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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the charges that she is facing. >> and this is a big day for the golden state warriors in just a few hours. the team will break ground on its brand new state-of-the-art arena in san francisco's mission bay. when the team will start playing here when we continue. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. here is a look outside here in downtown oakland. bit of fog out there in some parts of the bay area. steve will let us know where you should be aware of that. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning january 17 pght. i'm pam cook. >> regoing straight to steve. talking about your forecast for today and what's coming. >> rain today as fog. we are -- we have had a stretch of dry weather. it's about to end. sometimes we get three weeks of dry weather. back in the old days when we
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used to see rain and then fog. we had about seven days and now the rain returns tomorrow. snow in the mown mountains. about nine to 14 inches of rain. needs to be watched carefully for areas. napa river. marin county. santa cruz. first system isn't a whopper. the one sunday does right now. half inch to an inch. the not great amounts. two to four. that will be tomorrow. today we have fog and higher clouds on the move. some of that fog will thicken up between now and seven. i'm sure sal will touch on that. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. 31 kelseyville. napa at 32. there is very cold readings. along with that easterly breeze hard pressed to get above 50 to 51. also the east. increasing clouds, hazy skies as well. back in the mix.
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there is the system in for tomorrow. looks like the afternoon drive could be tough. 50s on the highs today. 6:02. what do you have? >> we have news about the drive. you know it's going to be a little bit different than it was yesterday. let's start off at the bay bridge. some may have taken to the car. because of a switching problem. there was an earlier problem before that in montgomery. i just spoke to bart and it said that the switching problem has been fixed but some trains were stuck and the maimingor delay also take a while to unwind. essentially a lot of trains were stuck. they are moving now and delays will be more severe for people leaving san francisco and getting to the east bay. trains moving once we mentioned there. this is a look at 880. the traffic here is move agriculture long as you drive in both directions right here in front of the oakland coliseum. we have good news about 237.
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westbound looks like all the lanes open according to chp. we have slow traffic on web 237 get away from 880. there was a crash there that was blocking lanes. again the latest entry here on the computer system says all lanes open. there may be activity on the shoulder i would toys you to give yourself extra time. one last thing i want to thrown. highway 37 is open in both directions this morning. 6:00 '00 36789 let's go back to the desk. >> in just a couple hours the wife the man blamed for the orlando nightclub shooting is due in a courtroom in oakland. she was arrested yesterday morning at her family home. allie is at the federal courthouse with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. 9:30 this morning when the 30- year-old is scheduled to appear in federal court here in oakland. the charges she faces in connection with the orlando shooting, aiding abetting by
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providing material support to a terrorist organization and obstruction of justice. she is the widoow of the suspect. the man who shot and killed 49 people and injure dozens of others at the nightclub. he pledged himself to isis during that shooting. he was killed by police they arrived. the tragedy is the deadliest mass shooting in united states history. the widow is from the bay area. after the shooting she moved back to her family's home with her 3-year-old son. the fbi interviewed her seven months ago after that shooting but it now appears that the attorney believes she may have known something or done something to prevent the shooting which is why yesterday she was arrested here in the bay area. >> last time they say she had nothing to do witht. now she got arrested. overnight things can change like that. >> reporter: the attorney said
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she is innocent and that while -- while she may have been with her husband when he bought ammunition she didn't know of his intent. her attorney said she was in a physically and verbally abusive relationship with him. prosecutors believe that she may have done something or known something that could have prevented the shooting. when i spoke to a representative from the fbi's office in tampa this morning they said that the united states attorney is going to send out more information on this case after her court appearance at 9:30. hopefully we will get more details about what exactly the united states attorney's office thinks she may have known or could have done to prevent this from happening. back to you. >> all right. in downtown oakland. thank you. this morning what's being called on anti racist rally will be held at oakland city hall. it's scheduled to start at nine and is being organized by a group called showing up for racial justice. they say they want to express outrage at the againa of the president elect's
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administration. its part of a nationwide of movement called 120 hours of direct action. leading up to friday's presidential inauguration. another protest is part of the 120 hours of direct action took place outside san francisco city hall last night. democrat administrators pitched tents, they said they would stay there null the inauguration on friday. they said they are protesting several issues including police shootings. we checked just a little while ago and the protesters had left. this point we aren't sure what happened. the police say that the people are not allowed to stay in the park overnight but they didn't confirm if the prosecute tester was told to leave. >> the 120 hours of direct action kicked off yesterday with a march in downtown oakland honoring the leg is he of dr. king. the anti police terror project led the 3rd march.
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it was an effort to reclaim the legacy of dr. king while denouncing the president elect. >> we had to make a statement that is more in like -- the image and the thoughts and values of dr. king instead of what we are seeing out of washington right now. >> the peaceful march included drummers and dance performances. about a thousand people attended including some young children who were there with their parents. the warrior also do something today this he are breaking ground on their new arena in san francisco. >> the new 18,000 seat chase center still being opposed by some of it's future neighbors though. alex savage with more on the ceremony and the protests. >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you. certainly this arena has been in the works for a number years. there were a the love legal set back as long the way that delayed the project. today construction officially will begin on what will be the new home of the warriors.
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it'll be here on this site where we are standing this morning here in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood this site is near the intersection of third and 16th street. you can see that there is a -- quite a bit of construction equipment here. they are paving the way for this project. the official ground breaking later this morning. these are rendering of a new one billion dollar chase center that's slated to open for the 2019, 2020 season. this will be a privately financed sports and entertainment complex that will bring the warrior across the bay from oakland to san francisco. now the team of course has enjoyed quite a bit of success while playing at oracln oakland this he will remain there for the next couple of seasons. this move is disappointing to some fans, especially in the east bay. i talked by phone to chris dobbins with the group save oakland sports.
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>> ripping the team out from the east bay is -- it's -- pretty sad. with all due respect i'm not supporting the of month. i will be -- i will attend. best luck. i will still be a fan but it's a sad thing. >> reporter: there are have been a lot of set backs when it comes to building the new arena in san francisco. a neighborhood group called the mission bayh liance filed chute trying to block the project that. group was worried about all the traffic and noise that they felt would come along with this project. many of the members of that alliance were donors ucsf but eventually they agreed to the project and is now on board with what's going on. the state appeals court ruled in favor of the warriors in regards to those legal challenges. now the ground breaking happens later on today. they will are a ceremony.
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you may see some tent that are set up there. will have a ground breaking ceremony that will happen at noon. warriors executive also be on hand along with the head coach and also kevin durant here for the big ceremony as they get set to move from the east bay over to san francisco. >> all right. the warriors beat cleveland last night. 121-91. in what may have been their most impressive win of the season so far. last night was a national game. the warriors blew out james and the cavaliers. thompson led the scoring points including five three-pointers. thompson, curry, durant. all combined for 67 points. the warriors snapped their four game losing streak to the cavaliers. >> threes are kind of atmosphere that you -- you live for and -- whether you win or loose in the regular season
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playoffs, just be maybe you can play in that environment. that's -- that's always fun. >> green had his third triple double but everybody is talking about that. the collision with james -- he was hit with a foul but he said he -- is he flopped. and afterward he mocked james for flopping to get the call. curry is helping say good- bye to the president. gave him a. a pair of shoes this rered, white and blue. in a tweeted said honoring the president today on the court. he is the inspiration, faith and hope dr. king stood for. we are forever grateful. there is also a number 44 on the side of his sneakers. recognizing the president as the 44th president. >> that's cool. more trouble in pacifica coming up did the 6:30.
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the repairs on that huge sink hole ahead the next round of rain which comes in tomorrow. >> and it's down to the final touches in washington. up next the security preparations ahead of friday's inauguration ceremony in washington. s s . >> our stretch of dry weather, i know it's only been a few day also continue today but then end tomorrow. fog is a big story but rain is on the way again.
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. welcome back. now we have a better idea of how friday's presidential inauguration will play out. while it's expected to be a relatively low key event the list democrats who plan to boycott it is growing. >> reporter: you look at the map of washington -- c and much of how this inauguration plays out is the same every four years. the swearing in at capitol. the parade route down pennsylvania avenue to the white house. it's impossible to ignore this time around just how contentiius it may be. >> reporter: final touches now as we get closer and closer to friday. scaffolds republican ready to go. just as washington prepared for this event this time around some of the foe he cuss will be on who won't be here. a growing list of democrats and refusing to attend following the lead of john lewis who said that trump's president is not real. >> we hope that the democratic
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members reconsider. they are welcome to the inauguration. >> reporter: inside the capitol trump's cabinet nominees continue to face scrutiny. while most are expected to make it through possible education secretary could face a real grilling later today with democrats expected to target the her support of charter schools and vouchers. >> this was -- they are what we find in nuclear weapon. >> reporter: fbi agents and others meantime showing off some of the tools they will deploy this week as a massive inauguration operation center has taken shape. housing federal and local agencies all preparing not just for the inauguration itself but protests as well. >> the smaller scale, more simple attack is something that's much lie higher now verses four years ago. in terms of our approach it's -- we are considering and thinking about and planning for and looking out for the whole spectrum of threats.
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republican a whole spectrum and not just during the events themselves but also during the many protests and the biggest one may happen on saturday the day after inauguration day. in washington. fox news. some metal workers created a silver coin to mark the inauguration. it has the image of the president elect on one side and the statue of liberty on the other along with the inscription in trump we trust. the director the company said they plan to issue 45 of the coins. they would like to present the first one to the president elect. same company made a coin with the image of putin after russia annexed crimes. lieutenants go to sal. get you moving. did you fix things on bart yet? >> things a lit el better. the trains moving. there are still delays because of delays for a while. the trains still have to catch up.
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there was a switching problem this morning at the bart station. some trains were being held in the east bay. this is a look at -- trains stopped here waiting to move. they are moving genas of just a few minutes ago. i got a call from a friend stuck at a train on the fruitvale station. trains moving. it'll take ail while to get be back on cell. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic backed up. we haven't had any major problems here but we are looking at a drive that's going to be busier than it was yesterday for sure. we look at the south bay and there is some slow traffic on 237 because of an earlier issue. the rest of the south bay drive does look good with not a lot of red on the maps many little bit of red on northbound 101. now it's time for today's forecast. a very good morning. we have areas of fog before i get to this kevin runs a lot of the shot that you see.
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we pan right. the poor man is down for the count with this bug. i talked to him yesterday. i was like is that you? we want to wish him a speedy recovery. we need back here. i know it's going around. i think i was the van guard on this thing. let's go. finally better. winter storm watch wednesday into thursday. snow level coming down. 6,000 to 4,000, maybe 3500 feet by the time we get to friday and that will stack up snow. there will be feet measured by the time we get to sunday. everything is fantastic as far as -- i mean even central california will end up i think out of this drought. i do. you can see the water is fantastic from northern, central and the southern searchy. that is the key herew. reout of that d word. rain returns tomorrow. it'll be three systems here. wednesday, friday and sunday. sunday looks to be the best, could be a fast mover on monas well. i don't want to get to farah
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heaved myself. tomorrow a half inch to an inch. two to four. newspaper to mendecino. marin and eventually to the santa cruz mountains. gusts 40 plus. now there is a high tide at 4:10 in the morning but coinciding the rain. 34:55 tomorrow at the golden gate. clouds -- antioch. currently fog. 38 degrees. 99% relative humidity. yesterday they couldn't crack 51 degrees on the high side. i don't think there will be a change in that. that kind of pattern. parts eastern solano. newspaper to napa and sonoma. it could be a cold pattern. we have increasing high clouds, hazy skies, partly cloudy, mostly cloudy. our system on the way. a lot of this cold air will get trapped. plenty of 30s on the temperatures. 35 in pleasant on. walnut creek at 34.
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lafayette at 36. there is your easterly breeze. had about seven days a week. high pressure this is a classic set up. that's not bad for the coast. it's a cold pattern. you get the increasing clouds t will be a hazy, mostly cloudy day. there is the system. not a big one but -- watch what happs on the rain. we will get the a break on thursday. next system friday. we will get a break saturday afternoon and then sunday looks wet. this will be the wettest the system. approaching eight inches of rain. santa rosa. over five. almost five and a half. san francisco, four and a half. if san jose gets four and a half you know double, maybe triple that for the mountains and that's heavy snow over seven days for the searchy. here we go. we have to watch these -- all the rivers because it won't take long to get the some rapid runoff again. today is okay. increasing clouds, watch out
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for fog. wednesday rain. friday, rain. i think saturday will be okay. not great but okay and then sunday one more system. immaterial yeah. thank you. a project to help congestion is underway when drivers may be able to start using that third lane. >> i deputy want to leave my friend. i couldn't pick her up i was also injured. >> an american woman now confirmed among the dead her friend was also hurt.
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. welcome back. it's 6:25. an 18-year-old is reportedly among the five people killed in a deadly shooting inside that nightclub in mexico. a go fund me page has been set up for her. she was with several friends when the shooting started at the resort on sunday night. one of her friends was injured in the attack and he was shot twice in the arm with you was able to return back home to texas last night. >> right now i don't know how to get over this i haven't slept. i keep thinking of my friend and -- i'm just in shock still to be honest.
6:26 am
it's like i tonight know how to take this in right now. >> investigators say the shooting happened when security guards tried to stop a man with a gun from entering the club. three of those who were killed are security guards. no word on the 5th victim's identity. 15 people were injured. gunman escaped police are still searching for him. mexican authorities aren't calling an act of terror. the man accused of a deadly shooting rampage at the fort lauderdale airport early their month is due in court today. legal papers filed by prosecutors say that he fired ten to 15 shots during that attack on january 6th and that he aimed at people's heads. five foam were killed. six were injured. when he used up all of his bulls he then dropped to the floor and gave up. almost three years after it beared the search for flight 370 is officially over.
6:27 am
the governments of trail y china and malaysia announce that today. it came after crews finished searching a 46,000 square foot area and didn't tint president find. it disappeared with 239 people on board. investigators say it veered off course but they don't know why. a new contract has now been approved for the construction project to add a third lane on the richmond, san rafael bridge. it has berkeley based oc jones and son. started last week but the mtc said driver also see more being done for the third eastbound car lane president it's expected to be complete and open for traffic though in november. we will see how that goes. the suspect in the deadly new year's shooting in turkey has been captured. we will tell you about the raid that led to his arreand the the evidence against him.
6:28 am
the rain in the forecast this week may mean bad news for work crews to trying to repair a sink hole that is huge. we will have the latest coming up. >> good morning. we see the of take i can is going to be busy. if you are driving into the city using the bay bringw. very one of those typical back ups here as you drive across the span. >> this will be the last day for our break. the forecast headlines are showing that rain returns. in fact not today. fog is a big story but by today we will get increasing clouds. tomorrow the rain returns and expect friday into sunday for more rainw. he rehabilitative have details coming up. s
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. good morning. thank you for joining us here. tuesday, january 17th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook.
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time now is 6:30. let's check in with steve for when the rain is coming in. how much we will get. we will get snow as well you go. >> how much? >> the weather forecast. starts tomorrow. >> okay. >> there could be eight to 13 inches of rain. >> wow. >> i think the heaviest time will be -- now and sunday. >> now and sunday. okay. the heaviest where? >> noter of the russian river. we need to watch it. ams getting bumped up every run here. watch out for fog this morning. that's the only issue wal-mart very had the break. the system times in tomorrow. the first system does president look big. there -- marin and santa cruz mountains. gusts 40 plus. high tid early. that won't coincide with the rain. one that does will be 3:55 at the golden gate. we have increasing clouds and haze. we have had about a week of a
6:32 am
break and it's just a typical winter set up. this one is lasting a week. 30s underneath the temperatures. underneath some of the cloud cover. under some of the cloud cover. 32 to 35. mid-30s in the east bay. the easterly breeze should start to turn souther by by tonight and tomorrow. sfo showing that but not much. increasing clouds, mix of mostly cloudy skies, maybe partly hazy. there is the system coming in for tomorrow. again the rainfall amounts, first system won't be off the chart or anything like that. maybe one to two inches of rain. it's what is coming in friday and again on sunday. you can see some of the amounts in. you are over eight inches of rain by tuesday. that down san jose needs to be watched closely.
6:33 am
trains are moving again there. are some delays on bart from earlier switching problems. took them a while to get back. they are still not quite back. trains moving again this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. atypical drive. may feel like a monday to you. it's a 25 minute delay on this tuesday and traffic is going to be okay once you make it onto the span. san mat oh, bridge not looking to bad if you are driving across the span. we are looking at the south bay and the valley drive. 85 is slow from about 101 and pockets up to saratoga. no troubles on the peninsula. the road sensors, showing a nice drive. mountain views. now let's go back to the desk. new, a big tree in alamo toppled on a road overnight and damaged the wall a nearby home this happened on -- near
6:34 am
interstate 680 about 12:30. that tree crushed part of a wall and fencing. the work crews spent the night cutting it up and taking the debris out. >> on. that's good. nobody was hurt but more rain on the way this week. thatted can mean bad news for crews working all round the bay area. trying to repair some of the damage from the latest tomorrow.  you are there to tell us how the work is going. >> reporter: this sink hole is behind this fence. with more rain on the way that could mean delays in repairs. take a look at this video of how huge this sink hole is. it's 40 feet wide and 15 feet deep . it started small but rain caused it to grow more.
6:35 am
the department of public works brought in heavy equipment and started their repair work yesterday. it's supposed to take six weeks to fix but that could change because the wet weather is coming tomorrow. a miss aligned under grown drain pipe led to the growth in the first place. >> i would think that going and digging like they are now way backhoe that would have been a smart idea. you have a broken pipe. >> reportefortunately the hole is not along the coast. it's several hundred feet inland and pacifica does experience a lot of this coastal erosion and any significant sea level rise could speed up that process. the cliff side has led to the demolition of two apartment complex and the city set to tear down another one because of the danger. we will reach out to the city about the upcoming weather and if it's going to delay things more. back to you. thank you. with in just the last hour we did learn that westbound
6:36 am
highway 37 between highway 101 and atherton in the marin sonoma county area. that's back open. it had been shut down for a weak by the flooding. crews spent days pumping the water out and off the shoulderr that created huge traffic problems. even yesterday many weren't going to the work because of the holiday. a neighborhood in rur -- placer feels like they are cut off from the outside world after the maniac tess world was wash away by the storms. morton and the community of alta fell into a creek after the culvert failed. homeowner who live off morton road have been going up and down a single lane dirt road and throw private property just to leave their neighborhood. this new route requires four wheel drive and takes about five times long tore drive. one woman worried about her 64- year-old fiance who started having chest pains.
6:37 am
>> had four wheel drive ambulances? i don't know. it's farther for us to get out and in. it's scary. it is. >> officials considering building a new road or possibly even a bridge but it'll cost in the millions of dollars. there is no timetable on when that construction would be completed. tonight the city council will vote on a measure in support of children known as docka students this reregistered for the dehe fathered action for childhood arrival program set up by the president. they came as children without immigration papers. city councilwoman has a resolution calling on the president to take action to protect them even after he leaves office. public meeting also be held to explain how and when a new area code will be added to oakland and berkeley. the california puc said that -- the 510 area code is running out of numbers. it'll be exhausted by june of 2019. they plan to add a new area
6:38 am
code for those two east bay cities by december of this year. nobody who has an existing 510 area code number will see the numbers change. the first meeting is at 1:00 p.m.t. will be in room 11 of the state building. the second meeting in berkeley is at 5:30 in the community meeting room at berkeley central library. the 49ers may have zeroed in on a nehead coach. their top candidate is reportedly kyle shanahan. since his team is still in the playoffs nfl rules prohibit them from naming him head coach until the falcon sea sop is over which could be another two and i half weaks. the other coaching candidate is tom cable. the 49ers top coach was josh mcdaniel but he withdrew from consideration yesterday. he said that he was impressed by the 49ers presentation but
6:39 am
that he didn't want to move his young family across the country. and former 49ers head coach may not be out of work for long many he interviewed the jags yesterday for their offensive coordinator position. the san jose sharks won last night. beat the jets 5-2. they wanted to turn the tid after losing five of their last seven games. joel ward got things going. slipped in a goal midway through the thirst. meyer kept it going with another score in the second followed by another unanswered goal by burns. the sharks kept the pressure up. they won 5-2. right behind the ducks. the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter is due in court today. just one day after her arrest here in the bay area. coming up at 7:00 the charges she is facing and how neighbors are reacting to her arrest.
6:40 am
>> and a home invasion of a different kind. a coyote broke through a window ate home in wife wife but up next why the trouble didn't stop there. . >> good morning. we have a slow drive out there in many areas. yesterday -- was light today. 80 westbound is filling in as normal. >> speaking of michigan guess what is coming back? that's rain. rain will be back not today but tomorrow. today is our last dry day for a bit. lives star wars,
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. welcome back. want to take you live to the big board. the dow back open from the long holiday weekend. there is a live look down about 50 points as you can see. quarter a percent. 19, 832. the nasdaq is the s and pa 500 also down. both of them just about a third to a half percent. a lot of good news on companies adding jobs including the march cakiers and wal-mart and we will talk about that coming up in your 7:00 hour. british prime minister gave a speech about the many issues around the exit of the uk from the european union. people in britain voted to leave last june and one of the main issues is immigration. >> we will always want immigration from europe. we will always welcome individual migrants as friends
6:44 am
but the message from the public before and during the vote was clear. br, xit must mean control of the number of people who come to britain from europe and that is what we will deliver. >> reporter: the prime minister said she is taking steps to start britain's withdraw from the eu by the end of march cut putting them encores to leave by early 2019. after more than two weeks on the run the suspect in the deadly new year's eve nightclub attack in tucker turkey was caught. look at the home where the suspect was caught in a police raid late monday night outside of istanbul. officials safe the suspect -- was trained in afghanistan. they shithead mitted he carried out at tack and his fingerprints matched those found at the scene. isis has claimed responsibility in revenge for turkey's
6:45 am
military operations in syria. time to check in with the newsroom with what's coming up at seven. >> good morning. when join new just a few we have been reporting on california lawmakers boycotting the president elect's inauguration this friday. one california teen and his history teacher are making a point of going. what that teen's parents did to make sure that he could go and how he feels about witnessing history in the making. also bought milk? in you bought milk or dairy products in the last 14 years you may have some cash coming your way. why a class action lawsuit against milk producers could made to as much as $20 in your pocket. how to get that money. see new just a few membership was the stories and more. >> all right. thank you. there was a scary experience for a man in michigan after a coyote broke into his homet.
6:46 am
didn't stop at one. the panic started for him when he thought someone broke in. he searched the house. found a broken window in the basement. he said a few seconds later the head a coyote popped up. he ran upstairs, called the police. the sheriff and animal control came out. took the coyote away. a couple minutes later he went down stairs and another one head popped up. >> now i'm freaking out. then i turned and i -- i run back upstairs. the officer was just backing out of the driveway. i stopped him and said way. there is another problem. there is another one down there. >> yeah. another one. they did a lot of destruction. tore up the house. animal control released them at a nearby open space area. >> i would start freaking out by then. >> yeah. i think they qualifies.
6:47 am
let's check in with sal. >> right now 80 westbound. doesn't look to bad. we have a typical drive on the east shore freeway of about 35 minutes from the bridge to the mcarthur maze. that's according to the road sensors. not to bad. lue be waiting for another fresh start. 25 minutes here. waiting at the toll plada as you drive through the area. the of take i can is going to be okay. i want to mention highway 37 is open. all the lanes open now. they opened up westbound now. eastbound had been open. that's going to make a big difference in the drive from sonoma into marin. 6:37. let's go to steve. >> thank you. we have some high clouds on the way. little bit of patchy fopping. hazy sun in the morning. rain returns tomorrow. takes us into another system friday and what looks to be the strongest system on sunday. rainfall amounts keep getting ramped up here.
6:48 am
i think mendecino is going to take the brunt of this. the bumps eye. tomorrow's system half inch to an inch. maybe into marin. good gusts in mix. the closest high tidl be 34:55. looks like afternoon, evening rain for tomorrow. marty, a chilly 38.5, amazing larkspur. love the hot chocolate and cream of wheat morning. my mom used to seven me that. >> cream of wheat. >> i love that. >> little brown sugar ont. you were living large. increasing clouds on the way. fog underneath. thank you. marty we im mr. donnie downer. just a terrible at stewed. he isn't. he is very positive. higher clouds in advance. not much here. bitl bit of rain on the north coast there. is your system for tomorrow. we may get a break. we will needt. by the time we get to next monday, tuesday. 30s on the temperatures.
6:49 am
40s for some. another cold morning. wood side 32. stanford. others are close. atherton is right in there and san mateo. all in the 30s. joining that club. northeast. northeast. going to turn a little southeast eventually. not there yet. that easterly breeze makes for a cold day for some. especially north and east. 14 in truck eye. sacramento. high clouds in the mix but still morning sun here. then -- just a little morning sun. then increasing clouds tomorrow. acies temperature will start to come in tomorrow. we are okay for the morning but by the afternoon that is when i think the rain comes in this is the last the dry day. cloudy with rain on wednesday. kind of a break on thursday. could be rain early thursday and then more rain, stronger system on friday. just draw your attention to the next seven days and the precipitation looks to be heavy. santa rosa north. eight inches. even four and a half to san
6:50 am
jose and almost five in monterey. this is going to be -- need to be watched carefully. 50s on the temperatures. lows to the east, north, mid to upper along the coast and peninsula. rain returns tomorrow afternoon. >> i will get the cream of wheat ready. >> through go. >> for a rainy weekend. promise of hundreds of new jobs. coming up in 15 the big announcement by gm just weeks after the president elect attacked them. >> can and questions over items lefty's. the escalating dispute that leaves the famous restaurant's future uncertain.
6:51 am
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. welcome back. people across the nation marked the life of dr. king yesterday. in washington dc the vice president and his family were on hand for ceremonies at the mlk memorial. they helped lay a wreath to honor dr. king in his efforts to end racism in america. . >> quite a scene in philadelphia. a crowd gathered for the 35th national bell ringing ceremony at independence hall. the liberty bell was adopted as a symbol of freedom in the 1800's by those fighting to end slavery. here in the bay area people made a 54-mile trip from san
6:54 am
jose to san francisco on the celebration train. the ride celebrated dr. king's 54-mile march from selma to montgomery alabama. after the train ride people marched to listen to speakers and attend an mlk film festival in the afternoon. almost 54 years after dr. king's famous i have a dream speech many here in the bay area spent mlday volunteering. in oakland more than 100 volunteers helped weed and prune and restore the rose garden. one of dozens of parks where people lent "hand on a day of service in honor of dr. king. he once said that life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others? now more than 50 years later there is an answer. >> his most important legacy is service in any way shape or form. mentoring, helps make the area beautiful or any other type of service.
6:55 am
>> i'm 88. my back is giving out but i love it. >> look at her. the other side of town dozens of people spruced up the landscaping at the oakland animal shelter. gardeners say the volunteers worked just one day would have taken them weeks to do. >> there is no sign a truce in san francisco in the dispute over who owns lefty's. both the building owner and the operator of the bar claim to be the owner. nick bovis said they bought it in 1998. now that the lease is ending the building's own esaid that he owns it and the items inside. the cousin of the famous ball player said that lefty wanted bovis to have it. it's so amazing that the owner of the building seems to think he can steal the business because he wants it and he has money. >> the current manager has
6:56 am
secretly and -- has obtained trademarks. we dispute those. we believe that lefty's is owned by our family. >> the dispute escalated last week when bovis said he would move the restaurant to another location because the building owner wouldn't make up grades. the owner said that he will renovate the space and then take over the bar himself. an adult movie studio is moving from a historic building and going to las vegas. operates out of the armory out of the mission districtt. bought it ten years ago for $14.5 million. they said that the move is partly driven by the weakening economics of the porn industry. they will continue to have offices in that building. starting today more than
6:57 am
two dozen downtown restaurant also celebrate california restaurant week this will join restaurants in san francisco, berkeley, napa and the tri valley. they say this year they will promote things culinary across the golden state from farmers markets to chef tastings and proceedingive dinners and wine maker specials. some of the san jose restaurants include the grill, the farm's union, loft bar, our house and more. >> all right. honoring dr. king but protesting trump. up next protests expected this week ahead of friday's inauguration. >> a big day for the warriors.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> the wife of the accused orlando shooter appears in federal court here in oakland this morning. the charges she faces and why her attorney says she is innocent.
7:00 am
>> reporter: plus, today the golden state warriors will be celebrating the ground breaking of the team's brand-new arena in san francisco. what we can tell you about today's ceremony, coming up when mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00. take a look at your screen. >> oh. >> hues of rose gold lighting up the morning sky as we prepare for sunrise this tuesday morning that feels like monday for some. >> it does. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. that sky looks incredible. >> uh-huh. >> steve paulson, it is cold outside. >> yes, it is. fog. this is our last dry day for about a week. thank you, gasia and dave. if you are heading up to the mountains today would be a great day to go. winter storm watch kicks in tomorrow and goes through thursday. the systems will leave impressive rain and snow up in


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