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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 12, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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mateo based real estate firm. the donation is expressly aimed at supporting the faculty and students of ucsf. >> it will be repeal and replace. and the firsthand account of the ghost ship warehouse fire. >> i knew that -- that it was going to be a tough day. plus, we're live with actor denzel washington on his new film fences. ♪[music] ♪ i've got that sunshine in my pocket ♪ ♪ >> i would love to see a little sunshine on this thursday morning. definitely did not start out that morning as the rain has fallen across much of the bay area. as we look out across from san rafael, the rain is starting to move out. why not crank up a little
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timberlake. one place where the sun is not shining, down in san diego. bad news for chargers fans. we heard rumors about this yesterday possibly happening. the owners of the chargers making it official. the los angeles chargers. welcome to the 9. thinking about what this means for the raiders. >> right. >> they're definitely out of l.a. >> they're not going to l.a. and that means that they're going to try for las vegas. l.a. is out of the question now. but that new chargers logo though. >> the l.a. chargers. >> you're out. >> i don't like it. it looks like the dodgers are a lightning bolt attached to. >> i think of dan foust. >> yeah. >> the niners played him in the super bowl. >> i don't like it either. >> already i'm seeing people of leaving their chargers jerseys in front of the headquarters saying i don't need it anymore. >> you think of the owners for the raiders, mark davis, we
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will find out soon if they are vegas bound. that would be three nfl teams within 250 miles. >> it is close. neighbor the nfl will consider that. >> let's bring in steve paulson to talk chargers if you want to chime in. what do you think. >> i'm with salon this. you lose a team and it's -- you know, how are they going -- they're not an l.a. team. come on. >> they're not. >> but voters had a chance. a few months ago they rejected the hotel tax. >> you have to understand there are owners who don't want to see the raiders move. there are powerful owners who don't want to see them move. >> march 26th. that's the date i'm hearing is the big vote. >> i feel for chargers fans. that's a no-win for them. let's get to our weather here. we have snow up in lake county. as you probably heard. things are winding down. the big message is the black ice over the next few days. joanne a's husband works at the
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geysers. thank you. 805 weather retweeted it. thank you. also on st. helena, 29. a couple other reports coming in. but it looks like this is about to be on its way out of the picture. still a winter storm warning out in the sierra nevada. that will continue until this afternoon. although things are not as crazy as they were earlier. but still there are some areas measuring in feet. just incredible amounts of snow. i know anywhere from about 60 to 80 inches of snow for some here. still measuring it. you can see some of that still continuing. not as wild as a couple days ago. around 3800 feet. right below polick pines. you can see that -- but it is moving out. it looks like things are winding down. some of the drier air is moving in now. the colder air too. it's only in the 40s. napa, 43. kelseyville, 36 degrees. 42 petaluma and novato. the wind direction is out of
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the north/northwest. the low is on its way to southern california. east and south. but out of the area for us. we will hold on to a few showers. not completely done. but for the most part, 99% done. 50s on the temps. we will get a break. that is the good news. look at the lows. near freezing to even below on saturday. you know what that means, there will be a lot of black ice around. especially in the higher elevations. so much water coming out of the hills, it won't take much. >> thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. the flood water continues to spread in guerneville. alex savidge is joining us live there this morning. and alex, people are hoping that the river will start receding soon here. >> reporter: yeah. already we are starting to see the water levels drop up here. >> good. >> reporter: that is good news. there are a lot of neighborhoods surrounded by water, such as this one here. we're on old river road. you can see the antique shop
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here, quite a bit of standing water outside of it. the russian river is beginning to slowly recede. that will be a slow process. we do understand that it may be at about flood stage by late tonight. of course the rain swollen river crested six feet above flood stage yesterday. this was the view from sky fox. you can see a number of neighborhoods just under water. many of them cut off. a lot of people stayed behind in their places. the river and nearby creeks, they have merged in some spots. and a lot of people are getting around on their boats, their kayaks or canoes. a lot of people evacuated their homes. many others did stay behind. all in all, homeowners we're talking to this morning are glad that the river level is beginning to drop. >> truly just a couple more feet would have been significant for us. and it looks like we're going to just get away with a bit of mildew now. so we should be good. >> reporter: and a lot of roads are flooded in this area.
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many drivers ignoring the road closed signs and trying to drive through standing water, only to stall out. that is a big concern for rescue crews. let's bring you back to a live picture. this is a common site. everywhere you look in this area. this is one of the only ways to get around many neighborhoods. in fact, we know this woman. this is katie. that is katie and her canoe. she gave us a ride just yesterday. she was telling me, guys, that she just took a delivery of groceries to some of her neighbors. that's what you have going on up in this area. folks helping each other out, trying to get through the flooding here. and everybody happy that the water level is beginning to drop. >> thank you, alex. live in sonoma county for us. highway 37 in marin county in novato remains closed this morning between highway 101 and atherton avenue near the stone creek golf club. water covered all four lanes. some abandoned their cars because the water was too deep.
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no timetable when the road will reopen. i want to mention that chp just tweeted about this. they said they have cited at least one driver who went around the closure and got stuck. so not only did that driver get stuck, but he has a ticket. a mudslide covered 50 feet of one lane on the southbound side yesterday. crews took hours to clear the road. that made for a miserable evening commute. the biggest problem is they couldn't contain the mud easily. as soon as one section was cleared, morphed muddy mess would slip down on to the road. the sink hole in orinda that opened up yesterday may take three weeks to repair. it opened up on miner road. two sewer lines also broke and have been replaced. miner road is shut down. expect delays in the area. a section of 880 in fremont is back open this morning after it was closed for hours because of a truck crash that caused a
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hazmat scare. the exit at mission boulevard reopened about an hour ago. a truck had crashed into sandbar he wills at 1:00 this morning. the drive was arrested on dui charges. the truck carried 25 gallons of pool cleaning chemicals. the chp estimated that two gallons of sulfuric acid spilled on to the roadway. a hazmat team was called in to remove it. in a separate crash, two cars collided there right in front of the first crash site. happening today in san francisco, the police department there is speaking to residents about the latest officer-involved shooting. a town hall meeting will be held tonight to provide an update on the investigation. the shooting happened january 6th. officers shot a man at his capitol avenue home during a struggle. they were trying to contact him about a restraining order violation. he was treated informer injuries. an officer suffered a head injury during the struggle. it is at the recreation center on capitol avenue. coming up next, people who rely on the epipen may have a
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new option. an announcement from the largest drugstore chain. the first step by congress to repeal the affordable care act. the overnight vote in washington to dismantle president obama's signature program. ?q
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>> i am done looking for that dow 20,000. take a look. the dow is down nor than 150 points, dropping three quarters of one percent. the story similar for s&p and nasdaq as well. a new alternative to the epipen that many people rely on in life-threatening emergencies. cvs will start selling a generic version of the treatment for serious allergic reactions. that's after mylan rich had been the only maker of the treatment. it announced it was increasing the price for a two-pack of
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epipen for $600. a new version will be made and be called adrenaclick. it has a $300 price tag. senate republicans have taken the first step towards revealing -- repealing president obama's health care law. >> it will be repeal and replace. most likely on the same way or the same week. probably the same day. could be the same hour. >> we're talking about obamacare. that's what president-elect trump said yesterday about his vision for dismantling the affordable care act. and early this morning, the senate passed a budget measure, a necessary step to start the repeal process. the house will vote tomorrow. some republicans in congress are apprehensive about setting the repeal motion in motion without having a replacement plan ready. this morning throughout mornings on 2 we haeen
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asking you, do you support the plan to repeal the affordable care act? judge or why not? steve williams tweets us saying i support improving the affordable care act but repeal and replace is nothing more than political showmanship. no. the affordable care act is life- saving tosome people with preexisting conditions. it could be amended to cap costs and provide better coverage. yes, only if it has a viable replacement. we will keep taking your responses throughout the day and share them with you at 9:30. we appreciate item you using tvuthe9. pompeii is a west point graduate, army veteran and a member of the house intelligence committee. another of the nominees, ben carson, has his confirmation hearing today. mr. trump wants carson to be secretary of how'sing and urban development. he says he understands housing
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and security because of his experience growing up in inner city detroit with a single mother. this morning the president- elect announced that rudy giuliani will lead the cyber security efforts. he is a long time supporter of trump. the president-elect asked him to help out with cyber security because of his long career in law enforcement and providing security solutions in the private sector. it is official, the san diego chargers are headed back to los angeles. as we mentioned at the top of the screen on the screen is a side by side comparison. the san diego logo, the old one, and the new logo on the right. the chargers tweeted the move about an hour ago. they will ultimately share with the rams their new $2.6 billion stadium currently under construction in englewood. >> it has a dodger vibe to it. >> yeah. it looks like l.a. dodgers with a lightning bolt on it. >> let's talk about what it
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means for us at home. it means that the oakland raiders will not return to los angeles. while relocating to san diego is an option, davis is commit today moving to las vegas. and down south it seems that chargers fans are not happy. let's go to eric richards who is at chargers headquarters. eric, paint the scene here. how has it been over the last hour or so. >> reporter: good morning. i have to tell you, a lot of mixed emotions for so many fans who have been coming to what they have known as chargers park on murphy canyon road. the fact that they are no longer the san diego chargers and now the los angeles chargers, it is a lot for people to handle. over the past hour, a lot of fans have been coming up to chargers park and dropping off their apparel. a lot of anger in the air. five minutes ago somebody dropped off a sign that said rest in peace san diego chargers.
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if we think back 1961 is when they first arrived in san diego. they played 56 seasons here. a lot of people upset. franklin is a chargers fan. he was notified yesterday by phone. not exactly what he expected. he says he just bought a home in san diego last year. there's a lot of assessing to be done among these players. i want to grab a chargers fan real fast and give you a perspective. what is your name. >> joseph. >> joseph. you have a sign right here. very angry. i know you were emotional earlier. what are you feeling right now. >> it is disbelief. this team has been here for 55 years. i've done everything in my power to go to every single game and go out there as a fan and let them know that they have support. but when you try to leave los angeles like dean did and try to go to carson, that is going to rub people the wrong way. why do you think that other fans have taken over the stadium. because you tried to move to los angeles. and he put together a really bad proposition in prop c. it
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was doomed from the start. we knew that prop c was going to fail. we knew it was going to fail. >> last question for you this morning, with the move, now los angeles chargers, will you support them. >> reporter: absolutely not. i was born and raised in san diego. i grew up to know one thing about san diego sports fans, we do not like los angeles. the raiders were there. the dodgers were there. why would i support a team that i grew up against to hate. >> thank you so much for talking with us this morning. what he just said is basically what everyone is saying this morning. they are not jumping ship. they are san diego locals. they will not go support the los angeles chargers. overall a lot of action at chargers park in san diego. for now we will send it back to you guys. >> talk to us about the overall economic impact. it is central san diego. there's a lot to do in san diego. talk to me about the feared economic impact this move could have. >> reporter: you know, that's a good question too. because if you think about it, qualcomm stadium, so many
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events, chargers related. the fact that so many people buy their memorabilia, buy their signs and everything, it's huge. the impact in san diego is very huge. and of course they wanted another stadium in downtown san diego. they said in fact that that would boost the economy even more. so the fact that they did not get that and now that they're leaving, i think it is worrisome for many people here. what are we going to do in place of those items. so much stuff that was sold. i think it is worrisome in many aspects. >> this is it. no last reprieve. they are now the l.a. chargers. there's nothing that can change that. is that correct? >> reporter: that is the case. yeah. this letter that we received about an hour ago that was posted on the chargers website, dean spanos said this is not what he wanted to do. he fought for so long to keep them here. this is officially signed. looking at their twitter, they
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did that instantly. it was san diego chargers. now it is los angeles chargers. so, you know, dean spanos is headed to los angeles to talk to officials there and get it underway. it seems like right now it is official. >> reporter eric richards outside of chargers headquarters. thank you for the report. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9. an east bay firefighter opens up about the days following the oakland warehouse fire. the grim work that he had to perform and how he is coping with what he saw today. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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>> oakland mayor libby schaaf issued an executive order aimed at improving building safety after the deadly ghost ship fire that killed 36 people. owners of buildings that are not zoned for residential use will have 60 days to bring them up to code. the only exceptions are
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buildings with hazards that are considered life of this threatening. she wants an emergency ordinance to strengthen tenant protections and protect artists from being evict. if you want to read the order it is posted on the ghost ship fire is the deadliest fire in oakland and the deadliest mass casualty in the city since 1989. >> the fire recovery and the stories of those who died affected so many. >> but perhaps some of the people most impacted by the tragic event were the first ones into the building. ktvu's anchor frank mallicoat sat down with a fire lieutenant about the days immediately following the fire. >> i knew it was going to be a tough day. >> reporter: lieutenant mark tate arrived at the ghost ship
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warehouse on sunday morning, the day after the fire. he would not return home for three days. >> getting into the building was just -- it was literally a maze. there were pianos and just so much stuff stacked. 10, 20 feet tall, up to the second story. >> reporter: lieutenant tate says so many pianos, organs and instruments that he lost count. firefighters had to clear out narrow paths to move around. lieutenant tate knew there were bodies inside and it didn't take long before they spotted one. >> as i made my way in, i was greeted with a body victim, 26. nobody should ever be able to see even one victim. that night, i saw ten. and so i have side . but it still affects me. if. >> reporter: the most difficult home was when they found alex
9:24 am
vega and mikaela gregory. he had his arms wrapped around her and holding her tightly when they died. the floor collapsed underneath them. the couch dropped and rolled over and crashed through the top of this rv parked inside of the warehouse. firefighters used power tools to cut into the rv. when they turned over the couch, that's when they found the two bodies. >> it almost looked like they were -- that they knew they were going to die. and so he was embracing her. for some weird reason, my mind goes right to my wife. that's who i would do in that situation with my wife, protect her to the very end. and that was a really hard one because that's exactly what he was doing. and he was protecting to the very end.
9:25 am
arm in arm. >> reporter: at one point, the lieutenant says he walked into this room and shined his flashlight. and for a brief moment, he was horrified by the arms that he saw hanging from the ceiling the dark they looked very real. >> all of a sudden i saw a hand. and i saw another hand. and i see another hand. i saw four hands. and, again, my heart just stopped. so i called in the coroner. and we went in there. and they were mannequin hands. >> reporter: most people thought all of the victims would have been burned beyond recognition because of the intensity of the flames. but that was not the case. >> everybody thought that it was -- that they would be just unrecognizable. it is quite the opposite. and so that was the tough part. the tough part was seeing that. and recognizing that this is someone's loved one. and then going home and watching the news and seeing the faces of the victims that we removed.
9:26 am
that was hard. that was very hard. >> reporter: when the first responders found a victim, all work would stop. the coroner would be called in and they would take the body out. it was all done in a very respectful way for the families. the firefighters were worked in three-hour shifts because of the mental and physical strain. and one of the hard parts for them now is when someone reminds them of what they saw while they were inside. >> there was a woman that had a piece of -- an article of clothing on. weeks later, probably a week over, i was over in san francisco and i saw that article of clothing on a woman. and it's called a trigger where my hands start sweating and my heart starts racing and i need to get out of there. >> reporter: this picture was taken outside of the warehouse. that's lieutenant tate with three comfort dogs. he says it was the only time in three days that he smiled. and so i went up to them and i just kneeled down and they came right up to me.
9:27 am
just started petting them. it was a nice moment to -- it was almost like you're in just another world. >> reporter: it's easy to think of first responders as the people who run toward danger while everyone else runs away from it. but first responders are also human. being inside the warehouse and finding the 36 bodies took a toll. >> i have a close group of friends of guys. and i say for the first probably two or three weeks, i gave each one of them the assignment to call me every day. and if i said i was doing fine, they -- i told them to say no. tell me how you're really doing. >> reporter: lieutenant tate says imagine that all first responders have an emergency rebackpack on. and every time that they see something, it goes into the backpack. and if they don't deal with those things, pretty soon the backpack gets very heavy and starts to weigh them down. >> so i always tell my -- my
9:28 am
crew every once in a while open up that backpack. do it with a friend. do it with a therapist. do it with somebody. and just take out one of those issues. and start to deal with it. >> reporter: that's exactly what lieutenant tate is trying to do now by talking about the bodies of the young people that he saw during those th deof the ghost ship wae. anw their families are doing now. >> just so sorry. my heart goes out to you. i wish that this never happened. and i'm just so, so sorry. >> it is interesting. i never thought about a lieutenant being in there with others recovering the bodies. and then recognizing the pieces of clothing they had and walking down the street and seeing the same article of clothing and just that triggering the memory. >> uh-huh. >> not just at that moment but for probably the rest of his life if he sees something similar. >> what got me about that piece is he said these bodies are not
9:29 am
burned up. i mean, you see them. >> right. >> and he remembers their faces. he saw their faces. >> when he went home. >> on the news. >> on the news, right. >> i can't even imagine. >> i know we heard from dispatchers, 911 dispatchers in the days after the fire. they said frantic families would be calling and talking with desperate parents. and even though they weren't gettinger search warrants, they would want to tell them about the son or daughter. the dispatcher said that's the son that the mom was looking for. deep respect for all of the rescue workers on that day. much mesh to come on the 9 right after the break.
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♪[music] >> welcome back, everybody. we're checking our twitter feed. the question of the day is in regards to the affordable care act and the support to repeal or replace it as president-
9:32 am
elect donald trump wants to do. bruce bowman chimed in and said what will trump care be. that's right. he doesn't care. >> people want to hear what the replacement is. john tweeted saying so many people will lose coverage during the transition. where are the details of the replacement? kevin brown says i finally have health care through the program. i will lose it if he repeals it. wish there was something to help everything. >> absolutely repeal. increase premiums, sky rocketing deductibles, fewer choices forced to pay for unneeded coverages. hoar i had. just like the president and just like -- it is polarized. some really want it and some want it repealed. >> many point to the fact that we got news of the increases a month before the election. a lot of people pointing to that as one reason that people soured on the plan. >> everybody wants details.
9:33 am
>> right. >> thank you for reaching out. you can reach us on twitter by using #ktvu. back to the big story of the week. all of the rain and snow. it has finally made a good dent in the state's drought. >> after years of record drought, we are seeing full reservoirs and mountains covered in snow. >> janine de la vega is live near the lexington reservoir. i imagine the reservoirs look better where you are right now, janine. >> reporter: they sure do. we're here as you mentioned at the lexington reservoir. it is an awesome view. it used to be depressing to drive by on highway 17 and see how low it was. you used to be able to walk out here 200 yards from the shore. now you can't do that anymore. it is attica passity now. many of the state's reservoirs are swelling because of all of the rain that has fallen since january. the state's largest reservoir, lake shasta is 80% full.
9:34 am
the snow pack jumped to 180% of normal. academic experts showed that 42% of california is now drought-free. and some say that 2017 really could turn out to be one of the wettest years on record. that is only if the rain continues. now, we did speak to a resident who came out to take pictures of how full the lexington reservoir is now. >> i wonder how long it will last. this is, what, once in a decade kind of rain. but when i see that -- i've never seen the reservoir that full in my life. it is awesome to see. >> reporter: and here is a look at just how much things have changed over the past year. the u.s. drought monitor released these before and after pictures of our drought situation. you can see one side shows what the state looks like today with most of the extreme drought conditions in southern california. compare that to a year ago when you saw a lot more dark red and orange on the map all across
9:35 am
the state. meaning an exceptional drought. so people here that we're talking to at the reservoir, they say they are being cautiously optimistic. but they're really happy to see the water levels just as they are right now. >> that's a great view behind you. thanks for the report. i love that view. people in truckee are still recovering after a massive snowstorm. after days of being locked inside, some locals were able to venture out last night. some areas, power is still out. crews are working to make repairs. chains are still required on both interstate 80 and highway 50. all of the snow up in the sierra has skiers and snowboarders excited. but all of the resorts haven't been able to open because of the avalanche risk. the roads are open now to drivers with chains. now the resorts have to hurry up and get ready for the first big holiday weekend of the
9:36 am
year. it could bring flurries of borders and skiers. they need to get the hills and lifts in shape after getting as much as 12 feet of snow in the past week. the oakland school district is looking to cut 8 to $11 million from the budget for the rest of the academic year. there is a freeze on hiring workers who are not teachers or other essential district personnel. other spending cuts are in the proposal. that could mean consolidating some schools that share campuses but not administrations. wilson says next academic year, another $21 million in spending cuts will be needed. the reason for the cuts include a gap in state funding and declining enrollment. the san jose sharks will be well represented at the nhl all- star game. the sharks head coach peter has been selected to coach the pacific division team.
9:37 am
burns is the sharks' leading scorer with 17 goals this season. and jones ranked fourth in the nhl in wins with 21. the game is on january 29th at staples center in los angeles. new at 9:00, the warriors confirm they have hired police chief greg sur as a consultant. they are happy to bring him on board. they will break ground next week on a new billion dollar arena in mission bay. the move fences is now playing in theaters and being called one of the best adaptations of a play to the big screen. >> i don't go through life worrying about if someone is like you or not. you want to make sure they're doing right for you. >> denzel washington who was in the play is starring and directing the movie version. he joins us live this morning. i have to say, denzel, that scene in the back orchards at
9:38 am
the beginning of the movie. i think it goes on for eight or ten minutes. it was absolutely brilliant. brilliant because i felt like i was there. i felt like i was part of the conversation. i wanted to start saying lines. my question is how important was it for you in your character troy to come across as so honest. that's what i got, how honest your character was. >> he's -- you said honest, right? >> right. >> did you say honest. >> i said honest. >> yes. he is honest or on it. >> honest. >> honest. yeah. i think he's brutally honest. he is honest to a fault. you know, his friend says to him -- without giving the story away. you have to tell your wife about this other person. and he goes in the house and tells her everything. so he's brutally honest. >> denzel, you're also the
9:39 am
director of the film. but you're the main character. and i was always thinking, those conversations in the backyard like mike mentioned were so organic. how do you direct and also be part of those conversations? those conversations went on for eight or ten minutes, passing that bottle of gin around. how do you as a director keep up the flow, direct other actors and also direct yourself? >> well, you know, i was smart enough to -- to use the actors that did the play -- that did the play with me on broadway. the two actors in that scene. russell and steven, viola davis and williamson. we all did the play together. so it -- it would have been impossible to try to do -- definitely direct and act in it had not done the play. it would have been impossible. >> so often we hear from actors and artists who say i drew upon
9:40 am
my own experience for the person that i created on the stage or on the screen. was there any of that in this? this man troy, i can't imagine you're a father in any way like he is. >> well, i mean, you know, my father was not like troy. but my father was uneducated. you know, he couldn't read very well. he talked about maybe me getting a job, getting a good trade. so i think that has to do with that -- with that generation. he -- well, i was going to say he -- he didn't spare the rod either. in those days. nor did many fathers in those days. so i think he's -- he's typical -- troy in many ways is typical of many fathers from that time. >> denzel, last month the film premiered in san francisco. you know, we all grew up here in the bay area. you spent some time at act.
9:41 am
do you still lean on those days back then when you were at act in the city? >> it was -- it was one of the greatest moments in my career because act, where we screened the film was right across the street. right across the street where act used to be. i used to sit -- next to act was a restaurant called 31 soups. i used to work there. i would watch the actors. the whiz was playing across the street at the current. they would come in and some of them would come in and eat before they went to do the show. and i would watch them walk across the street and go into the theater. and i said one day i'm going to work in that theater. the first time that i stepped on that stage was for the screening of fences. so it was one of those surreal kind of moments for me. >> i remember watching the golden gate bridge just recently and viola davis
9:42 am
thanking you and personally thanking you for putting the play on to the big screen. i had a great evening watching that movie. congratulations, denzel. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, willing check more on -- we will check more on your forecast. we talk to a man who is celebrating by eat his way through the entire state of california. and two local underaged bakers from right here in the bay area are competing on the national stage. up next, we talk about their experience on food network's kid baking championship. >> that looks good. ?q
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>> each week they show off their skills by coming up with desserts like carnival cupcakes, volume cane ecakes and throw back treats. this saturday they have to create a dessert out of a comfort food like meat loaf or fried chick especially. it doesn't sound good but it sounds fun. here is 12-year-old justice of napa and 10-year-old kayleigh from san francisco. welcome, guys. >> thank you. >> i can smell it. >> justice, what is this in front of house. >> a double crusted apple pie. and i used three different types of apples. and i love making this pie. >> why do you love it? >> i don't know. it has lots of tasty, delicious seasonings. and it's just fun to make and fun to eat. >> i like it. >> kayleigh, tell me about -- is this the one that you made. >> yes, it is. >> this looks delicious.
9:46 am
i can't wait to cut into it. what is it called and how did you make it. >> this is a hot chocolate donut cake. inside there was a fluff filling with sprinkles. and i made this cake because i love hot cocoa. >> i love hot cocoa too. >> yes. >> and i also love donuts and sprinkles. so i combined it together to make a hot cocoa donut cake. and i just made it by making a hot cocoa cake batter by put thanksgiving inside of the batter and filling it with fluff and frost thanksgiving and putting on top of it. >> mike i know you don't bake. >> i make toll house cookies. >> i bake a little bit. >> you do bake. >> you're a good baker. >> it is be easy to make the crust from scratch and have the shortening level. what got you into this? what made you think that you could do something that a lot
9:47 am
of adults don't do. >> i always liked baking. i started baking with my mom when i was like two. >> two? >> we were always baking. and then around like when i was ten, i decided i'm going to try it myself and see what i can do. i started baking all myself pies and cakes and cookies. and then it just expanded from there. >> that is awesome. do you always taste or get that first bite. >> yes. i love to eat what i bake. >> what about you? you're 10. >> yes. >> you're 12. >> now i'm 13. >> recent birthday. when was that. >> december. >> teenager. when did you start. >> i started this year baking by myself. but i have been baking with my family for a long time. probably since i was like six or seven or eight. but i started baking because i love to eat it. but i didn't really bake it myself. so then i decided to start baking. and it took off from there. >> just in our short
9:48 am
conversation, i love the rapport we have here. i'm glad that you two are representing the bay area. talk about the competition. was it pretty back and forth? was is serious? were you laughing with the other contestants. >> it was both. >> intense moments. >> yes. >> do you give me permission. >> yes. totally. >> by the way, i want to mention, mike, justice likes doing weather on the side. >> i didn't know that. >> i don't know if steve does any baking but we can replace him with her. while he is cutting that up. so the grand prize is $25,000. >> yeah. >> look at this. >> you wrapped up shooting down in southern california. you can't say who won because this hasn't aired yet. >> yes. we cannot say. >> can you give us a clue? >> you don't have to say it. that's fine. >> you guys keep talk. this is all good. what made -- did you have to do an audition tape. >> yes. >> tell me what you baked for aurora audition pie.
9:49 am
>> i baked this pie and a peach pie. then we had to send them in. after that, they chose. >> was it walkard being in front of the cameras? did you guys like it. >> it was interesting. >> you're out of the kitchen. you're in a different environment. >> yes. it was -- it was interesting because the cameras are very big and all around you. >> yes. >> so it is sort of tense-ish. >> it was tense-ish. >> we're more relaxed here. >> yes. >> how is it? have you taken a bite yet, sal? >> perfect. >> would you do it again? go down and do another competition. >> i hate to say this is better than the pie i made. >> congratulations. i'm going to take a bite right now. justice and kayleigh, congratulations. the show is on january 16th at
9:50 am
8:00 on the food network. getting in on all of the action and celebrating next week. let's send it over to gasia with more on one man who is currently eating his way through the entire state of california. >> if you can't cook, i know you can eat. this man is known as a california dream eater. he is checking out the food and restaurants that make california a prime destination for anyone with a good appetite. live from la jolla in the san diego area this morning. how are you, chase? >> good. how are you doing, gasia. >> i'm good. start with the big question. which is better, a los angeles burrito or a san francisco burrito? >> that is unfair. >> yeah. i know. >> that's really unfair. there are amazing burritos in both. one of my favorite mexican restaurants in los angeles is gisado's. san francisco, i was going to say this is one of the best culinary locations in the world. so, you know, what can i say. san francisco, you know.
9:51 am
>> culinary -- >> unbelievable. >> it use today mean that you had to spend $200 on a meal for two people. these days both in southern california and up here in the bay area, you can drop $6 and get a great sandwich or $15 and get an incredible lunch. >> that's exactly right. all of the food in california has just raised the bar. because of the fresh ingredients, what we have access to. it's like you can't be a bad restaurant anymore in california. everywhere you go is tasty. it really is. so we're very fortunate to be here. and i'm fortunate to be the california dream eater because i get to travel between northern and southern california. i'm from the walnut creek area. i get to travel and get to eat whatever on behalf of you. go to my instagram and tell me go eat at this restaurant and i will go there. that's my job. i will hunt it down and eat it for you. >> do you have any idea of what is next? we have seen the food truck and
9:52 am
the waffling of everything. i think mac and cheese has been done a hundred times. grilled cheese, same thing. what are you finding in your travels around the state that is the next big thing? >> that's a really, really good question. obviously different beers, craft beers are company becoming a big deal in cal -- are becoming a big deal in california. people who love meats are going vegetarian lately. there may be more vegetarian options everywhere you go. that is one of the surprising things happening. >> a couple of years ago we were hearing about snout to tail, using the whole animal. it sounds like you're saying it's not just about the beast in imore. i-- anymore. >> exactly. that still exists and i'm a big meat guy. i don't know if it will be me. but everywhere you go there are vegetarian options and they're just as good as the meat
9:53 am
options. it is great to be on both sides of the culinary world. >> i know you're in san diego. that's where i was introduced to my first fish taco. started by college kids on a break from san diego state. now you see it everywhere. >> yeah. i'm at galaxy taco in front of me is the baja fish taco. in san diego, i mean, throughout california tacos are amazing. but this taco right here is very special. you can see the tortilla is very unique. it is purple because it's from purple corn imported from mexico. it is california restaurant month. san francisco's restaurant week is the 18th through the 29th. you have 130 restaurants participating in this. so, you know, i'm -- i'm definitely going to stop by and eat at as many san francisco restaurants i can. there's a list. visit there's a list of restaurants participating. the thing that is special is
9:54 am
some of the chefs are creating these dishes that you probably won't ever see again. this is an opportunity to try stuff you have never tried before in a city that has some of the most amazing food on the earth. like san francisco or san diego or sacramento. right all of these places. >> even here in oakland our restaurant week is next week as well. have three of those tacos for me and a beer for mike and sal. now to cake and dessert. i can't believe you got to cut into this beauty. it is almost gone though. you guys are great. i love little ones in the kitchen. i loved your stories. a little marshmallow in the middle. good job, guys. i love that.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> all right. we're not letting justice or kayleigh leave because we keep eating and finding out their secrets about baking. a busy newscast. thank you for coming in. congratulations. can't wait to find out who the winner is. it is you. >> we can't say. >> please. they're children. >> we will be back at noon.
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> how you doin'? >> we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching. welcome to the show. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: say hi.


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