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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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we will tell you how long it is going to last. and holiday shoppers trying to pick out the perfect last- minute gifts. we will show you how crowded it is if you need to shop before sunday. at the airport, the busiest travel day of the holiday season. we will look at the delays and cancellations piling up. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm ted rolland. >> the streets in san francisco is closed because of a water main break. it was reported around 9:00 this morning. now evans avenue. traffic is being rerouted on to quinn street. repairs are expected to be completed between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. >> a mess there. and a mess around some areas of the bay area. we saw quite the downpour this morning. >> scattered showers continuing throughout the day. we will get to steve paulson
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for all of the details. steve. >> also cold. the possibility of snow. certainly by tonight and early tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 40s for many. we had the first band go through this morning. focused around marin county, east bay and a little bit on the peninsula. now another band is rumbling through the santa cruz mountains. some of this is moderate to heavy. the heaviest rainfall is point reyes. san francisco .80. alameda, three quarters. berkeley two thirds. brentwood with half an inch. these are the temperatures. 40sand 50s. we won't get warmer than this, to be honest. that is the system in the santa cruz mountains. i have seen half an inch to three quarters in the santa cruz mountains. it looks ominous but it is not that bad. still rain for parts of the east bay. things are picking up towards
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mendocino county and lake county. some could be low snow levels, especially by tonight and tomorrow. there are all sorts of warnings and watches all the way down. >> thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> well, some may call it procrastination, some say they are shopping under a little extra pressure. shoppers are out trying to pick out the perfect gift by sunday. >> that is called procrastination. >> lee martinez has been talking to the procrastinators. >> reporter: yeah. i think this is busier the eve before christmas eve than it was when i was out here on black friday. we're seeing quite a bit of shoppers. luckily they all have bags. they're doing well out here. this is like the sub group of shoppers known as the last- minute shoppers. they're all in good company. it is a very large group. so some people actually work
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really well under pressure. >> i waited until the last minute, thinking it would be super crowded. done in two hours. i think i lucked out. >> reporter: now, last-minute shoppers are not grinches. today they leave with bags, boxes, and very big smiles. >> i bought him a bunch of gifts already. so i got the wife some gifts. so we're out looking to see what last minute things pop out. >> right. and the santa, was that the first time. >> first time. yeah. it wasn't too good as you can tell. >> reporter: now, perhaps waiting until the last minute to see santa wasn't the best idea. the big reveal of his photo shows his boy dominique crying. it is a priceless photo. for your first photo with santa, that is a good one. you want to have a funny one in there at some point. back out here, we've got the shoppers going crazy. they seem to be running mostly
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because of the rain. i don't think they're trying to get it all done in the next hour. i know i talked to a couple people who are trying to get it done all today. tomorrow is christmas eve. also the first day of the hanukkah celebration. i know a lot of people are hoping this is it. this is the last time that they're going to go out and shop. they have to finish wrapping the gifts too. it's not over yet. >> yeah. it is funny that both of the people you interviewed were men. imagine that. >> some people work better under pressure. >> yeah. >> just procrastination at its best. >> absolutely. well, procrastination works when you're going to the store not necessarily online. if you did most of your online shopping and haven't received the packages in the mail, bad news, they may not arrive in time for christmas. >> the problems facing the postal service in the bay area, the usps packaging business jumped 16% over the past year.
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staffing shortages could be leading to the delays. the postal service is hiring a little late now to get the holiday gifts there. the pay remains a stumbling block. local postal workers start at $16. employees say it is not enough to live in the bay area. the travel rush is underway at the airports. >> yeah. christien kafton shows us the conditions on what is expected to be the busiest air travel day of the season. >> reporter: earlier today the f.a.a. issued a traffic management program here at sfo, meaning the average delay for incoming flights was 2 hours, 15 minutes. there were a lot of delays for flights departing as well. an estimated 2.4 million travelers are expected to fly today. we have video out of lax showing the situation there where an estimated 400 flights were canceled or delayed due to stormy weather in the south. that could have ripple effects right here in the bay area.
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the f.a.a. listed the average wait at an hour and a half earlier in the day out of lax. we had a camera in oakland earlier as well. we heard about delays earlier this morning. but now things are moving along quite nicely. we heard out of delays out of san jose. the airport is saying that the delays were related to problems out of lax and some flights had been diverted out of sfo. you can see why a lot of the flights were diverted out of sfo. the gray skies here, the story of the day. the rain and the low cloud cover affecting a lot of flighting and affecting the individualsability at airports -- visibility at airports around the bay area. anyone flying today should contact their airline to make sure that the flight is on time. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. >> for the latest on all of the traffic, airport and weather conditions, just download the free ktvu news app for up to the minute information. new at noon, the first
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civil lawsuit has been filed in the dead low oakland ghost ship fire. it was filed by the parents of gregory. she died while hugging her boyfriend. a news conference is set at the courthouse. the owner's building has also retained a lawyer. the suit claims that the warehouse lacked adequate and sufficient safety measures and was not up to fire protection and safety codes. oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting in the city's east oakland neighborhood. the shooting was reported about 10:45 last night on the 8000 block of olive. the victim's name has not been released. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not released information about a possible suspect or motive in the case. police are investigating a shooting on interstate in oakland. right now it is not clear what led up to the shooting.
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the chp says both victims were in the same car. we don't know their conditions this morning. so far no arrests have been made. this is the third shooting along interstate 580 in oakland. on november 30th, a man and woman were shot and injured while driving near fruit vail avenue. increased patrols followed that incident. there is no word of nay rests. on monday, also on 580 in oakland, the chp says the driver of a black mercedes fired shots on a honda that was tailgating him. no one was hurt but the honda was riddled bullet holes. it shut down lanes of the interstate for several hours. a robbery thwarted at a convenience store in hayward when two employees teamed up to fight off an armed man. >> one of the employees was shot. the other is back to work. we spoke to him about why he decide today fight back. >> reporter: in surveillance video from the royal market in hayward, you see a man wearing
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a hoodie, his face covered with a ban dan a he enters the store around 8:00 in the evening. he pulls a gun on the clerk behind the counter and demands money from the register. the 34-year-old was that employee. >> were you scared? >> not like scared. scared. i was like mad actually. like this is going to happen. >> reporter: what the robber doesn't realize, the clerk's brother is also in the store and sneaks up behind the suspect, grabbing him. the robber fires one round. you see the gun go of. the bullet hitting the brother in the leg. >> it was life involved. like my brother's and mine. he shot my brother. he put a gun on me. that means he is ready for a war. >> reporter: a struggle ensues as the two take the masked man down to the ground. another bullet is fired. they are able to put the suspect in a chokehold, holding
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him until police and paramedics arrive who take the suspect into custody. the owner calls them brave. >> we think we're lucky. god give us health. so we know nobody was hurt. >> it is definitely heroic. that will teach them not to mess with them anymore. >> reporter: as for the clerk, he is thankful nothing worse happened. >> it is miracle that we are still alive. gun is a gun. one shot and you're done. that's it. it was a good thing, good angle. we got him in the right spot. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. police are investigating the discovery of a woman's body found at baker's beach. crews were called at 1:00 for a water rescue. when they arrived, they found that the woman was already dead. it is unclear how or when she died. they are looking for missing person reports for possible leads. hijackers threatening to blow up a plane and diverting
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it from libya to malta. the latest on the situation after the break. plus, a surprising discovery made at the sonoma county airport when one of the nation's top military honors was found abandoned by a baggage carousel.
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>> two hijackers have surrendered after diverting a plane from libya to malta.
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the hijackers released all of the passengers and crew and left the plane and were taken into custody. reportedly they have asked for political asylum in malta. earlier this morning, there were reports that the hijackers were threatening to blow up the plane, saying they had grenades. airport officials in malta said there were 118 passengers on board. nearly a week of searching is over. the berlin truck attack suspect is dead after a shootout in milan, italy. >> there is video of the suspect swearing allegiance to the terror group. the details as the investigation continues. >> reporter: the man authorities believe to be behind the berlin truck attack is dead following a shootout with italian police. two officers stopping anis amri outside of a train station here in milan. the station was closed at the time, causing the police to grow suspicious. the 24-year-old pulled a gun on the officers, prompting an exchange of gunfire. >> our tension continues to be
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at the highest levels. i believe what happens tonight allows all our fellow citizens to know the government is prison. >> reporter: authorities searching for amri after the terror attack in berlin. 12 people were killed and 50 others injured when he drove a truck through a crowded christmas market. german officials say his fingerprints were found in the cab of the vehicle. >> should this turn out to be true, the interior ministry is relieved that this person doesn't pose a threat anymore. >> reporter: the market is open to the public once again. but the investigation is not over. isis inspired the attack and german investigators are trying to figure out if amri received assistance. >> it is important to determine if there was a network of helpers and planners. >> police hearsay that amri traveled through france before arriving in italy this morning. he is no stranger to this country, having already served
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prison time. >> president-elect donald trump released a letter that he received from putin. >> he wishes were trump warmest christmas and new year's greetings. he goes on to say that the global regional challenges shows that relations between russia ands u.s. remain important. president putin hopes to work with mr. trump once he becomes president. in today's statement, trump wrote it was, quote, a very nice letter from putin. his thoughts are so correct. i hope both sides are able to live up to these thoughts and we do not have to travel an alternate path. speaking of travel, steve paulson, some travelers are going to hit little weather issues here in the bay area and across the country. >> absolutely right here. no doubt about it, ted. thank you. boy, it's a cold rain out there for some. temperatures barely getting out of the upper 40s and low 50s
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for some. rainfall has picked up again. heaviest is around from san jose over to the east bay. not the north bay yet. it is picking up. that's over the radar site. there's a little enhancement there. i haven't seen anything over an inch but it is coming down. livermore and moving out to blackhawk and over to clayton, over mount diablo. the cutoff looks to be alamo and concord. some of the rainfall updated here. mill valley an inch and a third. danville .82. oakland three quarters. san carlos three quarters. san jose got .39. also speaking of .39 just me says clayton near the oak hurts country club. i have heard of it. lightly raining again. i think that rain is picking up. 40s on the temperatures to low 50s. 49 livermore. 4 napa airport. 47 santa rosa. right at 50. if it feels cold, it is.
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some of the coldest air is on the way. wouldn't be surprised if there was snow in mendocino and lake county. the coldest air is yet to arrive. system continues to roll through. it looks like the san jose foothills heading out to the valley 5 and the ultima pass. also rain in central california and heading to southern california. there are warnings and watches for snow. the ventura mountains and santa barbara and for up in lake tahoe, northern sierra and up to shasta and truckee. the advisory goes until 10:00 tomorrow. heavy snow is starting to fall near shasta. these are the lowest snow levels if you have to travel on 5. the coldest air is on the way. here it comes as it rotates in. we could get thunderstorms out of this, hail and if there is available moisture, certainly cold enough that we could get
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snow down to 3,000, 2500 feet. gusts picking up. at the fairfield, gusts of 33 miles per hour. also towards the santa clara valy and san jose, gusts about 30 for some as well. higher elevations i have seen 40 miles per hour gusts. this is from top to bottom. from crescent city and eureka down to l.a. and san diego. saturday night we will be done with this. but then it will be very cold. 40s, 50s on the temperatures today. some rain will linger into tomorrow. and the cold air might give us a dusting of snow on the hills. it is gone saturday night. sunday looks good but very, very cold. be prepared there. ted, somebody has to get the old time machine. it's been a long time that we have been on the air together. >> no kidding. good to see you. >> you too. >> thanks, steve. >> as we move into winter, san francisco woman is behind a new effort to help the homeless meet basic needs like toilets
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and showers. >> amy started a nonprofit. she found a way to help homeless people transition into permanent housing. and at the same time reduce neighbor complaints. it is tricky. she is focusing on the homeless in mission bay and the trail. working with the homeless trying to keep the encampment clean and safe. she is also trying to form a working partnership with the city's department of homelessness public works and the police. >> everybody can work together in this collaborative way to create the rules that are going to be better for residents here and for the surrounding community and for the city service workers. >> nearby businesses say problems with shoplifting and break-ins have increased because of the encampment. the city informed the people there that they may have to leave by january 10th. the city's department of homelessness says it is working on getting them into transitional and long-term housing. more people are riding their bikes on the streets of
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san francisco according to an mta report. bicyclists have increased by 8% this year. that's more than any other mode of transportation. the increase may be due to the upgrades in the bicycle facilities that include more than 460 new back racks and safer bike lanes across the city. a last effort to collect toys for children in need. what you need to know if you want to donate. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day?
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>> taking a look at the dow jones. not much movement today. not a lot of action during the holiday week. down a point. nasdaq up just a hair. well, a warning for eggnog lovers. you might have a hard time finding the traditional drink this year. producers didn't make enough. one company that makes the drink says the eggnog sales run 60% from last year. one reason could be food companies pushing eggnog over pumpkin flavored products. since santa is busy right now, he is getting help from special elves in san francisco. ♪[music] >> very nice. a group of volunteers singing christmas carols to help kick off the 16th annual last minute
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toy drive. they are collecting toys at the curbside no matter if it is raining or clear. the goal, beat last year's record of more than 10,000 toys donated in one day. >> it's one of the fun things that you do for christmas. and i just love it because with all of the toys that are collected for kids who come in and act as if they're shopping. >> toys will be collected at lefty's through 11:00 tomorrow night. and whether you're looking for something to do with the whole family or just escape with the family, there's lots in store around the bay area. >> from free outdoor activities on christmas to the first night of hanukkah, rosemary orozco has more. >> into the holiday weekend and here are a fewests happening around the bay area. looking for something to do on christmas day? the san francisco botanical garden is open and free for the entire day. it showcases 8,000 different kinds of plants from around the world. find the garden inside golden
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gate park. celebrate hanukkah with the lighting of the 25-foot menorah in union square. ceremonies begin on saturday. the hanukkah celebration continues every day through new year's day. in the east bay, the 26th annual berkeley open studios. the buildings will be open for the public for free on saturday. an array of holiday decorations into a magical winter wonderland with festive holiday decor and two live size shock lat structures. in sports, warriors and niners are on the road. raiders and sharks are at home. i'm rosemary orozco and that is your weekend watch. if you're looking something different to do, enter now for a chance to win two tickets to the professional bull riders velocity tour on saturday,
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january 7th at oracle arena in oakland. it includes premium seating and a 60 minute preevent tour on the dirt and behind the scenes, giving fans the opportunity to see the pbr up close and personal, learning about sports that pits man against the beast in the same arena. pretty scary. to enter go to our facebook page and click on the contest link to fill out the entry form. entries are accepted until 11:59 tonight. you must be 18 or older to enter. each prize has an approximately retail value of $300. tickets are on sale now through ticket master. three winners will be selected by random drawing on december 27th, 2016. you can see the official rules at under contests. all right. well, still ahead, steve has been telling you the sierra is getting much needed snow. we will show you the conditions in the sierra if you're thinking about heading up.
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santa arrived early to see one little girl and her siblings in san francisco. ktvu cameras were there for the sweet surprise by members of the city fire department. that's up next.
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>> the roadways across the bay area are getting crowded as people get ready to head out of
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town for the holiday weekend. a live look at interstate 880 in oakland near the coliseum. a little slow going. it is a big sluggish on the right. >> check out interstate 880 in berkeley. you can see how slow going it is there. wow. both directions just creeping along. however in the south bay, if you're ready to drive south, so far 101 in south san jose is moving well. no traffic there. >> the sierra is expected to get a good amount of snow with the current storm system. >> for those headed up to the mountains, brian as a look at the condition snooze good morning from the sierra where the snow continues to come down. we're at blue canyon. this is 5,000 feet. already a couple of inches on the ground here. a number of crashes this morning. a lot of traffic. holiday travel in effect this morning as veteran caltrans members tell me this morning they're definitely seeing a higher volume of traffic. that is to expected with the holiday upon us and a lot of
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people who may not ordinarily come into the snow making the extra effort, wanting to get to the holiday destinations and braving the storm that continues to bring snow to the sierra and a number of crashes. if you have plans to come into the mountains, make sure that you have chains, you know how to put them on. if you don't, $30 to have somebody do it for you. the chain installers or a four wheel drive with good snow tires and give yourself extra time. the conditions are nasty, especially when the wind picks up this new snow and the visibility goes down to 0 at times. brian hickey. we'll send it pack to you. a reminder that you can download our fox 2 weather app for conditions throughout the storm and forward. you can always have the conditions. you can always find all of that on facebook, twitter and instagram as well. san leandro police are investigating yesterday's deadly stabbing as a case of justifiable homicide. it happened at 12:45 yesterday morning on 143rd avenue near east 14th street. investigators say a man in his 30s was just walking down the
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street, talking on his cell phone when all of a sudden another man came out of hiding and tried to rob him. >> as the victim approached where the suspect was hiding, the suspect came out, had a brief conversation, asked him for something. and then produced a 10-inch fixed blade knife and demanded his cell phone and wallet. >> police say the victim -- i'm sorry. the suspect stabbed the victim and they say the victim ran in the opposite direction to try to escape but the suspect caught up with him and that's when the victim took the knife from the robber and fatally stabbed him. both men lived in the area where the attack happened but didn't know each other. crazy situation there. >> yeah. the concord police department says that investigators have turned up enough evidence to charge a high school student with felony sexual assault. the 15-year-old boy assaulted a female student from the sister school right across the street. the alleged assault happened after a football game last
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month. police have sent the case to juvenile court for prosecution. a family of four has been dispoliced by a fire that seriously damaged their oakland hills home. it broke out around 10:00 last night at their home. oakland fire department posted this picture on twitter. firefighters say when they arrived, flames were coming from the front of the try level house and an electric car parked in the garage. everyone got out of the house safely. no injuries reported. it took firefighters about an hour to put the flames out. the cause is currently under investigation. they believe it originated somewhere around the garage area. oakland firefighters were pretty busy this morning putting out another fire. this one at the old mother's cookies factory. no one was inside. mother's moved out back in 2009. another company operates the business out of the building now. firefighters say old pallets and debris was burning towards the back of the building and they forced their way through large steel doors and checked
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for hot spots and hidden flames. an investigation is underway in what started the fire. a concert that will supposedly benefit the alameda county food bank is actually a scam. the district attorney's office says the i love the '90s music fest or new year's eve '90s music fest is advertised online but it is not actually happening. websites promoting the concerts say it will have several '90s artists. tickets are $99 and up. but it is not happening. the food bank has no idea what this is about. they are not involved. people who may have purchased tickets to the fake event should call their bank and try to reverse the charges. >> wow. it is just a matter of days until the new year. some new laws are going into effect for anyone who drives in california. as of january 1st, it will be illegal to hold a smart phone or a similar device while driving. you can't even hold it.
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instead the phone must be mounted on the dashboard. it is already illegal to talk on the cell phone without the use of a hands-free device. children under the age of two will be required to ride in a rear facing car seat. current law requires rear facing car seats for children less than one years old. state law already requires all children under the age of 8 to ride in the back seat in a child safety seat or a booster seat. and starting january 1st, convicted drunk drivers need to have breathalyzers installed in their cars in alameda county. it requires drivers to be tested for alcohol on their breath in order for the car to start. the passage of the law extends a pilot program in alameda county, los angeles for two more years. the law takes effect statewide in 2019. well, a surprising discovery at the sonoma county
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airport. a worker found a purple heart. >> and now ktvu reports that the medal is still unclaimed. >> reporter: sonoma county's airport is small. two airlines serve seven cities. about 35,000 passengers pass through every month. and it appears that one left something special behind. >> it was right by the baggage carousel. it was laying on the baggage carousel. >> reporter: it definitely isn't belong in the box with keys and sunglasses. stray purple heart ended up with the supervisor who served four years in the marine corps himself. >> the first thing was the importance of that medal and who it goes to. that person served our country. being a veteran, i understand and appreciate that. >> reporter: it is a bit tattered and worn. and under the words for military merit, the name of miguel perez. >> he passed away at 23 years old in the line of duty, korean
12:38 pm
war 1952. >> reporter: the medal is clipped to a list of fellow puerto ricans who died fighting for the u.s. in korea. it is from a photo date stamped from 20 years ago. >> somebody cared enough to find the monument and take a picture of it. >> reporter: when no one retrieved the medal, airport staff appealed on social media and were amazed how interest took off. >> 93,000 people on facebook. our typical posting has a couple thousand people look at it. to me, you know, it is about family and about people. and it wants to get home. >> reporter: the next step, reviewing security video from around the time the medal was found. private perez had three siblings who would be elderly now. more likely it has been with a younger relative. >> maybe somebody traveled with it for good luck. maybe that was their uncle. i don't know. all kinds of speculation with fun story snooze until there are answers, the purple heart
12:39 pm
without a home is locked up, waiting for its owner. >> to them, it is irreplaceable and priceless. we're keeping it safe and hopefully we will find them someone. another bay area police department is about to lose its chief. milpitas police chief tells the milpitas post you will retire at the end of the year. he has been with the department for 30 years and nearly five years as chief. he tells the paper that his wife is battling cancer and he wants to care for her during her treatment. he will stay on as a consultant through june to help the transition to a new chief. police are warning last minute shoppers not to pack their cars with holiday gifts. law enforcement is reminding people that thieves are making the rounds in parking lots and on streets. yesterday in san carlos, a sheriffs detective demonstrated what thieves are looking for and how easy it is for them to make off with stolen goods. he came across one car with the
12:40 pm
windows partially down and another had its items left on the seats. >> they're looking for the easy targets. they want to get what they're looking for and get out. they don't want to be caught obviously. they're looking for people who leave valuables in plain view. >> earlier this month, the sheriff's department sent out these mailers to residents reminding them not to leave valuables in their vehicles. >> put them in the trunk or something. >> yeah. the holidays brings out the best in so many people and the worst in so many people. >> right. san jose state is reportedly interested in adding more student housing by building on land occupied by a movie theater. the school is looking to acquire the ground lease for camera 12. a downtown theater on south second street that closed in september because of failing revenues. well, it is less than half a mile from the university. the city will accept offers through march of 2017 for the property. the mercury reports that san jose state hopes to eventually buy the 39,000 square foot lot
12:41 pm
of land and buy a 500 unit tower at least 20 stories high. it would include offices, retail shops and a parking garage as well. the land was recently appraised at $5 million. still ahead, the golden state warriors are gearing up for the big game in denver. and after the team's heartbeat draymond green missed last night's game so he could be present for the birth of his son. we will tell you when he is expected to return. >> congratulations to his family. we will check back in withor meteorologist steve paulson for how long the rain will last and what it means for your holiday weekend.
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>> the warriors in detroit tonight. they overcome a slow start last night in the absence of draymond green to win their sixth straight game. he is back in the bay area for the birth of his first son. his teammates let the nets take a lead in the first half but the warriors came back, outscoring the nets by 32 points in the second half. kevin durant scored 26 points. the warriors won 117-101. take a look at draymond jamaal green junior. >> oh. >> he was born at 3:55 a.m. yesterday. green posted these pictures on instagram. after missing the game to be present for his son's birth, green posted on snapchat he is heading to michigan, likely to join the rest of the teem when
12:45 pm
they face the pistons tonight. such a cutie. congratulations to the green family there. >> absolutely. that is awesome. well, the rain has been kind of putting a damper on people getting the last minute holiday shopping plans. >> they're expecting cold temperatures and off and on rain. it is just upper 40s, low 50s out there. the first system went through this morning. that left good rain. mainly san francisco over to the east bay and marin county as well. now the cold and unstable air is working its way in. a couple of lines forming off shore. one band went through south bay, santa cruz mountains over to east bay. draw your attention right here. looking at the lines off of marin, san mateo coast. there is one and there is the other one. embedded in that we could get thunderstorms and hail. upper 40, 50s. i mean, the temperatures won't change much here. north bay temperatures, certainly up to parts of lake county and mendocino county,
12:46 pm
possibility of snow the greatest up there. glenn helen only 47 degrees. san rafael only 49. 50 in bodega bay. that is cold on the coast. for us, lines of rain are now forming again in the north bay. adding a little bit of a break. that is picking up as well. off the san mateo and santa cruz area down to the santa clara valley. it does pick up a little bit. that main band is heading out to the valley. central california even southern california will get in on the rain soon. rain moving into santa barbara. winter weather advisories out for the grapevine. if you know anybody or are traveling, you're probably out of luck the snow level will drop down to 5,000 feet as well. snow up in the sierra. that will continue until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. look at all of the rain turning to snow in parts of trinity county and shasta and all the way up to the oregon border. that's where the snow level
12:47 pm
could get down to 2,000, 1500 feet. these are areas we're looking for of. the cold or unstable air, these have to rotate in. some of this will move over us later tonight and tomorrow. that would be the best opportunity for any snow on the peaks. gusts already to 35 for some. i mean, 21 out of the south/southeast at the oakland airport. all the way to sfo and hayward. a cold blustery day. some of this right there could be our snow maker for some of the peaks late tonight and tomorrow. most of this will be gone by saturday afternoon. we clear it out saturday night. sunday looks dry. but very cold there. 40s on the temperatures today to very low 50s as well. some of the coldest air arrives saturday. if you have things to do, bundle up. you will feel it. it clears out saturday night. sunday looks good but cold. dry early next week. >> boy, saint nick is going to have to really bundle up. >> i think there will be highs
12:48 pm
in the upper 40s tomorrow. that's it. >> getting cold at night. >> very cold. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. >> if you're thinking of heading to the theaters this holiday weekend, there is something for everyone. >> from animated musicals to sci-fi thrillers, adam housley has a preview. >> reporter: michael leads the action pack video game inspired assassin's creed discovers his role in a battle. >> so why did you give up your life on earth. >> reporter: the sci-fi thriller passengers stars jennifer lawrence and chris pratt as space travelers who awake 90 years too early forcing them to find out what went wrong and how to save the thousands on board. rd. brian cranston and franco's movie is why him. a son-in-law that can do everything but impress his
12:49 pm
girlfriend's father. for more family friendly option, there is sing. matthew mcconaughey tried to save the beloved theater by holding a singing competition. ♪[music] and make room for plenty of potential oscar contenders with lala land with emma stone. the frontrunner expands to theaters nationwide christmas day. >> how come you never liked me. >> like you? who the hell says i have to like you. >> reporter: there is fences directed by and starring denzel washington. the broadway adaptation of the drama. the story follows a 1950s pittsburgh sanitation worker grappling with the racial tensions of the time. his fight to provide for his family and his relationship with his son. is son. >> this is a rebelon, rebelon,
12:50 pm
isn't i ? i rebel. >> reporter: then there is rogue one. plenty of movie options to make your holiday even more entertaining. in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. >> this is beyond amazing. this is the biggest blessing i've ever had in my life. >> after the break, the special christmas surprise for a single mother in the east bay. we will show you how a group of volunteers pulled it off as they already get ready for the next year.
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
>> this morning the san francisco fire department surprised an 8-year-old girl whose father was killed four years ago today. [cheering and applause] [cheering and applause] >> how are you guys doing. she couldn't be more excited to see santa. >> firefighters surprised the girl and her siblings by showing up with a truckload of toys. in the wish list letter for the toy drive, she wrote about her father's murder. when firefighters read it, they were so moved by it that they decided to give her extra
12:54 pm
christmas presents. >> this is the day that her dad passed away. this really touched my heart. >> her father pictured here with his daughter was shot and killed in the housing complex. his murder remains unsolved. there is a $10,000 crime stoppers award out for the arrest of the killer. although christmas is bittersweet, this is a christmas she will always remember. >> uh-huh. that is awesome. >> a woman from the east bay who lost all of your furniture in a fire a few months ago got the holiday surprise of her life. >> it was all thanks to special volunteers. >> reporter: these are not santa's elves but a team of volunteers. completely furnishing this apartment for a struggling single mother who is at work and has no idea they're doing this. the first she will learn of it is when she gets home. >> my god, this is such a great
12:55 pm
feeling. i love it. i didn't even sleep last night into the volunteers are part of christmas in richmond. each year they help a family in need. >> sometimes it's easy to be overlooked as a single mom and people don't always understand that it's hard for single moms to say they need help. >> reporter: the woman they are helping lost all of her furniture in a fire and moved into this apartment in san leandro. she works two jobs and is raising a 10-year-old boy. >> we've had our own struggles in life. we know what it's like to be without. >> reporter: the furniture is donated and so are extras. >> bedroom sets and dinette sets, dishes. we even got clothing and gift cards. she is is nor a real surprise. >> reporter: it took most of the day to get the apartment ready. then it was time to quietly wait for the tenant to come through her door. >> merry christmas. merry christmas. >> thank you. oh, my gosh. oh, my [cheering and applause]
12:56 pm
>> hi. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >> merry christmas. >> oh, my gosh. >> i know you don't know us. >> reporter: she didn't even know most of the people who did this for her and her son who celebrates his 11th birthday on christmas day. >> this is beyond amazing. this is the biggest blessing i've ever had in my life. i've never had nobody just actually do -- put this much into me. >> reporter: next to the day her son was born, this will be the happiest christmas of her life. >> beyond, beyond, beyond surprised. i don't know what to say. i'm shocked. >> reporter: they truly enjoy helping those in need. they will find someone else
12:57 pm
next year to do something special for. >> oh, my gosh. thank you. >> reporter: in san leandro, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> so many great stories. >> yeah. so great to see everybody pulling together and helping people in need during the holidays. >> absolutely. thanks nor making ktvu your choice for news. we're always on for and you always on have a great friday. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day?
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