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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  December 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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.>> stealing the show. a barrier-- bay area mothers. police body cam video taken during an arrest in july, the public defender does not like the way the suspect was taken into custody. >> welcome to the 4:00 on 2 pick >> that story in a moment but we begin in germany. more information about the berlin attack suspect. they say he is considered armed and dangerous, and say he has used egyptian and lebanese citizen documents as well as six different aliases . >> he entered europe through italy before migrating to
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germany. >> german officials say he has been under surveillance for months this year. >> they have a new suspect on a terror attack after detaining and releasing a pakistani man. they are looking for a tunisian man who is said to have entered italy in 2012 migrating to germany in 2015. even though he was not on a terror watch list. >>'s colleague spent the entire night securing leads in order to put together the jigsaw puzzle.>> the message from ice is confirmed the statement confirming the link between the attack and the terror group. markets around berlin begin to reopen, vendors and visitors are attempting a return to normal life. >> the drama that hangs on it
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is immense but i can't say i'm particularly afraid. there are always the ones who are afraid and stay at home but life goes on. >> security is being stepped up in public areas with sounds-- thousands of soldiers providing a visible presence of safety. >> there were military guys everywhere so it doesn't really matter, we just have to go on. >> it is nationwide and could go international. the last location of the suspect was a small town on the border of germany and holland. we will speak with a security expert to learn how we can prevent attacks like this in the us. police commissioners hope to take action on controversial changes to the use of force policy. the department of justice has recommended barring police officers from firing their weapons at moving vehicles.
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the san francisco police chief was on the lapd when the commission banned officers from shooting at moving cars unless they faced a deadly threat. >> when you take something away it is a shock to our system. i say that with my 27 years, it's a difficult thing but we adapt. once the policy is written we adapt. >> of the union could restrict efforts to stop terrorists to use a truck or car as a weapon but the police commissioner says there will be exceptions like those in berlin. with san francisco having found a new police chief they are wondering when they will have a top cop. robert has more on when the announcement will be made. the challenges are unique in oakland partly because it has been a roundtable of police
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chiefs and the mayor's office say they vowed to get this right. >> all smiles as the veteran police officer has been named the new police chief vowing to bring transparency and reform. some are asking why the same is not happening here. >> i trust that they are taking necessary time but it's getting to a breaking point where the city needs some answers. >> we reached out and received this statement. the city of oakland is on track to announce the selection of a permanent chief of police after the new year. oakland has had three of them this year, an investigation also revealed several officers had sex with an underaged sex worker. 14 were involved in the former police chief resigned in june. two successors also failed to hold the position. >> i don't think it's taking too long in light of challenges
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that are presented because in oakland we now have a police commission, the nsa with a monitor and a federal judge overseeing it so whoever were to take this job understands that you're coming into a situation that is different than most cities. >> they have not disclosed which candidates were on the short list and some oak lenders are fine. >> i'd rather have it take a long time then have someone go to quickly and find that we are rapidly going into a bad situation. >> san francisco and oakland are different cities but the time is now. >> you need to get this right. this is the one opportunity for the office and the administrator to make a profound decision that could make a lasting impact.
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>> it looks like it will be sometime in the new year. we did our best to find out who the candidates were but they have been very tightlipped. we will likely have our answer shortly. live in the newsroom, thank you. >> police are looking for the person who stabbed and killed a man in the city park. the victim was found at 7:15 just across the street from the kaiser permanente medical center. he was stabbed several times and pronounced dead at the scene. police have not received information from a possible suspect or motive. this is the 82nd homicide. police have called off the search for a third suspect. the overnight search occurred around a toyota dealership on a section of the busy road that was shut down until 6:00 this morning. police saw gunfire and a fight among a group of people near
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the dealership. san jose police were called in this morning. authorities quickly detained two suspects but spent hours looking for the third man who left the gun at the dealership. they could not find him. of the two other suspects one is facing obstruction charges for trying to kick out the windows, the second suspect was later released. it is unclear what led to the shooting. president-elect trump made a short appearance today and spoke about what is happening in germany making that message a month before his official inauguration. evictions underway in san francisco as a result of the deadly oakland warehouse fire that took the lives of 36 people. we are tracking a change in weather as we head toward the end of the week. we will talk about rain and snow. see you back here after the break. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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the public offender has called for the district attorney to drop charges against an african-american man accused of trying to rob a man in july. >> we are join live from san francisco.
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this started when a passenger called 911 st. smith and his girlfriend were trying to rob him but it turns out that was actually not true. when they stepped onto the platform it turned ugly as the body can video shows. >> stop right there. get on the ground. >> newly released camera shows police officers yelling at michael smith to get down. he's penned-- he's pin down and spitting in the face of the officer who slammed his head in the ground. a fellow passenger called 911 alleging that smith and his girlfriend were armed with a gun and threatened to rob him. >> at this point in time he was not told anything about why he was being stopped. under the law the police have to tell you why you are being stopped.
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smith would later be charged with battery and resisting arrest but he says he has every right to fight please. >> if officers use excessive force you are allowed to use reasonable force to defend yourself. >> it's a strategy that comes amid heightened scrutiny over police uses of force. you can hear smith yelling this to officers. she ended up losing the baby two weeks after the incident. >> it's not fair to me and my boyfriend she was starched-- shocked by the body video and by their account of what happened on the platform that day. >> officers lied in some of their statements and police reports. >> the results are due in january, a spokesperson say
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when officers responded the adult male would not cooperate while the female adult was. the adult male bit, kicked and spat on officers while resisting arrest. he was recently acquitted but there were three additional misdemeanor charges. appleton meanwhile says that she has no plans to sue part-- bart as of now. police are hoping surveillance videos will help them identify the man responsible for a deadly shooting at a pawn shop. the man first into upon advantage-- into upon advantage and shot and killed the owner who has been identified as a 49- year-old.
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-- >> there was a mcdonald's on the other side. why did somebody do it? was it like somebody getting mad or something? >> it's just the same shame but you try to start a small business in during the holidays is in your life doing it. >> it opened years ago and is stocked with instruments and jewels, a worker escaped the gunfire and police won't say what if anything was stolen. they have vague descriptions of the suspect. >> residents have learned they had less than 30 days to move out. this is coming up to the deadly fire after the ghost ship warehouse. alex worked inside to see why the warehouse wants tenants
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out. >> this is the ripple effect from the ghost ship warehouse fire. the people ving in this artist colle ivforce them out. this space is here on peralta and tenants have been given a 30 day eviction notice from the landlord. earlier today a task force showed up here for a previously announced safety inspection. the team included members of the building department, electricians, fire inspectors, it mac people rent space in this building and are all working artists. this space is not permitted for residential use and tenants say they are worried about being kicked out. >> i can't imagine finding a place comparable that i can afford in the city. i don't anticipate finding someone else. >>do you believe this is a
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safe place? >> i definitely believe it. i did quite a lot of construction myself inside and did a lot of experience. it doesn't always pay that well but absolutely a safe place to live. >> city inspectors will not comment on whether any code violations were found but someone who was a part of the task force told me it is possible that changes could be made to make the safe-- and the space safe to lift. tenants are hoping they can work with the city and property owner to work out some sort of a solution. in san francisco, ktvu fox2 news. the city of san jose pension plan overpaid hundreds of retired police officers and firefighters, a total of nearly $1 million going back 20 years. 300 of the 2000 retired police officers and firefighters have been notified that they were overpaid. legally they must be repaid but in some cases
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retired officers are being told they owe thousands of dollars. many of them say it is not fair because they had no way to know they were being overpaid at the time. some would argue, not as cold out there today which is nice. >> more sunshine today in the mid-60s, it was a warmer day, probably the warmest day we will see all week. that is the first day of winter, warmest day of the week, that's kind of cool. i want you to get a vibe for traveling, you can see it is pretty and chicago will have some activity, maybe a little bit going on in new york but what's going to happen is we go into the next 48 hours. as our
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weather moves in this moisture will move out and somewhere around saturday or sunday it will be explosive weather in the midsection so as you think about the weekend or saturday or sunday and you do have travel plans to chicago atlanta or dallas you may have some problems. it will be really stormy, wet weather combined. >> this is the one that's going to bring us rain, snow in the mountains and we could see an inch of rain, maybe an inch and a half. southern california seeing a split in the jet stream. for us we have a few clouds coming in off the coast but by tomorrow it starts to grow thicker and we are in the transition between a fairweather deal and the rain that is coming to the bay area on friday.
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55 in fairfield, 2 degrees warmer than yesterday, hayward is 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. beautiful live camera shot great visibility, great air- quality, that is the third in the road. 38 in napa, probably our last really cool night with frost for a while. next time you see me we will talk about increasing clouds tomorrow and fridays rain that will have an impact on both commutes and a big impact on mountain travel plans. east bay mud has lifted the health morning after 1 million gallons of partially treated wastewater spilled in following last week's rainstorms. signs warning about the high toxic levels of sewage were removed but local sphere the problem will return when the next big rain hits. to heavy rain storms this month
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overpowered the sewage treatment plant with storm water. the wastewater system is designed to treat wastewater from toilets and showers, not designed to treat rainwater but unfortunately because of defects , rainwater does come in through our pipes and through pipes in private homes. the last sewage lake happened when 14,000 gallons leaked into the estuary which is a fraction of what happened. they are in the early stages of a 22 year plan to repair and replace aging pipes. public works crews were doing emergency repair work on a damaged sewage line near the intersection and the city inspectors blamed the problem there on aging pipes also. the death toll is rising in mexico after the fireworks warehouse went up in flames.
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it's a tragic day for many in mexico city whose loved ones were injured or killed and-- in yesterday's massive explosion. 32 people died and 46 were hospitalized, many suffering severe burns. 12 people are still reported missing. families waited at hospitals as relatives are being treated, the market was filled with
4:24 pm
shoppers buying traditional fireworks to celebrate christmas and new year's when the disaster happened. >> we were in the area of the bathrooms when there was an explosion and then a series of blasts came one after the other and people started to fall down a lot. many people were falling and pieces of concrete and brick started falling all over the street. investigators say the scene is dangerous and they are telling people to stay away as they try to pinpoint what caused the explosion. it is the third explosion and fire to hit the market since 2005 technology has made leaps and bounds and has now made its way to nursing. elizabeth has more. >> how are you today? >> just peachy. it's the kind of assistant that would be a welcomed gift for anyone. >> it frees up time for nursing staff to have more time with
4:25 pm
patients. >> something that this supervisor is looking forward to having an austin. >> i can be a helpful part of the patient care team. >> research is showing that depending on the unit and the setting, nurses are spending 30% of their time gathering supplies. >> she was developed by a robotics company. the process started with looking at their clinicians and working with them to understand what it is they are doing when they are on the unit. and what are the opportunities to help make the process better . >> we are looking at probably being able to have preset
4:26 pm
supplies that nurses use often and things that are always going together. >> she won't be going into any rooms of patients but-- >> i can see a lot more potential for other things that polly can do. >> right now the robot is a prototype. once it is functioning fully on its own, one day robots could make their way into other hospitals. >> over the next year we will be doing more and more deployments of this robot and as well is expanding to other units. >> until then they are glad that polly will be calling these units home. new information into the assassination of the russian ambassador to turkey. the group not taking responsibility for the violence coming up. donald trump weighing in on
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the berlin terror attack. an update next on the fox2 -- on the 4:00 on 2.
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served all day, every day. only at jack in the box. donald trump made a brief appearance in front of cameras today with less than a month to go. he spoke out about the attack in berlin at the us announcement sanctions against russia. >> what's happening.
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>> he took a few minutes to talk to reporters about the berlin terror attacks before heading back inside to work putting the finishing touches on what will be his 16 person cabinet. the chief strategist and communications director who is reportedly in the running for us press secretary reiterated mr. transmission on day one. >> they are putting together proposals that will happen both day one and over the course of the first 100 days. >> the president-elect is taking time to get a presidential briefing with general mclynn. he has been repeatedly criticized once called repetitive and suggested it is only necessary if dramatic changes in the security posture arrive. -- are rice.
4:31 pm
the treasury department announced sanctions against those aiding the russian government and its dealings with you can and cremate yeah. -- and crimea. >> we hope they will come to see the wisdom in not contesting business as usual with russia given their continued activities. they released their schedule of official events including events like a parade and three balls. more on what is happening about the potential for similar attacks and the national transportation safety center, i want to start with the fact that we have seen trucks used twice. ice is also encouraging lone wolves around the planet's, do
4:32 pm
you expect to see more of the separate attacks? >> i think we need to be realistic. the reason these terrorist organizations are exerting their members to use vehicles, trucks or ordinary automobiles, because vehicles are readily available for people who can't get ingredients to build bombs, just about anyone can get behind the wheel of a car or truck and turn it into a weapon. >> there are so many soft targets. how can you defend against an attack like this? >> certainly we see the concrete barriers, the pillars that surround a lot of government buildings, these are permanent barriers. >> for events like major conventions or sporting events than temporary parameters will
4:33 pm
be set up. for things like open-air markets which was a target in berlin, we can see heavy trucks that would prevent another vehicle from ramming it but if we are talking about an attack anywhere, then anyone can take a vehicle and roll up onto the sidewalk into a crowd of pedestrians. >> the suspect in germany was on the radar of counterterrorism authorities. are you surprised they have not been able to find him? >> no, it's not surprising at all. europe has a major problem, thousands of europeans went to syria to join these organizations and a lot of them have come back. about 1800 or so in germany, they believe
4:34 pm
about 200 of them have returned. in addition, among the flow of refugees coming into europe there are some probably coming in with terrorist intentions and their problem is different than ours. they arrive in europe and then europeans have to sort them out. we do the vetting before they arrived. >> do you think this individual is getting help?>> that's hard to say. a lot of these have been carried out by single individuals working alone. the fact that a terrorist organization has claimed credit for this does not mean a great deal. this individual may have been in contact with some others and some reports indicate that he was in touch with a recruiter which is why he was under surveillance but even without
4:35 pm
that there's a possibility that these people picking up this kind of ideology via the internet. in this particular case he did have sufficient context that made him a suspect already in the eyes of german authorities.-- thank you. the investigation into the shocking assassination of russia's ambassador continues. we are learning about the terrorist connection. new questions as turkish officials ramp up their investigations of the investigation. a group is now claiming responsibility for the attack. it is a collection of syrian jihadist groups working together to topple the asad regime but it is unclear if the attacker had help from a terror group or foreign country. >> this effect was done over
4:36 pm
syria. >> russia is beefing up security. in istanbul a heavy security presence on wednesday as turkish residents gathered standing in solidarity with russian people. >> we support them, we stand with them. >> i'm here because i think russia and turkey need each other. meanwhile some are blaming the us saying washington may have played a role either directly or by supporting a us- based cleric. it's ridiculous to claim that the united states was in any way involved in this but let the investigation work its way through. >> a spokesperson said that they don't believe the assassin operated alone but would not say how they reached the conclusion nor identify accomplices.
4:37 pm
fox news. holidays can be eventful with family especially when politics come out. new polls show that families may be more divided than ever we are tracking the forecast which includes some rain and will talk about the snow potential for the mountains. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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many people talk about heading home for the holidays but would this be a year where it may be better to skip out? >> many of us have seen the dynamic playing out on social media where people have been blocking, unfriending or on following people who don't agree with them political and a lot may be coming face-to-face with this on christmas weekend and it may not be pretty. >> you could be this woman still harboring genuine anger after a bruising election. even if you don't go that far you would be in plenty of company if you are unhappy and showing it. a poll shows almost exactly half of us, 51% having had arguments with friends and family over the results of last
4:41 pm
month's elections. >> we are going to say merry christmas again. happy new year merry christmas. >> the president-elect railed against holiday correctness but that probably won't be enough to bring us together. there are plenty of voters who still seem to be angry toward one another. about a third of trump voters say they do not respect clinton voters and clinton voters are even less forgiving. 45% say they don't respect trump voters. how does that translate? only 18% of voters describe america as a tightknit family. 77% say we are a dysfunctional family. should the conversations turned politics consider this advice. >> if among the family things get out of control it's easy to switch gears. >> it's time for some pie, let's move on. all of this on the heels of
4:42 pm
a survey that showed about 24% of democratic voters have either unfollowed, unfriended or blocked someone on social media because of political views. 9% of republicans say they have done the same things. a mother who has become a dance cam sensation has taken her talent to center court. there she is, she led the routine with the warriors dance team. they put the video on twitter and as you can see she joined the squad on the floor and was actually leading it wearing her signature warriors sweater. some say it was the best dance routine of the season. during the game, this was
4:43 pm
during the same-- the same game, the crowd went wild. he got a chance to do it because he picked up $5000, talk about a clutch shot. he also won a stay in vegas. what a shot. >> that's really cool. the cheerleading dancing mother, i think what i like most is her smile. that look on her face. >> the whole, i'm owning it thing. >> not a care in the world. >> she's definitely a cool cat. >> she comes off like a suburban mom but she's got it. we have rain in the forecast . down by los angeles we have rain in southern california and
4:44 pm
will soon have rain here. not tomorrow but by friday. this whole deal will drop down. it's going to looped down so all of this-- it's going to looped down so we have anywhere from a quarter of an inch to an inch or inch and a half which is good rainfall. i think on the north side they make it a foot and a half or 2 feet on the south they may get more. there's the rain in san diego and los angeles, for us it is dry but this radar will be lit up. a beautiful shot outside, san bruno mountain and beautiful clear skies. it is nice to see i think that's water, we are like 100-- we're like 150% of rainfall.
4:45 pm
we are seeing more water in the wetlands author sacramento. we are 148, 155% of rainfall. we are on pace with that, it's not going to happen but right now we are on pace with where we were at this time of year which is pretty impressive. it would have to rain for a while to stay at that pace but it's nice to see especially after years of virtually nothing. it was a little warmer today, here's tomorrow morning at 7:00 and you see some fog coming back to the coast in response to the fog and then here comes the rain friday morning. just the area coverage and it doesn't look as well as it did
4:46 pm
last night but i think this is solid rainfall. it looks like it's going to miss the early morning commute but it will be what in the afternoon commute should be relatively what as well. mostly what on the morning commute. 5:00 friday, i think there may be a stray sprinkle. the 5 day forecast, rain on friday the morning commute looks the wettest, and i think friday afternoons commute could have some shower activity as well. >> that would be good for christmas though. >> it kind of gets a little bit what-- a little bit wet and snowing again. a look at what we are working on for the fox2 news at 5:00. >> a three-year-old boy may
4:47 pm
have to spend christmas in a hospital bed after he was hit by a car walking the family dog. the driver took off and they are hoping someone knows who was behind the wheel. that story is coming up. the german suspect is still on the loose. >> and alert throughout europe following the deadly christmas market attack in berlin, this is the man who authorities think drove the truck involved in that terrorist attack. details about the secret surveillance that he was under earlier this year. volunteers sharing the holiday spirit. we rode along as meals on wheels took on families in need. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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today volunteers delivered meals to homebound people around the city. we were there to help with some of the deliveries. >> a whole lot of activity here at headquarters in san francisco. volunteers were here early and setting up in an assembly line putting all sorts of different food items into grocery bags for seniors in need and they are preparing 500 grocery bags that will be given to low- income seniors and others in the community who for whatever reason are unable to leave their homes. these volunteers here are from a company in san francisco and came down early to get grocery bags ready. carl you are trying to make sure that as we head into the christmas holiday that people have enough food to eat, people who can't leave their homes. >> for us it is about several things, that no senior is
4:51 pm
forgotten, that is such an important part. we are also making that contact that is so important. >> the other part is generosity. we have companies who came to assemble the gift bags and we've worked with the food bank and could not have done it without all of the volunteers. >> the seniors who will be getting these will also get special gifts as well. you have some handmade cards. >> we have ghirardelli chocolate , >> that's probably one of the most important parts of all of that. who are we visiting here?
4:52 pm
>> hi, good morning. >> we had some groceries here for you today. >> good to see you. >> i'm alex. >> this is surprising. >> we want it to be a good surprise. >> a lot of things this will bring me. >> what does that mean? >> i love that show of affection. i bet it was greater for him than it was for us. coming up an innovative treatment helping those with brain cancer. how the procedure is giving a young mother a new lease on life. 4:00 on 2 will be right back.
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san jose san jose good morning. >> good morning. it is saturday so you only have five meetings. room temperatures is a cool
4:56 pm
68 degrees. >> the artificial intelligence system is voiced by morgan freeman and shows off the practical applications like face recognition. >> and jarvis can play our favorite music. there is no good nickel back songs. >> good that was a west. >> in the comment section he says that jarvis is in development. and looking for suggestion and ideas. >> a young mom from texas travels to new york to see if new equipment can help with a brain tumor. >> lily looks like any other young mother but the 22-year-old
4:57 pm
had two bouts with brain cancer. when she was 18. >> i had a big seizure again. >> andiege. >> the doctors waited to treat her until her son was born lily and her family traveled to israel new york for hers second surgery. they are doing a clinical trial using fala. >> it is an agent that patients drink that rapidly taken up to the the blood. and we shine a light on that compound it reflects back a red light. >> the facings drink the fala
4:58 pm
before the surgery and when they shine the light on the tumor the cancer tissue turns red, these kinds of timeer wrap around healthy -- kinds tumors wrap around healthy tissue. >> it is better and safer, we are able to see it in real time and understand it's relationship to the other parts of the normal brain and stay away from the critical pathways. >> and after surgery, therapy and radiation she is doing well. she is in speech therapy because she can't recall words as easily as before. and uses special glasses to help with glare. >> we love her and her little guy is busy so that is another
4:59 pm
aspect. and is able to take care of her throughout the entire process. >> there is several centers recruiting for the study in the united states. and patients must have a stage 3 or 4 brain tumor and it can be newly diagnosed or recurrent. >> for more information check out clinical this 3-year-old boy chased his dog into a street and was hit by a car and the search is on for the driver who took off. >> that young boy survived but suffered head and face injuries and they want to find the driver. it happened in san jose and we talked with the child's family who is hoping the person will come forward. >> it happened here and
5:00 pm
witnesses said the driver took off down hampton and left on to story road and are not sure if he realized he or she hit someone. >> this is eli and he is three and may have to spend christmas in a hospital bed. >> i heard a little kid yell my arm hurts. >> neighbors saw the after math and said the child was out with his grandparents. >> saw the grandma say it was my fault. >> the witnesses said the dog ran into the street and he went after it. >> they say child was struck by a silver sedan and the driver took off and leaving


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