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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  December 26, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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the hospital where she was treated for non loo life threat ning injuries. he was a man between 30 and 40 weighing around 190 pounds. he drove away in a red toyota celica. the inauguration is coming for donald trump. while the event is tell vice d. there is -- tell advised fshgs there is a -- televised, there is a part that isn't. >> inauguration is a very fine tuned almost military position moving. >> reporter: as we found out the white house changes hands almost instantaneously as the presidency does. >> what a lot of people don't know that in that six-hour window that they have to move one president out and another in there are 132 rooms in the white house that's a ton of furniture.
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a lot of things to think about getting in and out. >> reporter: member of the white house staff will be frantically moving out nants of -- remnants of the obama administration and getting it ready for the new ones. >> new paint is put in, new carpet is laid, new pencils, desks. >> reporter: what about house hundreds of white house staff members that have spent years. >> the remainder of the folks at the white house are career staff and they will stay from president to president. many of the folks, some of these people have been here for 30, 40, 50 years. >> reporter: as we're learning a little more about what a trump white house might look like. >> change that with the trump
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penthouse in manhattan, which is filled with gold, from what i hear they are not going to rep i indicate that at the white house, but i'm sure they will make a few changes. >> reporter: after obama accompanies trump here. they will head off on marine one for vacation. upon their return, they will move into a rental home a few miles from the white house. president obama prompted a sharp response from donald trump for a comment about the presidential race. during an interview with cnn, mr. obama said if at this ran against the, ik i could have rallied the american people to behind it. japan's prime minister
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arrived in hawaii today to recognize the attacks on pearl river 45 years ago this month. he visited honolulu where we took part in a ceremony this afternoon. he will be joined by president obama who is vacationing in hawaii. the attack killed more than 2400 people and plunge d the u.s. into dorld war -- world war 2. his visit is to pay respects and not top offer an apology. obama became the first sitting president to visit hero sheem -- hiro. as we enter 2017, a pom found that majority of americans believe things are going to get
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better. will carr has a look ahead and a look back. >> reporter: perhaps we started 2016 out on the wrong foot. a poll re veels a mees lee 18% of people -- measleg 18% felt the country got better this year. news he have epts since january included mass killings and bombings. other notable attacks taking place in france, belgium turkey and pakistan. 63% of the ap poll say these stories impacted them personally. people killed by police and vice versa were the years most important news, but an overwhelming majority has the presidential election of the
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biggest story and the certainly the loudest. 55% the coming here is going to be better, regardless of the west wing change. a 12 point from last year's poll. >> being on the sidelines has benefited president obama. he's understanding the year with a healthy 53% approval rati 2016 wasn't terrible for everybody. the cubs won the world series. and the u.s. woman's gymnastics team swept in rio. the hourly wage increases from $10 to $10.50 an hour on wednesday and then gradually goes up each year until it reaches $15 an hour in 2022. other laws include requiring
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background checks for anyone wanting to purchase ammunition and ban on guns with so called bullet buttons. also the highly pub li size the sexual assault case involving brad turner prompted a law making anyone found sexually assaulting an unconscious person inn eligible for parole. he take out the gun and he shoot me. fortunately the bullet just passed from mif face. >> a close call for an uber driver in san francisco as he comes face-to-face with a gunman. the day after christmas used to be about returning the gifts you didn't want but now it's turned into one of the biggest shopping days of the season. we braifd the crowds to give you a look -- brave d the crowds toll give ved the crowds to give
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you a look -- brave d the crowds toll give you a look. coming up next. d the crowds toll give you a look. coming up next.
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. holiday returns are underway as retailers try to forecast final spending numbers. the national retail federation says fourth% of all clothing bought as a gift will be returned. that's more than a thirt% -- 30% return rate for online purchases. it is expected to hit 4% more than last year. others expect holiday sales to dip or remain flat. we have to bait for the dust -- wait for the dust to settle before we get the final numbers in. people are returning some of
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those unwanted gifts, redeeming gift cards or hunting for barring ans. >> people braved the clouds to get their hapdz on the good deals. >> shoppers say they're willing to brave this in order to get this. deep discounts on the day after christmas. >> how good are they we asked the manager at the lodge clothing. >> our sales specifically here are better the day after christmas than they are on black friday joop the crowds are every bit as big. >> everybody is looking for their last minute sales. people are buying sgifts, shopping for themselves. it's mad ns. for some, it's a chance to use newly received gift cards, for others an opportunity to exchange something that's not quite right. this family says they can't help but carried away. >> we are buying extra stuff
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that we probably don't need but it's fun to have. >> reporter: the washing tons are just here to exchange the boots. >> just trying to get through the crowd and get in and get out. >> i brought one of these gift cards though in case we do see some sales. >> the sales themselves have become holiday tray tra digs for some families. >> every year we go shopping. that's part of our ritual. >> reporter: they came looking for barring ans and found some -- bargains and found some. >> reporter: people who brave the holiday crowd each year have some advice. come early. some stores are even promising additional mark downs over the next few. coming up a frightening encounter in san francisco for an uber driver over the holiday
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weekend. >> he was shot at just trying to do his drive. the bullet missed him but shattered his windshield. coming up, we'll hear from the shaken man about this close call. >> i'll line -- i'll line up the five-day forecast right after the break.
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. an uber driver working in san francisco this weekend comes face-to-face with an armed man. the gunman actually fired at the car and the bullet narrowly missed the driver. joe spoke to the shaken man about this very close call. >> this is the first time that
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they are trying to kill me. >> reporter: when this man, we'll only call him mohammed came to the u.s. from afghanistan, he thought he would be escape be -- escaping violence. but saturday morning he found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. >> fortunately the bullet just passed from my face. >> reporter: he didn't want to be identified. from sacramento, he was on an uber shift in san francisco, when just before 3:00 a.m. he says a man followed him for several blocks on foot and then ran to his window, fired point blank and fled. a narrow miss. centimeters from understanding his life. >> and he shot from here. >> reporter: you're not so tall and moving your seat back. >> his window in pieces all over his car. the bullet hole clearly visible.
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it sent glass into the air piercing his face near his eye sending him to the hospital. while there, the father of two young boys said he imagine family. >> reporter: he also remembered something his mother still in afghanistan told him. >> i'm happy you are there, away from this danger er. >> reporter: police in san francisco picked up the shooting. they tell us they don't have any leads. mohammed left to wonder why he was targeted at all. time now to cheng in with chief meteorologist bill martin. bill, it's time to wrap up the plants again tonight. it's been cold for a little while overnight. >> the next couple nights back
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to the 20s. just above fleez g in places like red mond. -- just above freezing in red mont. warmer than yesterday. yesterday in con cord and those en land valleys were topping out in the upper 40s, even mid 40s in some cases. we are nr between weather systems. we pointed that out. this system down here bringing snow and sprinkles to parts of coastal california. it's not just cool here. santa barbara has been walk waking up to temperatures in -- waking up to temperatures in the freezing range. that sets us up with a little cloud cover here tland which are add to some -- which will add to some warming capabilities. it is still going to be down
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right cold. it is five degrees above fraez fr freeze gs in fair -- freezing in fairfield right now. fairfield is going to easily be down in the 20s tonight. frost and freezing in many bay area locations. city hall deck d out for the holidays. in oakland tomorrow morning, there is the cloud cover. partly cloudy, sunny and cold. 50 degrees in oakland at that hour, 8:00 a.m. at lunch time you're coming up at almost 58, 57 degrees. nice as we head into the afternoon with 58 degrees and partly sunny. that's likely your day on tuesday and wednesday. the system brings a few clouds. tp sets us up with basically dry weather through the week. tomorrow morning, tomorrow
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after, wednesday morning, wednesday after. see, nothing happens. the jet stream drops down as we get into thursday. it will drop down and that's when we get into potential for a sprinkle on the weekend. don't change your plans. right now the next chance for real weather lookdz like it's significant rain looks to be that first week in january. it will come. i can remind you that we're at about 138140% rain fall130, 1-fourth% rainfall average. you can see a slight chance here, but that's not being to do anything. but the first week in january i can see we are going to get going with significant rain. next we'll have more on derek carr's injury and what it means for the season and
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postseason. mistakes made in the cavaliers christmas day -- california leers war christmas day game. we'll have that coming up next.
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. a big disappointment for the raiders. we've been talking about it all weekend long. >> it's a tough thing to to
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overcome after such a great season. but the raiders have had a couple of days now to digest that they won't have derek carr for their first play off appearance in 14 years. he should have surge real on christmas day is what they said but that's been rescheduled for tomorrow. >> the impact of derek carr's injury was apparent moments after it happened. >> most of the crowd is not watching the game. >> reporter: raider nation deflated. carr's teammates in at least a mild state of shock. >> we lost our best friend. >> it hurts, man, but that's what this game is about. you risk getting hurt every time you step on the field. you never know what to expect. i'm praying for him, man. hopefully we can just go out there and play hard and win for him. >> its he a tough game.
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things happen in this game. it's all about the team. it's all about us moving on with the next opportunity and the next man up. >> that man is matt mcgloin. he has been playing for oakland but hasn't played much since 2013. >> a little bit fear ls. i think he's gt a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. >> since i been here every time matt's come in, he done great. everybody else has to step up now. >> he did step up saturday after carr went down helping the raiders secure victory. but the stakes are getting very high very fast. >> i'm ready to go. it's been great working with derek the past few years and then working together and seeing whats's done on the field and -- what he's done on the field and trying to learn from that. >> there is a natural feeling of
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stepping up and rallying around whoever is playing whatever the position is. it was a long time coming, but at least the 49ers can say they are no longer in the middle of af franchise record losing streak. this resulted in a season sweep of the rams. offense here with this past. 31 seconds to play. the niners could tie the game with a kick or gr for the win with a two point conversion. they go down for the win. nailing down the win. on the sidelines they celebrate like it's lt super bowl. -- the super bowl. that's understa. joop the players have stuck together with each other all year long. i was happy for them that they
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got a chance to see what it was like to win again. it's been a long time since the first time. i'm happy for those guys, how hard they worked. >> the warriors start a stretch on wednesday night when they will play nine of their next ten games at home. number 1 golden state had a 14 point lead. the nba at mit g today after review that james should have been a technical foul for hanging on the rim. that probably doesn't need to be reviewed. then with the warriors down 1, kevin went through the floor could only throw up a des operation shot that no chance. today they said tlp should have been a foul. that's no help after the fact.
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meanwhile, the city ha hadn't won anything since 1964 is feeling a little full of itself. it was irving who did the seventh and deciding game of that championship series against the warriors. just for the record, the cleveland indians had a 3-1 lead before the cubs came back to do it all. tichlt stef murray's wife post thd on instagram. -- posted this on instagram. at 12-0, the woman's basketball team off the best in history. >> thank you for watching, our coverage continues at 7:00 on
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