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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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freezing in some spots. some advisory, sonoma valley, napa valley, livermore valley, down to san raf yal. ael. mare march tennessee, going along highway 4 toward antioch and along 680 and down to lafayette, maraga. 580 through lvr livermore and pleasanton. good idea to bring your pets in. starting in fire field, keeler and with the cloud cover, livermore is actually a bit warmer.
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around the bay, 41 in oakland and 31 in san jose. take a look at a few more number. on the peninsula, it's a cold one here. 32 in menlo park and san mateo. 34 for antioch and 34 in lafayette. this afternoon, cool conditions temperatures coming up slightly. and with d forecast, may include a chance for a few sprinkles for the weekend. steve and sal have off, but we're watching the roads for you. starting with what is normally a busy commute. that's not the case today. in the bridge, slowing but not as jammed as it usually is on a tuesday morning.
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switching to the freeways, interstate 80 is busier than it normally i is. busier than yesterday, but still a lot better than a typical tuesday morning. and this is really what tells you the story of the whole commute. bay bridge toll plaza, heavy, lighter than normal. heavier than yesterday. keep these pictures and reports in mind if you're heading outlet the door and should a serious traffic issue come up, we'll be sure to bring it to you. happening new this morning, police searching for the shooter and a victim at the shopping mall. we have the mystery police have on their hands. >>reporter: in just the last half hour, i was able to get in contact with police here. and telling me, so far, no one showing up in any hospitals or
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emergency rooms with gunshot injuries. and you can soo bullet holes here and what appears to be a blown out window in the hawaiian barbecue place. what we know, the shooting happened last night and customers in and around the mall. witnessens again telling investigators tell us that one man was hit and bleeding and shot and took off in a car. this type of shooting in pleasant hill is quite rare. >> this is unusual for pleasant hill. >> it is. first shooting we have had in several months anyway. but it can happen anywhere at at atany time, obviously. >> and those i spoke to, the detectives in mreventh hill are due in at any minute.
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and we have been looking around, the video surveillance cameras in the area here, hopefully this incident was captured on video and place phillies may want to release it. so we'll continue to follow-up on this shooting last night at pleasant hill. >> christian, thank you. a large scale fight broke out in 15 malls across the country. including 500 in colorado. police in aurora said it was about a post on social media. five juveniles arrested. and in ohio, a brawl in an upscale mall ouz of cleveland. pepper spray used to disperse the large crowd. police say this fight was louisly organized on social media and now looking at the connection between the malls across the nation.
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one man and one police officer w treated after being exposed to that pepper splay and one witness say they saw a girl get tramabled in the chaos. police saying don't worry about a stack on the target in whipple road on thursday. he later died at the hospital. two suspects are both in their 20s, were arrested. authorities say the killing was probably not gang-related butshoppers were stunned to hear about this. it was sad that someone would do that. i just can't understand how humans can take another person's life. >> police won't say if the store surveillance cameras captured the stabbing. this is the 13th homicide of the year. prime minister of japan is make ago historic visit to pearl harbor in hawaii.
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visits the ceremony in honolulu where he took part of a wreath laying ceremony and going to join president obama at the uss arizona, however, he's not expecteded to apologize for the attack. one navy veteran who survived pearl harbor understands why. >> i know. they were dog what they were supposed to do, we were doing what we were supposed to do. >> come bs six months after president obama became the first sitting american president to visit hero shi ma, japan. the developments on the russian military plane crashed, care rig 92 people on board. found a recorder about a mile from the shore.
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the black box, actually origin orng in color in sea water to preserve -- actually orange in collar in sea water. some of the victims were members of a chair performing for troops. a big winter storm going across the plains states and left a loft snow behind. the storms have caused power outages in the dakotas and nebraska and into michigan, making travel as you can imagine, very dangerous. airports had to shut down because of whiteout. in sioux falls, shutting down the airport. >> the wind driven fires, can create conditions that we're not used to seeing every day.
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>> now going east, through the great lakes and if into new england. a menorah stolen, how it's bringing the community together. >> a new law affecting your cell phone is going into effect. howit's different from the talking and texting rule. that's coming up next.
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welcome back. welcome 6:11. learning more about the christmas day death of george michael. father found him in england. manager said he died of heart failure at the age of 53. an autopsy report could be complete in a few days. a new law going into effect to prevent distracted driving. going to affect how you drive. we hear how it works on this law. >> you already can't talk or text while using your kfrn unless you have a hands-free device really. the existing law doesn't talk about the other functions on your phone like using the gps apps. going to prevent drivers from holding the phone and driving. no more looking at the map or
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the play list for the music you're listening to and the prirs taken. five several accidents, 5 00 injuries and several hundred property damage collisions. >> sounds like a good thing. i have done it a few times, i think i'm good at it. always swerve off. >> somebody's got their phone looking down. i agree with it. i think they should do it. for me, i'm on bluetooth, all work. i don't do personal calling or texting, so. . .. >> the law allows for exception. can use something for a swipe or tap of finger, only if it's mounted to the dash board or
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windshield. buying a lot of wireless headphones, the customers are and also buying mounts for their cars and want to make sure they don't get fined. if you are caught, starting january 1st, if you are caught, the fine will cost you 20 $20 for the first violation and the subsequent ones go up to $50. gasia? >> we'll see if people follow it. and other laws, in salons and barbershops, can serve alcohol as long as it is free and before 10:00. some beauty shops, already dog that with the shame pain, against the law technically because of the liquor licensing. crime a mandatory prison seasons after the rape case of brock turner.
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the third one will do away with the statute of limitations of sexual offenses after the law goes into effect. the pennsylvania woman surviving more than a day after she and her family became stuck in the snowy arizona wilderness. they were driving from broois canyon -- brice canyon, gu got stuck in snow. told the philadelphia newspaper, walking to get cell phone reception or flag down another driver. but the highway was closed and she began to suffer from exposure. she was eating twigs and drank her own urine to stay hydrated. found a cabin and broke into it after hiking 30 miles.
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rescue teams found her there and told them where to find her son and husband. she said she decided to hike out because she had some survival training. >> good for you. >> yeah. in the bay area, cold and talking about hats and glovs and -- gloves and scarves. hopefully got some of that. we are dry. if we were wet, that would be worst and looking at the dry conditions for the next few days. going to change a little bit throughout the end of the week and the extended forecast, focus on that. 31 in san jose. liver --more, going to be similar. in the next few hours, we see
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temperatures continue to fall off. that has to do with the cloud cover that rolled in overnight. serving as a blanket. hopefully we'll stay put. i do think at least some of us fall off before we get to the sunrise mark. the view coming in, the sun pouring in, strengthening the sunl. wednesday and thursday look to be the warmer and i'll show you that in the extended forecast. and as we get through wednesday, thursday and friday, not a lot going on. friday, a system pulling from the south could be bringing some storms to the south and a some cloud cover other way, depends on how far it scoots. that's the first opportunity. second one from the north. saturday morning, could sea a
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few scattered showers over the area. if you have plans for saturday afternoon and evening, it's out of here and sunday looks dry as well. a bill bit of unsettled weather coming our way. doesn't look like a lot. but tracking the sierras, dould see some rain fall there. but again, not a lot going on there. 50s in nevada, east bay shoreline, 58 in oakland and, 57 in berkeley. as we get to the south bay, temperatures range in the 50s for an jose. 50s for skroouz. as we -- for santa cruz. wednesday and thursday, overnight is chilly. but 60s in the forecast. unsettled weather moves in on friday, subpoenas slide once again into the upper 50s and
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the cloud cover in place, overnight lows on the cold side. not as cold as it could be. 50s in the forecast for friday, saturday and sunday. if you're going to be out celebrating new year's eve, new year's day, going to be cold. still a few days out. could change. >> rosemary, i don't have gloves yet. >> no? >> calling -- one last christmas gift. >> thank you. >> six inmates escaping from a tennessee jail. all but one back in, how they used the leaky toilet to escape. the mailboxes stolen, the search for thieves in san jose.
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. tennessee officials are still searching for one of the inmates that escaped on christmas. they now know how they did it. getting through a leaking toilets and through the piping. they were probably awareover it. >> have had number of problems with water main breaks and sewage breaks and the details of the facility, it's a never-
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ending task to keep this place and facility operational. >> the county officials say there have been other jailbreaks, but not with this many at once. the one still on the loose is considered the most dangerous of the group. kentuckied of robbery and possessionover a deadly weapon. christmas ruined because of the tamales thought bought. bought it from the markets in thel area. made the guests sick according to the people. hundreds went back and demanded refunds. >> wouldn't cook. still seven hows and still wouldn't cook. >> did you try them? >> no. friends saying they were nasty. >> realize how many people depend on us for the christmas meals and we know that we ruined a lot of them.
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all we can do is apologize and try to refund everything they put into that dinner and work to resolve the problem. >> this particular company has been making the tamales for more than 50 years and no idea what went wrong, but they are investigating. korean airlines is looking at an end with an unruly passenger with stun guns. this was after richard marx posted a picture of it last week. looking back at 2016. >> and sports. amazing catches or draining buzzer beaters. let's take a look back at the best plays of the year. . >> three seconds at mid court. for the championship --
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>> unbelievable. . . >> intercepted. . >> and he's done it. he's climbed the mountain. . record-breaking goal! . it is caught. lebron james. . curry for 4 hundred. 00. they do have a timeout. banging it out. what a shot from curry.
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>> the layup. blocked by james. . >> jose fernandez. last year. . >> it is gone. ryan. on his way. it's a one-point game. -point game. cubs will take the lead. . >> this is going to be a tough play. bryant. the cubs win the world series! bryant makes the play. it's over! . that was great, huh?
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i'm excited. time is 6:25. with the world's fastest land animal may be headed for extinction. this is in the zoo in the netherlands. and the population of the cheetahs around the world are dropping fast. they are completely wiped out in some areas. calling for an urgent reclassification status from vulnerable to endangered. the president versus the president-elect. the reaction of trump at president obama saying he could have won a third term. missed calls in the cavaliers and warriors games. look for a penalty. what you can expect for your neighborhood, coming up in
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your full forecast.
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. this is ktvu mornings on two. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on two. it's december 27th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. and rosemary in for steve. . >> hope you're warm on the couch. cold for the east valley locations and west valley locations. take a look. it's going to be coaleder. north bay, starting on the sonoma county line south to tiburon and into the east bay.
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hercules, richmond, martinez, 24 already maraga, lafayette, 580, 480, all cold. going stretch to highway 4 and 580 goes beyond livermore there. seeing some pretty cold weather. 34 in live more. and a tad warmer, though you're not going to be able to tell. i know you're just a tad warmer. fairfield, 29 degrees. so below freezing for you. blow freezing for santa rosa. and city of san francisco, 42 and east bay shoreline, 41 in oakland. this is the headline ait at this time. going the take a look at a few more numbers. peninsula, a cold one here. 35 san mateo.
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34 in menlo park and one more shift to the east bay. 31 in alamo and one degree above freezing in lafayette. statewide, we're very cold. 30s and 40s for most. 34 in los angeles, skrr cold. in truckee, 40s. and i'll have a look at the extended forecast when i come back. sal is off today. i get to pretend i'm sal. we are tracking traffic for you anyway. 43 and bay point, traffic is moving and you can see for yourself, it is building up there in bay point. let's check the san mateo bridge, it's moving and traffic out there this morning. so expect it. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza as well. hey, it is smooth and nice and
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light for you right now and we'll keep an eye on it throughout the morning. people coming together, showing a moment of solidarity after thieves stole a menorah. >> made of steel, six feet tall, weighed 150 pounds and it's been on display, but as people came to light it, it was gone. in a displaceplay of solidarity, they continued the tradition, but brought the smaller menorahs to life instead. >> this thing sends a message that we are strong, come together no matter what and we're excited. >> so excited to light up this park and have an even grander
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menorah next year. could have to change it out or have cameras on it, which we didn't think we had to and for the haters out there, they won't have the opportunity to hate. >> the people that live in neighborhood say the stolen menorah is not the first problem this holiday season. the christmas tree was vandalized in the days leading up to christmas. and rooking at the surveillance video from the homes and businesses in the area, hoping to get information on the thieves or thief who did that. >> and the community coming together. >> great to bring them all together in solidarity against them. >> that's right. thank you. . a man found with carbon monoxide poisoning. the man's brother was also found in that home on foster
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roads. investigators believe he was overcome by fumes. now in the hospital. according to the register, they may have been using propane to heat their home and still conducting a full investigation. and by the way, the names of the victims have not been released. friends and family remembering a woman as a great mother and person, making a terrible decision. there was a candlelight memorial. she was driving a white chevy malibu when she crossed the center median and ran head on into a silver lexus. that lexus was carrying a couple and their 14-year-old son. >> she was a wonderful mom, a
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wonderful person, a wonderful friend. yes, she did drink that night, but no one is perfect >> went to a bar a few hours before the crash. the bar manager said she had two drinks there. there's a doevend me page for her daughter and learning more about the 14-year-old boy killed and his parents are expected to recovery. prufrm firing back at the tweets -- president-elect donald trump firing back with tweets on president obama's claims that he could win a third term and talking about charities. .
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>> opining on twitter. >> could president obama win if it was allowed under the constitution. president-elect donald trump said he could win, i say no way. >> i'm confident that if i -- if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have moeblzed the majority of the american people. >> going beyond theoretical matchups and criticizing the united nations -- >> i'm a bit -- i wouldn't say surprised, disappointed in the volume of the reaction. i think it fails to acknowledge the totality of this
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president's record. >> and defending the charitable foundation, shutting down for conflicts though it's urdz investigation by the new york attorney general. before i won, no hope. now up in the market 10% and christmas is up over a trillion dollars. >> as far as that hypothetical matchup between president obama and mrufrm, president obama's numbers are pretty good right now. two recent polls showing the approval rating at 56%. of course, we will never know how this would have turned out. congressional republicans plan a massive overhaul of the nation's tax system next year. they say their goal is to have a program that rewards wealthy and business. a package that will not add to
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the budget deficit. analysts say that means for every tax cut, there is a tax increase. derek carr is set to undergo surgery to his fibula. a crowd fell stlent at the coliseum. the timetable is six to eight weeks. the super bowl is just under six weeks away. carr's brother, former nfl quarterback david carr could be eyeing a return to the team if they get to the super bowl. coach jack dell rio said -- del rio said they will carry on. >> there's a sense to rally around whoever it is and it's the same about the quarterback. it's about us being a team and going out and competing against
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the other team. >> matt mcgloin is now the quarterback against the chiefs. if they win , they win the conference. if not, the chiefs get the conference and the number two seed and the raiders with the fifth. missing two calls on christmas day. lebron james should have been given a technical after hanging on the rim. and a foul should have been called on durant. would have sent him to the free throw line for two, down one. instead, lost 109-108. a search still under way for attacks on businesses.
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trying to kill me? >> a bullet narrowly misses a uber driver. now the search for that shooter. another cool one. freezing advisory, i'll show you who is in that and what you can expect for the forecast highs and the possible of wet weather, all that and more coming up after this.
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. time is 6:42.
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police investigating a shooting last night while one man was seriously hurt. it happened about 5:00 in the evening. when police and paramedics arrived, found a man shot near the town market. >> on the scene and provided medical care and transported the patient to the local hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> called police and still not told us the victim's name or condition. and still trying to get the suspect description and motive. terrifying moments for an uber driver. the bulth just missed him -- bullet just missed him. joe spoke with him, didn't want to appear on camera. >> want to kill me? >> coming from afghanistan,
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thought he would be escaping ing violence. found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. >> shot and passed by my face. >> didn't want to be identified. in sacramento, on an uber from san francisco, a man followed him for several blocks on foot, fired, point-blank and fled. a narrow miss, centimeters from ending his life. >> and so tall, having the seat back. >> window all over his car. the hole, visible. visible, nearly piercing his eye. while there, the father of two boys said he thought of his family, imagining life for them
6:45 am
had he been killed important and thought of something his mother, still in afghanistan stakehold told him. >> love to have you away from this dangerous place. >> you feel safer here. >> yeah. because i'm in a safe place. >> picked up the shooting on the shot spotter. they called us to tell us they don't have any leads. muhammad, now left to wonder, why he was targeted at all. anyone with information on the shooting that happened on okay and goth, call police. time now is 6:45. drivers going to the sierra, seeing a lot of trash on the side of the road. trash, plastic and dumpsters spilling over. and piling up on sledding hills
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by i-80. the effects could be severe and long-lasting. takes years and years and years. should be a social responsibility, picking up after yourself. >> going to scleen up site that is are filled with trash. could litter -- clean up site that are filled with trash. look at alpine and squall. 25 inches of snow over the weekend. that new snow allowed the resort to open up new ski runs for the skiers yesterday. going to be partly cloudy to clear over the next complufrdz before the next storm comes up. talking about the weekend and the days we need to take. helping us through this cold weather. >> yes. cold, cold. and a chance of a few showers
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for the weekend. doesn't look like a lot for us. i'll detail that in the forecast. this morning, cool to down right cold. in the 30s and 40s. san joez, 37. here comes the sun. a half hour or so until the official sunrise and already making its way up. partly cloudy skies this morning. starting ah out with mostly cloudy skies and helps us out with the cooling. we are cold out there this morning and a tad warmer than where we were about 24 hours ago. we levelled off for most of us around 5:00 and still not bottoming out. today, going to be in oun out of the mid to high level clouds. you can see this in the pacific over the ridge, going to strengthen.
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as we get into the weekend, another change coming our way. here we are into tuesday, partly cloudy skies, wednesday and thursday, very quiet, slightly warmer for the afternoon. now into friday and the first system is going to come in from the south to southern california, maybe a few for us, doesn't look like a lot. if it does begin to creep a little bit farther north, friday, clouds, drizzle and maybe a few sprinkles. friday, coming in from the north and saturday morning, pulls out and dry for your festivities for saturday night and new year's day, looks dry as well. a little bit of unsettled  weather, but not a lot going on. likely to see the dry conditions for your weekend. could change. still a few days out. 50s in the north bay.
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east bay, oakland, 58, concord, 55 and south bay for today, 50s for san jose and 62 on your screen for santa cruz. half-moon bay, 52 expected for today. temperatures creeping up just a little bit for wednesday and thursday. temperatures still near freezing and inland cities. in the afternoon, relatively night for this time of year. 60s for the forecast. friday, starts to change. a -- sprinkles friday and saturday and temperatures back into the 50s for the afternoon. . gasia? >> thank you. rocks cascading down a fall. flash flooding and evacuations in the area. officials say the historic rainfall is due to a slow moving storm system in
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australia. time is 6:49. so many chose online shopping and why that's good news for brick and mortar stores. plane crashing, ending up in a ditch, injurying 12 people.
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. good morning. welcome back to mornings on two.
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my name is dave castaneda. sal is off. looking at the toll brick out there. and a pothole reported. otherwise, things are moving smoothly. the golden gate bridge, barely anything. love to see the flow. it's picking up, but still pretty light. on the freeway, a lot of headlights, no problems reporting. that's good. and the bay bridge toll plaza is clear as well. time is 6:53. 12 fema hurt, plane veered off the runway just before takeoff. owned by jetway airways.
6:54 am
going to be going to mumbai. it spun 360 degrees, imagine that and ended up on the side of the service road. none of the injuries are life- threatening. one passenger who broke his leg said he saw smoke in the cabin just before the plane went out of control. here at home, fire officials in fresno say two people died at the foot of a light plane yesterday. just after it took off. the plane took off from fresno and crashed near the golf course at the end of the runway. one woman who lives close saw the plane make a hard right and plunge into the water. we are stakehold toeld the plane was a limited edition plane, built from a kit and registered to a man in fresno.
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the details of the crash have not been released. 61 people shot in chicago between friday and yesterday. 11 of them were killed. among the shooting victims is a 14-year-old girl who is in critical condition and two brothers, 18 and 21 years old were killed. >> when i first came out, saw them laying. yeah. they were laying in the street, covered up. >> as you know, christmas eve and christmas day, we had a rep reprehensible amount of shootings. >> said to have been gang- related. thousands shot and wounded in chicago this year alone. it's a level of violence not seen in chicago since the
6:56 am
1990s. a neighborhood can't believe someone stole off of their mailboxes. thieves took the whole thing, just left a little bit of concrete and metal. this makes them feel even more vulnerable. >> this is the fourth time. before, just is break in. this time, unscrew the mailbox. >> witnesses say it was two latino males were responsible. >> the preparations underway for the 113th tournament of roses. only natural coverings. flour, leaf, seed, nut, fruit and vegetable. it is a delicate prose, one that is also very time
6:57 am
consuming. >> kind of depicting a child's play room in here. lions and tigers and bears. a lot of work and volunteers. people in the back, people coming from all over the world doing this. >> the float builders have an extra day to work this year. going to always be on new year's day unless it's on a sunday, which is the case this year. so the tournament of roses parade and rose bowl will be monday. looking for perches on the beaches and flying over the city streets. last year, bird counters found 174 species and 174,000 birds. it was a crime that stunned shoppers in the east bay. talking about a deadly stabbing
6:58 am
in a target store. >> the new change when it comes to using your cell phone in your car.
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>> witnesses say they hear multiple shots at this mall. now police are looking for the gunman and the victim. you will no longer be able to hold or touch your cell phone while you're driving. we will tell you about this new law that goes into effect coming up. this is ktvu fox 2 mornings on 2. >> 7:00. if you haven't looked out the window and you're maybe too cold to go outside, take a look at your tv screen. rose gold sunrise over the bay area. so still and quiet. we appreciate you joining us this tuesday morning. a lot are off of work and school. it is a nice cozy inside morning as we call it at our house. i'm bass gas. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about our weather. i stepd


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