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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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we got a significant amount of rainfall over the last two days. some areas up to two inches. oakland over an inch. an inch and a half in ben lomond. these are nothing compared to would we have seen, but i will tell you what did happen in the mountains around lake tahoe, they got significant snowfall. i mean, this storm favored the mountains like no other. two, three, three and a half, i am even hearing reports of nearly four feet of snow is up around the higher elevations of lake tahoe the last two and a half days. so it's snowing up there now. complains on 50 and 80 on and off. still a lot of snow. when you talk to people up there, the problem they're having now is where you put the snow. they're having trouble finding places in truckee, donner, where you put the snow. so they're having a lot of infrastructure issues. if you are going up that way, even though the next few days will be nice you have got to be prepared for a lot of snow on the roads because it's just piled up so high on the sides. no showers out there now for
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us. there are some lingering showers that could impact us over the next few hours but then as we press forward here we are looking at temperatures, talk about a swing, we're going into the low 70s as we get into this five-day forecast. so when i come back we will detail that for you right after the break. in the sierra both directions of interstate 80 are back open after white-out conditions shut the road down for several hours. coming up in 10 minutes we will show you the problems that drivers are still facing heading back to and from the bay area. and a reminder now you can download the free ktvu weather app for the latest on the conditions including live radar and an extended forecast. house republicans today revealed their long awaited plan to replace obamacare. and they said they plan to start holding votes on the bill as soon as this week. now, the proposed legislation eliminates the individual ban date. it replaces federal insurance
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subsidies with a new form of individual tax credits. the legislation would keep two of the most popular features of obamacare, letting young adults stay on their parents' health plans and forbidding insurers from denying coverage to those with preexisting conditions. protests in the capitol after president trump signed an updated version of his controversial order barring people from six mostly muslim countries from getting visas. the new order removes iraq from the list of those countries that are temporarily banned from travel to the united states. >> it also includes more exemptions than before for dual citizens and those who already hold voice sassments u.s. attorney general jeff sessions defended the order as a landfall and proper exercise of presidential authority. >> we cannot compromise our nation's security by allowing visitors entry when their own governments are unable or unwilling to provide the information we need to vet them
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responsibly. or when those governments actively support terrorism. >> we get more now from ktvu's cristina rendon. >> she is at sfo where we saw large protests back in january. >> reporter: exactly right. dozens of people were detained here at sfo and at airports across the country when that first travel ban was issued in january, but today it is quiet. that's likely because this revised travel ban will be implemented in about 10 days. there's mixed reaction from travelers at sfo about president trump's revised travel ban prohibiting people from six muslim majority countries from entering the u.s. for 90 days. >> every american people need a safety first. >> imus limb. i have been through these things. i've been through the ups and downs. i'm sure this is just a phase. >> reporter: the revised executive order eliminates iraq from the list of banned countries, eliminates language
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that would give preference to religious majorities. syrian refugees were banned in the first order. an attorney says she is disappointed with the core 10 nets of the travel ban. >> while there are a few changes this is still a muslim ban. we see this as the 2.0 version of an executive order that is extremely discriminatory. >> reporter: as a precaution, this attorney spent monday afternoon at the airport. >> just to see how things are going, are travelers feeling stressed out, are families feeling worried, there advice that we can be getting to people that they're not able to get anywhere else. >> some people aren't comfortable right now. i can't do more than what's in my control. >> reporter: the attorneys we spoke with say they don't anticipate as much turmoil this time around when the new travel ban takes effect on march 16th, but they will be ready for
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anyone that may have concerns or anyone who may be unlawfully detained. frank, heather. >> cristina rendon at sfo, thank you. today we spoke with muslims around the bay area who call this new travel ban hurtful. the white house insists the ban is about safety but muslims say they feel personally targeted. we spoke with a woman what came to the united states from afghanistan when she was 11 years old and is now a u.s. citizen. >> it's just hard because we want to have our families here and raise our families here and be normal. i don't want to worry about this. this is not something i want to worry about. i want to have other things, like my kids' swim meets, their band practices. that's what i want to do. >> we spoke with an immigration attorney who is also muslim. she says she is getting calls from many worried clients including those who have filed for visas for their spouses who are now in limbo. after a weekend rally this
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weekend for president trump, it turned into a free-for-all with fists flying. a total of 10 people were arrested. a police spokesman told us we arrested individuals at the time and place of our choosing. more now from ktvu's henry lee. >> reporter: of the 10 people arrested at the park behind me eight people were from the bay area including two teenagers. the other two were from riverside and mo des tomorrow. berkeley police can't say how many were for trump and how many were against but they are defending their officers' hands- off approach. police made 10 arrests during a chaotic demonstration and counter protest at civic center park in berkeley. among those arrested was trump supporter kyle chapman of daly city. he is seen here at the protest wearing a helmet with a second amendment sticker, goggles, a respirator, and a texas state flag sweat shirt. he is carrying a shield with an american flag on it and a sign on a stick.
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our camera spotted him with a knife and chemical spray. ktvu caught one him and asked him why he was carrying those items. >> i don't want to talk to you. i'm busy. >> reporter: what's with the pole here some is this a weapon? >> i'm busy right now. >> reporter: why did you bring a knife? >> knives are legal to carry in the state of california. go check your laws. >> berkeley police later arrested chapman for allegedly carrying a concealed knife, illegal use of tear gas, assault, and rioting. but some say was acting in self- defense and protecting fellow trump supporters from anti- trump demonstrators. he has become a cult hear ro among the right, dubbed the alt knight, knight with a k. his wife says that she is raising money to pay for his legal defense. in a statement, police said some of those fight diagnose not want their help and that at times officers did not arrest
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people immediately because they didn't want to touch off further violence or injure peaceful bystanders. police said they took video of the protest and that arrests could happen in the days afterwards. police also released this picture of items they confiscated from both sides. metal pipes, bats, 2 x 4s, helmets, and chemical sprays. berkeley police tell me there is no one-size-fits-all approach to this situation but they did not want their officers swept into a volatile situation. as for kyle chapman he declined a jailhouse interview and later made bail. in berkeley, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come here, another bay area school testing the limits of free speech. at 6:30, the controversy over allowing a conservative organization to establish a chapter on campus. >> can you have that? can you have a group you don't necessarily agree with and still allow them to have their say? >> i honestly don't know. and we're tracking that
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weather. a much nicer day on the way tomorrow. i will talk about the temperatures that could reach into the 70s. but first, though, the oakland raiders one step closer to moving to las vegas. details on a new plan to finance the team's new stadium there. keep calm. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month. it's just a date.
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is with us now. word is that bank of america is on board. >> yes, word is. anyway, we're going to take that for wherever we should take it. we've been saying this for months now but it remains true. there are so many moving parts in the raiders' situation that all we can do is bring you the latest information as it becomes available. we do know that a big hole in the financing of the raiders' proposed move to las vegas came when goldman sachs informed mark davis that its involvement was tied to casino owner shelden alleged son. that left the raiders at least one third short of the funds they needed for a roughly $2 billion stadium. today sources say davis has acquired alternative funds provided by bank of america. that would still leave the raiders some $500 million short. that money due to be provided by the team itself. it also does not address a relocation fee thought to be an additional $500 million. it was also a meeting today headed by oakland mayor libby schaaf designed to convince nfl owners to vote no on the
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raiders' request for relocation and to work further with the fortress group which wants to build a new stadium in oakland. there is still many questions to be answered but would today's news company possibly do is expedite a vote by the owners about the move later. later a this month they all meet in phoenix. to add yet another layer of information to the sifting through process, the las vegas review journal is reporting tonight that a vote by nfl owners may be postponed until the league's may meeting. >> fur a raiders fan and you want to see the raiders stay here, you like the raiders, what should you be thinking tonight? >> i'm not sure what you should be thinking but i think the think that you know is that the raiders will not be playing in las vegas anytime soon, "soon" being defined as the next two years. if they were to break ground tomorrow, how long does it take to build a stadium? they're going to have to play
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someplace. now, would the league or would the raiders or mark davis be willing to say, well, let's go play in that stadium where unlv plays that holds 35,000 or so? i don't know if that would be an option. i think if i were a raiders season ticketholder i would be at least expecting that that team which proved to be a very competitive team this year and could potentially be better next year, will be playing at the oakland coliseum in 2017 football. >> it sure is interesting, though, because it does appear as though there are two things at play. tough raiders, mark davis pushing this las vegas deal, then you have oakland's mayor trying hard, issuing statement today saying we feel like this is the best plan this is would the raiders need. >> that's obviously -- the nfl doesn't like to move its franchises. that's a given at the very beginning. they say that. that's not just lip service. that is true. they don't like to move. the other thing you have to consider that is a much smaller television market, las vegas, than the san francisco bay area. so the league says it does not like to move teams to begin
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with. so if there can be an alternative plan out there, the league would probably prefer to keep the raiders here in oakland. but it's a process where mark davis is committed to pursue las vegas until that has been exhausted. i would to have think it's a bit of a face saving thing at this point as a well. he has put his neck out there. he wants to exhaust that because what leverage is he going to have to come back to oakland and say, well, that didn't work out, let's talk about a stadium. >> it doesn't seem like if they really weren't interested in going to las vegas, it doesn't seem like they're using las vegas as bargaining chip because they're getting essentially nothing here. so far the mayor hasn't chipped in money. she says we're not going to do that, we'll work on infrastructure things but we're not going to pay money to keep the team here. >> the city has devoted $350 million of land use and infrastructure, and that is public money that the city has km mid to. but you are right, there is a reason why the last three new stadiums built in the state of
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california, at&t park, levi's stadium and the of course into ball arena, those were not used with any taxpayer money. that's not going to happen in california. in nevada they said, sure, we will put in $750 million, but that was with the influence of sheldon adelson who is no logger in the equation. do you want more moving parts to come into this thing if. >> there they are. >> joe, thank you. the city of oakland presented a plan to the nfl's finance committee to keep the raiders in oakland. mayor libby schaaf released a statement. she says, quote, we made a sound economic case for keeping the oakland raiders here through the creation of what could become one of america's premiere picked use sporting venues. turning now to the sierra and drivers were stranded for hours on interstate 80 today when part of that highway was shut don, all because of heavy snow and white-out conditions. it has been a rough winter on 80. this is the third time in just the past three days that the
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interstate has been shut down over donner summit. it is now open again but it is not an easy drive. reporter kathie park has more now from blue canyon. >> reporter: both direction of i-80 have reopened but if you are headed this way i want to give you a better sense of what the road conditions are like now. pretty slushy so you do want to take it slow. chain controls are still in effect. as you can see there the plows have made significant progress clearing up all the snow. >> unfortunately the summit we have high winds, heavy snowfall stand, visibility comes and goes. >> reporter: that's make for difficult driving conditions on portion of i-80 forcing road closures from applegate all the way over the summit toward reno. robert cart ser headed for idaho. he didn't get very far. along with dozens of other drivers who had to stop here at appear 358 gate. >> reporter: how long have you been parked out here? >> all day. since about 5:30 this morning. >> reporter: while it may
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applessable at this location as we headed toward whittmore, then blue canyon, the interstate became covered with snow should. this weather sun press dented. it's 15 degrees on the summit in march, and it's snowing heavily, and a there's heavy winds, and there's drifts five, six feet deep. >> reporter: at a usually busy exit off nyack almost empty except for these chp officers and karla. >> i can't go down, i can't go up so i'm stuck here waiting for something to clear. >> reporter: karla said she had been waiting in nyack since 6:00 last night. she wanted to play it safe and a make sure it was safe to get back on the road. caltrans tells me that this storm has been pretty challenging for them because it has already been a very taxing winter season. reporting from blue canyon, kathie park, ktvu fox 2 news. it was a significant storm for the lake tahoe area as we talked about. two, three, even three and a half, four feet of snow in some places over the course of two
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and a half days. so you see the scattered showers lingering now. the system is basically pushed through. we are going to dry out. that's kind of what we've been alluding to. there's a few lingering showers. we've had a couple of reports of hail, a couple downpour, but most of it has been very widely scattered. now as we clear out tonight and tomorrow morning, temperatures will get a little cool. but the story, the trend the next few days will be for a warm-up. that is going to take us into the 60s and 70s from where we were today, from where we are now, 48 in novato. two nights from now novato is going to be 62 degrees. significant increase in temperatures as we go into the next couple days. it's already warmer in santa rosa by eight degrees than last night. overnight lows will get you frost, and you have a little cloud cover tomorrow morning. that's why it is not going to go to freezing or below freezing. most of the places will be
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around 35. a cool start 7:00 a.m. lunchtime it's 60. then the sky cover, and this is how it looks for the entire bay area. just a clearing out of the atmosphere. tomorrow temperatures warm. mid-60s in the santa clara valley tomorrow, up from the mid-50s today. there's 10 degrees. but as we head into wednesday and thursday you are going to pick up another five, eight degrees. when i come back we will talk about. that just know tomorrow is certainly warm and dry. still to come here, a burglary suspect caught on camera. out of jail and back on the streets. >> it's hard to shake, and it's hard to feel totally secure. >> why residents say the suspects should never have been released from jail. coming up later in sports, former warrior andruw bogut making his debut with the cavaliers, and does it no go well. joe will be back with his story. plus, the future is now. we will show you today's test of driverless shuttles and where they could soon be used in the east bay.
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a restaurant owner in san francisco is calling for stepped up police patrols after he says his car got broken into today for the third time in a month. he says car break-ins are a serious problem in the lower hill neighborhood where his yemeni restaurant is located. he says it has been extremely frustrated. he says police are not responding aggressively and are handling the break-ins as low pry or knee. we will appreciate if the police just drive by, stop for a minute, have some tea, talk
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to us. you noah i mean? like once a day, twice a week. you know what i mean? i think that will just scare those people who have nothing to do, just break in cars. >> san francisco police say they can't speak for his case but they say the department is working as hard as it can to stop car burglaries and will, quote, continue to partner with the community to reduce opportunities for these types of crimes to occur. people in san francisco's sunset neighborhood say they are furious that a burglary suspect arrested a couple of weeks ago is already out of jail. >> ktvu's tara moriarty spoke to a victim and her family who say the suspect never should have been released from jail and now they are concerned they might strike again. >> there is a gap here in every door. what they will do is they will get a hanger and go through here, reach around until they get the emergency pull toggle and pull. that releases it from the mechanism, and then they just open it up. >> reporter: jessica bradshaw demonstrates how two burglars
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broke into her home february 9th. security cameras caught the thieves in action stealing cases of wine, snowboarding gear, and more. >> it's hard to shake and it's hard to feel totally secure. >> reporter: san francisco police say the man in the black hat is 40-year-old joseph who is current on felony probation. officers arrested him the next day but he was released from jail just four days later. >> ultimately it is the judges that make the final decision on when someone is or isn't released. >> reporter: particularly frustrating, the commander says the man struck another home 12 days later, was arrested and released again just two days later. >> it is hard to believe that an individual who has committed so many crimes is allowed to be
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released. >> reporter: police believe he is responsible for a spate that happened over the weekend. >> i think this whole criminal justice mentality i think many of the judges are a part of that, a part of the problem. we do have professional criminals. they have chosen that as their life's vocation. and the criminal justice system has a responsibility to put them out of business. >> how do we feel totally safe when this is happening all over our neighborhood? >> reporter: police say there is a strong likelihood that he will reoffend. meanwhile they have used a zip lock tie threaded through the emergency release latch. >> i think he should stop, and that was also very mean. i think he should stop robbing all these houses in our
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neighborhood. >> reporter: tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. news. ktvu fox 2 news is next at 6:30. >> details on the president's new executive order and why some say it's just as troubling as the first one. plus, facebook fighting back against fake news. the new feature on the social media site meant to help users figure out what's fact and what's not. >> and fixing the pothole problem on california roads. the new bill that would put aside more money for much needed repairs. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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now today's top stories, the bay area weather has been anything but boring. another storm moved throughout the region bringing scattered showers. there was also hail in some parts and a light dusting of snow on bay peaks including mount. republicans in congress reveal legislation today to replace obama care. the bills would eliminate the individual mandate. the plan also replaces federal insurance subsidies with a new form of in


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