overpayments must be repaid to the pension fund in some cases the retired officers and firefighters are being told they owe thousands of dollars and many say that's not fair because they had no way of knowing that they were being overpaid. a new state law meant to speed up the appeals process in
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death row cases is now on hold. the california supreme court halted implementation of proposition 66 as it considers a legal challenge. now last month, voters were asked to decide two death penalty measures. they rejected a ban on the death penalty but approved prop 66 which sets limits on lengthy appeals in the death row cases. opponents argue the new law won't allow defense attorneys time to file proper appeals. supporters of prop 66 say the lawsuit is a stall tactic. police in pleasanton are searching for two men who they say robbed a woman as she was leaving the stone ridge mall. this happened about 11:30 yesterday morning. police say those two men approached the woman in the parking lot, one pointed a gun at her and demanded her property while the other acted as a lookout. the man then ran know a green car and drove off. the gunman in this case is described by police as latino, between 18-20 years old about five foot four with a slender
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build and at the time he was wearing a beanie, dark sweater and gray pants. the other man involved in this holdup was described as african american, light skinned 18-20 years old and five foot four and at the time of the crime he was wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt. health officials now know what killed three people and sicken 2-d 2 others who ate at a charity people on thanksgiving day. it was a bacteria. now the centers for disease control has not determined exactly what the people ate that made them sick but they do say most of the people ate turkey and mashed potatoes around the same time. the bacteria is one of the most common causes of food born illnesses. there are about 1 million cases diagnosed every year. it is most often found on raw meat and poultry. the cdc says the bacteria can survive high temperatures though. outbreaks often happen when
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previously cooked food is kept warm for a long period of time before serving. muni lines back up and running this morning after an accident last night in san francisco. have a look at what happened here when a light rail vehicle hit a car. this happened in the mission bay area near at&t park on the t third line at about 7:30. muni says no one was hurt here but service was delayed for about an hour or so. we have no word yet from investigators on exactly how that car got in front of the train. we have new information at eastbay mud has lifted the health warning at the oakland estuary after more than a million gallons of partially treated wait water spilled in following last weeks rain storms. for the first time in a week and a half signs warning people about high toxic levels of sewage were removed. locals fear the problem will return when the next big rain hits. eastbay mud reports two heavy rain storms this month overpowered its sewage treatment plant with storm
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water. 132000-gallons of diluted sewage spilled in to the estuary last year much of it from a pipe. >> the wastewater system is designed to treat wastewater from your toilets, showers. it's not designed to treat rain water coming into the system but unfortunately, because of the effects on the system, rain water does come in through our pipes and through pipes in private homes. >> the last sewage leak happened in 2014 where 14,000- gallons leaked into the estuary just a fraction of what happened this month though. eastbay mud says it is in the early stages of a 22 year plan to repair and replace its aging pipes. this morning we've learned the new superintendent of the pleasanton unified school district has been placed on administrative leave. rick ravino was hired back in july. the school district was placed on leave on monday, pending an investigation into what's being described as a personnel matter. the district would not release
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any further details. a district spokesman says an investigator will be hired by the school board to look into that personnel matter. the family of a teenager who was killed by a falling tree branch is speaking out about a lawsuit it filed again the city of oakland. 16 year old jack lewis was climbing a tree next to lake merit last december when a limb broke off. he fell to the ground and the branch hit him in the head. his family is now suing the city saying officials knew the tree was dangerous because it was marked for removal but they didn't post any warning signs well, the time here 4:44. a vallejo pawn shop owner is shot and killed on the job. the search under way this morning for the people involved in this crime and how other nearby store owners are reacting to what happened. also the raiders are headed to the playoffs and now individual players are being recognized, we'll have more on the seven raiders headed to the pro bowl. good morning we had looking at a commute that's not too bad
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out there starting off very well, this is northbound 101 in san francisco and looks pretty good approaching the 80 split. well you might have had to kick the extra blanket off last night because our lows were in the 50s for some, 40s for others, it's a lot of cloud cover over us we'll talk about a warmer day on this first full day of winter. ,i,88rwow
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welcome back it's 4:47 and the warriors are headed back out on the road after wrapping up an undefeated home stand. both warriors and the utah jazz got off to a slow start last night at oracle. game as scoreless for more than three minutes, pretty unusual. second quarter though was a lot better and the warriors went to the locker room at the half with 22 point lead. the jazz did not get much closer the rest of the game.
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steph curry finished with 25, and 104-74 final. that's the fewest points the warriors allowed off season and we want to show you this. during the break in the game, yes, i love when that happens. >> that's very nice. >> an oakland man hit that half court shot and he won 5,000 dollars. the crowd goes wild. because you really are rooting for the person. >> coach is like i got to have this guy on the team. >> sign him up. >> got the chance to try for the big prize after coming out on top of a free throw competition. >> that's fantastic good for him. well let's talk raiders football here a number of raiders players are being rewarded, honored for the teams fantastic season, the league high seven raiders are headed to the pro bowl that begins with the quarterback derek car and wide receiver amari cooper both headed to orlando at the end of january for the pro bowl
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game. defensive star mack will join the squad and this is the most raiders players on a pro bowl team since 1991. now also joining the afc pro bowl team three members of the offensive line have been critical to protecting derrick car all season long, allowing just 15 sacks. safety reggiex nelson headed to orlando as well and as for the other local football team, the 49ers they did not have any pro bowl selections this year unfortunately. >> i don't think people are shocked unfortunately, no. 4:49 is the time right now. well bidding is under way in an auction to benefit the victims of the go ship warehouse fire. the warriors steph curry is selling too pairs of shoes he wore on the court last week. you might remember those custom one of a kind shoes, the oakland strong is on one pair, fans are reaching out for these collectibles looking at the current bids right now, $10,000
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for his white game worn shoes with oakland strong painted on them. the colorful warm up shoes also passing the $10,000 mark, bidding ends december 30 all proceeds can go to the will go to the you caring oakland fire relief fund. >> so great to see that's fantastic. great way to raise money. >> great way to raise money. that's fabulous. >> 10,000 right now but by the time we get to the end of the month who knows where that will be. 4:50 the time right now. sal, how we doing the traffic volumes you talk about it. they will drop off here with each day as we head toward the holiday right? >> that's right. >> are you noticing that? >> we're seeing a little bit of that alex and pam, already seeing traffic on 580 the altamonte pass commute so there is some slow traffic as we go to the map here on 580 you can see slowing on 205 and 080 now looking pretty normal so some people obviously still having to go on this wednesday, into
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livermore it doesn't look bad getting out to the dublin area. let's talk about the cinema pay o bridge and westbound 92 the traffic looks pretty good heading out to the high rise and continuing over to highway 101 and at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the traffic is still light so right now is a good time to go visibility is good. 4:51, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. good morning, everybody. we do have a weak little system dragging across and that's giving us a lot of cloud cover but more importantly its brought those lows way up and for some you might have kicked off that blanket last night pamela. >> that's exactly what i did. >> exactly what i did. man it's warm in here what's going on. >> yeah. >> i looked at the thermometer and it said 53-degree that's why. cloud cover held everything up but it's moving out pretty quick. there is very interesting lows here in just a second. 40s for more, 59 half moon bay, it's 59 degrees. little north east breeze, 39 in santa rosa far cry from that 26
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they had the one sunday and if it feels warmer to you it is. nine degrees warmer for oakland, 10 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago at livermore and 9 at concord so most locations 5- 10 degrees warmer cloud cover certainly does help but will clear out later 30s for some, morgan hills, san marteen and 44 santa cruz, 30s boulder creek and scotts valley but higher elevation find mid 50s so there's warmer era loft, 39 santa clara to 32 in truckie, 36 reno so mountains warmed up, there goes our system we're okay today and most of them we'll start to increase the clouds and the rainfall though from our system coming in if it starts late thursday be on the north coast more likely friday, watch how it sweeps through so friday afternoon the heaviest locks to be friday afternoon late friday night into early saturday, so if you are traveling friday is probably the toughest day and the snow levels come way down saturday does look like we get a break
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sunday possibility of another system on monday but the forecast models are all over the map on that one. there's three of them that just say it will be here, there, more rain it will rain, so we'll tackle that early next week, but today, all about sunshine, mostly sunny and warmer temps, hello winter. mostly sunny thursday and then cloudy with rain and the cold air comes in late friday into saturday, sunday will be okay, just cold and breezy. >> so probably we can have a fire in the fireplace saturday and sunday with the rain moving in, do you think? >> i would think so yes. >> assume thises no spare the era lets or anything? >> alex just light up a fire don't you worry about it. >> i have your permission? >> it should clear out. >> well channel 2 says-- >> he told me i could light a fire. >> but usually when the rain moves in you can. >> it should clear it out and plus the breeze will be there too. >> thank you, steve. 4:53 we are coming up on our 5:00 hour and bay area couple together for more than 75 years.
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>> give me your hand. we like to hold hands. >> how cute. we're going to tell you the secret to their love and longevity coming up, as they get ready to celebrate a milestone christmas. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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tran01 welcome back to more
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news on 2. there will soon be more crowds to enjoy the holiday season. the california game announced more areas will open to crab fishing. following recent tests showing crap is safe to eat. the crab season officially began last month. an agency that defends the nation will help track santa the season. norad has been tracking santa since 1955. starting on saturday, norad will post since his whereabouts online. the agency says santa has the tough task ahead of him delivering presence around the world. >> it is tough and it is fun to watch how quickly he makes it around the globe. in oakland woman will mark
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the milestone on christmas day. she will be celebrating her 100th birthday. her husband turned 103 last month. >> give me your hand. >> she and her husband henry have lived in the same home for 67 years. they met in their 20s in los angeles. they were married in 1940. romance and patience are the key to the successful marriage. they have six children, seven grandchildren and 14 great- grandchildren. congratulations. segina wonderful example. we should all have patience. 4:58 am in the search is continuing in the south bay in san jose for the person who could be responsible for a shooting in the area. possibly hiding out inside the car dealership. , one neighborhood in the south
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bay has a burglary problem. up next, what might be to blame and how police are responding to the surge in crime.
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straightforward news , weekdays on ktvu fox 2. a meeting today about in new use of force for the semper sc


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