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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 28, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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from yesterday's deadly plane crash as we wait for the identity of the three people who died and learn more about their connection to the bay area. >> and a sig alert in effect as crews work to repair a pot hole on 680. how long it's expected to take. >> and the president gets ready to address a joint session of congress. at again he is expected to lay out. >> good afternoon. >> we start with new information on that deadly plane crash in riverside. the cessna was going to san jose last night. three the five on board were killed. >> two survived. we are live in san jose in front of union middle school where one of the victims went to school. >> reporter: actually -- one of the victims did not attend school. we will explain -- attend school here. we will explain that. according to neighbors and friends the people on board the plane were inside southern california to see a
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cheerleading competition. they were going back to san jose when their plane crashed into the neighborhood in riverside. the union middle school cheer team was participating. all of their students returned home safely. some of the victims of this plane crash are believed to be relatives or members of -- relatives of members of the cheer team. that's why the school has had grief counselors on hand all day on campus. the ntsb is investigating what caused this crash. the plane crashed yesterday just minutes after taking off from the the riverside airport there. were five people on board and authorities confirmed one adult man, one adult female and a teenage girl were killed. two adult women were ejected. they survived even after the plane he erupted in to flames. the firefighters used thermal imaging to go in to the home. >> firefighters inside and --
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danger to life and danger. no visibility. they found one the victims in the room. they helped her out of the window. firefighter was waiting and pulled them out. the second victim was found near the crash. >> reporter: a cheer placed first in their division. the junior competition happening at disney. the team members, parents and relatives celebrated but by monday it turned to shock and sadness about what happened. >> it's an amiss mazing community. there is still such an outpouring of love. the principal was on the phone with staff members. through the early hours of the evening. just assuring people were there. what can we do and support you and we tonight know.
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>> reporter: the superintendent confirmed none of the students were on board that plane but they believe relatives, possibly grandparents or parents or siblings were the victims of the crash. they don't know until the coroner officially releases the identity of the bodies. the two women who survived are still in the hospital. one of them we are told in the burn unit with third degree burns to 90% of her body. the two haven'ts are recovering at the hospital. back to you. >> thank you. funeral arrangements have been announced to remember sheriff deputy michael foley. the she have department said the funeral will be held this friday march 3rd at 11:00 at the concord pavilion. the public is invited to attend. you will remember the 60-year- old died after being hit by an inmate transport bus. a friend of foley's was driving the bus. the bus was going 15 miles an
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hour. the driver didn't see foley. before becoming a sheriff's deputy he worked for 30 year hats police department. the we have new details about a shooting investigation in the south bay. this happened early this morning in santa clara. investigators were called to the home because of reports of a party. when they arrived some of the people were being uncooperative and then a short time later they got reports that a gun shot victim had arrived at a hospital believed to have come from that party. that person is expected to survive but so far no other details have been released. police in the east bay investigate age deadly crash in pittsburgh. officers say about 7:00 last night there was a crash between a car and van. investigators say that a woman who lived nearby heard the collision and ran to the scene where she was then hit been a suv. the driver of the suv stopped is cooperating with investigators. so far the identity of the woman who ran to help but was hit and killed herself has yet to be released.
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police haven't said if anyone was searsly hurt in that first crash involving the car and the van. a man is being treated for serious burns he suffered in an apartment fire over night this happened around nine on san pablo and lincoln avenue at a complex that houses people with special needs and senior citizens. when firefighters arrived smoke and fire were coming you of one of the apartments and a man inside was rescued and then taken to the hospital. >> i was attorneys importanted by medical helicopter to the medical center burn unit. with significant burns to his upper body. >> a woman was seen going into an apartment to help rescue a man. it's unclear if she helped the one who was in the hospital. pg&e cut power and people aren't allowed to go back to their time. happening now in the east bay drivers told to avoid using
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interstate 680 through fremont. you can see here because of sky fox a big pot hole has opened up in one of the middle northbound lanes at mission boulevard. this prompted the chp to close the lane. traffic is moving slowly through the area. the pot the hole was first found by drivers at about 7:30. the pavement opened up wide and deep enough for rebar could be seen. cal trans crews are working on repairs. they are expected to be out for hours. the chp said the lane will be closed until about five. we are just several hour away from the president's prime time speech before both houses of congress. >> during the address the president will be face to face with democrats, many promising to stop the administration's plans from going forward. >> reporter: audiences used to seeing the president speak to crowds full of supporters. tonight inside the capitol roughly half of those in attendance will be democrats who have promised to stop the president at every chance. >> we are going to get jobs
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back in our country. >> reporter: the president giving a little preview of tonight's speech to fox this morning. jobs and the economy are always top priorities for the presidents but the white house said that tonight's address will focus on the longer term. split in two parts the president is expected to touch on promises made on the campaign trail that he said he has kept. like immigration reform, moving forward on oil pipeline projects and withdrawing trade agreements. according to white house showers sources rehabilitative then turn toward his legislative agenda including tax reform, health care and defense spending. >> we will spend a lot more on the military. we have too. we have no choice. >> reporter: for the most part democrats have opposed almost all of the president's executive actions to date especially those on immigration. some democratic lawmakers even planning to invite immigrants to watch the speech from inside the house chamber. >> the president hasn't done
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very much but what he has done is for sake his promises to the working class. >> reporter: former kentucky governor will deliver the democrat's rebuttal to the president's speech. is he from a red state the but is a strong supporter of obama care and medicaid expansion. in washington. fox news. the widows of two deputies killed in 2000 '214 by a man who was in the united states illegally will be in the audience for the president's speech. danny oliver and michael davis were killed during a crime spree. legislation was named after the deputies calling for tougher enforcement of immigration laws and tonight the widows will sit with the first lady. another guest is the widow of justice scalia. >> you can see it here. our coverage starts tonight at six. we will also stream it for you
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live online. wilbur ross has been confirmed as secretary of could personality he was sworn into office earlier today. he is a 79-year-old billionaire investor who will divest from much of his business empire. is he expected to be a key player in the plan to over hall trade deals such as the north american free trade agreement. there are reports of possible e-mail trouble for new epa chief scott pruitt. the associated press has records showing they used a private he e-mail to talk to staff while he served as oklahoma's attorney general this goes against his testimony in front of a senate committee where he stated that he only used a state e-mail account for government business. still ahead an investigation underway at an east bay school after students reportedly circulated naked photographs of a school administrator. the punishment the students
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received. >> the cold start to the morning but it's shaping up to be a beautiful morning. rosemary will be here for more details on that warm up. >> and in just the over an hour counsel members have state and federal funds to help flood victims.
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. the city of san jose said the coyote creek flood cost $73
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million in damage, 50 million to private property. they said there has been nearly $940,000 in donations. at a city council meeting members expected to focus ongoing after federal and state dollars. we report from the rock springs neighborhood where many apartments yellow tagged will be in need of funds. >> the concrete. >> reporter: this homeowner showed us how four feet of water flooded his basement damaging the foundation and beams to his home on 19th street. this was a picture taken last tuesday. >> i was really surprised. have so much water. i was surprised. . >> reporter: his home of 25 years red tagged upgraded to yellow after he added support beams. this is what he was able to save. most of the debris is on the sidewalk. he has flood insurance thankfully. >> we have three other home that we are doing that they don't have insurance or money. so we are doing trying to help
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people that need it. it's quite sad. >> reporter: he specialize inside flood repairs. his crew washing another basement filled with raw sewage. the sheetrock must be displaced. the homes red tagged. the initial damage estimate $50 million. 23million to public parks and roads. >> the estimate is really based on formulas and not based on inspection work. >> we know that all the structure costs -- homeowners and renters have been devastating. we know the number will be big. it'll probably get bigger. >> reporter: the mayor said he was president surprised. we caught up with him while visiting the center. now an overnight shelter to 120
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flood victims. ktvu. water is no longer cascading down the orrville spillway. from the air you can see the lower portion of the concrete spillway has been wash away. the water flow also eroded the hillside. they had to keep the out flow off. the crisis at the dam is visible even from space. take a look at this picture. someone on board the international space station took the photograph. you can see in the bottom center water flowing the main spillway. let's check in with rosemary. just one of those picture perfect days here in the san francisco bay area. >> yes. we are ending february on a beautiful note. we have dry weather out there. temperatures warmer today than where we were yesterday. that's the trend we will see in to the next few days.
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mostly sun jrue skies. it was a cold start but feeling nice. 7 santa rosa. if we look to the inner east bay we have 54 outside your door. south bay locations, 54 in san jose. temperatures up for most of us. just a bit warmer in areas like oakland. we go to santa rosa. so notable for you there and again this warming trend is going to continue as we get into wednesday, thursday, friday, before changes come our way in time for the weekend. here say look at storm tracker 2. we remain under that dry north flow. we have a bit of activity over northern california but that will stick to the northw. he we won't see that heren. lake county area right about clear lake at lake port this continues to be a concern. we have flooding going on here. the flood level stage is nine feet. still about ten feet.
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taking its time to go down. minor flooding continues in that area. for the rest of us it's a dry day. it's a mild day with temperatures in the 60s. we will go warmer today. even warmer for tomorrow and thursday into friday. we will feel like spring. afternoon highs for today. we will go 59 santa rosa. 60 for berkeley. 57 san francisco. the inner east bay. along the east bayshore line. 50s to near 6059 morgan hill and 60 in gilroy. here is a look at your extended forecast. again day by day. taking a look at just the how nice we have it. we start march very calm, very quiet, nice, 64 expected by thursday into friday. friday looks like it'll be one of the warmest days but then into the weekend things start to change the the models have changed up more since yesterday to bring the possibility of rain back to the bay area as early as saturday.
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yesterday it looked like we would hold off but not the case anymore and by sunday temperatures call falling off. when i come back we will time it out for you. >> thank you. spring is just three week away in the national park service said it'll announce peak bloom for cherry blossoms tomorrow. the warm weather back on the east coast could trigger an early bloom for the throw flowers. last year happened for march 25 pght. once its peak is reached the blossoms can stay on the trees for fur to ten days. this year's festival will be held from march 20th to april 16th. i want them to be empowered. i want them to be inspired by this place. by this energy and hopefully it'll open up some doors for them. >> students from a high school head to facebook for incite in to the tech world.
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. get ready for your pg&e bill to go up again. those who use less power will see their bills group. right now the typical customer pays about $99. that will go up to almost$111. most were already surprised by
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rate hikes in the last few months. >> the reason we had the initial rate increase last year was for safety but -- the main increase was for gas safety. this increase is for electric transmission. >> also customer who use more than four times their baseline amount of power will pay a new sur charge. apple's next i-phone due out this fall will have a curved screen. that according to the wall street journal this very been look agent them for the i-phone 8. it'll reportedly have a display screen that's similar in size to the i-phone 7 plus. the cost is still looking pricey with the the phone expected to cost about a thousand dollars. the new i-phone will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the device. banks and other financial companies are leading united states stock indexes mostly low eras we give you a live look at the dow jones down 28 points.
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your nasdaq up 30 points. starting in june the bay area will be home to united airlines shortest flight. united will offer jet service between sfo and santa rose a. it's just a 40 minute flight. united isn't saying just how much the tickets but a quick check showed if they go for at least the $400. do not think as a way to avoid highway traffic. they are aimed more at peoplel who are flying in to san francisco and want to get to vine country. for a much longer trip. one to the moon. the space xs and ceo said two people have approached him object a week long flight on board a rocket to the moon. the mission would not involve a landing but the c aps ul section expected to loop around the moon. the unidentified space tourists know about the risk and said they paid a significant deposit. they will have major training also. they are already sending cargo
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to the international space station. a group of east bay students gained insight into the tech world with a visit to facebook. >> we have more on the trip that is aimed to make students feel empowered. >> i want the answer circled. >> reporter: so easy for us to forget the how difficult high school was. tests, pressure to make the grade, fitting in, for inner city kids in east oakland their environment outside of the classroom also presents its challenges. >> biggest challenge, i say leaving whatever happens at home like at home when you come to school. like getting -- being on your top game. . >> reporter: june kim said his mind is at ease at the community garden where teacher chef nikki shaw helped students see the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. if we drink more than one soda a day you can imagine doubling this much sugar? that's crazy. >> reporter: when she was asked
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to speak at facebook shaw asked if is he she could bring 150 of her students. monday's first lesson at facebook was how to eat healthier and ways to put in those idead pretty quickly the lessons were put to the test. a spread of cookies and cup cakes caught their attention but the healthier lunch options filled their plate. >> they enjoyed something different. >> i eat like a lot of junk food. like -- drink [inaudible] hot chips and fries. i need to start like -- eat more fruit and vegetables. >> reporter: facebook's fitness grur got their students on their feet. >> i want them to be inspired by this place and energy and
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hopefully -- hopefully it'll open up its doors. . >> reporter: in celebration of black history month it was a great time to invite them out to facebook to show them what a career in tech could look like. >> representation is really important. working in tech. i hope it feels more accessible. still ahead as more states relevant eyes the use of mare amare medical experts warning about the dangers. why some are more worried about teenage use. >> and an investigation is underway at a high school after naked images of one of the administrator was circulated among students why some students say their privacy was violated.
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. n 't investigation is underway after student at a high school in concord shared a naked photograph of an administrator. >> alex savagw more on where the photographs came from and the action being taken by the district. >> reporter: the district is disciplining several students at clayton valley after a naked photograph of the school's director surfaced. that image was reportedly from video of the administrator as he changed in the locker room
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at a gym. inappropriate images of a man who runs clayton valley charter high school shared by students through social media and text message. according to a report a student took video of the school's executive director david lindsey as he was undressing in a gym locker room that's off campus. at least two students have been suspended for sharing the image but some believe that the district unfairly singled them out. >> i just think its like ridiculous that some kid would take a video of our principal like -- you know -- naked course. that's just gross. i mean -- kids always make mistakes. . >> reporter: after the photograph surfaced some students had their phones taken by administrators looking in to the the matter. this girl who saw the photograph didn't want to show her face or give her name but she said that the school's director has faced criticism in the past for his treatment of
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other staff members. >> i think it's inappropriate to share pictures you about i just think that some people have bad karma and can comes back to them. >> reporter: the gym war the image was capture is the just blocks the high school and many students also work out there. in a statement the school said today clayton valley charter high school takes discipline issues seriously and we never comment publicly on any specific matter related to students. we understand the concord police department and the sheriff's department are investigating how these images were captured. a district spokesperson did say today or school spokesperson said today it's not clear at this point if a crime was committed. back to you. a decorated police sergeant is suing the city saying the police department took revenge against him as he investigated the death of an officer's wife. the sergeant on the left here said the revenge started after
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he started to suspect oakland police officer shot and killed his own wife. her death in 2014 was ruled a suicide. then 15 months later o'brien also committed suicide. a note he left set off the sex scandal. he said when he started investigating the officer's possible role in his wife's death he became the target of harassment. a retired police officer was found guilty of attempted murder. he faces a maximum sentence of more than 31 years. he was arrested for stalking threatening his estranged wife before firing in to her bedroom. he lived in antioch. is he expected to be sentenced in april. now to the south bay where testimony has continued in the murder trial of sierra lamar's accused killer. both see yous focused in on dna evidence found in torres's car. defense lawyers question fire department a strand of lama r's hair found in for he he is's
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trunk was reliable. prosecutors say he kidnapped killed her. her body has never been found. he could face the death penalty. police in santa clara are searching for a man who assaulted a woman over the weekend. the woman was attacked on the sidewalk at lafayette and popular street just after 8:00 sunday morning. the man ran away after the assault. police say the victim described him as an african american man between 30 and 40 with a shaved head, about5'7'' with a medium build. mountain view police have made an arrest in a stab that hurt one person. it happened about ten last night near phyllis. the police department said they arrested a palo alto man. they haven't released any details about the victim's condition or what may are led to the stabbing. police arrested a man they say is responsible for a string of late night home particularies. this say that the suspect targeted homes with unlocked garage doors.
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they say that undercover officers caught him in the act at a home. police haven't released the suspect's name but say is he on probation for a prior offense. ? more than 20 jewish options around the country including in the bay area were the targets of new bomb threats yesterday. that includes the jewish community centers in palo alto and san rafaell and the san francisco office of the anti defamation league. we had a crew at the league office when police found out there had been a bomb threat. staff member picked up the phone just before 4:30. police evacuated the entire building and shut down market street. the entire ten story build was searched. the regional director said more education could make hate a thing of the pass. >> hate is something that's learned. if it can be learned can be unlearned and we want to see
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america be a place of no hate. a place where everybody is welcome. >> jewish community centers schools california to florida to new jersey received threats. since the first of the year there have been nearly 100 similar threats in the united states and canada. the fbi is working with local authorities on many of those investigations. an attack on a man is being investigated as a hate crimet. happened in the crocker neighborhood. the victim was walking when two men blocked him, starting yelling slurs and then beat him. he suffered possibly life threatening injuries. a marijuana fest ralph is scheduled for this weekend on tr ib al land is being threatened by the federal government. the cup is a marijuana trade show and festival but a united states attorney general has sent a letter to the tribe hosting the event reminding
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them that the transport, possession and use of marijuana is illegal under federal law. some people say if the federal government intervenes it would indicate the trauma trace is going to crack down on marijuana use even in states that have legalized it. >> all this as concern is mounting among health experts as more and more states legalize marijuana. >> we spoke to one doctor who is warning everybody about the dangers of getting high, especially for teenagers. >> reporter: as the nation loosens its marijuana laws doctors are tightening their warnings about teens and pot. so far seven states have legalized marijuana, 28 for some degree of medical use. that's why the american academy. petiatrics said it's opposing medical and recollect creation use for kids and it's time they have a sit down with their teens. >> we have known that for years that this is really
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dangerous. i'm thrilled that they finally came out and said it. >> reporter: the doctor heads a new york clinic and said like many other addiction specialists he has seen a spike in the number of concerned parents coming to him with questions. >> vast majority of teenager who come here marijuana is included among their top drugs. we have seen marijuana use go up and at the same time seen tobacco and alcohol use go down. >> reporter: and as more states decriminalize the use of pot he is worried teens won't take the long term consequences seriously. not only are marijuana products three to five times stronger than they were a decade ago but he said that the drug itself isn't safe for the teenager brain. >> marijuana affects the short term memory. that part of your brain which is located in the front, we know that area of the brain continues to develop through the age of 25.
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>> reporter: what about kid whose sufferer seizures or conditions where medical mare is given? what do you have to say to them? >> i have to say that's a medical condition and that's a very low amount of -- relative to the hundreds of thousands of teenager who are destroying their ability to think clearly and their ability to memorize things. >> back here at home water rates will go up for thousands in alameda county starting tomorrow. it'll be followed by a second hike of 5% that will go into effect in march of next year. the direct said it's needed to pay for water main repairs and cover the money lost during the drought when people stopped using water. heads many for all you who use highway 24. chp oakland sent this out. a short time ago warning driver there is will be pot hole repair work going on today.
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this will be on eastbound 24. the symphony is holding a special simple any pride event in april. the music director said that the event will highlight music from gay composers. it'll go to support nonprofit groups. there was an opening in the preform appearance calendar after it canceled concerts for north carolina. that was in reaction to the law that wiped out local protections for gay. comedy central has picked satisfy as the setting for first of it's kind weekend comedy festival. it'll bring several to outdoor stages. right there near city hall. the festival will be held the weekend of june second. it's expected to draw about 30,000 comedy fans per day. there will be multiple stages at civic center plada and
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inside the bill graham civic center. a trailblazer. >> folk who encounter me didn't expect that. i get that every sunday. >> after a break dave clark introduces us to the first african american priest in north on california. >> and it was a chilly start but it's starting to warm up. we will check back in with rosemary for details on your forecast.
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. dave clark introduces us to father jay matthews the first african american priest ordained in northern california. >> he was named rector of the cathedral of christ the light and he is no strange tore making history. >> folk who encounter me didn't expect that. i get that every sunday. >> no big deal in that sense. you be who you are. >> father james matthews, better known as father jay is a bay area history maker trailblazer. the first african american priest in all of northern california and the first african american recto or of oakland's cathedral of christ the light. the beautiful house of worship that sits along lake merit. for some church visitors it's a shock to see him. >> here i come out and -- i have many visitors. they are looking. wow. you know, you know, and i know
12:44 pm
that. >> reporter: born 68 years ago he is extremely proud of his bay area roots. >> we are oakland folk. when i was ordained at 74 i was very much involved in a movement, even church and it was a black catholic movement. in this movement we really subpoena truly wanted the church to realize that we were not only the edges. we are not on the margins. we are very much alive and well. >> reporter: ordained in 1974 father jay was pastor at saint benedict's for 25 years before became the recdor. he relishes the time to be write, be studied admired the history inside the church. >> there are five relics of
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saints. >> reporter: he said he is a pretty goodricher too. and the shock of seeing an african american rector at the church quickly wears off. >> by the end of mass people may stand at the entrance of the church, by the font and people come to say hello and to greet you. you can see it in their faces, hear it in -- i would -- the father was such a joy. to be here. they are sincere. >> reporter: in oakland. dave clark. fox 2news. another day of sunshine. rosemary here. we thought we would have a good full day of week. saturday is looking dicey. if looks like we will bring rain back in time for the weekend. we are going to need to enjoy this dry warmer weather as we get in to the next few days. hopefully you have plans for
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today. 53 in livermore. it's still a bit cool out there but a big improvement over this morning some of the inland locations sank into the 30s. 54 san jose with a light. there is a live look into san francisco where we have mostly sunny skies and dry conditions. take a look at some of the rainfall amounts. we will throw these up here. some of these amounts, two to three times the. we would see. santa rosa reporting 33 inches and a half inches. napa21. sfo16 inches. areas like oakland and livermore. everybody looking good. a few more here.
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151 -- 15 inches. more than 14 and a half for concord. more than ten inches in san jose. that northerly flow. we will remain dry. take a look. into tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, friday dry as well but now the models bringing the rain back on saturday. this is new. a dry saturday in store. then as we get into sunday, another chance there. they look fairly week. wet weather into the bay area. afternoon highs. 60 degrees in berkeley. the inner east bay. 60 degrees expected san jose.
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we are not going to to go to far. warmer that than an thursday. upper 0's for friday. we enter tuesdayed the chance of scattered showers we will continue to follow it and fine tune it. hard to tell when the system also bring us the rain if you have plans for fat tuesday it'll be nice. >> beautiful evening. all right. thank you. if you are keeping track the a's have won seven straight spring training games against the san francisco giants. quite impressive there. before yesterday in scottsdale the giant hads won three games in a row this spring but the a's took a 4-10 lead and scored the winning run on the bases loaded walk in the 8th. as for the 4th the they are up
12:49 pm
2-0 on the intoed yans. also in the second they are taking on the padres. last night the warriors beat the 76ers winning their 50th the straight game. kevin hart -- all five warrior starters. kevin durant. with 27 points. even the best will sometimes have a bad night. the warriors did win despite the worst three point shooting in durant's contrary. he missed the most three- pointers without making any of them. he was 0-11. he did make seven of 12 two point shots in all of his five free fews. adlin peter -- adrian peterson will be a free appearing. the vicings declined to
12:50 pm
exercise their option for his contract. he was scheduled to make $18 this season. the vikings gm said the team will continue to talk to peterson's representatives about the possibility of resigning him. fat tuesday festivals underway in the big easy. just the how much revenue celebration general ates. how much you cancelebrate.
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. developing news from houston texas where a manhunt is underway after two police officers were shot the and taken to the hospital. one is in critical condition. the other suffered injuries to his foot. the officers were responding to a home burglary when a shoot out started. the mayor of houston said one suspect is dead and one or two others are still on the loose. clearly the story will follow through ott day. you may notice a number of internet services affected by a outage of amazon's cloud service. >> today we speak to an expert about what was affected and if your information is at risk and your flickal coverage of just ahead of the president's address to congress which you will see here live at six. let's go head and look at the numbers. you see the dow is essentiallyon track to finish flat. the nasdaq is the the s and p, you know it my computer is
12:54 pm
really slow. a lot to stick with the dow jones numbers. we take a look about what today is. it's an important day. >> it's a fun day. it's fat tuesday. mardi gras is in full swing in the big easy. thousands of people lined up their chairs early to get a good seat at the parade where they can catch dips, bees and candy thrown from people on the floats. across town people are dressing up in costumes for the parade and then at midnight police will go to bourbon street to clear the crowd crowds and mark the end of mardi gras. if generates about a half billion dollars for the economy. we take a closer look at how much money all that brings in nationwide. >> reporter: starting in europe until a french explorer brought it to new orleans mardi gras has been called the greatest free show in the world. if doesn't cost any money. the parades themselves are -- put on by crews. they are private clubs.
12:55 pm
it doesn't cost the city money. >> reporter: while they are paid for by the private clubs needs do cost the city. the new orleans metropolitan convention and visitors bureau said the city sees a huge return. >> mardi gras is a huge economic impact for the city. it again rates roughly $840 million yearly. it costs about $5 million to host. >> reporter: some of the most famous fat tuesday traditions include what are called king cakes, rings of dough covered in sweet frosting a special treat hidden inside. immaterial we start eating king cakes on 12th night and that's kind of the kickoff of carnival season. they become popular gifts and things. >> reporter: more than 500,000 king cakes sold each year in the moss leading township mardi gras and another 50,000 are shipped out of state. you really have to be there to truly soak in the spirit of the holiday. >> you come here and experience mardi gras and you never forget it.
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>> reporter: did you know there are about 75 parades held in new orleansa lone each year? in new york. fox business. do not worry. you don't have to be in new orleans to celebrate. today at five mardi gras parade will hit the streets of san francisco including a number of local bands when it takes off from pat ricia greens. it's free but you need a ticket for the ball. >> quick update on the spring training games. good news for the giants. they are up now against the padres. also good news for the athletics. they are he are up 3-1 against the indians. big tonight for president trump. >> that's right. we will have that for you live at six. until then you can always find more information on facebook and twitter. thank you for joining you. we will see you back for the four on 2.
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dr. oz: folks, this is really important. e're taking you on online scammers. marion hark tank's" barber's image to sell cream. >> so many innocent people being with this. dr. oz: then women who fall in love with serial killers. extremely charismatic, incredibly manipulative. tuesdays coming up next. save lives today. are you guys ready to get healthy? [cheers and applause]


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