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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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thank you for joining us on mornings on two. i'm in a little bit early for pam cook. >> good morning. glad to see you. i'm dave clark. and rosemary is in for steve. >> that's right. it's dry out there and cold. and a dry pattern in place, going stick around for the next few days. the headlines continue to be the freeze in our location. wooes valley locations and east valley locations. freezing once again, stretches all the way to tiburon. and going east to concord and walnut creek and antioch, brendwood, liver more-- brent,wood. going to the east bay, 32 for
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you you, walnut creek. 34 in livermore. 31 in the last half hour, so an improvement. some of the cloud cover in place, you can't see it here, but some of the cloud cover in place, trust me on this. helping to offset the cooling. going to the peninsula, look at a few more numbers. 31 in men low park. -- menlo park. 34 right now in lafayette. temperatures will be on the cool to mild side relatively speaking. at mountain view and 57 in napa. temperatures expected to climb over the next few days. plus, a little bit of unsettled weather coming in for the holiday weekend.
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we will watch traffic for you while sal is off. take a look at the plaza. ki do this. there's very little -- i can do this. there's very little traffic. moving. and in lafayette, heavy and flowing well at the moment. and the san mateo bridge, starting to build as well. as you can see for yourself, traffic is moving, we'll just keep watching it for you throughout the morning. meanwhile, police are investigating a shooting at the cross roads shopping center d looking for both the gunman and the victim. >> the mall was open the day after christmas and the mall has restaurants and stores. >> what do police know so far? . >>reporter: this is a mees mist mysterious one. started this morning, a bullet hole in the wall at the
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starbucks and what appears to be a blown out window at the hay hawaiian barbecue. customers were in the mall at the time of the shooting. police arrived and witnesses told police a man was bleegd and running through the intauks and took off in a car. police say no bystanders were hit. >> still open for business, the starbucks and everything is still open. >> what is the result of the damage? >> damage to the brick work and stonework outside and broken windows. >> still trying to contact pleasant hill police to see if anyone showed up at the hospital for a gunshot wound. could lead them to the victim and the shooters. police say that shootings like this are rare and looking for
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the public's help for the suspect and victim in this case. going take the public's help on this one. time is now 5:04. police saying very little about a belly stabbing in target. a fight in the target on when i whipple road. a man stabbed and later died at the hospital. the police captured two suspects, both in their 20s. witnesses didn't want to go on camera, but said the stabbings were probably not gang-related. neighbors were shocked. >> i was shocked. and scared. and we come here all the time. don't live that far away. never seen anything that concerns me. >> not saying about the surveillance cameras.
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14th this year and in 2010, there were ten. the number of large scale fights that broke out, including a fight between 500 people in colorado. police in aurora, colorado now say the fight started from a post on social media and the evacuated the mall last night they say for the public's safety. five juveniles were arrested and two people injured. investigators are trying to find out if that one in colorado is connected to similar large scale fights in new york, ohio and tennessee. as many as 150 teens were involved in a series of fights in fort worth texas. no one was seriously hurt, but some of the teens were cited for fighting. >> keep hearing the horror shootings of the mall shootings.
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and any time we have that around this time of year, the response is going to be just like that. going to get in here as fast as we can. >> using pepper spray in a mall outside of cleveland. could have been loosely organized in social media. time is 5:06. the prime minister of japan is going make a historic visit to hawaii and the uss arizona. the prime minister visited yesterday in honolulu where he took part in a wreath wreath lay laying ceremony. and the first prime minister to visit the memorial. however, not expected to apologize. one navy veteran said he understands that attack. >> i don't think he needs to apologize. they were dog what they were supposed to do. we were doing what we were
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supposed to do. >> president obama, on vacation in hawaii with his family is going to join them at the uss memorial. the japanese prime minister's visit comes six months after president obama visited japan to visit the site of the atomic bomb dropping. president obama claiming he could win a third term. >> this after a social media poston the charitable organization. >> donald trump took to his favorite social media platform to opine on a variety of subjects including if president obama could have won a hypothetical third term. >> already done it twice, but could president obama pulled off a tird term if it was
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allowed under the constitution? the successor doesn't think so. president obama said he thinks he would have won against me. he said that, but i don't think so. a response to this comment on a podcast. >> i'm confident that if i could have run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized people around it. -- criticism from the israeli government that seemed to rock the administration. >> i am a little bit surprised or disappoints because of the volume of the reaction. i think it fails to recognize the totality of the president's administration.
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>> and the investigation by the new york attorney general. and new optimism, the world was gloomy before i won. there was no hope. the market is up 10% and the christmas spending is up over a trillion dollars. >> because of that matchup between president obama and president-elect donald trump, president obama's numbers are pretty good. two polls showing at 56%. we'll never know how this will have turned out. . . . congressional republicans planning an overhaul for the taxes next year. rewarding wealthy people and corporations. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and speaker paul ryan, going to pass the budget. for every cut, there must be an increase.
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it's 5:09. some people had more than just mail stolen. we'll tell you how thieves stole entire mailboxes. cool today, 50s and 60s today. the big story this morning, the cold, a freeze warning. and i'll have a look at the extended forecast, coming up.
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. welcome back to mornings on two. it is 5:12. new this morning in syria. several groups plans to unite. the syrian democrat front. they want the syrian government to increase the fight against terrorism and say they will take part in peace talks in switzerland or wherever they're taking place. the mraep that crashed in the black sea over the weekend, killing all 42 people on board. the search and rescue crews found a recorder on the plane. believed to have been an accident, but not ruling out terrorism. among the peculiar passengers, members of a choir going to sing for troops. an explosion at a home near an elementary school.
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a man's brother found inside the home. investigators say he was overcome by fumes when he went to check on his brother and now in critical condition, koth the newspaper. using propane to heat their home and conducting a full investigation and the names of the victims are not being released. a plan to curb drunk driving this weekend. checking for drivers, check points for drivers. out there in a saturation patrol where people were stopped or cited. another check point this weekend for the new year's eve weekend. the time is 5:14 with temperatures near or below freezing. you should take actions to protect your plants. experts say there are measures you can take. summer winds in campbell say
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they have seen increase in customers buying frost protection. blankets, bags and sprays can help your plants get through the chilly winter weather. >> when it's chilly, the plant sucks out the moisture and that's what causes damage, including cell damage. splay spraiing this on, you can keep the cold from sucking out the moisture. >> you knew this, didn't you? >> i don't know if i did. that's good information. >> and another survival tip for gardeners, water them before it freezes. >> and bring pets inside if you can. let's talk about people. rosemary, cosi cozy hats and
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glovs. >> that's right. beautiful shot there at the bay bridge. the clouds have moved overhead and that is helping us boomerang et just some and the temperatures are coming up just some, which is good news. and here's where the clouds are coming from. the ridge of high pressure is going to strengthen and will continue to strengthen over the next few hours. 60s in the forecast wednesday and thursday. going to be cold that night. the clouds will continue to stream in from time to time. we're not looking at any rain at least until friday, things start to change. a dry forecast between now and then. on friday, looking at a system that pulls in from the south. southern california will get a few showers. for us, going go be a lot of cloud cover and now, tough to tell if there's going to be
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sprinkles out of this. and here's the chance thursday morning and saturday morning, temperatures dropping from the north. and this doesn't look like a lot, a few sprinkles on new year's eve and new year's day and that's looking dry. the festivities shouldn't be foiled. we'll watch, but if we get anything, doesn't look like a whole lot. temperatures, 31 in fair field. 31 in santa rosa. east bay, 34 in livermore. 43 in san francisco into the south bay, 37 in san jose. for some, cooler and others, warmer. has do with the clouds. 57 in pacifica. 50s for the east bay shoreline. hayward, fremont, 50s and 58
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expected for morgan hill and 57 in san jose. temperatures krooping up on wednesday and thursday. that's where we stop. partly cloudy conditions, calling for unsettled weather friday, saturday and sunday, looks partly cloudy and temperatures falling off gently in the afternoon with the cloud cover and a possibility of a few sprinkles coming our way and maybe some snow for the sierra. doesn't look like a lot. we'll be watching it just in case things change. >> not much happening here. but in australia, heavy rains there causing problems. causing giant water falls. the park was forced to close due to severe flooding and hazardous road conditions. evacuations and flooding in the area. the experts say the historic rainfall is due to a slow- moving storm system.
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some just want this year to be over. 2016 has been big on broadway, not just because of hamilton. look at some of the big names. people planning to take in the sights on the golden gate bridge. people trying to park in the visitors center park.
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. if you plan on visiting the
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golden gate bridge, going to close a couple of lots. one onthe south, one on the north, will be closed through monday. been closing it in busy weekends to keep cars from backing up on to the bring. christmas dinner ruined because something was wrong with the christmas tamales in a grocery store. sheaing the tamales made their guests sick. yesterday, hundreds of people went back to the stores, wanting refunds >> put them in for seven hours and still wouldn't cook. >> did you try to eat any of them? >> no. my friends and family were saying they were nasty and wouldn't eat them. >> we know people depend on us for that. and all we can do is apologize and refund everything that they put into that dinner and work to resolve the problem.
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>> the company has been making a tamales for more than 50 years and no idea what went wrong, but it is investigating. the world's fastest land animal could be headed for extinction. the cheetahs and the cubs, but the number in the wild is declining rapidly. 170 left in the world and the population is completely wiped out in some area. looking for a reclassification from vulnerable to endangered. some say 2016 took a tole on them in an emotionally wrenching campaign and mass shootings and shootings of police officers. and the majority of people believe things are going to get better in 2017. will carter has a look ahead. >> perhaps starting 2016 out on the wrong foot.
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a poll revealing a measly 18% of people say the country got better. 33% say it got worse, which is perhaps why mother jones called 2016 a dumpster fire. and the shooting in the pulse night club in orlando stands at the worst shooting in united states history. >> other attacks in fransz, bell france, belgium and pakistan, people say it impacts them personally. the election was big news and the presidential election is the biggest story and certainly the noisiest. >> she's guilty of a very, very serious. >> donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger. >> 55% of people think the coming year is going to be
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better, regardless of the west wing regime change, up 12% from last year's poll. >> it is my privilege to serve as commander-in-chief. . >> rebounding for president obama, 58% approval. not terrible for 2016 for everybody. the cubs won the world serious and the u.s. women's gymnastics team wept the olympics in rio. a crash in the south bay, coming up, how the victims are being remembered. thieves stealing the menorah from a park. why it's not considered a hate crime. cold and near freezing. the temperatures in the warnings for our locations. we'll have a look at how long it's going to last and what's
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expected for your tuesday, coming up.
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. we are looking out at the bay bridge. the twinkling light. what you cannot see is the cold we are feeling this morning. it's tuesday, a lot of you are off work, off of school and huddling up.
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keep listening to the music of george michael. passed away on christmas. so much music meaning so much to so many people. good to have you here. >> always good to have you. it's december 27th, i'm dave clark. >> and rosemary is in tr steve. it's cold and wet. >> going to be warming up a little bit in the afternoon. 60s eventually. that's not too bad. right now, cold. fwreez advisory from the west valley and east flee. valley. toward the east, in the napa valley, go -- martinez, down through the livermore valley.
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from lafayette and walnut creek and 680, highway 4 towards antioch and 580 through livermore and pleasanton. going to be a little bit above freezing in livermore and below freezing in fairfield. around the bay, 37 to start your morning redwood city. 39 in oakland and san francisco. 37 outside your door. when you come back, i'll have a look at your afternoon highs. talk about the minor bump coming as far as the afternoon highs and a few sprinkles. i'll have that right after the break. >> thanks rosemary. i'm talking traffic. a lot of traffic right now for sal. a lot of lights, a lot of cars. watch it yourself. in the toll bridge plaza,
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traffic is picking up even from the last time we looked at it. traffic is moving. very little traffic right now. this may be the time to get on the golden gate bridge. police searching for thieves who stole a very important symbol of the holidays from washington scare park. >> a 150-pound menorah. alley is there, but it didn't stop the celebrations. >> it didn't. they noticed it was gone on sunday. been missing for two weeks and when it came time to light the second candle, it sdpeered. -- disappeared. >> in response, the neighbors decided to send a message to the thief in the area, bring
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their own menorahs, the larger gathering with more menorahs. >> when someone comes and takes that away, that is a portrayal of hate. that's saying what you're doing is not important and i am going to ruin that for you. >> community leaders say they hope whoever stole them, not going to stop people from celebrating hanukkah. and it's not the first problem. and also the christmas tree vandalized three times in the days leading up to christmas. police are looking at surveillance video from the area, hoping to lead them to
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the suspects. thank you. friends and family of a san jose woman held a vigil of a woman remembered as a wofl person and mother, made a terrible decision that cost two lives. >> she was driving a white chevy malibu when she crossed the median and ran head on into a silver lexus. that car was carrying a couple and a 14-year-old son. they were taken to valley medical center. >> she was a wofl mom, a wofl wonderful mom, a wonderful friend, a wonderful person. she made a mistake. >> the manager of the bar told us she has two drinks there. and a gofundme page is set up
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for her five-year-old daughter and still looking to learn more about the 14-year-old boy and we know that the parents are expected to recover from the injuries they received in the crash. residents say they can't believe that someone actually stole all of their mailboxes on christmas eve. thieves stole the whole thing and left nothing behind except the concrete and a little bit of metal. the mail has been stolen a little bit before, probably by thieves looking for credit card offers and this makes them feel even more comfortable. >> this is the first time they -- they broke into mailboxes and this time, unscrew the hinges and take off with the boxes. >> two latino men in their 30s who took them. driving off in a white pickup truck.
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new laws in effect the first of the year, one affecting use ing cell phones in the cars. . >>reporter: this law affects the way you use gps on your phone while driving. it doesn't allow you to even hold or touch your phone or even operate it while you're driving. the and this flu nu law was put into effect to prevent distracted driving. governor jerry brown signed it and -- also call ifs mobile phones or electronic wireless devices to be mounted on the windshield or bash board. good for wireless stores and the customers coming in, they have questions. >> they have been wondering, how are they going to get around with gps, listening
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music and calming them down, chicking music from song to song. >> and wireless items to help heed the law. law enforcement hopes the accidents go down when it's in effect. 12 from distracted driveing from hand held cell phones. 700 property dpaj collisions and if police catch you violating this new law, the first violation is going to cost you $20 and for every subsequent violation after that first one would be up to a $50 fine. back to you fews in the studio. >> thank you. time is 5:36. police investigating a shooting where one man was seriously hurt. it happened around five clock. when police and paramedics arrived, found a man who had
5:37 am
been shot at the town market. >> on the scene, providing medical care and transported to the hospital with injuries. >> checking with police, still snot giving us the victim's condition or his name. and police say they found several gun casings at the scene and looking for a motive and no arrests have been made. raiders quarterback derek carr is expected to urndz go surgery. a huge blow to the team and fans when he went down with the injury on saturday. helped off the field. the timetable for his recovery is six to eight weeks. the super bowl is just six weeks away. former nfl quarterback and brother said he can make it and
5:38 am
the coach, jack del rio had this to say. >> it's a way to step up an and rally around whoever it is, including quarterback. it's about us going out as a team and competing against the other team. >> matt mcgloin is now the quarterback. winning against the broncos clinch the division and if they lose, the raiders will be a wild card team. >> and with carr going down, the first playoff season in 14 years, now wondering if the dream season will end in a terrible nightmare. i. >> what are we going to do? i don't know what we're going to do without him. >> devastated and hurt. that's my quarterback. that is the guy i have been
5:39 am
bragging about every day this season. >> look out for that. >> on, we have the latest on his injury and more from head coach jack del rio. preparations under way for the tournament of roses parade in pasadena. volunteers have been busy building the floats. only natural things can be seen on the outside. the volunteers have been pane stakeingly placing every flower, fruit, seed, and nut out there. . >> it's a lot of work, lions and tigers and bears ri people coming from all over the world, doing this. >> and an extra day to work this year. normally on new year's day unless it falls on a sunday. that's the case this year.
5:40 am
so the 2017 parade and rose bowl parade. talking about the warriors game. fans say the referees missed two calls. some say james should have gotten a technical after this dunk. didn't let go. should have had a technical. that would have given the warriors a shot from the free throw line and and jefferson fouling kevin durant when he fell on the last play of the game. would have sent him to the line for two, down one. instead, the cavaliers won 109- 108. a family getting stuck on the road on the side of the grand canyon.
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what one woman did hiking to get help. a pile up in the sierra. not talking about the snow or the traffic. coming up, how garbage is becoming a real problem and who is responsible for the problem. cool and dry for the next few days before unsettled weather comes into your area. we'll talk about what you can expect for today and all the way through the weekend, coming up. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen.
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download the xfinity tv app today. . the sierra truly looks like a winter wonderland. take a look at this squa valley opening and record crowds. going to be partly cloudy skies to clear for the next few days before another winter storm is
5:44 am
expect today hit. those who drive on 80 are concerned about the trash. shards of brightly colored plastic bits and overflowing dumpsters. and popular sledding places are, the environmental impact could be severe and long- lasting. >> the plastic dunce disintegrate. years and years. should be a social responsible, which is to pick up after yourself. >> parks and services will be cleern colleening it up and the litter could last for decades. getting to the end of 2016, some things that happened. >> listening to that music. >> and the biggest name and biggest event another broadway and we hear that it extended way beyond broadway.
5:45 am
>> can't talk about it. >> hamilton. >> hamilton. >> hamilton. >> about the favorite founding father from the stage to a cultural phenomenon and embedded in the zeitgeist of american culture. >> it is an american story. touches on everyone that loves america. and more than that. more the look at the 18th century. >> and the show is nominated for a record breaking 16 tony awards and took home 11. and all four musical acting awards we think the to people of color in 2016, a stark contrast of the oscars so white controversy in 2016. and different this year -- all
5:46 am
taking their turns on the boards. >> my first love always was and always will be live theater. you can't replicate that. >> one of the most star studded cast has to be a revival of the front page with nathan lane and john goodman, as well as other familiar faces. another familiar face, a furry one. cats is back after a 20-year hiatus. >> a great family show and accessible. . >> 2016 was also the year for another big milestone, the first ever live streaming of the broadway show. she loves me was broadcast across the country in june, showing the potential for broadway to open up to a bigger audience. >> going to see that. at the end of the day, broadway
5:47 am
is not just about new york. 2017 is shaping up to be another banner year with versions of anastasia and amelie. and bette midler, coming back in hello, dolly. hamilton and the lion king the hottest ticket, never a better time to be on broadway. hamilton is coming to the bay area. hamilton will open in san francisco with previews in march. unless you have your tickets, probably going to have to wait for it to return. >> checking the box office and those shows that wrap up, just 70 tickets still available. we worked to get hamilton ticket. online, waiting. >> we watched them. >> some of them got lucky. truly the hottest ticket in town.
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time is 5:47. rosemary is there in hur office. -- in her office. >> bundle up. going to be school and freezing until 9:00 and temperatures are going to tall off closer to sunrise. and clouds rolling in during the overnight hours. a blanket there and the dark start. more than an hour or so. showing you exactly whattime talking about. -- what i'm talking about and settling in with the clouds. 33 earlier, now about 34 in livermore. we see temperatures fall off by sunrise and giving you a look of what's coming, the ridge of high pressure is going to come in. warmer on wednesday and thursday into the afternoon.
5:49 am
calm winds for most. and coming in from the southeast. changes come, not looking like a lot. going to be able to fine tune it. tuesday, dry day. wednesday, thursday, dry as well and now into friday morning and we've got this activity going on over southern california. looks like southern california could be getting some showers. if you're going there for your holiday weekend, could get some precipitation, maybe a little bit of drizzle. if it moves a little bit further north, could see some scattered showers. this could drop to the north and bring us showers. doesn't look like much again, but with dry conditions for the outdoor festivities for new year's eve. saturday looks mainly calm and dry. calling for a little bit of unsettled weather.
5:50 am
as you said a moment ago, doesn't look like much. chilly in santa rosa. freezing and 34 in napa. around the bay, 34 palo alto. cold one for you in oakland and 34. east bay, 37. overall, look at temperatures slightly warmer, perhaps similar to yesterday, mid to upper 50s. 55 inwood city. 59 in the south bay of san jose. the extended forecast, the temperatures are creeping up just a little bit in thursday afternoon and falling off once again in your bay area weekend. no rain on the icons, going to track that for you and see a few sprinkles on friday and saturday. time is 5:50.
5:51 am
simone biles is named the female athlete of the year. incredible. 49 of the 51 vote. won a gold and a bronze in the rio olympics. and katie ledecki nominated as well. the male athlete to have year is coming. >> she is something. arms like this. . what happened to an uber driver as he was waiting to pick up a passenger.
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5:54 am
. welcome back to mornings on two. san francisco police are investigating a really scary incident involving an uber driver. the driver, lives in sacramento, waiting for his passenger, a man came up and fired, not hurt, but hit by the glass. >> took out the gun and shot and fortunately, the glass passed by my face. >> in the investigation, found the suspect a couple of blocks away.
5:55 am
fire officials confirm two dead in the crash of a light plane just minutes after take cough. left the airport in northern fresno and crashed into a pond at a golf course near the end of the runway. one resident say she saw the plane take off and turn sharply and crash. the limited edition plane was built from a kid kits. a plan crash, belonging to jedjetways of india, heading for mumbai. skidded on the runway, did a #307 and spun into the ditch of a service road. 154 passengers. one passenger who broke his leg, said he saw smoke in the
5:56 am
cabin just before he saw the plane spin out of control. >> searching for a man trying to kidnap a woman over the weekend. the woman was walking sunday night when the man pulled up next to her, and told her to get in his car or he wouldz kill her. she broke free and ran for help. people in stockton say they're taking extra precautions to protect themselves. >> watch your surroundings when you come out here. come with family. look it. i have my entourage right here. just be protected. >> police say the woman went to the hospital and treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. a woman in the fight, the search for the suspect and the victims. and new details about the
5:57 am
death of singer george michael. we'll tell you who found his body on christmas day. minor changes for your tuesday. a little bit of clouds, frost to go with that and a freeze warning as well. more on that and what you can expect this afternoon, coming up. and people are excited it the red tag sales et to bring in the new year with a new chevrolet. i'm a huge chevy fan. how would you feel about starting 2017 in a new chevy? it sounds wonderful. honestly, i would take any one. oh heck yeah! i want to get one tomorrow. fantastic! turn it on, let's go. during the red tag sales event get two deals in one. find your tag for an average total value over ninety-six hundred dollars on chevy silverado all stars. hurry, the red tag sales event ends january 3rd.
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our mission at clover is to highest quality dairy products. clover has relationships with 27 different family farms. the environment is who clover is. without it, we're nothing. pg&e's been a great partner. they're the energy experts, we're the milk guys. pg&e worked with clover on a number of energy efficiency projects to save energy every month. if you're part of the fabric of the community, you've got to ensure that you do things right, environment included. learn how you can save at together, we're building a better california.
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. a shooting at a popular mall. now police are looking for the shooter and the victim. and a historic visit. the japan prime minister visiting the memorial for those killed in the bombing of pearl harbor. welcome back to mornings on two. i'm in early for pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. wore the scarf. >> puffy jacket. >> going to need something. rosemary has more. >> and the gloves. and cold. freezing conditions for north and east bay going until 9:00 this morning.
6:00 am
the temperatures are below freezing in some spots. some advisory, sonoma valley, napa valley, livermore valley, down to san raf yal. ael. mare march tennessee, going along highway 4 toward antioch and along 680 and down to lafayette, maraga. 580 through lvr livermore and pleasanton. good idea to bring your pets in. starting in fire field, keeler and with the cloud cover, livermore is actually a bit warmer.


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