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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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the pepper jack ranch spicy chicken sandwich. taste it before it's gone. yep, i'm lost. injured and out of the game. the oakland star quarterback hold off the field with a leg injury. i doubt the future of the raiders as they had to the playoffs. a call for help.>> they were unresponsive. >> when carrie fisher stopped breathing. the audio recording revealed. why the department
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stores are not the only place thinks drawing in customers. why barbershops and salons look forward to the holiday rush, especially now with a new law going into effect. the 10:00 new zone ktvu fox two starts now. i am eliana gomez. the raiders got there wish to make it to the playoffs, but derrick car might be out for the remainder of the season.>> oh, boy. that's material right now. carr seems to be in pain again.>> the teams nbp went down in the fourth quarter. derrick car had to be helped off the field and carted to the locker room. joe fonzi is here to talk to us about this big letdown for france. >> i think might be out would be a very optimistic description of the whole thing.
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this has been a magical season for the raiders. for the first time in 14 years, they have qualified for the playoffs. against the colts today, they thought they were playing only for the chance to nail down a first-round buy. it became about much more than that, 22 yard runs from washington, gave oakland a lead in the fourth quarter. was 33--- 33-14 in the fourth quarter. the replay shows coal rolling over on carmack's right ankle. he signaled he needed help. he was taken to the locker room on a card. a boisterous crowd drew simon. the raiders won thready three crowd drew simon. the raiders won thready 3-25. -- 33-25. they feared the worst about their quarterback. jack del rio confirmed their fears.>> he had a break of his
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fibula and required surgery. he is going to try to get it done tomorrow. he will be out indefinitely. once he is healed and ready to go, we will go. and in the end -- until then, he will be healing.>> we are not sure of the seating, but they are a playoff team. one of the most instrumental players and getting them there will not be in the lineup. lots more coming up on sports wrap. a big damper on an exciting afternoon.>> it's a horrible way to go into christmas for a lot of raiders fans. best of luck to derrick car and that surgery.>> will be back on sports wrap. all of that snow in the
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sierra made for a fun day on the mountain. parents bundled them up and let them go out for some sliding while some --. while some were going down the slopes, others were making snowmen.>> she has never seen snow. i grew up in tahoe and all that. as we solve the snow getting higher. >> i had to work a little bit. after that, i was like, it is time for family conference, good food.>> if you're thinking about heading up to the sierra for christmas, the roads are a bit icy. chains are required on highway 50 and drivers are urged to take it slow. there are no chain requirements for i-80. let's send things over to mark tamayo. >> this was a very productive storm across the entire state. we had rain the bay area toward southern california. a generous serving of snow.
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as you can see, we're mostly in the clear, also traced in the northerly wind as well. that's a cool wind direction. temperatures have been coming down rapidly. we will take a closer look at the current numbers across the bay for christmas eve. santa rosa and napa in the 30s, san francisco cop before. san jose, 42. outside, here is our live camera, we are in the clear. now we have a freeze warning to talk about. this in place for portions of the north bay. this begins at midnight, lasting until 8 am sunday. overnight lows back down to the mid-20s. christmas morning very close -- cold. keep the plants and animals warm. subfreezing temperatures across the bay area.
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coming up, your christmas day forecast and your five day forecast. it's a busy travel day for americans headed home for the holiday. you're looking a live map of the flights and aircraft. according to aaa, more than 103 million americans are traveling over christmas and new year's. it is the most wonderful time of the year once you get what you're -- where you are going. even for the last-minute travelers, busy roads and delays didn't stop the millions of americans traveling across the country this season. rod schmidt has more. >> reporter: travelers headed home for the holidays are being met with busy roads and delays. >> what's the traffic like?>> it is been intense. we got out of a rough patch and are looking for clear roads. >> reporter: it could be a slushy trip for the 103 million people expected to travel this season. that's more holiday travelers than ever before. for many, raving the traffic is worth it. >> i look forward to it because the kids are back together.
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we get very little time during the year where we are in one place.>> reporter: airports have been experiencing backups due to increased traffic and inclement weather. travelers have been arriving early. >> two hours earlier. we got here at six and we checked in our luggage. so far so good. >> prepare for any hick ups. don't get frustrated. stay calm. you will get there safely. >> rain and california and snow causing headaches, hundreds of flights delayed or canceled out of lax. in wisconsin, a plane carrying the minnesota vikings slid off the runway. run -- rescue crews evacuated the passengers with no injuries. travelers can expect boosted security. law enforcement on alert after threats on holiday sites and places of worship. rod schmidt, fox news.
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pope francis celebrating christmas with the midnight mass at the vatican. during the service cop pope francis said christmas has been taken hostage by materialism and that the season needs more humility. he also addressed the crisis in syria and called for compassion for refugees. tomorrow, pope francis will deliver his annual message from the balcony of st. peter's basilica. president obama and michelle obama released their final white house christmas message, reflecting on the past eight years in the future of the nation. their the greatest gift that michelle and i have received has been the honor of serving as your president and first lady. together we fought our way back from the worst recession in 80 years and got unemployment to a nine-year low. we secured health insurance for another 20 million americans and new protections for folks marty had insurance. we made america more respected around the world, took on the mantle of leadership and
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protected the planet for kids and more. so many measures our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we first got here. i am hopeful we will build on the progress we've made together in the years to come. >> the first lady acknowledge us military forces overseas and their families your home urging people to support service members throughout the year. now to drone on trump will announce today he will dissolve the donald jay trump foundation . this comes amid efforts to eliminate any conflicts of interest before he takes office next month. trump has directed his counsel to take the necessary steps to implement the dissolution. trump said his son, eric, would step way from his charitable foundation to the conflicts of interest. trump had called on the obama administration to veto the un resolution after the security council vote yesterday. trump said things will be different under his presidency at the un come inauguration
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day. garrett tenney in palm beach with the details. >> reporter: after theĆ£a her the last two weeks we have seen trump weigh in on foreign- policy even when it contradicts the current administrations positions. we saw that with the un security council vote. leading up to it, trump released a statement criticizing the us's decision not to protect israel and previewing how us israeli relations will change under his administration.'s statement reads as a united states has long maintained peace between the israelis and the palestinians will only come from direct negotiations between the parties and not through the imposition of terms by the un. this puts your israel and a poor negotiating position and is unfair to all israelis. that on friday, trump reinforced the changes to come with the tweet saying as to the un, things will be different after january 20, which is when he will take office. this week in another indication
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of possible changes, the president-elect suggested the us needs to upgrade its nuclear arsenal. yesterday incoming press secretary sean spicer said the president-elect is sending a clear message to world leaders. >> countries needed no that under donald trump, business as usual is over. he will act and protect america. if they increase nuclear capability, america will act.>> reporter: trump has no meetings scheduled other than enjoying the christmas holiday with his family. in palm beach, garrett tenney, fox news. the audio recording of the moment carrie fisher suffered a heart attack has been released. the pilots can be heard asking air-traffic control if emergency personnel is on the ground and at the gate. the flight was making a landing in la when fisher suffered a cardiac episode. the pilot also told the crew on the ground that fisher was being assisted by other passengers and nurses on
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board.>> we have a nonresponsive passenger. they are working on her right now. we hopefully will be on the deck in about five.>> she is most famous for her role as princess leia. she was in london on a book tour. costar showed their support through twitter. mark hamill, and ward davis were among the actors sending well wishes. fisher remains hospitalized. coming up, water rescue in the north bay. the events that have one man dead tonight. more team reaction from the raiders on their mvp, derrick car. first, one family devastated by the damage left behind in the oakland warehouse fire have found the challenges they face amidst the holiday season. the news continues in 90 seconds. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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court papers marked the first wrongful death lawsuit brought in the wake of the ghost ship fire in oakland. it claimed ledge lit -- negligence on the part of the building owner and others. is being brought on behalf of michaela gregory. a local family business devastated by the damage less behind -- left behind by the
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fire found a reason to celebrate. we have their story and a christmas wish for others.>> reporter: the fans blared inside the boutique store : cleaning the air from smoke damage. what is on the walls cannot be sold but the crowds gathered outside looking for bargains. it was a hard day for lorraine a dominguez. >> emotionally we are more stable. it was very tragic for the community and felt very cold out here. we didn't want to be here.>> reporter: the business on international boulevard was damaged by water and smoke. her husband owns a boost mobile store on the quarter -- on the corner.>> this was the only option we had for our customers. we are going to relocate. >> reporter: from the ashes of the warehouse next door, the family has found joy this christmas amid a financial
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loss. >> i have new granddaughter. very happy. a little complicated birth, but i am very happy.>> reporter: while the clout -- while the crowds picture items, louise finds perspective.>> we have to move on. it's not the same. we have to relocate and go somewhere else. people here, i feel a bit more alive than these past few days. >> reporter: while the family heals and welcomes a new life, they share messages they regroup car rebuild and move on.>> my christmas wishes that everybody enjoys their family and one another. life is too mac short to embrace one another. >> honestly, it's god. for me, it's god. he is the one who has been strengthening me and my family and my granddaughter. god knows why things happen. i am here.>> reporter: we are
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sharing the christmas message with other. joy can still be found within a strong community. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2news. a close call with a tanker truck shut down a portion of highway 1 around 8:30 this morning west of the digas highway. a truck carrying full tanks of fuel hit a patch of ice and tipped onto it side. the crew back -- the crew floated it into a truck can hold it away. no injuries were reported. clear skies and very cold temperatures. it's pretty chilly right now if you step outside even for just a few seconds. you can see on the satellite -- the satellite, the northerly flow keeping things on the cool side. the friday storm has moved out, leaving us with cold air.
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look at some of the current numbers. lots of 30s around the map on the north bay. eastbay neighborhoods already some 30s. for livermore, san ramon in walnut creek, one location already down to close to freezing. stanford in the 30s, pacifica, 41. san jose state, 44. gilroy, 38. our live camera outside right now looking out towards the bay bridge toward san francisco. embarcadero lights here. it is cooling off even in san francisco. there is a plan for tomorrow, starting out with scattered high clouds, areas of frost. a freeze warning in place for the north bay. the temperatures throughout the day i will track out to the cold start, warming backup into the low 50s, 50 to 55 degrees. partly cloudy skies. the big weather headline will be some very cold temperatures to start out your christmas.
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coolest locations back down to the 20s easily and lower 30s towards livermore, antioch in a few spots are closed to 30 degrees to start the day. san francisco downtown checking in at 39. scattered high clouds for tomorrow eventually will reach the lower 50s. we will look at the forecast highs for tomorrow. a few changes to talk about your five day forecast. we will have that coming up in a few minutes. the jewish celebration of hanukkah is in full swing. the holiday officially started tonight at sundown. notice the festival of lights commemorating the rededication of the holy temple with the lighting of the menorah. washington, d.c. will celebrate the holiday tomorrow with the national hanukkah menorah lighting ceremony. santa is making his way across the globe. america's top military agencies keeping tabs on it. norad has been tracking santa's journey for more than 60 years. right now, st. nick is crossing
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over canada, and now he is heading in the south dakota, i am getting word from our producer. he is making his way out this way for all the little girls and boys to deliver the special gifts. the bay area is home to many extraordinary things this holiday season. folks can get a look at one of the largest christmas light displays anywhere. the gate at hillcrest avenue in livermore opened but only if the crowd hollers merry christmas loud enough. inside there is more than half 1 million lights decorating the house of the doves. the theme this year is gingerbread houses. it's the work of deacon dave van dan su has been doing it since 1982.>> this is my 34th year doing the display. i couldn't do it without the cooperation of our neighbors and also without the help of
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our volunteers. >> deacon dave says the volunteers start building right after labor day and it takes them until in easter to take it all apart. the display is set to last through january 1. there's plenty of time to get out there and see that display. turning now to richmond where a 17-year-old junior is beaming with holiday spirit. [ music ]>> this is our man -- armando's home on known street. he has been working on this synchronize lights display since may. 17? wow. holiday light shows are some things -- something he has done for the last three years. this is inspired by the bellagio in las vegas and features fountains, flames, and 16,000 lights. they sparkle and flash to music.>> it's great to see the
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friends and family come out, all the little kids. look at the star at the top of the tree. it's really great. err that is amazing. take a look it that. the computer synchronize light shows are 4.5 minutes long and run every hour on the hour starting at 5 pm until midnight. there is time to check out the display. the team says the light show will continue through january 6, which happens to be three kings day. changing years, caught on camera, in minutes, the video of the thief trying to steal all the packages underneath the christmas tree. drone delivery from 7- eleven. it sounds odd but the success that could send your slurpee straight to you. we will have more after the break.
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a nevada-based drone has announced the successful test of delivering consumer goods from a 7-eleven to select residential customers. the test took place on weekends in november around reno. customers used a special app to ordered goods including food, beverages and over-the-counter medicine. once the drone was loaded it flew to the customer's home and dropped off the purchases. the company said 77 orders were delivered within 10 minutes and customers loved the service. an apartment complex owner catches a real-life grinch on his security cameras. he was about to make off with dozens of gifts until he realized he wasn't alone. he ransacked the apartment and office, went through packages while a woman was sleeping in the next room. the packages were left in the back living room as the thief went searching through the other rooms. >> we are thinking that during
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the process he opened her door, soccer sleeping and ran. he left his face all over the place.>> reporter: the thief had a bandaged hand and was caring the doomsday bible. a man in memphis is giving van a bad name. he actually dressed up as chris kringle and robbed the bank. police have put out the surveillance video from a credit union. the man in the mask started out by giving out candy canes and wishing employees at the bank a merry christmas. then he handed the teller a note demanding cash. a muslim religious group and sacramento went to helping hand to those in -- to those in the community who needed it. volunteers from the muslim that -- federation her -- serve christmas eve dinners. organizers were happy to step in to give the regular charity workers some time off.>> during christmas time when our
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christian back -- brethren are busy with their family and friends having parties at home, the homeless needed to be helped also.>> this is the fourth year that the foundation has helped the homeless and sacramento. i'm sure they are counting down the days.>> serving alcohol at barbershops and beauty salons. what businesses have to say about it. a bank robber caught on camera, seemingly happy looking. the description police released of the man wanted.
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latebreaking news now, a russian officials say a military aircraft with 91
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people has disappeared over the black sea. the jet took off from sochi, home of the 2014 winter olympic games. it was caring the military band to perform a concert at a russian airbase. russian media reports the plane disappeared over the sea after take off. there are unconfirmed reports that rescue teams have found the location of the crash. we will bring you more information online and on air and a man whose body was recovered today after he apparently drowned in the an irrigation canal ended after seven hours when the body was recovered near almo drive. it started after several 911 calls about a person yelling for help. a caller told police he tried to help but was unable to. officers and firefighters could see a man ted in the water.>> we gained access to the canal but the man had gone under the
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water.>> police say they're puzzled how the man got into the can now which is fenced with barbed wire and is 10 feet deep. investigators likely say it was the cold water that was responsible for the death. the victim was only identified as an adult male. san jose police are investigating a deadly stabbing. officers were called to the 700 block of 10th st. around 6:45. when they arrived they found a woman suffering from at least one stabbing. she was taken to the hospital where she died. one suspect is in custody. this is the city's 47th homicide of the year. san rafael police are asking for help to identify a bank robber. officers were called to union bank on los kalyna's before 5:20 yesterday evening. police say this man entered the bank, handed the teller a note demanding money, he claimed to be armed and got away with cash. the suspect is described as a
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white man the tween 30 and 40 years old standing 6 feet tall. belmont police are asking for help in the search for a man seen taking a package from home earlier this week along marine avenue at around one in the afternoon. this is video of the man caught in the act. if you recognize them, belmont police ask you to contact them. tamale harrises pursuing new pimping charges against the operators of a judge tossed out an earlier case involving the website which advertises escort services. new evidence has allowed her to charge back page executive call for rare, michael lacey kind james larkin with 13 counts of pimping and conspiracy to commit pimping and 26 counts of money laundering. supermarkets and big box stores
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may have seen the most of last- minute shoppers, but here's lines and barbershops at a very busy saturday. stylus works without -- worked with outbreaks to get people holiday ready. salons have something else to look forward to, they are going to add alcohol to their list of services.>> reporter: you may know of some salons are barbershops that offer alcohol, but if they didn't have a license, they could've gotten into some trouble. come january 1, salons and barbershops are allowed to offer complimentary alcoholic drinks to adults. today, some salons say especially because of the holidays some of their clients probably would've like to drink. christmas trees are not the only things getting trimmed. shoppers are getting decked out before the holiday. to salons in lake merritt decided to stay open christmas eve. >> what other people are not available, we make ourselves
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available. we take all the clients that they don't yet. everybody actually said, i can't wait. it's the busiest day all year.>> reporter: the salon closed a few hours early but they were booked all day long. many stylists took eight clients each.>> i tell my gentleman, you want to be ready for that holiday picture. you have to be ready for that photo op. let's get you sharp. >> they don't want to wash their hair. they have been cooking for days, shopping for days.>> reporter: while the salons offer more than haircuts and blowouts... >> we have the hot towels, conditioning, massage.>> reporter:...they will be able to offer alcohol as well. err their counting down the days.>> reporter: the alcohol must be free and served before 10 pm.>> we have a limit.
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we i believe our clients are allowed to per service. >> reporter: just enough to add to the ambience and help clients relax in the chair. hopefully making the next holidays even more stress-free. january 1, salons and barbershops are allowed to offer either 12 ounces of beer or 6 ounces wine. leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2news. in minutes, the adorable video taken from a christmas eve party at a northern california zoo. the bay area in the clear right now, temperatures cooling off rapidly. a weather system in the pacific. we will let you know if it will impact our forecast as we head into your christmas.
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a freeze warning in effect in about an hour and a half. mark will tell us more in a minute. taken the beautiful sites of the tree out there in san francisco. people filling the skating rink. santa is making his way across the globe. norad is keeping tracks. it has been tracking santa for more than 60 years. right now he was last seen in lubbock, texas. is adding for dallas. if you have a put the kids to bed yet, make sure they are in beds -- in bed tucked in real good. santa has already delivered 6 billion gifts.
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admission was free at the zoo for its annual christmas eve pajama party. local families who showed up in their warmest sleepwear got a chance to celebrate the holiday. an education team taught guess about the variety of animals at the zoo including this feathered friend. >> the turnout has been excellent. everybody are dressed up, they are in their pajamas. this is a harris hawk, one of our nativists -- native top species. he is in his mid teens and he is one of our trained birds at the zoo.>> the zoo opened at 10 and closed at 1:30 for the holiday. the bay area in the clear right now, temperatures cooling off. it is a very active storm tracker over the last -- next few days. they picked up the snowfall in the sierra. up to 18 inches that sugar bowl.
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excellent conditions heading into the sunday. as we come back closer to the bay area, very cold temperatures. the coolest locations on track to reach the 20s. we do have this, freeze warning in place for portions of the north bay. the interior out towards napa, the coolest locations back at around 25 to 26 to 27 degrees. tomorrow is christmas day, the presence will bring in santa claus as well. partly cloudy for the afternoon, scattered high clouds, temperatures on track to reach the upper 40s to love 50s. right now, beautiful towards the christmas tree in jack london square. a bit of a breeze, winds around 10-15. no umbrellas over the next few days. there is a storm system offshore that shows up nicely
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on the satellite. you can see the circulation out here, there was once a thought this could bring rainfall. it looks like the main rainfall remains out to the west. this will bring in a few high clouds. we have the northerly flow. with that we have the cold night. that freeze warning in place for the north bay ties we talked about. temperatures down and in the 30s. even livermore could be down below freezing. 35 degrees right now, san jose, 42, san francisco, 44. for tomorrow, you can see the system we were talking about, the satellite, rainfall associated with that. the bulk of the energy remains offshore. it will be a cloud producer, waking up to some clouds especially for the western half of the bay area. 2 pm, scattered high clouds mix, looking pretty good for the afternoon hours. then we'll go with more sunshine. looks like a pretty quiet weather pattern as we rack up -- wrapup 2016. lots of sunshine into monday.
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tomorrow morning, christmas morning, temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s. santa rosa, 50 degrees. san jose, 53. concord, mainly in the 40s. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast, you can see partly cloudy skies in the monday. there is a chance we could have more freeze warnings for tuesday and in the wednesday. temperatures got overnight lows, the coolest locations back down to the 20s. partly cloudy skies in the thursday. pretty quiet weather forecast, pretty chilly. i think santa will have a smooth approach to the bay area.>> he is making his way here from texas. that does it for us. sports wrap is next with reaction to the injury to derrick car. joe fonzi is up next in sports. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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fox 2news on sports wrap starts now.>> good evening. welcome to this christmas eve version of sports wrap. it has felt like the holiday season all fall for the oakland raiders. anticipation and excitement couldn't have been higher at the coliseum. none of that on the horizon when the game got started, raider fans anticipating a matchup of a pair of young quarterbacks, andrew luck making his first appearance against derrick car. oakland first on the board, card a homes on a 1 yard score. look at the catch by homes. colts answered right back on their


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