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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 28, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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of morning thank you for joining us for mornings and to it is wednesday, december 28 expect good morning. as you walk up the door, is there another fog advisory in effect today? >> no. in the afternoon it is coming up slightly. we are cold, even freezing but no advisories issued by the national weather service. let's take a look as you step out. you will need the thicker jacket once again. 31 degrees in the north bay. 37 in novato.
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we have freezing temperatures to start the morning and walnut creek. 33 concord as well as livermore , around the bay upper 30s low 40s pier 39 oakland. 43 san francisco. 43 half moon bay. warmer in your neighborhood. to the north we go 33 pedal a. how about the peninsula? a few more numbers were we're looking at just above freezing. 36 degrees in san mateo. the inner east today 34. 30 in alamo. temperatures are a tad cooler is concord, a tad warmer and livermore. sfo by 6. in any event we will continue with this chill in the air in the morning hours, and we are dealing with a little bit of fog this morning. visibility can be down to less than a mile. still in pretty good shape but we will keep an eye on this as we role through the morning hours.
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upper 50s and low 60s in the afternoon. we will take a look at your extended forecast and your holiday weekend coming up. cell is off today -- cell -- sal is off today so we are control -- in control of traffic . it's a good thing we are because we have this on south on 280 shut down just run 4:00 this morning. list send it over to highway 24 and lafayette. we can barely see any -- let's send it over to highway 24 in lafayette. we can barely see any problems. more than a dozen earthquakes shook the area near hawthorne nevada. that is about 70 miles south of lake
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tahoe. some of that was felt as far away as san francisco. the first 2 quake were the strongest. both were magnitude 5 both were magnitude 5.7. the first one hit and was followed 4 minutes later by the other. 4 minutes after that there was a 4.0 magnitude earthquake. for the next half hour several smaller? -- smaller quakes were felt . then there was a 5. then there was a 5.5 quake centered in hawthorne shortly after 1 am. that was followed by several more smaller quakes. it has been a busy morning. even though magnitude 5.7 quakes are strong enough to cause injury so far there are no reports of damage. a woman was hit and killed by a truck last night.
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she was crossing the road at around 6:00 last night when the truck struck her. she was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. the driver stopped and cooperated with police. alcohol does not appear to be a factor. we are waiting for oakland police to give us an update about yesterdays search for a suspect -- yesterday 's search for a suspect. this was about 3:00 in the afternoon when they were looking for a suspect with an act of arrest warrant linked to a crime. several streets were blocked off. police helicopters joined to the search and people were told to stay inside. police said they did not want to give out too much information because it is an open investigation. police are searching for the man who killed the former were marine -- marine monday
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night. the marine was shot and killed monday night on humboldt avenue in oakland. police have not told us of a possible motive. he graduated from hayward high school and served in the us marines. that was oakland's 83rd homicide of the year. lastrup this time oakland had 92 homicides. the mayor said the number of violent crimes has gone down for the 3rd straight year and she credits the hiring of more police officers. they now have 700 748 police officers. she was known as a popular teacher and a prominent figure in the south bay community, police say 7-year-old -- say the 70-year-old was killed in her home. person has been arrested for her murder.
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>> she was the go to person or historical information. >> claudia has known her for about 34 years and she has nothing but fond memories of her friend. her sudden passing is a complete shock. >> we don't have those types of things in gilroy especially to someone who was so well known and respect in the community. >> it is tragic. she was a prominent member of the city of gilroy. >> at around 11 in the morning on christmas day family members in the home called 911. when deputies got there they found the 70-year-old in distress suffering from severe head trauma. she died at the hospital. her son had attacked his mother with the baseball bat . they arrested him. >> she was really one of the nicest women. >> she lives across the street
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and said the son suffered from mental illness. >> as soon as we saw what was going on he figured it had something to do with the sun. >> she is being remembered as an act of church member. she had a long career as an educator teaching english at gilroy high school and then at san jose state university. they issued a statement expressing condolences. they wrote, i understand she was a valued member and friend at san jose state. she offered this book about gilroy's history loved by her students and the community. she leaves behind a husband, daughter, and son. and mill valley men was arrested for carrying -- a mill valley man was arrested for carrying loaded guns.
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they were found during a traffic stop. he was pulled over for a broken tail light. he was given a citation and was told to appear in court and was released. san francisco police will have to follow a new use of force policy. and -- a judge has locked the new guidelines . it stands officers from applying -- bans officers from a neck hold. the police officer association says the jeopardize officer safety. at least one of the man accused of the deadly stabbing christmas eve inside of a target store in hayward is due in court this morning. the 22- year-old is scheduled for a 9 am court arraignment. she and another man were
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arrested shortly after the stabbing. we spoke with the widow who says the family struggling to deal with what happened. >> he is in a better place. >> reporter: family members are heartbroken over the loss of griffin. >> he always try to protect his kids from seen and unseen danger even being out in traffic , watching out for dogs were crossing the street. he lost his life trying to be heroic for his son. >> reporter: on christmas eve a last-minute shopping trip turns deadly. he and his son were in the toy section trying to get a train when they encountered 2 men playing loud music. he asked the 2 music -- strangers to turn their music down. they pulled out a knife
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and stabbed him as his 4-year- old son watched. >> daddy died trying to protect you, daddy died trying to be a hero. i don't want his death to be in vain. >> hayward police arrested 2 sucks specs in the killing -- suspects in the killing. his family is trying to make sense of it all.>> i see visions of him and i just think to myself, my brother is gone. >> how do you word it, how do you explain to a 4 and a 5-year- old that their father is dead and never coming home. i reached the courage today and said daddy is not coming home. he is in heaven. >> reporter: she says she wants justice for her family. >> i don't ever want them to get out of jail.>> reporter:
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the courts will decide if they will be charged with mortar -- murder . controversy brewing over plans to build a new condo complex in san francisco. why the owners of a popular pub say the development will cost them customers. plus fans all over the world are mourning the death of carrie fisher. no freeze warning in place for the inland areas but it is still quite chilly out there. we will take a look at your holiday weekend coming up.
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welcome back. we are at a dead stop and 280 southbound right there. will bring you up dates shortly. family members and friends remember the actress carrie fisher as she passed away yesterday. she had a massive heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles.
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she is best known for her role as princess princess leia -- princess leia in the star wars trilogy. her costar wrote it is never easy to lose such a vital such a replaceable member of the industry but this is just heartbroken. william shatner tweeted: i am deeply saddened to learn of the death of carrie fisher. i will miss our bantering, the wonderful talent and a light has been distinguished. fans are also remembering carrie fisher. >> she wore white in the mid -- in the midst of darkness . >> i will remember her as a person that did things her way. >> queen of the galaxy she passes on to the stars. is quite emotional.
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>> she had already finished filming episode 8 of star wars which will hit theaters in 2017. >> on our website we posted more on the life of carrie fisher. look for the story on our homepage. we're also talking about our weather because it is cold again. i know we have been saying in a lot, but it is just plain cold. >> one of our guys asked, is it ever going to be warmer? i said yes, in the spring. we are looking at freezing conditions once again this morning. no warnings in place so there is a good sign. temperatures have come up slightly around the bay. in santa rosa you are below freezing and 71. oakland 39. livermore 33. san jose 38
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. we are partly cloudy. we have a little bit of fog over portions of the north bay. visibility is now about a mile and a quarter. they are continuing to watch this. it could take it up a little bit more. i will track it for you throughout the morning hours . here's a look at the rich in place that will remain through the area. there is a system that will work its way from the south by friday and bring the possibility of maybe a few sprinkles but at this point we are dry all the way through your holiday weekend. here's a look at this morning as we role through wednesday, thursday, and friday but on friday morning you can see this is creeping up the coastline. on saturday morning you may have a couple of showers. be prepared for the start of the weekend to be a little bit of wet.
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in the afternoon it kind of shifts to the east. we could have a changeup but for right now we're calling mainly cloudy conditions. for new year's eve we are looking dry. you we are all we had midnight. yesterday we had a system that dropped on the coast and brought a little rain. that has since moved out. we are looking at dry weather for the remaining part of the week. we have a perfect is near 60s -- upper 5th the -- upper 50s and near 60s for the east bay. san francisco to the west 58 for you in the afternoon. south bay locations: 61 for san jose. 62 morgan hill. 63 expected in santa cruz. here's a look at your extended forecast . temperatures coming up just slightly. they hold fairly
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steady. thursday friday, with an increase of cloud coverage on friday. the holiday weekend looks like it will remain drive . yesterday and looked a little iffy but now it is leaning toward dry weather. for those celebrating out doors, this is good news. breaking news from the south bay right now. a rollover crash and san jose has shut down southbound 280 right now near downtown san jose. janine, what happened out there? >> reporter: it looks like there were 3 cars involved in a collision. we don't know if one car collided and then it hit 2 cars or exactly how it happened, but what you are looking at is the southbound lanes of 280. the freeway is
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completely shut down the. all cars are at a standstill. firefighters are working on trying to clean up the roadway. take a look at the red car. it is completely overturned, smashed up. there was a woman, solo occupant inside that car. she had to be extricated and we're told she has serious injuries. in the distance we are told there are 2 other cars that collided. they are trying to figure out how this happened. one of the persons in the other cars was transported and the other one was used in the treatment so they have minor injuries, but there is debris all over the road race. right now -- roadway . right now chp is trying to conduct an investigation. the plan is to at least open up one lane
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because it is a holiday week and there is a backup of cars continuing to commute to work. we will stay out here as soon as we get an update from chp we will let you know when the lanes of traffic will open back up. >> we will keep checking on that major backup and 280. amazon -- on 280. >> amazon is now part of a murder case. we will let you know more details. with the $3.50 sub
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welcome back. a former worker at the for such he outlet and -- in livermore accuses the store of discriminating against african- americans. he says he was trained to use a special code when african-american shoppers entered the shop. he says the code was d410 that is the tag that is listed on all of their black clothing. he said he began to be treated differently a tour -- store
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when he told people he was african-american . they said it was because he didn't seem to understand luxury. >> our client was trained to announce this verbal code if it african-american customer comes into the store. there is also a nonverbal code where the employee would talk on a black article of clothing. >> we've reached out to her sake and they have not yet responded -- to verse watching and they -- versace and they have not yet responded. the next time you want to
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watch a disney movie you may want to head to who -- hulu. they have required the license and exclusive rights to more than 50 disney movies. those films along with others will be exclusive to huhlu and will not done any other streaming sources. a new car was unveiled showing bulky sensors being replaced with 2 sleeker sensors built into the roof. they have more staying power and new cameras. ford has plans to start testing self driving cars on california roads sometime next year. this holiday shopping season could turn out to be one of the best in years. holiday sales are expected to top $1 trillion which is 4
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percent up from last year. because christmas was on sunday shoppers had an extra saturday to go out and buy the gifts they wanted. monday was also a federal holiday which gave many people an extra day to shop for those after christmas bargains. >> you help them out as well. >> i did. i did the newscast the following morning and i had 2 minutes to go in and come out with the bargains. we have minor warm-up on the way. we're off to a very
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cold start, near freezing some of our inland conditions. we will look at your afternoon highs and take you into your holiday weekend coming up.
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welcome back. look at this live picture. 2 people are headed to the hospital after a rollover crash near san jose. this is happening along southbound 280. chp opened up one lane of traffic for cars letting some of them get through . you can see it on the far left of your screen. for now you should take it hundred and 80. for now you should take it hundred and 84 highway 101 to avoid the shut down on the freeway. they will be out there for a while. >> it is unusual to see that early in the morning because the freeways are usually wide open. we have


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