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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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there's some form of safety. >> reporter: when everyone got off the train he followed behind but was stopped. >> someone came from behind him and told him to go down toward the stairs. >> reporter: the boy's mother, who wants to remain unidentified says the suspect put a gun in her son's side while they searched his pocket. >> he felt his only option was to run fort. >> reporter: he managed to escape and hopped on the next bus and called his mom. >> we got a phone report and immediately assigned an investigator. the investigator pulled hours and hours of surveillance footage and walked through all strout try to identify victim or the suspect to get any images. we weren't able to find any images of the victim or the suspect even on the platform. >> the victim's mother says she hired an attorney after she felt bart wasn't doing enough to catch her son's attacker. she says her son helped investigators come one a sketch but says bart wouldn't release it to the public. >> we shared the sketch with
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neighboring law enforcement agencies. that's how we typically handle it. we don't send every sketch to the media. it's obviously a call that you make. if it's something that we feel the public may play a role in, we do. >> my son's quality of life has definitely changed. he has struggled with sleeping, having to be dependent on medication to sit and be able to function, which is something he wasn't doing prior. >> reporter: i'm told the now 13-year-old boy is seeking psychological and emotional support due to the traumatic incident that happened back in april. their attorney tells me they are also seeking compensation there bart because the mother is having to pay for some of those costs of that psychological and emotional support that's not covered under insurance.
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getting back to some of the security measures and in speaking with bart they tell me their security system in terms of cameras will be upgraded and fully working by july. that's something they have been work on for some time now. in addition i did ask them about cameras inside of the stairwell. while they would not go into detail about where those cameras are, they say there are cameras in some stair wessments julie. >> all right, alyana, thank you. new information tonight from oakland where this afternoon police announced the arrest of two suspects after shots were fired at an off-duty police officer on interstate 880. that officer had just left work last night and fortunately he wasn't hurt. our crime reporter henry lee is here. the officer was in his personal car so the shooter may not have known that he was shooting at a police officer. >> reporter: yeah, frank, that's what i'm hearing. either way, though, new oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick on her fourth day on the job had strong words about people taking shots at her officers. the off-duty oakland police officer had just left work.
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it was about 11:40 wednesday night. he was driving south on interstate 880 in his personal vehicle when someone in a silver ford explorer opened fire near the 16th avenue exit. a bullet hit the officer's car but he was not hurt. sources toll me the people in the slosher may not have known they were firing at a cop. it is unclear what led up to the shooting. on duty oakland officers soon spotted the explorer and a began chasing it. >> we're at eastbound bancroft passing 92. speeds are about 70 miles per hour. low end traffic at 94th avenue. >> reporter: the suv was later found abandoned after a crash. >> 5500 block. silver newer model explorer in the front yard here. >> reporter: police brought out their bear cat armored vehicle, searched the area and came up empty. but after the search two suspects were arrested.
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a third was taken into custody and is still considered a person of interest. the chp shut down part of a freeway as oakland officers looked for shell casings. this is not the first time opd officers have come under fire. in july a police sergeant responding to a call was hit by an suv. moments later someone uninvolved with the crash walked up and opened fire on the police car as the 10-year veteran was still pinned inside. >> i take very seriously this crime and this violent crime in this city, and my goal is to make oakland safer, and that includes our officers. >> reporter: the names of the three in custody have not been released. prosecutors must review the case first before filing formal charges. live in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right, henry, thank you. the wife of the orlando nightclub shooter suffered a set back today in her efforts to be released on bail. she has been held at the santa rita jail in dublin since her arrest in january at her
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mother's home. she is accused of helping her husband scout potential target including the pulse nightclub. yesterday a federal judge okayed her release on a half million dollars bail while awaiting trial but today a federal judge in orlando stayed her release after prosecutors argued that she still poses a danger to the public. her attorneys have until next wednesday to reply. uc berkeley police say they are making head way in several cases of vandalism targeting members of the campus republican club. investigators say they have cited a person who allegedly vandal ides a sign this week and are looking for a person who allegedly tried to ram a republican student with a bike. police say all involved are students. the trump administration's top law enforcement officer recused himself today from any investigation of the trump campaign's contact with russian officials prior to the presidential election. attorney general jeff sessions announced the decision after admitting that he did, in fact,
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bheet the russian ambassador while he was serving as an advisor to the president's campaign. more now from fox news reporter john roberts. >> i have recused myself in the matters that deal with the trump campaign. >> reporter: the attorney general today said his possible recusal from any investigation regarding the trump campaign was already in the works, that a meeting had been scheduled for today to make the decision. >> and my staff recommended recusal. they said that since i had involvement with the campaign, i should not be involved in any campaign investigation. >> reporter: the attorney general's choice was at odds with president trump who had only minutes earlier recommended sessions not bow out. >> reporter: mr. president, should sessions recuse himself from investigations into your campaign and russia? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: mr. sessions said was truthful when he said had
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no communication with russians during the cam pavement he said he was answering a specific question regarding the election campaign. >> and if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the russian government in the course of this campaign, what will you do? >> senator franken, i'm not aware of any of those activities. i have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign, and i did not have communications with the russians. and i'm unable to comment on it. >> reporter: in fact, sessions had met with the russian ambassador to the u.s. twice last year. once in what was described as a casual encounter after a speech sessions gave at an event during the republican convention in july, the other a private meeting september 8th in sessions' senate office. that was right when allegations of russian hacking were reaching a crescendo. sessions insists they did not speak about the election.
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today sessions said may not have fully considered the question at his confirmation hearing. >> in retrospect, i should have slowed down and said, but i did meet one russian official a couple of times. >> reporter: and fox news has learned tonight that the president's soirnlings one of his chief advisers, jared kushner, met together with lieutenant general michael flynn at a trump tower with the russian ambassador back in december. it was described as a short meeting, 10 minutes long, one that was more of a "get to know you" more than anything else, mere toll open up a line of communication between the incoming administration and the russians. california senator kamala harris is joining a growing number of democrats calling on attorney general jeff sessions to resign. this afternoon she tweeted, "recusal is not good enough. attorney general jeff sessions needs to resign. ." >> ktvu political analyst james
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taylor says it's too soon to tell if sessions should resign. however on our news at 5:00 taylor said he is confident the president will not ask him to step down. >> i think he is going to stick by jeff sessions. sessions has supported him. he was the first senator to come out to support him. he championed donald trump when most people were turning away. i think trump will be loyal to him to the end. i don't think he will turn on him anytime soon. >> president trump said he was in the aware that sessions had contact with the russian ambassador while sessions was serving as advisor to his campaign. former texas governor rick perry was sworn in as president trump's energy secretary. >> the 14th secretary of energy will be governor rick perry. [ applause ] >> vice president pence administered the oath. back in 2011 when perry was running for president he said favored eliminating the energy department but during his confirmation hearing perry said he has changed his mind.
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the u.s. senate voted to confirm perry by a margin of 62- 37. the senate also confirmed dr. ben carson as secretary of housing and urban development. the vote was 58-31 in favor of the former neurosurgeon. critics worry about his plans to shrink government involvement in urban development. coming up, oh snap. how an idea by a couple of stanford students turned into a multi-billion-dollar company. and we're tracking that warm day tomorrow with some clouds and then rain in the forecast for the weekend. i will have the details. but first, getting emergency help in an east bay city is about to get easier. the new dispatch center set to open in just a couple of weeks. we're at the point now looking towards the future that we need to open our own center.
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after two decades of sharing emergency dispatch services with another city a new center is opening in brentwood. >> it includes technology meant to benefit its residents. ktvu's cristina rendon got a sneak peek at the facility. >> reporter: frank, julie, this has been a long time coming for brentwood. they have spent the past 20 years sharing emergency dispatch services with antioch, but all of that will change in
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two weeks. with a 911 call in brentwood comes in it will soon be answered here. this is the city's new dispatch center at the brentwood police department. >> we have four dispatch stations. >> reporter: lieutenant ben gave aus tour of the customizable desks for dispatchers equipped with individual lighting, heating, and air. >> we built this whole center with the thought of expansion in the few. >> reporter: the facility boasts 26 tvs and smart glass window for privacy. >> we took in all of that data and designed what we consider the best of the best, the most state-of-the-art center in the area. >> reporter: but the software will benefit residents the most. smart 911 is a free service paid for by the city where residents can create a profile on-line and add family members and pets and anything else they would like a dispatcher to know. >> when a 911 call comes in, when we answer, if you have a
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smart 911 profile it is automatically going to populate here. >> reporter: she walked us through the scenario of a missing child. >> if you register your profile and you have a child or elderly parent, someone who has the tendency if they walk away, you can upload a picture. as soon as you call 911 you give us the name of the person. we can click on the to together, and with a couple of clicks we can send that out to all the officers. >> the system is secure, safe, and the information is only available to the 911 call takers when it is initiated through a 911 call. >> reporter: the $3.6 million dispatch center was approved by the city council in 2015. after a year of construction the finishing touches are underway. >> we're ready to go. our dispatchers are all excited, and they're ready to roll. >> reporter: we're told the residents are already registering through these smart 911 websites. the department is really hoping the momentum will continue when the dispatch center opens on
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march 15th. frank, julie. >> cristina rendon, thank you. people are suffering sticker shock from pg&e. the public utilities commission said it would look into ways to prevent seasonal spikes for utility users. a state senator suggested changing the baseline cost of natural gas during winter months. he said by including november and march as winter months it art officially drives up rates. >> november in california and march in california can be fairly warm periods of time. when you take those into consideration, you are art officially allowing for or causing a real spike in those december and january months when we're using a lot more gas. >> cpuc regulators said that hill had made some solid recommendations and they would look into whether adjusting the winter baseline is feasible. after months of complaining
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about a homeless encampment some businesses in san francisco may finally be getting relief. frank mallicoat tells us the business owners say the encampment near them is creating problems that have been allowed to good on far too long. >> it's like the end of the world, worse than any third world country. it's awful. >> reporter: this business owner is fed up. her 40-year-old family owned jewelry business sits on the edge of a homeless encampment. violent tent cities that have swallowed up sidewalks. she gets an eye full every day from her back window. >> we see people stealing personal property, bicycles, driving around, doing drugs right out in the open. and i'm not talking about smoking a little weed. we're talking about -- i don't even know. heroin, meth? >> reporter: we caught some of that drug use with our own camera, add it took only minutes. she also snapped these pictures
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of a man breaking into a car. the encampment has scared off her clients, and she wants action. >> there's no law. people are committing violent crimes and there's no repercussions. the police don't even come out. >> we have 19 employees here, and i would say half of them have had their cars broken into. >> reporter: this design center is on utah street. garbage strewn across the sidewalk but inside a lavish showroom of high-end furniture and a five-figure rent. >> my nephew came to visit me last week. he went outside and picked up a syringe. syringes are literally everywhere. >> reporter: this fire was recorded by another business owner earlier in the week, and no relief in sight. >> it seems like mayor ed lee only cares about airbnb and twitter and uber and all these big companies, and has forgotten there are other small
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businesses that are the life blood of this city and the economy. >> reporter: city hall is listening now, though. their outcry has motivated the city to send out its public works crew and sfpd to address health and safety concerns over the weekend. as for long-term plan -- >> finding the land and permit solutions does take time so we will ask for patience but keep them informed. for that particular site we're on it, and we are going to rye to resolve that. >> reporter: frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. a warm day out there today. we had temperatures in the upper 60s and some low 70s. 70 in santa rosa, 66 in oakland. these are the highs. highs tomorrow won't be this warm. more clouds tomorrow and more mid-60s. still a nice day but just not as spring-like as these numbers. so really an extraordinary day. extraordinary sunset. golden gate bridge. you see the pink out there. that's because there's some weather out there. out in the pacific there's a
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lot going on. lucy on satellite, that's the clouds you were looking at, probably these clouds here as the sun sets behind them. a lot of activity in the pacific. it all gets to us on saturday afternoon, but the clouds increase tomorrow. you knew that. as the clouds increase tomorrow it will be partly cloudy, partly sunny, hazy sunshine kind of day, then we get into the rain on saturday. so tomorrow loobltion like this. you start off with fair skies, a few more skies. still a nice day but some clouds drifting in, some clouds drifting out. hazy sunshine tomorrow, still mild. san jose tomorrow will you get up to 64 or 65 degrees under partly cloudy sometimes mostly cloudy, sometimes mostly sunny skies. that's your friday. starts off cool tomorrow morning, too so that is frost. but saturday the clouds really thicken. by saturday afternoon it's raining and showering pretty hard, he is special early evening. when i come back i will show you the computer model and how it lays out your saturday and your sunday. a dramatic rescue off a san francisco pier.
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>> he took a couple of glops, and at that instance it was just into the water. >> coming up next, new at 6:00, how timing and quick thinking may have helped two men save a life. the warriors facing big test tonight in chicago. mark will have an update on the team's lineup without kevin durant as they try to avoid losing two in a row. plus, details on a new plan to let buses drive on the shoulders of a busy bay area highway during rush hour. from? well, they come from our hope and a longing to bring something new into the world. it's fitting, then, that classrooms of children are born every day in northern california -- the cradle of ideas, changing the very world around us. every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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new at 6:00, a dramatic rescue along the san francisco waterfront. about 2:00 this afternoon a man jumped into the water from pier 23 near the bar and restaurant with that same name. people watched as the man swam around and eventually he began to show signs of distress. people at the bar lowered down a ladder and even tried to form a human chain but when the man started to go under, two people at the bar, one of whom is a former lifeguard, jumped right into the water to help. >> his head started dipping into the water, and he took a couple of glops, and at that instant it was just into the water. >> we jumped in, and i think our feet hit the water at the same time, and just kind of saw like, that's not going to happen today. >> how about that. the two were able to pull the man to say. no word on the man's condition but he was conscious when paramedics arrived. it's still not clear why he jumped into the water in the
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first place but witnesses say it appeared that the man was in a great deal of mental distress. a new proposal is being floated in marin county to allow buses to drive on the shoulder of highway 101 during rush hour. the transportation authority of marin has applied to caltrans to be a part of a pilot program to allow buses to bypass traffic on the shoulders of freeways. the proposal would allow buses along a 10-mile stretch between the north san pedro exit and no vat tomorrow. they would likely need to travel at reduced speed. >> doing this safety is our number one priority so we do to have consider traffic entering the freeway. they may be stopping at appear ramp meter. >> buses have been allowed to use the freeway shoulder in minnesota but never in california. if approved for marin it wouldn't go into effect for another two to three years. t.t. v u fox ktvu 2 news at 6:30 is
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up next. >> to take that away so abruptly was pretty awful. >> up next, our 2 investigates report on what happens now for couples what paid to adopt a child. >> plus, a rental car giant accused of price gouging. details on a lawsuit just filed today. >> later, snapchat goes public. how the company's success is benefiting one school big time.
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jeff sessions has recused himself involving any interference of the presidential elections. sessions was serving as advisor to the trump campaign. sessions denied under oath having had such contacts. oakland police arrested two suspects after someone fired shots at an off duty officer on the free way overnight. a third individual is considered a person of interest. the off duty officer says a
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bullet hit his personal vehicle. fortunately he wasn't hurt. the suspects may not have known they were shooting at an office. the family of a 12-year old boy says he escaped from a robber. the bart police -- they say the bart police bumbled the investigation. the mother says her boy is traumatized. bart says they did who wha they could to find that man. our two investigates team has been looking into the finances of a national adoption adoption agency that filed for bankruptcy. >> the unexpected bankruptcy has had a real financial and emotional toll for couples hoping to adopt a child. >> reporter: the desire to start a family, raise a child, become parents, that's what this could you please he will from kens g


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