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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> right. >> my surf instructor -- [ laughter ] >> yes! >> i think i am! >> i'm just a cheerleader. >> we'll bring the snack. >> sounds like a plan! some cold temperatures this morning. a few high clouds that moved across the area yesterday. most the clouds have moved out to the south. you want to bundle up this morning. we have this locked in cold weather pattern out here. this is our live camera. nice to see the embarcadero lights shining brightly there. quiet monday morning. it's a cold one. as you can see on the satellite, the main clouds heading toward southern california. we have a pretty good, brisk, easterly wind or northeasterly wind out there. so if you're exposed to that, you'll feel it. current numbers right now, santa rosa, 29. san francisco, 40 degrees. 35. and livermore at 34 degrees. so once again, off to a cold start. i think tomorrow morning will be cooler. a check on some of the current wind speeds out there. around 5 to 8 to 10 miles per
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hour. maybe a stronger one here out toward half moon bay. that's a gust of 31 miles per hour. patchy frost out there this morning. i think tomorrow morning could be colder than today. but the coolest locations back down to the upper 20s do lower 30s. that's reflect -- to lower 30s. that's reflected in your forecast. wrapping up the afternoon hours. low to mid-50s with fair skies and a cool monday afternoon. coming up we'll tell you a final look. a closer look on the final week of 2016 as far as weather coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. and sal has the day off today. a number of people had the day off. we're looking at 880 in oakland. we see some headlights but not traffic flowing beautifully as you may expect. switching a view to the plaza. boy, it usually never looks like this on a monday morning! nice and quiet from oakland to san francisco. if you're traveling around the
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south bay, 280 in san jose should not be a problem. we see those headlights and everyone is moving at or dare i say above speed. >> yeah. >> time is 5:02. it's back to work this week for donald trump. >> more announcements may be coming. we're learning more how a trump administration will operate after an inauguration next month. we have the latest on the transition of power. >> good morning. and president obama and president-elect trump have said relatively nice things about one another recently. but there seems to be growing tension now between the outgoing administration and the incoming administration. >> aloha! [ speaking hawaiian ] >> reporter: president obama greeting troops in hawaii for christmas. perhaps one of the more pleasant presidential tasks. but make no mistake, this is an uncomfortable period. president-elect donald trump who garnered applause over the weekend attending a christian church service is clearly
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anxious to get moving. but he doesn't control the white house yet. and president obama is flooding the zone with executive orders, banning oil drilling on parts of the atlantic and releasing a new number of detainees in guantanamo bay. >> with most the things you've seen the president do the past few weeks, he can't lock things in permanently but can make it harder for donald trump to remove. >> reporter: trump is doing what he can to muscle in. on twitter, he is assailed the obama administration's decision to allow the united nations to criticize israeli settlements. they have also said that the u.s. needs to expand their nuclear abilities. >> we might as well get used to it. this is who he is. it's how he's going to operate whether it's brilliant or
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stupid, he beats 16 rivals and then hillary clinton and then at the heat media. he ain't giving it up -- at the heat media. he ain't giving -- the elite media. he's not giving up. >> back to you guys. >> all right! thank you. even before donald trump takes over the oval office, there's a change in his white house staff. the new communications director says he won't take the new job. he and his wife are expecting their second child next month and this is not the right time to start a new job. he says right now spending more time with his family will be his priority. miller says the job will be added to the duties of white house secretary. we know alcohol may be the factor in a deadly crash in san jose where a woman and teenager were killed christmas day. this happened yesterday on capital expressway near snell avenue.
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a car crossed over the center median, then smashed head on to another car. they believe the driver that crossed over the median was drunk. she was killed as was a 14-year- old boy in the other car. this marks the 47th debian project deadly crash in san jose this -- the 47th deadly crash in san jose this year. a new report says homicides in san jose are at a 25-year high. "the san jose daily news" says the number of homicides in san jose is 47, the most since 1991. in '91, 53 people were killed. they say a woman was stabbed to death on north 10th street. they think the person arrested is the same person who called 911 for help. the woman's name and details about what may have led to the stabbing have not been released. our time now is 5:05. another music industry icon has died. singer george michael died christmas day at the age of 53.
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the cause of his death, according to a news agency in the u.k., heart failure. some fans are leaving flowers and candles at his home in london. we take a look at the life of george michael ♪ last christmas, i gave you my heart ♪ >> reporter: george michael is dead. according to his publicist, the 53-year-old died peacefully at his home in england. the at times controversial artist grew to stardom in the band wham. ♪ wake me up before you gooooooddd -- ♪ >> reporter: michael went on to enjoy a long solo career, earning numerous grammy and music awards. he also performed duets with
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legends like elton john. his drug misuse and risky business got him with brushes with the law several times. the artist managed to use his scandals as inspirations, including the song "outside" that poked fun at the situation. ♪ let's go outside. go outside ♪ celebrities tweeting about his death, remembering his fondly. talk show hostellen degeneres penning an emotional goodbye. >> that was kelly wright reporting. meantime, many posting well wishes for the actress carrie fisher. the star of "star wars" taken to the hospital on friday after
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reportedly having a heart attack during an 11-hour flight from london to los angeles. her mother, debbie reynolds, is thanking friends for their prayers and good wishes and says the family will announce any updates on her conditions. fisher will be in london promoting her new book. >> in the mump anticipated rematch of -- much anticipated rematch of the warriors and cavaliers, the warriors came up short. kevin durant had a team high 46 points and had 15 rebounds. lebron james left the cavs with 31 points, including a monster dunk with less than 2 minutes to go. then it was kyrie irving that gave cleveland the lead with 3 seconds left. the warriors had one more chance. kevin durant got the inbound pass but he fell and the cavaliers won this one 109-108. >> i didn't fall on my own.
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it's christmas, man! we lost the game. we going home. everybody is happy. but, of course, we're upset we lost. we wish -- we should've won that game. we had that game in our hands. >> the warriors now come home and will host the toronto raptors on tuesday. they'll have a chance for revenge on the cavaliers come january 16th. meanwhile, derek carr spent time at home with his family. he did not have surgery on his broken leg. he will have surgery early this week. but he was hurt right there in the win over the indianapolis colts. a crushing blow to a franchise that's going to the playoffs for the first time since 2002. matt mcglown will take over for carr now. the raiders have one more regular season game. that's sunday in denver. meantime, the 49ers lost
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hyde for the season. he tore his acl right there over the win over the l. a. rams. he was just 12 yards shy of 1,000 on the season. on wednesday, the 49ers host the seattle seahawks. they will wrap up a disappointing season. it was a messy christmas for so many in the upper midwest. the freezing rain and heavy snow that created problems on the roads and at airports. >> but first, facing the tough decision of paying rent or buying gifts for the holidays. the event that brought joy to dozens of families this holiday season. >> and in weather, waking up to clear skies and cold temperatures out there! coming up, we'll let you know if the cold weather pattern sticks around. also tracking a slight chance of showers before 2016 wraps up. ♪ [ music ]
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♪[ music ] welcome back to "mornings on 2". this celebration was held, christmas for everyone. the 33rd year of the event. and organizers say it's been very successful. the goal of it is to spread holiday cheer to people who can't find their christmas spirit or just don't have any place to go. mary perez, the event founder, says she and her volunteers look forward to helping and wouldn't spend their christmas day any other way. >> what else would i do on
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christmas? open a present and say, now what? it's helping someone else! it's giving! that's what we all should be doing, not getting but giving. >> plenty of food was there. ham and turkey on the menu. there were christmas presents there for everyone and a lot of entertainment, too. the guests there called it a real community get together. during the holidays, some families have to make a big choice. do they pay the rent or buy gifts for their kids? >> we have one celebration in richmond where every child received a christmas present. >> reporter: there are long lines and then this one. it stretched from the civic center auditorium, up the street, and around the corner. families down on their luck were waiting to get inside the civic auditorium for a holiday celebration. among them was this richmond grandmother and her 2-year-old granddaughter. >> we don't have no money to buy gifts. so we just come out here to get something for the kids. >> reporter: inside the more
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than 1500 children, some of them homeless, others from families on hard times watched the holiday show. it included stories and fits of strength, including bending a frying pan in half. [cheers and applause] ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: and every child got two presents. >> you know what's in those packages? >> no. >> reporter: what do you hope it is? >> something good! >> i have cancer. and i was laid off because of that. >> reporter: this woman says she's not sure what kind of christmas she would have been able to provide for her 11-year- old daughter. >> i'm unemployed. so this has come at just the right time. that's perfect! make my daughter happy. it makes me happy, too. >> reporter: the holiday party was sponsored by the bay area rescue mission which hopes with homeless people in richmond. >> those that come to the event, they have to make a decision. do we pay the rent? do we buy the kids a christmas
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present. >> reporter: we asked why this organizer felt the community needed help. >> the most need is right here. richmond has the lowest median income of any of the cities in the san francisco bay area. >> reporter: it took hundreds of volunteers to wrap the almost 4,000 presents. but one young boy decided he's not going to keep his. >> i was just going to get some gifts and give them to the fire department. so it's not even just for me. >> reporter: the bay area rescue mission hopes to hold this event every year so that every child who needs a christmas can have a christmas. in richmond, rob ross, ktvu news. [ sigh ] >> that's all you can say. great story, rob. for your monday morning, mark is in for steve! >> yeah, all cold and shivering out there. >> yeah! >> locked in this cold weather pattern. looks like we'll stick with this as we wrap up 2016 with just a slight chance of a few showers later in the week. but to be honest, those chances
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have been going down quite a bit. looks like a dry weather pattern into 2017. on the slat right now, as you can see, some clouds approaching southern california. even a few rain showers detected offshore. this was the clubhouse cloud producer for us. as -- this was the cloud producer for us. looking across the state, truckee, 4 below for this 5:00 hour. back here in the bay area, not as cold obviously. but some cold numbers out here. we'll check on those updated for the 5:00 hour. up in the north bay, temperatures in the upper 20s to the 30s. petaluma, 31 degrees. livermore, pleasanton, black hawk, 30s. you can see san carlos, 36. and south bay for san jose state, reporting 35 degrees. gilroy, 38. and morgan hill at 37. a check on current wind speeds. in a few areas, we have the brisk wind in place.
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you definitely feel the windchill out there. fairfield winds, normally 12 miles per hour. half moon bay, that's a northeast wind sustained at 24 gusting to 36 miles per hour. so some gusty conditions near parts of the bay area shore line. you saw mountain view, just a calm wind. here's our forecast for today. cool and breezy. tomorrow, a cold start with fair skies. and it will be dry and cool as we head toward the weekend. as you can see here, this weather system down toward southern california, it'll stall out here over the next few days. and with us, with those temperatures tomorrow, that cold weather pattern remains in place. here's the main storm track to the north of the bay area. it will be a dry week with the exception of a very slight chance of a shower by friday and into saturday morning. but it looks like for right now, just a few extra clouds moving into northern california. here we go today. still in the clearing. see that storm track north of the region? then a few high clouds occasionally drifting in into tuesday morning.
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and same deal into wednesday. so the big headline for it will be tomorrow morning. temperatures tomorrow morning, cooler than today. there's a chance we could have a freeze warning kick in for parts ott bay area. lake at that -- parts of the bay area. lake tahoe, smooth sailing out there today. look for icy roads on your monday. we can see it very chilly there. and then mostly sunny skies for tuesday and into wednesday. forecast highs, you can see lots of low to mid-50s out there. a cold start this morning. temperatures most areas around 50 to 55 degrees for this afternoon. and here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. gradually bump up those numbers into mid-week. at least with the afternoon highs, still cold, especially for tomorrow morning. then by friday, we bring in the slight chance of a shower and for saturday. but those latest forecast models backing off on the chance. looks like a few extra clouds for us. and hard to believe 2017 coming our way. when i typed out that 2017, i initially put 2016. i said, mark! where's your head?
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it's coming up. looks like it'll be dry. >> i don't think we write checks anymore as much as we used to -- >> i know! >> but back when we did, it would be 2016 until june. >> sorry, mark, thank you. someone tried to steal christmas from a 7-year-old boy in louisiana taking thousands of dollars in presents from right under the tree. who came to the rescue to make sure he still had something to open on christmas day. >> also in ohio, it was a traffic stop like no other! this 20 minutes, what one woman got instead of a ticket that caught her by surprise. ♪ [ music ]
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time is 5:23. a college football team from indiana spent part of the holiday serving dinner to thousands of people at st. anthony's in san francisco. yesterday the team was split into offensive and defensive squads as they served up food and cheer. organizers say the hoosiers expected to feed some 3,000 people. >> the players have a great time interacting with those in need. and it's really a great way to kick off christmas day. >> reporter: the hoosiers will face off the utah utes this thursday! the utes served up at gloria church in san francisco. they made more than 3,000 meals the night before. they serve an average of 2,000
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people every single day! >> uh-huh. it's a happy holiday season for hundreds of children in the south bay. >> reporter: we're introduce -- >> we're introduced to those secret santa's helpers who made it happen. >> reporter: if you could get a sneak peek into santa's workshop, we can only imagine it would look a little like this. >> it's viral. it's addictive. i love it. >> seem like it's tight? >> good! >> reporter: inside this san jose convention center hall earlier this month, 1,000 volunteers spent their saturday assembling christmas presents for people they will never meet. >> just building bikes for a charity! turning wheels for kids. and just like building bikes and letting kids have a free, fun christmas. and it's something we really love to do! >> reporter: you see, there's not a lot of room for crabbiness here. instead, santa's bay area elves are all lit up and carrying on
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a 12-yearlong tradition, to build bikes for needy children in santa clara county. >> they get a bike, a helmet. a pretty good christmas for them. i remember getting my first bike. it was independence to me. i could now ride to the corner store on my own. >> reporter: behind each bike, a personal touch. kindness shown through the craft work of these hands. >> hi, mom! >> reporter: and smiles behind every spoke. >> dad, you need to raise it even more! >> raise it more? okay. >> reporter: this cisco employee who volunteered alone this year brought some new recruit this year. >> i was doing it by myself. and it was hard to do it. and you're going to get it ahead of time. so this year, i have my kids helping out. >> reporter: the man behind this pink basket is also a father. >> this is my daughter. we do this once every year. we've been doing this for the last five or six years. we love to give back to the community, people who are really in need. >> reporter: this santa, who prefers a bike to a sleighing,
5:26 am
advises the joy of giving is by no means limited to this. >> if you can't come out to this event, find another event to participate in. >> reporter: and take a look at the result. in the end, 2500 bikes were built in one day. it's as if these elves are holding on to something special, the hope that anything is possible on christmas. in san jose, news 2. thieves stole off of this little boy's gifts. the christmas presents for her son were gone, two tv sets will be stolen. dixon says she was heartbroken because she didn't have the time or the money to replace the gifts. but on christmas eve, police officers showed up with a car filled with wrapped christmas presents for dixon's son. >> as soon as i walked in my house, that's the first thing i
5:27 am
notice, the presents not under the tree. i freaked out and starting crying. >> 7 years old. probably had his heart set on nice gifts. and then for mom to tell him, it's all gone. that's not something these deputies and officers were willing to accept. >> reporter: the investigators say more than $1,000 worth of items were stolen from her home. the police officers gave her toys, video games, and a new tv. time is 5:27. today is a national day of mourning in russia. the deadly plane crash that's being investigated as the search goes on at the crash site. >> plus, an entire town in germany was evacuated. the world war ii era bomb that was found and disarmed.
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♪[ music ] ♪ baby it's cold outside ] >> yes, it is! this is a look at downtown san francisco. it's empty now. but later today, it should be busy with sons of people! -- with tons of people! because it's the day after christmas, a big shopping day! some stores will open at 7:00 this morning. we'll have a live report in our next half hour as we just look all over the bay area on this monday morning! baby, it is cold outside. [ laughter ] welcome back to "mornings on 2". it's monday, december 26th.
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>> in just a bit early for pam cook this morning. it's 5:30. can't help but think about that line in the song, asleep in their beds. visions of sugar plums. and mark, a day like today, i think i heard the heater click on three times overnight! >> waking up from work today, i just had all the blankets layered on top. just relaxing. >> yeah, it's all good! >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> now talking about the weather and some cold temperatures. as you heard, it is cold outside! i can vouch for that. so, yeah, we have a cold start this morning. here's another look out toward san francisco and the bay bridge lights. so we are in the clear. and if you think it's cold this morning, tomorrow morning we'll shave you have a few more degrees. on the satellite right now, you can see the main system. we had a few clouds yesterday approaching the bay area. this is approaching southern and central california. and it'll stall out offshore the next few days. so with that, we have a dry weather pattern in place. but a cool one as well. we'll check in on some of the current numbers out there. right now, santa rosa, they
5:32 am
have been locked in at 29 degrees. san francisco, 41. oakland, the same, 41. san jose, 35. and livermore, checking in at 34. also a bit of a breeze out there as well. so these observations not extremely strong. but if you're exposed to the wind, you'll see coming up out toward half moon bay. they are gusting at 36 miles per hour. so still a bit of a breeze out there across portions of the bay area. where you don't have the breeze, you have areas of frost. so temperatures inland this morning, close to 30 degrees. around the bay, widespread 30s. and that cold start will be a factor. at least in the short term. it's 7:00 this morning. and then in the afternoon hours, fair skies. temperatures on track to reach the low to mid-50s. well, check out your 5-day forecast in just a few minutes. we're still watching traffic. we expect light traffic today because today is a federal holiday. look at highway 4. very, very light traffic at 5:32 in the morning. let's check the east shore
5:33 am
freeway. now, a little busier on the east shore! that's surprising on the monday after christmas day. it's moving but busier, too. let's check the bay bridge toll plaza. no traffic at all! very, very light. but we expect it will get busy as the morning moves on. time now is now 5:33. we do have developing news. this is coming from russia right now. you nos of people have been evacuated from three train terminals in moscow. bomb threats were called in for all three stations. bomb-sniffing dogs have been called in to check out those stations. this is something we'll keep an eye on and follow for you this morning and bring you updates as we get more information in. a massive search effort is underway at the site where a russian military plane crashed into the black sea with 92 people on board. ♪ [ music ] [singing] >> a memorial service was held at the sochi airport where the
5:34 am
plane took off yesterday hing to sir -- heading to syria. more than 3,000 workers have searching the area where the plane went down. that plane disappeared from radar minutes after taking off in good weather. it was heading to syria where russia has a large military presence for a concert christmas eve. russia's president, vladimir putin, declared today a national day of mourning. >> translator: a thorough investigation will be carried out and everything will be done to support the families of those killed. >> reporter: pilot error or a technical issue is likely the cause of the crash, they say. they say they do not believe the crash was terror related. time is 5:34. back here at home, wicked weather taking a toll in big parts orphean can -- in parts of our country. look at north dakota. a blizzard hit. many highways were shut down. there were a lot of power outages, as well.
5:35 am
the western parts of the state expected 8 to 15 inches! and the snow is causing problems in other states as well. kelly wright shows us the damage and where the storms are headed next. >> snowy weather brings a white christmas for many but causes deadly road conditions for others as heavy snow fall hit it is western u.s. and parts of the great plains. in iowa, a storm created hazardous travel conditions. road crews there work to clear the streets to keep drivers safe. snowplows were in full force, clearing roads in utah as well. slippery conditions caused several accidents on the highways. >> this is valley wide. it's real busy. everybody is out. >> reporter: crews are doing what they can to keep up with the weather. >> i've been at it all day. >> reporter: a neighborhood in denver colorado was hit -- denver, colorado, was hit with heavy winds that tore the roof off of a home and caused power outages. >> the roof on the building next to us came off and hit the
5:36 am
box, the power box. >> uh-huh. >> the line. >> i lit it with a match. hopefully we don't blow ourselves up. we have candles, flashlights, blankets. a few extra layers inside. >> reporter: in other areas of the country, residents enjoyed the wintry conditions. >> just seems like what people think a christmas should be. >> i haven't seen snow this deep after just one night's accumulation. itit's re-- it's reminding me of chris cross of my -- christmases of my childhood. >> first white christmas. >> a snow and icy mix is continued to fall expectedly in the great lakes and new england. kelly wright, fox news. a san francisco man was arrested after police say he stole a butcher knife from a bar and attacked two people outside the bar. it happened just after 11:00 yesterday morning near market and turk.
5:37 am
police say the suspect walked out on the bar with a knife and then got into a confrontation with two people sleeping on the sidewalk. a 30-year-old woman was cut on her hand. a 62-year-old man was cut on his face. both are expected to survive. the suspect was arrested. two men were shot early yesterday morning outside of a san francisco nightclub. police were called to the grand nightclub near at&t park just after 2:30 in the morning for reports of a fight. police found two men on the sidewalk. they will be shot. both are expected to survive. no arrests have been made. and police in mount vernon, new york, arrested a man suspected of opening fire inside a crowded nightclub, killing two people and injuring others christmas morning. the owner of the mansion nightclub was among those killed. they think the suspect may have been thrown out of the club before the shooting began.
5:38 am
there are reports of as many as 200 people inside the club at the time. tomorrow the japanese prime mince letter make history, becoming the first leader of japan since world war ii to visit pearl harbor in hawaii. he'll visit the site of the bombing in 1941 with president obama. the two leaders say the visit is intended to show the power of reconciliation. president obama is the first american president to visit hiroshima. a world war a world war ii bomb found in germany has been defused. 54,000 people were evacuated while anothers disarmed the bomb. they decided to disarm the bomb on christmas day because there was less traffic that day and more people would be able to stay with relatives. back here at home, a sheriff's deputy is showing her appreciation for the community
5:39 am
through her art. lee martinez shows us her artwork. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: in the halls of alameda county's hall shows her display of gratitude. >> just thousands of hours of my own money. they paid me for material, but in the end, i paid it myself. >> reporter: she painted three murals, showing alameda county's history. >> i tried to make it vindictive of the colors of the era. the first is sepia colors. then black and white, and then in color. >> reporter: she's a an artist first. but then she had a career change, becoming the oldest
5:40 am
woman to graduate from the academy. >> i filled it out the day before graduation. i was 50 then. they believed me enough to send me through another academy. >> reporter: thankful for the opportunity to wear the uniform, she spent nearly three years creating the mural. not all the history are highlights but it's truthful. >> this is martin luther king and joan biaz, the singer. i made it their faces together in the shape of a human heart. >> reporter: biaz was incarcerated in jail and king came to visit her. >> and this is my friend. >> reporter: sheriff greg earnharn says he's proud of the work and what it remits. >> this is my friend joe monago who was kill during a robbery in 1998 at the outback steakhouse. >> reporter: the artist is also found in each mural, including
5:41 am
a nod to her former protest days. even cattle wrestler dan has some in it. >> i used to get into trouble all the time for wearing red lipstick. >> the sheriff is a very, very difficult face. >> reporter: but her work isn't done. her next big project is working on an interactive touch screen to explain each piece of alameda history in the murals. in dougland, lee martinez, ktvu, fox 2 news. time is 5:40. with all the boxes piling at your house, we have a good way to put them to good use. >> and how your online purchases can help people in need. >> good news for king crab fishermen. the s of the coastline finally -- the parts of the coastline finally opening up for fishing! >> some clear skies and cold temperatures out there. we'll let you know how long the
5:42 am
cool weather pattern sticks around and we'll let you know if we have any rain clouds in our five-day forecast before 2016 comes to an end.
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5:44 am
a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in connection to the ghost chip warehouse fire where dozens died. they claim negligence on the building's owner and music director and the city of oakland and alameda county. the lawsuit is on brought on by the families of two of the fire victims. they've yet to identify a cause of the fire. but they say the fire started in a downstairs wall at the back of the warehouse and the fire spread quickly. still no word of deaths in chile. and only minor damage reported after a big earthquake hit off the coast of chile yesterday. it was a 7.6 magnitude quake just off the southern coast. thousands of people were
5:45 am
evacuated right after the quake for fear of a tsunami. but the tsunami warning was canceled less than two hours later. some of the highways, though, are damaged. about 20,000 people have no electricity. closer to home, more areas along the manesi na coast will open up to king crab fishing later this week. a section of coastline in humbles county will remain closessed last month, they de-- closed. last month, they delayed parts of the coastlines after some of the crab sampled tested above the healthy limit for a toxic acid. the woman in cleveland pulled over by police thought she was getting a speeding ticket but she ended up getting an engagement ring. our reporter allison brown has the details on the surprise christmas proposal. >> reporter: it's the story of a traffic stop that led to a marriage proposal. but first, the nerves.
5:46 am
just ask cleveland police officer tim cramer. >> nervous experience. but pretty confident in her answer. so it's christmas, too. i think it's perfect timing. >> reporter: on sunday, the timing was all about liz anderson and her drive home from work. >> i'm a cop. and i just thought it would be funny to pull her over. she's kind of a nervous person. i knew it's probably going to make her a little nervous to pull her over. it would be for anybody. but i thought it would throw her off but would give us a good story. >> reporter: and it did prove to be memorable for this couple. fox 8 cameras were rolling when officer cramer got down on one knee. >> oh, my god! [ laughter ] >> will you marry me? >> yes! of course!!! >> reporter: liz just moved to her neighborhood near rocky river drive and immediately her new neighbors were out of their homes, cheering on the happy couple with congratulations. >> she got engaged on our street!
5:47 am
[ laughter ] >> >> reporter: and the whole plan was executed perfectly by the help of an old friend. >> i thought i was speeding. then i saw his friend. i was like, jimmy! you're giving me a ticket! [ laughter ] >> reporter: fellow officer james grotenras. >> like i was telling him, take deep breaths. calm done. you're all right. >> reporter: and he is. she has the ring and liz officially the fiance. >> oh, this is amazing! this is not at all the direction i thought my day was going to go. this is great. >> reporter: definitely the christmas gift she wanted. congratulations to tim and liz. >> wow! do you approve? >> i approve! yes. i don't know that i'd want my proposal that way, but clearly they're both comfortable. congratulations to both. let's talk about your weather now. mark? >> weather today we're talking about a somewhat of a minor change in the forecast. yesterday we had all the high
5:48 am
clouds. today the biggest change, just more sunshine out there. starting out with pretty cold numbers. as you can see there. but today, fair skies. a cool start tonight. get ready to bundle up. clear, cold areas of frost out there. the extended forecast, looks like a partly sunny weather pattern but just a small chance of showers late friday into saturday. here's the weather pattern out here in the pacific and the upper level winds. and those winds in place. those winds setting up a north wind. as a result, that transports cold air all the way from the north. that's why the bay area has been cooling off the past couple of days. san francisco for today, here is the temperature timeline. so for forecast, partly cloudy skies and temperatures on track. right now starting out the day in the 40s. but then as you can see, those readings back up in the 30s throughout the afternoon hours. outside right now, we'll take a live look outside. looking out toward the bay bridge lights. and looks very nice out there for your monday morning. yesterday we kind of had that
5:49 am
filtered sunshine and high cloud deck. those high clouds have moved out to the south, leaving us with more sunshine for your monday. but definitely want to bundle up out there as we come in closer and a brisker wind as well. if you're exposed to it, you can see some of the surface winds out there. a lot of the winds coming it of the east or northeast. current temperatures right now, santa rosa still at 29 degrees. they've been 29 over the past couple hours. san francisco, 41. san jose, 35. and livermore checking in at 34. also showing you a bit of a breeze out there as well. there's fairfield at the air force space. out of the north at 12 miles per hour. some more reports for you. out toward sfo, 9. and here's the wind that really shows up. half moon bay, that's sustained at 29. gusting to 38 miles per hour. so we have that wind accelerating through the gaps here. and as a result, we have calm winds for good portions of the bay area. if you're exposed to it, you have the stronger wind out there. this area of low pressure remains camped out toward our south.
5:50 am
no big changes. we'll hold on for the cold weather pattern. in fact, tomorrow morning will be cooler than today. chance we could have a freeze warning kick in first thing tomorrow morning. and then the main storm track up to the north of the bay area. so with that, a dry week with the exception of a slight chance of a shower. a very tiny chance for friday and into saturday morning. for lake tahoe, for today, lot offense sunshine. mostly cloudy skies for tomorrow. you see sunshine across the board. almost a jackpot here for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. so just watch out for some of the ice out there on the icy roadways up in the mountains. but in terms of significant snow fall, really not showing up at least over the next few days. temperatures for this afternoon, lot offense 50s for afternoon highs. santa row -- lots of 50s for afternoon highs. look ahead. your five-day forecast. tomorrow morning, i think there's a good chance a freeze warning will be issued, especially up in the north bay valleys. we'll keep an eye on that. nothing issued just yet. and looks like a quiet weather pattern for wednesday and thursday. slight chance of a shower for
5:51 am
friday and saturday. and to be honest, those chances may be evaporating before we know it and partly sunny skies before 2017. it's been a productive season in terms of rainfall. >> right. >> it's great to have these breaks. >> are you saying that we can put the umbrellas away? >> the umbrella will break. [ laughter ] >> january and february, things can be very active. so enjoy the sunshine while we have it! >> thank you! spreading christmas cheer through the city of oakland. how some volunteers gave back while they were working. ♪ [ music ]
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:54 now. there's a state of emergency in one michigan day because of a huge sinkhole. more than a dozen homes have been evacuated in frazier, just north of detroit. the sinkhole opened up on christmas eve. one house partially collapsed because of it. so now police have blocked off some major roads and they're diverting traffic. >> electricity is off. the gas is off. water is off. we're looking to reroute so that we can safely get residents in to get their contents. it looks like they'll be out for quite some time. >> still unclear how large the sinkhole could be. but they do believe it's linked to a possible sewage problem more than 50 feet underground. >> time is 5:54. not all of santa's elves wore red as they delivered holiday gift this is year. in austin, texas, it was the boys in blue bringing toys to
5:55 am
kids stuck in the hospital over the holiday! more than 200 children received presents from operation blue santa. that brings joy to both the hospital patients and the police officers involved. >> it's just the ability to go in the room, meet with these young boys and girls, hopefully bring a smile to their face as we deliver these presents and spend a few minutes talking to them. >> when i saw him, i was like, all i had in my mind was just, wow! >> that one little girl received the best present of all. just as the police were arriving, a nurse told her she could go home to enjoy her holiday! back here at homeb, the holidays were all -- home, the holidays were all act spreading christmas cheer -- about spreading christmas cheer for oakland firefighters. >> can we drop some presents off? is that okay? >> reporter: a group of firefighters from fruitvale delivered presents to kids in the neighborhood. they say giving back to the community they serve is very
5:56 am
important to them, especially during the holidays where many of them have to work and they're away from their own families. >> personally for myself, it's a great experience because i actually have a really small family. and the oakland fire department has been an extension of my family. being able to come to work and have a, you know, couple great meals as well see a lot of happiness in the community is really rewarding. >> reporter: and the firefighters say giving those christmas gifts to kids in the community is an annual christmas tradition. hundreds of people celebrated hanukkah in washington, d.c. with the lighting of the national menorah. ♪ cradle, cradle, cradle -- dradle, dradle, dradle, i'm made of clay ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> the next time christmas and hanukkah will overlap will be
5:57 am
in 2019. quanzah kicks off today. it features -- kwanzaa kicks off today. it finishes on january 1st. and according to university of minnesota, some 2 million americans will be celebrating kwanzaa this year. >> it's a beautiful tradition. time is 5:57. we're coming up in our 6:00 hour. still some questions about raiders quarterback derek carr, including when he'll have surgery on his broken leg. what we're finding out from one report this morning. >> also a christmas day tragedy in the south bay. what police say caused a crash that killed a woman and a 14- year-old boy. >> the bay area in the clear right now. but also very cold out there. a brisk wind as well. coming up, we'll let you know if there's more sunshine for your monday forecast and tracking a few showers before 2016 comes to an end.
5:58 am
5:59 am
fans and friends are mourning the loss of british pop star george michael, who died cross chris day. >> and it's a big day -- christmas day. >> and it's a big day to shop
6:00 am
for what you really wanted for christmas! where to go for the holiday returns. "mornings on 2" continues. >> this is ktvu "mornings on 2". and on this day after christmas, we're taking you back to where for so many the holiday season begins! shopping, right! >> right! >> union square, san francisco, so quiet right now. but so many are waiting for the stores to open up. i believe macy's opened at 7:00 because we're returning what we got and getting what we really wanted because it's on sale. [ laughter ] weaver talking about the -- we're talking about the holiday shopping rush after christmas day. meanwhile, i'm in a bit early this morning for pam cook. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> welcome back from vacation. i'm dave clark. a little cool for some people. cold for some. mark has the forecast! >> yeah, tough to get out of the bed this morning. >> it really was! >> you have the cold air mass in place. we have some frost to talk about. that will be the case


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