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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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san francisco and residents are saying this is becoming a common occurrence since the deadly fires -- warehouse fire and they want it to stop. a violent arrest at the embarcadero b.a.r.t. station . good afternoon. i am claudine wong. >>residence anywhere house in san francisco have just learned they have less than 30 days to move out. this comes after the deadly ghost warehouse fire in oak lawn. >> we are live in san francisco , going inside to find out why the landlord wants those tenants to move out. >> reporter: this goes back to the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. this is a ripple effect.
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people living in this artist collective in san francisco say they are now being forced out by the property owner. this is the place behind us, that warehouse with the blue paint on the outside known as bernal house right on peralta avenue. the tenants were giving -- given a 30 day eviction notice last week sometime. as we're going to show you, earlier today a task force from the city showed up for a safety inspection. this was previously announced the tenants knew they were coming. that team of inspectors included members of the building department as well as electricians, fire inspectors. obviously, they were looking to see that everything was up to code and that the safety concerns were mets. eight people -- were met. eight people rent space inside of this building. to be clear, this space is not permitted for residential use
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and the tenants are concerned now. >> if we lose this, i can't imagine finding another place comparable that i can afford in this city. i don't anticipate finding something else. >> reporter: do you believe this is a safe place? and it absolutely, i definitely believe this is a safe place. i did quite a lot of instruction myself inside. i have a lot of experience in construction. yes, absolutely safe. >> reporter: the tenants say this inspection was prompted by the landlord. it's unclear if that is the case. it may be that this moved up the priority list for the city after the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. they're going to figure out if there are any code violations
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with this commercial building where people are obviously living. it's possible that changes could be made to make this a safe place for people to live so that these tenants do not have to be forced out. as we bring you back out here to live picture, the tenants of the bernal house had less than 30 days to vacate this piece of property. the landlord is clearly concerned about his liability in the wake of the ghost ship fire and we are seeing that play out in san francisco at this artist collective here in the bernal heights neighborhood . >> to be clear, folks have been told they need to leave. there is a window of opportunity that they could stay if the city and landlord get together on this? >> that is the hope that the tenants have. >> reporter: speaking candidly with people that are part of this inspection, it sounds like there may be a way to find a pathway to make this a legal space. if there is such a solution, the tenants are hoping that the city would work with them and work with the landlord to bring this place up to code, if there
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is such a way to do that. it doesn't sound like the city wants to necessarily force these folks out, but they do have a go eviction notice and the clock is ticking. these tenants are hoping a solution can be worked out. >> something transpiring in the bay area after that ghost ship warehouse fire. this wasn't delivered this morning to the san francisco department of building inspections, calling for a moratorium on inspections across the bay area. this petition has been signed by thousands. this is in regard to artists that live in warehouses. >> the law is one thing but community is another. when you take a punitive approach you are displacing communities and you're hurting artists. these laws are well- intentioned but they often have very negative consequences.
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>> the artists say -- artist warehouses in san francisco had been red flagged. others are concerned about eviction. a man has killed someone in city park. the victim was found at 7:15 in mosswood park just across the street from the kaiser permanente medical center. he was stabbed multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene.'s name has not yet been released. police have not released any information about a possible suspect or motive either. this is the 82nd homicide in oakland this year. south bay police have called up a search for a third suspect in connection to an overnight shooting. this happened near the stevens creek toyota dealership. this area was shut down until about 60 is running. santa clara police saw the gun flower -- gunfire. san jose police were called in
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for assistance at about 2:15 is running. two suspects were quickly detained and they spent hours looking for a third man who left the gun at the dealership. beside -- despite bringing in k- 9 units they couldn't find him. of the other two suspects, one is facing charges because he kicked in windows. the other suspect was released. a man is suspected of trying to shoot and kill someone outside of a bowling alley. detectives were able to obtain this sketch from eyewitnesses but they say he is 5'6", latino, 30 years old, weighing about 180 pounds pretty allegedly sought a victim -- shot a victim in the parking lot . he was seen leaving the lot in this c2 30 mercedes. it had paper license plates. the victim is recovering in a hospital in stable condition. anyone with any information is urged to call police.
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new at noon, police by the camera footage at an arrest from july. this is from one of the arresting officers' body cam it. this was july 29 picture is last week were deadlocked on three misdemeanors and decided on four other charges. >> there is no other explanation as to why they are stopping him. they don't say, we have a report of a gun. we need to search you. we have a report that you committed the robbery. -- a robbery. they just say, get on the ground. get on the ground. the other thing is the officer already had his arms behind his back at that point when they said get on the ground. >> he is urging the city to drop the remaining counts
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against smith who had already been arrested in 2013 and 2014 on misdemeanor charges. san francisco police commissioners hope to take action tonight on some controversial changes to the department office use of force policy. >> where live to explain what is on the table and where the new incoming police chief stance on some of these issues. >> reporter: this meeting comes just one day after bill scott was introduced to san francisco as his next -- as our next police chief. bill scott, a 27 year veteran at lapd comes to san francisco at a contentious time. the commissionable is to permit are at odds against the use of force policy. >> we want a reformer and we think we have a reformer. >> reporter: scott was with the lapd and he helped increment changes but the department of justice. >>he has been in the lapd, a department about reform. andy's doj terminations have to
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be implemented. >> these are the things they talked about in the interviews. they knew certainly, mayor ed lee new in the commission new where he stood on those issues. >> reporter: those issues will be on the table at the commissioner meeting including a department of justice for combination to prohibit officers from firing their officers at moving vehicles. in may a san francisco police -- inmate san francisco police shot and killed a woman in the bay area who had been driving a car. >>the doj recommends that there is no shooting at cars. >> reporter: on the los angeles police commission -- many years ago the los angeles police commission band shooting at cars unless the person had a weapon. >> this is a difficult thing but we adapt. once the policy is written, we adapt. >> there will be exceptions to a band, a niece -- nice or
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berlin type of terrorism attack would be the exception. approving these exceptions without giving the officers tasers could leave the officers with no other choice than to use other lethal force in some instances. scott has been on the record as saying he's in favor of tasers. new research could provide fuel to the use of force debate. this study was published in the journey -- journal for a medical mouth -- journal for american medical health. 2200 incidents were investigated between 2000 and 2014. after two eating he had been -- after tweeting he had
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been removed from his delta airlines flight, he has created quite a stir. he was on the phone talking to his mom in arabic and he claims the language made some passengers uncomfortable causing delta airlines to remove him and his friend from the airplane. delta responded saying, two customers were removed from a flight due to a disturbance in the cabin which cause more than 20 other passengers to express discomfort. alta is reviewing the matter and says it takes allegations of discrimination area seriously. he is known for posting online pranks. he and his friends were booked on another flight. the attorney general's office is meeting with uber to discuss cell driving cars to pick up passengers in san francisco. the d.a. says they failed to get proper permits. uber says they don't need a permit because they still have drivers behind the wheel. 80s singer [ name
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indiscernible ] posted these pictures on twitter. marks as a passenger on the flight from vietnam to korea attacked other passengers and crew members. his wife jumped into subdue the man after he started pulling a hero flight attendants. they say the crew was not equipped to handle the situation which lasted for four hours. mark says he does not consider himself a hero. he says he just did what everyone would have done in that situation. >> i was going to get into my richard marx and start seeing by -- singing but i won't do that. after the break, who officials are now searching for in the berlin attacks and what we know about it. police in vallejo and identify the poncho -- pawnshop owner that was gunned down during a robbery in his store. a new storm is making its way to the bay area embryologist steve paulson will tell us what you should expect for your christmas forecast coming up.
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new information about the berlin attacks suspect, german authorities issued this wanted notice for a tunisian truckdriver. they say they consider him armed and dangerous. they say he has used egyptian and lebanese citizenship documents and has used six different aliases.
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>> they say he is in his early 20s and entered europe italy before migrating to germany. as gregg park tells us german officials had them under -- him under surveillance earlier this year for several months. >> reporter: they have a new suspect in the terror attacks of the christmas market in berlin. he's a pakistani -- instead of the original pakistani man they are now looking for a tunisian man he applied for asylum and applied for citizenship even though he was on a terror watchlist. >> they have spent the entire night questioning people to put together this jigsaw puzzle. >> reporter: they claimed one of their soldiers was responsible for this attack, isis says. the manhunt comes as christmas markers begin to reopen around
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berlin. vendors and visitors have began to return to normal life. >> i can't really say i am particularly afraid. >> >> translator: they are the always -- they are always the ones that say they are scared. >> reporter: thousands of soldiers and police are providing a visible presence of safety as the holidays approach. >> we came here and there were police and military everywhere. it doesn't really matter. we just have to go on. apartment police say the manhunt is nationwide and could go international. the last location of the suspect is a small town on the germany- holland mortar. in syria evacuations have resumed in aleppo. buses are carrying the last of the civilians. an estimated 20,000 people have been bused out of aleppo to rebel help
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areas. happy first day of winter that started at 2:44 this morning. we have sun morning lows that 50s, a couple of 30s and a lot of 40s. the cloud cover will make way for sunshine is a day goes on. it's really not too bad, we have modified things a bit. there's rain to the southwest in southern california. the system from this morning has cleared out for the most part, but look at all the moisture streaming into california and even arizona has a. travel plans will be impacted with clouds and rain. some temperatures are about the same as they were 24 hours ago. many areas are quite a bit warmer, these are the temperature differences. there's not much left in the sierra. they had a little bit of snow
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in the sierra, higher peaks. rain is moving to san diego and parse -- and parts of oceanside in l.a., heading into las vegas and even arizona. we get a pretty nice wednesday and on the false -- first two day of winter will be similar to today, mostly clear. the system is on its way for rain and mountain snow but won't start until friday, friday morning for some on friday afternoon and friday evening for the bulk of the precipitation. there could be some very impressive snow totals, maybe one to 2 feet at the snow level goes way down especially saturday morning. be a good -- be advised, friday into saturday could be the toughest travel. sunday or monday look pretty good. if you're heading out today, temperatures will be in the upper 60s and low 60s, mostly sunny on thursday and clouds and rain for friday, clearest -- clears out saturday night and christmas looks cold but
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sunny. an important warning for anyone planning to go to a bay area beach today, forecasters say the waves are high. -- let's talk about the waves. he's actually talking about is now. waves are expected to be as high as 20 feet in the greater bay area. this is from sonoma to monterey county. it will not snow with a beach. it does look very cold. [ laughter ] this is expected to last until 6:00 tonight. if you are planning to go to the beach today, keep a close eye out for the big and potentially dangerous waves. 7-eleven customers could soon be closer to getting the big oak delivered by a drone -- big gulp
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the city of san jose's pension plan overpaid hundreds of retired police officers and firefighters for a total of $1 million going back 20 years. according to the mercury news, 300 of san jose's retired firefighters and police officers have been notified that they were overpaid. legally, any overpayments must be repaid to the pension fund. in some cases the retired officers and firefighters are being told they all thousands of dollars. many of them say this is not fair because they have no -- had no way to know that they were being overpaid. for the first time in
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california history to stay discovering -- cutting public retiree pensions. critics say bad investments have caused -- caused the retirement fund billions of dollars it needs to cover pensions for almost 2,000,000 people. they say that they overestimated the rate of return this year. calpers expects investment returns to be smaller than the future and is currently selling assets to cover the shortfall. >> we are covering -- paying more in benefits than we are covering and contributions person that we are the ones that are going to pay for this. >> an example for all of california -- >> for all of the retirees. >> calpers insists its pension funds are healthy but critics say that's not exactly true especially when you consider calpers relies on thousands of city and municipal entities to pay into the fund to keep it going. starting next may, alaska airlines and delta airlines will discontinue their partnership. in conjunction with announcing
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that, alaska airlines revealed several frequent-flier program enhancements. there will be benefits for as little as 5000 miles. the dow has been down but it's now at 19,958. the s&p 500 is also down. the nasdaq is also down by about 10 points. two more twitter executives are flying then asked. at a messinger mvp of products, just mcfarland both announced their departures from the social media company. twitter has seen an executive exodus, especially in its product team which has seen three new heads in less than one year. they had been in cost-cutting mode, announcing in october that it was shedding 9% of its workforce.
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stocks are still down 20%. mark zuckerberg posted a video of this homemade assistant in action. >> ♪ good morning jarvis. >>good morning mark. it's saturday so you only have five meetings. room temperature is set to a cool 68 degrees. >> jarvis is so helpful. the artificial intelligence system called jarvis is released by -- as the voice of, you know the name, actor morgan freeman. it has features such as face recognition at the front or. there were funny moments as well. >> jarvis can play all of our favorite music. play us some good nickelback, jarvis. >>i'm sorry mark. i'm afraid i can't do that. there are no good nickelback songs. >> good, that was actually a test. >> nickelback is not happy right now. dr. burke says -- mark
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zuckerberg says this is still in development. he is responding to ideas within that comment area. 7-eleven stores are known for convenience. they have just completed their first testing to customers -- of delivery to customers by unmanned drones. they used a nap and could follow the drone from the store to the air to the front door. is included hot and cold foods and over-the-counter medications their deliveries took less than 10 minutes. >> that's very interesting. neighbors and 1 south bay community are concerned about a recent rise in home burglaries. >> they literally say they are scared of leaving their home. >> coming up, the action one group of residents is taking to keep their community safe and police are -- and the actions police are taking. president obama just did something to try to cement his legacy. the latest twitter rant from the president-elect coming up.
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the $3.50 sub of the day. only at subway. vallejo police are hoping surveillance video will help them identify two members responsible for a deadly shooting upon shot. the men burst into the pawn advantage store on springs road around 3:00 yesterday afternoon and shot and killed the owner who has now been identified as 49-year-old timothy pult . a
12:31 pm
disabled worker in a wheelchair was also seriously wounded and the owner's dog was killed. customers are stunned by the news. >> i was in the mcdonald's and i heard the shots. i stayed over there. i didn't want to get shot. >> was this hate? did someone get mad? >> you try to start a small business and you end up in a situation like this during the holidays, using -- losing your life doing it. >> from the store's they split page, pawn advantage open three years ago and is stocked with jewelry, tools and musical instruments. police won't say what if anything was stolen. they had vague descriptions of the suspects. two men were in dark hooded sweatshirts. one group of neighbors is coming together to protect
12:32 pm
their neighborhood against the spike in crime. >> reporter: -- >> they are helping police tracked down a suspected serial killer. >> reporter: longtime residents of this neighborhood are experiencing something they have never dealt with before, --. >> people are really scared. i even got a message from our facebook page, people literally say they are scared of leaving their homes. >> reporter: a rash of burglaries in the past few weeks, this is posted telling what homeowners are coming home to. they fear it could be a serial burglary crew. >>it's the same individuals that are doing it because everyone has seen a silver car like a honda or something like that. everyone keeps mentioning the same vehicle. >> this is a total surprise. >> this is not a crime-ridden neighborhood.
12:33 pm
it's unusual to have to think this way. report like according to officials, it's not just this neighborhood. crime is up in the city. >>[ indiscernible ] cases in the city in one month is a lot. >> reporter: we showed you burglars caught on camera in willow glen last week not even hiding their faces. the bottom line is burglar activity is it because manpower is down. >> we are shortstaffed. i don't want to sugarcoat it. >> reporter: they want residents to protect themselves., mistakes are leaving the -- common mistakes are leaving the garage door opener in the car and leaving the window open showing presents under the tree. >> find something better to do with your time. people are trying to live our lives. stay out of our neighborhood. we don't need it. we are going to organize and make sure we find you. >> the flyers say they are also
12:34 pm
driving around, taking it upon themselves to patrol the area. in pleasanton police are searching for talk men may say robbed a woman as she was leaving a stoneridge mall. this happened at about 11:30 this happened at about 11:3030 morning. two meaning -- two men approached a woman and one pointed a gun at her while the other acted as a lookout. they then ran to a green car and drove away. they are described as latino, 18 to 20 years old about 5'4" with a slender build. the first suspect was wearing a beanie. the other one was described as african-american, light-skinned and also african-american and also 5'4". he was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. san mateo county deputies are looking for the hit-and-run near -- hit-and-run driver who critically injured a pedestrian. the victim was a man in his 30s and was hit while he was in the crosswalk.
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he was rushed to san francisco generally major injuries. deputies believe the hit-and- run driver was behind the wheel of a small red suv similar to a toyota rav4. a woman coming to help her stranded son ended up crashing into his car sending them both to the hospital. this happened after the 17-year- old boy's suv broke down in the center divide. he called his mother for help and as she was arriving to help him out she crashed into another car. her car then flipped over and landed on top of her sons car -- some's car. some advice that the woman gave her some may have saved his life according to highway patrol. >> she said stay in the car, keep your seatbelt on and put your flashers on. that's excellent device if ever you break down. >> both are expected to be okay. the driver of the third vehicle was not seriously injured. happening now, officials in san francisco are opening the city's first-ever detective intersection for people walking and riding bicycles.
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that is at ninth and division street. these new additions mean there are concrete islands at the corners to slow turning cars and physically separate people and bikers from driving. it's also at an angle so it's easier to see people and healed. last night members of the city's bicycle coalition gave away free bicycle rights for people driving in the dark -- riding in the dark work they helped install them as well. >> this is really important for people to know that they need a white front light and a red rear light. we were giving these two folks that were driving without lights. >> a handed out about 200 pairs of light last night. the coalition typically installs about 1000 pairs of lights on bicycles each year. and unexpected spike in sicken -- sick calls for muni
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bus says this is causing a slowdown. they didn't have enough substitute operators because of the continued driver shortage pick they don't believe anything nefarious was underway with the collins. wastewater spilled into the estuary following the rainstorm last week. hypoxic -- high levels of toxins were removed to people are afraid that the toxins will come back when the next big rain hits. that sewage treatment plant was overpowered with water. >> it's designed to treat wastewater, not rainwater coming into the system. unfortunately because of the effect on the system, rainwater does come in through our pipes and through pipes in private homes.
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>> the last sewage leak happened in 2014 one 14,000 gallons leaked into the estuary. that's a fraction of what happened this month. east bay mud says it's in the early stages of a 22 year plan to repair and replace its aging pipes. on the peninsula, public work crews in foster city are doing some emergency repair work on a damaged sewer line. the sewer line is near the intersection of east hildale public work crews in foster city are doing some emergency repair work on a damaged sewer line. the sewer line is near the intersection of e. hildale blvd. and show boulevard. city inspectors blame the problem on aging pipes. volunteers in san francisco hit the road with bags of holiday meals but they are delivering them to homebound people around the city. >> our own alex savage was there to help with some of those morning deliveries. report mccaw hall lot of activity on the meals on wheels -- at the meals on wheels center in san francisco. here was an assembly line, putting all sorts of different food line -- items into grocery bags for seniors in need in san francisco. they are preparing 500 grocery bags that will be given to low
12:39 pm
income seniors and others in the community who for whatever reason, are unable to leave their homes. the volunteers here, many of them are from a company called nitro in san francisco picnicking down early to get these grocery bags ready. i want to bring in carl [ name indiscernible ] who is with meals on wheels. you are trying to make sure that as we head up to the christmas holiday that people have enough food to eat in our community, people who can't leave our homes >> that's exactly it. for us the holiday season is about several things. it's about no senior being forgotten. that's such an important part. in delivering food, we are also making that contact which is so important, particularly if you are homebound. the other part is the generosity in the bay area. we have companies here who came early this morning to assemble givebacks. we have folks who donated these gifts. we've worked with the food bank to get all of this food out. and of course we couldn't do it without all of the volunteers that come every single
12:40 pm
wednesday. >>the seniors who will be getting these deliveries all with the food, they are also going to get special gifts as well. you have some handmade cards. >> we have handmade cards and placemats elementary schools from all over the bay area has helped us out with that. we have jour deli chocolate -- ghirardelli chocolates as well as towels. we want to have things that are very practical. >> they get the food a wonderful gifts and the personal interaction as well. >> that's probably one of the most important parts of all of this. >> catherine is knocking. who are we visiting? >> we are visiting [ name indiscernible ] hi, good morning. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> [ indiscernible - multiple speakers ] [ laughter ] >> it's good to see you. >> yes. >> i am alex with channel 2. >> is this a surprise? >> we wanted to be a good surprise. >> thank you very much.
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a lot of things you have brought me. [ foreign language being spoken ] >> what did i just say? >> [ indiscernible - multiple speakers ] [ laughter ] >> what a cutie! the nonprofit agency sacred heart is still collecting toys for needy children and is in need of more donations before the giveaway tomorrow. yesterday sacred heart community services was short of about 1000 toys and people came through in a big way donated to the charity pick they still need about 3000 more gifts for children as of this morning. tomorrow and friday will be the big giver -- giveaways. this will be for children in the low income families. they stayed a long line to get on the list. pg&e stepped in to help out as well. >> pg&e will match up to $10,000 which means if folks want to donate $50, pg&e will
12:42 pm
also donate $50. if it's $20, they will match the $20, whatever folks can get, pg&e will match that. that's really great. >> the nonprofit still has a few specific needs. they are looking for gifts were teenagers, legos and science- based toys. the donation station is open until 4:00 this afternoon if you would like to drop off gifts at sacred heart, first in elma -- they are at 1st and almont. you can also go to for more information. just click on the web links. after the break, president obama is looking to cement his legacy in the final month of his registration -- administration. highlights from last night's warriors game, players were the only ones getting in on the fun.
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with the inauguration less than a month -- one month away, president obama is looking to exercise his executive power. >> in the meantime mr. trump spent time tweeting about the election. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump firing up a blurry -- firing off a blurry of tweets, winning electron which
12:46 pm
-- electoral strategy which ebv's is more sophisticated than winning the popular vote which he lost by roughly 2.8 million votes. working during his vacation and mar-a-lago, he is looking to fill the fining -- final two positions, secretary of agriculture and symmetry of veteran affairs. meanwhile the current president is also working during his holiday vacation signing several executive orders and tying the hands of his successor on several hot button issues. the timing seems ironic considering just this week the president warned mr. trump against doing the exact same thing. >> going through the legislative process is always better. >> reporter: fighting in 1953 law, the president has essentially indefinitely at -- indefinitely barred off shore drilling a move that is sure to face legal action with the upcoming administration with
12:47 pm
president-elect donald trump promising more help for drilling. >> this will reveal some of what's taken place and also institute summer farms and actions needed. repertoire president obama before taking office the first time closed -- promise to close the one time a detention center but failed to do so is now reportedly looking to transfer some detainees to other countries before he leaves office. in washington job waldman fox news. and welcome to winter, 2:44 this morning was the winter solstice. we still have some partly cloudy skies, moving to mostly sunny. if you're traveling, we don't have that brutal call -- cold that we had days ago, 30 below for instance in the great lakes
12:48 pm
area. we have 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s and 80s in florida. we have this big low churning in drawing up a tremendous amount of moisture coming up from mexico, baja california. that's taking aim at the desert southwest. more on that in the second. double digits on the degrees warmer compared to 24 hours ago in some areas. for some of it is cooler but for others noticeably warmer. there is a component of offshore breeze for many to give the coast to some pretty mild conditions on this first day of winter. it might be pretty mild today. oakland airport has a westerly breeze. it's mainly calm but there's enough of that offshore breeze to get the coast some nice weather. the things are improving in the sierra, cloudy to mostly cloudy, snow showers early this morning. look at these bands going through, rain in southern california and the desert and even southern arizona. today we are pretty good but then we will have increasing clouds tomorrow. on friday we can have a decent
12:49 pm
-- could have a decent system for rain. it looks like things are really kicking in after the noon hour on friday in the mountains. it will continue in the sierra until early saturday when a lot of that cold air arrives. it could be a couple of feet of snow after everything is said and done. we are done saturday night and christmas looks good but cold and breezy. there is a small system on monday but i don't think that will get your. rain will move in friday and into friday night we will have some cold fast-moving showers and breezy conditions as well as saturday which will clear out saturday night. christmas looks good but it will be cold and breezy. after wrapping up an undefeated homestand last night, the golden state warriors are back in town. this is the fewest points the worriers have allowed all season, against the jazz, 104-
12:50 pm
74. you know you are dancing. this mother who has started a dancing sensation led the team last night, doing really well with the warriors fans steam. she has so much energy. as you can see she is wearing her signature warrior sweater and rocking out. some fans called this the best dancing of the season. >> during another break in the game in oakland manned hit -- man hit the half-court shot. he won $5000. >> steph curry was grinning. [ name indiscernible ] world already up 2-0 against the calgary [ technical difficulties ] less than 2 minutes later, he scores again.
12:51 pm
the sharks win by a final of 4- 1. seven raters are being rewarded for their greatest -- season. they had been called to the pro bowl. that includes rodney hudson, donald penn and reggie nelson among others. the pro bowl will be played in orlando the weekend before the super bowl. if the raiders are lucky enough to get in the super bowl, these players of course will not play in the pro bowl. by the way, no one from the 49ers was chosen. [ laughter ] how things have changed. the cal med that's double team will put its home winning streak on the line tonight. [ indiscernible - intermittent audio ] they have led 27 straight games and are 9-2 but virginia is a talented team, 9- 1 and led the nation and only giving up 48 points on average per game. coming up, we've got
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something you have to see. it's a panda playing with a snowman. it's great!
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no matter what you think about the market, it is moving. is creeping up toward 20,000,
12:55 pm
down a little bit today, but everyone is watching to see if it will eclipse that mark. >> we will see if it gets to the $20,000 mark. everything has been slightly off today, 2 points off for the s&p and 10 points for the nasdaq. if you are looking at a blockbuster that you might want to check out this year, there are plenty of holiday toys and gifts out there as well. >> jonathan has details if you are still looking for gift ideas. >> we have a mission for you. >> reporter: the force is strong for rogue one star wars merchandise. it is said to be the hottest merchandise in the galaxy this holiday season. this blockbuster host a wide array of products including light sabers and costumes as well as darth vader masks. some of the cast got to keep some of their own one-of-a-kind memorabilia. >> i got to keep this, be very
12:56 pm
cool brown lace up books that i was obsessed with. >>my kids want to snatch this out of my hands. >> i stole some of this bullets that he had in his belt. i stole them. >> reporter: other movies have toys in time for the holidays including trolls, "finding dory" and "the secret life of pets" and other grown-up items from dr. strange and "deadpool". for the millions of [ indiscernible ] fans, this week's big-screen adaptation of the game series has figurines, official books and an essential guide encompassing the entire franchise. sinecure destined for great things. happy shopping in hollywood, jonathan hunt foxnews. check this out, we want
12:57 pm
you to see this because at some of the best video. keepers at the toronto zoo made a snowman for this giant panda. you can see him checking out his new front. i'm going to climb on your head. he keeps losing his balance. >> now it's game on. when that hits his head, he goes after it. >> at least he's enjoying the first day of winter. we appreciate you joining us here on our noon show. have a great day. ,
12:58 pm
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your glam on this holiday. >> you only need five products. ou can get them all at the drugstore. dr. oz: no fuss fixes for your biggest beauty blunders. there she is before. >> and here we go! amazing. i feel 10 years younger. the routine to save you time during the holidays. >> like beyonce, yes. dr. oz: coming up next! we'll save lives today. get ou guys ready to healthy? [cheers and applause]


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