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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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welcome back. look at this live picture. 2 people are headed to the hospital after a rollover crash near san jose. this is happening along southbound 280. chp opened up one lane of traffic for cars letting some of them get through . you can see it on the far left of your screen. for now you should take it hundred and 80. for now you should take it hundred and 84 highway 101 to avoid the shut down on the freeway. they will be out there for a while. >> it is unusual to see that early in the morning because the freeways are usually wide open. we have no estimated
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time for reopening. >> we do thank you for joining us. it is the middle of the week, wednesday, december 28. state water officials say they are not ready to say the drought is over yet despite all of the recent rain. so far we have had 50 percent more rain than an average year. officials say they do not know what the rest of the year is going to look like so that is why they are not calling it an end to the drought. they say snowfall is also 72 percent of average is. >> 3 months into what could be the 6th the year of drought, it is too early to call. there are too many factors involved. >> it will conduct the first official snowpack measurements in less than a week. that leads us to a check on our weather. it is just plain cold. >> cold and dry with no rain
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in the forecast. we thought we would see some of the end of the week but that has since scaled back. let's talk about what is coming up outside for you today. today temperatures of sneaking back into the 30s. we are below freezing in santa rosa. 31 walnut creek. around the bay we have a few 40s to speak up -- of. san francisco and 43. 40 degrees hey work. 40 degrees -- hey word -- hayward. 40 degrees san jose. as we go to the peninsula we had temperatures, 34 foster city . 31 degrees woodside. sometimes you hear us talking about cool air being more dense
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. here's an example right here. we are at 34 degrees in saratoga . this is about 2000 feet above elevation and we are looking at 52 degrees right now in -- . cold air sneaking into the valley once again and that is where we are finding our colder weather. we are looking pretty good at the moment but be aware we had some packing -- patchy fog out there around the sonoma airport. winds is generally light . here's a look at what you can expect in mountain view area. temperatures will get to about 60 degrees this afternoon. we will top off at 60 for the early afternoon. when we come back we'll take a look at the extended forecast. we're keeping an eye on bay area freeways. we told you about the shutdown
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and 200 -- 280 . let's head over to the toll plaza. we don't have much traffic at all. smooth sailing as you head into san francisco. that is the same story for the golden gate bridge. it has pretty much been traffic free as everyone is taking the week off. president obama and the japanese prime minister says the joint visit to the pearl harbor memorial shows the power of reconciliation. >> a reminder that even the deepest wounds of war can give way to friendship and lasting peace. >> the japanese prime minister later dropped flowers into the water at the memorial honoring the servicemembers that lost to their lives in the japanese
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attack on december 7 in the japanese attack on december 7, 1941. he did not apologize for the attack but said japan must never repeat the horrors of war ever again. >> i offer my sincere and everlasting diligences to the soul of those -- condolences to the soul of those who lost their lives here. >> they say the lions -- alliance has never been stronger. in open defiance of un resolution condemning israeli settlement on a land for independent state has the us defending the plan to veto the resolution. today john kerry is expected to explain why the us abstained from the vote. the failure to reject the resolution is creating hard feelings between 2 longtime allies. >> we know there is a deep collision between the obama administration and palestinians
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in order to push this united nations security council resolution forward. that is deeply disappointing because historically america has protected israel at this very by his body. >> you reject the notion that the united states was the driving force behind this resolution. that is just not true. >> this follows donald trump's growing is a of the un that he is not the only one. republicans are talking about cutting off us funding for the united nations. the idea of california becoming its own country is gaining support but could it really happened? it all depends on who you ask. the exit appears to be gaining support since donald trump was elected president. it is the 6th largest economy and paste $370 billion a year in taxes. the group called yes california trying to collect a half- million signatures to qualify for a ballot initiative in 2018
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. the head of the bay area chapter says the exit is a real possibility. political analyst are not so sure. >> california is an economic engine for the united states. the idea that other states would say, you can leave and go off on your own is not only unlikely but incredibly improbable. >> i think the fact that we are saying so out loud, and it is going to get louder that we would rather be independent, i thinks it gives -- i think it gives people pause for thought. pack -- there are hurdles in this idea, getting california residents to go along as well as getting congress to go along . a new menorah is on its way to san francisco to replace the one stolen at north beach.
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police are investigating this stuff -- theft which was taken some time before monday night. according to the chronicle, a massachusetts man is donating a 6 foot tall wooden menorah that folds up. the owners of a popular san francisco bar are worried about a proposed condo tower. they say the condos would cast a shadow over their are -- outdoor beard garden -- beer guarded. >> with more than 60 beers on tap it has been a staple for beer lovers for 40 years.>> this is fantastic. besides going to the park this is one of the few places you can hang out and. >> but in nearby proposed condo building would cast a shadow of crossed the beer
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garden during happy hour and we would not receive the same amount of sun between march and october which is our peak season . a sudden garden -- it would suddenly mean a chilly garden. >> would you set out here? >> probably not. >> the new apartment complex would be built across the street behind that fence. it would cast a shadow over half of this patio in the owners believe it could decrease sales by 30 percent. >> a worker said he is worried that the site has been contaminated by oil underground. the bar owner says they do not want to stop the development but they would like less stories . >> they have been unwilling to compromise.
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>> we reached out but we have not heard back as of air time. they have filed for discretionary review hearing for the project will be -- which will be held at city hall . they say they want their workers to keep their jobs in patients -- patrons to drink on the sunny side of the street . we continue to follow breaking news out of the south bay. a rollover crash has shut down several lanes of 280 near downtown san jose. we are live with an update. >> reporter: within the last 20 minutes chp opened up 2 lanes of traffic year on southbound 280. i want to show you one of the cars involved. it is overturned and>> stuff. there was a woman who -- and smashed up. there was a woman who was the driver, she was transported to
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the hospital. there is the engine sitting in the middle of the road. there are firefighters cleaning up the debris. they also tended to the vic ems in the crash -- vic dems in the crash -- victims in the crash. one of the drivers was driving the wrong way on 280 in the south only and that -- south island lane. -- southbound lane. that caused a chain reaction crash. as i mentioned about 20 minutes ago they opened up 2 lanes of traffic and now there is work being done. firefighters are trying to clean up the debris so they can open up all lanes of traffic. they give us an estimate of about an hour or so.
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of the questions we asked was to alcohol or drugs appear to be involved -- one of the questions we asked was if alcohol or drugs at feared to be involved and they said they will have to get back with us. >> it was interesting she said one of the cars was driving the wrong way but they have not determined if alcohol or drugs was affect.-- was a factor.
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welcome back. while the bay area is dealing with chilly temperatures it is nothing compared to what they are getting in the midwest and to the northeast. this is what it is like in minnesota. the states have been pounded the powerful snow for the last few days. the weather system that dumped that snow has now moved east.
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there are winter storm watches in parts of new york in the northeast. >> i looked out the window and my wife asked if a branch fell and i said it is a bit more than a branch. >> it has been warmer than usual in new york city and that is good news for new year's eve. workers are preparing to drop the ball. we are moving over to rosemary talking about our forecast for this wednesday morning. >> yes, it is a cold one out there but no freeze warnings are in place. >> low 60s in the forecast for some of our inland locations. partly cloudy skies overhead
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with a little bit of patchy fog to deal with. let's get to our numbers because the headline once again this morning, to the north bay we go 31 santa rosa. 45 san francisco. upper 30s redwood city. 40 degrees hayward. 39 oakland. low 30s walnut creek, livermore and -- . any of 33. below freezing alamo. visibility is pretty good for most of us. we can see 10 miles but if we go to the north bay we have visibility anywhere from a mile and a quarter reported at times to almost 2 miles. a rigid high-pressure remains in control of our weather pattern.
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we continue to watch the system off of the southern california coastline. may get a little bit of cloud cover for the morning. take a look as we go into wednesday, thursday, and friday . we don't have a lot of change between now and then. friday morning could change for a couple of areas. the model that wants to push it toward the east and then missed the bay area. for the time being will call for partly cloudy skies. we have another system that looks like it may impact us on saturday but here we are saturday into midnight and we are looking fairly dry. we are calling for the possibility of a few changes by the end of the week but mainly dry as we go through your holiday we can. san francisco 58. upper 50s for the inner east bay . south bay locations upper 60s
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. 63 expected for santa cruz. temperatures are holding fairly steady as we get through thursday and friday. at this point we're calling for dry, cool conditions for all of your new year's eve festivities. amazon refusing to turn over recordings that may have been made by one of the wireless speaker voice command devices that was inside a home where a man was killed. police want the recordings as part of their investigation but amazon has refused to hand over the information citing privacy concerns. amazon said they will not release customer information without a warrant.
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welcome back. at least 2 people killed and 30 others injured when a train derailed in northern india. 14 train
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cars derailed and 2 of the cars fell into a dry canal bed. the cars under investigation. dylann roof, south carolina man accused of killing 9 people inside of a church in south carolina is due in court today. earlier this month he was found guilty of the shootings. today the jury will start to hear testimony related to his sentencing. next month they will decide whether he will be given a sentence of life in prison or get the death penalty. local and federal investigation are looking in 2 plane crashes. and one of the plane crashes 2 people died. -- in one of the plane crashes 2 people died. among those killed was an 8- year-old boy. the other plane crash happened about 100 and. the other plane crash happened about 130 miles southwest. in this incident a man and a
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woman on board sustained minor injuries. the pilot was trying to land in the field but the aircraft looked over. how teenagers proceed marijuana and how often they use it is the focus of a new study from uc davis. this research could raise concern about teen marijuana use here in california. >> reporter: they compare perceptions of risks associated with marijuana and actual use of marijuana before-and-after legalization. in washington and colorado compared to other 45 states where it is not legal -- in washington we found a and -- 8th and high schoolers have an increase -- decrease in the perception of the use of
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marijuana. >> in colorado no change in perception of use at any grade level. this uc davis professor who published the study said it cannot explain why adolescents in washington now see fewer risks with smoking pot than kids in colorado the did the rise up could have something to do with colorado's ability to destigmatize marijuana over a longer period of time. >> in colorado it was a commercialized system related to medical marijuana dispensaries prior to the legalization of recreational marijuana. >> the professor of medicine at ucsf says that because marijuana is socially except double, the use of it increasing -- socially acceptable , the use of it is increasing. >> if you are looking to promote business you will
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create a situation where we will see a growing rapidly and a lot of the associated health impacts hollowing. >> the study should raise concern for any state legalizing marijuana for rick regional use. >> and places were marijuana is legalized -- for recreational use . >> in places where marijuana is legalized it makes it easier to access it. >> the doctor who has studied the long-term effects or continual use of marijuana say those people often have a hard time at work and with their relationships. coming up: a series of early morning of critics had many -- earthquakes had many californians wide-awake after midnight. also surgery on a new leg cast is quite an experience for
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carr. another bone chilling start for some of our inland cities. i will have a look at what you can expect coming up. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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we're live in san jose we are three-car collision has shut down southbound 280. we have the latest from the scene, tell you what caused it and how long the closure will be. good morning, thank you for joining us. we have been watching this developing story all morning long. there was a rollover crash on southbound 280. 2 people in the hospital and traffic has been messed up. chp is on top of it. we will bring you a live report in just a moment on the three- car crash in the injuries out there and how the commute has been affect. include traffic
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elsewhere around the bay is okay .-- good thing traffic elsewhere around the day is okay. we're still below freezing for some of our inland communities. giving you a live look at the bay bridge, fairly calm start to the day. the chill is on so let's get to the numbers. in the north bay we do have colder numbers. low 30s for the inner east bay. freezing in livermore as well as conquered in fairfield slipping to 29. around the bay we are not as bad. for half moon bay we have little air circulating keeping the cold air from settling


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