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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 26, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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your forecast. >> it's pretty good. yeah. >> weekend we will get that sun in. lot of cloud cover over us. system after system coming in. they aren't having much luck but they still give us cloud cover. partly to most thely cloudy. then more sun in the afternoon. highs stuck in the mid to upper 50s for another day or two. could be a few isolated little showers. i doubt any of this is reaching the ground. mainly about marin along the san mateo coastt. will zip out because of dry air starting to moven. that will get here late morning, early afternoon. a few 30s. a lot more 40s. we are up. kelseyville 33. up about 5 to almost 7 degrees for some. 38 heels bugger. 40s now san rafael. mill valley a. round lake tahoe teens and 20s but these were -- yesterday up about -- threes are up about 15 degrees for some. slight northeringly breeze. not a lot there. just -- you can see coming back over san pablo bayt.
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leukemia a quiet pattern and maybe a few showers. i don't think. i think it's more clouds than anything else. one more system. that one there that will split. break apart. that will be in here tomorrow for mostly cloudy skies and then sun and warmer temperatures by the weekend. 50s on the temperatures. 55, 57. all right. 5:01 and the drive so far is. >> it's not bad. we do have a look where traffic is getting slow on the pass. we are going to start there. you will see the traffic is move agriculture long okay. if are going 580 westbound. no major issues. traffic is light. if you are driving in san jose. downtown looks good. northbound 280 off to a nice start. let's go back to the desk. thank you. a new from overnight a flurry
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of activity in sunnyvale. police at the scene of some kind of incident. if involves police officers santa claire a. we are right there. what's happening? >> we are here at lawrence expressway -- in the parking lot of a shopping plaza. police have it roped off. they have crime scene techs. since almost past one because it was reportedly some sort of attack on an officer that happened here. we don't know what led up to it but the incident was broadcast to multiple law enforcement agencies. they were apparently looking for a suspect. we are hearing that no officers were injured. it doesn't appear any patrol vehicles were damaged. we are waiting to confirm that. these officers are taking their
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time. they are being careful in processing the scene. no word on if there has been arrests. there are quite a few curious people on their way to try to get into the gym. officers are allowing them to still enter that business. again very little information here is coming from the scene. the cameras. may have caught what happened here. i just signed two executive orders that will save thousands of lives, manies of jobs and billions and billions of dollars. >> one of the executive orders signed by president trump yesterday specifically calls for a wall or other barrier along the mexican border.
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another blocks grants to sanctuary cities. here agencies say that the actions are creating a lot of here. the alliance sevens the spanish speaking community and the director said since election day people have been afraid. is he concerned that now many undocumented immigrants will go into hiding. >> that's what happens. when this type of environment happen and people have a tendency to stay in the shadows and other social problems appear with that. the people are victims of crime, they may not want to go balk to the place because they are afraid. >> there were more than 40,000 latinos alone. about half of them are undocumented. the president also signed an order to cut federal grants for sanctuary cities and immediately there was a protest on the steps of san francisco
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city hall. san francisco is one of four bay area cities among hundreds of cities around the nation that protect immigrants who were in the united states illegally. the mayors of san francisco, san jose, oakland and berkeley say that they will take a regional approach. to identifying the effects of federal funding cuts. >> the law is pretty clear. the supreme court has said it that the congress and president cannot put conditions on funding. on say transportation funding because of some unrelated reason. >> the president has several options to carry out his order including federal lawsuits, also the power to with hold money from federal grants. for san francisco alone that could be a billion dollars. some of the nation's bingest cities also sanctuary cities like new york, los angeles,
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chicago, philadelphia and phoenix. there is a report that the trump administration has drafted an order to keep refugees syria from coming to the united states. the associated press obtain aid draft of the order. it would suspend issuing any visas for people from seven mostly muslim countries. those are iran, iraq, libya, somal is, sudan, syria and yenen. one man said his family has been trapped overseas after their homes in syria were destroyed he wonder ifs they will ever make it to california. the council on american islamic situation said it's ready to fight the order. >> we are also looking at legal strategies to push back against any possible order just because it came from the president doesn't mean that it's the law. we are reminded that the law of the land is the constitution. >> the president has not commented on the details of the
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draft order but in the past he has said he is worry that terrorists could enter the united states posing as refugees. you will find more on the president's orders at there is information about the preses's call for a major investigation into possible voter fraud. just look under our politics section. later today the president goes to philadelphia. he will join republicans at their three day retreat. they will address republicans at their strategy retreat. they are expected to talk about aggressive legislation including repealing replacing the affordable care act, over halling the tax system and finding a way to pay for the president's border wall. in other news, search teams going back to alameda creek looking foreships of 18-year- old jayda jenkins who has been missing since her car crashed in to that creek on saturday. recovery crews have found clothing belonging to her
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downstream. on tuesday her car was removed. the fast moving water has slowdown recovey efforts. niles canyon road was reopened yesterday in both directions. authorities haven't found any sign of her yet. they believe she was under water when she knocked out the windows of hadder car to get out. the storms brought relief from the drought. some property owners in the bay area worry their life savings were put in danger. in san mateo the mountain community of la honda is reeling the damage caused by the rain. they red tappinged three homes and a 4th at risk. a road buckled and forced families to evacuate. one man thinks the ground shifted ten feet destroying the foundation to his parent's home. >> there is nothing you can do. this is mother nature the you're and we tried our hardest to protect the house.
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>> the landslide also took down nearby trees and power lines. the family was red tagged homes asking local and state lawmakers for financial help. the county board of supervisors is make the road a priority to keep more homes from being destroyed. financial help is on the way for another peninsula community hit hard by the storms. the city of pacifica will receive three million dollars from state and federal governments for 12 sites damaged by last year's storms. some money will go to protect infrastructure including the one next to esplanade. it won't pay for the demolition of the apartment building on the cliff but could help with some repairs further out. an event called eat china town is underway in san francisco. we have details of this showcase for long time businesses in this special new year celebration. >> and a new survey showing bart riders are satisfied with their ride and how it compares to studies in the past.
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>> it's not to bad out there. so far. if you look at the morning drive. this is a look at the maze. you can see traffic is looking good.
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lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile. . the storms adding more congestion to busy bay area roads and freeways. want to show you the traffic back up opponent 101.
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cal trans crews have been work around the clock to fix weather related pot holes. they say that the 101 freeway from oyster point south one of the worst stretches in the bay area. >> we have to fix this stuff. someone will get hurt. just a matter of time. there is some big pot holes out here. >> cal trans said drivers should slow down which will help with reaction time and avoiding a pot hole. if you do end up hitting one and it damages your car you can file a claim with the transit agency. we have more information on how you can do that at our website. that's under the web lynchings section of our home page. the clean up from the storms is far from over. the united states army corp. of engineers has been busy cleaning debris out of the san francisco bay. sky fox was over the area where the agency is dumping some of that debris. look at the pile of that. made up mostly of alarming branches, trees, brought down by storms. the agency said the large floating branches pose a danger
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to boats in the bay. the eastbound lanes of highway 37 are open again after being shut down by flood from the storm. the lanes were shut done between atherton avenue and highway 101 after water spilled over from the nearby marshes. now the westbound lanes still closed between lakeville highway and highway 101. crews work around the clock pumping out water but we don't know when the westbound lanes will reopen. it's the second time this month that flooding has closed part of highway 37. there is new information showing a lot of bart riders just not happy with bart. in fact satisfaction rates at the lowest the level. 31% aren't happy with bart compared to 2% who were not happy in 2014. the main complaints include bart's reliability, finding a seat on bart and they said they
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want bart stations and bart trains to be cleaner. >> that sounds like most people would probably agree with that. traffic has been pretty good. let's check in with sal. >> its been okay. you are driving from gilroy let's say to san jose. kind of a long drive. still looks good. if you are driving northbound on 101. this is a look at the drive here. no major problems getting through morgan hill and getting up to the main part of san jose. continues to look good in to the main part of the valley. in east bay oakland. 880 north and southbound. continues to look good here. you can see the photograph sick still light getting in to san francisco. let's bring steve in now. with today's weather. we do get the a break though there is a weak system
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drag across us and the bigger break on the weekend into early next week but then it looks like wednesday, february 1st, we are back into a rainy pattern this is the the six to ten day outlook. we get a break on sunday, monday looks nice. then a continuation of the pattern. dry netter southeast. the south and wetter look who has 60% possibility of being above on that. it would be more zonal. that's moving right across us.
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sacramento, tahoe, truckee with temperatures in the tensin stead of the single digits. flagstaff four. 34 in las vegas. 45 verses 39ful there is your easter by part coming over san pablo bay. that's still in place. the system a north or northeast or northeasterly breeze. again there is not a lot to this system. maybe a few little garden variety showers. i think that would be about the end result. sunshine this afternoon and that system right there will split. part going north. part toward us but going down the coast. it'll justin crease the clouds. usually when you knock acies temperature done it doesn't have much. precipitation into friday, saturday, no, monday, no, by tuesday we will start to watch the north and look what happens on -- we go into wednesday and thursday. rain returns, not a lot but looks like the beginning of another pattern change which will favor rain for us. 50s on the temperatures. 54, santa rose a. and 50s down
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to san jose. santa cruz and los gatos. then a break. saturday, sunday, monday and then tuesday looks like things will start to change. >> want a nice little break. >> lue get it. thank you. new developments in the sir for that missing kayaker from the south bay. why the tough decision was made to call off the search. >> also a new list is out. comparing the best and worst the united states cities for families. the bay area areas that came out on top and those who fell independent behind. ?q
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we're southwest, and we have one word for you... yes. ♪ yes to flying further for less. and yes to new international nonstops. that's just one more reason we're the official airline of the "yes" coast. and yes you can now fly to more of your favorite places from right here. that's transfarency. (sfx: clap, clap, ding)
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. welcome back. it's 52:00 '21. there is a new study ranking the best cities for family. no bay area cities made the top ten. the highest ranking one according to the study by apartment list was pleasanton ranked at number 18. the next highest was fremont at number 33 and san ramone at number 416789 the lowest bay area cities were vallejo, number 507 out of 510. oakland cast number 503. berkeley was 415. the top three falk tomorrows were crime rate, affordable housing and quality of education. a big legal victory for wal- mart. a judge in san francisco agreed with wal-mart in a wage dispute with its california truck
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drivers. the jump refused to enforce a penalty of $80 million for wal- mart's failure to pay the state's minimum wage to drivers for certain jobs. the judge ruled that wal-mart acted in good faith and believed it was following california labor laws. wal-mart truck drivers are not paid by the hour. they are paid based on mileage and specific jobs they preform. in july a jury awarded back wages to them finding that wal- mart did not pay them the minimum wage for inspecting their trucks before and after a trip. tesla ceo is still talking about building a tunnel to help traffic in los angeles. he posted twitter is he making progress on plans and will start digging in a month or so. he is talking about his plans to create underground routes los angeles to relieve jams on la freeways. he first mentioned this plan after being is stuck in traffic
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december. we don't know if he is being serious or just having fun on social media. amazon has a new service for stem toys. for about $20 a month children will get an age appropriate toy focusing on science, technology, engineering and math. the toys are for ages two through 13. subscribers can cancel when they want. they will start shipping the first orders today. the ceo of the company that makes those dipping dots ice cream is hoping to end it's cold war with the new white house press secretary. they hit the headlines after reporters dug up old twe, ts from sean spicer criticizing the ice cream. he tweeted that dipping dots is not the ice cream of the future, that was their s logan. the tweets got a lot of attention but the company is taking in stride and in good humor.
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>> we love the satire around the conversation. having the headlines sean spicer has a fued with dipping dots. it's just funny. >> the ceo said that when it's convenient the company will bring a truck load of the ice cream to the white house and have a ice cream social. he said spicer responded by suggests they invite veterans and the military to that party. building a trump hotel in san francisco. the planned expansion of the president's luxury hotel chain. >> things getting more crowded ited for for month that morning drive. we will take you through drives and let you know what it looks like. . >> lows up compared to yesterday because the cloud cove. we will look at that and see what's in store for saturday and all signs point to a warmer weekend.
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. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. it does look like christmas even though it's not. that's your bay bridge. leave pictures. a beautiful thursday morning as we are getting started. traffic flowing. sal will check traffic for new just a moment. welcome back. thank you for joining us. thursday, january 26th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. love the lights of the bay bridge. >> so do i. >> pretty and clear.
5:28 am
sounds like it'll stay that way for the city. some clouds, let's check in with steve. >> today and tomorrow and then we are good to go. >> weekend should be nice. if will be. it better be or i'm in trouble. we have our system dropping in. we are getting that break from the rain. karen larson said i'm glad for the break. here in oak town. felt like i needed to grow gills. don't do attempt wouldn't be a good look. don't dot. we are getting a break. i know what you mean. we needed a break and are getting one. weak system drag across. high midlevel clouds. if there is any rain you can let me know. i think this is just high based. what's there is probably light and not reaching the ground. we get drying late their afternoon. the lows up. 30s. mop 40s. we had upper 20s and low 30s yesterday. on the peninsula. 37. menlo park, stanford.
5:29 am
44. 41 sap carlos. same for san mateo. easterly part stilll in place. that's not the changing. system up north looks like its falling part. there is light rain off the coast but its been staying there. next system looks strange but its been going north. high pressure buildingt. will deflect it. 50s on the temperatures today. mainly mid to a few upper. warmer weather returns by the weekend. are the lights clicking on? >> you pay attention. they are. there will be a back up associated that. thank you very much. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. you can see traffic is move agriculture long well. if are you drivingon 80 from vacaville, fairfield, vallejo into the drive here to the bridge. no major problems. traffic already a little busy here and there. for the most part it hasn't been that bad. the metering lyings click on and they have. you can see there is a back up forming at the toll p laza for
5:30 am
a ten minute delay before you make it on to the span. this morning's drive in san jose still looks good. northbound 280. at 5:30 let's go back to the desk. many hag today the board of regents due to vote on raising tuition and student fees at all ten uc campuses around california. alex savage at the uc sf campus. the ridge entities will meet there this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. a lot of students say that any tuition increase would put a huge financial strain on them and you can imagine a lot of them will be on hand for this meeting later on today to voice those concerns. the ridge entities will begin meeting publicly at 9:30 this morning here in side the robertson biling. this is the second day of a two day meeting. they are expected to vote on a plan to raise tuition and fees by $336 a year. that's an increase of 2.5% and
5:31 am
it would take effect this fall. it would be the first hike in six years for the uc system. it would only apply to families earning more than $150,000 a year. still one board member, lieutenant governor said that he is planning to vote against the increase. >> we do a great job to protect those that are low income. we do a terrible job of providing resources for middle income families. that is who will bear this price. >> they will go for things like hiring more staff, more teaching assistants t would go for improving mental health. >> reporter: this increase is projected to bring in another $88 million to the uc system. a third of that would go to financial aid. the rest would go to the campuses. now if the increase goes through it would make the cost of tuition and fees for uc
5:32 am
students about 12, 6$00 a year though that doesn't account for rent, meals and books. a very important vote happening later this morning at the meet that gets underway. the public portion at least at 9:30 this morning here at the campus. you can manage a lot of student also be on hand for this one. >> i know they will be. thank you. later today san francisco mayor ed lee will deliver his state of the city address. we expect him to focus on issues he has talked about before including jobs, the economy and affordable housing. we expect him to talk about the city's new police chief. william scott and the battle against the president to keep san francisco a sanctuary city. the a woman charged with driving a stolen cab going the wrongway on the bay bridge has been convicted. a jury found carry morganitey of three felonies including driving under the influence and causing great injury. two people were hurt in november of 2015 when the car
5:33 am
she was driving slammed into oncoming traffic. a sentencing date for her has not been set. santa clara deputies are set to get body cameras by the end of the year. supervisors approvede equipping deputies on patroll and deputies who work at the county jail with the cameras. the move comes after the beating death of a mentally ill inmate in 2015. three jail guards on are trial. the coast guard has called off the search for a missing kayaker who disappeared tuesday afternoon near the dunbar ton bridge. search crews the air and on the water searched the area around the bridge yesterday trying to find stines of her but in the afternoon the water levels were so low during low tide the boats had trouble getting to the search zone. he was out with a friend when his kayak tipped over. another friend said that he was very skilled out there in the
5:34 am
water. >> he is very experienced in the water. his lively hood has been fishing. he has been fishing since he was a teen and has been on fishing trips throughout the bay. >> the coast guard said it was a tough decision to call off the search but there were no signs of the man. italian search teams pulled the final victims last week's avalanche out of the dewrites. firefighters say the final death toll from the snow slide is 29. italian proprosecuters say autopsies on the first six show they died from the trauma of the hotel collapsing. there are also signs of suffocation. nine were pulled out alive from the hotel during the first days of the rescue. we have somen credible pictures of a big fire last nightt. was at an apartment biling under conviction north of seattle. two firefighters were hurt battling this huge fire. the building collapsed from all of the intensity of the flames.
5:35 am
about 150 people at a nearby apartment had to be evacuated. the firefighters don't know how the fire started. a fire marshall will be at the scene later this morning. chinese new year start this is saturday and is part of the celebration there is a campaign to promote san francisco's china town. a photograph exhibit showcases historic businesses, especially restaurants, highlighting the influence of tradition and food in the culture. the exhibit is called eat, china town. it also focuses on the immigrant who came here to the united states and worked their way from being servers to owning restaurants. immaterial hopefully it'll sign shine a light on their back story to tell them about the history of the spaces and the community of china town. >> creators of this very special exhibit say that china
5:36 am
town was built by immigrant who wanted to get a foot hold in their new country. restaurants and bakeries became gathering places and the way to build a better life and live the american dream. the photograph exhibit is at 41 ross alley. it's off jackson street in grant avenue. admission is free. the new year parade is february 11th. mark your calendar. you can watch the parade right here with us on ktvu fox 2. our coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. the parade itself starts at six. your facebook feed is about to look different. >> coming up, the changes that the company is making in an effort to root out fake news. >> and a television legend remembered as a comedian, producer and trailblazer. the life of mary tyler moore
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and how she affected us all. immaterial good morning. we have word of a new crash on the east shore freeway. with relooking at the richmond bridge approach. you can see traffic is of monthing along well. if you are driving here. ?q with the xfinity tv app,
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. welcome back. it's 53:97:89 a new trump hotel may soon becoming here to the bay area. the hotel chain now run by trump's sons plans to expand including opening a luxury hotel in san francisco. this is also raising some ethical questions. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the trump hotel could be joining san francisco's skyline here and of course that could create a stir here in san francisco. currently the trump organization has ten hotels
5:40 am
throughout the united states and overseas and a new location could be set to open soon. the company hotel ceo is outlining plans for expanding the hotel chain. he said there are 26 major markets in the country. one of them right here in san francisco. all of this is happening as many continue to call on the president to complete laddie vest from his hotel and business to avoid conflict of interest. the president has said he is turning control of his cop over to his sons and will have no knowledge of its day to day operations but many say that is not enough. there is no timeline on when the chain could start the expansion plans or when a trump hotel could be heads here to san francisco. throughout this morning we will be talking with folks to get a sense on how they feel a trump hotel would go over right here in san francisco. . all right.
5:41 am
thank you. nasa and are of the monthing new pictures space. want you to take a look. they are amazing. the organization launch that new satellite back in novato capture earth as never seen before. clear, clear pictures. scientists say they can see shallow waters in the caribbean. light cloud cover injure over the mountains, even dust bluing off the coast of african. the images are four times more detailed than any we have seen before. clearly. >> i want to go. >> i know. me too many. >> they could probably see our drive too . maybe almost as good as sal. maybe. they could probably use those high powered cameras they have right? >> maybe. maybe. >> good morning. good morning. let's go out and take a look at what we now. the tracy triangle which will be busy this morning on 580 westbound and also on 205 as
5:42 am
you -- looks like i don't have -- there we go. now we have the right maps up. you can see traffic is very slow as you drive on this drive. this a look at 205. you can see it's down to 12 miamis an hour here. a little farther up it's 20 miles an hour. the whole thing is going to be busy as you drive over the pass. this is stretching with in the normal confines of busy -- not like the other day. still stop and go traffic. let's go to the east shore freeway. we a report a crash. 80 westbound at gill man. you can see the fire department is the medics are be log for it. i don't see anything blocking lanes. it was reported as an oaf turned vehicle. you can see the emergency response on the freeway looking fort. we will let you know if we find it. i don't see anything here. reported as -- it's reported as an overturned vehicle. with rehabilitative see if we can find it for you. also looking at the bay bridge
5:43 am
toll plaza that's backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay. some people aren't up to every other heartbeat. it's still early. where was that? where was it? >> 80 at gill man. they are look for an accident. they haven't found it but the medics and fire department are on the way. >> thank you. we have a mostly cloudy morning here. weak system just brushing us. brushing us on by. i doubt much happens out of it but it does give us cloud cove and has brought the lows up. the lows are up because the cloud cover. more 40s than 30s. radar shows a couple return returns but i doubt anything will happen out of that. dryer air is racing in. watching -- that's why i like to show the water vapor. just zoom past eureka. 40s for most. up a good five, ten degrees compared to yesterday. 39 morgan hill and gilroy. 37 santa claire a. low 40s for
5:44 am
campbell. mid-30s boulder creek. santa cruz at 416789 monterey at 41. low 40s. fresno at 35. 34 las vegas. flagstaff at four. tucson 31. cold on the desert but it's warmer on the desert. southern california. up six from yesterday from 39 to 45. la a brisk41. off shore breeze and we will continue that. you can see haywood over. some area was that northerly breeze. there is not much there. cloud cover favoring areas near the coast. i don't see much happening. next system is going north and splitting. high pressure will take care of most of it. we will get some clouds thursday. after that a break. friday, saturday, sunday, monday. tuesday, weekend is fine. don't you worry. sunshine. warm etemperatures, tuesday watch what happens wednesday. bring the rain back. february 1st and second.
5:45 am
it does look like back into a rainy pattern. 50s on the temperatures. mid to upper. about a 54 to 57. santa cruz tomorrow about the same. warmer, especially sunday, monday. >> all right. thank you. i loved her. fans of mary tyler moore are leaving fleurs at her star on the walk of fame. also minneapolis there at this famous statue of her. she died yesterday of complications of knew man. she is remembered as a television pioneer who changed how women are shown on tv. ♪ [ music ] she inspired many with her role on the mary tyler moore show. a 70s show where she played a single career woman. she first came onto the
5:46 am
national scene and was nominated for an acad my award for her role in the film ordinary people. she will be most remembered as a trail blazing role model for a whole generation of working women. >> the idea of a single professional woman making her way in the world is a great thing to remember. >> she sort of tried to juggle this eternal question. the work life balance for women. >> she won seven emmys. she suffer from a number of health problems along the way including diabetes. she was 80. former co tarps of hers are posting are you actions. dick van dyke posted this to facebook. he said there are no words. she was the best. we said we changed each other's
5:47 am
lives for the better. i watched her grow into the incredible talent that she became. there won't be another one like her. opponent half had something to say. even now look agent this picture. i want to cry. i still can't believe she touched my face. we will love her forever. and her c association star, mr. grant posted this. a great lady. i loved and owe so much to has left us. i will miss her. i will never be able to repay her for the blessings that she gave to me. she changed the world with her smile. >> yeah. she did. the san jose sharks are in first place in the nhl pacific division and the players focused. the team hopes to get back to the stanley cup finals. as scott show us the 2017 sharks also know he how to have
5:48 am
some fun. >> reporter: the sharks are one of the nhl's best teams. they are also one of the leaping's most loud teams. in fact according to the hockey nobody has a better time of it than these guys. >> i like the sound of that. i think it's a fun group. >> i coached in the nhl for many taken year suspicion have never seen a group that enjoys each other like this. >> reporter: it shows. before, during, and after games. >> who is the ring leader? >> jumbo. >> really? >> yes. >> congratulations on that. >> thank you. >> always keeping loose and getting opponent guy asks making sure they feel part of the team. play something jokes and anything things like that. >> reporter: joe thornton may
5:49 am
be the leader but with so many personalities in the room there is plenty of play to do around. >> it's just a different day. you know someone else is doing something different. >> it's great coming to the rink in the middle of january in the dog days of the season and it's hard not to get excited being around this group. >> reporter: the sharks chemi is stry starts to the dress room. it's obvious on the ice here but it extends well beyond that. planes, hotels, restaurants because as it turns out the fun travels. >> amount time we are with each other we probably logged most hours on planes and road trips. seem like we are always on the road together. i think if we annoyed each other it would be a long year. >> reporter: case in point. >> i think we justice have learned to enjoy each other's company over the years. >> reporter: who is the best dressed guy?
5:50 am
>> ward is pretty best dressed. he always has a new suit or three piece. >> my mother raised me well to make sure i look proper. i try to do my best. >> reporter: who is the best the or worst dancer? >> fen can movement he has great moves. i'm not sure where they come from. he likes -- he likes it. >> i don't know how he doest. he can probably dot. like one much theme. >> rowot kind of moment. i like techno music. >> reporter: ironic emblem of a team that is anything but robotic. they continue to keep it loose and the results continue to speak for themselves. >> it's a great lesson for anyone that does anything. you want to be around people you that enjoy being around. that's the number one thing. that's the case here. >> in san jose. ktvu. >> i love to see the fun side
5:51 am
of that. bringing the olympics back to the united states. the latest move by loss also to try to one the bid to host the summer games. we're told to live large, but with princess cruises
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your most extraordinary moments happen when you feel small. when you're completely outnumbered, overshadowed, and outshined. so what if you dared to explore this great big beautiful pond.
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what if you dared to feel small. celebrate our princess anniversary sale with award winning itineraries. 7 day fares from $799. visit your travel agent or princess cruises. come back new. . today's health we are talking about cancer.
5:54 am
earlier this week sports caster erin andrews revealed she battled cervical cancer this past season. she told sports illustrated that she had surgery at a los angeles hospital in midobvious. her doctors said radiation treatment and chemo would not be needed. the news has women wondering what we can do to protect ourselves. any screening that we can do for early detection of it? >> yeah. that's really the amazing thing about erin andrew social security that it has all of us talking about cervical cancer. here is the good news. deaths it have gone way down and it's very preventable. couple important things to talk about. first of all the screening has gotten better. that is good. also we have what's called the hpv vaccine. 99% of cases of the cancer are
5:55 am
caused by hpv. . that is why we have that vaccine. parents have been reluctant. it's a vaccine that involves -- a discussion about sexual activity and so sometimes parents don't want to think about that with their kids. they have avoid that vaccine. des say that it's important. it can prevent cervical cancer. when it comes to screening the american cancer society said start at it '21 about pap tests every three yearsf. that's irregular and the screening is a little complicated. that's why you have to go to the right doctor to figure out where you fall and what you should have done. after that happens at about age 30 then you get the pap test with the hpv screening. it's every three years which is interesting. that is because there are so many false positive ifs you get it more often than that. that doesn't do anything any good. the recommendation every three years and the recommendation is
5:56 am
also to get your teenager, starts at 11 or 12. get that hpv vaccine. that did prevent this. >> any signs or symptoms we can watch out for as maybe a sign for this? >> >> sometimes in the capes of cervical cancer when it's -- especially in its early stages there are no signs or symptoms. women can look for irregular psyche manies, irregular discharge. look for very -- certain things like that may tell you something is wrong. unexpected symptoms that will send you to the doctor. then you can ask for the screenings. >> all right. thank you so much for shedding light on some of that for us. >> thank you. this morning los angeles is a step closer to bringing the olympics back. >> the la city council voted to support the olympics meaning
5:57 am
that the city will agree to pay to cover any financial losses if los angeles is selected to host. hungry and france were also fighting to host the games. we will find out which ty is the winning one in the bidding in september. >> pretty exciting. up next in the 6:00 hour we are following developing news. an officer reported attacked in the parking lot of a 24 hour fitness in sunnyvale. we will talk about the acception that's now underway. >> and a order from trump to cut federal money from sanctuary cities. the reaction from leaders of bay area cities.
5:58 am
5:59 am
. we are live in sunnyvale where a police officer was assaulted in the parking lot of a 24 hour fitness. with rehabilitative have the latest on the investigation that is happen right now. >> mixed reaction after the president's executive orders on immigration. his agenda today as he gets ready to meet republican lawmakers. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2.
6:00 am
good morning. it if you are just waking up with us beautiful start to the day. there is a live look at the bay bridge in to the city. traffic moving along. >> yeah. >> not quickly. it's moving. that's the good news. it sounds like a nice weekend in store. >> yeah. >> it's thursday january 26th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's go to steve to find out about your weather. the day before friday. >> looking good. we are get that break. the all sunshine and warmer temperatures won't kick in until the weekend. we have a weak system over us. you remember all that rain we have had. jim you have heard it. california drought from december to january. see you, good-bye. only 2% rehe mains in in exceptional and i they that will gear. we haven't got tone february, march and the now melt yet. we are out. you can always conserve. you know dry coit


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