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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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we've all been caught in these closures before, when they've shut down the roadways up there going toward -- going to the sierras and up to tahoe. i've been in lengthy closures. >> if you don't want to put on the chains, have lots of cash to pay somebody. >> there is always somebody. >> have cash on hand, alex. winter storm warning starts at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. we have clear skies and it's colder for some, compared to yesterday when we had cloud cover. 10 degrees down from some. 40s and 50s in half moon bay, easterly breeze helping them out. otherwise, sunshine in the morning and increasing clouds with everything out of the north and widespread rain in l.a. on the desert and into arizona, as well. it's lit up, pushing toward flagstaff. san diego and l.a., pretty good rain back to the desert. if you are heading out on five
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or 101, be advised of rain. good to go for sunshine but there are warnings for snow. winter storm warning's are out for this year and the snow will start out at about 4000 but will get down to 3000. 1-3 feet 4:00 a.m. friday until 4:00 a.m. saturday. most of it will be on friday. nampa, 32 -- napa, 32 and it's colder than yesterday. clouds increase tonight with rain for tomorrow and it doesn't look like a lot of rain, but more of a snow event then a marine event. we will get it late friday and early saturday. highs 50s and low 60s. it's going to be quiet, which is nice if you are leaving the house and driving, let's say, to the solano county commute but let's take a look,
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shall we? traffic between vacaville and vallejo, nice looking into hercules, not a bad commute with no major problems as you drive on 680 away from the interchange and the traffic looks good and vallejo as you drive across the bridge. the whole thing is not a bad commute if you have to go to work. driving into east bay, looking at interstate 880, traffic is light in front of the oakland coliseum and it continues to be light to hayward or downtown oakland. the bay bridge toll plaza, we don't expect a big crowd. it will look like this on a normal day. we will see what it looks like in one hour and that we can tell if we have one of those lighter than usual days. 4:32 let's go to the desk. this morning, police in concord are looking for a man who they said stole more than $200,000 worth of jewelry from the sears store. as ktvu reports, police believe the man was hiding inside the store when it closed last friday night. >> reporter: holiday shoppers purchased gifts and others may take without paying. >> they should not steal from
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people. >> reporter: a burglary suspect was at a sears store in concord. police said he stole 127 rings from a jewelry case with a total of $218,000. >> i don't know how he pulled that off. that is quite a feat. it cost the business a lot of money. >> reporter: concord police believe he hid out in a storage locker or a room waiting for everyone to leave. and alarm went off around 2:30 saturday morning that officers responded to. they said the burglar may have hit while officers searched the store. >> we are not sure if the crime occurred then or after he left. they checked and discovered nobodies. >> reporter: employees discover the smashed jewelry case when they open the store later that morning and the suspect was long gone. >> this is the time of year, a very giving mood, and for a subject to come in and commit a crime, not happy.
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>> reporter: it's a reminder that the most wonderful time of the year can be wonderful for criminals, too. >> it feels like the holiday grinch. at the end of the day, the grinch gave the stuff back. everybody was friends with the grinch but this is different. hopefully, he gets caught and the stuff gets returned. that is a lot of money worth of merchandise. >> reporter: police believe the suspect lives in the east bay and this is another look at him. if you recognize him, concord police want you to give them a call. ktvu, fox2 news. goodwill industries of the east bay is accused of sexual harassment and discriminating against people with disabilities. the lawsuit claims the night shift supervisor harassed at least five female janitors and denied them pay increases. a complaint was filed by the workers in 2012 and the lawsuit alleges goodwill and an affiliate retaliated against
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managers who tried to help these women who were part of a jobs program for the disabled. supervisor has since left goodwill and the organization tells bay area newsgroups that they take the charges seriously and look forward to learning what they can do to better protect employees and clients. the san francisco public defender's office once all charges dropped against a man arrested at a barred station platform last summer. >> stop right there! get on the ground! >> newly released body camera video shows bart police trying to subdue the suspect, michael smith, he was pinned and later spat in the face of an officer who slammed his head to the ground. a barred passenger reported that smith and his girlfriend were armed with a gun and threatened to rob him. >> keep in mind that up to this point in time, he has not told anything about why he is being stopped. under the law, the police have to tell you why you are being stopped. >> mr. smith would have sat there and put his hand on the
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ground, if he had done that, and have he had chosen not to bite and kick and spit, he would be home and none of this would've happened. >> smith and his girlfriend, pregnant at the time, did not have a gun and she lost the baby two weeks after the confrontation. smith was recently acquitted on four counts of battery on an officer but faces three additional misdemeanor charges and bart said the incident is still under investigation and the result of the investigation should be made public next month. lubricity pulled the fleet of driverless cars off the streets of san francisco. this comes after the dmv revoked the registrations of the 16 self driving suvs that uber had been using. the dmv said they need the same permit that 20 other companies have two tests self driving vehicles. will be maintained and didn't need the permit to run the current city streets because there is a human attendant in the driver's seat. the ridesharing service is
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committed to but is also looking to where it can redeploy the cars. the dmv issued a statement that said, in part, the department is ready to assist lubricity to obtain a permit as expeditiously as possible. the dmv said the permit process could take as little as 72 hours. san francisco police warn about a man posing as a pest control technician. he tried to steal laptop computers from a business and the surveillance video shows him wearing a hazmat suit going into a business on franklin street early on december 12. he showed an official looking card and then signed the end. a security guard was told no one was authorized to be in the building and the guard found the suspect with one laptop in his hand as he tried to disconnect another one and he was chased out of the building. he was not able to catch him. and exploding e-cigarette caught on camera in fresno. a man was riding the bus
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yesterday when his e-cigarette exploded in his pocket, setting his leg on fire. he said he felt the e-cigarette getting hot in his pocket before the blast. the 53-year-old suffered minor burns to his right thigh and hand. san francisco inspectors are cracking down on illegal warehouses. they were in a neighborhood where tenants had been given 30 days to move out of one particular building with fire inspectors, electricians and others coming for a previously announced inspection. the eight people who lived there are working artists and can't find anywhere else to rent in the city that is affordable. >> absolutely. i believe it is a safe place. i did quite a lot of construction inside and i have experience in construction. it doesn't always pay that well. absolutely safe place to live. >> the warehouse is not permitted for residential use and the tenants are hopeful they can work out some way to stay there by cooperating with
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the city and the landlord. a memorial was held in san francisco last night for a talented musician killed in oakland ghost ship warehouse fire. >> ♪ here's video of chelsea dolan posted on youtube a few months ago. she grew up and learn music by ear as a child and was performing at a dance party at the ghost ship collective when the building caught fire earlier this month. last night, rollerskating rink in a former church where she had been a dj held a fundraising memorial in her honor. >> she lived in our world. she had us rolling and rocking and having a great time. >> she was encouraging about her friends and was telling people they should make more music and make more art and how special people are. >> [bells ringing]
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you can hear the church bells ringing 36 times last night in honor of each victim killed in the ghost ship fire. the admission from the advent will help support dolan his family. there is also a dose there is also an account set up and we have a link at ikea is said to pay $50 million to the families of three toddlers killed by dressers that toppled over. all three cases involved dressers that were recalled after children died. the family sued the furniture company claiming ikea knew about the dangers addresses posed. eyecare argued that the families did not attach the dressers to the wall as the instructions indicated. as part of the settlement, ikea agreed to donate $250,000 to a children's hospital and organization that focuses on furniture tip over prevention. declining sales of small cars are causing u.s. automakers to slow production.
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the wall street journal reports that general motors will shut down assembly lines at some factories for part of january. ford and chrysler plan to have short-term closures and analyst say the relatively low price of gas boosted the sale of suvs over sedans. nokia is suing apple, accusing of a violation of 32 patents. they claim apple violated an agreement to license the patents used in iphones, ipads, apple watches, mac computers and other products. it comes the same week apple sued nokia in san francisco. according to bloomberg, apple accuses nokia of attempting to extort money over the patents. major changes for san francisco police and their use of force policy. new information about the late- night meeting that has a new policy and now must be followed. a busy morning at airports across the country as people are traveling for the holiday season and we will have a look at some airport delays that might impact your travel plans,
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locally, and for the coming days, as well. it looks good on the roads. if you are traveling into san francisco, there are people on the road. it does not look like a big crowd going into the city. skies are clear and it is colder but changes on the way. it won't start until tonight. more on that. if you think it's colder, it is.
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we return to a developing story out of the south bay that we told you about 15 minutes ago. fire crews are battling a fire south of downtown san jose next to a busy freeway that is all happening on the east side of highway 87. ktvu saw the fire from the freeway at about 3:30 this morning, shortly after it
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started and we have janine de la vega who just arrived at the scene. we have video of the fire with the firefighters having just gotten there? >> reporter: that is true. the photographer arrived to the scene and followed the smoke with the flames and firefighters had not arrived. let's go to the video. that is between the northbound lanes of highway 87 and the railroad tracks near the alma area. the fire started at about 3:30 in the morning at a homeless encampment and we have confirmed that one person, a man, was taken to the hospital with burns to his hands and his face. i was speaking with homeless people that were out here and one of them said the victim was his stepson and he hoped he was okay. i asked what started this and they didn't know. it's cold and i was asking
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them, were you building a campfire? he really did not respond. the fire is out, now and there is no damage to any buildings. there is damage to the homeless encampment. firefighters, right now, are putting out hotspots. you can see it smoldering in the background. is an area that is difficult to get to, a dirt area not on the freeway, one of those dirt areas off to the side. the good news, it is out and is not impacting traffic right now, at least on the freeway. elma is closed and there is a lane closed. that should open up soon because the fire was small. it would probably take about 10 minutes to get the flames out, but there's one person and we don't know the extent, just that he was burned on his hands and face. back to you. >> we hope to find out more later this morning. thank you very much, janine de la vega live in san jose on
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the fires in. today, get ready for big crowds at the airport. 2.4million americans are expected to fly today, alone. today and tomorrow, expected to be the busiest day for flyers. aaa expects more than 103 million americans to be traveling over the next couple of weeks, the most ever during the christmas holiday. rising salaries and low gas prices mean more people are looking to get away for the holidays. here are tips to save time at the airport. that would include signing up for the t.s.a. pre-check program. you can also try printing your boarding passes at home. that always helps out and we always remind you to arrive at the airport early. flights look smooth in and out of the three major bay area airports. things pick up through out the morning and we will, of course, keep you updated on any delays. call your airlines ahead of time to make sure your flight is on time. there is a look at the radar over the u.s. a lot of people
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traveling just a few days before christmas. and they will hit the roads later today? >> that's right. as an experienced early- morning traveler, one thing that i know, if you get to the airport really early, alex, some of the food concessions may not be open. so, don't show up hungry. plan ahead. >> you will hang out at the starbucks kiosk. >> even that may not be open if you get there at 4:00 or 5:00. the bars are not open. they don't open until later. >> it's even too early for a drink. >> it may be 5:00 somewhere. good morning. don't show up hungry unless you are later in the morning. this is a look at the commute on 580 westbound through the altamonte pass. there is slow traffic and traffic will be slow on 580 but not 205.
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that is doing well and it's a little better than normal. usually, we have traffic on 205 out of tracy. there is crowding for the altamonte past. the east bay commute has been very nice, 880 north and south one, traffic looks good, passing the coliseum and at the bay bridge toll plaza, not a backup. looks good into san francisco. at 4:49, i can hear my dad saying, get up early. we've got to go! >> we had to get to the airport four hours early. that was my dad. >> he is still that way, by the way. >> i learned that from him. i would rather sit at the airport then be stuck in traffic. >> sure. bring provisions, bring a magazine. >> nine times out of 10 there is not a problem. >> dad, i listen to you sometimes. [laughter] clear skies with a little fog towards santa rosa. i'm going to throw this out to
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the folks around antioch and brentwood -- brentwood, there is fog. there's a bunch of fog towards stockton that may work into parts of the eastern contra county -- costa contra county. 30s compared to yesterday and half moon bay, 55 and san francisco, 40s. 38 in palo alto, 35, pretty chilly and cold in southern california. what is going on down there? a lot of rain in los angeles over to palm springs and las vegas. phoenix looks like the dry side. flagstaff, heavy rain last couple of -- overnight into this morning -- and that is the main energy in the four corners, a little bit in the pacific northwest and northeast, it is clipping new hampshire and vermont. across the country, not bad.
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22 in minneapolis, 46 in dallas and 39 in raleigh and 28 in salt lake city. it's cold, but it was really cold four or five days ago. mostly clear here and the advisories are out for snow on friday. shasta, be advised if you are traveling today -- you will be fine -- tomorrow, 4:00 friday two to 4:00 p.m. saturday and the higher peaks above lake level, 1-3 feet. the snow level will start at 4000, but may get down to 2500 feet by saturday. be advised. 30s on the temps. walnut creek, san ramon, dublin -- there are two observations. 30s and 40s. if you get a breeze, that can hold it up. clouds will increase. 38 in truckee, sacramento, lake tahoe, 20s. state line is 28 and reno is 36
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with south lake tahoe airport at 27. if you are going, the snow will come way down when the system arrives tomorrow. today looks good with rainfall not that great. the forecast model has already cut back and i'm not surprised. most of it will be friday night and saturday, it will linger into the sierra and cold air will spill in. christmas looks dry but very cold. 60s for some and 50s for others. backing up, tomorrow we will have rain and the wind kicks in with cold air into saturday and it clears out by saturday afternoon on saturday night. christmas looks good, but not very warm. >> it is cold. we will hang out inside. large banks are charging you big buck -- big bucks in overdraft fees. the new report by the pew charitable trust says the average overdraft fee is $35. according to the nonprofit, many of the nation's biggest
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banks employ unfair practices to make it more likely that customers will overdraw their accounts multiple times. they call on federal regulators to set reasonable limits on overdraft charges and how banks assess those charges. whole foods faces a class- action lawsuit. the suit claims the grocery store chain cheated workers out of bonuses. whole foods is suspected of adding company profits and playing with sales numbers to -- to cut into worker bonus rewards. whole foods released a statement saying they have looked into the issues presented in the lawsuits. last week they fired nine managers in the washington, dc area for manipulating the bonus program. coming up, free holiday gifts for more than 1500 kids. we take you to an event organized for families that have to make a choice. >> do we pay the rent or buy the kid a christmas present? (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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welcome back. in east bay barbershop is a place where police build bridges with the community. yesterday, the masters barbershop played host to a gathering called cuts with cops. people who showed up got a free haircut and a chance to talk with members of the alameda county sheriff's office and the san leandro and oakland police department and all three of those agencies are hiring.
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>> it's a good way to bridge that gap and get that interaction. who will pass up a free haircut? at the same time, learn something about law enforcement. >> the free haircut sounds good. the san leandro police chief said he thought the event was a great way to meet the public and look for new recruits for the department. california's birth rate has reached an historic low, mainly due to millennials putting up parenthood to finish college and launch careers. according to newly released data from the state department of finance, the birth rate the client to 12.42 births per 1000 people in 2016, the lowest in the state's history. according to the report in 2010, the last time the figures were compiled, the birth rate was 13.69 per 1000 people. much deserving children will have gifts under the tree this year thanks to a bay area nonprofit. >> do you know what is in these packages?
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>> no. >> what do you hope it is? >> something good. >> more than 1500 children and families lined up outside the richmond civic center auditorium for the holiday celebration and insight, they were treated to a holiday show and each child got two wrapped presents with something good inside, no doubt. and the true spirit of the holidays, one young boy that decided that instead of keeping the gifts, he wanted to give them away. >> i was going to give the gifts to the fired apartment. it is not for me. >> the holiday party was sponsored by the bay area rescue mission that works with low income and homeless people in richmond. new policies and rules for the san francisco police department. the changes happening now for the use of force policy. a missing woman was found after she went missing with her car and you will hear about the technology used that may have saved her life. good morning. we sea traffic off to a decent start on 80 westbound, not a
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bad commute. some pockets of fogs to the east and north. otherwise, clear and cold with big changes on the way for friday. ,i,88rwow
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