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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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welcome back. the man suspected of killing 12 people in a berlin christmas market was killed overnight. this happened with a shootout with police when and 600 miles away in italy. >> we will have the very latest on how this morning's weather could affect your holiday plans.>> good morning. thank you for joining us. friday morning december 23. i am pam cook. i am frank mallicoat in for dave. if you have not been outside this is what you will bump into.
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rain all across the bay area and started coming down early this morning. this is the deal out of burlingham. we had video from san mateo a little earlier. pretty much raining everywhere. let's check in with steve to find out when it will stop.>> not until later on. very cold air coming in and that will be the key possibility of some low snow. but the brain has all right. if you do not have to drive they be thankful and if you do they take it slow. at least the traffic is not as bad as we head into the holiday weekend. did you ever have one of those days were you could wish you could rewind? william -- rain is predicted weather in traffic -- did you get that sal . weather and traffic. they are going to have to fix
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that. i see that.>> there is our system moving in. we will get heavy rain especially parts of marin county and san mateo coast. not as much in mendocino county. really lighting up as you can see. when you have the red, that is very heavy rain is sending of the east bay in into the south bay in santa cruz mountains. the system has arrived. there will be areas of a very heavy rain with extremely cold air. cold, unstable air and that will be the poor so possible thundershowers. also low snow levels for this year and northern mountains. 50s on the temperatures.>> here we are. and traffic. you know this is -- i think this is a good day because it is raining and we have not had a slate of accidents. traffic volume is so light because of the holiday.
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it is a few days before christmas and people are not doing the normal commute. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see traffic will be light getting onto the bridge. there are no major problems as you drive traffic begins to look pretty good. we are looking at a slowdown on the san mateo bridge but not much. certainly people are out there driving to the airport or shopping. there is a collision just reported eastbound 580 e. of eden canyon road near the on ramp. fire and medics are on the way so maybe a little slow traffic developing if that ends up taking a planes. we do not have much information just yet. let's go back to the desk. thank you sal. the suspect in the berlin truck attack has been killed in a shootout in italy. that news broke out just hours ago. reporter eric tenney joins us live in the nation's capital
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with what we know so far. >> reporter: good morning. german officials are still awaiting official confirmation that this was in fact 24-year- old amri anis who was shot and killed in a press conference italy's minister says he has no doubt this was their man. >> reporter: the manhunt for amri anis ended in milan italy in a 3 am shootout. news agencies say police on routine patrol asked a man for identification who then pulled out a gun from his backpack and a shots were fired and a policeman was injured. the gunman was then killed.>> this happened after a number of inquiries. without any shadow of a doubt, it is amri anis , the presumed suspect of the terrorist attacks in berlin. >> milan is more than 600 miles from berlin were earlier this week amri anis allegedly drove
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a truck directly into a crowded christmas shopping market killing 12 people and injuring 56 others. immediately following the attack amri anis vanished without a trace except for his fingerprints which were enough to spark an international manhunt across the continent of europe . police raided a mosque were amri anis was seen on surveillance cameras before and after the attack . that was a short distance from the market were a memorial is taking place and people wrote hand written tributes for the victims. >> the police officer who was shot is expected to be okay but a big question remains regarding how the suspect managed to make his way to milan with an international manhunt underway and if he had any help getting into italy. police in australia have detained five men and they were reportedly planning a series of
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bomb attacks on christmas day. about 400 police officers conducted a raid. the men were self radicalized and inspired by islamic state propaganda. there a legend target included a cathedral at a train station. >> we are continuing to follow developing news of a hijacked plane landing on the mediterranean island of malta. all the passengers and crew on board the plane had release. the first reports came in that two hijackers had forced the plane to land on malta and were threatening to blow it up saying they had grenades on board. video from the airport in malta showing passengers slowly being allowed to leave the plane. officials in malta have said they work 118 passengers on board. the times is reporting that one hijacker told the crew that he was for qaddafi and he would let passengers leave if his demands
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were met. it is unclear what those demands are but there were reports that the hijackers had asked for political asylum in malta. >> experts are predicting tomorrow is the busiest. >> reporter: take a look around you can see there are both at the airport not as busy as it was an hour ago but that is what you would expect. the flow of passengers absinthe flows. taking a look -- abs and flows. we have heard about a handful of delays that passengers need to be aware of if they are flying out of the airport. go ahead and contact your airline. we have video of when we arrived earlier. there was quite a bit of rain and that rain could be leading to some delays. we are hearing some delays out
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of oakland in san jose airport this morning according to flight view. a lot of flights are looking at some delay. we are also hearing about some flights out of san jose that are delayed as well. an estimated 2.4 million travelers are expected today alone. taking a look at our live shot now you can see what the passenger drop-off area looks at the airport here . you can see lots of rain and passengers this our. we are also hearing about some delays at lax. about 230 flights were canceled due to stormy weather back and it could have a ripple effect in the bay area. officials warning there could be an additional 200 flights canceled by noon today. this weather in the bay area could also be impacting flights in san jose and oakland as
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well. we will be monitoring the flight in the three major airports. we will give you updates as they weren't in as a weather moves to our area. >> looks like a mess. the traffic getting really busy. >> reporter: yes. you can see this is what you would expect at a drop-off area. we are seeing a lot of people out here which is what you would expect but the rate is slowing things down and making it a sloppy departure for some people. of course if you are going to be flying contact your airline and make sure your flight is on time and also contact those long-term parking facilities because sometimes they fill up around the holidays and you certainly would not want to arrive at the ear place this airport and not have a place to park. -- arrived at the airport and not have a place to park.>> you can download our weather app to
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get updates on weather. >> today the san francisco police officers association will ask the judge to block the department's new use of force policy. the police commission approves officers. they cannot use a carotid neck hold to subdue suspects and they are prohibited from shooting at moving vehicles. the union wants the court to delay the ruling until language can be worked out for emergency situations. >> we will seek a judge's approval to force the department not to implement the policy until we either get negotiations or a judge deciding the language. spin and we agree on everything but one thing and that is shooting at cars. i am sure the union is
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recognizing its rights but i know the commission feels it is negotiating in good faith. >> the police officers association filed a lawsuit earlier accusing the police commission of negotiating in bad faith regarding the use of force guidelines. one of san francisco's annual event is getting underway a day early. we want to take you live. this is a last minute toy drive. mayor brown is out there. and they are going to get christmas gifts out to children. we will have a live report at dirty past six -- at 6:30. the rockettes will be performing at donald trump inauguration. and up next a complaint from a vendor. some pretty good rain in san francisco. we will take a closer look when we go over your friday
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up in chester county a gas station clerk set on fire and killed. a go fund me account has been set up for the family. david wicks -- surveillance video showing a person walking in wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a yellow jacket to conceal their identity. the attacker downstate flammable
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liquid on wicks and the floor. wicks was engulfed in the fire. investigators do not know a motive and they are still searching for the suspect who apparently got away on a bicycle. now to a racially charged incident in texas that is creating a lot of was on social media. a white fort worth police officer has been placed on restricted duty after arresting an african-american mother who called the authorities for help. jacqueline cragg called the police. when officers arrived at the situation escalated with cragg yelling profanities at police. cell phone video posted on facebook shows an officer handcuffing three women and this has more than 2 million views pixmap the officer was not at all interested in the assault of the seven-year-old child but was more concerned with the accusations of the person -- the as a -- the assailant. >> fort worth police say they
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cannot release body camera video until the investigation is it released.>> the mother told the reporter she does not feel justice has been sir.>> reporter: the trump's transition team is having a tough time getting ask to perform at next month inauguration. the rockettes have agreed to take part in the festivities. one rockette expressed her disappointment in having to perform. she claims all the rockettes are worried they could lose their jobs if they refuse to show up. >> the beach boys have been asked to perform but members of the band said they have not yet made a decision. the beach boys have played at george hw bush and both clinton and ronald reagan. that is despite the fact that then secretary of the city --
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secretary of the interior expressed they attracted a unwelcome element.>> [ laughter ] they don't have a long hair. they are beach boys. >> now they are just glad to have here. [ laughter ] >> let's kick it over to sal. we have rain. >> we do not have a lot of trouble. we do have a crash. i will show you that in a moment but most of the commute -- i am just looking here to see -- most of the commute does not have a lot going on. this is westbound highway 24. looks good as you drive through the area. a nice commute all the way into the tunnel. there have been no major problems. traffic continues to look pretty good. also looking at the bay bridge. it is light although it is raining. normally the rain would make it is so commute.
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this morning it is not. we have a crash on eastbound 580 getting out of the way of dublin. we do have some stop and grow -- stop and go traffic. traffic going that way will be slow. let's bring stephen with today's weather.>> pouring in the city. okay. that may cause issue. heading over towards the marin county also emeryville and oakland and east bay and even on the peninsula. san jose not so much. but it is getting there. rain -- no sign of letting up. look at that. when you get the red returns on the radar -- look at that. there is your very heavy rain stretching out towards oakland. that is part of the bay and then it will head over towards richland and hayward in lafayette and dublin.
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not as much but still picking up a little bit for some from san mateo to half moon bay in palo alto and sonny bill as well. this band will continue to lift northeast but as it does it is the cold air enhancing. more of a general rain to the north. some areas to the south like santa cruz mountains not a lot yet you are just to the south of that band so heavier around the peninsula and highway 9. this is extremely cold and unstable air. coldest we have probably seen in quite some time. that will play into saturday. snow picking up in the sierra. winter storm warning arty starting from 10 am tomorrow. it will be very cold. thunderstorm activity possible. certainly if there is enough moisture available they will be snow late tonight and tomorrow and by saturday night.
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it will not be enough but the cold air will be spilling in. morning rain some heavy at times. windy at time. putting out some pretty blustery conditions. a cold and blustery, rainy pattern saturday and called on sunday. looks dry but cold.>> debbie oliver helping me out on facebook. matt hamilton 43.>> yes. and we could -- mt. tam inc. the lowest elevation. >> those are both 25. we could get a dusting. maybe not. >> it could happen.>> it needs to have the moisture there.>> st. helena will get it. dusting. as a kid growing up -- it looks
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like yes. it used to happen a lot more. what is up with that? >> it will be back. don't you worry.>> thank you steve. it is 6:21. a christmas surprise after heartbreak. up next how strangers kicked in to help a struggling mother in the southeast bay. >> plus the student housing site that is being explored at an old movie theater
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call today. comcast business. built for business. get ready. here we go. lake it on us. three, two, one -- once i hear this song it is christmas -- feliz navidad -- if you want a holiday song hit me up on twitter facebook or instagram. hey sal, i want to wish you a
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merry christmas, from the bottom of my heart. [ laughter ] >> well belay hose e40 continues to get back. yesterday the rapper dropped off a $20,000 check at the salvation army. daily use that money to provide food and clothing in the community and also some utility bills. earl stevens is his real name. this family relied on the salvation army when he was growing up. spirit days >> we did what we had to do. i am in a great position right now and i love my city and i love people. i don't let things. that is why i am here. to give my day to give back in clean my position.>> he did his best impression of cowboys ezekiel elliot.
6:26 am
jumping into a salvation army kettle. and do you know what? they raised a whole lot of money. people called in and donated.>> east bay mother who lost all of her literature in a fire several months ago received a big holiday surprise. volunteers from a group called christmas in richmond secretly furnished and decorated her new apartment. each year the group helps the family in need. furniture and accessories all donated. it most of the day to get that apartment ready. then they quietly waited for her to come in. >> merry christmas. [ laughter ]>> this is beyond amazing. this is the biggest present and blessing i have ever had in my life. i have never had anybody do something like this for me. >> that will make your heart go
6:27 am
pitter patter. the volunteers said they truly enjoy helping people in need. they also plan to do something special for someone next christmas as well.>> that is a good feeling.>> uber taking its self driving cars to arizona. by the governor of that state is rolling out the welcome mat. plus another freeway shooting in the east bay to tell you about. two people were hurt in oakland in the third such case in as many weeks along interstate in as many weeks along interstate 580. >> it is pouring in san francisco which has already picked up almost an inch of rain. even in marin county. look at that.>> who says i shouldn't have a soda every day?
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thank you for joining us on this getaway friday. december 23 -- i'm frank mallicoat in for day today. i decided to be a little sparkly on this christmas eve/eve.>> looks very nice p.m.>> the weather not so nice. >> it is really coming down for some. parts of marin county and san francisco seems to be were the core of the heaviest rain is falling. right there from san francisco over to southern marin or maybe oakland also. and parts of the east bay. it is heading in that direction. if you want to wait a little bit, i would. and then also down to san leandro, and black hawk, some of that stretching over san pablo bay.
6:31 am
around hercules and american canyon and venetia -- not as much but still picking up. not the intent -- also down around santa clara and fremont also to san jose and trying to work its way into the santa cruz mountains. the heaviest looks to be marin county and parts of the peninsula and east bay. not as intense in north. but the snow is beginning to pickup and will it ever pretty soon here. winter storm warning started going until 10 am saturday morning. the advice it will come down to the snow level of 3000 in the mountains. in the mountains it could be 2000. weather advisories for the grapevine for tonight. if you are traveling to southern california, the sooner you go, the better. the cold pulling right there. that has to swing in. downpours very cold air as well. maybe even lows -- 50s on your
6:32 am
temperatures -- upper 40s in the higher elevations. sal, you should be getting things on your camera. >> yes. we are seeing rain out there for sure steve. let's go to the bay bridge. people want to always know what is the bay bridge like? i am happy to tell you it is light at the bay bridge. we have had some collisions correlated with the rain. the traffic is going to be okay. there is a roadway flooding. southbound 880 and at 980. 880 traffic things okay but there is roadway flooding reported and slow traffic on southbound 280 monterey. looks like a crash happened there on the crash on southbound 280. chp is also dealing with a crash at eastbound 580 at eaton canyon road. the crash is still there and a slowing traffic leaving castor
6:33 am
valley and heading out to dublin. i have a feeling a lot of people will be going to the stoneridge mall and if you are doing that you will be in slow traffic this morning getting over the dublin grade. let's go back to the desk.>> this morning chp investigating another shooting on interstate shooting on interstate 5 in oakland. this is the third shooting in oakland in as many weeks. alex savidge joins us live with more on these recent cases. >> reporter: what is unclear is if any of these recent shootings might be connected in any way. obviously investigators are working to figure that out. latest happen at 7 pm on eastbound 580 near the harrison street exit. the chp said two meant that were riding in the same car were both shot and wounded investigators have given us not much of an update but they are working to gather evidence and find out what lead up to the shooting which did backup traffic for several hours in the area. this is the third shooting along 580 in oakland.
6:34 am
on november 30 a man and woman were shot near fruitvale avenue and in response to that shooting oakland police stepped up patrols in the area. then on monday it was another shooting on 580 as well in oakland. the chp says the driver of a black mercedes fired shots at a honda that had apparently been tailgating. no one was hit that you can see the honda was left in the freeway riddled with bullet holes. the investigation was shot down the eastbound lane on grand avenue for several hours. the chp obviously investigating all these shootings trying to track down people that are responsible. they are urging people who have seen anything to put in a call to investigators as they are trying to solve these cases.>> alex savidge live in our newsroom. thank you for that. and police are investigating a
6:35 am
fatal stabbing as a case of just the file homicide. happen at 12:05 am near e. 14th st. investigators say a man in his 30s walking down the street on his cell phone and another man came out of hiding and try to rob him.>> reporter: as the victim approach with the suspect was hiding the suspect came out and had a brief conversation and asked to for something. he then produced a 10 inch thick blade knife and demanded his cell phone and wallet. >> reporter: the suspect stabbed the victim picked the victim ran in the opposite direction but the suspect caught up with him and that is when the victim took the knife of the robber is fatally stabbed him. both men lived in the bay area were the attack happened did not know one another. self driving program for uber has now left san francisco. uber has left the city because
6:36 am
the dmv has revoked the registrations. it need permit says the dmv. uber says it does not need the permit because there is a driver present in the car. arizona's governor welcomes the new self driving cars.>> companies seek arizona as a great place to do this is. they are fleeing california and ditching the overregulation and high taxation and arizona is a place that is open for business. we are a state on a rise. they left california yesterday and we are thrilled to have them.>> reporter: uber sent out this picture of the cars being loaded on a flat red truck and heading out to arizona. a last-minute toy drive in san francisco. city leaders are turning out to help. former mayor willie brown out there. we are live in union square were the big toy drive is going on at left the old tools.>> --
6:37 am
at lefty oh tools. >> it is quite a party. we have the owner nick out here. we have aware -- we have mayor willie brown. in a whole lot of volunteers. this will be the sixth annual tool drive. they do this every year. they are really into this. we are looking for a lot of great last-minute toys. these are the toys were you have already gotten your stuff for your own families that you have a little extra cash. they are looking for bicycles, gifts will for pre-teenagers, really quality gifts for some of the less fortunate. hopefully getting maybe 12,000 gifts. they have already gotten a few thousand this year and gave out thousand. the need here is so great.
6:38 am
they want to make sure that everyone has a really nice christmas. i am going to grab mayor willie brown. i will put you away for a little bit. i know that you have your own bridge. >> sal does not know that. he keeps calling traffic on something called the bay bridge. it is really the willie mae bridge. >> mayor -- don't you remember i was there with you when they dedicated that rich to you? we talked. i know it is your bridge. to that you were there and you had a good time except those other announcers, you don't call it the willie mae bridge. not that i am sensitive. and as a matter of fact it
6:39 am
doesn't bother me at all but it is the willie brown bridge.>> the next report that i do i will not call it the bay bridge. i will call it the willie l brown junior suspension. >> let me also tell you johnny mathis called me and to said pleased to let you know he did not graduate from galileo, he graduated from george washington.>> i got so much flack for that . >> i could not believe it because people called me -- he called me and he said you know sal? and he said i am sensitive i am not going to tell sal. [ laughter ] >> you tell mr. mathis -- not only are we going to correct that error, we are going to play a song by him coming up. chances are, because i were a silly grin.>> salutations to
6:40 am
you sal . >> merry christmas to you mayor. >> sal getting schooled by the mayor a little bit. >> yes he was. but he is not sensitive. [ laughter ] >> coming up store employee fights back against the armed robber.>> it is a miracle that we are still alive. a gun is a gun and one-shot you are done. >> surveillance video you have to see coming up next extract in cars potentially filled with holiday gifts are potential targets. we will let you know what you can do to lower your risk of becoming a victim. if you are sensitive to lower pressure and rain we can't help you today because it is pouring. looks like the worst has just gone through san francisco.
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welcome back. take a look at this . a robbery was thwarted in a convenience store in hayward. two employees are seen fighting with an armed man. one employee was shot, the other is back at work. edmund smith spoke to him about what happened and why they fought back. >> reporter: in surveillance video from the royal market in hayward you see a man wearing a hoodie with his face covered. he entered the store around 8 pm on tuesday. at a different
6:44 am
camera angle you see he pulled a gun on the clerk and demanded money from the register here 34- year-old amid her son was that employee. >> were you scared? >> not like scared scared, i was more like this is going to happen but the robber did not realize the clerk's brother was in the store. the robber fired one round and you can see the gun go off. the bullet hit the brother in the leg.>> he shot my brother. and he put a gun on me. that means he is ready for war. >> a struggle ensued as the two take the mass demand down to the ground. another bullet hits his hand. they were able to put the suspect in a choke hold and restraining him until police arrived. the owner called them brave.
6:45 am
>> we were very lucky that god gave us help so we don't get hurt.>> it is definitely heroic. he's not going to come in here and mess with them anymore.>> he's thankful nothing else happened. >> it is a miracle we are still alive. a gun is a gun and one-shot you are done. that is it. it was a good angle and he got hit in the right spot. >> time now is 5:45. japanese prime minister will meet with president. obama in pearl harbor. you will become the first leader of japan to visit pearl harbor since 1942. japanese bombed the naval base 75 years ago pushing the us into world war ii. the prime minister visit is intended to showcase the power of reconciliation that has turned former adversaries into
6:46 am
some of the closest allies. most people in japan seem to support the prime minister's decision to visit pearl harbor. looking at what he has done so far i think he is the strongest among japan prime minister's in implementing what he plans. i think it is the right thing to do actively letting the world know these positive thoughts we have.>> president obama became the first american is it to revisit hiroshima. he visited the memorial. >> san jose state is reportedly interested in adding more student housing by building on land occupied by a movie theater. the mercury news reports the school is looking to acquire the release for camera 12 that closed in december because of falling revenues. the city will accept offers for
6:47 am
the property through march 2017. the mercury news reports that san jose state hopes to eventually by the 39,000 ft.2 of land and build a 500 unit tower which will at least be 20 stories hide. the project will include offices, a cinema, and retail shops as well as a parking lot. the land is appraised at $5 million. we heard from mayor brown about five minutes ago and he laid the gauntlet down on sal. >> he is right in a way. i will show you the spot on the bridge that is named after him. we are not joking around. there are signs out there. the bridge between treasure island in san francisco is called the willie l brown junior bay bridge. >> not the suspension span? i like that. >> and not just the bay bridge.>> but it is also another name.
6:48 am
student i like to think the mayor has a son right now in san francisco.>> it is a beautiful bridge. i was there with a dedicated it. the traffic is moderate. it is a little windy. there is not a big delay getting into san francisco, but there certainly are people out there. david they are not going to work but they are going somewhere. i guess is they are probably trying to go shopping and my guess is the people who are going shopping at the last minute are mostly men but that is just a guess. eastbound 580 as you drive over to dublin from castro valley there is a accident clearing. topic has been slow because of the injury accident. just give yourself extra time. because of the brain you will see some traffic. we also had an accident reported on the 580 lakeshore exit. that did not turn out to be a big traffic jam at all or on 880. that is looking good also.
6:49 am
let's bring stephen with today's weather.>> good morning everybody. let's get to it. we have some intense rain coming down mainly focus by marin county, san francisco over to east bay. lj silberman half inch of rain still coming down in nevada and sleepy hollow has had almost an inch of rain. san francisco as well. although it does look like there is a package to heavy rain right there in the red. it has now moved over to the east bay and oakland. san ramon, pleasanton, hayward and we will start sat down to union city and fremont. probably snow great as well and down to san jose and 880 and parts of 680 much in the santa cruz mountains. there is still some of the heavier looks to be were we just showed you and to the north not as much either. sometimes the ring can add up
6:50 am
when it is continuous like this. sierra, the winter storm warning has begun. snow could come. if some of you have to travel five towards oregon or washington the snow level will get down to 1500 feet by late tonight and tomorrow. for the sierra down to 2000 feet and then to beat you get above some higher peaks. there is also a winter weather advisory for the grapevine. go now. go as soon as you can because you do not want to do with the grapevine and snow. a new development took place over san francisco. enhanced that a bit . extremely cold pool of their that have to move in. embedded with that will be heavy rain. embedded with thunderstorms also at time. maybe little get down to snow. gusts about 30 miles an hour with higher elevations with southeast wind incense out
6:51 am
towards parts of the peninsula and san jose. 32 up at truckee , 43 ukiah. now this will be a major player on some brief and heavy downpours coming in later tonight into tomorrow. cold, unstable air. really cold air coming in. i do not want to over emphasize but you will notice it will start tomorrow. rainfall is not that great. this model is on for now so it does look like there is a bit of a back edge. once we get past saturday things will calm down considerably. it might be another system to the north but that is too far north right now. 50s are the temperatures at best. some will be low. very blustery. showery pattern and cold on saturday. sunday christmas looks okay but not very warm.>> rainy and cold -- i mean clear and cold for
6:52 am
christmas. >> officials in alameda county are warning of a new year's eve party scam. coming up in our next half hour the concert been promoted as a that a fit for the alameda county food bank first an unusual discovery at the sonoma county airport. the purple heart workers are trying to reunite with the traveler who was carrying it
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6:54 am
6:55 am
there it is. johnny mathis -- i mentioned johnny mathis once to -- went to george washington high school so we dedicate this song to george washington high school.>> johnny mathis is an alumni of george washington high school. to as opposed to what? i said galileo. that is just because my parents were there but whatever. [ laughter ] >> by the way johnny, if you are listening you can always call me directly. i will take your call. you don't have to go through mr. mayor brown. [ laughter ] if there is a special song you would like to hear i will pray your request -- play your request every friday morning. this morning's theme is holidays.
6:56 am
>> i would love to hear from johnny mathis. >> surprising discovery was made at the sonoma county airport. last week a worker found a purple heart. the metal was served for injury are dead. it has the name of it army infantry man miguel perez. the metal was clipped to a 20-year- old photograph with a partial list of puerto ricans that died in korea. this purple heart ended up with a marine corps veteran. >> the first thing for me was the importance of that metal and who it belongs to. of them and i understand and appreciate that.>> reporter: officials are reviewing video from around the metal was found. for now it is locked in a safe.>> the warriors overcame another slow start with the
6:57 am
absence of green. green was back here for the birth of his first son. the warriors outscored the mets by 32 in the second half. kevin durand scored 26. it all added up to a warrior win. the final was 117-101.>> we posted on snap chat -- he is heading to michigan in the warriors will face the pistons tonight. after flying all the way to new york green took an emergency flight back to the bay area because his girlfriend had gone into labor. brandon green junior born at 3:55 am. he posted all of these pictures on in instagram account.
6:58 am
the coach said he tried to get green to stay home on wednesday but said green was convinced the baby was not going to arrive for another week but guess what happened?>> he is back to work tonight. >> yes he is.>> just hours ago we learned a suspect in the daily berlin attack was killed in a shootout with police in italy. we have a live report from washington about what is next in the investigation. and this is a little look -- that is our radar shot actually -- but we are talking about a lot of the area rain and it is pretty heavy in some parts. we will check in with steve about the weather and sal about the traffic . we will be right back.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> good morning. it is get-away day for many people in the bay area. take a look. if you're hitting the road, a lot of rape out there. you could run into problems. we're also checking out the airports as well. this is ktvu mornings o2.


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