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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 4, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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he has been denied parole 12 times. the next hearing won't happen for ten more years. >> henry lee joins us to talk about oakland's new top cop. we're tracking the latest storm. plus, positive parenting for the new year and how to keep the trend rolling. ♪[music] do you ski, do you snowboard? do you sit in the lodge and drink hot chocolate. raise your hand. >> all of the above. >> do you like to sit in traffic? that could be your situation if you're headed here. a live look at what is happening at boyle. a ton of snow to report. this makes skiers and borders happy but interstate 80 was closed for a long distance between auburn and truckee. let's bring it back to the heart of the bay area. san francisco also seeing the
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rain as well. things have cleared up dramatically in the 9:00 hour compared to where we were five hours ago. >> two different stories right there from the shots, gasia. >> yeah. >> the one in the sierra and one here. not too far away. 150 miles apart. cool to see that perspective. >> as we talk about the coming days, mark tamayo, you say this is a lot of rain but wait until saturday. >> yeah. we're focusing on this weekend. this is a big deal moving into the bay area. we already have the rainfall and the wind from this morning. this weekend, it will be really ramped up. take a look at the rainfall totals over the past 24 hours. san rafael, 3.61 inches. santa rosa, over two inches. thankfully the bulk of the action was before the morning commute. probably woke you up, the gusty winds. we had a wind advisory in place but that has expired. mount diablo, gusts up to 61 miles per hour.
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on the satellite and radar, you saw the sierra with the picture up to borel. come in closer to the bay area. still lingering rain out there. a lot of this is not reaching the ground right now. you might encounter light showers and sprinkles out there. we get breaks in afternoon and into tonight. we have to hold on to the possibility of scattered showers especially for your wednesday evening and early thursday morning. once again we will talk about the next system coming on board. that is a big deal for both saturday and sunday. it could be one of those things, maybe one of the strongest systems of the year. it will rank up there potentially. >> a lot more snow up in the mountains. >> exactly. we saw a lot happening this morning. >> yeah. >> it's going to ramp up quite a bit this weekend. >> i have a huge pine tree not far from the front door. >> yeah. >> i keep telling my wife it's not health i because of the drought. >> yeah. >> with the wind like you're talking about on saturday and
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sunday, i'm concerned that trees will start fall. >> that is a good point. the system that moved through today already weakened things. it will come in a one-two punch. >> you have the saturated ground. who knows what can happen. >> look what happened in montclair in oakland. >> yeah. >> plan on power outages this weekend. >> thank you. >> thank you, mark. of course we have been talking about the snow up in the sierra. causing big headaches for drivers up in that area. developing story we have been following throughout the morning. chain controls in effect for both interstate 80 in truckee, heading toward truckee and also highway 50 heading towards south lake tahoe. you need to have chains or you need to have a four-wheel drive car and snow tires if you want to get through that area. big rigs are not being allowed to travel on either of those highways there. the freeway, interstate 80, that is, was shut down for a couple of hours because they had just white-out conditions. kevin cooper actually got stuck
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in that closure this morning. he is headed up to kirk wood and will give us a live report on the conditions up there in about 25 minutes. tons of snow. >> i know you were busy filling in for sal all morning. >> yeah. >> traffic problems in the bay area as well. the south bay and the santa cruz mountains as well. janine de la vega is live in san jose with how the roads are looking behind you. janine. >> reporter: well, we haven't really gotten any significant rainfall in hours. but the roads are still wet. they will be drying out soon if it stays like it is. right now the chp has been dealing with traffic hazards from earlier this morning. they have been dealing with rocks and mud. we also had a report on the alameda off of 880 of a tree branch down, blocking one of the lanes. where most of the problems have been is in the santa cruz mountains. take a look at this video that we shot much earlier this morning around 5:00 a.m. where a tree fell down off of
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northbound highway 17 at idyllwild road. residents were stuck and couldn't drive out because it was completely blocking the road. caltrans came and cleared the road. off of bear creek road off of 17, a car got stuck in several feet of water where the road floods. the driver was okay. caltrans cleared the drain. the ground is so saturated that it is causing mud and rocks to break away. the chp has gone to a number of the calls in the santa cruz mountains. there are some of the same calls in the gilroy hollister area. for the most part, no major crashes in the south bay. but police are reminding people, you know, slow down. when it does start raining again, make sure to put on those headlights. back to you. >> thank you, janine. happening at noon, the new oakland police chief will be introduced.
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anne kirkpatrick. she was considered to head up both the seattle and chicago police departments. last june chicago actually hired her to spear head reforms. oakland has been without a chief since june when the city went through three chiefs in a week and a half. some officers have been embroiled in a sex scandal with a self pro claimed teenage prostitute. joining us this morning in the studio is henry lee. anne kirkpatrick, tell us what we're going to see here. >> we knew from the outset that mayor schaaf was looking for an outsider here. she is as outside as can be. no connections to oakland. she has a lot on her plate already. she needs to hit the ground running and deal with many constituents. we have seen a lot of police from outside quit and resaying nate. they're tired of the red tape
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bureaucracy. >> i remember the mayor used phrases like macho. i'm not running a frat house back when there was the revolving case of chiefs seven months ago. the fact that she chose a woman to lead the city, what does that say. >> it speaks volume. she wants to clean house and have fresh eyes coming from outside of california to turn this department around. it remains to be seen. clearly the first female police chief in oakland, a lot of eyes on her. and we will see what happens. >> and the most important thing for any chief to do when they come in is to try to command the respect, especially of all of the officers. it's going to be a tough task for her. how do you think she goes about doing that? >> she has to meet with all of the command staff, the police officers meet -- go to each lineup. it will be tough. i specifically remember when anthony bats came in. he came from outside. i remember hearing on the police scanner saying bats was the new chief and the response was who? a lot of the officers may not have heard of her.
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they will have to get used to her style and how she operates and see how she americans with the oakland police department and all of the challenges with the sex exploitation scandal and the ongoing federal monitoring. >> uh-huh. >> it is not an enviable job. a tough job. >> i remember when they introduced william scott as the new chief in san francisco. he said change is a challenge, going with what you were saying, alex, about working with the officers. i guess my question, henry, is this chief a leader or is she a reformer? it seems they was hired in chicago not to lead. she was one of the finalists but to be a reformer. and do you need that? are the chiefs nowadays, it is someone that can reform police departments and resolve scandals. >> you need both. she has been a police chief since 1996. she knows how to lead in three different cities in washington. she has only been in chicago for six months.
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it remains to be seen how well can she hit the ground running. >> i saw in spoken she said that she implemented a data driven strategy that uses real time crime statistics to hold commanders accountable for crimes. >> that sounds similar to what opd is doing now. we heard it with the lapd. you need real time monitoring so if there is a spike in burglaries, you need to nip that in the bud immediately. >> this search took a long time here. 7 months. we didn't hear anything from the mayor about the process. do we know why it took so long? do we know if anne kirkpatrick was the mayor's top choice? >> we never heard of the finalists, let alone anne kirkpatrick. we knew that mayor schaaf and the administration did not want to rush this time around. reward had three chiefs. she did not want to make that
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same mistake twice. she had to make sure that she had the right chief on board, listen to the citizens. she had all of the town hall meetings and questionnaires. what do you want. this is what we have. >> chicago was in the news because of the high homicide rate last year. 762 comings in oakland last year. there are a number of issues, internal issues, you know, the jasmine scandal. so many things -- such a complex problem, if you will, to try to solve. the fact that she comes from chicago with the high homicide rate, a lot of people say what were you doing out there that you're going to bring here. >> yeah. there will be a lot of skepticism. i have seen anthony bat. wayne tucker down the street from the sheriff's office who says i'm tired of all of the pure crack he's. when you're police chief in oakland, you're not really calling the shots. you have to deal with the city council, the police union.
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it's not like wave a magic wand and boom. >> she wasn't brought to chicago to reduce crime. >> she is a reformer. >> she had controversy in spokane and officers there. >> she had a lawsuit filed against her. >> yeah. so you have to be ready to put your hat in the fire. this is a tough city to be top cop. >> >> long list of cheers. >> yeah. >> thank you, henry. we appreciate it. in the mean time, the police commission of san francisco will hold the first meeting of the year. there were 59 in san francisco last year. in the new year, it opened with two separate deadly shootings. the commission is scheduled to meet behind closed doors to examine the lawsuit brought by the officer's union against the commission regarding the use of force policy commission members approved last month. oakland and san francisco have police chiefs that come from outside of the bay area.
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it is imperative that they get involved in cities they serve. we're asking you let's take it one step farther. should the police chief live in the city that he or she serves, becoming part of the community. one twitter user says yes, so should teachers. these have been researched and miley effective in transforming towns. >> vaughn says no they shouldn't have to. sometimes an outside view of a place is the best way to look at something. >> we got another twitter pops. this person said yes, too many of our existing police are not living here. the chief should live in the city that they are hired to run. >> what if i'm the police chief of atherton and i can't afford a home there. keep posting your comments and we will them to you at 9:30. a speeding train slammed into a station in new york
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city. up next, 100 people are injured. to politics, the battle between democrats and republicans may get uglier. the high profile attorney hired as president-elect donald trump gets ready to take the white house.
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>> 9:15. looking at stocks. up a little. that is the story of the dow this morning. making modest gains this morning. nasdaq up by a full percent. s&p up one half of one percent. >> it was off the tracks. >> yes, it was. it was in the air. >> and had you to jump down. >> jump down to the platform to get off of the train. >> there were about 600 people on board the commuter train when it pulled into the
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station. investigators don't know yet why the train operator did not stop. none of the injuries here are considered life threatening. the ntsb and railroad administration are investigating. president-elect donald trump announced this morning that he will nominate wall street attorney jake clayton to be chairman of the securities and exchange commission. he said that clayton is a highly talented expert on many aspects of financial and regulatory law. the president-elect has repeatedly said he wants to undo many regulations that have styled investments in american businesses. in the meantime, democratic leaders in the california legislature have hired former attorney general eric holder to represent them in any legal fights with president-elect trump's white house. holder was the attorney general under president obama. he is now a prominent lawyer in washington, d.c. in a statement this morning, the leaders of both the senate and assembly here in california say they hired holder as outside legal counsel to protect, quote,
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california's economy and our sensible policies on climate change, health care, civil rights and immigration. a battle happening on capitol hill this morning over the affordable care act. president obama was on capitol hill just this morning meeting with democratic lawmakers encouraging them to fight republican efforts to dismantle the affordable care act. at the same time vice president- elect mike pence met with republicans on a strategy on the best way to replace and repeal obamacare. >> the first order of business is to repeal and replace obamacare. that was our message today. it will be our message on capitol hill. >> the republican plan to cut health care wouldn't make america great again. it would make america sick again. and lead to chaos instead of affordable care. >> president obama the affordable care act into law nearly 7 years ago. he is now working hard to save what is considered his signature piece of domestic legislation. some 20 million americans now have health insurance under the
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affordable care act. president-elect donald trump offed some advice to republicans this morning, tweeting they should be careful to make sure it that the democrats, quote, own the failed obamacare disaster with the poor coverage and massive premium increases. he also criticizes the high deductibles and say that democrats are to blame for the mess. >> well, president-elect donald trump also used twitter to attack general motors, accusing that company of sending jobs to mexico. this is what he tweeted. general motors is sending mexican made model of chevy cruse to car dealers tax free across border. make usa or pay bigger border tax. gm says that all sedans are made in ohio and that just 4500 hatch bangs are made in mexico and sold in the u.s. hillary clinton and former president bill clinton have confirmed they will attend the upcoming inauguration of president-elect trump. george w. bush and his wife laura as well as jimmy carter
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and his wife also plan to be there on january 20th. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, new members of congress sworn in during a special ceremony. this was all kind of awkward. how one ohio lawmaker's young son stole the show. setting goals for the new year. setting the right goals of 2017 with your family.
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start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea >> all right. we're a few days into the new year. what can you do to make sure you that set the right tone for 2017 when it comes to your children and home life. >> how do you help your family make sure that the habits continue through the next 12 months. >> and hopefully the next 12 years. the doctor that specializes in parenting, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> i would like to run my new year's resolution by. you instead of doing so much for my family, i will do more
9:22 am
with them. specifically my two little boys who i work hard to clothe and feed. they don't care about that. they want the book read to them in the middle of the afternoon. does this sound like a common struggle. >> yes. that is a perfect resolution. the first thick i want to say, let's talk about intentions instead of resolutions. we find that resolutions are set up for failure and then we have to abort this mission. we only went five days or ten days and we're out. if you intend to that do an a nightly basis, even if you have one off night, you can pick that up again. i like what you were saying about your intenses. the best thing that we can do for our kids is be the person and parent we want them to be eventually be. so if we model this behavior. >> okay. >> connectivity, family, whatever our values are day in and day out, it is a two for one. we are healthier and shows them
9:23 am
the values we want to bring through. >> i like that. my son says grace every time that we eat dinner. he likes to lead that. >> and you probably don't have to prompt him to do that. >> no. one of my peat peeves is sitting in conversation with friends and someone says i love my children. i'm like we all love our children. do you feel that parents get trapped and they think as long as i love my children, i'm a good parent. >> we say that love is necessary but not enough. people who love their kids sometimes don't make the best decisions and do things that can impact them. so love is essential. i think we need to be purposeful with our parenting behavior. again, what are we modeling beyond the love. it is necessary but we need more than love. >> you're talking about being a positive parent moving into the new year. i'm sitting at home and my son, i see hip doing something, for
9:24 am
instance, writing with marker on the dining room table. just spit balling here. >> yeah. >> how do i maintain positivity in that moment. >> yeah. and maybe positivity is maybe a little too strong. how about perspective. >> okay. >> because i think we have to be aware of where our kids are in their development. you know, we were talking earlier our kids are at different ages. we have add less represents at home which is different than what it used to be like. drawing on furniture for a 4- year-old is not that uncommon. we want to manage our emotions and self talk before we respond with, you know what, that is not a good idea. we will have to figure out how to clean this up. let's take a time off. >> it is stepping back and having perspective. >> i grew up in a traditional household. of course we never drank or smoked. of course.
9:25 am
i feel like i'm a berkeley. for give me because you grew up there. how does that make you feel. how do you think that your brother feels when you hit him. i want my sons to have decent manners but you can't say knock that off. not that i would ever spank. i'm not as firm as my parents were on me. >> i am tough all the time. my daughter had time out. >> no time out. >> we're going to start the debate here. different parenting styles. the pendulum has swung far. the movement is to come back to the middle which is the combination it does matter how you think and feel but it also matters how your behavior impacted and us the expectations and values we have on our family. it is finding the balance. >> there has been a shift in parenting yes and no and you
9:26 am
say there has been. >> it depends probably where you are in the country. it depends on, you know, what sort of culture in. overall, there has been a tendency from old school to go more for touchy feely. >> yes. >> that's better than berkeley. >> we're trying to get back to the middle. >> i like that. no disrespect to berkeley. >> none taken. >> i love berkeley. >> the e-mails are already coming in. >> warm and fuzzy. i feel like i'm doing them a disservice because their boss won't be warm and fuzzy. >> life is tough. >> yeah. it is a fine line to walk. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, a big system moving through the sierra. we will explain what this means for the skiers and borders. >> you do time out. >> yeah, we do it.
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♪[music] >> at 9:29, we are checking your responses to the question of the day. we have been asking you throughout mornings on 2. it has to do with the announcement that oakland has a new police chief after a 7-month search. she is coming from out of the area. san francisco also has a new chief coming from outside of the area as well. should a police chief be required to live in the city that he or she serves much a lot of back and forth on this. jim writes, i feel requiring a police chief to live in the city is not reasonable. this reduces the pool of qualified candidates. i said what if i don't make $1 million to afford a home in atherton. >> so it sounds like don't rule it out if you can't afford a home. >> people feel strongly. i have a response here.
9:30 am
yes, over 90% of opd already live outside of oakland. the police chief should set an example and show pride and ownership. >> okay. >> dennis chimed in saying it should be their choice whether or not to live anywhere. i feel sometimes this is a good debate. i go back and forth with it. when you have someone in the department, has been there for 25, 30 years and live outside of the department, they have been working the beats for decades. they know the beats whether they live in the city or not. the question is why hire someone from outside. if you do do that, maybe that person should live in the city. >> right. >> because they don't know where the fruit vail or. >> right. >> or the quickest way to get downtown. >> right. >> something to say hiring from within. but also something to say it is nice to have an extra eyes on the department. >> just living in the city doesn't mean that you will know the city in and out.
9:31 am
a lot of people live in a neighborhood and don't live into places like oakland or san francisco. >> if i'm the chief of oakland but i live in antioch and something big happens, is it going to be 45 minutes before i get to the scene? so we appreciate your thoughts and answers. we will keep taking them throughout the day. we especially use your hues of tvu. look who is here after a busy morning. mark tamayo has been tracking the rain. >> you know it's a busy weather day when you see the weather person up here twice. >> we appreciate it. a lot of people are concerned about today and saturday. >> we lucked out today. the heaviest moved in before the morning commute. a few scattered showers. this one this weekend we're talking about for saturday and sunday. excessive rainfall rates and flood warnings and wind advisories. a lot to talk about. you can see clouds. it looks poetic out there.
9:32 am
glassy conditions on the bay. a good sign. the wind has backed off a little bit. on storm tracker 2, you can see the rain heading out towards the sierra. this is one report from homewood this morning. reporting 16 inches of snowfall coming in after 9:00 this morning. let's move the maps closer to the bay area. we will show you this. not a lot of coverage on the radar. a few breaks out there were a few scattered light showers. still breaks to get outside and enjoy the owe 'at least the drying trend setting up for tomorrow. thursday and friday will be dry. this weekend, a narrow band of moisture directed towards the bay area. this this will generate significant rainfall and flooding and the winds as well. keep an eye on that. thursday and friday we are prepping for the major deal this weekend. when i say major, i mean it. saturday and sunday. heavy rain. strong winds. we talked about a flood
9:33 am
advisory, a flood warning kick up as well. look at the bottom. you see that snow pack go up quite a bit. you will see the numbers go from 17 to this inches. over the past 24 hours of the storm totals up there as well. this has been a productive storm. not only here but in the mountains. >> you're talking about the mountains. joining us now via skype from south lake tahoe is kevin cooper. i'm hearing that you couldn't even make it to kirkwood. road closures. >> reporter: oh, my got. i've been driving that highway for 25 years. this is one of the sketchiest drives i've had. there was a layer of water under the snow. mark was talking about the system. it is very interesting because the temperature is dropping two to three degrees depending on what wave or band is starting to come through. so this morning, it was about 35 degrees. we were getting sustained rain and water. then it dropped rapidly three
9:34 am
to four degrees and snow started to pile up. now it's just a small break right now. but just this morning, about 8 inches in south lake and up towards kirkwood. highway 88 was closed. jackknifed trucks. caltrans. high avalanche danger. if went from moderate to considerable to high today. so definitely a lot of snow. an unstable snow pack right now. >> coop, is there such a thing as too much of a big thing up there? you're going to have a couple more feet of snow before the weekend is over with. can the resorts handle that good we can handle it but we're going to slow our roll. our ski patrol this morning, we used the hallster along with hand chargers. not opening upper mountain. they're going to take their time and look at the snow pack and do a lot of avalanche
9:35 am
mitigation over the next 24 hours. as you said, mark, earlier, this next wave coming in is also charge. so we definitely want to take care of the mountains as we have them now. don't expect lots of things to open right now. we're going to be as cautious as possible. >> and coop, how long does it take to assess the avalanche danger? will they have an idea tomorrow or friday? >> yeah. in fact kirkwood i was talking to the boys up there this morning. they were actually out on the mountain at 5:00 a.m. looking at it. there was a lot of snow load on the mountains as well. that is the first part of it, dropping the corners down. everybody is going to have that right now. so it's going to take us a day to assess that steeper terrain. but, again, we will get to it. but we'll just take our time. >> is this for you guys putting money in the bank? we talk about how long the season is going to extend on the back end.
9:36 am
how long can we enjoy these benefits we're seeing today and over the weekend. >> i think we lost him. >> man. coop, if you're there, come back. >> he talked about the avalanche danger. a lot of my friends like to go out of bounds sometimes. this is the time that you shouldn't. >> unfortunately we hear news stories. even before the storm, there was avalanche concern. there is coming up on bigger -- the amount up there in 24 hours is bringing it to the extreme range. i'm not an avalanche expert. but with that and more snow into the weekend, that will be a big concern. >> i just dread getting stung on 80. >> slow the roll. >> when he says he has been driving it for 20 years and this was one of the toughest drive. >> so frustrating. >> i'm staying here. if you love the snow, good news from the snow survey. it appears --
9:37 am
>> they should do it today. >> they should do it on monday. >> yeah. >> it was yesterday however that they did the snow survey. when the water resource department took the first snow survey of the year. it found that the water content is about half of normal. it does not sound good but experts say it is actually good news since a week ago, the ground was pretty much bare. about 30% of california's water supply comes from the sierra snow pack. later on tonight, the pacifica city council will hold a meeting to approve a contract to tear down that apartment complex that is sitting on the edge of a crumbling cliff. the apartment complex has been at risk because of cliff erogues. it was yellow tagged last year and the people living there all had to move out. not only is that building in danger of falling down on to the beach below but deemed a health crisis because asbestos and other hazardous materials were found inside.
9:38 am
over the last six years, two other apartments have been torn down because of coastal erosion. some streets were flooded. city planners say people living near creeks should closely watch the water levels. especially this coming weekend. ever since the last big storms, officials have had crews trying to help prevent bigger problems this around. the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland at the warehouse brought about how important building safety codes are. fire officials are talking about new requirements for all city apartment buildings. tara moriarty is live to tell us about the new fire code that focuses on tenants here. >> reporter: the fire chief will be spear heading the conference, revealing the new 2017 fire code. in less than two hours. originally this press conference was supposed to happen weeks ago but the ghost
9:39 am
ship fire had just happened and they felt the emotions were still raw from that. over the summer, there was new legislation passed requiring building owners to post diagrams for tenants to they know where all of the smoke detectors. the diagrams must be posted by march 10th. another new requirement is that building owners must have their on tact information posted for annual inspection by january 31st. this will help alleviate any problems that fire inspectors have when they show up and ring the buzzer and nobody answers. this is for buildings with three or more units. san francisco is the only place in the world that will have these laws. failure to comply will result in violations. the fire department recommends also making diagrams of those carbon monoxide detectors. again, that's not a law but it is highly recommended.
9:40 am
live in san francisco, tara moriarty, back to you. >> thank you, tara. kamal harris is now a u.s. senator. >> please raise your right hand. >> harris was elected to take the seat of senator barbara boxer. she is the first women of african-american and indian descent to cervical cal in the sent -- to serve california in the senate. 58-year-old democrat is expected to have a smooth confirmation. the senate has 90 cause to confirm him. it seems the star of the day during the swearing in ceremony was a little boy from ohio. the son of tim ryan of ohio. he was mugging for the camera. i love the smile. even tried to get himself sworn in. rose that right hand. he tried to make it in there.
9:41 am
just another great big smile for the camera. >> he has been watching steph curryas daughter. >> that's true. >> coming up next, the story of three struggling singers with a star studded cast. the cast of star is back. a look at tonight's episode still ahead. one nail salon in the east bay doing more than giving women a fresh look. the help that customers can get as they try to become more independent.
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>> all right. get ready. coming up in 15 minutes, tickets go on sale for this year's bottle rock napa valley.
9:44 am
foo fighter, tom petty and the heart breakers and maroon 5 are the headliners. the three-day festival starts on may 26th. ♪[music] ♪ they don't love you like i do ♪ ♪ >> and beyonce is going to head this year's coachella music festival down in indio. she will be there and radio head and lamar. and tickets go on sale today. takes place over two weekends in april. the golden state warriors will break ground on their new arena in two weeks. it will host concerts and conventions as well. it will be built in mission bay. the plans call for a new waterfront park that will include restaurants, cafes and public plazas. the current timetable calls for the chase center to open in to two years. >> are you excited about that? >> yeah. i am. if i can afford a ticket to get
9:45 am
inside. >> a lot of people can't take their family to a new warriors game. >> imagine what the new prices will be like. it will be beautiful. >> i wonder if it will have i bring in a democratic national convention. >> that would be great. >> and the all-star game. >> there is not a venue like that in the city. >> there will be plenty of work there. turning to our coverage of the 49ers coaching and general manager search. they will interview anthony wyn. he is currently the buffalo bills interim head coach. york is heading up the search and will make the final hires. he is expected to talk to two green bay packers executives. let's stick with football here. sources say that the raiders rookie quarterback connor cook will start this saturday in the
9:46 am
afc wild card game against the houston texans. he will be the first envelope quarterback to make his first career start in a playoff game. he did see action on sunday against the broncos after matt was taken out with a shoulder injury. matt was started in place of derek carr who broke his leg in a game on christmas eve. >> best of luck to connor cook. >> lots of pressure. >> get the win. a unique program at a nail salon in san leandro that is doing more than giving women a new look. women also find job skills, life lessons and a fresh start. >> and then this is where we see our groups. so we can see -- we have seen as many as eight people in here. providing pedicures. >> reporter: taking a tour of the nail care is a loan, every room has a story. and the common theme, single
9:47 am
mothers looking for a fresh start. >> the fact that we can effect a change in the mother's life, we can change the trajectory of the entire family. >> reporter: they play close attention to nails and reshaping the lives of staff and clients. >> we put together an individual success plan for each woman. and that plan is really predicated on what they want out of life. >> reporter: racks of donated shoes and clothes are place in the lobby for any client looking to clean up for job interviews or appointments. they help them obtain a moon curist license. >> they want to be better parents, we offer parenting classes. if they want to improve their credit, we have resources to do that as well. >> reporter: this project is personal for sims who faced homelessness herself 25 years ago. in many ways, that struggle put her where she is today. and there are success stories. >> she has been a mentor, a
9:48 am
great mentor for me. i knew from the moment i met her she was a great leader and i wanted to be under hear. >> reporter: training has allowed the women to be independent. >> it gives me the ability to build steps to success. that's my new baby now. that's our new baby. that's the baby that will continue to grow. and as it grows, it will make a difference in the lives of women. >> reporter: rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i love that story. coming up, making grocery store checkout lines more kid friendly. the item that one mom from michigan wants to see removed. ♪[music]
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea >> welcome back to mornings on 2 the 9. there are new episodes of star at 9:00 on ktvu. adam housley has a look at tonight's show. >> reporter: it returns with the second episode wednesday night and continues the story of three troubled singers who move to atlanta in search of success. >> it is really about these three young women who have a dream like many of us did of using their natural god given talent, in this case, singing
9:52 am
and dances to succeed and achieve something. >> reporter: benjamin brat plays the group's manager. queen latifah also stars. there are big time stars like lenny cravitz. >> you know exactly what i have been through. >> reporter: as for the series leads, they're grateful to have this chance. >> such a blessing being on this show. because acting and singing are like my love. and to do it in like one big thing is like the coolest thing ever. >> reporter: and likely daniels other fox series empire, expect them to tackle serious topics head on. >> there is home phobia in the gay community that has to be explored. it is happening right now. there is racism within the black community that needs to be explored. that will happen through our story. so i think that we are addressing issues that are
9:53 am
important and personal through very flawed characters that we will grow to love. >> it is real. and rather than avoid things, trying to be politically correct, let's deal with them. >> from moment one in the pilot, the show explores some of the darker aspects of what exists in the communities. whether you're talking about the broken child care system. >> reporter: in hollywood, adam housley fox news. >> it stars tonight at 9:00 on ktvu. megyn kelly is leaving fox news for a job at nbc. it will include a new daytime shoe and a sunday evening show. murdock thanked megyn kelly for her years at fox and wished her the best. she is excited about a new challenge. facebook's mark zuckerberg has quite a new year's
9:54 am
resolution. he wrote why ed that he plans to visit with people in every state by the end of the year. zuckerberg is known for his often ambitious resolutions. he learned mandarin, met a new person daily and only ate meat that he killed himself. last year he pledged to run 365 miles in a way. >> a lot of free time. >> yeah. he does. >> more than us. >> more than me clearly. a mom is on a mission to make the supermarket check-out lines more family friendly. they want people to get rid of candy and tabloid magazines. she never realized the items were not child friendly until she adopted a son years ago. >> he asked me about the word
9:55 am
cocaine. while i was going to introduce the topic of drugs to him at some point, i wasn't ready to talk about that at that age to him in the check-out aisle. >> she wants the candy to be replaced with healthy candy instead. if i can pass along one little thick i was able to do before my boys could read, all of this who knows what at the checkout at marshalls and ross. i used to say that's dog food. and they believed me. >> and they bought it. >> well, i didn't buy it. >> no. and they bought what you told them. >> they said okay, that's fine. >> we have a dog. they feed our dog. i like it. >> it worked so well. it's like the one grocery good thing that i did as a parent. >> i like a kit kat bar every
9:56 am
once in a while. >> the girl scouts are introducing a new line of s'mores. two of them. the crispy graham cookie dipped in icing and coating. the other one is the a crunchy graham cookie with chocolate and marshmallow. the girl scouts are urging folks to preorder. we have a link on >> all right. over the holidays bay area native one of the hosts of the real here on ktvu was home for the holidays and she stopped by the 9 and told us one of his favorite rappers is e40 who grew up in the bay area. today her dreams are coming true as he makes an appearance on her show. >> you have no idea, growing up in san jose, going to school in milpitas, e40 helped me find myself and put who i was and my confidence and that's what he
9:57 am
was about. >> you can catch e40 today on the real. >> cool. >> 11:00 a.m. here on ktvu. and stay tuned for the noon news after that. e40 is a great guy. >> he does so much for the community. >> really great guy. really generous of his time and money. >> good for the community. >> absolutely. that's it for us. tomorrow we're going to meet a radio d.j. doing thing that you would not believe. running many places. also sal is back after a 24-day vacation. >> and we will meet the oakland police chief today at noon.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? look at you. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ [ applause ] >> wendy: this is the way i like to start ply day. thank you very much for starting your day here. thank you for watching.


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