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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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going to check in with rosemary with the weather. >> because steve is off. >> that's right. you get rosemary. >> going to need the hat, the glovs, the scarf. it is cold. if you're going to be out any length of time. it is cold. and starting with a freeze warning. take a look at this. going on until 9:00 this morning and spreading to the north. clover dale to nevada, tiburon and stretching towards napa as well and areas of the napa valley. going to have it in hurricane louisiana and concord, walnut creek, east over in highway 4 thank you antioch and brendwood, over a little bit farther south pleasanton and livermore. this around 9:00 this morning.
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and a little bit more cooling to go. clouds overplace and helping to off set the cooling. 33 in fairfield and livermore. santa rosa, just a degree above freezing. around the bay, 33 in sfo. afternoon highs, going to be on the cool side, do have a minor warning coming our way and i'll have a look at the forecast cl could include a little bit of rain. more on that in just a little bit. as we mentioned, sal is off, but we're watching the road miss ch 880 free, still worse, but no traffic troubles to report. same for the golden gate bridge.
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and people live not guilty upscale neighborhood in an jose say they can't believe someone tole all of their mailboxes. in the ranch on silver creek, thieves left nothing behind except the concrete and a little bit of mail. had them stolen before, probably by identity thieves looking for credit card offers. but this is making them feel more vulnerable. >> this is the first time they broke in. this time, they decided to uncrew the hinges and take the whole mailbox. >> one neighbor reported there are two men in their 30s who stole them and then drove off in a white puppet. friends and family holding a candlelight vigil to remember a woman as a great person and mom who may have made a terrible decision to cost two lives. authorities say early christmas morning, she was driving a
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white chevy malibu and crossed the center immediate i don't know on the expressway. killing two children. . >> she was a wonderful mom, a wonderful friend, a wonderful person. she did drink that night, but no one is perfect. >> went to the boor and the manager said she had two drinks. a gofundme page is set up for her daughter and the son is experimented to recover from that crash. we have an update on the christmas eve shopping trip to target in hayward that turned deadly. two suspects arrested, but a lot of questions remain. henry lee has the latest. . >>reporter: it was christmas eve and shopping was in full
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swing in target. a fight broke out saturday night and a man was stabbed inside the store, dying at the hospital. two suspects ran away but both arrested around the corner. in their 20s from hay word. the names of the suspects and victim were not released. police wouldn't say much, but not gang-related, but after an argument. this is the superth homicide in the area this year. 15 in 2015. target issued a statement saying the thoughts and prayers are with those vovred. a spokesperson, the safety of the guests and employees are a top priority. as soon as we knew, we called law enforcement and closed the store. some shocked by the violence. >> we don't live that far away.
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never seen anything that concerned me before. come here all the time. >> i can't understand how humans can take another person's life. >> any time anything bad happens in your neighborhood, you're not happy about it. this is the first i have heard about it. but typically i find this to be a decent neighborhood. but it's a little shocking. >> and deciding whether to file formal charges. time is now 4:35. police investigating a shooting last night where a man was seriously hurt. it happened about 5:00. when police and paramedics arrived, found a man who was shot at the town market. >> provided medical care and transported the man to the hospital with minor injuries. >> no word on the condition or
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his name. police said they found several gun case ks. no motive for it and no description of the suspect yet. derek carr is going to undergo surgery for his fibula after going down on sunday. the crowd silent as he was carted off the field. the timetable is six weeks away, timetable of return is about six weeks. could be eyeing a return if they reach that point according to his brother and the coach said the team is going to carry on. >> going to do what we always do. a natural feeling of stepping up and rallying around whoever is playing whatever position and same with quarterback. it's about us as a team going out and competing against the other team.
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>> matt mcgloin is the starting quarterback. if they beat the broncos, get the division and if they lose, chiefs get the division and raiders get the wild card. tickets to the game. never forgetting saturday's football game. first ever and a christmas gift for the family. >> i didn't know what was going on until i saw carr moving, not walking strait. >> it was excite anxietying. the look on his face. so excited. cheering and high fiving everybody around us. >> that is until this play on saturday when carr experienced what is believed to be a season- ending injury with pain on his face you can see.
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>> terrible. i can't imagine. >> taking a picture when it happened. but told him about it and he was bummed out. >> crowd silent, waiting to see if he would get up. some going with carr as he was getting carted off the field. >> what are we going to do? i don't know what we're go dog without him. >> that is my quarterback. that's the one i have been bragging about every day this whole season. >> for fans, carr posted this on social media. going to bounce back and be on my feet in no time. thank you for the love you raiders fans showed me. i'll be back. this is a team sport. everything we want is still out there. >> i don't know. i don't think they'll do good without him. >> we are fans. behind him 100%.
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hoping matt mcgloin comes through. >> wondering about the offense. >> that's the question about it. with the raiders and the broncos. ta if they win, they win the division. on, we posted the latest on derek carr's injury and more on from head coach jack dell rio. the tournament of roses parade in pasadena. volunteers are working hard building the floats. only natural coverings can be seen. placing leaf, seed, fruit, nut and vegetable by hand. it's a delicate and time consuming process. >> depicting the child's play room and lions and tigers and bears. it's a lot of work. people coming from all over the
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world doing this. >> they love it. i have been there several times. the float builders have an extra day. normally it's on new year's unless it falls on sunday. and if the game were set for monday with the parade on the second. missing two calls in the cavaliers win over the warriors. lebron james should have gotten a technical after hanging on the rim for a technical foul. and jefferson should have been called for a foul for free throw throws as well. closing for the golden gate bridge.
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closing through monday. the district is starting closing lots during busy weekends because of the long lines of cars back up on to the bridge and block traffic. coming up on mornings on two, it's a movement that could impact businesses in america. plans by republicans in congress to overhaul the nation's tax system. a man in a car and a woman walking on the street, the attempted kidnapping. cool tuesday tonighting. partly cloudy skies and a freeze warning in place. we'll talk about that. and slightly warmer in the days ahead and a chance of rain. i'll have that and more coming up in the extend pd forecast. -- extended forecast.
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. welcome back to mornings on two. a plane veered off the runway just before takeoff. the plane is owned by jet airways of india, going to mumbai before taking off. skidded off the runway and spun 360 degrees and ended up in a ditch on the side of the service. pilot and crew members and passengers on the plane. none of the injuries are life- threatening. one of the passengers said he saw smoke in cabin disgust just before the plane went out of control. looking for a man accused of trying to kidnap a woman. she was walking and a man drove up and said, get in the car or he would kill her. he grabbed her and she was able
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to get free and gel getting help. now residents in stockton are taking precautions to keep themselves safe. >> have to be prepared. bring your family. take a look. i have my entourage here. be protected many. >> police say the woman went to the hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. looking like a winter wonderland. the snow and new runs for skiers yesterday. going to be partly cloudy to clear over the next few days before another winter storm is expected to hit this upcoming weekend. >> if you're going skiing, it's not all white. could see some shards and bits from overflowing dumpsters and
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more on the 80 corridor, next to kids building snowmen. could be long lasting. >> the plastic doesn't disintegrate. takes years and years. there should be a social responsibility, take after yourself. >> some of the plastic could litter the area for decades. >> don't always think about it. all right. it's 4:46. rosemary is here. rain? >> a chance. slight chance. might not evening need the umbrella. i'll show you. we have a cold weekend and cold overnights and the highs will be getting to feel better in the next few days. the shot of the bay bridge, buffalo start to the day and a little ways to go before. we do have clouds in place. can't tell from this shot.
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wow. isn't that gorgeous there? the golden gate bridge. beautiful. freezing in some locations in the north valley and east bay locations, a freeze warning until nine this morning. san francisco, 43. livermore, below freezing outside of your door in santa rosa, 38. some of the warmer weather has to do with the cloud cover that has moved into place and helping to offset the cooling just a little bit. in any event, a cool start to day. continuing to spill over this ridge into the next couple of days. this is going to bring us a little bit o warmer weather. temperatures topping out in the 60s on wednesday and thursday and change is coming to the end and coming at us at the top,
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dave and allie and i were talking about, cool and dry until friday, things start to change a little bit. and going to bring us some cloud cover and a few sprinkles. at this point, not looking like much tall. the temperature in from the north, a chance of a few sprinkles early on and clear for new year's eve and calling for unsettled weather. continuing to track it, could change between now and then. afternoon highs for today, under partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. 55 in redwood city. 55 in santa rosa and as we get into wednesday and thursday, temperatures ranging in the low to mid 60s. a modest cool down and warmup. the overnight lows, coming in
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cold and even freezing to start the morning especially for the inland valley locations. >> all right. thank you, rosemary. this was a rough year. the presidential campaign, mass shootings and violence involving police officers. >> as we entered 2017, the majority of people are saying things are going to get better. we take a look behind and ahead. >> starting 2016 out on the wrong foot. revealing a measly 18% of people say the country got better. about a third say it got worst and that's why mother jones declared dumpster fire the thing of 2016. >> starting with the shooting in pulse night club in orlando,
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standing as the worst shooting in u.s. other attacks in france, belgium and pakistan, people say it impacted them personally. people being killed by police and vice versa is the most important news and presidential election is the biggest story and certainly the noisiest. >> she's guilty. >> donald trump thinks belittling women make him better. >> going to be better in 2017 after the west wing regime change. >> it's been a privilege. >> healthy 53% approval rating according to the latest fox news poll. 2016 wasn't terrible for everybody. the cubs won the world series
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and the u.s. women's gymnastics games in rio. i think that's everyone's inclination to be optimistic and hope things are going to be better. that's all we can do. >> i know. a new way to combat terrorism in syria. how there's a new plan to take down the terrorists. an uber driver shot at, the unexpected violence as he was waiting to pick up a passenger.
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. welcome back. san francisco police are investigating a scary incident involving an uber driver. the man who lives in san francisco, waiting in his car waiting for a passenger, when a man came up and shot at him. >> took out the gun and she shoot me. fortunately, the bullet just passed from my face. >> police responded to a shots fired investigation and the victim taken a few blocks away to the hospital and no arrests have been made. fire officials confirm two people died in the crash of a light plane just minutes after it took off. took off from fresno and crashed at the edge of the
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runway near the goch course. one woman who lives close told the bee and said she saw it turn sharp and the plane was built from a kit. belongs to a man from fresno. gang warfare in chicago is on the rise. shootings since friday. kelly wright has more. . >> all of a sudden i heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> claiming lives of brothers, 18 and 20 years old. >> when i first came out, laying. laying in the street covered up. >> as you know, christmas eve and into christmas day, we had reprehensible amount of shootings and murders.
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>> police investigating two shootings. 50 people hurt. 13 dead. >> these were deliberate and planned gang shootings from one gang against another. they were targeted, knowing well that the individuals would be at the homes of friends and family celebrating the holiday. this was followed by several acts of retaliation. >> chicago has seen an increase of gang violence. police believe 1375 murders and now soaring to 4200. >> while this is the sickening reality, showing yet again that the penalties for carrying and using guns here in chicago are just not an effective deterrent gebs repeat gun offenders. a ripple effect, driving it up
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by 14%. chicago alone, responsible for nearly half that increase. in washington, kelly wright, fox news. time is 4:57 and coming up in our 5:00 hour, japan and u.s. getting together in pearl harbor. why no apology is expected. could outside your door, freezing again and an advisory in place. i'll have a look at that coming up.
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. a shooting at a crowded mall. the police are looking for the shooter and the victim. mall fights from across the country, what happened as people were out for some post- holiday shopping. >> this is ktvu. mornings on two. >> this is mornings on two. a live look at sfo. no delays and that's the case in oakland. why would you want to go anywhere? >> you got a point there. >> i know it's cold. other than that , it's perfect here in the bay area.
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thank you for joining us on mornings on two. i'm in a little bit early for pam cook. >> good morning. glad to see you. i'm dave clark. and rosemary is in for steve. >> that's right. it's dry out there and cold. and a dry pattern in place, going stick around for the next few days. the headlines continue to be the freeze in our location. wooes valley locations and east valley locations. freezing once again, stretches all the way to tiburon. and going east to concord and walnut creek and antioch, brendwood, liver more-- brent,wood. going


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