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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 3, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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blocked. our cameras are out three. you can see how the road is blocked off. your commute will be affected. stay tuned for a live report. good morning. thank you for joining us. it is friday march 3. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. the warm spring or summer like weather is heading out. >> for three or four days. it might come back the middle of next week. we did have really nice weather wednesday and thursday. today will be okay but not as nice or as warm. we have cloud cover moving in, a little bit of patchy fog already reported. santa rosa is in the mix on that, i am sure. it is nothing in the way of rain unless you are on the north coast until tomorrow. clouds will increase. the lows are cold for some with
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30s, upper 30s for stanford and others. bell mont, pacifica a warm 45. at the surface we are getting the offshore breeze and even towards the northern part of the state, they're getting increasing clouds. this is a cold system sweeping in. you will really notice it sunday and monday if you are on spring training or down there now, you will get a lot of cloud cover. it looks dry. there is moisture streaming up. for us, increasing clouds, highs in the 50s and 60s today. good morning. >> good morning, steve. we have a couple things to watch for. first, we will look at solano county. the traffic is doing very well. if you are on 80 from vac ville to fairfield, no major problems, a lot of truck traffic through the junction but it looks good as you drive
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through. south bound 101, obviously a couple lanes are closed. we have been talking about it. if you are driving down the peninsula right now it is not that slow because traffic is light. this will be a major problem getting into the silicone valley on south bound 101. they say it will not open until noon. give yourself extra time. we are looking at some other freeways. 80 west looks okay in berkeley and oakland. at the bay bridge we are looking good as you drive through. there have been no major problems. major bart delays due to equipment problems. the trains are having trouble getting out of the hayward yard. that means fremont to richmond is affected. if you go to the bay fair station you may be able to get a train because they're coming from dublin pleasanton and you can get a train to the city. hayward, fremont, those are not served because the trains cannot get out of the south
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hayward yard. we will keep monitoring this but we are not off to a great start on bart. back to the desk. >> thank you. family, friends, law enforcement will be honoring a fallen officer. a public viewing service for michael foley will be at the concord pavilion. >> amber lee was in concord. preparations are being made by the sheriffs department and a large crowd is expected to pay respects. >> reporter: a dark pavilion awaits the funeral service for sheriffs deputy michael foley. seats are set up to accommodate the 1000 people expected. flowers and photos will arrive in the morning, a tribute and salute to a man who served in law enforcement for four decades. >> he loves his job, loves his career, loves his family, his community. >> reporter: foley spent nearly 30 years with the concord police department before he retired. he went back to work and for the past ten years was with the
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sheriffs department in part to help pay for his 18 year old son's college education. >> mike set goals for his family and that's why he was working so hard, for his family. i think everybody can relate to that and appreciate that. it just shows you once again the character of the person he was. >> foley died last thursday, one day after he was struck by a sheriffs department bus in the parking lot of the jail in dublin. in a facebook post, one family member who called foley uncle mike questions why it's always the good ones taken too soon and so suddenly. who will carve the turkeys and do the barbecuing? in his professional life foley was a mentor to hundreds of young officers. >> at 60, he was the hardest working guy on the shift. he would run circles around people half his age. that shows you the kind of person he was. he is a rare person, a rare type of person that any boss in
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any job would love to have. >> reporter: funeral services are scheduled for 11:00 am. deputy michael foley is survived by his wife, a daughter, and a son who plans to follow in his father's footsteps into law enforcement. a family is waking up without a home after a fire tore through their house. it happened yesterday afternoon on dell narty street near springs road. this video was posted on facebook showing the fire and damage. half of the home was already engulfed when the crews arrived but firefighters were able to quickly put it out and save the family dog who was trapped in the backyard. the house was a total loss. no one was home at the time of the fire. the cause is still under investigation. time is 4:35. the family of a 12 year old boy who says he was robbed at gun point moments after walking off a bart train is now suing bart.
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the boy's mother blames problems with bart security and she told ktvu that bart did not do enough to investigate. >> reporter: it was still daylight when a 12 year old boy from hercules got off the bart train on april 4. it was part of his routine to take bart home from lacrosse practice in oakland. >> as a parent i tell him to be careful, look at surroundings. i am more focused on once you are outside of the bart terminal, believing that inside there is some form of safety. >> reporter: when everyone got off the train, he followed but was stopped on the platform. >> someone came from behind him and told him to go down toward the stairs. >> reporter: the boy's mother who wants to remain unidentified says the suspect put a gun in her son's side while he searched his pockets. >> he felt the only option was to run. >> reporter: he managed to escape, hopped on the next bus and called his mom. she called bart. >> we got a phone call and took down the phone report and
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assigned an investigator. the investigator pulled hours and hours of surveillance footage and watched all of it to try to identify the victim or the suspect, to get any images. we weren't able to find any images of the victim or suspect even on the platform. >> reporter: the victim's mother says she hired an attorney after she felt bart wasn't doing enough to catch her son's attacker. she says her son helped investigators come up with a sketch but says bart wouldn't release it to the public. >> we shared the sketch with neighboring law enforcement agencies. that's how we typically handle it. we don't send every sketch to the media. it's obviously a call that you make, something that we feel the public may play a role in helping. >> reporter: there is a law suit against bart claiming they failed to properly investigate the robbery. >> my son's life has changed. ohms struggled with -- he has
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struggled with sleeping, having to be dependent on medication, to sit and be able to function which is something he wasn't doing prior. >> reporter: the now 13 year old boy has sought emotional and psychological support through counseling. for that reason the attorney says they're suing bart for compensation because some costs have been absorbed by the boy's mother. as for security measures, a spokes person tells me they're upgrading security camera systems in july. 4:38. two lanes of south highway 101 in palo alto remain closed. >> we saw the pictures. it was closed after a dump truck wrecked. i see the blinking lights behind you and the damage caused. >> reporter: traffic is moving pretty well. but again we are down to two lanes. i will step out of the way so
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you can see what we are dealing with. cal trans need to inspect the integrity of the over pass. if you zoom in, you can see the crack that's in that concrete right there. what we were told is a dump truck doing construction work on highway 101 was dumping a load of asphalt and he left. as he was leaving, he forgot to take down the truck bed. so the truck bed ended up smashing into that over pass. we were told it hit with such force it ended up jammed or stuck in the over pass. it actually ended upcoming off of its hydraulics, coming off of the truck itself. the driver was injured because it lifted up the truck when it got stuck and when the truck came and slammed down, we are told that the driver ended up hitting his head on the steering wheel. he was taken to the hospital. this has to shut down two lanes
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of the south bound highway 101. we do not know if the over pass itself is closed. we haven't seen any cars cross it. but we are not sure at this point. we haven't gotten word as to whether or not it's closed or not. talking to someone at chp, they say cal trans has to look at the integrity to be sure everything is okay and it's okay to drive underneath. at this point two lanes of highway 101 are closed. >> it can be tougher as the morning commute begins. thank you. 4:40. getting help to those in need. at 5:00, with he will tell you -- we will tell you how crews plan to get supplies to people cut off by mudslides and a damaged bridge. >> a bay area national park considered one of the most deadly national parks in the country. we will tell you where and why.
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>> good morning. we are getting some good news from bart. it looks like some of the delays we were talking about are resolving and this is a look at the system. things are going to start getting back to normal. that's great news. we will keep you posted. right now, bart is recovering from earlier delays. >> a couple of beautiful days will be replaced with an okay day. it won't be bad. the clouds will be on the move with temperatures in the 60s. changes are developing for the weekend.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. bonfire season is underway at ocean beach in san francisco. this year is something new. the national park service installed 16 new fire pit rings out there available on the first come first serve basis.
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groups up to 25 are allowed to light fires until 9:30 p.m. the park service allows beach fires in the 16 designated areas between march 1 and november 1. the bay area is home to the 5th deadliest national park in the country. a new report shows golden gate national recreation area had 85 deaths from 2006 to 2016. that's only seven fewer than yellow stone national park. golden gate recreational area stretches into san francisco and then up into marin and san oma counties. the study says that the number one cause of death in all national parks were drownings. golden gate recreational area has miles of beaches. other causes include visitors who step on unstable cliffs and end up falling. the deadliest national park in
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northern california was yosemete with 150 deaths. 4:45. violent storms in the midwest are causing big problems on the east coast. areas along the east coast were hit yesterday with heavy winds that knocked down trees from maine all the way to south carolina. a falling tree is blamed for the death of one man in southern massachusetts. in the meantime, people in the midwest are still trying to recover after tornadoes destroyed many homes. >> you go through the neighborhoods and we see where people have lost absolutely everything. it just crushes us. >> the good news is clear skies are expected throughout the midwest and most of the east coast through this weekend. it's 4:45. >> yes. >> we want to check with sal for a look at traffic. i know it is early but i look forward to your traffic jams. >> we haven't even decided. >> haven't even thought about it. >> you are thinking about things early. i am just thinking about the
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traffic report. >> i look forward to the music. >> good morning to you dave and to you at home. yesterday someone told me that they completely rely on this, a couple people at the supermarket say i drive from tracy into the bay area and traffic is not bad if you are driving on 580 west bound. there is a little bit of slowing approaching the pass. it hasn't been that bad. as a matter of fact traffic looks good for the rest of liver more and into the east bay. we are off to a decent start. we are looking at interstate 880. traffic is moving along nicely as you drive past the the colosseum with no major issues. traffic continues to look good. at the bay bridge toll plaza we are looking very good. there have been no major issues as you drive into san francisco. i want to remind you that we have an issue here with south bound 101 at embarcadero. it will be slow because of a
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lane closure because of a damaged over pass. we will have a live report from the scene. right now it is not causing a major delay. 4:47. >> thank you. good morning. we have a change here with higher clouds beginning to move in. after two cloud free days, today will not be that. it will be okay with morning sun and then clouds will be on the move for the afternoon giving us a cloudy weekend with some rain and cooler temps certainly by sunday and monday. some of us can get down to 2500 for some in the mountains. you see some of that making a move. these are still cool but not as cold as earlier in the week. that's for sure. we have 40s from so cal, santa cruz, 35 boulder creek. that's one of the coolest. scots valley is 39. the upper air pattern is closing but at the surface there is a component of an easterly breeze. i expect that to turn later today, maybe more southeast than south in advance of the
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system. nothing even on the north coast. we have a ways to go. you see the digging area of low pressure right there. that's going to take the system and sweep it in. it's not a big rain producer but it will give us rain and cooler temperatures sunday and monday. spring training activities, it is cloudy today, clouds from baja, and that will maybe give a few showers but overall, i think it will be more clouds. we are focusing our attention to the north. that will move in throughout the night and into the morning and then rain saturday afternoon into sunday morning. today 50s and 60s turning cloudy. there will be rain lingering into monday and it will be much cooler sunday and monday. >> we'll get ready for that. thank you. for the first time in almost two years the warriors lost back to back regular season games falling to the bulls in chicago last night, 94-
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87. it was the first game without kevin durant. they led at half but bulls took over in the third and went onto make clutch baskets. curry was 2-11 for three pointers. the streak ends at 146. in college basketball, cal routed by utah. sorry. 77-44, a big blow to cal's chances of making ncaa tournament. it was a 30 point blow out, utah's biggest margin of victory ever against the cal bears. the two are tied for 4th in the pac 12. conference's top four teams get a bye in next week's pac 12 tournament. stanford didn't have better luck against colorado. the cardinal lost 91-72. it was colorado's 8th straight win against stanford. stanford is now below 500.
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their record is 14 and 15, hurting their chances of making nit tournament. stanford and cal women's basketball teams are in seattle for the pac 12 tournament. 8 seed cal beat 9 seed usc71-58 to advance. cal won't have much time to rest. at 11:30 they'll take on oregon state. stanford is number two in the tournament and face washington state at 6:00 tonight. can we talk about colin kaepernick? >> yes. >> he has new plans along with opting out of his contract with the 49ers. we know what he says he will be doing this year during the national anthem after the big controversy last season.
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welcome back. 4:53. later today, a history making civil rights icon will speak to students and staff about how he helped desegregate public schools in arkansas. he is dr. terrence roberts. he was part of the famous little rock nine. in cement 1957, dr. roberts and eight other high school students became the first african-american students at an all white school in arkansas. yesterday, dr. roberts talked to students at danville high school about racism and tolerance. he remembered how he was beaten and tormented by white students
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during the efforts to desegregate schools in arkansas. his visit comes after racist graffiti was found in the bathroom at high schools in san ramone and danville. after sitting and kneeling during the national anthem, colin kaepernick will stand up. he is reporting that he does not want past protests to detract from positive changes. he started kneeling to show opposition to what he called racial injustice. this news comes as he is said to opt out of his contract with the team today and become a free agent. the bleacher report says several teams indicated they would not consider signing him if he continued his protest. this weekend is here, right here. >> yes. >> it is time to start thinking about what you will do on your days off. >> i know you are ready. rosemary has some ideas for you that include everything from soul food to rummage sales. >> reporter: the weekend is
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upon us. there is plenty to do around the bay area. in the east bay, the 58th annual white elephant sale, the 96,000 square foot rummage sale will have 19 departments of quality used goods. it is at 33 lancaster street and proceeds go to oakland museum. in san francisco, the soul food festival and block party. enjoy live music, food, vendor booths and a kid zone. the festival is saturday 11:00 to 6:00 in bay view district. it's free to get in but bring cash for food buying. head to fisherman's wharf for a pub crawl. you can sign up on facebook. >> hundreds of films are shown at multiple locations highlighting independent talent in the industry as well as innovations and technology that
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bring ideas to life. in sports the sharks are on the road. school kid in elk grove visited with knights in shining armor. they're in oak grove getting ready for next week assented national jousting -- international jousting championship. they demonstrated and showed themselves in full armor yesterday for students with special needs. the jousters also talked to the students about the skill and history behind jousting and said best knights have battle scars. >> full contact justing. it's real hits, real damage. it's the full deal. we are all going to end up on our back sides at some stage. >> it is fascinating to watch. the champions ship -- >> i learned a new word.
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unhorsing. that doesn't sound good. coming up on our 5:00 hour. two suspects arrested after an off duty police officer was shot at on the highway. we'll tell you how oakland police found the suspects after losing them after a wild chase. >> we have an update on a mud slide that's cut off dozens of people. we'll tell you how long the road will be shut down. >> good morning. traffic is doing very well in many areas. golden gate bridge is one of them. south bound 101 traffic looks good heading to the toll plaza of the span. >> clouds are beginning to move in. it won't be bad today but there is more cloud cover and not as warm with changes on the way for the weekend.
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a dump truck slams into an over pass on highway 101 shutting down two lanes for your morning commute. we'll have the latest. >> u.s. attorney general jeff sessions has recused himself from investigations involving russia in the trump campaign. the reason democrats say that's not enough. mornings on 2 continues. n 2 continues.
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she never shows her face. >> that's why i didn't know her. >> you wouldn't recognize her. but you recognize her voice. cheap thrills on this friday. >> okay. >> beautiful shot of the city. i heard people say it feels like summer. is the rain done? i said no. thank you for joining us. it is friday, march 3. i am pam cook. >> good morning. i am dave clark. we are going to steve right now. >> rain is on the way this weekend. >> tomorrow in fact. >> we had nice weather wednesday and thursday. that's for sure, mid upper 60s checked in yesterday. today will be okay but there will be more cloud cover moving in. you see some of that already drifting across. it will continue to increase throughout the day. a mix of sun and clouds with highs in 50s and 60s. we take a couple degrees off some of those. farther south,


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