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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 22, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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challenge, how do we allow officers to deal with this situation. again, the berlin situation. police reform comes to ahead as the police commission votes on changes to the use of force policy, including whether police officers can fire at moving vehicles. mornings on 2 starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. it's thursday, december 22nd and i'm alex savage. dave clark is off and pam will join us in the next hour. we will check traffic in a moment. steve paulson with a look at your weather. >> is it just you and me? >> just the two of us. >> sale is standing by. a chilly morning and we are easing our way into winter. >> there will be a system later. cooler under mostly cloudy skies with a little fog out toward eastern contra costa
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county and toward santa rosa. otherwise, clear and with that, we picked up some cooler temps. take a look at the satellite. it is upstream everything is coming out of the north and it will eventually make it. southern california, san diego, dealing with a lot of rain. 32 -- a lot more 30s with an offshore push on the san mateo, santa cruz coast. 39 in palo alto. it will change on friday with a look at southern california, rain city from l.a. to the desert and san diego and toward lake havasu. las vegas -- into phoenix -- if you are going there, you will encounter lots of rain. the system won't arrive until late tonight or tomorrow with temperatures upper 50s and low 60s, slightly cooler but not bad on the first full day of winter. joining us now at 4:01, there
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is mr. sal castaneda. traffic is off to a decent start on this thursday with a lighter commute, at least we hope for that. let's start off with the trees the super commute with traffic moving along nicely with no major problems, 205, a nice- looking drive and it looks good all the way through with no major issues, livermore to pleasanton. also, the commute on their freeway 880 north and southbound, a nice-looking drive in traffic is moving along well. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light so far as you drive into san francisco. let's go back to the desk. new this morning, san francisco police officers must follow a new use of force policy. the police commission approved two major changes last night. members unanimously passed a measure to ban officers from shooting at moving tires unless
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there are exceptional circumstances. the police officers association objected to the original proposal and demanded that the original language be inserted. they said officers need latitude when the public is in danger and the shooting will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. >> no policy can be predicted. officers must exercise sound judgment and critical decision- making when using force options. back in a 4-3 vote, the commission banned the maneuver known as carotid restraint, a hold around the neck of a suspect to control them. supporters said the maneuver is not the same as a chokehold and they said it as an effective technique for female and smaller male officers and one done properly, not lethal. >> is there a situation where the hold resulted in an injury or a fatality? that has been posed and to my knowledge, it has not.
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expect the police union set approving these restrictions without authorizing alternative methods like stun guns will likely lead to more officer- involved shootings and the police commission did not delve deeply last night into the stun gun debate in order to not get bogged down by that controversial issue. san francisco herod and the police chief and oakland is searching. city officials said the search may continue into 2017. oakland had three police chiefs this year. the former chief resigned in june and two successors failed to hold the position. yesterday, mayor libby schaaf said they are on track to announce the selection of a new permanent chief of police after the new year. attorney john bird said it's a choice that should not be rushed. >> we need to get it right. we need to get it right this time. this is the one opportunity for the mayors office and the city administrator to make a profound decision that could have a lasting impact for five years if not more.
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>> no word on the shortlist to take over oaklands police department. a south bay taxi cab driver is jailed on charges of sexually assaulting a passenger. authorities said there could be more victims out there. 30-year-old, julio sanchez, is held at the elmwood correctional facility on $600,000 bail and he picked up a fair on october 29 and she was coming out of a bar in campbell and was intoxicated. she became separated from her friends and investigators said sanchez drove her to his home in san jose. >> she actually does not remember anything until he woke up -- she woke up in his bedroom being sexually assaulted, which is a terrifying experience for anybody to imagine. >> surveillance video helped identify sanchez, caught last week by u.s. marshals in the central valley city of madera. a female acquaintance comes forward to accuse him of assaulting her and authorities
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are looking into the cab company, checkered flag yellow cabs. the man who answered the phone number listed on the company's facebook page said it was shut down last year. a winter spare the air alert is in effect for the fourth straight day. it's illegal to burn wood, manufactured fire logs or solid fuel indoors or outdoors unless that is your sole source of heat. woodsmoke is the largest source of pollution in the bay area during the winter months. violating the wood burning ban can result in a $100 fine for first offenses and $200 for the second offense. $10,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest of the prisoner stabbed a man to death in oakland. the man's body was found and moss would park across from kaiser hospital and yesterday morning, it was the 81st homicide of the year. there were 92 homicides at this time last year. police are still trying to determine a motive in the case. this is the fourth homicide atmos would park in the last
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two years and police have not said if they believe any of those killings are related. a morgan hill man wanted in connection with the brutal bleeding of his neighbor is in custody and police tweeted that 47-year-old mark weber turned himself in at police headquarters last night, accused of severely beating his neighbor with a baseball bat two weeks ago. police said they were fighting because weber was angry his neighbor was not picking up after his dog. now, officers called to the scene that they found the injured man inside his home and investigators have not given an update on his condition. new this morning, a man is in jail right now after collecting money for a charity when he wasn't supposed to be. joshua beck was arrested last night outside a napa safeway. police said the man was outside the store asking for cash for the cancer research foundation for children. that is a real charity but does not solicit for cash. he collected about $150 and a
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short period of time and is now facing charges of theft and probation violations. police said you should not be afraid to call a toll-free number to see if a company is, in fact, collecting money. the victim of a hit-and-run accident has died. the san mateo county sheriff's department said the victim was a man in his 30s who died after being taken to a hospital. his name is not been released. investigator said he was hit at about 8:40 tuesday night walking in a crosswalk at the intersection of el camino real. deputies that they are continuing to search for a small silver or light colored s.u.v. involved in that crash, possibly a toyota rav4. today, your last chance to get something off of amazon in
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time for christmas. today is the last time to get two day shipping for your gifts to arrive in time for the holidays, this sunday. you are running out of time to ship through major carriers, as well. you must ship today or tomorrow for u.p.s. or next-day air for delivery by saturday and tomorrow is the last day to guarantee christmas delivery for usps priority mail express. the same goes for fedex express service, as well. fedex does offer same-day delivery but that comes with a big shipping cost. a jewelry heist at an east bay department store. coming up, more on the burglar who spent hours inside the store hiding out. >> i heard the little kid yell. >> a driver hit a little boy as he chased after his dog. we tell you about the hit-and- run that may keep this 3-year- old in the hospital through christmas. good morning. traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. this is a look at the bay bridge
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into san francisco, it looks good. a little colder under clear skies. by tonight, clouds increase and it looks like some rain is moving into southern california.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 pack a 3-year-old boy from san jose may have to spend christmas in the hospital after a hit-and-run crash that happened near the intersection of hampton avenue and vancouver court at 10:45 and tuesday night. he was out with his grandparents walking the family dog and neighbor said the dog ran into the street and the boy chased after it and was hit by a car. >> i heard him yell, my arm hurts. the guy said, you will be fine. >> it hurt me because i saw the grandma. she felt like it was her fault. >> the boy suffered head and face injuries and some cuts and bruises. the family said he is doing much better now and the highway patrol is looking for a silver sedan, possibly a honda that may have been involved in there looking for additional witnesses and surveillance camera footage to try to find the car and the driver involved in the crash. bart is cracking down on people parking illegally at the lots. starting january 2nd, people caught parking in daily spots without paying will face a $55 fine, $20 more than the current fine. the penalty is increasing for
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drivers who park illegally in spaces that require permits. they will have a $75 fine, up from $40, right now. repeat offenders will pay a hefty price and those who rack up 5-9 citations face an additional $100 penalty. 10 or more tickets and an extra $150. tomorrow through january 2nd, cars will not be allowed to park at the popular parking lots at the golden gate bridge. those at the welcome center and the vista point will be closed to private vehicles, only to her buses will be allowed to park in those parking lots during the holidays. the idea is to reduce traffic backups that happened during the busy holiday season as drivers compete for a limited number of parking spaces. we should point out taxis and ride-hailing services will be allowed to pickup and drop off passengers at the welcome center, but not at the vista point. the time is 4:14 in the morning and we want to check in
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with sal for a look at the roadways on this thursday morning. how are we looking? hopefully, light? >> yes. we are off to a nice start on 101 driving from gilroy. let's look at the gilroy commute . it looks good, all the way to san jose, not a bad drive through morgan hill. these conditions, we see them all morning as we got closer to the holiday with people not going to the office today. they may be going shopping and this is a look at 880 north and southbound uc traffic for the 880 picture, we can look at traffic moving along very well in both directions. it's light at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound into san francisco. at 4:15, let's bring in steve. we had a conversation
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coming in. it seems like people have already decided to go, as you said. >> you said yesterday would be a transition day and i think you are right. >> you've nailed it all week. thank you. clear skies and the lows are a little bit cold. in santa rosa and toward brentwood, antioch, stockton and the valley, 30s and a lot colder than yesterday. half moon bay, how about that? the off shore breeze holds the temp up. palo alto was 39, 39 in livermore, napa, fairfield and some locations are sleeping in and that's okay. that is okay. clear skies that clouds will be on the move later with a monstrous system in southern california and southern nevada into arizona. widespread rain, look at that. even snow with these activities in the four corners. if you are traveling toward seattle or northeast, light snow but the middle of the country is fine with
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temperatures in the 20s and 30s, not brutally cold. the only place enjoying summer is florida. it's been unseasonably warm. seattle, 36. 41 in new york and clouds will be on the move by later this afternoon and this evening. in southern california and southern nevada and parts of arizona, you will encounter numerous areas of rain. all sorts of it down there. 30 in truckee, 34 with the system moving in to spread rain in tomorrow until about mid- morning or early afternoon and then we see a decrease. cold air behind that with rainfall not great through saturday morning and by saturday night, it is long gone. if there is available moisture, we could get snow at 2500 or 3000 feet. will there be snow? christmas looks good. the upper 40s, low 50s with another system monday near the coast and it's almost impossible to forecast that. 60s on the temps and upper 50s today with temperatures topping
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out soon. the cloud cover will roll in and we take rain into friday. a cold shower pattern with snow at lower elevations on saturday and clearing out on christmas. good, but not very warm, upper 40s. >> a little chilly. the getaway day tomorrow, it looks like it could be rough on your drive to the mountains? >> yes. snow. making a bit of a dent in the drought? state water managers will give local agencies a lot more water next year as we recover from drought conditions in california. the department of water resources expects to give the agencies 45% of the requested allotment in 2017 and compare that to 5% in 2014, one of the driest years of the drought. this year brought twice the normal rainfall to some spots in northern california.
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for 18 is the time. get ready for big lines at the airports and cars on the road. in 20 minutes, how many americans travel this holiday season? plus, a look at the local airport situation. just because president- elect donald trump is on vacation, it doesn't mean he is keeping quiet. a campaign promise he is now second-guessing.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. president-elect donald trump
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may not be draining the swamp after all. former house speaker, newt gingrich, a trump adviser, said donald trump the longer ones to use the phrase, drain the swamp, in reference to reforms he hopes to make in washington. >> i just don't think he really is saying i'm not going to drain the swamp, i will tame the alligators. let me rest assured that you don't tame those alligators. >> the president-elect is currently at his florida vacation home where he continues to meet with potential candidates for positions in his administration. a record 6.4 million americans have now signed up for health coverage through healthcare exchanges in 2017. that is about 400,000 more people than a year ago, according to federal officials. the administration is making a big push for enrollment as president obama prepares to leave office in less than a month. there are concerns that enrollment would be impacted by rising costs. that does not appear to be the case. president-elect donald trump has vowed to repeal and replace
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the healthcare program. news from overnight, a state funeral was held in moscow for the russian ambassador shot and killed while making a beach at an art gallery in turkey on monday. russian president vladimir putin was among the mourners paying respect to 62-year-old, andrzej karloff. he was shot by an off-duty turkish police officer who shouted about russia's involvement in the war in syria before he was then shot and killed by police. a manhunt is under way in germany this morning for a tunisian man. the prime suspect in monday's deadly truck attack on a christmas market, 24-year-old, anis amri had been under german surveillance for a few months. the surveillance stopped in september after german authorities did not turn up anything criminal in his actions. experts said realistically, and attack like that at the christmas market is very difficult to prevent. >> they are readily available
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and people get ingredients to build bombs and just about anybody can get behind the wheel of a car or truck and turn it into a weapon. >> the christmas market was a site -- was the site of the attack and has now reopened with crews placing concrete barriers around the perimeter of the market for security. >> in response, police and the u.s. stepped up security in major cities, including san francisco. in particular, police are monitoring places where there are christmas shoppers. we found a noticeable police presence around union square, and new york and chicago are taking similar measures. there's been no specific threats related to christmas shoppers in the u.s. but local to to local police departments are increasing security. the death toll has risen to 33 in tuesday's massive explosion at a fireworks market near mexico city. one dozen people are missing
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and almost 50 others were injured. the market was filled with shoppers buying fireworks to celebrate christmas and the new year and something touched off a chain reaction blast. investigators said the scene is dangerous and they told people to stay away as they tried to figure out what caused the explosion. it is the third explosion and fire to hit that market since 2005. coming up, a victim of oakland ghost ship warehouse fire is remembered. the unique tribute on a roller rink for a woman remembered for her music. new video of a forceful arrest on a part platform. san francisco has the public defender calling for all charges against the man to be dropped. good morning. we have a decent morning commute
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on highway 4. you can see it looks good over the hell coming into the concord area. skies are clear and it's a little colder with sunshine for most of the day. the sierra will be rocking and rolling with snow. 4:00 a.m. friday until 4:00 p.m. saturday, a winter storm warning. fox2, the bay area's choice for traffic.
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developing news from south bay. fire crews are battling a fire south of downtown san jose next to a busy freeway. we will put up a map to show you where this is happening, just east of highway 87 near elma avenue. we have a ktvu crew who saw the fire from the freeway at 3:30 this morning. it appeared to be a grass fire possibly near homeless encampment. we are hearing reports that one person may have been hurt in the fire but the crews have not confirmed that. our crew is at the scene gathering information and when we have more details, we will bring them to you with a live report from the scene. good morning and welcome
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back to mornings on 2 packets thursday, december 22nd and i'm alex savage. dave is off today and will be along in a few. a winter storm just in time for the holiday weekend? the highway patrol is warning people to be prepared for snowy conditions. snow and ice means chain controls are likely on interstate 80 and other mountain roads. it's a good practice to install those trains before or practice installing those trains before you go to freezing conditions. >> if you have chains you can't install, and you try to do it in the dark when it is cold and wet, you will probably fail. >> yes. in all likelihood, you will pick it's no fun. the highway patrol expect lots of traffic through the sierras this weekend and more cars mean more accidents and the possibility of long freeway closures. chp said it's a good idea to give a full tank of gas and when you travel through, closures can sometimes last for hours.
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we've all been caught in these closures before, when they've shut down the roadways up there going toward -- going to the sierras and up to tahoe. i've been in lengthy closures. >> if you don't want to put on the chains, have lots of cash to pay somebody. >> there is always somebody. >> have cash on hand, alex. winter storm warning starts at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. we have clear skies and it's colder for some, compared to yesterday when we had cloud cover. 10 degrees down from some. 40s and 50s in half moon bay, easterly breeze helping them out. otherwise, sunshine in the morning and increasing clouds with everything out of the north and widespread rain in l.a. on the desert and into arizona, as well. it's lit up, pushing toward flagstaff. san diego and l.a., pretty good rain back to the desert. if you are heading ou


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