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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  December 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> good morning. it is get-away day for many people in the bay area. take a look. if you're hitting the road, a lot of rape out there. you could run into problems. we're also checking out the airports as well. this is ktvu mornings o2.
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>> all right. here is the radar picture. it looks like a lot of rain. >> there is a lot of activity in california. >> a lot of activity. yes, it is very colorful today. steve will talk about the details. rain and wind and cold temperatures heading our way. >> snow too. >> thank you for joining us, friday december 23rd. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm frank mallicoat. gasia and dave are enjoying the holiday. you get pam and frank. let's go over to steve to find out how much and for how long. >> about three quarters of an inch. >> how about the evening commute, will it still be raining. >> it will be hit and miss. yes. yes. >> a lot of people will be driving. >> some areas will have it. others will. if you don't have the rain yet, just you wait. john says that there is steady rain out in brentwood. i'm waiting for the red cell to get here. you don't have long to wait. it is getting close as it moves
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over to brentwood, antioch, highway 4, stretching back to east bay, mount diablo, livermore, 580/680 split all the way back to the east bay. it looks like we're on the back edge of this. especially for san francisco. at least three quarters of an inch. some areas more. not as heavy to the south but still some. maybe over the higher peaks you're starting to see mix on precipitation. i'm not surprised. extremely cold air is coming in. santa cruz mountains, more of a steady rain. that will add up over time. 17 will be tough as well. not as much in mendocino and lake county. snow on the way for tahoe and truckee because of the winter storm warning kicked in early and will go until 10:00 a.m. with very snow levels.
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in fact, around 2,000 feet. even southern california over the grapevine. be advised. if you have to travel today, go early if you can before the system arrives. i can't overemphasize how cold the air is swinging in. we will get a little break. then we will start to see that rotate n you get thunderstorms out of that. that would be the source of the snow levels. that is the coldest pocket we have seen in a long time. 50s on the temps. pretty good rain there for a while, sal. i'm sure you're seeing it on your cameras. >> you know, the volume is lighter. the traffic volume is lighter, i should say, steve, which is helping us out. if it was raining like this on an ordinary commute day, we would have a lot of crashes much we do but the crashes are not causing huge traffic jams. it is relatively light as you can see taking a look at the bay bridge. it has been light all morning long at the bay bridge. getting word of a brand-new
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accident reported at 6:59 northbound 880 at hyde street. it is windy. the accident that was just reported is just outside of our camera's view on northbound 880. i don't see any big traffic jams yet on 880. we have one on 580 leaving castro valley because of a crash that was there at really the top of the dublin grade, getting out to the stoneridge area. if you're trying to drive out to pleasanton on 580, you will see slow traffic. move it over to san francisco. southbound 280 atmonter a, they're clearing out an accident to daly city and the south part of san francisco. there is a crash and slow traffic there. by the way, also slow traffic along number 101 from the 280 interchange up to cesar chavez. not completely light but it will be a little bit slow. lighter than usual day commute- wise. happening now, the story weather is also causing delays
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at bay area airports on one of the expected busiest days of the holiday season. christien kafton is live at sfo. >> reporter: hey, sal. we are live inside sfo. we will give you a quick look at the line here to go through the security check area. you can see it is outside of the main area. people are standing outside of that area, getting ready to go into the security check. we're also starting to hear now about delays on arrivals in particular. if you take a look at the arrival board, the f.a.a. has issued a traffic management program at sfo which means there is an average delay of two hours, 15 minutes. take a look at the board right there. a seattle flight was set to arrive at 9:00 a.m. now at 10:00 a.m. we've also heard about some delays on departures as well. now, today as you said, sal, expected to be a very busy travel day. an estimated 2.4 million
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travelers are expected to travel today. we are getting word about some problem out of lax this morning. already 230 flights in and out of lax have been canceled due to stormy weather in the south. that could have effects in the bay area. there could be 200 flights canceled or delayed by noon today. the f.a.a. is listing an average of one and a half hours delay into lax. now, we also have a live shot up into oakland. delays out of oakland as well. to give you a sense of how things are looking at the tsa check point, flight view is reporting that delays on many flights out of oakland are delayed. we're also hearing delays out of san jose international airport as well. although those delays in and out of san jose appear to be clearing up. this will give you an idea the reason behind many of the delays. you can see that we have rainy,
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wet conditions here at the drop- off area at sfo. of course that rain affecting visibility at bay area-wide airports. airlines and the airport are advising everyone to check with your airline to see if the flights are arriving or departing on time. pam. >> have you been able to find. the weather is affecting things here. have they told you which airports across the country are having more problems. if people are heading through chicago or which places are bad? >> reporter: it's been spotty. it's been spotty, pam. we have been looking and seen areas in areas as diverse as las vegas to seattle. so we are seeing some spotty delays at various airports throughout the country. of course we're seeing a lot of wet, rainy weather here on the west coast. so a lot of flights in and out of the bay area, a lot of flights going to and from lax in southern california also have delays. >> if you get snow back east a
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lot of the planes come here and fly there. so check nice and early. >> reporter: that's exactly right, frank. as the day progresses. >> right. >> reporter: the delays start to stack up. if a flight misses its connection in one location, it has a ripple effect throughout the day. you can expect that the delays we're seeing this morning could extend even further as the day progresses. >> thank you so much for that update, christien kafton. nowhere you're headed don't be surprised you could be delayed. you can download our fox 2 ktvu weather app as well, especially if you're hitting the road. get updated conditions throughout california about the storms. you're going to find updated forecasts as well on facebook, twitter and instagram. and we continue to follow developing news of a hijacked libyan airliner that landed on the island of malta this morning. the hijackers have left the plane after releasing all the
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passengers and crew on board. reports came in that two hijackers forced the plane and threatened to blow it up, saying they had grenades. video from malta, showing some of the passengers being allowed to deplane. there were 118 passengers on board. within the last half hour, the prime minister of malta tweeted that the hijackers had surinner didded and are in custody. they were demanding political asylum in malta. don't pack your cars with holiday gifts. law enforcement reminding people that thieves are making rounds in parking lots and city streets looking for packages inside of your car. the san mateo sheriff's detective demonstrated how easy it is to make off with the stolen goods. one had items left right there on the seats.
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>> they're looking for the easy targets. they want to get what they're looking for and get out. they don't want to be caught. they are looking for valuables in plain view. >> earlier this month, the sheriff's department sent out mailers to people to remind them not to leave valuables inside the car. coming up, two people shot on an east bay freeway. in our 7:30 half hour, the third incident in as many weeks on interstate 580. first, two brothers detained on suspension of planning a terror attack. we will have the large shopping mall where they were reportedly targeting.
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>> new this morning, the suspect in the berlin truck attack has been killed in a shootout in italy. >> the news broke hours ago. live in washington with what we know so far. >> reporter: well, frank and pam, good morning to you. this morning german officials
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are relieved that the suspect, 24-year-old anis amri has been caught but the terror threat to germany remains extremely high as they unravel what led up to the attack. the manhunt for anis amri ended in a 3:00 a.m. shootout. police on routine patrol in a milan neighborhood asked a man for id, who then pulled out a gun from his backpack, shots were fired. a program was injured. and the gunman was killed. >> killed after a number of inquiries made under the circumstances. without any shadow of a doubt it is anis amri, the presumed suspect of a terrorist attack in berlin. >> reporter: milan is more than 600 miles from berlin where earlier this week amri allegedly drove a truck seen on the left side of the screen
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into a crowded christmas shopping market, killing 12 people and injuring 56 others. immediately following the attack, amri vanished without a trace except for his finger prints that sparked a manhunt across europe. mosques were raided where he was seen both before and after the attack. that was just a short distance from the market that reopened thursday and where a candle lit memorial began to take shape and where handwritten tributes were left for the victims. and frank and pam, we're also learning this morning that shortly after the berlin attack, an islamic state news agency released a video purportedly showing the attacker pledging his allegiance to the terror group as well as calling on muslims across europe to rise up and strike the west. frank and pam. >> thank you, garrett, for that update. the time is now 7:14. police in the western germany
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arrested two brothers on suspension that they were planning to carry out a terror attack on a shopping mall. the two brothers, 28 and 31 years old from kosovo, authorities think that the men were planning an attack on the central mall. the two brothers were arrested overnight and searched the car for any evidence. they don't believe there is any connection between this attack and the deadly truck attack on monday. donald trump is having a tough time getting acts to perform at the inauguration. the rockets have agreed to take part on the festivities on january the 20th. one rockette took to instagram after the announcement to express her disappointment in having to perform. all of the rockettes are worried they would lose their job if they refuse to show up.
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let's go over to sal to see how we're doing on get-away friday. a little bit of rain out there. >> that's right. if it wasn't for the rain, i think we would have a better commute. we have problems out there. serious crashes in the rain. we're taking a live look at highway 24 though. traffic looks good from walnut creek to oakland on this stretch of freeway. there is a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. very slight. it is after the toll plaza, after you pay your money, approaching what is the metering lights. for the most part, it has been light as you drive out for the commute. now, we've had a couple of issues out there. and one of them is eastbound 580 trying to drive away from castro valley and over to pleasanton. there's been a crash. it was blocking several lanes eastbound 580 near the top of the dublin grade. driving out towards pleasanton, maybe you're going out to the stoneridge mall. you will encounter traffic in
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castro valley heading east. that's been there for a while. they are having trouble clearing it out. the rain is not helping. slow traffic in san francisco as well. northbound 101 is slow. and we also have slow traffic on southbound 280 approachingmonter -- approaching monterey, where they are clearing an accident there. the rain is causing slow traffic. for the most part, lighter volume on the freeways. 7:17. let's go to steve. >> very ledgity. at least it is moving. for some it has let up. let's look at that time now. north bay didn't get in on the heavier, although marin county. about marin county down to san francisco, oakland, san mateo over to fremont and east. that's where the bulk was. there was development on the system over to san francisco. bg says merry christmas, pouring near the greenery in walnut creek. that's right across from heather farms. we play golf at diablo hill.
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major renovation at the greenery. can't wait for that to be done. thank you for that, bg. our observer just reported that. discovery bay, the bulk of it is there. the back edge of the heavier rain is over towards san ram and livermore and maybe over to clayton as well and out to highway 4. there is still plenty of rain stretching all the way to the east bay and all the way to the coast here. lighter amounts now. not as intense as it was earlier. also breaks now taking place over -- some of the let-up in the rain. maybe a mix in the east san jose foothills. some of that trying to turn over. i would not be surprised if hamilton gets snow. the best best is hamilton for sure. the santa cruz mountains, not half, heavy, but a steady rain falling there. there might be a little bit of a let-up in the next hour.
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not as intense near mendocino and lake county. mount shasta tore those heading north on i-5, it is snowing up there. the lower snow levels to the north near the oregon border. and it looks like the snow level around 5,000 feet. it's not the grass valley. that's the last that i can see here. around 4800 feet to 5,000 if you're on 50 and then above grass valley if you're heading up 80. but the winter storm warning is in effect until 10:00 a.m. there will be a couple feet in the higher elevations. 4 to 8 maybe isolated. 10-inch amounts going up the mountain. also winter weather advisories. if you have to travel in southern california, the grapevine could be dicey tonight. the earlier you go, the better. this pool of cool air has to swing in. stretching out across the gulf of alaska. you can get intense thunderstorms out of that.
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tomorrow we will keep rain going into saturday. and then by sunday, we're okay. but it will be very cold. 50s object the temps here. some of the coldest air we have seen in a while. there are hints of that going forward. i don't want to get too far ahead of myself, frank. wait five minutes. sunday. christmas, it is fine. but it will be cold. >> if you've been procrastinating shopping, you're going to get wet. >> yes. >> that's what you get. >> that's what you get. >> that's what you get. thank you, steve. a christmas surprise after a lot of heart break. how strangers pitched in to help a struggling single mother in the east bay. feel-good story is coming up. stay right there. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. ♪[music] >> christmas in hollis. not one of the better known tunes. i didn't know it. >> you've got to hear them. >> it is run dmc from i believe this is like back from the '80s, if i'm not mistaken. >> early '90s. >> renee richardson and other people have requested it. renee, if you're watching, i
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hope you're spending your christmas in hollis. send us your holiday songs. and i will look at songs and pick from that list. let's go back to you. >> all right. we like it. that's good stuff. just a couple days away from christmas. which means we are officially in crunch time. >> yes. according to consumer reports survey, about 9% or 17 million people wait to shop on christmas eve. so we want to know, are you one of those last-minute shoppers? dave clark, are you out there? what is your excuse for waiting? let us know what you think by posting a comment on our ktvu facebook page and you can also tweet us with the #ktvu. are you done with your shopping. >> i'm officially done. >> you're done. okay. good. >> i may have to return a few things already. but i'm officially done. >> i have a couple little things. >> yeah. shoutout to dave. that's probably why he's off this week to get it done. >> yes. >> an east bay mother who lost
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all of her furniture in a fire a few months ago received a big holiday surprise. great story. while she was at work yesterday, volunteers from christmas in richmond secretly furnished and decorated her entire apartment in san leandro. each group a the group helps a family in need. the furniture and accessories were all donated. it took most of the day to get the apartment ready and then she quietly walked back into her home. watch. >> merry christmas. >> this is beyond amazing. this is the biggest blessing i've ever had in my life. i've never had nobody just actually do -- put this much into it. >> she is touched. that is quala. there we go. anyway, the volunteers at christmas of richmond enjoy helping people in need and they
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look forward to looking something special for someone next christmas. she is feeling that. >> we will bring that to you next year as well. love those stories. a new year's concert being promoted in berkeley is a scam. the i love the '90s music fest is advertised online as benefiting the alameda county food bank. but the district attorney's office says it is a scam. tickets are being sold for $99 and up. a spokesman for the alameda county food bank says it is not involved in this. the district attorney says people who have purchased tickets to the fake event should call their bank and let them know what happened to get that refund. well, uber is taking its self-driving cars to arizona. up next, how the governor of the state is rolling out the welcome mat. good morning. it is raining out there. that means that driving will not be optimal. just take it easy out there. we will tell you more about what is going on with the morning commute. and the heaviest rain for
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some seems to be around highway 4 out towards contra costa county. we have rain all the way out to the coast. we will take a look at it coming up.
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>> good morning, everyone. welcome back to mornings on 2 on a rainy friday. it is get away day. somewhere below that is san
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francisco. >> it looks foggy. or is it just our camera? it is foggy, steve says. >> starting to look like san francisco a little bit. take it slow if you're heading out the door today. it will be wet for a while. welcome back to mornings on 2. friday, a couple days before the big holiday. i'm frank mallicoat. >> good morning. i'm pam cook in for gasia and dave. they have the day off today. it is christmas eve eve. let's check in with steve. it is rainy and foggy and it is windy. >> very windy. look at that. >> trifecta. >> look at that. >> that is a hat trick. >> that is a hat trick. >> a weather hat trick. >> a weather hat trick. >> rain, fog. we need snow. that would be it. but close enough. i agree. i agree. speaking of snow, it's going to be possible here tonight, tomorrow. a really cold air is coming in tomorrow. the main core of this system i think favors marin county, san pablo bay, san francisco, parts of the peninsula and the east
7:31 am
bay and heading out eastward. ed says i awoke at 4:14 this morning to very heavy rain. yesterday's prediction on the computer models said 4:00 a.m. they say weather forecasting is not an exact science. thank you, yes. once in a while, we get it right. i shouldn't say that. i mean spot on. not that way but sometimes you get it right to the -- and the forecast models were good on the timing of this. we talked that it would start between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. heading towards tracy. the big valley, stockton as well. the leading edge of that it out there to brentwood and antioch. reports of heavy rain in ante affect. stretching across marin county over to the east bay. steady. that seems to be the theme. there are breaks in the san mateo coast and the santa cruz mountains.
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i have seen half an inch to an inch here north to south. point reyes had the most that i saw. the initial band left good rain. on the back edge of that, you're not done. if you're heading up 5, it is snow on the go from 5 up to that is at that. very snow levels all the way up to the oregon border. the same for tahoe and truckee. it looks to be 5,000, 4800 feet right now. it will go down to 3,000 feet. the winter storm warning is in place until 10:00 a.m. the key is late tonight, tomorrow morning. the snow level could get down to 2,000 feet even here. winter weather advisories for too much rain and also for snow down in southern california as well. the initial front came through. there was development on that, i might add. a wave formed on that. right there. amazingly cold pool of air coming in. if we get low snow levels, it will be out of that pull right
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there. sal, that's about -- the embarcadero shot, i believe that's the embarcadero shot, if i'm not mistaken. if you think i'm not leave being the house, i don't blame you. look at that. >> right. that is definitely a shot from our camera in san francisco that is mounted on a building on california street looking at the flag that we normally see. we can normally see the bridge. but it is raining hard. and we've had some problems associated with that rain. steve, we have a new crash in oakland, northbound 880 at hyde street. we didn't see any slow traffic then. but there is slow traffic building on northbound 880. it looks like it is at a stand still because of an injury accident outside of camera view northbound 880 at hyde street. let's go to the map. there it is, northbound 880. it is not a normal morning commute there. are a lot of areas that you can use as alternate routes. 580 is a great one to avoid
7:34 am
rate eight. but if you're going to the airport and want to catch a flight, that is right in the way, northbound 880. i would advise you to approach the airport doing something other than northbound 880. maybe you use edwards or go around and use southbound 880. right now 880 northbound is slow. i want to move the maps to eastbound 580 out of castro valley. they're clearing an accident at the dublin grade. we've had a lot of fender benders because of the wet weather. i want to go to san francisco. that traffic is slow a little bit. the runways at sfo, both of them that they normally use, will be -- when the weather gets this way, they have a lower acceptance rate because the runways are parallel. this is a live picture. when there is weather like this, we have delays because the planes can't come in as fast as ordinarily. but schedules are made for a good day. today is not a good day weather- wise. that will mean delays. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is wet. 7:34. let's go back to the desk.
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>> thank you, sal. chp investigating a shooting in oakland. ktvu's alex savidge is live in the news room with more on these recent shootings on the highway. alex. >> yeah. frank, good morning to you. this has been an ongoing problem on east bay freeways. the shooting happened around 7:00 last night in the eastbound lanes of 580 near the harrison street exit. two men who were riding in the same car were both shot and wounded. investigators have not given us an update on their conditions this morning. but the chp gathered evidence at the scene. they're working to figure out exactly what prompted that shooting which did back up traffic for several hours. this is the third shooting along interstate 580 in oakland over the past few weeks. on november 30th, a man and woman were shot and injured as they drove near fruit vail avenue. in response to that shooting,
7:36 am
oakland police stepped up patrols in the area. then on monday, another shooting happened on 580 in oakland. this is where the chp says the driver of a black mercedes fired shots at a honda that had apparently been tailgating his car. nobody was hit in this shooting but that honda you can see was riddled with bullet holes. an investigation shut down the eastbound lanes of the freeway near grand avenue for several hours. so three shootings in the past few weeks all along interstate 580 in oakland. the chp investigating, trying to track down the people responsible, trying to figure out if there is any connection between these cases. and of course, frank, if anybody out there witnessed what happened and has any information that might be able to help out the chp, call them right away. >> it makes you think twice when you're driving on the highway. they had a problem on highway 80 earlier this year. >> it has been well chronicled. over the last year or so, we have talked about the shootings
7:37 am
on interstate 80 and highway 4 as well. a lot of targeted shootings. a lot of it gang related. the concern that chp has is that innocent drivers can be caught in the middle of it. >> thank you, alex. san leandro police are investigating a stabbing that happened around 12:45 yesterday morning. a man in his 30s was walking down the street. he was talking on his cell phone when somebody jumped out of hiding and tried to rob him. >> as the victim approached where the suspect was hiding, the suspect came out, had a brief conversation. asked him for something. and then produced a 10-inch fixed blade knife and demanded his cell phone and wallet. >> police say the suspect stabbed the victim. the victim ran in the option direction but the suspect eventually caught up with him and that's when the victim took the knife from the robber and fatally stabbed him.
7:38 am
both men lived in the area where the attack happened but didn't know one another. two brothers are being hailed as heroes after they were shot while stopping an armed robbery. surveillance video shows this incredible situation. a masked suspect entering the royal market in hayward tuesday night. he pulls a gun on the store clerk behind the counter, shoves him, demands money from the register. but the suspect doesn't realize that the clerk's brother is also in the store. he sneaks up behind the suspect and grabs him. he fires off the gun. a bullet hits the brother in the leg. a second shot hits the other brother, the clerk, in the hand. >> it is a miracle that we are still alive. a gun is a gun. one shot and you're done. that's it. it was a good thing. good angle. we got him in the right spot. >> incredible. the brothers were able to restrain the suspect until police arrived. he is just 15 years old. this is the first time that
7:39 am
anything like this has happened at the store. the injured brothers are okay. one is already actually back to work. uber's self-driving car program has left san francisco and on its way to arizona. the dmv revoked the registrations of the 16 self- driving suvs. the state said that uber need today apply for permits like all of the other companies testing self-driving cars. but uber doesn't need the special permit because an actual human driver is always present in 9 car. arizona's governor is welcoming the self-driving cars. >> companies see arizona as a great place to do business. they're fleeing california. they're ditching the overregulation and high taxation. and arizona is a place that is open for business. we're a state on the rise. this is more evidence. they left california yesterday. they signed on with us today. we're thrilled. we're thrilled. >> uber sent out this picture of the cars actually being loaded on to a flatbed truck
7:40 am
and headed to arizona. san jose state reportedly interested in adding more student housing by building on land that is occupied by a movie theater right now. the mercury news reports that the school is looking to acquire the ground lease for camera 12, a downtown theater on the south second street that closed back in september because of fallen revenues. the mercury news report that's san jose state is hoping to buy the lot of land and build a 500- unit tower which would be 20 stories high. the project would include offices, retail shops and a parking garage. the land was recently appraised at $5 million. all right. right now, santa's elves are busy in san francisco for an annual star studded toy drive. >> the annual tradition is being held near union square. leigh martinez shows us the event to bring joy to little
7:41 am
kids. >> reporter: the sun came up here for the 16th annual toy drive. ♪[music] toys go to kids in need. >> we're having a hard time hearing her. >> there's a big party going on. >> they're having a fun time. they're singing and they are still collecting toys. so go down there and join in the fun. >> and they're going to deliver over 10,000 toys all the way to christmas morning. >> you can do a drive-by. go by lefty's. >> or park and head in. it looks like it's fun. >> she is having a good time. we can't even hear or see her. more packages being shipped than ever before. postal systems facing criticism on how they're doing their job. the key economic factor that is preventing them from keeping
7:42 am
employees. plus -- >> if they refuse to come back to the table, i will allow a judge decide this. >> the battle over the sap fran police department new use of force policy. up next, the complaints from the union and the court battles that lie ahead. good morning. we do see wet weather and a string of crashes out there. although for the most part we are doing pretty well on the freeways. some of the heaviest rain has already gone through. there is a very steady rain still continuing. it looks like it will be one for today with very cold air coming in tonight and tomorrow.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 7:44. today the san francisco police
7:45 am
officers association will ask a judge to block the department's new use of force policy. the police commission approving two key provisions on wednesday night that are now in effect immediately. officers cannot you'd a neck hold to subdue suspects. officers are prohibited from shooting at moving vehicles. they want the court to delay the rules until the union can work out language allowing officers to fire at cars in emergency situations. >> the department not to implement the policy until we either get back to the negotiation table or we let a judge decide. >> we ended up, i believe, agreeing on everything but one thing. that is the provision against shooting at cars. so i'm sure that the union is exercising its rights. but the -- i know the commission feels that it negotiated in good faith. >> the police officers association also filed a
7:46 am
lawsuit earlier this week accusing the police commission of negotiating in bad faith with the union regarding the use of force guidelines. al milpitas to the list of cities looking for a police chief. the chief tells the milpitas postel retire next week. he has been with the department for 30 years and nearly five years as chief. his wife is now battling cancer and he wants to care for her as she undergoes her treatment. he will stay as a consultant through june to give the city time to find the next chief. some other cities looking for a chief, oakland, palo alto and pet loom a. all right. time for traffic now. let's kick it over to sal and find out how we're doing on a rainy get-away friday. sal. >> frank, we have a problem that is kind of in a bad spot for people trying to get to the oakland airport. it is a crash northbound 880 at hyde street. out of the camera's view object
7:47 am
the -- on the left there. an injury crash is blocking lanes. it is really doing a number on this commute. one of the thanks we recommend to you is so perhaps use city streets and avoid the freeway to get to the airport this morning, especially coming in from san leandro. an unexpected delay. things were going so well. if you want to avoid the whole area -- in fact, i can put up a map to show you a little bit. we can go out of order here. look at the 580 freeway. 580 is a great alternative to avoid this. if you don't have to be anywhere near. the problem is the airport obviously is right here. people are trying to get to it. and traffic is going to be busy. in fact -- sorry. the airport is right here. you know what i mean. people are trying to get to it. northbound 880 is slow out of san leandro. if you're going to the bay bridge, that commute is not bad. northbound 880 as you -- i'm sorry westbound 80 as you drive into san francisco looks good. the wet weather is usually
7:48 am
correlated with more crashes. so take it easy, go slow and watchout for standing water. 7:48. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you're welcome. >> good morning, everyone. some of the rain might be letting up for a little bit. not too bad. about half an inch to an inch covered most locations. point reyes had an inch and a quarter. a lot going on this morning. barry said there was development on this front right over san francisco. i'll try to show it to you on the water vapor. you can pick it up there. claudine wong, i have heard of her. yep. burr, snow in south lake tahoe. thank you, claudine. this is from frank. .81 in marin county. good rain in marin county, san francisco and part of the east bay. they took the bulk of it. the heavier cells are out to the valleys. we will see decreasing rainfall rates. but still a steady rain.
7:49 am
for some it's been quarter of an inch. for others, over an inch. very intense over san francisco. about that vat owe south and south san francisco over to the east bay as well. really lightening up on the peninsula for most. you see the back edge towards milpitas. santa cruz mountains still getting their fair share. 17 is very difficult. still coming in there. on the northern part of the forecast area here, mendocino county, lake county, things are kind of quiet. they will pick up later. i-5, it is snow already. shasta, and all the way up to the oregon border. the lowest snow levels will be there. it is snowing up around it being looks like the 5,000-foot level. on 50 and then on 80, it's above grass valley. so you have a ways to go there. but it is coming down. it is starting to come down to about the 4500-foot level. there are winter storm warnings out. started early this morning and
7:50 am
goes until 10:00 tomorrow morning. the key is not as much amounts but how low the levels get. around 3,000, one to two feet in the higher peaks. even southern california on the grapevine, there could be major issues with snow late tonight and tomorrow morning. if you have to travel or somebody needs to get out of southern california, 101 and get away as early as you can. there is a wave, it is called a wave. a change of wind direction on the front. that's what happened over san francisco. that's the pool pool of area that has to rotate in. embedded that is brief heavy rain and thunder showers. late tonight and tomorrow. by saturday night, it's all gone. and sunday will be cold. very cold. 50s on the temps. and that's really kind of it. upper 40s for some. speaking of cold air, the next couple of days, i think upper 40s, very low 50s for high
7:51 am
temps. hohohoho. >> you better bundle up santa. >> it is chilly. i hope people listened to you and got away yesterday. >> i hope they did. >> apparently claudine did. >> yeah. she took off. >> having a good time. >> thank you, steve. the fastest growing form of transportation in san francisco. coming up in 20 minutes, the new tool that's are taking cars off the road and replacing them with bikes. stay with us. but first an unusual discovery at a sonoma county airport. the purple heart that workers are trying to reunite with a traveler who was carrying it. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
7:52 am
zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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7:54 am
♪you better watch out ♪ you better not pout ♪ i'm telling you why ♪ ♪ santa claus is coming to ♪ ♪ >> a little jazzy version here by lina horn. santa claus is coming to town. a request by ken phelps. hit me up on twitter. we're playing your holiday music today. if want a song in particular, hit us up on facebook, twitter, instagram. just #ktvu. >> that jazziness goes with the weather. >> yes, it does. >> thank you, sal. well the warriors overcome a slow start and the absence of green to win their sixth straight game. green was back in the bay area
7:55 am
for his little boy. the nets took a lead into halftime. but the warriors outscored the nets in the second half and won 117-101. green has rejoined his team in michigan for their game against the detroit pistons for tonight. but he did take an emergency flight from new york to the bay area after his girlfriend went into labor. green posted pictures on instagram of his son draymond jamaal green junior. he was born early thursday morning. he tried to get green to stay home but green was convinced it wouldn't arrive for a week or so. this is green's second child. he has a daughter named kyla. the 49ers play the l.a. rams. marin county native will play. he took a vicious hit last week. this will be the rookie's first time playing against his
7:56 am
hometown team. he was inactive when the rams opened in santa clara against the 49ers. kickoff is 1:25. in the meantime the raiders host the colts. and officials at the sonoma county airport are trying to find the person who lost a purple heart, the medal bestowed for serving in the military. it had the name of miguel perez engraved on it. he was 23 years old we had was killed during the korean war back in 1952. the medal was clipped to a 20- year-old photo of a partial list of puerto ricans who died fighting for the u.s. >> the first thing for me was the importance of that medal and who it goes to. that person served our country. being a veteran, i understand and appreciate that. >> well, officials are
7:57 am
reviewing airport security video from around the time that the medal was found. for now the medal which the airport considers irreplaceable, priceless, it is locked in a safe. gunned down in a shootout with police. up next, details how italian authorities tracked down the terror suspect behind the berlin truck attack. ruck attack. we will tell you how rainy weather here in the bay area and elsewhere could affect your holiday travel plans. and tough driving in some areas because of this wet weather. here in the east bay, mostly good. but there is one trouble spot we want to talk about. well, some of the heaviest bands of rain have moved off to the east. now the cold air has to move through. and we're not done yet. this could be some very low snow levels by tonight and tomorrow.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning. a fully loaded airliner hijacked and rerouted to a remote mediterranean island. we will the latest on the ongoing situation in malta this morning. >> we have a strong storm hitting the bay area right now. bringing inches of rain, thunderstorms, hail and maybe a little snow. what this means for your holiday get-away. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> happening now, the holiday travel rush is on. live pictures at sfo. we've been monitoring it all morning long. and the crowds start early. and it hasn't let up. coming up in a couple minutes, the developing problems that travelers headed to l.a. need to know about. good morning once again. welcome back to mornings on 2.
8:01 am
it is friday, two days before the big holiday. i'm frank frank in for mike mibach. >> i'm pam cook in for gasia this morning. you can see it is our shorter days because it is still dark behind us and very wet outside. let's check in with steve. it's going to rain all day, it sounds like. >> off and on. pam, you read my mind. if you look behind me, it's about 5:00 in the afternoon. >> yes. a very short day right now. >> thank you, pam and frank. not all day but off and on, yes. we had the initial front go through. there was a little development on that. you can see it is letting up on some of this rain. a steady rain. it will lighten up. but very cold air will start to work its way in. and the coldest air has a long way to go. there are warnings and watches plenty. along tahoe and truckee and even the grapevine. if you know someone who has to travel that way, if you're going that way, the earlier you go, the better for southern
8:02 am
california for sure. for us, it already hit. our observer in san francisco, .78. very light rain now. but a steady rain. windy and cold. i would agree with that. the wind is really cranked up. and the heaviest cell is now starting to work its way up towards the sierra. the mother load towards placer. that will be intense rain. some of these cells have heavy rain associated with them. things for us are quieter. you go farther to the west and it is more of a fog and wind event than anything else. there is still some rain around. but it is lightening up. santa cruz mountains, it is still on the go. highway 17 as well. to the north, not as much. but it will pick up a little later. folks in mendocino and lake county. the sierra, the snow here and it will stick around for a while. 40s on the temperatures. cold air to the north, here it comes. kelseyville, 39 degrees. it will only get colder here. the breeze is really cranked up out of the south/southeast. gusts at 30 miles per hour for some. the initial band has gone
8:03 am
through. but this is what has to swing in. believe me that could give us brief heavy rain and thunderstorms and low snow levels tonight and tomorrow. 50s on the temps. 8:03. sal, if this was a normal day, we would be done, as you say. sold out. >> we would have 100 crashes. >> i agree. >> we do have some. >> there is one in a really bad spot. i want to mention it first. northbound 880 at hyde street. it is a crash. if you're not looking at your tv screen, come look at it. it is really causing slow traffic northbound on 880 coming up past the coliseum. the problem is a lot of people are going to the airport. and this really will interfere with a lot of people going to the airport. we're going to look at the airport commute in a moment and go to christien kafton who is at one of the airports. the bay bridge is not bad here. the traffic is moving along okay getting into san francisco. again, if you don't have to be driving, don't. because there have been a lot of collisions. unfortunately some of them have
8:04 am
been serious. happening now, the holiday travel rush is already on at bay area airports as i mentioned. today is expected to be one of the busiest air travel days of the holiday season. christien kafton is live at sfo. how are the lines looking there? >> reporter: yeah, sal. they have gotten longer and shorter. if you take a look right now, it is actually looking shorter. things looking fairly good for folks getting ready to depart out of sfo. as we look at the big board, we have heard about the f.a.a. issuing a traffic management program here at the airport, meaning there is an average delay on arriving flights of two hours, 15 minutes. as we look at the board, you can see some of those flights in from san diego. supposed to arrive at 1:35 now set for 2:20 in the afternoon. the flight from jfk set to arrive at 11:05. now will arrive at 11:18 a.m. we are hearing about some
8:05 am
delays in departures as well this. month. an estimated 2.4 million travelers are expected to fly today. we have new video out of lax showing the situation down there already. we have heard about 230 flights in and out of lax that have been canceled due to stormy weather in the south. that could have a ripple effect here in the bay area. lax officials warning that there could be an additional 200 or so flights canceled or delayed by noon today. currently the f.a.a. listing an average of one and a half hours delay in and out of lax. now, we also have video of oakland international airport earlier this morning. we had a camera there about an hour ago. checking in to some report that's we heard about delays there at the airport. the delays much better now. things are running quite smoothly there. we have heard of delays out of san jose. the airport is saying those are problems out of lax and they have also picked up diverted
8:06 am
flight that's were supposed to land here at sfo. you can see why some of the flights have been diverted out of sfo. the rain has stopped but a heavy cloud cover here that could affect visibility. airlines are advising people to check with their airline to see if the flights are on time. pam was asking me about other areas of the country that might be seeing delays due to weather. just to update you on a couple of flights. delays into aspen right now due to weather. dallas, we're hearing about delays on departures due to volume. and the same with miami. if you're expecting visitors from miami or dallas, expect delays here at sfo. again, flights coming into sfo delayed by as much as two and a half hours. it will be a long day for travelers coming in and out of here, sal. >> thank you, christien kafton. we're going to take a quick look at some of the roads getting to the airports. the worst one right now is 880. an earlier crash at hyd e
8:07 am
street has been removed. but traffic is slow in the area. the road to sfo on the peninsula, that looks good. no problems on 101 getting to the airport in san bruno. we had a couple of crashes on 880 near the san jose airport. they have been cleared according to chp. 101 not looking bad. 880 oakland airport seems to be the worst getting to the airport right now. factor that into your plans. >> thank you, sal. two hijackers have surinner could after a plane was diverted to malta. the hijackers released all of the passengers and crew and left the plane and were taken into custody. reportedly they have asked for political asylum in malta. there were reports that the hijackers were threatening to blow the plane up, saying they had grenades. airport officials in malta say there were 118 passengers on board the plane. the suspect in the christmas market attack in berlin was killed this morning
8:08 am
in a shootout with police in italy. >> two officers stopped 24-year- old anis amri near milan about 3:30 in the morning because he was wandering around outside of a train station. when they asked for his identification papers, police say he reached into a backpack, pulled out a gun, shot one of the officers before being shot dead by the second officer. it is believed he traveled to italy from germany through france on a train. the attack on monday killed a dozen people, injured 49. the italian police officer who was shot by amri was not seriously injured. well, police in western germany arrested two brothers on suspicion that they were planning to carry out a terror attack on a shopping mall. police say the two brothers, 28 and 31 years old are from kosovo. authorities suspect the men may have been planning an attack on the central mall in the city. they arrested the two brothers overnight and searched a car for evidence.
8:09 am
police do not believe there is any connection between this planned attack and monday's deadly truck attack in berlin. president-elect donald trump shaking up the pentagon with a tweet involving one of the most expensive u.s. weapons systems ever. yesterday trump announced the pentagon's costly new jet fighter could be replaced with a modified version of a less expensive military plane. based on the tremendous cost and cost overruns of the f-35, i've asked boeing to price out a comparable f-18 super hornet. in another tweet, the president- elect brought back memories of the cold war with this tweet about nuclear weapons quoting here, the u.s. must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to senses regarding nukes. he seems to be suggesting an effort to reduce our country's nuclear arsenal. a package you were expecting to arrive before christmas may not arrive in
8:10 am
time. a new report cites the problems facing the postal service, especially here in the bay area. the usps shipping and packaging business jumped 16% over the past year. but the mercury news report that's there are staff shortages that could lead to delays and mail dropped off at wrong addresses because carriers are working marathon shifts. the pay remains a stumbling block. local postal workers start at $16 an hour. employees say that's not enough to live in the bay area. all right. we switch gears. just a couple of days before christmas. this is officially crunch time. about 9% or 17 million people are just now starting to shop. >> uh-huh. >> so we wanted to know. >> yes. >> are you one of those last- minute shoppers? and what are you waiting for? >> let us know what you think by posting a comment on our ktvu facebook page. i mean, some people may have to
8:11 am
wait until payday or time off work. you can also tweet us. be sure to use the hashtag tvu. a lot of responses coming in. joel on twitter says sometimes you just don't have the money to shop early. sad but true. that is true. hannah also on twitter, i'm finished shopping. i can't be as thoughtful as i would like to. the people that i care about, if i wait until the last second. >> another twitter follower writes i'm a last minute wrapper. i have boxes all over the house with no idea what is in each one. we will share your responses coming up at 9:00. i'm pretty much done. >> i'm done. i agree that it's hard to find the money all at once. i try to shop all year round to spread it out. >> you're good. a terrifying confrontation. and it is all caught on video. >> were you scared. >> not like scared, scared. i was like mad. actually. like this is going to happen. >> coming up in 25 minutes, two
8:12 am
brothers are shot while stopping a robbery at a hayward convenience store. the life and death thoughts that passed through their minds. christmas coming earlier for the ski resorts up in the sierra. we're live from lake tahoe on what to expect if you're hitting the slopes for the holiday weekend. we do have crashes out there in the wet weather. this is 880 northbound. it is beginning to improve now that they have cleared a crash from hyde street. the rain was intense for a while. the lighthouse had an inch and a half of rain. pacifica, .81. san francisco, .78. danville .61. tiburon, .70.
8:13 am
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. live picture from heavenly. and they are definitely getting some snow. it is shaping up as promised to be a white christmas up at the sierra ski resorts. very busy as people heading into buy or rent their stuff as the storm rolls through the bay area. it is bringing a fresh layer of powder. >> yeah. with that in mind, the snowy forecast making things busy at bay area sporting goods stores. this is the sports basement in walnut creek. people getting their gear tuned up or renting skis and snowboards. the store has seen more people rent equipment for the entire
8:16 am
season instead of just the long holiday weekend. >> joining us right now, he is where i was last weekend. he is where i will be next week. coop, good morning. vail resorts. you're at heavenly right now, right. >> reporter: right at the base. i'm waiting for sal when he gets here today. christmas powder and he brought it. >> already. you got your early christmas present. >> coop, i saw you last weekend when i was up there. the snow was obviously great. you're getting more. runs are closed. will you be able to open everything up now. >> reporter: it is looking good. no snow at lake level last we're. we're at 1600 feet. probably an inch to two inches around town. looking at the doppler radar, it is stacked and this storm is actually whipping south. we will get a good tail whip out of this. i anticipate 9 inches on the high end. 6 inches on the low end.
8:17 am
kirkwood is at 100%. now we're watching the snow stack up at 9,000 feet. it is snowing hard right now. looking to open up more trails. kirkwood is already 100%. >> great. it looks nice and fluffy. >> it looks great. how about lodging? i know this is the busiest weekend of the year the next -- well, the next ten days. is there still room up there at some of your resorts and south shore and around the lake. >> reporter: definitely there is. there always is. south shore the last few years is in a renaissance right now. so go online and you will find some last-minute deals out there to come on up and have a great holiday. i would definitely say though if you're coming up to tahoe, like i heard sal talk about wet roads in the bay, it is slick. highway 50, chain controls. over on highway 80 -- excuse me, over on highway 80, chain controls. 880, chain controls. slow your roll and bring chains and you will have an amazing
8:18 am
holiday out here. you can come see santa too. >> you're getting snow built up in your hair. we can see the snow coming down. your friend steve paulson has a question for you coop. >> coop, you nailed it with 88 and 89. thank you for that. i think the carson pass could be shaky. one inch of rain. upstream looks fluffy. are you hearing that too. >> reporter: definitely. i was talking to the boys up there. just about 9800 feet. this is light. about 8% is what is falling out of the sky right now. with the base we already had, it will be fantastic conditions for sure. the last two storms, 38 degrees lake level, 40 degrees. definitely a good base builder. this is lighter. that will start building the snow up, larger quality. it will be an amazing cold smoke christmas eve tomorrow. >> good advice. bring your changes or four wheel drive and bring your base layer. thank you, coop.
8:19 am
>> christmas arrived earlier. >> have a great day. happy holidays. woo-hoo. >> thank you, coop. >> that guy is classic. he is. still a steady rain for some. even though radar shows it letting up a little bit. it is very cold. it is very windy. the initial band went through. that is some of the heaviest rain. there are areas where it is coming down good. rain totals, about two thirds to a quarter of an inch covering most of it. the most is around pacifica and san francisco. there are so many warnings and watches for snow all the way down to southern california, the grapevine, and up to the oregon border as well. crazy wind and rain out in concord. crazy wind and rain for many. there have been gusts 35 to 40 miles per hour for a few. the heaviest cell is heading up towards the sierra. it looks like it is tracking more on 50 than 80. still we get the steady rain  and some of that will continue to lighten up a little bit. embedded in that, you get light rain, drizzle and fog and
8:20 am
steady rain in the santa cruz mountains. that has not let up. that will stack up as well. it is not heavy. same to the north. look for the conditions to deteriorate up in the northern mountains. you already had the report on the sierra the earlier you go, the better. winter storm warning will take us until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. sal, the big news will be the very cold air coming in tonight and tomorrow. i think we have snow on the bay area peaks by tomorrow morning. >> good morning, steve. we have slow traffic that is getting a little better on 880 northbound. they cleared out the crash. things are a little better but not much. the traffic is slower than i thought i would see it. if you're trying to get to the oakland airport today, give yourself time. this is a look at the bay bridge. people are not going into san francisco. the traffic jam is specific to the nimitz freeway. we're looking at highway 101 on the peninsula. the traffic here looks okay
8:21 am
getting to the san francisco airport. 8:21. let's go back to the desk. >> all right, sal. we thank you. if you've been at san francisco lately, you probably noticed more people are riding bikes, a lot of people. according to sf-mta report bicycling the city has increased 8% this year. that is more than any other mode of transportation. it may be due to the upgrades to the bicycle facilities. thecla more than 480 new bike racks and safer bicycle lanes across the city. of course they're a lot easier to park. >> that's for sure. 8:21 is the time. we're seeing the rain. we just saw the snow. up next, we have new numbers showing how far california has come when it comes to the drought. the milestone that was reached for the first time since 2013 and which part of the state is making the most progress. new rules for using your phone while behind the wheel. new laws for california drivers
8:22 am
that take effect in nine days. coming up.
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪[music] >> we all know that as the charlie brown christmas special, right. >> yeah. >> i love all this music. >> did you know that vince is a san francisco native. >> i did know that. >> i did not. >> yeah. >> from north beach. >> he has a style.
8:25 am
>> i think north beach. that sounds right. that is a great -- that is a great album to put on. >> thank you anthony johnson for requesting it on our facebook page. if there's a song you that want to hear. the requests are coming in for christmas and holiday music. hashtag us on facebook, instagram or twitter. >> thank you, sal. a couple days until the new year. new laws are going into effect for drivers in california. as of january 1st, it will be illegal to hold a smart phone or similar device while driving. instead that phone has to be mounted on the dashboard in a place that does not obstruct your view. it already is illegal of course to talk on a cell phone without the use of that hands-free device. now you cannot hold it at all. taking effect in january, people under the age of two will be required to ride in the rear facing car seat. current law is for children less than one year old.
8:26 am
children under the age of 8 are required to ride in the back seat in a child safety seat or booster seat. convicted drunk drivers will have to have the breathalyzer installed in their cars in alameda county. the passage of the law extends a pilot program in alameda county, sacramento county, los angeles for two more years. that law takes effect statewide in 2019. time now 8:26. for the third time in three weeks, a shooting on interstate 580 in the city of oakland. the latest on the investigation and the two people were were injured. good morning. we do have a look at the commute that is going to be mostly good. but there are some spots, like this one, that is unusually slow because of a crash. northbound on 880 near the coliseum. well, started about 3:00 in the morning. really intensified around 6:00
8:27 am
to 7:00. it let up a little bit. still steady. the system has cold air coming in with it too. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪[music] ♪ a blue christmas without you ♪ ♪ ♪[music] >> it would be a blue christmas without you. >> it could be a white christmas. >> i think so. even on top of mount diablo. that's where mount diablo is supposed to be. >> under the shroud of clouds. >> yes, it is raining. it is foggy. it is windy. and we could see some snow in the bay area this weekend. at least a little dusting on the top of some of the bay area mountains.
8:30 am
diablo is the highest, right. >> mount herman, if you consider that, down in the bay area. that is 4,000 feet give or take. >> mount tam is only 2500 feet. we will keep watching for that. friday morning, december 23rd. i'm pam cook in for gasia today. >> i'm frank mallicoat in for mike mibach. steve is here now. and we have to ask, i guess there's a slim chance, right, for a little bit of snow on the top of diablo. >> i which that st. helen, the higher mountain there. diablo, 38. that is a possibility. tam and mission peak would be a tall order but it's in the window. that would be 25. >> geography for 50, alex. >> remember, lake tahoe is at 6250. >> at the lake. >> at the lake. >> for sure there. letting up a little bit. it's still there. the heaviest rain has moved off to the valley, to the mother load now. that will be a big snow producer up in the sierra where it already started. we did have reports in mill
8:31 am
valley over an inch of rain. san francisco, .78. oakland airport, .68. berkeley two thirds of an inch. my good friend bob in danville, .61. 45 degrees southeast wind 25. gusting to 40. yes. and there's the -- the bulk of the system as it moves up into the high country. it will be a good snow producer. behind that, the rain is letting up a little bit. it is not done. there are some areas where it is more fog and wind than any rain. but there are still some areas, santa cruz mountains which has not stopped. to the north, a lot quieter now but it will pick up later. 40s on the temperatures. very cold. and the wind has cranked up for some. 25 to 40 miles per hour for some. rotating off of the pacific is extremely cold air. that has to move in later today, tonight, and into saturday. that would be the source of our snow if we can get it there. the cold air will be there. the question is will the moisture be there.
8:32 am
anyway, sal, you got busy. i have been busy since 3:45. >> it is busy out there. this morning, steve, we have a nice looking drive across the bay bridge into san francisco. that doesn't look bad. if you're trying to get to the city, it's not a bad one. it is wet though. wet weather always seems to lead to crashes unfortunately. we had an earlier crash on 880 northbound near hyde street. it has cleared but the damage is done. if we go to the 880 picture, you will see slow traffic. it is beginning to bet busier. a lot more room in between cars now that the crash is gone. still slow and the volume is there. you're looking at the other side of the bay where people may be trying to get to sfo. that doesn't look bad. if you're trying to get to the san jose airport, the road sensors are not showing a lot of traffic. 8:32, back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. this morning the chp is investigating a shooting on interstate 580 in oakland that left two people injured. this is the third shooting on
8:33 am
the freeway in as many weeks. alex savidge joins us live in the news room with more on the recent cases. alex. >> good morning, frank. it is unclear if any of the recent shootings are connected at all. this has been an ongoing problem, especially on east bay freeways. the latest shooting happened around 7:00 last night along eastbound 580 in oakland near the harrison street exit. the chp says two men riding in the same car were both shot and wounded. investigators have not updated their conditions this morning. but we do know that the chp gathered quite a bit of evidence at the scene. they're working to see what led up to the shooting that backed up traffic as you can see for several hours. now, this is the third shooting along five knife in oak -- along 580 in oakland over the past few weeks. a man and woman were shot and injured near fruit vail. and patrols were stepped up. on monday, there was another shooting on 580 in oakland.
8:34 am
the driver of a black mercedes fired shots of a honda that was tailgating him. no one was hit but the honda was filled with bullet holes. that shut down some of the lanes of freeway there near grand avenue for several hours. the chp is asking anyone with information about any recent shootings on the freeways in the east bay to put in a call to them as they try to track down the people responsible. frank. >> all right, alex savidge live in our news room. thank you, alex. a teenaged armed robbery suspect is in custody, caught by two brothers working at this hayward convenience store. video showing the masked suspect entering the mart on tuesday morning. he pulls a gun and demands money but he doesn't realize his brother is right there comes up behind. grabs the suspect that fires off one round. the bullet hits the brother in the leg. and then a second shot hit the clerk in the hand. >> life involved. like my brother's and mine.
8:35 am
and he shot my brother. and he put a gun on me. that means he is ready for a war. >> well, the brothers were able to restrain the suspect until the police arrived. they say he is 15 years old. and that this is the first time anything like this has ever happened in their hayward store. the injured brother, by the way, will be okay. and one of the brothers is actually already back at work. uber's self-driving car program has left san francisco and is now headed to arizona. the dmv pulled the cars from the streets. they needed to apply for permits like other self-driving cars. uber says it has a driver present inside the car so it doesn't need a permit. arizona is welcoming the cars. >> companies are seeing arizona as a great place to do
8:36 am
business. they are ditching the overtaxation and arizona is open for business. we're a state on the rise. this is more evidence they left california yesterday. they signed on with us today. we're thrilled. >> uber sent out this picture of the cars being loaded into a -- right on to a flatbed truck headed there to arizona. san jose state reportedly interested in adding some more student housing by building on land occupied by a movie theater. the mercury news reports the school is looking to acquire the ground lease for camera 12, which is a downtown theater on south second street that closed in september because of falling revenues. the city will accept offers for the property through march of 2017. the mercury news reports that san jose state hopes to buy the lot of land and then build a 500 unit tower that would be at least 20 stories high. the project would include offices, cineplex, retail shops and a parking garage. it was recently appraised at $5 million.
8:37 am
a concert being promoted in berkeley on news year's eve that will benefit the food bank is a big scam. the i love the '90s fest all advertised online but it's not happening. websites promoting the concert say it will feature several '90s artists and tickets are $99 and up. a spokesman for the food bank says it is not involved in the event whatsoever. the district attorney said people who may have purchased tickets to the fake event should call their bank. >> gosh. >> for a refund. >> that is terrible. hate to hear about scams. 8:37 in the time. a surprising discovery at a bay area airport. >> right by the baggage carousel. >> actually laying on the baggage carousel. >> the purple heart medal that they are trying to reunite with the owner. >> how you can get involved today and make holiday dreams
8:38 am
come true for a lot of kids in san francisco. it's still wet out there. and it could be a tough drive for you, even if you're just trying to get to the airport. it is lighter than usual. it may help out like here at the bay bridge toll plaza. not raining as hard but it is still raining and it is getting colder and colder. low snow levels possible the next 24 hours.
8:39 am
8:40 am
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♪i'm dreaming of a white christmas. ♪ ♪ just like the ones i used to know ♪ ♪ >> a classic. >> white christmas. >> i think we're going to have one, frank. >> we do. >> you have to check out diablo or herman. >> just head to heavenly. >> yeah. >> thank you for the request. and thank you for always using traffic jams. we play songs every friday. the best way to get through is on twitter, instagram or facebook by using the hashtag tvu. >> white christmas up in tahoe for sure. happening in san francisco, a star studded holiday tradition
8:42 am
to bring a little joy to those in need. ♪[music] >> it looks like they have almost all of that stuff there. a group of volunteers singing christmas carols to kick off the lefty's last minute toy drive. the union scare restaurant is collecting toys at curbside rain or shine. just drive by, drop off something. the goal is to at least reach last year's record of more than 10,000 toys donated in one day. >> it's one of the fun things that you do for christmas. and i just love it because with all of the toys that are collected for kids who come in and act as if they are shopping. >> toys will be collected at lefty's through 11:00 tomorrow night. they are going to get them all out, even if they're delivering toys on christmas morning. they will get them out to the kids. this time of year when many last-minute shoppers pack their cars with holiday gifts, they are taking the risk of having
8:43 am
them stolen. law enforcement is reminding everyone that thieves are making the rounds, looking through parking lots and on city streets for packages left in cars. yesterday in san carlos, the sheriff's detective demonstrated what thieves are looking for and how it is easy it is to make off with the stolen goods. he came upon a car with a window partially down and packages on the seat. thieves steal packages from the car instead of taking the car itself. your insurance will most likely not cover what is inside the car. >> i have been there before. to a racially charged incident in texas that is creating a lot of buzz on social media. a white fort worth police officer has been placed on restricted duty after arresting an african-american mother who called authorities when she needed some help. jacqueline craig called police wednesday to report a man had grabbed her 7-year-old son by the neck for littering. when officers arrived, the situation escalated with craig and the two daughters yelling profanities at the police
8:44 am
officers. cell phone video posted on facebook showing an officer handcuffing the three women. and it has gotten more than 2 million views. >> the officer was not at all interested in the assault of the 7-year-old child but was more concerned with the accusations of the person -- the assailant that he had litter in his yard. >> fort worth police say they cannot release body cam video of the incident until the investigation is completed. the mother was released from jail yesterday. she told reporters that she doesn't feel justice has been served. new numbers showing just how much progress california is making when it comes to the drought. today is a good day for sure. for the first time since 2013 the u.s. drought monitor says 30% of the state is no longer in the drought. the area in dark red show the parts of the state that are still most affected by the drought. it shows that northern california is mostly in the clear. parts of central and southern
8:45 am
california are still experiencing extreme or exceptional drought conditions. >> all right. right now, what is the time? 8:45. i was looking for the clock. there it is. sal, it's still light, i would imagine. but we have rain out there to worry about. >> we've had some collisions because of the -- well, correlated with the rain. i don't want to say that rain has caused the crashes. because chp would say no it's not the rain. it is people driving too fast. but whatever it is, we do have lighter than usual conditions. we've had more collisions on a day like today than i thought we would. right now it is light at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're also looking at interstate 880 which is improving now. they cleared a crash near hyde street. it caused slow traffic. once everything was off to the shoulder, now things are better. this is a look at the san jose airport commute. i want to back off here and show you the entire south bay
8:46 am
commute. a couple of collisions but nothing major right now if you're trying to get to the airport. at 8:46, let's bring steve in with the forecast. >> sal, i think you know the forecast. it is a rainy one and windy and foggy. the heavy rain has moved off to the valley. it may turn to snow at the lower levels. covering almost every spread here. there are warnings and watches out. again, there are -- there's a winter storm warning out for the mountains of ventura county. there's a winter weather for santa barbara county. snow in the grapevine? yes, really. if you know people down there, tell them to go early and don't be surprised if you encounter it. we also have central sierra and the northern mountains as well. the snow level will be very low. maybe down to 1500 feet by the oregon border. pacifica, .89. san francisco, near dubois,
8:47 am
.78. two thirds in el cerrito. it's about right. about .8. half an inch to an inch for most. the heavy cell going up near 50 and heading towards tahoe and also kirkwood as well. some decrease in some of the rainfall rates now. still out towards discovery bay and tracy. parts of the east bay, a little bit here and there. but certainly a far cry from what it was. santa cruz mountains still dealing with rain. still going along the santa cruz coast and up 17. not completely done yet. highway 9 as well. that will add up. totals not that great. but still it doesn't take much to get the rain there. the mendocino area and lake county, a steady rain for some but not heavy, heavy. 40s on the temperatures. it will be very cold. very windy at times. gusts from 35 to 40 miles per hour. really the key is what is
8:48 am
swinging in off shore. right there. extremely cold air possible. possible thunderstorms. really cold tonight and tomorrow and maybe -- that would be our best opportunity. cold air is there. moisture is there. don't be surprised if we have snow in the bay area peaks saturday. sunday looks good. it just won't be warm. it will be very, very cold. >> all right. it feels it. >> it is good because it is christmas no matter what. >> that's right. why not. >> put a fire in the fireplace and relax. >> there you go. >> thank you, steve. he risked everything to save the lives of american soldiers. >> it is a feeling of scare, feeling of like -- you know that you feel you're going to die any second. what a translator in afghanistan did that has the u.s. military calling him a hero and how he came to call the bay area home. time now for our instagram pic of the day. a beautiful shot of san
8:49 am
francisco. >> very artistic. the pier looking like a christmas tree back there. >> that is great. share your best shots with us. hashtag them #ktvu and they may get air time here.
8:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
8:51 am
>> officials at the is a gnome accounty airport trying to find the person who lost a purple heart. bestowed for those injured or killed while serving in the u.s. military. one was found laying on the baggage carousel. had the name of miguel perez engraved on it. you see it there. he was 23 years of age when he was killed during the korean war back in 1952. the medal was clip today a 20- year-old photo of a partial list of puerto ricans who died fighting for the u.s. in korea. it ended up with an airport supervisor who is a marin corp. veteran. >> the first thing was the importance of the medal and who
8:52 am
it goes to. that person served our country. being a vet an, i understand -- veteran, i understand and appreciate that. >> officials are reviewing video footage from around when the medal was left. the medal is irreplaceable and priceless and locked up in a safe at the airport. san jose may be a city of 1 million people but a new resident has quite a story how he came to call it home. >> a man who made his dream of living in the united states come true by putting his life on the line for u.s. soldiers. >> it was very bad. so you can see from here, from here, right over here, all the way up here. >> reporter: the man behind these scars is considered a hero by the u.s. military. for risking everything to save the lives of american soldiers. >> they called me little mikey all the time. >> reporter: he went by the alias mikey to protect his true
8:53 am
identity. at the age of 17. he started working for the u.s. army as a translator for the u.s. in afghanistan. for five years starting in 2007, he was the eyes and ears of the u.s. military in the war zone. >> a feeling of scared. feeling like you know -- you feel you're going to die any second. >> reporter: the now 26-year- old has dozens of recommendation letters from a general to captains. >> his effectiveness was not only noted by my soldiers. >> reporter: in this letter of recommendation, tyler rund wrote mikey distinguished himself, running through the middle of the gun fight to give ammunition to one those who had run out. if he was a american soldier, it is the kind of valor that we give medals for. he recalls a translation that he made in 2009 where his and american soldiers lives were on
8:54 am
the line after he heard the enemy say this. >> saying that let all of them go through. we're going to shoot them from behind so they don't fight us face-to-face. we can kill these couple of them or at least all of them. i told my po, listen, man, about to get killed right over here. they are tracking us right now. right away he turned his face and told the guys to get on the ground. the minute we get on the ground, the fire fight starts. >> reporter: the government gave him a special immigrant visa to live in the united states. just this month, the immigrant moved to the bay area, into the san jose apartment with his wife and nine-month-old son. >> you know what, there is a big opportunity that i can go to the united states of america. >> reporter: his first accomplishment here, passing his driver's test and getting a license. some friends started an online fundraiser to help them for a used car and a few months rent and raised almost $5,000 in two
8:55 am
weeks. >> i miss my family a lot. it is very hard to be far away. >> reporter: while his wife misses home, the young mother says living here comes with a welcome and dramatically different life. >> the biggest change in my life from moving from afghanistan to the united states is feeling more secure and safe in my daily life. in afghanistan, we lived in fear. >> reporter: no longer in fear, they're looking to the future. she plans to learn english. he is working on his ged and hopes to become a police officer. in san jose, maureen nailer, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so much we take granted for because we were born there. >> what they appreciate, it reminds us to appreciate it as well. >> here is a good story. draymond green making two cross
8:56 am
country flights in one day. all because of the newest member of the golden state warrior family. that little guy right there that bears his name. coming up. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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>> welcome back. mornings on 2. there's the opening bell that rang just about an hour and a half ago. it looks like members of the nutcracker. it looks like the nutcracker possibly. christmas pageant of course. last trading day before the extended weekend for christmas. that is the new york city ballet ringing the opening bell. new york stock exchange. taking a look at the numbers. live look at the big board. do we have that? i just lost my numbers on my screen. do you have it. >> here we go. the nasdaq actually up a tiny bit. there's a look at the dow jones. down 12 points. still waiting for 20,000.
8:59 am
19,906. it's pretty quiet around wall street right about now. a lot of traders taking the day off and a few days off. s&p 500 down a little bit as well. >> all right. we move along. a high school football player is facing felony sexual assault charges. the 15-year-old boy assaulted a female student from the high school across the street. it happened after a football game last month. the girl told her principal three days later. the name has not been released because he is a minor. the warriors beat the nets without draymond green who was here for the birth of his first son. he posted pictures of the baby early wednesday morning. beautiful baby. the coach tried to get green to stay home. he was convinced the baby wouldn't arrive for another week but he took an emergency flight back here after the team landed in new york. this is green's second child. he has a daughter. green has rejoined the warriors today for the game against the
9:00 am
detroit pistons. congratulations to draymond and his family. >> a lot of frequent flyer miles. >> yes. >> we talk to sports announcer guy as the warriors and cavaliers prepare to face off on the hardwood. plus we introduce you to the history-making girls of the pacifica tiger shark pee wee squad. ♪[music] >> it is a beautiful christmas tree we have at jack london square. i really hope you're in the mood by now if you celebrate christmas. we are getting right down to it. welcome to mornings on 2 the 9. >> that music better put you in the move. >> it makes you move, that's for sure. >> first day on hanukkah on christmas eve as well. we all get to celebrate together. >> i


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