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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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president trump signing executive orders today to tighten border security, and build a wall at the mexican border. >> beginning today, the united states of america gets back control of its borders, gets back its borders. >> controversial campaign promises that the president made good on today.
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good evening, everyone, i'm miliana gomez. >> frank and julie are off tonight. >> i just signed two executive orders that will save thousands of lives, millions of jobs, and billions and billions of dollars. >> specifically calls for a wall, or other barrier along the mexican border. another blocks grants from sanctuary city. and at soon as tomorrow, the president is also expected to restrict the flow of refugees into the united states. demonstrators took to the streets in new york city tonight, thousands rallied in protest of the new administration's policies at washington square park and greenwich village. the demonstrators there say they stand in solidarity with america's immigrants. >> here in the bay area, agents that serve immigrants say phones are ringing, and people are scared. debora villalon is live in san
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rafael, which has a sizable latino population. >> reporter: about 40,000 latinos in marin county, and about half of them are estimated to be undocumented. certainly worried now that campaign talk is becoming more real. at pickle weight park, families squeezed in play time as the sun disappeared. >> i'm kind of worried for my parents because they're not from her. >> reporter: they make their living cleaning houses. >> they're looking for better, like a better life basically, because here has more opportunities than guatemala and mexico and all those countries. >> reporter: a beefed up border wall was a rallying cry throughout the campaign. >> who's going to pay for the wall? 100%. >> reporter: calling the situation a crisis, trump now says he's pushing construction.
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>> a nation without borders is not a nation. >> reporter: watching from a san rafael agency that serves the spanish speaking community, omar carrera is concerned clients will retreat. san rafael, and novato, marin's largest cities are not official sanctuaries, but do take a hand's off approach on immigration status. >> i believe they have made it clear. they are here to protect everyone and their job. so i'm confident that relationship is going to continue. >> reporter: carrera came from ecuador with no english, as client, volunteer, and staffer. 15 years later, he runs it. his dream, he says, and his contribution. >> the latino community is known by their strong values around workingment their strong values around family, around community. we grew up with those values. so when you come over here and
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someone opens their arms. >> reporter: carrera believes the cost of the wall will doom it, but is more alarmed people without paters are criminalized, or demonized. >> we're going to get the bad ones out. the criminals, and the drug deals, and gangs, and gang members and cartel leaders. the day is over when they can stay in our country and wreck havoc. >> most of them will probably keep on doing what they do. go to work, go to school, and things like that. but i think some of them will hide. >> reporter: deportations will rise. but under barack obama, the numbers are not considered lenient. 2.6million deportations, more than in any previous administration. >> a lot of calls for concern there. thank you so much, debora
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villalon, live for us in san rafael tonight. president trump signed an order to cut grants for sanctuary cities. san francisco is one of four sanctuary cities in the bay area. they are among hundreds of cities across the country that currently protect immigrants that are in the united states illegally. the mayors of san francisco, san jose, and berkely, say they will take a regional approach to combat the effect of any cuts in federal funding that might happen. >> the law is pretty clear. the supreme court has said it more than once. the congress and president cannot put conditions on funding, on say transportation funding because of some unrelated reason, for example, immigration. >> president trump has several options to carry out this executive order.
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they include federal lawsuits and the power to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in grants. the trump administration has also drafted an executive order keeping syrian immigrants from entering the country, and suspending visas from seven predominantly muslim countries. >> reporter: ken, it's been a long three years for this fremont man. he, his parents, and eight siblings came from syria more than a decade ago. all of them became american citizens, but two of his sisters are trapped overseas. their homes were destroyed in syria, and so far they have been unable to rejoin their family here. >> this is sad. i really miss them. >> reporter: ahead's two younger sisters are married. each with three children, living in their hometown in syria, when the war broke out. >> i haven't seen them since 2009. >> reporter: he's been thinking of them every day ever since.
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his sisters were caught in the syrian war, escaping the 2011 bombings, alive, but their homes were destroyed. he says his sisters fled to turkey, and lebanon. they were approved as u.n. refugees three years ago, but have not been approved to enter the u.s. an executive draft was obtained by the associated press, that states president trump would put a stop to accepting syrian refugees, and put a withhold overall of the u.s. refugee program for 120 days. it also would suspend visas from seven countries for at least 30 days. president obama had said an overall limit of 110,000 refugees for this year. president trump's executive order draft would cut that by
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more than half to 50,000 refugees. president trump says he fears terrorists could enter the u.s. as refugees. >> it is already very difficult to come into the united states. the united states has very strict immigration policy. >> reporter: the director of the council on american islamic relations says refugees already must go through a thorough vetting process that can take years. her group is prepared to fight the executive order if the president signs it. >> we're also looking at legal orders to push back, just because it came from the president doesn't mean it is the law of the land. we're reminded as americans that the supreme law of the land is the constitution. >> reporter: he fears his sisters and their families might never make it to california. >> now news of the trump administration is getting scarier and scarier. >> reporter: the draft of the executive order would require more vetting of any visitors from any foreign countries. there would be exceptions made
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for diplomats and employees of nato. again, this is a draft, this has not been signed, but it gives a perspective of the administration and its goals moving forward. they are hoping to bring the entire family to the u.s. he says they just want the children to be somewhere where they can go to school and be safe. >> at, you'll find more on president trump's orders today. you'll also find the president's call for a major investigation into so far unsubstantiated voter fraud. just look for the politics section. new tonight at 10:00, a woman accused of driving the wrong way on the bay bridge in a stolen car has been found guilty on all charges. a jury convicted 34-year-old kerrie morgan of three felonies, including driving under the influence, and causing great bodily injury. two people were injured in november of 2015, when the stolen lincoln towncar slammed into oncoming traffic after
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barreling through the toll plaza. prosecutors say morgan was high on methamphetamine, was driving without a license. now to the series of storms that pounded the bay area and delivered a devastating blow to one community. three homes in la honda are now red tagged because of a landslide. a fourth was threatened. the damage appears to be getting worse. >> reporter: families living in the coastal town of la honda call it a slice of heaven. but now the once picturesque scenic drive looks like a bomb went off. the buckling forcing fans like the worthingtons, to evacuate. >> it's really hard. my parents own the home, they just lost everything. so that was their retirement. >> reporter: this is what is left of robbie's childhood home. the moving earth, he estimates shifting 10 feet, destroying the home's poundation, leaving broken glass, and cracks in the sheetrock. >> there's nothing you can do.
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this is mother nature, and we tried our hardest to protect the house. >> reporter: he now estimates parts of the road dropped as much as 15 feet. residents say a previous water leak saturated the ground. this month's storms caused the ancient landslide to act vat, and the water main to break. >> practically cliffs now, where it used to be smooth hillside. >> reporter: another neighbor's deck now detached. the landslide taking down trees and power lines. >> it's unbelievable really. it's the furthest thing that we thought would ever happen to the house that our parents built. >> reporter: sherry johnson lives above the slide. she's desperately trying to save her home. >> the slide, it's still
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potentially dangerous. so i'm scared, yeah. and we're packing. >> reporter: the families affected are now talking to state and local legislators to try and get financial assistance. in the meantime, they hope the san mateo county board of supervisors makes this area a priority, to shore up the road so no more homes are lost. in la honda, azenith smith, ktvu, fox 2 news. a rescue operation tonight. coming up, a tree and power lines come crashing down on a car, trapping the driver inside. >> and we're tracking that very cool night, and even some showers, and snow flurries, just north of the bay area. i'll show you where they are, i'll let you know what your thursday afternoon will be like. >> a tuition hike for usc students, and who it would apply to. >> the television remembered as a comic and trail blazer too. mary tyler moore's life, and contribution, coming up. ♪ [ music ] lives star wars,
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new at 10:00, a very scary situation in castro valley, where a large tree fell right onto a woman's car, bringing power lines with it. this happened on crow canyon road, near cold water drive at 6:00 p.m. you're looking at crews there on scene. they had to rescue the woman from her car. you can see the car sustained major damage, but fortunately, the woman inside was not hurt.
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the road was closed for several hours for cleanup. crews are back out at alameda creek in niles canyon searching for the body of an 18- year-old woman. jada jenkins' car went off the road, and into the creek. investigators believe she tried to get out of the car. they say the seat belt was unfastened, and the back, front, and side windows had all been broken out. they also say some of her clothes and personal items were found down stream. the coast guard today suspended the search for a missing kayaker in the bay. search crews were out today near the dumbarton air trestle. lower tied lowered the tide that boats could no longer get to the area. searching for kenneth maldonado. the san jose man and a friend who was out on the raft went out on the boat but ran into trouble around 4:30.
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the friend called for help, because maldonado's kayak had ran into trouble. >> ken is very experienced in the water. his livelihood has been fishing. he's been fishing since he was a teen, and has been on numerous fishing trips throughout the bay. >> the coast guard says it was helped by a half dozen fire departments and searched for a total of 20 hours. the u.s. board of regents is set to vote tomorrow. ktvu's rob ross spoke with students who say they're afraid they won't be able to afford it. >> reporter: on the campus at uc berkely, the prospect of a tuition hike next fall spells trouble for many students. >> it's pretty upsetting, just bogs the tuition is already a big strain on us. >> reporter: expected to vote to raise tuition and fees $336 a year. an increase of 2.5%. that would bring the cost of tuition and fees to about
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12,600 a year, but that doesn't account for rent, meals, and books. some students say it all adds up to too much. >> it really put an impact on my family to get the loans, secure those, actually had to find another job, maybe. it's hard enough as it is already. >> reporter: uc projects the increase would bring an additional $88 million moo the system. a third of that would go to financial aid, the rest to the campuses. >> they would go to things like hiring more faculty. it would go for improving mental health services. >> reporter: if the regions approve uc president janet napolitano's recommendation, it would be the first increase in six years. and uc says it only applies to families earning more than $150,000 a year. >> we're at a point where if we don't invest in the university, the quality of a uc education is going to be hurt. >> reporter: lieutenant
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governor gavin newsom says he's voting against the increase. >> we do a great job to protect those that are very low income, but we do a terrible job providing resources for middle income families. and that's who's going to bear this price. >> just kind of, i think everyone's going to feel that financial impact. >> reporter: the vote is scheduled for thursday morning. students say they'll be paying close attention. at uc berkely, rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. history was made on wall street today. the dow jones closed above 20,000 for the first time ever. the dow climbed almost 156 points to reach that milestone. the nasdaq was also way up, more than 55 points. the s & p gained 18. one expert we spoke with says traders are happy with what they're seeing from the trump administration, but that could change. >> right now, they're sort of in a goldilocks position. they're looking at the world of trump, and saying everything is
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going to be just right. but is goldilocks going to turn into little red riding hood and say what big teeth you have grandma? >> it was almost eight years ago in march of 2009, when the dow hit its low, during the great recession. today's close more than tripled that recession low. she turned the world on with her smile. fans of mary tyler moore leaving flowers on her star at the hollywood walk of family tonight, and at minneapolis at a statue of the tv icon. the 80-year-old actress died today with her husband and friends at her side. ♪ [ music ] >> very popular show. moore inspired many americans with her role on the mary tyler moore show, in which she played a single career woman. she was nominated for an academy award for her role in
10:20 pm
the film ordinary people. she will be most remembered as a trail blazing role model for a whole generation of working women. >> the notion of sort of a single professional woman making her way in the world is a great thing to remember. >> she was an unmarried woman, trying to make it in her career, and sort of trying to juggle this eternal question of the work-life balance for women. >> mary tyler moore won seven emmy awards during her career. she suffered from a number of health problems later in life, including diabetes. a cool one out there tonight. a dry night though after an extended wet period the last few weeks. not a lot of wind. light winds, mostly clear skies, overnight lows are going to get down there. we'll see freezing conditions. on the water, a high surf advisory will go into effect late tonight, and stay into effect thursday into friday morning early. a swell is going to be out
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there. that buoy is only about 6 feet and 12 seconds. but it's going to double by the morning. a very large swell. it's going to last pour about two days. big in hawaii right now, so actually been there for the last day and a half. that swell is traveling across the pacific thousands of miles and it gets here. there's a system, but it's not ours. this is kind of our system here, and it is delivering a few showers. even snow flurries up around lake county. just real light stuff, but this is that weak system we expect to come through today, and it's really just distributing a little moisture. the main story for us will be a few clouds. overnight lows tonight are going to get down there. look for overnight lows to get easily into the low and mid- 30s. look for frost in those inland bay valleys. just like this morning, a warmer day tomorrow. >> thanks so much, bill. a decade's old murder solved. the family that never gave up hope after a 14-year-old left for a party and never returned.
10:22 pm
>> the warriors and hornets battled back and forth. mark's stepping up to tell us who came out on top later in sports. >> up first, developing news we're following at this hour. we'll take you to mississippi, where two sheriffs deputies have been wounded in a shootout tonight. we'll have more coming up.
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we're following developing news tonight. two sheriff's deputies in mississippi have been wounded in a shootout with a robbery suspect. it happened tonight in south haven. that's a mississippi city just a few miles south of the city of memphis. one officer is listed in critical condition. the other is expected to survive. the suspect was killed in a shootout. at this point, it's not clear what led up to the gunfire. new at 10:00, it's now been eight months since a teenage girl from vallejo disappeared on her way to school.
10:25 pm
tonight, family members and friends of pearl pinston gathered for their monthly vigil at the overpass where she was last seen. witnesses say she was attacked and abducted at gunpoint. her sister says they will never give up hope she will one day found alive. >> until she's found to keep her name out there. >> investigators say pearl's kidnapper was killed in a gun battle with police in southern california just one day after her abduction. the missing teenager was not with him. police in vacaville today announced an arrest in a decade's old killing of a teenage girl. deanna johnson was on her way to a party in november of 1982. deanna's mother says she never gave up hope.
10:26 pm
>> she was taken from us at the age of 14. 34 years ago. by the hands of a vicious, cowardly murderer. her family, friends, and the entire community never gave up on seeking justice for her. we thank them for that. it's been a long, hard, and emotional struggle. >> marco was 17 at the time deanna was killed. vacaville police say they gathered everyday over the years -- evidence over the years before arresting him at kern valley state prison. body cameras are coming to the santa clara county sheriff's department. county leaders had unanimously approved a plan to secure the cameras for deputies on patrol, and deputies who work at the county jail. the move comes after the beating death of michael tyree, a mentally ill inmate at the jail in 2015. three guards are now on trial
10:27 pm
for murder. a federal judge in san francisco has sided with wal- mart in a legal dispute with its truck drivers in california. the judge refused to enforce a penalty of $80 million for wal- mart's failure to pay the state's minimum wage to drivers for certain task. the judge ruled that the retail giant acted in good faith, and believed it was following the state's labor laws. in july, they awarded $55 million in back wages to the drivers, finding that wal-mart failed to pay them the minimum wage for inspecting their trucks before and after trips. coughing, congestion, and chills. the flu that has its grip on the bay area right now, and some pretty unusual precautions at one hospital. >> eat chinatown is underway right now in san francisco. we'll show you why long time businesses, such as this
10:28 pm
restaurant are being showcased as part of the cultural celebration. punish
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10:30 pm
for many of you who don't know, or do know already, chinese new year is saturday. >> a photo campaign to promote restaurants and san francisco's chinatown. >> reporter: ken, eat chinatown uses a photo exhibit to tell the back stories of these historic businesses. it's a tribute to help them thrive. for more than three decades, capital restaurant on clay street has been serving chinese comfort food. the ingredients for success are basic. >> a very good taste.
10:31 pm
the second is that the service, and the people. the light of friends. >> reporter: she immigrated from china where she worked at a toy factory as a young woman. after arriving in san francisco, she worked as a server at the restaurant for her mother-in-law, before buying the business. her story resonated with the creators of eat chinatown. >> hopefully this will shine a light on the back story to tell people about the history of the spaces, and the community of chinatown. >> reporter: chinatown was built by immigrants, gaining a foothold in the country. they were also a way to build a new life, to live the american dream. >> they didn't come here with much, and now they run successful businesses that are such anchors in the community. >> reporter: photos and
10:32 pm
captions tell the back stories of these food establishments, both past and present. >> the more time we spent here, the more food we ate here and the more people we met, the more we wanted to tell its story. >> reporter: in shaping their place in san francisco history. >> a lot of restaurants here don't have that pr machine. they don't have pr companies representing them, so we're really excited to share their story in hopes that people come to visit. >> reporter: at capitol, she says the farm to table concept was practiced here, long before it was a trend. the vegetables come from mom and pop markets. >> you're supposed to have the good food here, right? then i think we have one off of this too. >> reporter: there is stiff competition from chinese restaurants in other neighborhoods. the chinese new year brings in extra business, as many families dine out as part of
10:33 pm
their celebration. >> small business, the family come, just like that. >> reporter: eat chinatown is scheduled to last through april 9. you can see it right here in chinatown. admission is free, and the creators hope that the unique histories of these businesses will keep them thriving for years to come. >> looks like a lot of fun, amber. and i think you just made everyone in the bay area a little more hungry now. thank you. the chinese new year parade in san francisco is set for february 11. you can watch the parade right here on ktvu fox 2, following ktvu fox 2 news. new data shows satisfaction among b.a.r.t. riders is at its lowest level in two decades. 31% of those questioned were
10:34 pm
not happy with b.a.r.t. service. some of the key complaints here included b.a.r.t.'s reliability, and seat availability, plus station cleanliness. this year is turning out to a harsh one. ann reuben tells us that hospitals in santa clara county are taking steps to stop the spread, and they hope you will too. >> reporter: her 5 and 3-year- olds would love to meet their new baby sister, but they're not allowed inside good samaritan hospital right now. in fact, no visitors under the age of 16 are, thanks to a new policy during flu season. >> we just traded places as my husband went up to stay with the baby, and i came down to hang out with them, because they haven't seen me in 24 hours. >> reporter: this is shaping up to be a rough flu season. at el camino hospital, it's more like triple. all three hospitals are prohibiting young visitors right now, since they're at high risk both to get the flu
10:35 pm
and to spread it. >> that's why we put these policies into place. >> reporter: doctors at good samaritan, say there is good news though. >> the vaccine was actually quite accurate this year, so the duration of symptoms and the intensity of symptoms are much less. >> reporter: still, there have been four deaths of the flu in california in recent weeks. she's willing to leave her newborn, to meet her kids in the lobby. she says it's for the greater good. >> it's they're upset, and it's hard to be one family unit together, but yeah, it makes sense. >> reporter: in order to limit the spread of flu, doctors recommend covering your cough, and washing your hands frequently. but most importantly, they say it's not too late to get the flu vaccine. there's always a lot of fun on and off the ice. why the san jose sharks are
10:36 pm
known as pro hockey's happiest team. >> we're tracking that cold start tomorrow, thursday morning, then tracking a little bit of a warm up, plus we're looking at the weekend, see you back here. also, millions of dollars now going to one bay area city that was especially hard hit by last year's storms. i can show you the world
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the city of pacifica announced it's received $3 million in state and federal funds to help repair the damage from last year's storms. dealing with at least a dozen storm problems. peninsula congresswoman jackie spear along with representative representative along-- the san jose sharks are in first place in the pacific division and look to be all business this year. >> as scott reese discovers, the 2017 sharks also know how to have some fun. >> shoots, scores! >> reporter: the sharks are one of the nhl's best teams. they're also one of the league's most boisterous teams.
10:40 pm
in fact, according to the, no one has a better time of it than these guys. >> i like the sound of that. i think it's a fun group. >> i've coached in the nhl for almost ten years now, and i've never seen a group that likes being around each other like this. >> reporter: and it shows before, during, and after games. >> who's the ringleader? >> jimbo's pretty vocal. >> congratulations on that. >> fire it up, baby. >> he's always keeping keeping it loose and getting on guys, making sure they feel part of the team. >> reporter: joe thornton might be the leader of levity, but with so many personalities in the room, there's plenty of play to go around. >> it's just a different day. someone else is doing something different. >> it's awesome coming to the rink in the middle of january
10:41 pm
in the dog days of the season. it's hard not to get energized being around this group. >> reporter: the shark's unique chemistry begins in the dressing room. it's evident on the ice, but extends well beyond that. planes, hotels, restaurants. because as it turns out, fun travels. >> the amount of time we're with each other, i think we probably log the most hours on the plebe. i think, if we were to annoy each other, it would be a long, long year. >> case in point right there. >> so i think we've learned to enjoy each other's companies over the years. >> who's the best dressed guy? >> ward is pretty best dressed. >> my mother raised me well. i just try to do my best. >> who is the best dancer, or
10:42 pm
worst dancer? >> yoenis. >> the fin can move. he's got great moves. he really likes the beat. >> i don't know how he does it. it's one of these things, i'm mostly hands. >> it's a robot, kind of moments. i like techno music. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: an ironic emblem of a team that is anything but robotic. the sharks continue to keep it loose and the results continue to speak for themselves. >> it's a great lesson for anybody that does anything. i think you want to be around people you enjoy being around. that's the number 1 thing, and that's definitely the case here. >> reporter: in san jose, scott reese, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> they have a lot of fun. >> laughing with no front teeth. it's quite a sight. drivers know potholes are a pain. coming up, one of the worst
10:43 pm
trouble spots after recent rains as caltrans raises to fix them. >> bill martin lets us know if there's any more rain in the forecast. he's back with the complete bay area forecast. ?q
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
the rain might have cleared up, but storm-related damage is still popping up all over the bay area. on the peninsula today, caltrans crews were busy fixes up potholes. oyster bay south is one of the worst areas in the bay. >> you can be very high, close to very high water tables. so it's only natural they're going to have a lot of pothole problems there. >> crews are taking advantage of the dry spell to patch things up. meanwhile, officials advise slowing down, scanning the roadway ahead, and of course keep an eye on your fellow drivers to see if they're veering, or swerving to avoid a pothole. and it was a beautiful sunset out there this evening. i don't know if you had a
10:46 pm
chance to see it. not many dead. it was a clear shot. unin the mountains, on social media, just a cool shot. i'm not even sure which road this is. doesn't give me the identifier on it. plenty of snow, and plenty of sunshine. this coming from treasure island. moving back towards the golden gate bridge. just kind of a cool sky tonight because of the middle and high clouds that pushed in here. even showers showing up in northern california at this hour. there's the bay bridge. here are some of those clouds. you see this is a big deal out here, but it's going to miss us. you know what it is though, it's generating huge surf. we've got a high surf advisory. obviously, the clouds are up around 15 though, 20,000 feet. at the surface, the swell is propagating outward. a high surf advisory there. as we look around, you can see a few scattered showers up here. that's snow up by cob mountain there. you see a little more rain
10:47 pm
showing up here. you know, drip drops, not a lot, but something. this is the end of really the wet for a lill while. whatever is left of this is going to be gone, and then we set up for a very dry pattern. really, right into the bay area weekend. forecast lows are going to get down. these are the current numbers. the overnight lows get down into the mid-30s. so you'll see frost in the valleys. maybe a little valley fog. here we are in san francisco tomorrow morning. 48degrees. that's cool for the city. there's the sky. this is a model, using this kind of this animation to characterize the sky cover. but you get the idea. mostly sunny tomorrow. a little warmer, mid-50s. here's the computer model. here's that system that was supposed to give us a chance of a sprinkle, but then falls apart. there's thursday. there was the morning. here is the afternoon. here comes friday. everything's up there. friday afternoon. so it's nice. and look at saturday, the same thing.
10:48 pm
you deserve a break. you're going to get a break, and if you're a ski area, you're probably on your way up. the weather out there is going to be outstanding, and the skiing should be outstanding as well. here's the five-day forecast. this whole week is going to be nice. a lighthouse? >> yeah. >> this would be a good weekend to go to the coast. >> yeah, a lemon tour would be awesome. >> a lemon tour is good, because it faces a little south, so it won't have the big south. but ocean beach, pacifica, really big surf. but the lighthouse would be a treat with the giant waves coming in right now. one of my favorite spots. >> thanks a lot, bill. mark's up next with warriors action. we'll be right back.
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10:50 pm
10:51 pm
all right, mark ibanez is here. threw me off. he's here to talk about warriors, and the game tonight in charlotte. a big game for them. >> i was just asking if you saw any of the game, but you were probably busy working, right? >> i was busy working. >> people tend to freak out a little bit when the warriors lose a game. the heat beat them the other night. warrior fans not to fret. this is a teams that gone 132 games without losing two in a row.
10:52 pm
so no reason to worry. although it was a little dicey. klay thompson. that's kind of sloppy right there. look at the hustle though. get it to kevin durant. that's a good idea. he 16 in the 4th quarter to help the warriors pull this thing out. 33 all told. walker lighting it up with a hotshot. here comes durant. the great fly swat block. other end, steph, look for it. yeah, he got it. three. he had 28 tonight in front of fans and friends in charlotte. here's sean livingston this time. that is a sensational laser pass for young james. michael mcadoo getting some playing time. he had 8 points and 7 rebounds. nice bench work. draymond on the other end. 1:50 left, the warriors who were down 10 at one point, go
10:53 pm
up 9, and they will eventually win it 113-103. they are now 39-7. and no losing streak. they're back on the winning side. back home for steph curry. although this time around it was just a little different for him. >> tonight was actually the first time i really didn't feel any kind of jitters or anxiousness to be honest. years past i've always had an extra butterfly in my stomach, knowing i get to play at home. but tonight i felt really comfortable. imagine their fans if they were experiencing what the cavs are right now. they have now lost 6 of 8. the world champs have also lost the last three in a row. warrior fans would be freaking if that happened. look at this sloppy play here. lebron will wind up with the finish. he had 24 points, 13 rebounds.
10:54 pm
11 assists. he's doing his part. here's boogie cousins, muscling his way in for the kings with 3 seconds left. that ties it, and sends the game to overtime. cleveland down 3. final 17 seconds. lebron can't get the three to go. short off the rim. the ball is knocked around. kyle korver tries to get it to lebron. matt barnes gets it, he's fouled. free flows. 116-112, sacramento beats the cavs who i say, they've lost 6 of 8 and 3 in a row. you know how tough it is to repeat as champs. they're running into that stuff right now. meantime, super bowl. can you imagine, speaking of nervous? the 49er fans each day that ticks by, and they can't get their mitts officially on a new coach, because kyle shanahan is just a little busy right now on his falcons. he offensively coaching the falcons who have got to deal
10:55 pm
with the tom brady patriots. that's no easy task. they know all about mr. brady and company. they're ready for it. >> such an awareness of where to go with the football, vs. the coverage. we'll throw a guy open. his accuracy is really on point. you know, he knows the exact depth and wants to throw to the ball. i think that's why there's so few turnovers, because he puts it in a spot that's just right for his receiver. >> a lot of touchdowns. very few turnovers. he's just played really, really good football. he's been that way for a long time. he's been so consistent throughout his career. such a great player, and such a great competitor. how many ways can you describe tom brady and they'll have to do it about 7,232 more times before super bowl sunday, which you will see february 5 here on fox 2. game time around 3:30. kind of the forgotten bowl game is the pro bowl.
10:56 pm
remember when it used to be a big deal, they would play it in hawaii and have fun. now it's in orlando. anybody know that? that is from 75 yards out. a perfect field goal. he posted that on his twitter page. he says he's hit one from as far as 85 yards out. during the regular season he was 38 of 39, and didn't miss a single point after. so justin tucker, he is in the pro bowl, and a pretty good reason why. example. >> can he do that under pressure? >> probably not. >> i remember when the pro bowl, was they'd play the college all-stars. it was back in the 1970s. can you imagine if they were playing these college all- stars. that's it for us. thanks for joining us. up next modern family.
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[ whistle blows ] [ buzzer ] yeah! bravo! bravo! [ whistle blows ] [ buzzer ] [ applause ] bravo! bravo, manny, bravo! well, when i heard manny wanted to fence, i was like, "sure. "uncoordinated kid, lethal weapon -- how can this go wrong?" [ whistle blows, buzzer ] [ laughs ] yeah! gloria: and what do you think now? i'm proud of our little zorro. i mean, i worked with him a little, but the kid's got skills. it's in his blood. his father was a master swordsman. he was an artist with his sword. i mean, the way he throws the sword -- i mean, he was legendary. you know, this nice moment i'm having with your son -- you're... kind of wrecking it. sorry.


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